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ABC news introduced interchangeable lens camera NX10 Posted by MARTA on Mar 22, 2010 • (0) ABC, The American Broadcasting Corporation, news has recently introduced the innovative concept of NX10 at gadget review session. The key influencer, Gregory W. Harper is president of Harpervision Associates and is also co- founder of Gadgetoff a unique annual event which gathers leading technologist and innovators in an exclusive gathering dedicated to innovative technologies. NX10 and 3D TVs were introduced as Innovative and Hot Products from ’10 PMA show. He especially stressed the large sensor of NX10 which is more important than MP, and showed how NX10 is small comparing Nikon DSLR . According to Gregory W. Harper, NX10 is mirrorless interchangeable lens camera having a 14.6 MP with APS-C sensor that he has all the flexibility of the camera with much more package without sacrificing the size of sensor. In addition, the price of NX10 is absolutely reasonable and it’s a new trend of camera for photographers. Finally, he said that the whole idea of the trend is reducing its size, and making good for the professional photographers. To see the video, please click here.

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ABC news introduced hybrid camera NX10