Reconstructed Journal 2020

Page 56

Prayer of a dying woman Kimelia


skin as dark and rich as the dirt the sun shines and nurtures just the same hair full of curls that become the coils of a crimson crown we’re the creation of when Mother Nature and Father Time meet so walk as if you were kissing Mother Earth with your feet as the drums bang in the same rhythm of my heartbeat we pack the red dirt deeper beneath our sweat shines like diamonds which is then planted in the soil Our voices singing to fight off demons bodies glistening like we produce holy oil the world screams at our beauty coming but heaven rejoices when they see us coming A Hell of A Lot of tribulations Lead to the greatest celebrations so allow us to get drunk of libations because the blood we shed has built nations We have inherited Eve’s womb of creation We have gained nothing in return but devastation But, soon their hatred will be put to rest because they’ll continue to bury us like all the rest Knives in our backs, guns at our chest Soon there be no more of us and the world will lack