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HISTORY TIME CAPSULE FROM 1967 In 1966, when a renovation of the Record-Journal building was complete, a brick with 1966 on it was created to be placed at the corner of the building, behind which a metal time capsule was placed by Blanche Hixon Smith (2nd generation) and Carter White (3rd generation) in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the company in 1967. Recently, on Monday, August 7, 2017, Liz White Notarangelo (5th generation) by chance happened to read for the first time a letter Blanche Hixson Smith wrote to the company for the 100th anniversary in 1967. In it was the following sentence:

“In imagination, I can think of comments that will be forthcoming when that metal box is opened that we put in at the laying of the cornerstone.”

Carter White & Blanche Hixson Smith cover the time capsule in 1967.

— Blanche Hixson Smith Written in a letter to the company for the 100th anniversary in 1967.

Eliot White & Liz White Notarangelo look through the contents of the time capsule the day it was found. The contents of the metal box included: The Record-Journal 100th anniversary edition from 1967, a copy of Wayne C. Smith’s eulogy and a coin from the City of Meriden’s 100th anniversary.

Upon reading this, Liz White Notarangelo told her father Eliot White (4th generation) and he went to the active demolition site of the old Record-Journal building and the demolition company had the 1966 brick and metal box in hand to give to Eliot amongst the rubble of the old building that was just finished being torn down that week. 150TH ANNIVERSARY RECORD-JOURNAL

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