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21–22 NOVEMBER 2023

The annual forum for the global holography industry, showcasing the latest applications, technologies and techniques by users, producers and suppliers


Opportunities for Sponsorship in partnership with

The Holography Conference has tracked and shaped every major development in the holography industry for the past 32 years – and the new online format, with a diverse and international programme, attracts attendees involved in all aspects of hologram design, manufacture, conversion and use.

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The Holography Conference Online allows your company to reach key decision makers in hologram-producing companies and users – including governments, private companies and academic institutions.

A range of sponsorship options offer the suppliers of equipment and materials used in the production, origination and finishing of holograms opportunities to generate new business. It is also an opportunity for researchers, originators and producers to build new relationships with development and marketing partners.

As a sponsor you will…

Be featured in regular email and social media campaigns in the run up to the event, as well as on our conference website on the home page, programme page and sponsor page.

Be prominently positioned in front of high-level attendees including hologram manufacturers and originators, as well as government users, private companies and academic institutions. Gain access to existing or new customers, guaranteed by our international audience of key stakeholders. Create or maintain brand awareness and promote your company’s products and solutions to this specialised audience.

Be one of a select few – since the numbers of sponsors are limited to ensure maximum exposure throughout the event.

Raise your profile and reputation in the global holography community.

“Extremely interesting and valuable technical presentations on holograms and DOVIDS.”
Mitsubishi Polyester Film

Opportunities for Sponsorship

Main Event Sponsorship from £5,500

As the main event sponsor, your branding will be present during the entire live stream.

Event stream top and tail: at the beginning and the end of each day, there are options for your brand to have some more air time. These options include a pre-recorded message from your organisation, a TV style advert, or the option for you to join the live stream and introduce the session live and then the same at the end.

Opportunity for you to host or sponsor a session on a relevant topic. Providing opportunity to push brand awareness, while also providing quality content to the audience.

And due to the highly customisable nature of the platform it means we can highlight (and link) your sponsored sessions in the agenda or schedule.

Access to attendee information. Sponsored video content can be sent out to delegates during both pre- event and post-event comms.

At an additional cost, we can also include a highlights film of the event or a film summarising the key learnings from the event, with your branding. We can also design bespoke main sponsor banners for email comms (pre-event and post-event).

Session Sponsorship from £2,000

Do you have a new product to promote or some new technology to feature? As the sponsor of a session, you will be entitled to drive the content of the session.

Your branding will feature at the start and end of your sponsored session.

You will have the opportunity to feature in the sponsorship page of the event site.

Links from the agenda will take delegates to your area of the sponsor section of the event website (or to another site if required)

Access to delegate information from your session.

You will have the opportunity to feature TV style ads in other sessions within the conference (at an additional cost)

Banners from £1,650

Sponsor banners ads will appear at the bottom of the screen on the event main menu. This type of advertisement will ensure that your delegates remember the names of your organisation and give advertisers much more in terms of impressions and click throughs. These include rotating banners on the website, which are available in various formats (main header/top corner/ bottom etc).

Pre-Recorded Advertising from

As a sponsor you will be entitled to insert additional advertising in the form of TV-style ads. These will be inserted in sessions within the conference These ads can be up to 30 seconds in length and production can be done by your own marketing team or by Reconnaissance International (at an additional cost). These ads can include click through options.



“Great presentations, great people! Important IHMA meetings for supporting the industry development.”
In addition to the above benefits, Reconnaissance is happy to discuss customised sponsorship packages tailored to your requirements and budget.

How to Book Your Sponsorship

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact Samantha Burns, to discuss your requirements.

Call for Papers

If you would like to present a paper, you are invited to send a 200-word abstract on your topic or case study to Micaal Sidorov by 29 September 2023

We welcome proposals on any aspect of commercial holography including:

Latest use of holograms in banknotes; Advances in passports and identity documents; Specification and integration of OVDs; New developments in brand authentication; Packaging and printing applications; Innovations in holographic origination and materials; Production techniques and technologies; Market opportunities and industry-wide issues; Complementary or competing technologies.

We are always interested in hearing from organisations with novel and innovative applications for holograms or emerging technologies and developments, such as holographic visualisation, photopolymer holograms, display holography, nano- and micro-structures, HOEs and alternative lightcontrol applications.

Details of last year’s programme can be found at on the review page.

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