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k c o R Glam

1971 - 1975

David Bowie

Iggy Pop

T - Rex

Gary Glitter

Alice Cooper

Alvin Stardust

Roxy Music

‘Well known artists such as Queen and Rod Stewart later adopted the styles of Glam Rock but were not directly related to the genre, but Glam helped carve the way to fame for future artists like KISS who brought the scene back to life. Glam Rock is very influential and that still shows in today’s music industry with bands like Steel Panther who are almost a parody of Glam Rock, and have very sexual lyrics , the big hair and spandex fashion to match. So this shows that Glam Rock is relevant in today’s industry and is still influencing current musicians both musically and fashion wise.’ Glam Rock emerged in the late 1960s and this is where our journey will begin, right in the middle of the psychedelic rock scene, huge hair styles and vibrant clothing choices. Glam Rock was a mash up of styles of the time from 1930s Hollywood glamour to the 1950s pin up sex appeal. Glam Rock was very visual and at times the clothing choices could be as loud and as brash as the music it can be referred to as the glitter movement of rock.

versatile and timeless album of the era which included the most valuable elements of the Glam Rock sound. Reed worked along side famous Pop Art artist Andy Warhol where he gained a lot of inspiration, this genre was probably one of the first which really questioned society and the differences in what’s right and what’s wrong, it was very sexual and in your face which had not been seen before and really shown that there is no measurements of genders and expressing yourself was ok to do no matter your sexuality.

A major figure in the Glam era was Bowie who strived of the scene and even went as far to opening up about his sexuality when he came out as bisexual which pushed the Boundaries of masculinity and femininity when performing on stage covered in make up and wearing spandex. The fashion of this genre is without a doubt eye catching but lets not forget that this is a musical genre, some of the top Glam Rock bands/artists included: David Bowie who helped shape the foundations of the genre and take it to a international stage and Alice Cooper who created a much more darker presence for Glam and added a new twist on what we accepted in the genre. Lou Reed’s Transformer is arguably the most

It was only in the UK where Glam Rock seemed to flourish and no artists really made it big on the outskirts like America besides acts like Bowie who then went on to influence artists such as Iggy Pop who would adopt the style known as ‘Glitter Rock’ and add a darker lyrical content as their British counterpart.


The dust didn’t settle on Glam Rock for long, whilst this genre was enjoying the limelight of major success in the early to mid 70s both in the United Kingdom and around the world there was a much more underground scene happening below the radar which would soon have its voice heard...

K ! N U P

[1974 -19

Punk officially ended the fun Glam Rock was having when it broke through in the late 70s, finally punk would have its time in the limelight it was the perfect time for Punk to unleash its voice, times were getting harder and harder and people were at a stage where they was almost bored so to speak, there was no motivation in the community, Margaret Thatcher was coming of power and making cuts on local spending, higher education and social benifits, the public needed to havve their opinion heard and they got what they wanted through Punk.

Pistols, Punk became global but this was for a very brief ammount of time and was only ever a major cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom. The punk fashion soon followed as part of punk subculture emerged with punks littering the streets representing their favourite heroes sewn by hand on back of denim jackets with eye piercing studs attached and crazy hairstyles even more shocking than that of Glam Rock expressing youthful rebellion.

Punk had a very aggresive approach and had hard hitting fast paced music which would mainly be political, anti-establishment lyrics with stripped down instrumentation to match. The music and its design was very DIY directed and many bands would self promote and produce their music through informal channels and tag their name anywhere they could on the changing streets of Britain to help get word out of a show etc.

By the early 1980s Punk had already evolved into a more intense faster style, bands like Oi! were becoming the predominant mode of punk rock, this developed punk into a more ‘hardcore’ scene and was more heavier and in your face than ever before, Punk would help set the mark for all future musicians and genres to follow and be majorly influencial to many genres and sub genres to follow. Some of the nearest branches of sub genres to punk were ‘New Wave and Post Punk’.

It was extremly hard in the 70s for people outside the mainstream barrier to have their voice heard but Punk bands didn’t let that stop them, they wanted to be heard and recognized, many Punk bands refused to be associated with the mainstream but as Punk grew in popularity certain bands became the pioneers of that movement like The Clash and of course The Sex Pistols. This saw a community of people brought together by the same issues in life they shared through the power and movement of Punk music. Shortly after the success of bands like The Sex

Punk was a major breakthrough in social and musical influences but as it was distributed through small reocrd companies like Stiff Records they never achieved great record sales, New Wave bands would market themseleves based of punk as much as they could as a selling point and then sign with major record labels to help boost their identitys and careers, of course the true punk musicans stayed true to their roots and was against mainstream music but some bands like ‘The Police’ seen this as an opputunity to make the big time.


‘Punk had a very aggresive approach and had hard hitting fast paced music which would mainly be political, anti-establishment lyrics with stripped down instrumentation to match.’


Post Punk was like a blend between the two movements punk and new wave and went on to produce major bands like Joy Division, who was majorly successful, they incorporated a more artistic and challenging side and helped punk progress and grow, these kind of bands added a more heavier deeper sound and would include more dark lyrics. The Who and The Velvet Underground are often seen as punk bands but they are more related to protopunk, these bands influenced the punk movemnt and their style was related to punk because of its similarities.

Key Artists Sex Pistols -------Ramones ----------The Clash ---------Iggy Pop -----------New York Dolls ---Black Flag --------The Damned -------Dead Kennedys ----

“Bassist of 1980s Hardcore Punk band ‘Potential Victims’ talks Punk and shares his opinions on the state of the anarchist movement.”

Chris Birtles potential victims 1: What was it like living in the punk era? The punk era for me was just after commercial chart punk and punk was an underground movement again. We were under a horrible tory government. Jobs were hard to find, and benefits were being cut and the tories were generally trampling on the poor of the country. Punk seemed to say everything we thought and was a kind of rebellion against authority as well as being fun and something to do.

2. How did the music influence the culture and design? The music was rough and aggressive and partly because of having not much money; the culture was rough and while outwardly aggressive; was kind of like a war time spirit where everyone looked out for each other and helped others. The design of everything around punk was rough and aggressively styled as well partly because things were done on the cheap by whoever could do it; teeshirts, flyers, record and cassette covers were usually diy.

3. How was punk represented in media publications etc? In main stream media; punk was usually represented as a dangerous culture that you should keep your kids away from. It was quite often seen as violent, dirty and a low life thuggish sort of thing. There were newspaper articles and tv shows about how punk is bad for kids and bands were sometimes banned from playing and gigs cancelled because of the impression the media gave of a disgusting foul mouthed violent culture. They did the same with rockers in the 50s; hippies in the 60s and now it was punks turn.

4. How do you believe punk influenced the next big movement in music and styles? The next big thing sort of, was new wave which was sort of commercial pop music again but with a bit of the look and sound of punk but sanitised and watered down to appeal to a wider audience; spikey coloured hair and clothes with ‘punk’ style detail e.g. bands like blondie and the police. I think the influence has carried on through the decades and if anything has got gradually more mainstream; even now we see punk influences in tv adverts, fashion, printed and online magazines, music, films and literature.

5. Did you see a change in the movement of music whilst being in potential victims, both in your band and in other bands and did this influence any of your styles and outcomes? Yeah, things were changing. My time in the band was in the hardcore anarchy and peace movement of punk but they were aiming towards a more musical and mainstream sound around the time I left. Shortly after I left they did a cassette of songs which were more goth/rock sounding whereas I was more into the political hardcore punk. Other bands changed over time, some wanted to be more commercial,some carried on with hardcore punk and some split up as members got older and settled into ordinary lives and got jobs or girlfriends etc. I got a job but carried on being punk and going to gigs. There will have been changes over the years but the hardcore underground anarchist punk movement is still alive and well; still with some of the old bands and with newer young bands and followers too.



Heavy [1979 - 1989]

today’s scene, in the late 80s there was a huge sub genre breakout of metal which included thrash metal which began in the US which combined speed with technical guitar picking which was a direct influence from hardcore punk, other sub genres include:

Heavy Metal music suffered a lot due to Glam Rock and Punk and was on a hiatus so to speak but Metal music is in the foundations of rock and roll and cannot be kept contained. New Wave Metal was born thanks to the use of punk like many genres and a lot of metal bands incorporated some punk styles within their music to stay relevant and this helped with a breakthrough of now legendary metal bands like Iron Maiden but this would not of been possible without the stripped down music created via punk.

Death Metal, Black Metal, Viking Metal, Power Metal, Folk Metal and Progressive Metal.

‘Heavy metal pays homage to some of the greatest artists of all time’

Motorhead and Judas Priest were among a list of bands which was influenced and help change the tides of heavy metal music, albums such as Stained Class by Judas Priest were compared and linked to punk. Metal bands even took influence from Glam Rock and would sometimes wear makeup on stage but what made this genre stand out was the bone crunching guitar solos and melodic rhythm.

All of the above genres have taken inspiration from one another and are similar in there own rights but also very unique this is how they are distinguished as a sub genre and not just a link to metal music, this sub genre phenomenon has give bands the freedom to experiment and be themselves whilst also creating these new genres that are forever expanding as time goes on and more musicians strive to be unique and make that new genre which stands alone above the rest of them.

Heavy metal pays homage to some of the greatest artists of all time and are majorly influential in

Key Artists Iron Maiden Led Zeppelin Slayer Metallica Guns ‘N’ Roses Pantera Anthrax Motley Crue Black Sabbath Megadeth AC/DC Def Leppard



Grun 1989 - 1994


nge Key Artists - Nirvana - Pearl Jam - Alice In Chains -Soundgarden Mudhoney .......................................

The Grunge scene was created because musicians was sick of how musicians were portrayed in the media to be all clean shaven and clean living, they wanted to show that not every musician and band needs to look the part to make great music that people will enjoy. Alternative and Grunge were both underground small genres at the time which was produced by what was called college radio and it wasn’t until Nirvana that Grunge became popular.

Some bands believed that they didn’t fit to any one genre and ironically this would categories them as an alternative band. Alternative music began in the early 80s to describe artists which didn’t fit into any mainstream genre at the time and pointed at them having no unified style, Punk plays a part yet again in the alternative movement and worked with independent record labels and was part of an underground scene much like punks roots, at the time syth pop was very popular but alternative bands kept it basic and kept the suite of guitars and bass and the simple chords.

Besides Nirvana one band that thrived from the grunge scene was Pearl Jam who have a continued success in their music, most grunge bands stayed in Seattle and a lot of the top main musicians went on to from other bands under different genre labels like Nirvana drummer David Grohl who went on to from worldwide known band The Foo Fighters as a frontman and also sticking to his drumming he went on to play in band Queens Of The Stone Age who are both very successful.

Few bands from this genre ever made it to a mainstream status but there was a few exceptions in bands like R.E.M and Janes Addiction, Later well known bands would hit the limelight who were also connected to the alternative scene like The Happy Mondays and Stone Roses who was apart of what was known as the Madchester scene.

After the death of Kurt Cobain (front-man of Nirvana) grunge started to fade out from the music industry being overshadowed by Brit-pop and the more commercial sounding Post Grunge in the mid 90s. Major bands from the grunge era were signed by major labels whereas other bands moved to the Seattle area in hope of success but before they knew it the Grunge movement was over and they was too late.

The biggest link in the Alternative movement happened in the mid 80s when bands from the Washington State, usually from Seattle area formed a new style which would become known as Grunge which conflicted against mainstream music and mainstream rock acts at the time. The term Grunge came from the dirty sound of the music and the unkempt look of most the musicians which would play this type of music which would distort guitars and welcome feedback and all the usual unwanted elements in music. The lyrics were usually angst and apathetic. 8

Grunge was hugely inspirational despite its sudden downfall as it went on to inspire bands of today who are hugely successful like Nickelback who went on to re define the genre into Post Grunge and take away all the angst lyrics and make it more commercial accepted and listener friendly, it takes away the meaning from grunge and all it stood for but it was a very important genre which became valuable for many artists.

Pop l 9


1 K N PU


Its been over a decade since Punk music set the boundaries of rock and roll and every genre to follow after the punk movement has had a direct influence from punk so it was only a matter of time until punk music made its return and it did in the form of Pop Punk. This started with bands like The Offspring and Greenday who brought punk back with a new catchier kick and the same attitude from the 70s.

‘It is fast paced, loud and in your face, this had a whole new generation wanting more and jumping from their seats’

It is fast paced, loud and in your face, this had a whole new generation wanting more and jumping from their seats, it was a lot easier for bands now to create and spread the word of their music and unlike the 70s punk era the bands who dominated in pop punk were all mainly from the US so this was the first time that punk had been accepted commercially on a global scale.

After the success of bands like Greenday who had major success from their album ‘Dookie’ younger bands with a passion for music came into the scene which are known as the second wave of pop punk. Arguably the biggest band to hit success from this movement was Blink 182 with their break through album Enema of the State (1999) who used comedy both in their music and videos combined 9

with the fast paced instruments to add a new dimension to the scene this influenced bands that closely followed like Good Charlotte who also used comedy within their music videos but most of Good Charlotte’s lyrical content was very dark and touched on sensitive issues such as suicide and death.

Punk pop was a lot like the 70s punk and worked on the principles of the original movement even as far as the style, yes the mohawks and crazy dress sense had finally made a return it was aimed a lot at teenagers of the time who are at a stage of their lives where they are trying to find themselves and become very rebellious against issues within their private life as-well as political much like the original punk scene it seemed that Punk had finally been brought back to life in a whole new era.


1999 -2005

1 punks not dead it just went pop Key Bands - Blink 182 - The Offspring - GreenDay - Good Charlotte - Sum 41 - The All American Rejects - Simple Plan - NOFX


Indie Rock

Key artists: Kaiser Chiefs, The Hives, Radiohead, The Kooks, Artic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Pavement, Arcade Fire, Oasis

(2001 - present) .................

In the 1980s the terms indie rock and alternative rock were used interchangeably. but it wasn’t until the mid 90s that Indie rock started to attract the mainstream industry and it was almost like Indie rock came out of nowhere it hit the mainstream hard with bands like The Kaiser Chiefs and The Hives who brought a very different sound to rock, it was very energetic yet soft all at the same time. Alternative started to lose its meaning as indie broke down even more barriers in the genre battle and created its own unique feel and sound.


Although indie was increasingly becoming more and more popular more underground indie musicians tried to release their music through small labels and word of mouth and unlike all other past genres which contained mostly male musicians the indie movement consisted highly of female artists. Indie artists usually will only be known through their local scene and community although there has also been many who have had huge success in the whole country but yet they remain relatively unknown anywhere else. The use of unusual instruments takes a roll in Indie music to help it stand out from the crowd and most musicians of indie would take a very experimental approach, the music would not be as clean and crisp as usual mainstream music which intrigued indie lovers. The indie genre gained rock music a whole new audience of music listeners as it was very similar to pop and easily listenable and the top indie artists would often get radio plays frequently.


As Alternative Metal emerged in the late 80s and grunge had hit the mainstream in the early 90s a blend between heavy metal and progressive rock fused with rap was being born, as bands like Faith No More began to experiment with rap and rock combinations like their hit single ‘Epic’. which was seen as the first successful combination between rock and rap.

seen the peak of Nu Metal when Linkin Park release their debut album Hybrid Theory which many fans believe are the bands finest album and will never be outdone, it is the best selling debut album of the 21st century.

Nu Metal titans Korn and Slipknot brought a more heavy metal angry side to the genre which contained elements of grunge, punk, metal and rap. Both these Rappers also began to experiment with heavy metal bands hit worldwide fame and are the new legends of beats fused with hip hop like Public Enemy and Ice-T the tock and roll community headlining festivals all and this was the first time in which two truly around the world and headline shows. different genres had collided and merged as one. Linkin Park later released an album named ‘Collision

‘Nu Metal was the new sensation a completely fresh sound of hard hitting metal combined with rap and hip hop’ Nu Metal was the new sensation a completely fresh sound of hard hitting metal combined with rap and hip hop, bands like Rage Against The Machine (RATM) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) both used hip hop and rock in their music and rose to fame. RATM took a more political approach whereas RHCP went for a more groove metal kind of experimental vibe.

Course’ in 2004 which featured a mash up of both artists songs and went on to sell more than 5 million copies worldwide. this was after Nu Metals peak but still hit number 1 in the Billboard 200 it received both positive and negative feedback but overall was majorly successful and the only single from the album Numb/Encore remained in the charts for over 6 months.

Later bands such as Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park would really cement Nu Metal as a genre for the ages and added heavy aggressive metal and vocals with turntables and disc scratches, the music is very upbeat and loud, early turn of the century in 2001



1998 2004 Key Bands

Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Deftones System Of A Down, Incubus, Staind, Mushroomhead



t s o P h EM Hardcore

They took on more complex song writing and longer songs and structures.


ost Hardcore originated from the US especially in Washington and Chicago in the mid 80s where bands were inspired by post punk and the do it yourself aspect, they took on more complex song writing and longer songs and structures. Emo also emerged from the hardcore scene during the mid 80s which was initially known as emocore. The phase emo is an abbreviation of emotional and these bands would favour a more lyrical approach over instrumentals. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that emo broke into the mainstream culture with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, the term emo has been outgrown its original emphasis and in the mainstream era of emo was connected to fashions and a side fringe hair style aswell as the emotional lyrics. The fashion that came along with emo in its new light was as big as any style movement like Goth and ‘emos’ would often wear skinny jeans and DIY belt-chains along with a long side fringe, some expressed themselves in a more colourful aspect whilst others would mainly stick to dark colours.

We look at the top 10 e and emo tracks of th lets see who grabs th

(2002 -

Emo music was like a new craze in the early 2000s and Post Hardcore was soon to follow when it started to make a breakthrough around 2003 when post hardcore artists started to share success in the charts alongside emo bands and started to get recognition from major record labels. Alot of these bands were seen as a more heavier side to emo and were often referred to as ‘screamo’ which is seen as a sub genre of emo, the term screamo refers to the vocalisation of one or two artists using both passionate singing mixed with aggressive shrieking which sometimes sounds almost distorted and often the vocals would overlay one another to create atmosphere and a unique sense of sound.

The lyrics of Post Hardcore band are often aimed at Political views, pain, relationships, feminism and human rights. Just like emo music post hardcore is often pre judged to be the kind of music made and The musicians of the emo movement also adopted this aimed at atheist people who have no religious believes and some parties even go as far as saying it style of haircuts and skinny jeans and this was definitely a new statement being layed down much like is music designed by the devil himself mostly due to when punk first came to the mainstream. The lyrics to the vocals used ‘screamo’ but them people are sadly mistaken as their are many religious bands of this emo music is often misinterpreted and many say the movement such as The Devil Wears Prada who are all music is depressing but most emo bands lyrics have a positive outcome and vibe when you actually listen to Christians and there songs are often religious based spreading the name of God in a good light. the lyrics within its context. 15



the top tracks and bands of the 21st century!

0 post-hardcore e 21st century, hat top spot!


Post-Hardcore goes head to head with Emo.



afi miss murder

When your not hunting deer and going to the circus there is this song to sink your teeth into.

This hard hitting emo anthem had fans screaming for more with this AFI classic.


the devil wears prada dogs can grow beards all over



jimmy eat world the middle




Look out for that Deer! Get your emo fringe flicking to this timeless emo classic!


paramore misery business Parawhores! get those dance shoes on and forget about the past with this allrounder.

Ever just wanted to have a crazy day at the circus when things aren’t going your way? Look no further.

fall out boy sugar we’re going down

my chemical romance the black parade Join the black parade and become part of one of the biggest tracks of the 21st century.

Jump! Jump! Jump! while this song gets the blood pumping through your veins.

panic at the disco! i write sins not tragedies

A day to remember all i want Get them pits going guys, and ladys get jumping to those catchy riffs.

Known to fans as one of the all time classic tracks of TDWP, get ready for that tasty breakdown.


pierce the veil king for a day


asking alexandria the final episode Of course, number one could only go to one song and thats this heavy hitting anthem!

Heavy Metal bands were being found on a global scale

Contempary Heavy Metal


Present The new Millenium has come along way since the days of Punk and music is becoming easier to reach on a worldwide scale and countries like Germany, Holland and Scandinavia, anywhere in the world musicians can be found. Contempary Heavy Metal bands were being found on a global scale such as Children Of Bodom from Finland who fuse technical guitar solos with a trash metal style.

Metalcore is easily confused with post hardcore but metalcore focus their sound more of hardcore punk and extreme metal, it blends the two genres together and is distinguished by its emphasis on breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages that are conducive to moshing, which has proven to be very popular amongst fans at live shows.

The bands mostly associated with this genre blend more of the metal side of music and extreme vocals, Metalcore takes inspiration from punk and thrash/heavy metal and is seen as many to be a progression from the days of Nu Metal and sticking to the rock singing and guitar solos and technicality.

As I Lay Dying All That Remains Bring Me The Horizon Atreyu Parkway Drive Bullet For My Valentine Trivium Killswitch Engage 17


Electronicore / EHM Hadouken! - I See Stars - Crossfaith - Capture The Crown Asking Alexandria - Abandon All Ships /// - 2009-present As technology gets more and more advanced it becomes more accessible for musicians to create top quality music from the simple use of a laptop and a little software, a lot of musicians of today take full advantage of these features and the same goes with rock musicians who have began to experiment more with digital sound fusion blends. Previous genres have had experimentation with syths and so on but electronic rock takes inspiration from all types of electronic genre based music like trance and dance music. EHM which is short for Electronic Hardcore Music is a sub genre of hardcore music and includes techno beats layered on top of hard hitting breakdowns, it also uses distorted effects to vocals which will give out the impression that the track is being interrupted by an electronic signal and it really creates a new dynamic to hardcore music. It is also known as Electronicore this genre is highly made up of heavy metalcore type bands who layer and distort their music with syths, samples and drum machines. The scene as far as Australia has become hugely popular and hardcore/electronic music is currently the leading developing genre of present times, it shows potential from all previously named genres and shows how far music has come with the help of all the musicians who came first and of course our ever growing online technology. There are stand out artists from this genre but none have majorly gone mainstream, but with websites such as YouTube is this really so? The band Hadouken! may not be considered as a major influential band yet but with there video named People Are Awesome for one of their latest singles Levitate at 120,000,000 plus views who is to say they haven’t made mainstream 19

1: What is it like living in an age of music where style and genres are changing so much? it’s good to see bands are still trying to do new things to stand out from the rest after so many things have been done to the overall core & metal genres.

2. How do you believe music influences the culture and design of todays music scene? Well to start off I personal believe the music that’s going around on our airways at the moment has definitely influenced the youth of today. All these songs about partying, drinking, drug use etc. I personal don’t like it.

3. How is hardcore music represented in media publications etc? Don’t believe I’ve really seen hardcore music often in mainstream news articles here in Australia. We here so much talent in hardcore music in Australia but the media tends to show a blind eye. Even radio shows there’s 1 or 2 shows that I know of that play metal & hardcore but at a late timeslot.

4 How do you feel about genres and sub genres expanding so fast in todays industry and how does your band keep up with the forever changing scene? I think its a good thing, helps not making the scene seem stale. Its always good to try something different I don’t know man we just do our thing if people like what were doing that’s good enough for us. At the end of the day its all for some fun

opinions from across the pond 20

Max Catlow Vocalist: Forever a dreamer Location: Sydney, Australia Genre: Metalcore

‘Its always good to try something different I don’t know man we just do our thing if people like what were doing that’s good enough for us.’

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A brief look into the development of genres within rock music from the 70s to Present. (Please note that this magazine was created original...

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