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HOSE of us who have had children know that the parenting journey is rarely smooth sailing and instead it’s often a steep learning curve of new experiences. You soon realise that having support to help navigate the way, particularly from other parents, is an important and often vital aspect of your family’s continued health and well being. One South Devon school works hard to foster that connection. Dartington’s South Devon Steiner School holds daily Seedlings Parent and Child groups that provide a nurturing space for parents and young children (2-3 years), every Monday to Thursday, 10am until noon, during term time. The groups give an opportunity to connect with fellow parents, to share parenting skills and experience, and

to explore today’s parenting and all the joy and challenges it presents. Kaycee Fordham, Admissions Administrator said: “Parents are able to gain insights into Steiner’s picture of Child Development and what Steiner education has to offer. The Seedling Parent and Child groups intentionally mirror the rhythm of our Kindergartens, which makes transition between the two, an often seamless and gentle process when children are old enough. “Seedlings is a place where children are given the time, holding and environment to BE children, amid a fast moving world. Parents join the

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Young children thrive and parents are nourished at the Seedlings Parent and Child groups group’s teacher in being ‘worthy of imitation’ as they lead their child through example, to crafts, ring times and a simple morning meal with the group. “Seedlings is a wonderful introduction to the world of Waldorf (Steiner) education and is a nourishing and warm space to allow your parenting journey to unfold.” l Families are invited to attend one group per week with their child(ren). For a place, please email Kaycee Fordham, Admissions Administrator on admissions@steiner-south-devon. org or call 01803-897377 ext 2.

THE Young Minds in Crisis conference in Plymouth on September 30th aims to bring together mental health and medical professionals, parents, carers, students, and even young people themselves to look at wider causes and issues around the explosion of mental health problems our young people face, plus specifically look at treatments, alternatives and new avenues, and what needs to change. Profits will be split between The Zone and The Invictus Trust, and the day will comprise keynote speakers, workshop sessions, and a round table session to create an action plan for change locally. Details and booking at Eventbrite: www.eventbrite. co.uk: Young Minds in Crisis: Avenues and Alternatives Where Do We Go From Here? Or call Jane on 07841 344934.

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