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Custom RNAi Products Series Product Description Customer must provide effective target sequence information queries through literature or experimental proof of shRNA sequence. ShRNA Lentiviral products according to customer requirements to complete preparation of lentiviral shRNA plasmid and shRNA Lentiviral products can provide. Custom RNAi lentiviral products can be directly used in the cell lines, primary cells, stem cells, animal tissue infection, expression of shRNA.

Product advantages Short experimental period Simple operation, without transfection reagent Efficient transfection efficiency, the role of dividing and non-dividing cells are infected Stable expression of a specific gene shRNA cell lines in a short period of time Security reliable, low immunogenicity

Applications Applicable to the study of RNA Interference in the conventional methods is difficult to transfected cells, such as primary nerve cells, stem cells, tumor cells, etc Suitable for the rapid establishment of stable cell lines expressing silence specific genes For In vivo experiments, including cell lines stably expressing tumor formation test, local injection

Custom RNAi Products Series  

Product Description<br /><br />Customer must provi...