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2–4 OCTOBER 2023

Tbilisi, Georgia

The only global event to focus on strategic and practical solutions to protect government revenues and combat the illicit trade in tobacco, alcohol and other excise products. taxstamptraceabilityforum.com


Tbilisi has a complex history, reflected by a diverse architecture encompassing Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate art nouveau buildings and Soviet Modernist structures. So, plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

As far as the conference is concerned, we have some interesting topics lined up:

We’ll kick things off with a workshop looking at what’s next for the ISO 22382 tax stamp standard, due for review. The workshop is hosted by Ian Lancaster, the original project leader for ISO 22382. He will present a draft of proposed changes to the standard so that you can give your views and ideas on what should be changed, taken out of, or added to it.

Our plenary sessions will include the following topics and speakers:

International Tax and Customs Transformation Consultant Telita Snyckers will describe key developments across tax and customs administrations relevant to the secure marking and traceability space.

Ghana Revenue Authority will use an exploratory data analysis approach to weigh the benefits from the country’s tax stamp programme.

Panama’s General Directorate of Revenue will describe how Panama, with its key strategic location in Latin America, is tackling illicit trade. The Canadian Bank Note Company will talk about the journey to the legalisation of recreational cannabis in Canada – a story that the rest of the world can use to plot its course.

OpSec Security will describe the challenges faced with planning, developing, and implementing a complete authentication and traceability solution for cigarettes in Lebanon.

Francisco Mandiola of FMA Secure will lead a panel discussion with revenue and customs authorities on the critical subject of what devices and features are used by inspectors to identify and authenticate tax stamps and products.

As part of this year’s programme, revenue authority delegates will have the opportunity to observe direct beverage marking in action, during a tour of the Zedazeni brewery in Tbilisi, with the Georgia Revenue Service in attendance.

I look forward to seeing you soon in Georgia!

We are delighted to be holding the 2023 Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™ in the beautiful city of Tbilisi, Georgia, in the company of our host, Georgia Revenue Service
“Very informative and useful conference. I received a lot of very useful and valuable information about tax stamps and traceability. Thank you!.”
Georgia Revenue Service

Who Attended in 2022

Tax Stamp Providers

Who Should Attend Governments Revenue agencies and issuing authorities Customs and excise officials Regulators/Enforcement Law enforcement agencies Investigative services Tobacco and alcohol regulators Industries Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of tobacco, alcohol and other excise products
Tax stamp system and equipment manufacturers Security printers and integrators Suppliers Labelling companies and packaging converters Suppliers of security substrates, authentication and serialisation technologies Other Anti-counterfeiting and IP organisations Academics 175 delegates 41 countries 10 Reasons to Attend 1 Discover new ways to protect excise revenue and stop counterfeit and diverted goods 2 See which methods can make protecting excise revenues more effective 3 Meet 200 professionals to share best practice from around the world 4 Better understand the drivers behind global trends in illicit trade 5 Listen to the challenges faced by tax authorities and learn from practical examples 6 Hear about the latest track-and-trace and verification methods 7 Talk with specialist suppliers and compare authentication technologies 8 Enhance your practical knowledge with our professional development workshops 9 Make new contacts from right across the industry 10 Ask experts for advice in lively panel discussions 116 organisations
192 delegates from 103 organisations and 37 countries attended the Tax Stamp Forum in Malta. Customs and Revenue Agencies Tax Stamp Producers/Printers Manufacturers/ distributors Other Europe CIS North America Latin America Asia/Pacific Africa Suppliers 2% 15% 35% 4% 2% 42% 37% 4% 10% 31% 18%

Session 1: Welcome and Overview

Welcome and Forum Overview

Nicola Sudan, Tax Stamp & Traceability News™ (UK)

Welcome Address

TBC, Revenue Service (Georgia)

The Tax Stamp and Traceability System in Georgia

Teona Shiukashvili, Revenue Service (Georgia)

The Global Tax Stamp and Traceability Landscape

Gerben van Wijk, International Tax Stamp Association (UK)

An Environmental Scan: Current Developments Impacting Tax and Customs Administrations, and How to Leverage Them to your Advantage

Telita Snyckers, International Tax and Customs Transformation Consultant

Session 2:

Country Cases part I / Why Some Tax Stamp Programmes Fail

Impact of Tax Stamps on Ghana’s Excise Tax Revenue

Michael Gyasi, Ghana Revenue Authority

Protection from the Storm: Implementing Lebanon’s Authentication and Traceability Solution

TBC, OpSec (UK)

How Panama is Addressing Illicit Trade

Milagro Mendoza, General Directorate of Revenue (Panama)

Successful Tax Stamp Programmes are Easy, So Why do So Many Fail?

Tim Driscoll, Authentix (USA)

Session 3: Panel Discussion

How do Inspectors Really Authenticate Tax Stamps?


Francisco Mandiola, FMA Secure (Chile)

Session 4: Direct Marking / Serialisation

Beverage Tax Stamps with Secure Direct Marking: Benefits Across a Dozen Countries

Ruggero Milanese, SICPA (Switzerland)

Traceability Technology for Successful Tax Stamp Programs

Dr Foued Barouni, OPTEL Group (Canada)

The Power of Digital Security Printing: Using Design/Personalisation Combinations to Solve Authentication Challenges

Tadej Turk, JURA (Hungary)

Harmonized Serialization and Authentication for Tax Collection and Brand Protection

Gidi Amir, HP Indigo Secure (Israel)

October 2023

Session 5: Country Cases part II

Recreational Cannabis Legalisation: The Canadian Experience

Tim McIntyre, Canadian Bank Note Company (Canada)

Supply Chain Traceability for Punjab Excise

Asir Ratan Singh, Madras Security Printers (India)

Insights and learnings from Digital Tax Stamp solutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council

Andrew Gilbert, De La Rue (UK)

Encounters with Counterfeits of Digital Security Features

Sergej Toedtli, Thymaris (Switzerland)

Session 6: Innovations

Optical Q-ID® – Unbreakable Quantum Signatures Verified by Standard Smartphone

Prof Robert Young, Quantum Base (UK)

Introducing Diffractive Tax Stamp Paper

Thomas Brücklmeier, LEONHARD KURZ (Germany)

So Many Features, So Little Space – A Novel Look at Multifunctional Security Features

TBC, Luminescence Sun Chemical Security (UK)

Who Cares About the Brakes on a Ferrari? Why Prioritizing Quality Control in Your Production Line will Help You Down the Line

Erwin Wagner, Baldwin Vision Systems (USA)

Session 7: Digital and Physical Security

How to Protect Citizens While Scanning 2D Barcodes

Zbigniew Sagan & Vincent Leyris, Advanced Track & Trace (France)

Nano-Optical Elements for Physical Security of Tax Stamps

Valentin Monovski, Demax Holograms (Bulgaria)

The Future of the International Standard for Tax Stamps

Ian Lancaster, Lancaster Consulting and Reconnaissance International (UK)

The Role of Smartphones in the Authentication Space – A New Report



October 2023
Astrid Mitchell, Reconnaissance Intl (UK) delegates attendfor FREE
This programme is provisional and subject to modification. The latest version can be found at taxstamptraceabilityforum.com

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What’s Next for the International Tax Stamp Standard?


October | 09:00 – 10:30

Come to this workshop to have your say on the next version of the international tax stamp standard. Admission is free for revenue authorities, other government agencies, and ITSA members. All other attendees are subject to a fee of €350.

In 2018 the International Standards Organisation (ISO) published ISO 22382, ‘Guidelines for the content, security, issuance and examination of excise tax stamps’. This standard is primarily intended as guidance for tax stamp issuers –including specifiers and designers – but it has proven useful to suppliers in facilitating their discussions with customers. Some revenue agencies have already referred to ISO 22382 in their requests for proposals.

It is ISO procedure to review a standard every five years, so this standard is now due for review.

Implementing the FCTC Protocol

2 October | 11:00 – 12:00

Guidelines for revenue authorities running tax stamp programmes International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) Admission reserved for revenue authorities, other government agencies, and ITSA members only. No other delegates will have access to this session.

Join ITSA for a discussion on how existing tax stamp programmes can technically comply with, and participate in, the global tobacco track and trace regime and informationsharing focal point (GSP) required under the WHO FCTC Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.

ITSA will present a real-case example of two countries with tax stamp programmes already in place, to demonstrate how they can use their programmes to exchange track and trace data in line with Protocol requirements.

67 countries are currently party to the Protocol which obliges them to implement secure track and trace systems on tobacco products. An additional 168 countries have signed the broader FCTC convention, requiring them to consider, as appropriate, developing a practical track and trace regime.

Therefore, most countries in the world are concerned by this game-changing treaty.

Social Events


The venue for the 2023 Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™ is the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace is located in the heart of Tbilisi, at the edge of the beautiful Old Town, inviting you to take part in this city of stories.

Welcome Cocktail Reception – sponsored by Georgia Revenue Service

On Sunday 1st October a welcome reception will be held on the roof top terrace of the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace. Further details and timings will follow.

Exhibition Opening, Welcome Cocktail – sponsored by Madras

On Monday 2nd October we host the event opening reception and exhibition where delegates will be able to see the latest technological solutions – including serialised tax stamps, fiscal verification systems, optical variable devices, security inks, smartphone authentication, supply chain security and track and trace systems.

Gala Dinner at Château Mukhrani

sponsored by De La Rue

On Tuesday 3rd October the gala dinner takes place in the beautiful Chateau Mukhrani which was founded on the tradition of winemaking in the Mukhrani area of Georgia. It is the original Georgian Royal Chateau, and the only Chateau to unite four key components: the Vineyard, the Winery, the Chateau and the Winemaking history.


Zedazeni Brewery – 2 October | Afternoon

We are very privileged to offer government delegates the chance to visit the Zedazeni brewery in Tbilisi on the afternoon of Monday 2nd October 2023. The visit will give government attendees the opportunity to see a direct marking project in operation. The Georgia Revenue Service will be in attendance and provide an overview of the overall fiscal marking programme as an introduction to the visit.

The tour is restricted to government authorities and numbers are strictly limited, so please register your interest as early as possible by contacting Alison Bell (alison@recon-intl.com).

The tour delegates are subject to review.

REGISTER ONLINE taxstamptraceabilityforum.com

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€2,500 Standard delegate

Pre-Conference Workshop Fee


Government: Free of charge

Discounts and Concessions

Government representatives: Free of charge

The first two representatives from government revenue, customs and enforcement agencies can attend for free; additional delegates from the same organisation: €1,250

State enterprise subsidiaries: €1,700

Tax Stamp & Traceability News subscribers: €2,250

International Tax Stamp Association members: €2,000

Tax Stamp & Traceability News™ is the monthly newsletter for specifiers, users and suppliers of tax stamp programmes.

Subscribers qualify for a 10% discount when registering for the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum. To become a subscriber, visit taxstamptraceabilitynews.com

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Travel and Accommodation

Delegates are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation. Details of special booking rates and how to make your hotel reservation can be found at taxstamptraceabilityforum.com under the venue page.

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If you have any questions about the conference, contact the conference team:

Nicola Sudan, Conference Director

Weronika Komorowska, Conference Manager

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Email: events@recon-intl.com

Other Information

Conference Language: The conference will be conducted in English.

Your Conference Organiser: The event is organised by Reconnaissance International, the leading source of business intelligence for authentication, security printing and holography. Visit reconnaissance.net

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“Excellent tax stamp topics and speakers and well moderated.”
De La Rue