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2013 Annual Report uwa sport and recreation association

2013 National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games (NITESG) UWA participants

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Scholarships and Awards 21 Leadership and Volunteering


Relations with University Staff and Alumni 24 Membership 24 Events 24 Community Engagement 25 Membership 25 Programs 25 UWA Sports Clubs and Teams 26 Office Bearers 26 Club and Team Highlights 27 Membership 28 Marketing and Communications


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Cover: Zak Leonhard, 2013 World University Games participant

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 3

President’s Report It has been a very busy 2013 for the UWA Sport and Recreation Association and this report outlines our activities for the year as we continue to deliver sport and recreational opportunities.

The following is a brief summary of what we have been up to during 2013:

• •

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Support and participation in the UWA Centenary celebrations Fitness memberships increased in number from previous years, predominantly in the area of UWA students and colleges UWA Social Sports increased their number of teams Increased marketing of the Association Increased sign up to clubs at O Day Increased operating hours for the Recreation and Fitness Centre with over 150,000 visits to the centre Improved offerings in the Recreate® program Participation at the World University Games UWA Kids Sports saw a significant increase in

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participants. Inbound and outbound international exchanges Stronger links and visitations to the Albany campus Development of our Leadership program Winning the TSWA competition

The Association has for many years deliberately aligned its strategic priorities to complement the UWA strategy. Our Operational Priorities Plan (Implementation Schedule) 2012 – 2016 was reviewed and updated to support the University’s vision to become a top-50 University in the world. The challenge is to address our aging infrastructure with planning and operational solutions to support the vision. This has required a strong focus on our finances and maximising the use of our facilities. Student engagement has always been one of our key priorities and in

We have the opportunity to address infrastructure, which will enable us to better support The University in achieving its vision to become a top-50 University.

2013 we implemented the Student Services and Amenities Service Level Agreement with the University. This is an excellent tool to identify the extensive range of deliverables that we offer and provide. It makes all participants accountable and the services transparent. The agreement is complementary to and supports the broader Operational Plan. This is an outstanding achievement that the Board and Management should be very proud of and the ongoing performance requirements set important goals for all concerned. Student engagement is not only the responsibility of the Association but falls to all our stakeholders, especially our affiliated clubs. This year we saw an improved response by students during O Day. This can

be directly credited to the clubs and their presentations and their follow up of students on the day and subsequent. Obviously, some clubs are better at student engagement than others but all should strive to improve the numbers of students that make up their member base. The university experience should not only be academic but the opportunities should also include participation in sport, fitness and recreation. There are no better places to make lifelong friends or to network than in well organised sporting clubs. The benefits are immeasurable both for the student and the clubs. In the future the role and commitment of student engagement that will be expected from clubs will be increased. The Association with the

help of the University will endeavour to offer incentives to those clubs that achieve improved levels of student participation. The Association has been able to achieve increased student engagement in all its activities and this is evident from the levels enrolling in RecreateÂŽ, attending the Recreation and Fitness Centre, participating in competitions, international and national events, leadership courses and exchanges with other universities. I thank the Board, Management and staff for their contribution and support of the Association in 2013.

Pino Monaco President

UWA Boat Shed

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 05

Executive Director’s Report In 2013 the UWA Sport and Recreation Association built on the significant outcomes achieved since the reintroduction of the Student Services and Amenities Fee in 2012.

Student engagement through membership and participation has continued to grow as a result of the development of significant tools and resources that include but are not limited to: •

The 2012 – 2016 Operational Priorities Plan that was developed to align the Association’s strategic directions with the University using the same methodology, has now completed its second year. The UWA Sport and Recreation Association Student Services and Amenities Fee Service Level Agreement was implemented in 2013. The UWA Sport and Recreation Association Inc. Enterprise Agreement 2012 - 2016 was approved by the Fair Work Commission on 30 November

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2012 and has now completed its first full year. •

Renovation and equipment upgrade of the Recreation and Fitness Centre throughout 2011 was completed in February 2012 doubling the fitness centre capacity.

Migration of IT supported by the University’s Information Services commenced in 2011 and was mostly completed in November 2012 with the finance server and the online server still to be virtualised.

Our registration and membership database was rebuilt in November and December 2011, timely to come into effect on 1 January 2012 to manage the Student Services and Amenities Fee implementation.

Surveys were implemented in 2012 and are now a contributing factor to our annual planning.

The success of engaging students has been the major contributor to increases of almost 50% in fitness membership, 45% in Social Sports teams, 25% to 50% Recreate® discounts for students and strong state, national and international UWA student sporting outcomes. These outstanding increases over the last two years were supported by operations, marketing and administration behind the scenes. The college membership included three of the five residential colleges in 2013 and increased from almost 700 to over 1,100 participants. Investment in the leadership of college residents to increase participation within the colleges continues to be refined.

The extended opening hours of the Recreation and Fitness Centre from 6am to 9pm, seven days a week during the academic year to support the college program have been well received. The Leadership program became fully operational in 2013 and has been identified as a major priority over the next three years including both international exchanges and the regional UWA Albany campus.

campus as our major priority. The future is looking bright for university sport in Perth with three major events on the horizon: •

After winning the 2013 National Indigenous Tertiary Education Students Games (NITESG), UWA will host the Games in Perth in 2014.

Australian University Sport, with support and assistance from UWA Sports, has secured the bid to host the World University Match Racing Championships on the Swan River in Perth in 2016. This will be the first time Western Australia hosts a world university event, which will be televised in Europe.

UWA will host the 2016 Australian University Games, which attract well over 5,000 student athletes annually.

The financial outcomes for 2013 have achieved the revised budget outcome and have minimised the funding shortfall whilst achieving significant student engagement performance outcomes at higher levels than ever before. We now face the very real challenge that the growth of our programs and strategies will soon outgrow our resource base and we need to plan and build new infrastructure on this

The success of engaging students has been the major contributor to increases across all our programs and services.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff team led by an able Executive who have achieved way beyond the capacity of the available resources. This continued and ongoing commitment is a credit to all concerned. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the volunteers at the frontline of student engagement, in our affiliated sports clubs and at a governance level on the Board who all play a part in achieving these great outcomes.

Bruce Meakins Executive Director

Aerial shot of Crawley Campus and Matilda Bay

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 07

“ Sports Council Report 2013 was another exciting year in sport for the University, its clubs and its students.

In the state-based TSWA competition, UWA was again successful in retaining the overall title for the 14th consecutive year, with top-2 finishes recorded by nearly all teams. The Australian University Games delegation to the Gold Coast was a fantastic demonstration of what we can achieve on a national scale. We were able to win pennants as the overall champions in four sports: sailing, men’s AFL, women’s tennis and men’s water polo. In addition, we finished in the top-5 in 18 sports. These results placed us sixth overall, and we finished third in the Doug Ellis Trophy, awarded on a per capita basis. A special congratulations must also go to those who excelled on an individual level, with many students earning Green and Gold recognition. Beyond Australian University Games, our clubs have achieved a great deal of success over the course of the year. The UWA Torpedoes

men’s water polo team were able to claim silver in the National Water Polo League, which is a fantastic achievement. Five of the 13 members of the World University Games water polo team were club members or students from UWA. Many other clubs tasted success with a number of premierships and minor premierships being recorded in state competitions. At a student level, the enthusiasm that first gave birth to university sport has only continued to grow. One remarkable example is the renaissance of the UWA Squash Club, which was effectively nonexistent in 2012. Last year, they gained over 100 members, were able to win the TSWA competition and sent a team of 11 students to Uni Games. Off the court, they organised multiple social events for members and raised money for the Cancer Council in the annual Relay for Life.

At a student level, the enthusiasm that first gave birth to university sport has only continued to grow.

It was a privilege to be a part of Sports Council, which provides a central forum for students to be heard on all matters of sport at UWA. Given the unique life skills that sport offers us, it is appropriate that Sports Council also enables students to develop leadership skills off their respective fields. To this end, I wish the incoming Sports Council President, Karlie Payne, and her executive, all the best for 2014. Each year, we continue to see a fantastic amount of enthusiasm and volunteer effort for all levels of sport within the students and the clubs of UWA. Indeed, the last Sports Council meeting of 2013 saw affiliation of a new UWA Basketball Club, put together by yet another group of committed students. It is with acts like this that we can be confident in the continued longevity and importance of sport at UWA.

Richard O’Halloran Sports Council President

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UWA AUG Ultimate team

Mission, Values and Objectives Mission Statement


Strategic Priorities

It is the Association’s primary mission to provide high quality sport and recreation opportunities and experiences at UWA through membership and participation.

To provide and manage sport, fitness and recreation programs, services and facilities required to meet the needs of the University community.

UWA Sports has aligned its strategic priorities with the following strategic objectives identified by the University.

Values UWA Sports embraces the Olympic values of Sportsmanship, Education, Exceeding One’s Expectations, Solidarity, Happiness and Friendship to complement the core values of the University.

To promote amateur sporting and physical recreation amongst members as an essential feature of University life. For that purpose, to encourage and assist in the formation amongst members of sporting and physical recreation clubs and to support and coordinate the activities of clubs so formed.

Student Engagement: To improve the quality of the student learning experience. External Relations and Community Engagement: To improve the University’s positioning and reputation, and to develop strategic relationships and community engagement. People and Resources: To develop our people and resources.

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 09

Office Bearers Patron Tom Hoad Inaugural Life Member Dr Shirley de la Hunty (AO MBE) (dec’d) Life Members Angela Kelly Dr Duncan Barton Russell Candy Robert Credaro E/Prof Alan Robson AO CitWA

Executive Executive Director Bruce Meakins Associate Director Central Services Veena Ong Seng (maternity leave until Feb) Associate Director Marketing and Communications Bea Sonnenberg Associate Director Operations and Facilities Rodney Glossop (from Nov) Administration Office Administrator Jordan McCarthy (Acting) Reception and Administration Supervisor Helen Goodall (until Feb) Reception and Administration Supervisor Ashley Yench (from Feb) Reception and Administration Assistant Helen Goodall (from Mar) Reception and Administration Assistant Steven De Wet Reception and Administration Assistant Kelly Herbert Finance Finance Manager Maureen Faas Finance and Administration Officer Colin Bancroft (from Jul) Finance and Administration Officer Jessica Wedge (until Jul) Marketing Marketing and Communications Officer Marketing and Design Officer

Nicole West Bailey Mitcham

Recreation and Fitness Centre Group Recreation and Fitness Centre Manager Senior Fitness Coordinator Fitness and Recreation Officer

Colin Thurlow Karoline Morgan Helen Booth

Watersports and Leadership Centre Group Watersports and Leadership Centre Manager Recreation (Leadership) Coordinator Sport and Recreation Officer Graduate Sport and Recreation Officer

vacant Callum Warner Bradley Suriani (from Mar) Alice Matthews

Sport and Research Park Group Acting Sports Park Manager Graduate Sport and Recreation Officer Regional and International Sport Manager Superturf Kiosk Supervisor

Joshua Van Kampen Michael Snart (from Feb) Jeannette Meakins Sandy Marsh (until Apr)

UWA Sports Board President/Graduate Representative Pino Monaco Executive Director Bruce Meakins Sports Council President Richard O’Halloran Sports Council Representative Karlie Payne Treasurer/Senate Representative Rob Credaro Guild President Cameron Barnes Guild Representative Wayne Howells Guild Student Representative Kelly Fitzsimons Student Representative Cameron Fitzgerald Staff Representative Chris Massey University Representative Clint Walker (until Aug) George Anderson (from Sep)

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Sports Council Management and Finance Committee President Richard O’Halloran Vice President Karlie Payne Secretary Elizabeth Graydon Treasurer Georgia Pugh Committee Blair Humphrey Danika Jurat

Sports Scholarships Committee UWA Sports (Chair) Joshua Van Kampen Michael Snart Sports Council Richard O’Halloran Karlie Payne Convocation Geoffrey Leach Dr Fran Pesich School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health Grant Landers Past Blues Recipients Alistair Marchesi Alicia Anderson Sports Awards Committee Chair Joshua Van Kampen Sports Council President Richard O’Halloran Sports Council Vice President Elizabeth Graydon Committee Maddie Smith Kendall Thorn Alicia Anderson Alistair Marchesi

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 11

UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre

UWA Sports Park

Operational Centres Delivery of our programs and services occurs from several operational bases.

Boasting 33 hectares of sporting facilities and playing fields, UWA Sports Park is a short drive from UWA’s Crawley campus and the Perth CBD. The grounds are adjacent to Challenge Stadium and the WA Institute of Sport and the precinct is fast becoming the premier sporting complex in Perth. It is home to the UWA Tennis Centre, offering adult and junior social tennis, pennant competitions and coaching and the UWA Superturf Hockey Complex. UWA Sports manages the hire of all grounds and facilities and is home to the UWA Athletics Club, UWA Baseball and Softball Club, UWA Football Club, UWA Hockey Club, UWA Rugby Club, UWA Nedlands Football Club (Soccer), UWA Tennis Club and UWA Underwater Club. UWA Aquatic Centre

UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre The UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre is the fitness and sports hub of UWA’s Crawley campus. Refurbished in 2012, the centre provides fitness members and casual users with access to a wide range of fitness equipment and indoor and outdoor courts. The centre is also the operational base of our InterFaculty, Inter-College and Social Sports competitions and the Kids Sports Holiday Program and is home to the UWA Badminton Club, UWA Basketball Club, UWA Handball Club, UWA Karate Club, UWA Kobudo Club, UWA Netball Club, UWA Savate Club, UWA Squash Club, UWA Table Tennis Club and UWA Volleyball Club. UWA Watersports and Leadership Centre The UWA Watersports and Leadership Centre on the banks of the Swan River is home to UWA’s Premium Fitness classes, Recreate®

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courses and our Leadership program. Situated adjacent to the UWA Watersports and Leadership Centre, the historic UWA Boat Shed was built in 1929 and is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Both facilities are available for hire. The centre is home to the UWA Boat Club and UWA Outdoor Club. UWA International Martial Arts Centre

The UWA Aquatic Centre is managed by the UWA School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health on UWA’s Crawley campus. The centre features three swimming pools, including a purpose-built water polo pool. The 25m x 33m pool is suitable for teaching, lap training and rehabilitation sessions and also meets the requirements to host elite-level water polo competitions. It is also home to the UWA Swimming Club, UWA Torpedoes and UWA Triathlon Club.

The UWA International Martial Arts Centre is located at UWA’s Claremont campus, a short drive from UWA’s Crawley campus. The centre hosted the 2007 and 2009 Indian Rim Asian University Games Judo Championship and the 2008 State Judo Championships. It is also commonly used as an examination venue and is home to a number of sports clubs, including the UWA Aikido Club, UWA Fencing Club, UWA Judo Club and UWA Taekwondo Club. UWA Boat Shed

basketball, volleyball, badminton, netball and indoor soccer

Student Engagement UWA Sports is committed to enhance students’ academic university experience through the provision of high quality sport and recreation opportunities.

UWA Sports engages students, staff and the community through a wide range of sport, fitness and recreation activities and encourages participation through memberships, programs, leagues and events.

Memberships Association Membership UWA Sports fosters relationships between students and the University through its UWA Sport and Recreation Association Memberships. Benefits and services that Association members receive include a 25% discount off fitness memberships and casual entry to the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre, and 25%-50% discounts off all Recreate® courses and court hire. Association memberships are offered free of charge to eligible UWA students who have paid their Student Services and Amenities Fee. Association members are considered ordinary members, granting them the right to vote at any general meeting or election of the Association. UWA students who choose not to become Association members may still take advantage of all the discount benefits Association memberships offer. According to the Registrar’s Office Student Services and Amenities Fee Report, there were 22,862 students enrolled at UWA in 2013 (as at 31 July 2013). Of those, 13,458 chose to join the Association (59%).

Fitness Membership Figure 1: UWA Sports provides a range of fitness memberships at discounted rates to UWA students. Fitness Membership Benefits Unlimited access to all Recreation and Fitness Centre facilities, including: • More than 50 group fitness classes each week • The high performance room • The circuit room • The cycle room • The interactive rowing zone • More than 120 cardio and resistance weight machines • A range of cable stations • Indoor and outdoor courts including squash, tennis,

Figure 2: In 2013, the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre had a total of 5,513 members across all membership options (12 month, 6 month, Multipass), an increase of 31% compared to the previous year (4,217), which can be almost entirely attributed to the increase of membership uptake amongst UWA students from 66% in 2012 (2,780) to 77% in 2013 (4,259). This significant increase is the result of a combination of factors: an increase in promotional strategies targeted at students and an increase in college memberships – packaged membership negotiated with the University’s residential colleges (see College Membership Strategy). College Membership Strategy The college membership strategy is aimed at providing packaged fitness membership to all student residents at participating UWA colleges. In 2013, three of the five residential colleges committed to the strategy, including University Hall, St Catherine’s College and St George’s College.

2013 Fitness Membership Prices

Figure 1

Option UWA Student/Assoc. Member Community 12 Month Regular Membership $600 ($12/week) $850 6 Month Regular Membership $400 ($15/week) $550 Multi Pass $90 $120 Casual Entry $12 $16 12 Month Premium Membership $1,000 ($20/week) n/a

2013 Fitness Membership Uptake

Figure 2

(Source: CLASS)

Jan Students 105 Staff 22 Alumni 20 Community* 65 Total 212

Feb Mar 1,037 409 29 27 22 19 66 70 1,154 525

Apr 178 28 20 52 278

May 152 25 23 58 258

Jun Jul Aug 75 513 389 22 39 23 18 20 13 44 53 60 159 625 498

Sep 236 23 18 62 339

Oct 112 14 22 61 209

Nov Dec Total % 754 299 4,259 77 13 18 283 5 18 11 224 4 50 93 734 13 835 421 5,513 100

*Other/Community here includes fitness membership sales to ‘Community’ (552) and ‘Other Associate Members’ (182). Please note: Fitness memberships held by UWA Sports Staff are not included in the table.

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 13

Introduced in 2010, the strategy has grown significantly over the years and has proven itself as an important engagement tool, connecting students, especially first years, to the University and life on campus. Above all, the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre with its accessibility on weeknights and weekends provides a healthy alternative to other, alcohol-related, social activities to our growing student population living on campus.

Programs and Social Competitions Recreate® The Recreate® program offers students, staff and the community a succession of short courses and activities that introduce participants to a range of health and fitness, leadership, development, sports and water sports activities. Courses range from cardio exercises such as yoga, pilates and hip hop, to water sports such as paddling, sailing and windsurfing.

2013 Recreate® Registrations

Figure 3

(Source: CLASS)

Jan Students 57 Staff 2 Alumni 8 Associates 1 Community* 84 Total 152

Feb 5 0 0 1 0 6

Mar Apr 61 198 4 21 20 36 0 6 53 51 138 312

May 4 4 1 0 10 19

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct 44 0 244 226 19 2 4 4 7 0 11 0 2 4 1 22 0 39 50 4 40 0 39 89 13 119 4 328 376 37

Nov Dec 120 7 6 0 5 0 129 1 95 0 355 8

Total % 985 53 54 3 88 5 253 14 474 25 1,854 100

*Includes all non-UWA participants.

Figure 3: In 2013, Recreate® saw a total of 1,854 participants across all its courses, of which 53% were UWA students. This is an increase of 6% compared to the 2012 program (1,750). Looking at the data, it is evident that the majority of enrolments, 60%, occurred in the second half of the year (Aug-Dec, 1,104), which is a result of a semester 2 reduction in Recreate® course prices for UWA students, increasing the student discount from 25% to 50% for a wide range of courses.

Social Sports The Social Sports program offers students fixtured competitions in a variety of sports conducted in a social and fun environment. The emphasis is on participation with most sports offered in a mixed team format. Sports offered in 2013 included: basketball, soccer, netball, ultimate, touch and volleyball. Figure 4: In 2013, a total of 460 teams registered for the Social Sports competition. This is a remarkable increase of 27% compared to the previous year (361). Taking into account that an average of seven to 10 players make up the squad of each team, between 1,600 and 2,300 participants are actively playing sport on campus each week. Those participation figures clearly demonstrate that Social Sports is one of our most popular service areas.

Figure 4

2013 Social Sports Registrations (Source: CLASS)

Social Sports participant

14  |

Sem1 Sem2 Total Teams 229 231 460

1% f female Figure m male

Inter-Faculty Sport


2013 Inter-Faculty Participation

3% 14%

(Source: manual count)

f m


Architecture (6) Economics (100) Engineering (128)


Law (78) Arts (94)


Music (19)


Indigenous Studies (128) Science (60) Sport Science (102)



Figure 7: Sport Science took the out the women’s Strickland Cup, while Ecoms took out men’s Goyder Cup and also won the overall competition.

Figure 6

2013 Inter-College Participation


(Source: manual count)

f m

St Catherine’s (110)


University Hall (220)

The future of Inter-Faculty Sport needs to be revisited with recent changes made to the academic course, department and faculty structure affecting the traditional composition of the popular sporting competition.


St George’s (213)

With fierce rivalry taking place between faculties since the University was founded, Inter-Faculty Sport is a great way for UWA students to represent their faculties, get fit and boast that their faculty is the best. Competitions generally take place on Wednesday afternoons and foster teamwork and camaraderie in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Students are provided with leadership opportunities, with sports representatives elected from each faculty who coordinate the selection, training and games for each faculty.

St Thomas More (208) Trinity (228)



Inter-College Sport Living on-campus at one of UWA’s five residential colleges means being part of a community and contesting Place Strickland Cup (Women) Goyder Cup (Men) Overall for the Inter-College Cups certainly 1 Sport Science 42.5 Economics 49.5 Economics 87 enhances this feeling of belonging. 2 Economics 37.5 Sport Science 41.5 Sport Science 84 The two Inter-College trophies, the 3 Indigenous Studies 30 Law 37 Law 62 WICSA for women and the Nicholson 4 Law 25 Engineering 35 Indigenous Studies 60 for men, are competed for each 5 Engineering 25 Indigenous Studies 30 Engineering 60 Sunday during the academic year. 6 Arts 20.5 Science 28.5 Arts 46 7 Science 16.5 Arts 25.5 Science 45 Figure 8: Overall, Trinity won 8 Music 4.5 Music 5.5 Music 10 the women’s WISCA Cup whilst 9 ALVA 1 ALVA 1 ALVA 2 University Hall won the men’s

2013 Inter-Faculty Sport Results

Figure 7

2013 Inter-College Sport Results (by college)

Figure 8

Nicholson Cup.

(Source: manual count)

Place 1 2 3 4 5

WISCA (Women) Trinity 48 St Thomas More 47 University Hall 39 St Catherine’s College 28 St George’s College 28

Nicholson Cup (Men) University Hall 30 Trinity 28 St Thomas More 25 St George’s College 21 St Catherine’s College 1

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 15

Team UWA at the ASICS Bridges Fun Run

Events The Association supports participation in selected community and charity events throughout the year and in 2013 focused on four events including the RAC Freeway Bike Hike, ASICS Bridges Fun Run, HBF Run for a Reason and Chevron City to Surf. University representative team recognition in these events was made possible through the creation of a ‘university team category’. UWA recordeded a combined total student participation of 345 (34%) of 1,025 total WA university student participation in all four events. RAC Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma, 24 March 2013

The Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma is WA’s largest community cycling event. Beginning in 2005, the event was designed to raise awareness and funds for the Asthma Foundation WA. The Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma offers the unique opportunity for participants to cycle along the Mitchell Freeway free from all traffic.

16  |

This is the only occasion during the year that this novelty occurs. Team UWA had 24 participants, out of 180 WA university student participants. ASICS Bridges Fun Run, 7 April 2013

charities. Since then the event has tripled in size, with almost 30,000 people taking part in the 2013 HBF Run for a Reason, raising over $1.3 million for charity. Team UWA had 120 participants, out of 223 WA university student participants. Chevron City to Surf for Activ, 25 August 2013

The Asics Bridges Fun Run is an annual 5km and 10km fun run and walk organised by the West Australian Marathon Club. Team UWA had 14 participants, out of 47 WA university student participants. HBF Run for a Reason, 26 May 2013

The HBF Run for a Reason is one of the fastest growing events on the WA sporting calendar. The inaugural event saw 10,000 people take part, raising $255,000 for health-related

The Chevron City to Surf for Activ is the second largest officially timed race in the Southern Hemisphere, with more than 48,000 people participating in the event’s 39th race in 2013. Founded in 1975, it is also the oldest mass participation sporting event in WA history. Team UWA fielded 65 participants in the event, out of 453 WA university student participants.

2013 TSWA Ultimate Champions

closely followed by Curtin University 22% (345), Edith Cowan University 20% (326), Murdoch University 19% (301) and The University of Notre Dame 16% (254). Participation by Central Institute of Technology (formerly TAFE) competitors was limited to selected events and amounted to 2% (26) of total participation.

Competitions and Exchanges Regional: Tertiary Sports Western Australia

Tertiary Sports Western Australia (TSWA) is the lead organisation governing University/Tertiary Sport in Western Australia. TSWA administers sporting championships, competitions and qualifiers for the Australian University Games between the five universities (and other tertiary education institutions by invitation) in Western Australia. TSWA 2013 regional competition included 15 single and multi-sport

events encompassing 28 sports. With men’s, women’s, mixed and/ or open divisions on offer at TSWA sport competitions, equal gender opportunities to compete were created with each member university being given the opportunity to enter 44 teams throughout the program. With an additional five team places offered to Central Institute of Technology (CIT), this amounted to a capacity to accommodate 225 teams in total. With 1,598 students participating, an increase of 11% compared to the 2012 program (1,442), the university demonstrating the highest participation was The University of Western Australia with 22% (346),

Figure 11: The University of Western Australia won the TSWA Overall Champion Title for the 14th consecutive year. The Western Spirit Award, presented to the university best exhibiting teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship for the year was also awarded to the University of Western Australia. This is the second time UWA has secured both the Overall University Title and the Western Spirit Award. International: Exchanges and Events UWA elite student athletes represented the University on the world stage and UWA Sports delivered a comprehensive program of international sport exchanges in 2013 along with significant representation in international events.

2013 Inbound Exchanges

Figure 9 Date(s) Event Focus Location SMU UWA 11-15 Feb UWA Leadership Week Outdoor Recreation UWA 10 53 25-30 Apr Water Polo Training, Matches UWA 10 n/a 23 Jun–14 Jul Munda Biddi Expedition Mountain Biking Albany 4 1 15-19 Jul Dampier Sea Kayak Expedition Sea Kayaking Murajuga, WA 2 2 18–23 Dec Temasek Netball Exchange Training, Matches UWA 14 8 Total incoming exchanges 5 Total participation 40 64

2013 Outbound Exchanges

Figure 10 Date(s) Event Focus Location UWA 26 Jun – 3 Jul UWA Ultimate Exchange Training, Competition Singapore 24 17,18 & 24 Aug Western Circuit Regatta Competition Singapore 3 17 – 21 Sep Asia Pacific Student Cup Competition Singapore 3 Sep Student Exchange Badminton, Study China 1 Total outbound exchanges 4 Total participation 31

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 17

National: Australian University Games, Gold Coast, 28 Sep - 5 Oct 2013 29 SEP - 4 OCT



The Australian University Games (AUG) is a multi-sport competition held annually in between teams fielded from a large number of Australian universities and tertiary institutions. Owned by Australian University Sport (AUS), the peak governing body of university sport in Australia, the Games is the flagship event on the university sporting calendar and attracted over 8,500 competitors in 2013. With five Gold (four division 1 pennants), one Silver and three Bronze medals and 30 Green and Golds, the UWA team with over 340 participants came 6th overall. This is the best result since 2010 when UWA won the overall champion title, especially given it was the smallest team sent away to an AUG since 2009.

18  |

Figure 13

Figure 14

2013 Green and Gold Recipients

2013 AUG Results (team sports)

Athlete Sport Joel Beasley Australian Rules Football Jackson Dennis Australian Rules Football Alexis Drygen Australian Rules Football Darren Mumford Australian Rules Football Eddie Hung Badminton Robert Cassir Basketball James Plowman Football Oliver Machell Handball Darcy Bott Hockey Sebastian Ewing Hockey Christopher Lim Hockey Madeleine Smith Hockey Kai Png Judo Daniel Adam Lawn Bowls Justin Fourie Rugby 7’s Bruce Smith-Wright Rugby 7’s Kylan Yoxall Rugby 7’s Samuel Gilmour Sailing Mark Spearman Sailing Luka Stroop Squash Simone Maver Softball Kimberley Fisher Tennis Tom Smith Touch Rebecca Brereton Ultimate Louis Masarei Ultimate Monte Masarei Ultimate Geraldine Viros Ultimate Andrew Ford Water Polo George Ford Water Polo Fraser Smith Water Polo Genevieve Longman Water Polo

Sport Placing Athletics - men 6th Athletics - women 6th AFL - men 1st AFL - women 8th Badminton - men 7th Badminton - women no result Baseball - open 11th Basketball - men 3rd Beach Volleyball - mixed 8th Beach Volleyball - men no result Beach Volleyball - women no result Cycling - men no result Cycling - women no result Fencing - men 5th Fencing - women 5th Football - men 7th Football - women 6th Futsal - men 14th Golf - men no result Golf - women no result Handball - mixed 3rd Hockey - men 4th Hockey - women 9th Judo no result Kendo no result Lawn Bowls - open 3rd Netball - women no result Netball - mixed 5th Rugby 7’s - men 2nd Sailing - open 1st Softball - women 5th Squash - men 5th Squash - women 4th Swimming - men no result Swimming - women no result Table Tennis no result Taekwondo - men 14th Taekwondo - women 6th Tennis - men 5th Tennis - women 1st Ten Pin Bowling - open 7th Touch - men 17th Touch - women 17th Touch - mixed 16th Ultimate - mixed 4th Volleyball - men no result Volleyball - women no result Water Polo - men 1st Water Polo - women 5th

2013 AUG participants

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 19

2013 TSWA Results

Figure 11

Place University 1 The University of Western Australia 133 2 Curtin University 115 3 Edith Cowan University 89 4 Murdoch University 86 5 The University of Notre Dame 58

Highlights included a successful bid to host the 2016 World University Match Racing Championships in Perth and UWA elite athlete representation at the World University Games in Kazan, Russia.

Figure 9 and 10: Overall 95 UWA students were involved in four international competitions and nine exchanges for the year. International: World University Games (WUG), Kazan, Russia, 6–17 July The largest ever UWA contingent participated in the 2013 Universiade (World University Games) in Kazan. UWA contributed to the Australian Uniroos team of 152 Australian student athletes, which placed 10th overall across 16 different sports, with a total of eight student athletes and one coach.

Water Polo (men) 7th Andrew Ford George Ford Nick Hughes Edward Slade Frazer Smith Coach: Andrei Kovalenko Fencing Zak Leonhard (men’s sabre individual) 37th James Lewis (men’s epee individual) 29th Swimming Holly Barrat (women’s 50m butterfly) 5th

Six UWA students and one graduate represented Australia in the World Under 23’s Ultimate Championships in York, Canada, in July. Members of the UWA sailing team under the name Neptune Racing competed in regattas in the USA and Canada in July with significant results. One UWA student on exchange to China as part of a Prime Minister’s scholarship competed in badminton at the 2013 All Beijing University Championships. An exchange program built on the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UWA and Singapore Management University (SMU), now in its fourth year, saw seven successful exchanges between the two universities involving 26 SMU students and 56 UWA students in six sports and activities in 2013.

20  |

UWA athletes at WUG in Kazan, Russia

2013 International Events

Figure 12

(Source: manual count)

Date(s) Event Sports Location UWA 6 –17 Jul World University Water Polo, Kazan, Russia 8 Games Fencing, Swimming 21–28 Jul World Under 23’s Ultimate York, Canada 6 Ultimate Championships Jul/Aug Governor’s Cup, Sailing California USA, 4 Kintec Summer, Vancouver Match Cup, Canada, Chicago Match Chicago USA Cup Qualifier, Dec All Beijing Badminton Beijing, China 1 University Championships Total participation 19

Scholarships and Awards Scholarships As part of its “Pathways to Excellence” program, UWA Sports works in conjunction with the University to deliver a range of sport scholarships and bursaries for UWA students. The purpose of these scholarships is to support promising student athletes in attaining excellence in their chosen sport, while maintaining high academic achievements. Scholarship Benefits Sport scholarships are designed to assist students to pursue an elite sporting career while maintaining a high level of academic achievement. Benefits of a scholarship include: • Financial assistance up to $3,000 • 12 month membership to the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre • Access to assessments and testing • Participation in leadership courses • Academic representation to the holder’s faculty or the University

Convocation Sport Scholarships (The UWA Graduates Association) Convocation, the UWA Graduates Association, in conjunction with UWA Sports, annually selects one male and one female athlete to receive these scholarships. The highest award available under the UWA Sport Scholarship Program, this scholarship is available to athletes from any sport. Preference is given to students who are members of the respective UWA sports club.

General Sport Scholarships These are awarded to selected athletes and are not sport specific. Preference is given to students who are current members of a UWA sports club.

2013 Recipients Samantha Richards (Basketball) Tim Widdicombe (Rowing)

2013 Recipients Isabella King (Cycling) Caitlin Pascov (Hockey) Tristan Clemons (Hockey) Chris Bausor (Hockey) Madeleine Smith (Hockey) Kai Png (Judo) Thomas Meares (Rowing) Troy Main (Triathlon) George Ford (Water Polo)

WM (Bob) Nunn Scholarship

Club Specific Scholarships

This scholarship is named after the late WM (Bob) Nunn, the only UWA student to have been awarded four Full Blues. The scholarship was awarded to the most outstanding student who is commencing undergraduate study at UWA in 2013. Preference is given to students who are members of a UWA sports club.

These are open to student members of UWA sports clubs currently competing at the highest level in their respective competitions. These scholarships are funded jointly by the relevant UWA sports club and UWA Sports on a matched basis.

2013 Recipient Mark Spearman (Sailing)

2013 Recipients Cruz Hogan (Athletics) Keely Waters (Athletics) Scott Anderson (Australian Rules Football)

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 21

David Vernon (Cricket) Harrison Scoble (Rugby) Steven Thomas (Sailing) Roberto Lujan Rocha (Football) Chelsie Winchcombe (Football) Stephanie Boehm (Triathlon) Development Scholarships These are presented each year to students who show potential in their chosen sport and require assistance to progress to an elite level. 2013 Recipients Stuart Caulfield (Athletics) Max Bergmann (Athletics) Simona Koncarevic (Beach Volleyball) Benjamin King (Cycling) Lisa Blyth (Fencing) Malindi Hagget (Fencing) James Lewis (Fencing) Alanna Gallatly (Football) Nikola Chung (Gymnastics) Sebastian Ewing (Hockey) Oscar Backhouse (Rugby) Danielle Carr (Sailing) Samuel Gilmour (Sailing) Nicholas Wagstaff (Sprint Kayaking) Heidi Gan (Swimming) Jeremy Nixon (Ultimate) Jessica Zimmermann (Water Polo) Fraser Smith (Water Polo)

UWA Sports Awards The annual UWA Sports Awards took place at the University Club of Western Australia with more than 120 guests in attendance. The evening showcases the huge array of sporting talent that the University has to offer, where UWA students and club members are honoured for their contributions to the University, be it on the sporting field or in the club rooms. Blues may be awarded to a currently enrolled UWA student provided they have achieved success as a competitor and have shown service to their UWA sports club or team. The Club Letters award is made to an individual, not currently enrolled at the

22  |

University of Western Australia, who has shown excellence in sporting achievement (standards equal to Full Blue) in international, national or local competition and has demonstrated a significant contribution to his/her club over a sufficient period of time. Furthermore, the individual must have been involved in the promotion, development and betterment of University sport beyond the call of a normal position in a sports club; either as a player, administrator or official. The Club Service award is made to an individual, currently enrolled as a student of the University of Western Australia, who has been a club administrator (coach, events coordinator, etc.) and a member of the club executive for at least three years and who participated in interclub competitions and studied during those three years. Full Blues Cruz Hogan (Athletics) Joel Beasley (Australian Rules Football) Darren Mumford (Australian Rules Football) Lisa Blyth (Fencing) Oliver Machell (Handball) Darcy Bott (Hockey) Sebastian Ewing (Hockey) Madeleine Smith (Hockey) Daniel Adam (Lawn Bowls) Mark Spearman (Sailing) Simone Maver (Softball) Kimberley Fisher (Tennis) Rebecca Brereton (Ultimate) Andrew Ford (Water Polo) George Ford (Water Polo) Half Blues Scott Anderson (Australian Rules Football) Christopher Carson (Australian Rules Football) Rhys Edwards (Australian Rules Football) Charles Ravine (Boat) Martyn Anderson (Handball) Cameron Fitzgerald (Handball) Olivia Pisano (Hockey)

Andrew Tuckey (Rugby) Tarquin Betuel (Taekwondo) Mikaelha Byrnes (Triathlon) Jesse Thyer (Triathlon) Kyle Atkins (Ultimate) Geraldine Viros (Ultimate) Sarah-Jane Fagen (Water Polo) Genevieve Longman (Water Polo) Club Letter Fiona Boyce (Hockey) Simon Tiverios (Hockey) Grant Landers (Triathlon) Club Service Mitch Catlin (Australian Rules Football) Samuel Wallace (Australian Rules Football) Mitchell Carter (Boat) Karlie Payne (Boat) Rebecca Dracup (Triathlon) Jolin Edmondson (Triathlon) Champion Club UWA Football Club Sports Star of the Year Timothy Widdicombe (Boat) Coach of the Year Andrei Kovalenko (Water Polo) Meakins Medallist Kimberley Fisher (Tennis)

Tim Widdicombe, 2013 UWA Sports Star of the Year

2013 Munda Biddi Mountain Biking expedition

Leadership and Volunteering UWA Sports Leadership Program UWA Sports Leadership program is an outdoor recreation and sport experience that provides valuable leadership opportunities to first year and existing UWA students. Activities include: Mountain Biking Paddling Trekking Sailing Vertical Challenges More than 350 UWA and international students participated in the Leadership program in 2013. Intra- and Inter-University Sport Leadership Each faculty and college participating in Inter-Faculty and Inter-College Sport is represented by a male and female student volunteer coordinating the competition. Likewise, every UWA team entered in state, national and international university competitions is coordinated by at least one student volunteer. In 2013, UWA Sports conducted training to prepare Australian University Games team

captains for their role of heading up their team during the Games on the Gold Coast and to arm them with the necessary skills to face social, behavioural and alcohol-related challenges associated with the event. The training comprised a series of workshops, including high ropes/ team building session, first aid accreditation course and leadership information session. College Leadership Program As part of the college fitness membership strategy, UWA Sports provided leadership training for a selected group of college residents. Sports Club Volunteerism

sport administration and related fields opportunities to gain practical experience through field placement with Tertiary Sports W.A. Since the implementation of PracConnect, member universities have developed their own field placement programs resulting in more students completing their field placement requirements on their respective campuses. Field placement students with TSWA included a UWA Sport Science, Exercise and Health student, a UWA postgraduate student through the Department of Sport and Recreation and a Shenton College work experience student placed through UWA Student Services. These students accumulated 177.5 hours of experience through TSWA.

Key positions within affiliated sports clubs are filled by volunteers, usually between four to five individuals per club. Each club also has a UWA student representative on Sports Council. PracConnect PracConnect is a long established program offering university students studying in the areas of sport science,

2013 Vertical Challenges expedition

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 23

Relations with University Staff and Alumni

Staff Sports Fun Day participants

Membership Supplementary to its regular membership options (see page 13), UWA Sports offers a 12 Month Premium membership (previously Staff and Alumni membership) exclusively to the University’s staff and alumni community. Additional benefits include access to the UWA Watersports and Leadership Centre gym, Premium Fitness classes run in this location and personal training sessions.

for a fun filled day of sport and activity. The day includes a range of traditional sports, fitness and novelty activities.

Figure 15: In 2013, 507 UWA staff and alumni took up a fitness membership: 229 Regular fitness members (all staff), 54 Premium members (all staff) and 224 alumni. This constitutes 9% of our total fitness membership base.

With the theme of “One University – One Staff”, close to 500 staff got involved in sport, fitness and novelty activities throughout the day with many more cheering their fellow colleagues on!


In line of the event theme, it doesn’t matter if you win, draw or lose because it is all in the name of participation and good fun. The day is purely about celebrating the end of the academic year with an active body and a healthy smile.

UWA Staff Sports Fun Day The UWA Staff Sports Fun Day is an annual event on campus for staff and postgraduate students to get together

Figure 15

2013 Fitness Membership Uptake 13% Students (4,259) Staff (283)


Alumni (224) Community (734)

24  |



Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) UWA Sports assisted UWA Safety and Health with the delivery of the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). More than 440 UWA staff registered and participated to increase physical activity in a team based environment. UWA Sports provided each participant with five complimentary visits to the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre and also coordinated and promoted two activities run in the centre: Treadmill Challenge and Cycle Challenge. The concept behind the challenges was to motivate staff to work together in their teams to build their kilometres and to increase awareness for fitness equipment, classes and memberships available to UWA staff.

It doesn’t matter if you win, draw or lose because it is all in the name of participation and good fun.

UWA Kids Sports participant

2013 Kids Sports Registrations

Figure 17

(Source: manual count)

Program Duration Registrations Summer 19 days 1,135 Autumn 10 days 684 Winter 11 days 729 Spring 10 days 499 Total 50 days 3,047

Programs Recreate®

Community Engagement Membership Association memberships are not available to the general public. However, the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre is open to the public and community members are welcome to join the centre. Although the centre’s biggest user group is the student population and membership promotions are aimed at encouraging student participation, the Association has developed a

strategy of utilising the quiet times on campus, predominantly the summer break between November and February, to target community members. This is reflected in the comparatively high membership ratio for community during the month of December which is a result of a community focused Summer Fitness Membership campaign. High ratios of community members can also be found in UWA sports clubs (see page 30).

Figure 16: Representing 25% of total registrations, community members are a vital part of our Recreate® customer base and receive significant fitness, sport and recreation opportunities. UWA Kids Sports Holiday Program The UWA Kids Sports Holiday Program (formerly Uni Sport 4 Kids) runs during school holidays and is a fun and exciting, multi-sport day camp for children aged 5-13. UWA Kids Sports exposes children to many different sports in a friendly, non-competitive environment. With the focus on participation and having a good time, this program is excellent for introducing kids to new sports and for keeping them active and happy during the school holidays. The program is run in our facilities and led by our qualified and experienced coaches and instructors, all of whom hold first aid qualifications and Working With Children checks.

Figure 16

2013 Recreate® Registrations 53% Students (985) Staff (54) Alumni (88) Associates (253) Community (474)

3% 5% 25% 14%

Figure 17: The program ran over a total of 50 days in 2013 and saw over 3,000 registrations, an increase of almost 60% to the previous year (1,828). It continues to be a great opportunity for potential future students to gain awareness of the University and for our student leaders to deliver this service.

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 25

UWA Sports Clubs and Teams 2013 Office Bearers

Club President Vice President Secretary UWA Athletics Club Tim Lyons N/A Olivia Lyons UWA Aikido Club Nicolas Nagloo Serene Ong Karel Osten UWA Badminton Club Janine Wong N/A N/A UWA Baseball & Softball Club Shaun Major Justin Mann (Men’s Baseball), Rose Burnfield Eyvette Prosper (Women’s Baseball), Rick Stevens (Men’s Softball), Kate Hicks (Women’s Softball) Karlie Payne Adam Fielding UWA Boat Club Garth Lucas UWA Cricket Club John Hogg David McFerran Peter Mizza UWA Fencing Club James Lewis Kerry Maclaurin Kevin Vinsen UWA Football Club (AFL) Jon Wyllie Simon Caldow Sam Alexeeff UWA Nedlands Football Club Conrad McKelvie Sam Watkins UWA Golf Club Wayne Scully Michael James Nacha Kirilak UWA Handball Club Martyn Anderson Milena Konig, Benjamin Jude Oliver Machell David Albrecht Simon Edmonds Simon Edmonds UWA Hockey Club Michael Boyce UWA Judo Club Dae-in Cha N/A Peter Cooper UWA Karate Club Lawrence Liew Amber Carson John Broertej UWA Kobudo Club Tony Carroll N/A Stuart Walsh Leon Hodgson Jenni Skinner Jane White UWA Netball Club Jodie Rintoul UWA Outdoor Club Will Gregory Robert McLaughlin Katie Vander Donk UWA Rugby Club Boyd Herewini Chris Brook Monty King UWA Savate Club Colin Pestell Kieran Golby Nigel Bridgeman UWA Swimming Club Nat Benjanuvatra Bruce Cossil Kate Reynolds UWA Table Tennis Club Heng Wei Chen Stanley Tang N/A UWA Taekwon-Do Club Adeline Cheong N/A Michael Haywood UWA Tennis Club Adam Stubbs Kieran Flaherty Brett Mowday UWA Triathlon Club Brenden Koh, N/A Jolin Edmondson UWA Ultimate Club Jeremy Nixon Monte Maserei Annie Jessop UWA Underwater Club Jon Heath N/A N/A UWA Volleyball Club Stue Carr Rachelle Brammer N/A

26  |

Figure 18

Treasurer Sports Council Rep Coaches Shane Cassey Keron Russell Lyn Foreman The following UWA teams deliver Paul Hodkiewicz Nicolas Nagloo N/A visible successes in national Janine Wong Yohanes Angkodjojo N/A university competitions, however they Ryan Eldred Simone Maever Ryan Shoun, don’t demonstrate traditional club Darren Maver, structures and therefore were not Sean Bowzan able to provide office bearers lists:

Mitchell Carter Liz Graydon Nick Collins UWA Lawn Bowls Team Andrew Blake Dave Vernon Brett Jones, Will Stibbs UWA Sailing Team Sarah Rivet Kristofer Salman Tuko Maia Dylan Sheard Tim O’Shannassy Luke Dwyer UWA Ten Pin Bowling Team Troy Carlon Matt Judd UWA Touch Team David Somerville Brown Bully Unmack UWA Waterpolo Team (Torpedoes) Jim Malone Sam Alexeeff Richard Greyson Ming Wen Teh Gavin Sit Steven Lukan Wayne Scully Murray Paul Michael James Thomas Emery Martyn Anderson N/A

Club and Team Highlights

Ryan Croll Maddie Smith Suzanne Tiverios Rob Clement Peter Swan Kai Png N/A Mary Jack Mary Jack N/A Jane Kee Jeffrey Palm Katrina deRuyck Tony Carroll UWA Aikido Club

Kori O’Meeham Louisa Harris Jenni Skinner Tsuyama Aikido Club visited from Camden Watts Rachel Chapman N/A Tokyo, participating in training Thomson Naude Andrew Tuckey N/A and social events, including a Craig Edwards Craig Edwards Colin Pestell remembrance training session Terry Bridgeman dedicated to Club founder, Shihan Nicholas Reynolds Georgina Powers N/A Akira Fujimori. Michael Yung Stanley Tang N/A Paul Raymond Tarquin Betuel Paul Raymond UWA Athletics Club Sam Ashenden Rebekah Stubbs Kurt Robinson Rebecca Dracup Stephanie Boehm Grant Landers, The club had a record number of Bradley Forbes Jeremy Nixon Kendall Thorn members in 2012 and 2013 and Nancy Shackelford Natalie Prinz N/A placed 5th overall at the Australian James Taylor Declan Walsh Matt Hender, University Games. Gavin Lewis

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 27

2013 UWA Sports Club Membership Source: Membership lists and data submitted by clubs and teams. Where stated “N/A” data has either been incomplete or missing and hence cannot be reported.

Club/Team UWA Students Other Students UWA Graduates Other Graduates UWA Aikido Club 5 0 6 3 UWA Athletics Club 30 0 0 0 UWA Badminton Club 17 0 4 1 UWA Baseball & Softball Club 20 5 10 19 UWA Boat Club 89 10 24 0 UWA Cricket Club 26 10 11 9 UWA Fencing Club 16 1 1 4 UWA Football Club 68 0 45 0 UWA Golf Club 57 N/A N/A N/A UWA Handball Club 22 N/A N/A N/A UWA Hockey Club 123 54 191 0 UWA Judo Club 13 8 5 2 UWA Karate Club 12 1 4 3 UWA Kobudo Club 12 2 6 6 UWA Lawn Bowls Team 44 N/A N/A N/A UWA Netball Club 64 6 13 9 UWA Outdoor Club 115 2 16 3 UWA Rugby Club 50 N/A 60 N/A UWA Sailing Team N/A N/A N/A N/A UWA Savate Club 11 0 5 2 UWA Soccer Club 117 17 84 10 UWA Squash Club 97 0 4 0 UWA Swimming Club 2 2 0 0 UWA Table Tennis Club 39 0 0 0 UWA Taekwon-Do Club 14 0 2 2 UWA Ten Pin Bowling Team N/A N/A N/A N/A UWA Tennis Club 20 0 10 0 UWA Triathlon Club 11 0 8 0 UWA Ultimate Club 115 N/A N/A N/A UWA Underwater Club 89 15 28 18 UWA Volleyball Club 51 9 0 0 UWA Water Polo (Torpedoes) N/A N/A N/A N/A Total 1,349 142 537 91

UWA Badminton Club

UWA Boat Club

The club placed first (men’s) and second (women’s) in the TSWA competition, while men placed 7th overall at the AUG.

Sixty Shenton College students learned to row through a new partnership, as well as the general public through the Learn 2 Row courses. A Master’s Women’s squad was established, while the social squad was developed to be selfsufficient.

UWA Baseball and Softball Club The A grade baseball team reached State finals for the 7th consecutive season, while three A grade softball players were drafted by Softball Premier League franchise BayswaterMorley Monarchs. The baseball and softball teams also competed at the Australian University Games for the first time in six years.

28  |

UWA Fencing Club Three club members, James Lewis, Zak Leonhard and Alanah Maclaurin, represented Australia at the World University Games, World Championships and Oceania Junior

Championships. Junior member Lachlan Bunney won silver at the Under 15 National Championships. A program was developed for those living with autism and Down syndrome to take part in and experience the sport. UWA Football Club The club was the only West Australian club to have all the teams make the finals. More than 135 club members played in the finals, with the Australian University Games team winning the gold medal.

Figure 19

Community Juniors Veterans Total 6 0 0 20 164 680 0 874 19 0 0 41 27 3 0 84 18 3 11 155 2 0 15 73 17 40 0 79 54 0 0 167 N/A N/A N/A 72 20 N/A N/A 42 164 604 0 1,138 22 30 3 83 2 0 0 22 6 2 0 34 92 N/A N/A 136 11 0 0 103 30 0 0 166 130 140 0 380 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 0 0 20 124 1,066 40 1,458 1 0 0 102 73 73 0 150 17 0 0 56 0 0 0 18 N/A N/A N/A N/A 70 4 0 104 43 8 0 70 N/A N/A N/A 115 87 5 11 253 52 6 0 118 N/A N/A N/A 66 1,253 2,664 80 6,199

UWA Rugby Club UWA Rugby Club, the biggest rugby club in Western Australia, hosted the grand finals for the third year in a row. UWA Swimming Club Club member Rhys Mainstone was named Swimming WA’s prestigious Open Water Swimmer of the Year 2013, while Mel Tantrum, Head Coach of Club, won the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Coach of the Year Award 2013. UWA Ultimate Club Six club members attended the World Under 23 Ultimate Championships, with men bringing home bronze while the women placed 8th. The club sent two teams to Singapore on exchange with Singapore Management University (SMU) including competing in the Singapore Mixed Ultimate Championships. UWA Underwater Club Club safety reached a new level with multiple rescue and emergency first response courses for members, and Scuba Review courses to ensure members were at an appropriate skill and safety level before diving. UWA Volleyball Club

UWA Hockey Club The men’s hockey team finished 4th at the 2013 Australian University Games. The proposal for a second artificial hockey turf at UWA Sports Park was supported by the club with fundraising efforts commencing in February 2014. UWA Nedlands Football Club The junior boys, girls and Joey programs continued to grow, while UWA graduates and students received employment opportunities

and third year sport science students participated in a placement program. UWA Outdoor Club A substantial amount of the club’s equipment has been replaced, repaired, or added to the club’s inventory in the last year, allowing the club to get more people outdoors, safely and more comfortably. Club administration was overhauled with a new website and online membership forms.

Three club members, Matthew Hender, Tara West and Sophie Godfrey, were nominated to the Australian Volleyball League, while five club members were nominated to the State U23 team: Matthew Hender, Declan Walsh, Ben Caley, Sophie Dixon and Lucy Petchell. UWA Water Polo (Torpedoes) Five members of the UWA Torpedoes and coach Andrei Kovalenko represented the Uniroos as part of the Australian water polo team at the Universiade (World University Games) in Kazan, Russia.

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 29

Marketing and Communications Reflecting back on 2013, Marketing and Communications have implemented a number of strategies to build and manage relationships with the Association’s key stakeholders. The first year and prospective student program has been expanded, with many activities and engagement opportunities on offer during the start of each semester for commencing students. UWA Sports Marketing has established solid working relationships with various University departments and the Student Guild to coordinate and deliver the program. Surveys have proven to be a powerful tool in gaining insights in student behaviours and interactions with UWA Sports. Regular surveys are now part of our annual strategic and operational planning cycle, their findings a crucial tool in identifying trends and developing tailored service delivery solutions. The start of the migration project of the UWA Sports website marked a significant milestone toward the end of 2013. The objective was to develop

30  |

a user and mobile device friendly, simply structured site filled with easily accessible content and a homepage which uses powerful images, a YouTube stream and newsroom items. Advertising and Promotion Five editions of Recreate® magazine, two per semester and one during the summer break, have been produced throughout the year. In addition to Recreate® magazine, Marketing utilises a variety of tools ranging from traditional print promotions, including flyers, posters and brochures to electronic media to communicate and interact with the Association’s customers and stakeholders.

which targeted the entire student fitness member population of 2,754 (membership as of May 2013). The response rate was 26% with 722 completed surveys. Relevant findings were made in the areas of lifestyle, reasons for taking up a membership, reasons for not utilising the membership, participation levels and importance and satisfaction levels. Above all, the survey revealed a segmentation of four distinctive student user groups: those who seek the ‘whole package’, those who join the gym because their friends are already members, those who are primarily concerned with the quality, range and maintenance of fitness equipment and opening hours and those who seek out a good range of group fitness classes and wellmaintained equipment/facilities. User Statistics Website

Customer and Market Research

Figure 20: The UWA Sports website usage follows a very distinctive trend each year: it peaks around the start of each semester in February/ March and July/August and drops significantly during semester breaks between November to January and May to June.

Once again Marketing conducted a fitness member survey in 2013,

As part of the University’s network of supported sites, the UWA

Figure 20

Figure 21

2013 Email Campaign Statistics (Source: Vision6)

OR - Open Rate

CTR - Click Through Rate

Email Send Avg OR(%) Avg CTR (%) E|News 253,039 11 6 Promo 551,191 22 13 Total 804,230 16 10

and web elements, the re-launch has been long awaited and is well overdue. Migration and relaunch are scheduled to be finalised timely by the start of semester 1 2014. E-Marketing UWA Sports Marketing sends promotional and news-based emails on a weekly basis to the UWA student population and customers of our programs and services.

Sports website has been identified and scheduled for relaunch by the University’s Web Office, including migration to a new content management software, site restructure and update of functionality and visuals. With the current website having outgrown its dated support software, which allows very limited use of latest plug-ins

Figure 21: As to the nature of the emails, promotional emails focus on the promotion of one specific service or program at a time. The average open rate of 22%, which is twice the open rate of E|News, indicates their success in being appealing and grabbing readers’ attention. E|News has a broader aim and is of rather informative than promotional nature with topics including sporting highlights, achievements and latest developments.

Social Media Social Media, especially Facebook, has grown into one of the Association’s most important marketing tools to spot trends amongst our student population and engage them in our services and programs through posts and conversations that are meaningful to them. At 1 January 2013 the UWA Sports Facebook page had almost 1,300 ‘likes’ which grew to almost 2,300 by 31 December 2013. This is an increase of 175% or almost 1,000 ‘likes’. The sharpest increase in ‘likes’ was during the Australian University Games (Sept-Oct) and in the subsequent Facebook photo competition (550 new ‘likes). Over the year a total of more than 186,000 people were reached by our Facebook posts in 2013 (please note that these are not unique people).

The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 31

Financial Report

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 33

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 35

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 37

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 39

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 41

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 43

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 45

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 47

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 49

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The University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation Association | 51

UWA Sports would like to thank the following partners and sponsors for their support.

UWA Sport and Recreation Association The University of Western Australia M412, 35 Stirling Highway Crawley WA 6009 Tel: +61 8 6488 2286 Fax: +61 8 6488 4725 Email:

CRICOS Provider Code: 00126G

2013 UWA Sports Annual Report  

2013 UWA Sports Annual Report