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Samsung Camera TL500 EX1, Main Specifications Review – Video Preview

Samsung TL500 EX1: first, a large sensor First of all, the Samsung EX1 will stand above competition thanks to its larger than usual sensor which measures 1/1.7″ when the tiny little 1/2.33 or 1/2.5″ wide sensors are spreading over manufacturers although it is overcrowded with pixels, this is the 14 megapixels disease we already described here. Not only the sensor of the EX1 is large, it is alo reasonably low in megapixel count featuring a decent and smart 10 mégapixels resolution. This allows the EX1 to push its sensitivity up to ISO 3200. The large sensor will also make possible to manage the depth of field, especially with a fast lens. EX1 lens : 3x wide angle and fast lens aimed at prosumers And a fast lens, this is just what Samsung engineers have placed on the EX1. They seem to undErstand photographers at Samsung’s ! It should offer a high level of image quality and gained the “SchneiDer Kreuznach” label. Here is what is nice about that lens :

1- It offers a wide short focal lengTh starting at 24mm, perfect for landscapes. 2- It is a very fast lens indeed : F1.8 at 14mm and F2.5 at 72mm which will help narrowing the DPF of your images or avoiding the use of a flash inside. 3- It is optically stabilized. Samsung had to remain to a 3x zoom because of the large sensor in order to avoid too big a camera.

AMOLED technology on the TL500 / EX1 Samsung is pushing its AMOLED screen technology on its cameras as seen on the WB650 / HZ35W or on the new NX series, the NX10. Here again, we are glad to find a nice 3″ AMOLEd screen which helps improving image quality : brighter, more contrast, better colors… but also helps reducing power consumption allowing a better battery life. Icing on the cake : this 3″ screen is swiveling and we do like it.

Samsung TL500 / EX1 aimed at serious amateurs The EX1 (in Europe) / TL500 (in USA) is clearly designed to be used by prosumers and offers a few features which they will appreciate : – RAW format – a front wheel to change settings in an easy way – A/S/M creative modes And for those who just want that camera for its image quality, its lens and its large sensor, it has an automatic scene detection mode as well

Samsung TL500/EX1 main specifications - 10 megapixels CCD sensor

- 1/1,7″ large sensor – 3x optical zoom lens (24-72mm) - Optical image stabilization - Fast lens : max aperture of F1.8-F2.5 - DRIMeIII processor - 3200 ISO max sensitivity - A/S/M creative modes - Auto scene mode - Front dial wheel - 3″ swivel AMOLED screen - RAW format - Video recording : 640×480 / 30 fps /H.264 - Dimensions : 114,3 mm x 63,2 mm x 29,2 mm - Availability : April 2010

Samsung Camera TL500 EX1, Main Specifications Review  

Samsung TL500 EX1: first, a large sensor EX1 lens : 3x wide angle and fast lens aimed at prosumers