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magazine Issue 3 October 2011

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The BMW X Range

THE BMW X5. $117,000*

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THE BMW X RANGE. DESIGNED FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE. The BMW X Range delivers the unparalleled versatility you would only expect from the Ultimate Sports Activity Vehicles. From the X1 to the X6, the BMW X Range has a model to suit all lifestyles and needs. Make every drive an extraordinary xDrive, contact your Authorised BMW Dealership for affordable finance rates or to arrange a test drive today.


*Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price for BMW X1 sDrive18i manual, BMW X3 xDrive20d, BMW X5 xDrive30d ES & BMW X6 xDrive40d. Optional extras shown on some models.






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Charlotte Carlyle Wilson, Editor and Director Mobile: 0275 396 326 Phone: 03 451 1144 Email: Catherine Mackay, Advertising Sales Director Mobile: 021 835 575 Emma Newell, Designer Contributors: Susana Sarmiento, Mark Stallard, Lianne Collins, Nadene Milne, Naomi Lindsay and Paul Tudgay. Photographers: Miles Holden - ME. Charlotte Wilson. PUBLISHED BY THE MARKETING DEPT. Š 2011 4,000 copies distributed bimonthly to high net worth individuals through Corporate Cabs in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. Any enquiries phone 03 451 1144

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Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of ME Magazine. What an incredible place New Zealand has been since the Rugby World Cup kicked off last month. The influx of thousands of international visitors requiring premium service, alongside our valued Kiwi clients, has kept Corporate Cabs incredibly busy. Of great interest to me has been the high demand for NZ Limousines. Rugby fans have been keen to use this service when attending games around the country. Our chauffeurs have also enjoyed taking international guests on personalised trips to various parts of our fantastic country, all in luxurious comfort. In many ways, the New Zealand personal passenger transport market is in its infancy in comparison to countries overseas. In places such as the UK, Europe and North America, people with a desire for luxury service commonly turn to limousine companies. They understand the benefits of a chauffeur service when they want to attend special events such as weddings and black tie dinners. They are also quite willing to use chauffeurs when they visit another country, or host guests or clients whom they want to treat to a taste of our country, in understated luxury.

However, when required, NZ Limousines will happily cater to clients who expect something more discerning, including total confidentiality and the highest possible standards in efficiency, driver behaviour and service. We get many requests from our major corporate clients who are playing host to VIPs from overseas. We also drive a variety of sporting and entertainment stars, and political and business leaders, who require absolute discretion.

NZ Limousines – launched last year – is the luxury division of Corporate Cabs. We know those who choose this high-end service expect pristine vehicles, and impeccable yet discrete driver service.

If you would like to know more about this service, please see

We have limousines on hand in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown, and have the resources to offer a large number of matching vehicles for special events.

One last thing before I sign off: next time you are in Queenstown, make sure you look out for Corporate Cabs’ very first luxury van. The VW Caravelle is an amazing vehicle, and a great addition to our Queenstown fleet.

NZ Limousines drivers are specially trained for the unique demands this service requires. Transport providers in New Zealand tend to pride themselves on a friendly and casual service, no matter how important the passenger. It is this approach that is uniquely “Kiwi” and serves New Zealand well in many respects – it is often remarked by overseas guests that this style makes their visit here special in many ways.

Enjoy your ride with us, and enjoy your read of ME Magazine. Kind Regards

Colin Samson CEO Corporate Cabs

WE PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS YOU NEVER EVEN NOTICED. Newmarket 402 Broadway, Newmarket. Tel: (09) 520 6040 Eastridge Shopping Centre 215 Kepa Road, Kohimarama. Tel: (09) 521 6066


C O R P O R AT E C A B S Professionally Driven

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Unmatched Excellence

Smart Business Service Airport Transfers VIP ConďŹ dential Transport Special Events & Functions




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Locations & Reservations AUCKLAND Ph: (09) 377 0773 WELLINGTON Ph: (04) 387 4600 CHRISTCHURCH Ph: (03) 379 5888 QUEENSTOWN & DUNEDIN Ph: 0800 789 789 Web:


PA to Actor Sam Neill, ME spends time with Desirée Arrowtown local, Desirée Bond, is Personal Assistant to Actor and Businessman, Sam Neill. Desirée talks to ME Magazine about her life as a celebrity assistant. How did you get the job as Sam Neill’s Assistant? Through a mutual friend of Sam’s and mine. Why do you think he chose you? Sam emailed me and asked if I could make pie. I thought, I’ll just say yes and then quickly learn .. I love my job because? They say variety is the spice of life, so that would make my position like an extensive spice collection. It also gives me the flexibility to ride my horse. What’s the most exciting thing you’ve had to do in your job? Hosting celebrity guests during their secret stays in Queenstown. When I go into town and everyone is buzzing with the rumours of which celebrity is in town, I giggle to myself at how wrong people are with their guesses. When the guests depart you have earned their trust and have joined their Christmas card list. Have you ever been starstruck? Not yet. Not sure who it will take to make me stumble my words and blush. What’s the biggest perk of the job? Keeping my horse on the property and bringing Juno my dog to work under the disguise of security. What’s the nicest thing Sam has ever done for you? He asked me to call a builder to remove some bunks from his children’s room and that’s 6

how I met my partner Steve; he was the builder. Another time, Sam told me to have time off so I could dash to Christchurch, two days after the big earthquake in February, to deliver 4,000 litres of drinkable water to Aranui. I’m a changed person for the better after both events and I could never thank him enough. What’s your favourite food to get you through the work day? Porridge, KFC Wicked Wings, Coffee and Mixed Lollies. What is your favourite drink? Veuve Clicquot Champagne or a Piña Colada; not on the same night obviously. What’s your favourite restaurant? Saffron in Arrowtown, which is owned by my adopted Arrowtown family. They’re outrageous and loving just like my family who are dotted all over the world. How would you sum up Sam Neill in 5 words? Actor, Irish, Worldly, Earthy and Intelligent (he’s a walking dictionary). What’s your favourite car? In my fantasy world, which has roads that curve, twist and bend with no grit, ice or pot holes, I would have an ultraexpensive, two-seater, quadruple exhaust, sports car. What’s your favourite café in New Zealand? The Lost Café in Arrowtown, as it has the feeling of “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name. I go there in my PJ’s now and then, it’s my home away from home. What’s your favourite item in the world? A digital photo frame, with all the photos of my family, horses and friends it contains. My memories mean the world to me.

Live in

Jack’s Point – Nature’s playground When the first sections and houses went onto the market in the early 2000’s on this side of Lake Wakatipu, you were lucky if you could secure a piece of this sensational real estate for under $1m.

The houses feature: • High ceilings emphasising spectacular alpine views

Since then, thanks to clever property professionals; Darby Partners Limited, Jacks Point was developed as the next evolution of an integrated golf community incorporating a village centre and residential township. Wide-open spaces filled with long hours of sunshine and buildings that complement the landscape make Jack’s Point an unparalleled lifestyle opportunity.

• Fully landscaped gardens and a private north-facing patio

Inspired by the rugged alpine setting, Fletcher Livings’ architects have integrated the beauty of the landscape and created home and land packages utilising natural materials such as cedar, copper, granite, and local stone.

• Modern interiors, fittings and fixtures and a centre-piece fireplace • Membership to the Golf Club (annual subs apply) Exceptional architecture and breathtaking landscapes exist harmoniously at Jack’s Point in a Fletcher Living house and land package for generations to come. The world class championship golf course and chic clubhouse restaurant and bar, kilometres of well-groomed trails to hike, to bike or ride horses on are waiting for you at Jack’s Point. To view the Fletcher Living Options, contact Kristi Howley (available 7 days a week) at the Fletcher Living Showhome at Jacks Point.


20 Rannoch Drive $795,000 3 bed, 3 bath, separate study

Freephone NZ 0800 588 800 |

6 Glengarry Court $825,000 3 bed, 3 bath, study, laundry, double garage

4 Glengarry Court $825,000 3 bed, 3 bath, study, laundry, double garage 7


An exclusive interview with Company Director David Reid David Reid formed David Reid Homes in 1987. By listening to what clients wanted, the company built many award winning and unique homes. At the time, most of the construction industry was mass producing the same type of low quality homes. Due to deviating from the low market expectation and producing high quality unique homes David Reid Homes began winning many local and national awards. In fact at the time, such was their quality and market penetration, they won more awards than any other building company in New Zealand. David Reid Homes is now an iconic brand and one of the most recognisable residential building companies in New Zealand. In 2004 David Reid moved to Australia and set up David Reid Homes there. Today David Reid Homes has offices in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. David moved back to New Zealand in 2008 after completing his Australian mission and from his Christchurch base continued mentoring and overseeing David Reid Homes offshore. In September 2010 Christchurch was rocked by a huge earthquake. Even though David was not personally involved in the construction scene in New Zealand, a lobby group from the insurance industry approached David and asked for his assistance in the rebuild of a devastated city. It was hard to say no, particularly as this was his home city. David set about recruiting the best of his previous David Reid Homes team and began to work directly with local and national government, distressed home owners and many private companies under the purpose formed company - Falcon Construction. 8

Since February 22 this mission has only got larger and Falcon Construction have Joint Ventured with one of NZ’s largest commercial construction companies as well as one of the largest from the United States. This gave Falcon Construction the ability to quickly and efficiently react to disaster on a scale never seen before in New Zealand. The seismic activity has still not settled and many more earthquakes are still pounding Christchurch. The rebuild project is complex and will last for many years and Falcon Construction is a key player in reconstructing this city. David Reid Homes was set up to build high end quality homes, whereas Falcon Construction was designed to remodel, repair, and construct residential and commercial buildings. It was during David’s time working off shore that he became passionate about modular concrete construction and this was quickly introduced into the Falcon Construction options. These options became such an accepted solution that a whole system has now been created under the ‘Cube’. Have you ever felt pressure from your family to be successful? Not at all. My whole family are driven, whether it be in sport, or business. I grew up in a very supportive family environment and hope I have passed this on to my own children. My father retired as a banker some 20 years ago, and has worked as my accounts manager for 15 years. My wife is our interior designer and I even have a daughter working in the business. Three generations telling me what to do! What was the first business you owned and/or the first job you ever had? As a 12 year old I made pizzas after school. From 13 years old to the day I left High School I worked for a hydraulic engineering

company - after school, weekends and school holidays. As a 19 year old I joined the police and worked as a police officer in Christchurch for about 7 years. The first business I created was David Reid Homes. How many people are in your operation? That’s hard to define as there are DRH franchisees scattered over a few countries, but within Falcon Construction we have a tight team of about 10 people. Do you ever pick up a hammer? Yes, but it is quickly taken off me before I damage something! What is the biggest challenge about starting up a business in Australia? Being a kiwi! But seriously, it’s getting to grips with the geographic size, dealing with the distances, and population pressure. What is your involvement in the Christchurch Earthquake and how has it affected you professionally? We were one of six companies identified and accepted by the government as an approved provider for emergency housing. Our submission has us being able to deliver 1000 houses in six months- that’s 38 per week! So professionally we have to ensure we are logistically 110% to make sure we have the systems and processes in place to deliver this sort of quantity, but locked into the quality for which we are renowned. What is the best thing that anyone has said to you, after buying one of your houses? We were in the position where we could reach out to one family in need after the February earthquake. It is not what was said but the huge satisfaction gained from giving away a new home to a family in desperate need. Their faces said it all, in 2 weeks we had them out of their garage and into a brand new home. It certainly took our minds off the earthquakes for a while!

What has been your biggest hurdle in business in the last couple of years? Recession. I have been through a few now, but the impact on the building industry from the GFC far outstrips any other crises I have seen. At times it seemed hopeless hanging on, but hang on we did. What is the key to having a successful business? Great people, service and being able to deliver what you promise, on time and on budget. Who is the most famous person you have built a house for? Without naming them, probably around 8-10 current or ex All Blacks. Can anyone be an entrepreneur or are they born? I think it is in your genes. Some people take risks and some don’t. Where I always see the upside, with a glass half full mentality, many are the exact opposite. Most people seem to be content being employees, however once you have become an employer it is hard to ever become an employee again. As my wife would say, I am unemployable - too head strong and stubborn! I have always challenged myself and have a problem being restrained. I think ‘big picture’, but also know that is a weakness as well as a strength. Invariably you will find me surrounded by trusted detail people, who know how to kick me when required! What philanthropic activities are you involved with? Several historical or current projects. What drives you and why do you do it? Success. I am driven to succeed, that is the challenge and reward. I set myself targets and challenges and then set about achieving them. How do you make a decision on who to go into business with? More often than not it’s gut feel. I use a term “BBQ test.” Invariably when 9

Central to Native Agent’s aesthetic is the creative handiwork of designer and artist Rona Ngahuia Osborne. Inspired by the meeting of Maori and Pakeha cultures in New Zealand’s colonial past, she creates woollen blankets, cushions, linen and clothing that have won a place in many hearts, and homes. Many of the defining themes in the work that Osborne creates as Native Agent make historical references to land struggles that led to conflict and war, the trading of muskets and blankets for land, and the extinction of native flora and fauna. These struggles are as relevant today as they were at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. The work created as Native Agent has a profound resonance that speaks of Aotearoa’s combined histories, wild places and people. These stories add to our sense of identity and capture something of the unique place we call home.

a potential franchisee would get close to being offered a position I would invite them and their family to a BBQ. Between a social outing and a few beers you quickly worked out whether or not they were the type of people you wanted in your business. Their business credentials had already been checked, now we needed to know whether or not they were a fit socially. What is the biggest mistake that you see new businesses make in the construction industry? Not having a robust financial and transparent system. There have been a few bad operators over time who have tended to view clients’ deposits as their money and use it prior to it being required on the job. What do you do in your downtime for entertainment? Try to keep fit. A bit of tennis, the gym and kids sports. One rugby tournament a year is about all I can manage. You gave away a free home. Who received it, and how did that make you feel or impact you or your life and family? I involved my family in the giveaway as well. So over a two week build period everyone was busy helping and getting to know an extremely nice and well deserving family. It was good for us all and I feel we got more out of giving away the home than the Hayes family. I still get an email every now and again from the family. The gift keeps giving back to us in hearing how well they are doing.

valuing and over- committing to the banks? I think it is hard to compare as I know a few personally who put everything on the line and kept emptying their own pockets to try and keep the wolf from the door for their employees. In other cases, I’m sure there was a huge element of greed that brought them down. Mixed bag really. Sometimes I think circumstances outside of their control can change radically and make a good business go bad.

What are your thoughts on all of the property developers who have gone under in this recession. Do you think they were too greedy, was it pure bad management, or just straight over11


Best of New Zealand


Need a Spring Mini-Break?

Here at Hilton Queenstown we like to offer our guests freedom of choice, that’s why our mini-break deals are designed so you can plan your stay whenever you like, at the weekend or mid week, you choose. Because weekends are precious, we offer some special touches to make your stay even more relaxing and memorable. How about a Lazy Breakfast? Relax over breakfast until as late as 11am on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy a delicious selection of local classics and international delicacies including your usual favourites - fresh fruits, waffles, bacon and eggs.

Or a sleep in? Make the most of your last day with a late weekend checkout, any time it suits you up to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays (subject to availability at check-in).

Travelling with children? We offer a second room for children for only *50% of your room rate, this benefit is known as My Little Hilton. Plus children up to the age of 10 can eat and drink for **free from our children’s menu.

Hilton Queenstown from $325 incl breakfast for two Kawarau Hotel from $210 incl breakfast for two *When booking a separate room for children aged 18 or younger **Not applicable to room service Offer valid now until 31st March, 2012. Subject to availability. Rates based on single / twin / double accommodation in Hilton Queenstown Guestrooms. Rates are quoted in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of 15% GST.

To book please call +64 (03) 450 9400 or email 13

Cullmann Madrid 330 camera bag The Flexible removable inner lining means this is not just a camera bag, but also a modern leisure bag for everyday use. Available in five colours, from Photo Warehouse stores, Auck, Wgtn, ChCh and Dun. $79.90


The Perreaux 250i 250W Stereo Integrated Amplifier The Worlds Most Powerful Integrated Amplifier* The 250i is Perreaux’s most powerful, most sophisticated integrated amplifier. It’s performance and specifications are truly impressive, but hearing the 250i is when you will truly appreciate the quality engineering, design and craftsmanship. The 250i is the most advanced integrated amplifier Perreaux has ever produced.See Vertu Quest A truly exceptional handmade luxury phone. Combining world class expertise in mobile technology with the outstanding craftsmanship of seasoned watchmakers and jewellers. ‘Vertu’ translates into meaning ‘love of or taste for fine objects of art; artistic quality’. Available from Mansor Jewellers

They’re the best headphones, period. BOSE QuietComfort 15 headphones feature exclusive Bose® advancements in noise reduction technology. You hear less noise and more of your music and movies—with quality sound and a long-lasting comfortable fit. You won’t find this combination of benefits in any other headphone. Available at: Gary Anderson see

Cullmann Magnesit Copter Tripod With a total length of merely 22cm and weighing only 250gm this tripod requires little space and therefore is the ideal travel tripod for Photographers. Available from Photo Warehouse stores. Auck, Wgtn, ChCh and Dun. $49.90

Samsung has added to its well-received slimline Series 9 Laptop range, adding a limited edition Crystal Studded range in “Moonlight Blue,” a wintry navy, and “Luxury Rose Gold,” a champagne colour, with carefully sprinkled Swarovski crystals on the cover. Visit for technical information and stockists.


*prices may be subject to change without notice




Solutions for Sound & Vision with Gary Anderson

PLAY - SONOS THE NEW WIRELESS HiFi SYSTEM With my hectic workload (publisher of ME Magazine) I have little time to spend on fathoming out how to download CD’s onto my computer then fire them through to my android so that I can have music at my finger tips. I have found a solution and only hope someone will buy it for me for Christmas ... hint hint ...

Main Image on this page: The Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment system. Dynamic surround sound for movies, music, sports and gaming with guided setup and simplified use with easy-to-follow onscreen messages. Easily connect and control up to 6 of your HD video and music sources, with video upscaling to 1080p over HDMI®. Includes dock for your iPod® or iPhone®, AM/FM tuner and remote with LCD display. Customises its sound to fit your room, for a consistent, high-quality performance. Available with premium Jewel Cube® speakers or slightly larger Direct/Reflecting® speakers.

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU’VE HEARD BEFORE: Get ready for some floorboard rattling and heart thumping HiFi sound. In any room at all. Start with one Sonos® player, then expand wirelessly, wherever you want music. Take control with your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad and play whatever you want, wherever you want. YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY & ONLINE MUSIC SERVICES: Play any music stored on any computer or NAS drive. Stream millions of songs and stations direct from the Internet — no computer required. LISTEN TO MILLIONS OF SONGS AND STATIONS: Stream a radio station from Brazil in the bedroom, listen to Top 80s in the kitchen, and play your favourite song from Ti unes all over. Sonos connects directly to the Internet, so you can blast a universe of music in every corner of your home. Play a different song in every room or the same song everywhere, in perfect sync.

See | 0800 4 STEREO (478 373)



Alex Melrose with his ‘Prince of Darkness’ Me Magazine caught up with ‘Celebrity Vet’ Dr Alex Melrose to find out about life in his bustling Auckland Veterinary practice. What is the angriest animal you have encountered? Wild cats when trapped. They can bust out of cages with super-cat strength, run up walls, pull down blinds and picture frames, run up your body and over your head, have very sharp claws and are thoroughly unclear about your attempts to help them. Dwarf Russian Hamsters are a close second, you get one shot at grabbing them. Their owners won’t touch them (out of pure fear), and usually you lift them out of their cage on the end of your bloodied finger. 100 grams of pure attitude. It must be very difficult for you emotionally. How do you cope with all the heartache? What is the saddest moment you have had with an animal? It’s a balancing act. In part you have to control your emotions so you can assist the pets and their owners to the best of your abilities. On the other hand, the more open and emotionally connected you are to the animals the more accurate your detection of illness, diagnosis and assessment or treatment progress. All euthanasias are extremely sad. Can cats really be trusted? Yes, tons of them know you are helping them, as long as you project the right energy. Which do you think are the friendliest breeds? Griffons and Burmese, although I’m biased. It really comes down to individual personalities and individual animals and not their breed. What are the most satisfying aspects of the job? Saving the life 18

of a really sick pet is right up there, teaching clients ways to add to their pet’s quality of life, creating a fantastic place to work in and watching my awesome staff grow personally. When you were younger, did you have an affinity for animals then? For sure, it’s a bit clichéd, but I always grew up wanting to save all the world’s animals. I used to go on and on about it even when I could first talk. Do you have a lot of pets yourself? I have Prince (of darkness) at home – our Griffon (see Alex with his Griffon ‘Prince’ in the photo above), and Vegas and Jim are my two clinic cats. Plus some tropical marine fish. What are the latest trends in animals? Pink Mohawks on curly coated dogs are making a bit of an impact with us! Boston terriers, French Bulldogs and Border Terriers have become much more popular. In cats, more unusual breeds are popping up like Norwegian Forest cats. What makes a dog show someone inappropriate affection? Sometimes if they are being ignored it becomes a dog’s priority to head straight to that person and demand some love. Being liked is a big deal for most dogs. Dr Alex Melrose, VetCare Grey Lynn, 408 Great North Road 09 3613500 | The painting of Alex’s dog ‘Prince’ was crafted by renowned kiwi graffiti artist Graham Hoete who goes by the name Mr G, who pioneered this new art form “Aerosol Fine Art”. You can contact Mr G on 021 772 209.

Look after

The first USA style pet hotel and day spa of its kind in NZ From when you first arrive at Pets In The City you can see this is a hotel created by people passionate about animals. Rob and Carole Ellis, a friendly Welsh couple who moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand more than 30 years ago, have opened a fantastic New York style pet hotel and day spa - Pets In The City. Dogs and cats have always featured strongly in this couple’s life. For the better part of 35 years they’ve owned and bred Old English Sheep Dogs, they also owned and operated a country boarding kennels at Ramarama, south of Auckland. It was in their Ramarama days that Rob and Carole began doubting that conventional kennels were the best way of looking after dogs and cats. “It rains and gets very cold in New Zealand in the winter, so it didn’t seem quite right to force pets that usually sleep on their owners beds to be outside for four to five hours a day in wintry, wet weather – or put sunscreen on their noses in summer.” The couple discovered indoor pet services following a study tour to the US and decided to set up Pets In The City. A luxury pet accommodation and doggie day care facility, that is totally indoors and has no bars spanning a vast fully climate controlled 10,000 sq ft. Pets In The City comprises six large indoor play parks, including a “toy dog” area called Toy Town Fantasy Playland, complete with slides, playhouses, tunnels and squeaky toys, where the small dogs hang out.

There are Vista Apartments and ‘suites’ where the dogs can lounge on luxury beds complete with duvets and toys whilst watching Animal Planet on their personal flat-screen LCD TVs! “The dogs just love it,” Rob chuckles. Business walks and expert grooming are also on offer. Doggie day care is a large part of the business. This is where pet owners leave their dog one or two days a week to hang out and just be a dog. With drop off from 7am and pick up by 6pm it fits in well with owner’s working days. The cattery named “The Mews” is a sight to behold, with “cat condo” apartments a huge tropical fish tank just to keep the furry guests amused. The hotel wouldn’t be complete without a grooming salon open 7 days a week and a retail area selling treats and accessories. It is comforting to know 3 staff members are fully qualified vet nurses and all guest are covered by insurance during their stay. Pets In The City are happy to care for puppies adult dogs and cats including those with medical conditions we often get referrals from vets when the owners need to go away and ‘special needs’ such as insulin injections for diabetics when required”. Dr Kirsten Lawrence- a USA qualified animal Chiropractor also consults twice a week. Pets In The City has grown to become a well respected facility setting the benchmark for innovative systems and quality service. Franchises are now offered in locations around New Zealand.

Pets In The City is located at 6 Tiri Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland. For more information, visit or Phone 09 259 4666.



Gate Crashing the Annual General Meeting . . . with Heli Tours We were hanging in the wheelhouse with the Pembroke part owner, Greg Hay of Peregrine Wines, when he gave me the quote to open this story - from a book about Fiordland; “flying into Fiordland is like gate crashing an Annual General Meeting of the most beautiful mountains in the World”. I totally agreed. Seven of us including the Helicopter Pilot, Paul Mitchell who had transported us from a private Arrowtown airfield into Fiordland, had not long parked the Heli Tours Squirrel next to a river and put her to bed for the night, when we headed out from the Broughton Arm of Breaksea Sound towards the Tasman Sea. The first priority was to check the Pembroke’s Cray pot to see how many huge crayfish had been captured for our dinner, unbelievably there were none, so we laid more bait and left it for the night to see what we could get for breakfast. That’s when the fishing mission commenced, 6 of us stopping at approximately 10 spots around the arm, our skipper Greg would let us have no longer than 5 minutes at each location, to see if the blue cod would hook onto the pork crackling he had provided as bait (we thought this a rather curious technique!). The theory was that if you hadn’t hooked a cod in 2-3 minutes, the spot was not plentiful with cod. We caught a few other species and went on to use those as bait throughout the trip. We had two pods of dolphins join us that afternoon, very large and super friendly. They were a great background to the champagne toast we made after the fishing and before we found the 20

perfect spot to park up for the night- between the mainland and an island, perfectly sheltered and with the sound of waterfalls beside us. Then, onto the preparation of the evening meal, with a soundtrack of some glorious 80’s music to inspire the conversation and enhance the magic of our surroundings. Greg normally executes all of the cooking on board, but this time we had brought along Shaun Fa’amalepe (Farma). Farma has a business called

Fresh Fish Brothers in Otago, he is an ex-Head Chef from Euro in Auckland and also ex-Saucier and Sous Chef from the Bank Restaurant in the West End of London. I knew Farma’s abilities as a chef were tremendous, hence the invite. Paul from Heli Tours had bought along a stunning piece of aged beef fillet, Greg supplied some freshly hunted venison from Fiordland, and a veritable meat fest ensued. Although we were a little in shock from the lack of Crayfish for dinner,

Farma expertly crafted a progressive dinner of Sashimi Red Cod, Venison pieces on the BBQ, a Carpaccio which I always thought was best naked, his was the best all of us had ever eaten (see recipe in this article) and then fillets of the aged beef with Greg Hay’s Chilli Orange Chips and a feta salad. Everything tastes better on the Pembroke. After a few rounds of stories, plenty of Greg’s Peregrine and Saddleback wines, Broken Shed vodka from Wanaka and Nicolet’s Chamuqos tequila, the snoring in the main cabin combined with the darkness as everyone drifted away into a deep Fiordland sleep. No rest for the wicked though, straight to the Cray pot again in the morning- and Wow ME alright! Seven huge crays had entered overnight! Farma got straight onto the kitchen tools again and the result was Crayfish Scrambled Eggs, BBQ Cray, Bacon, Nicolet’s Mount Cook Alpine Salmon from her Salmon farm and fresh blue cod that Farma had just caught. A great remedy for a few wee hangovers . . . unbelievably there was one person who couldn’t make it up for breakfast, perhaps the Chamuqos got to him! Up the arm we steamed after a few much needed coffees, a quick clean of the boat and back into the Helicopter after John pretended to be a Shotover Jet Boat driver with the Pembroke’s tender! I must have mentioned about 10 times that the 24 hour Heli Tours Pembroke Combo out of Queenstown was not long enough. Looking back at the photo’s, I think we got about a thousands laughs, 4 magnificent boat rides, 15 sessions of fishing, 2 craypot excursions, 3 of the most stunning 21

meals, 18 dolphin sightings, 4 penguins watching us,1 seal swimming, 40 Waterfalls, 50 Lakes, 20 Islands, 20 Fiordland Mountains, nearly 3 hours of scenic flights, and friends which will now be friends for ever. You can almost feel a certain kind of breath from the Fiords, the magic of the light, mist, air and sea infuse everybody fortunate enough to embark on this exceptional journey. A great test of people’s ability to get on with others, is by placing them on boat, as a group and it’s interesting to note that after all the trips over the years, in this close environment- there’s never been an unhappy customer. When you spend time on the Pembroke you always learn something about yourself and others, an exceptionally positive experience always! I can’t wait for the next Annual General Meeting on the Pembroke!

Heli Tours Pembroke Fiordland Combo Equipment aboard the Pembroke includes: Dive Equipment: 8 tanks with unlimited refills, soft weight belts and weights. Tender: 3.6m RIB with 15hp outboard. Kayaks: 2 x sit on top sea kayaks. Fishing equipment: 6 x boat rods and reels, hooks/sinkers etc. Accommodation: 2 x double cabins (one with a single bunk above) plus 1 x cabin with 5 single bunks. (Max. 8 adults). Hunting equipment is also available. Heli Tours | Phone 03 451 0515 | Fiordland Charters | Phone 03 442 0852 |


Heli Tours Pembroke Fiordland Guest book Comments: Nicolet Simon, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon.” Waking up to the dawn chorus in Fiordland is something I will always remember. The lush bush and clear water remains an untouched world, and I can’t help but think it must have been exactly like this when The Endeavor first sailed in. Magic!” Terry Spice, Luxury Real Estate New Zealand “This is a place where one can escape all the technology that the modern world has surrounded us with and just rely totally on sustainable living, its peaceful, relaxing and totally refreshing. Fiordland is a truly magical place and one of the very few that have been left untouched, pristine and so mysterious”. Charlotte Wilson, Publisher, ME Magazine “Paul’s thoroughness with Heli safety was exceptional. This was my second time on the Pembroke, 24 hours is not long enough, this is a once in a lifetime must-do!” Shaun Fa’amalepe,(Farma), Fresh Fish Brothers “You’ve just got to be there, waking up to the Tui, I was swallowed up by it all!” John Souter “Outstanding natural beauty, the quietness is breathtaking, a really well set up boat with everything you could possibly need”. Greg Hay, Peregrine Wines & the Pembroke “Thanks for the great and fun 24 hours down in Breaksea, and a big thanks Paul for the flying, it was exceptional!” Paul Mitchell, Heli Tours “Charlotte you are definitely right, 24 hours is not long enough, thanks for a great experience”

Farma’s Beef Carpaccio Pembroke Inspired Recipe: Aged Beef Pecorino or Feta Italian Parsley Rocket Avocado Oil or any Oil you have available Red Onion Farma’s Secret Aioli or any Aioli Capers Sea Salt &Pepper

Slicing the Carpaccio at Home can be a Challenge Making the dish at home can be a slight challenge. Restaurants often use electric deli slicers to get ultra thin slices. To assimilate you can slice thin and then pound out between two sheets of plastic wrap with a meat tenderising hammer. You want to pound gently so as to flatten but not break the fibres or you ca n freeze it for a few hours, first then it is easier to cut thinly . . thanks Wendy Clarke for that tip!

Grey Hay of Peregrine Wines and Farma of Fresh Fish Brothers


Helicopter Flights in Queenstown, the Southern Lakes & the South Island - Some of our options . . . Heli Tours &

Surfing Tours

Come and Surf! Fly to inaccessible beaches and surf some of the best surf breaks New Zealand has to offer. Beginners to Advanced - Surfing Lessons available

Heli ThunderJet Combo A helicopter flight over beautiful Lake Wakatipu with an alpine landing. On return, transfers are provided to Thunder Jet’s base for an hour jetboat experience. Duration 2-2.5hrs

Spectacular Doubtful Sound Discover the magic of Doubtful Sound, spectacular Fiords, Glaciers, wild West Coast beaches, and enjoy a gourmet lunch in this magical location. Duration 4 hrs

Scenic Soaker Enjoy a local scenic flight with a landing and transfers to Onsen Hot Pools. Includes: 1 or 1.5 hours private pool hire, one drink, towel & swimsuit hire. Duration 1hr - 1.5hrs

Glaciers, Rivers of Ice Flight Encounter stunning Mt Earnslaw or Mt Aspiring, take in views of frozen rivers and terrain beyond expectation. Duration 1.5hrs

Fiordland Exclusive Encounter all the wonder of Lake Te Anau, Lake Manapouri, Doubtful Sound, Sutherland Falls, Glaciers and Alpine lakes. Enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch in paradise. Duration 4-5 hrs | 2 Landings

Exclusive Heli Wine Flight Fly over the scenic Gibbston Valley, through the Kawarau Gorge to the Mt Difficulty Restaurant & Cellar Door, located in Bannockburn. Includes a wine tasting and gourmet lunch. Duration 2-3hrs

MV Pembroke Heli Tours Adventure Fly over the Fiordland National Park and view all its hidden treasures. On arrival in the sounds we meet with MV Pembroke to start an adventure of discovery. Experience fishing, diving, relaxing and exploring Dusky, Breaksea, Doubtful Sounds. Enjoy some of the finest fresh cuisine the sounds has to offer, while relaxing and taking in spectacular scenery, the very best New Zealand has to offer. Day Trips & Overnight Trips available.

Contact us today! Bookings may be made online, by email, or by calling Heli Tours at 451 0515 or 0800 435 486. Courtesy transport is available between Queenstown and our base at Queenstown Airport.

FREEPHONE 0800 HELI TOURS (0800 435 486) Ph +64 3 451 0515 | Queenstown International Airport |


Nadene Milne of NMG visits Max Gimblett at his NYC Loft Nadene Milne of Nadene Milne Gallery is renown for the exceptional quality of artists she represents in her Arrowtown Gallery; the likes of Fiona Pardington, Stephen Bambury, Tony Lane and Max Gimblett. Nadene’s creativity and vision as a curator have seen her sell works by international artists over the ten year period she has run NMG - however she generally favours artists from New Zealand. Nadene recently travelled to New York City to stay with her dear friend and one of her senior artists - Max Gimblett. Max has lived for thirty years in a classic NY loft with his wife Barbara Kirshenblatt, in downtown Manhattan. Pictured here is Nadene with her cousin Christopher Hall, artist Max Gimblett and Brian Sweeney of Sweeney Vesty Ltd, at the Women’s Semi Finals of the 2011 US Open, which featured Serena Williams and her now famous disagreement with the umpire. “I slept surrounded by 18,000 books and some very good art that Max and his wife Barbara have collected over a 40 year period”. Nadene also spent time with Max sourcing new works. The works she chose

were full of primary colour - large, original inks on paper, which she will be exhibiting this summer in her Arrowtown Gallery. However, one of the main reasons for Nadene’s trip to New York City was to introduce her Istanbul based cousin, Christopher Hall, to Max Gimblett. Christopher is an interior and furniture designer with current projects in Paris, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Moscow. Nadene and Christopher were in NYC for Fashion Week and along with Max attended a function at BVLGARI on Fifth Ave and then dined at the Four Seasons. Nadene’s favourite art haunt was the Guggenheim Museum - “I was moved to tears by the current exhibition of Korean/American artist Lee Ufan and also because of the Guggenheim’s incredible architecture. I also loved the Museum of Modern Art, the Dia: Beacon, The Met, and various private galleries. However what really entertained me was the popular culture, which I found tolerant and hugely expressive.” The fourteen days from start to finish was clearly a quick but incredible experience and she encountered everything in the Big Apple - from battered bacon and grits, to some of the world’s greatest works of art.

You can view NMG Artists and Exhibitions at: 25


Metro Mark hits the road again and this time literally Not too much metro-ing about though, as I get the chance to experience this scenario.... German engineering’s finest: a bunch of the latest BMW xDrive all wheel drives and a mountain full of snow to play with them on! To say this would be a pleasure fest for me would be the understatement of the year and I was more than a bit excited as we were swiftly shuttled from Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown to the Snow Farm in the Cardrona Valley, just out of Wanaka.


it’s cunning computer controlled transfer case that allows for power to be quickly distributed to the wheels that most need it. Then it was off to the snow with a car each, these were the latest X1, X3, X5 Performance Edition, X5M and X6 – we also had an M3 there for hotlaps.

I have joined what BMW call the “Alpine xDrive Experience” and it goes something like this- you meet some new friends for the day, hear information on BMW’s latest AWD system, you get instruction from BMW pro drivers, then you get to test your new-found skills blasting around in the snow in their latest cars. Oh....yes!

The stand outs from this stable include the fabulous X5 Performance Edition, a model unique to New Zealand. This has an 8 speed auto trans with steptronic and of course xDrive, the worlds fastest AWD system. It also includes hill descent control and sells for around $139,000. If full on grunt is your thing, you’d be well made up in the X5M (E70). For $236,500 you get 408kw of power and 680Nm of torque in a stunning beast of a machine, kitted out in merino leather and black sapphire paint finish. Having suitably tooled up, our instructor Fritz showed us the finer points of controlled drifting, power sliding in the drift circle and enthusiastically encouraged us to push our limits.

The day starts with breakfast at Millbrook, the driving concludes with a few beers at the historic Cardrona Pub and there’s a prize giving dinner at Millbrook in the evening.

After a comprehensive buffet lunch, things moved up a notch as we all attempted to better each other on timed slalom runs and braking challenges. We had a crack at all the different vehicles, but cranking around the slalom course in the 540 horsepower V8 X5M was not something I’ll forget in a hurry.

BMW run a slick operation and we were well looked after by our hosts Ed and Pip. First up on arrival was a coffee and muffin and an overview of BMW’s xDrive technology, including

The highlight of the day was yet to come though, as the “hot laps” were next. This is where you get to experience being professionally driven, at high speed around the snow covered test track by one of BMW’s test drivers. If we thought we’d come anywhere near testing the limits of winter driving with our new found skills, we were wrong. Jumping into the M3 saloon with Mike our driver, I was astounded at his expertise. We drifted around the winding

course in limited light, Mike drolly commenting, “she doesn’t go straight very often” as the car swung around to another opposite lock and adrenaline levels were high as we slid back into the test area at around 140kph.

Footnote: It’s not just for blokes. Bookings included 12 female drivers this year. The experience costs $1440 plus accommodation at Millbrook Resort if required.

My new found friends were more than happy to recount the day’s fun over a drink at the Cardrona Pub on the way home, wrapping up an exhilarating day.

For your nearest authorised BMW Dealership – visit

The BMW X5 Performance Edition xDrive30d SE

The BMW X5 M (E70)

Transmission 8-speed automatic transmission with ddles Steptronic Cylinders 6 Capacity (cc) 2,993 Power / Torque (kW/Nm) 180/540 0 - 100km/h (secs) 7.6 Combined fuel consumption (l/100km) 7.4 CO² emissions (g/km) 195 RRP inc. GST $142,000 drive away

Upholstery Nevada Leather (Black) Vehicle Standard Options

Intelligent AWD - the world’s fastest-responding AWD system | Anti-lock Braking system | Cornering Brake Control | Dynamic Stability Control | Dynamic Traction Control | Hill Descent Control | Cruise Control with braking function | Self-levelling rear axle suspension | High Precision injection | 3rd Generation common rail system with direct fuel injection | Brake energy regeneration | Side impact protection | Side airbags for front seats | Park distance control - Front and Rear | Adaptive headlights | Bi-Xenon headlights with Headlight Washer system | Rear view camera with Top View | Rain sensor with automatic driving lights control | Active headrests, front (anti-whiplash mechanism) | BMW Performance Aerodynamic bodykit


Transmission 6-speed M Sports automatic with T Steptronic & M steering wheel shift paddles Cylinders 8 C Capacity (cc) 4,395 C Power / Torque (kW/Nm) 408/680 P 0 - 100km/h (secs) 4.7 0 Combined fuel consumption (l/100km) 13.9 C CO² emissions (g/km) 325 C RRP inc. GST $238,100 drive away R Paint Finish Black Sapphire metallic Upholstery Leather Merino extended Black U Vehicle Standard Options Rear view camera with Top View | Panorama glass roof | BMW Individual roof rails High Gloss Satin Chrome | Automatic operation of tailgate | Lumbar support for front seats | Automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control | Adaptive Headlights | TV function | Head-Up Display | Highbeam assistant | Preparation for mobile phone with Bluetooth interface | Automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control | HiFi system Professional | Voice control | CD changer for 6 CDs | Comfort access system



Photo: Botswana Butchery, Queenstown

Anna’s Dated Thousands! After ‘accidently’ watching Millionaire Match Maker the other night, I was inspired to track down a woman I had heard about a couple of years ago. I had been told she was discreet and the best in the business in Auckland at introducing great potential husbands to women. After about half an hour of Googling, I found her, Anna from Sheffield Hamilton. So, onto the white pages, I tracked down her company and that’s when the fun started. It was a bit of a process to get Anna to agree on talking candidly with me, but she was fun and in a nutshell has men’s and women’s happiness at heart. Anna had been a Recruitment Consultant and really enjoyed it, so set up one of the first dating services in New Zealand; ‘Dateline Introduction’ in 1987. Sheffield Hamilton was based in the Waikato and contacted her to buy it just after the share market crash in 1987. Hence, Anna amalgamated the two businesses. In those days she was the only introduction agency operating, so was flat out busily putting people together. Her main aim back then and what is still principal in her company is to put together busy, professional, focused, positive, genuine single people seeking fulfilling relationships.


hurt before you can see them holding back. At the end of the day you have got to have that chemistry and communication. I don’t ever claim that I can pick who is going to have chemistry together, as it can look good on paper but if you don’t have some X-factor there is no point.” “I am not convinced the internet is a good way to find love, there has been a lot of scary cases and plenty of people don’t want to expose themselves this way. My clients are usually very genuine in what they are looking for and about themselves. My aim for my clients is a long term relationship, whether it leads to marriage or not. I only take on clients who have great personalities, money doesn’t really make any difference. I also like to take on clients who are going to be good for a woman. Women still like chivalry and so I like to work with the old fashioned principles. After a first meeting I love it when I see my clients excited, happy and running down the stairs from my office, looking forward to the possibility of finally finding love.” Anna’s Tips: • I don’t believe in big age gaps. If you get people too far apart in age it probably won’t work, often their personal interests such as music is not mutual. I recommend a maximum five years either way. • Most men and woman say they won’t date a smoker.

She has seen hundreds of the people she has introduced over the years end up marrying, although she has not attended many weddings “in the old days people weren’t so open about having found love through an introduction service! These days it’s a little different, people are much more open about how they meet, with the likes of the internet” says Anna.

• Two meetings is a good idea, as you actually start being yourselves on the second meeting and meet on neutral ground, perhaps, coffee, lunch or a drink. Only schedule one or two hour’s maximum.

“Most people want to have a good relationship, but if they have been

• Be friends first . . . . before you even consider becoming intimate. • Be prepared to compromise, love is all about give and take.


Stay with

Unparalleled service in one of Auckland’s Largest Hotels I wasn’t familiar with the Pullman brand, so after my stay at Pullman Auckland the first thing I did was to check out their International Pullman Hotels website which states “Pullman Hotels, upscale hotels for business travellers and leisure trips”, and that it is.

one of the largest hotel heated swimming pools in New Zealand with an entire wall and roof that opens allowing natural light and a unique indoor/ outdoor flow. Due to my limited time, regrettably I was unable to a treat myself to one of their popular massages or facials, but I definitely have that on my list of things to do the next time I visit!

Situated only 5 minutes from the heart of the city, Pullman Auckland is one of the city’s leading upscale hotels, epitomising the best in New Zealand hospitality. From the gorgeous smiles I received when I arrived in my taxi, to the Concierge who brought up my bag, and the perfect double shot soya flat white coffee that was delivered to my bedside in the morning, (without even having to hop out of my bed), this was service at its best - better service than I have ever had from a boyfriend.

If you want exceptional service, fabulous food and friendly people in a modern, urban chic environment, stop in for a night or three to stay at Pullman Auckland. It is simply gorgeous and a tribute to both Rob McIntyre and Accor Hotels.

I suddenly realised why the service is so professional and friendly - Pullman have engaged one of New Zealand’s most impeccable Hotel General Managers to run this 5 star Hotel; Rob McIntyre. Rob injects enthusiasm, style and a charismatic personality into the hotel persona that one looks for (but hardly ever receives) when travelling away from home. My room was comfortable and styled in a contemporary but minimalist way, and the bath was a touch of indulgence as I enjoyed a leisurely start to the day. After two hours working from the laptop in bed, I felt a tinge of disappointment that I wasn’t able to extend my stay – but there is always next time! Room service was a treat - the dessert I ordered was stunning, a chocolate tower of utter indulgence. The residence suites I was shown were perfect for romance or business and their hotel spa, Spa at the Pullman, showcases 30 Phone 09 3531000

A Stay by the Bay in Wellington, that’s High-Tech & Eclectic The talk of Wellywood, Ohtel, with its exclusive harbour side location in Oriental Bay, sexy bathrooms and funky vintage/ modern interiors was a must visit. On arrival outside Wellington’s stylish boutique hotel, Ohtel, we enter the small ground floor lobby. Instantly you notice the décor is an eclectic mix of Kiwiana, vintage and modern European that somehow just works to create that quirky style that you have to see more of. We hand the car keys over for valet parking, as we are central to everything, with just a short walk to waterfront bars and restaurants, shopping at Lambton Quay and Te Papa, there’s no need for the car. The first things to experience are the huge, modern, European styled king-size beds that are super comfortable and complemented with vibrant textiles. The rooms each have a different collection of vintage design classics to explore, all collected over the last three years by the owner Alan. The collection of furniture, ceramics, clocks and lamps all add to the 1950’s and 60’s feel. The bathrooms are a focal point in each room, with oversized showers complete with body jets in the suites, sexy two person baths, under floor heating and huge New Zealand landscape images. We enjoyed the natural New Zealand-made toiletries in a bathroom of romance and escapism. Having finally removed myself (reluctantly!) from the bathroom and taken in the views over Waitangi Park, the Inner Harbour and CBD, I spent some time focused on the modern high tech gadgets on offer. Thankfully I had my fiancé present for the technology, which personally escapes me, but what

a treat once you know how! Huge flat screen TV’s that connect to Ohtel’s very impressive i-tunes and podcast selection. The mini Bar is possibly the most well stocked I’ve seen. Alan provides a great range of New Zealand beer and wine - perfect to enjoy with some great music. The rooms are also accessorised with a great range of Ohtel branded products. If you have forgotten an essential, it’s likely to be tucked away for you in the room. The Suites are larger than the rooms, with huge beds, freestanding baths, and balconies with views over the Waitangi Park, Inner Harbour and CBD. You can choose from the fresh green décor in Suite 6 or the rich seductive brown décor in Suite 9. Having torn ourselves away from our room and the world of podcasts, Heidi at reception was extremely helpful in providing us with the top spots to visit. It was impossible however to pass the coffee and cakes on offer in the lobby, which also served as a small café and well stocked bar. We took this coffee break opportunity to take in once again the owner’s extensive handpicked collection of quirky pieces - a chair by Vladimir Kagan maybe? We loved that every time you turned your eyes, you’d notice something new. Footnote: Ohtel offers free Wi-Fi and has preferred rates for regular corporate customers. “The Hippest Little Hotel in the Coolest Little Capital” - Lonely Planet Ohtel, 66 Oriental Parade, Wellington 6011, New Zealand Phone 04 803 0600 Web By Me Magazine Advertising Sales Director, Catherine Mackay 31

Stay with

Famous Olivers in Clyde is transformed, enhanced, and again open Steeped in rich and abundant history sits Olivers Central Otago Lodge, Clyde. Right in the heart of the town’s old precinct it’s a glimpse back at the days of mining frenzy, grand ideas and beautiful old stone buildings, made to last in the unforgiving climate of Central Otago. What is now known as Olivers was built by Benjamin Naylor in 1869 as a general store to provide for miners, and was then known as the Victoria Store. The store is part of a cluster of buildings spread over half a hectare that include The Store [and drapery], Stables, Barn, Coach and Smoke houses and the Homestead, designed to accommodate Naylor’s family of seven children. Following Naylor’s death in 1909, the property was sold by his wife Mary and stayed as a general store until the sixties when it became a vets and most prominently, in 1981, sold to Fleur Sullivan and renamed Olivers. The general store became a restaurant of some note and the spearhead of a revitalised Central Otago tourism industry. These days, Olivers holds a category 1 classification with the Historic Places Trust. It’s current owners, Andrea and David Ritchie have set about restoring this wonderful old site, not only to it’s former glory, but injecting another level of detail altogether. In an astonishing eighteen months the impeccable Andrea and David have transformed the site to create eleven sumptuous double rooms. The Davidson and Dunstan rooms are also able to be connected together to allow larger family groups. In the process they have assuaged the doubters and created accommodation of erudite luxury. 32

The new accommodation includes six lodge rooms housed in the old homestead and five stable rooms in the courtyard adjacent. It was in the Coach Room that my partner and I stayed on a chilly August Friday night. Welcomed into the intimate lounge in front of a warming fire, David’s love of local history was evident, with books available on the subject and we enjoyed a quick glass of wine while having a look over the rooms in the homestead. These are beautifully appointed, and while every nod to history has been recognised, they at the same time feel elegant and contemporary. There is a wonderful juxtaposition between the light sparkly white bathrooms with their earthy toned under floor heated tiles and the washes of lush wallpaper and floral colour in the bedrooms. Claw foot baths feature in many of the bathrooms and every where there is understated elegance. The Ritchie’s’ love of history is often present throughout the house, with many of the artworks reflecting local subjects and their sense of humour is there as well with whimsical touches such as antique old saw handles displayed on the walls, along with Agee jars used as lampshades.

for great memories, thanks to Andrea and David I was pleased to be staying in the Coach house, out on the end of the rustic courtyard, as I think it’s my favourite of the rooms. Wonderfully opulent and warm with deep maroon tones and stone walls. A huge king size bed and a large dumpy sofa combined with the ornate and textural linen and cushions made for a romantic and comforting experience. Under floor heating in the tiled bathroom floors was a luxurious touch in the morning after a good hard frost outside. As we wandered past the old Kowhai tree in the courtyard for breakfast, I wasn’t ready for how good a breakfast can be. Served in what was the old servants quarters, which has been kept in a lovely old farmhouse kitchen style, was the breakfast to die for. Nestled amongst rustic baskets of fruit and nuts we enjoyed a superb light and crunchy home made muesli with an assortment of fresh fruits including pears, oranges and grapes. As well there was a home made yoghurt, left for the night to form a soft cheese which was then drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon. The main part of breakfast consisted of baked eggs studded with tomato and bacon, and hot croissants with a selection of jams and marmalades, all this accompanied by a loaf of crusty freshly baked home made bread. Quite superb, devoured in front of a blazing pot bellied stove. Hats off to the Ritchies for their vision and tenacity in taking on such a formidable challenge and emerging with such a remarkable result, one that’s resulted in a masterful renovation and a truly enjoyable lodging experience. The future looks interesting as well with the planned reestablishment of the restaurant and the renovation of the old barn as a family residence.

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Andrea and David are able to assist with organising local activities and restaurants. Olivers is a perfect start or finish point for the Otago Central Rail Trail and other adventures in Central Otago. We stopped in at The Winehouse & Kitchen In Gibbston, adjacent to the world famous Kawarau Bridge Bungy Bridge, on our way home to Queenstown. Home to the wine labels van Asch, Rock Ferry, Freefall and Hawkshead, our favourite was the van Asch Syrah Rose, which we drank in front of the fire with an exceptional (and very reasonably priced) platter. Due to it being the middle of winter, the platter consisted of a range of hearty meat orientated tastes along with Japanese mayonnaise and spicy calamari which was absolutely delicious. A fabulous end to a night away! We recommend you book into Olivers for 2 nights, you won’t want to leave. Another tip, when booking choose your room carefully by discussing the options. Olivers | 03 449 2600 |



Travel light and styly with Susana’s tips Now the cold winter months are behind us, we can all look forward to the long summer ahead. Apart from the longer days, balmy temperatures and of course a cold glass of our favourite wine, one of the best things about summer is the obligatory summer holiday, whether it’s a weekend away with the girls, a family break by the beach or a romantic trip overseas. For most of us though, maintaining our style whilst still travelling light is a challenge. ME Magazine style guru, Susana Sarmiento from La’Qua Image offers her top tips for travelling in style, without the excess baggage.

How to ‘Travel in Style’ without excess baggage: Plan Count the days you will be spending away from home and the different types of clothing you will require; i.e. suits for meetings, leisure wear, activities/sporting (i.e. skiing or swimwear), eveningwear (tux or glam dress). Build a Capsule Wardrobe Now that you know the number of days you will be away and the different types of clothing you will require, you can then build a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ that can take you from day-to-night, from casual to dressy. Believe it or not, if you pack 12 pieces that mix and match you can create over 40 different outfits. The type of trip you are taking will have an impact on whether you pack corporate, casual, or seasonal clothing, but the following is a good indication. What to pack In order for this ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ to work, refrain from packing clothes that match all the colours of the rainbow. Everything you 34

pack must be restricted to four to five of your complimentary colours that go well together. The secret here is harmony; i.e. black, taupe, red, white, and light blue rather than more difficult combinations such as black, turquoise, orange, brown, and lemon green. Packing Checklist 2 x suits or outfits that match, preferably in your complimentary neutral colours. A suit can be a jacket, vest or cardigan sweater that matches the skirt and/or pants. 4 x blouses, shirts or tops that coordinate with both suits/outfits. These should be two in neutral or basic colours and two patterned ones that blend well with the suits. 1 x dress or waistcoat (for women), V-neck knit (for men) in a solid colour for versatility, so it can be dressed up or down. It can be worn with a casual jacket or dressed up with a scarf. 1 x Jersey in a neutral or basic colour in the preferred style and to suit your body proportions Accessories The key with accessories is to pack more accessories than clothes and you will have more fun with your travel wardrobe. Did you know that 30% of your wardrobe budget should be invested in accessories? Choose accessories that translate from day to evening, which can be anything that is not your original garment, including cammies, cardigans and other things you can layer, such as hats and costume jewellery. You can make any outfit into a work of art. For the ladies, you

Our style guru Susana Sarmiento

could turn your travel wallet into an evening clutch purse and for the men, choose ties and, if you like, cuff links that blend will the colours you have chosen.

contrary, style is about learning how to enhance your best features and learning how to creating endless and fun combinations with your wardrobe.

Shoes This is the most difficult task for me and many of us. It’s hard, but try and keep the shoes to a maximum of three pairs, no matter how long your trip. That means two pairs in your luggage and one on your feet. Even though this rule is brutal, it does force you to plan your outfits well and carefully edit your choices. Keep to the same principles and try not to introduce any new colours.

Going overseas and need help pulling together your ‘Capsule Wardrobe’?

Layer it up Finally, you can create even more style combinations by layering your garments, like wearing two tops together, a shirt or blouse over a singlet, or a different jacket.

ME Magazine Readers will receive a complimentary 1 hour of Professional Shopping (worth $155) when you book any La’Qua Image self-image empowering packages. *

Susana’s Tips: • You can use all these same principles to build any seasonal ‘Capsule Wardrobe’, whether it’s for your next business trip, a sunny Fiji beach break or a skiing holiday in Switzerland to avoid those expensive purchasing mistakes that do not compliment your current wardrobe needs. • Try and put together a ‘Capsule Winter Wardrobe’ and if you find that you cannot put together these 12 key items, then you have a wise shopping decision to make the next time you hit the stores. • Looking and feeling great in your skin isn’t about the price tag of your clothing or how many pieces hang in your wardrobe. On the


*Offer valid only until 15th of November. Bookings need to be made in advance to avoid disappointment. Mention that you are a ME Magazine reader when making your booking.

SUSANA SARMIENTO For more information or advice on how to look and feel fabulous in your own skin, visit or contact Susana directly on


VAKA Queenstown, New Zealand

a voyage of discovery...

fine fine artart fine fine jewellery jewellery Precious Precious gems gems andand fine fine artart await await youyou at Vaka at Vaka store store andand gallery. gallery.

thethe finest finest opals opals andand pearls pearls andand newnew Zealand Zealand JadeJade (pounamu) (pounamu) will will tempt tempt you you when when you you walkwalk intointo thisthis Pacific Pacific adorned adorned shop, shop, withwith life size life size whales whales floating floating on the on the ceiling, ceiling, maori maori carving, carving, pounamu pounamu sculpture, sculpture, sparkling sparkling opals, opals, incredible incredible tahitian tahitian pearls pearls andand newnew Zealand’s Zealand’s ownown BlueBlue Pearls. Pearls. youyou feel feel like like you you are are on on a voyage a voyage through through the the Pacific Pacific finding finding treasure treasure along along the the way… way… thisthis is a is unique a unique shopping shopping experience. experience. CnrCnr Beach Beach andand ReesRees Street, Street, Queenstown. Queenstown. +64+64 3 442 3 442 96119611


Servilles Academy, Queen Street, Auckland. Above Middle & Above Right: Servilles Hair Salons

Experience the Servilles Award Winning Style Forty years ago, a young boy from Bayswater on Auckland’s North Shore, embarked on his journey to change the face of New Zealand Hairdressing. Paul Serville, founder and director of the multi-awardwinning salon group is often credited with putting New Zealand hairdressing on the international map. He celebrates his 43rd anniversary in hairdressing this year and today his successful Servilles Group, consists of Servilles Hair Salons, The Servilles Academy, New Zealand’s leading hairdressing training academy and the recently launched Servilles Business Programme, an innovative business management programme created by Paul specifically for the hairdressing industry. Paul, with his wife Jacci, have grown the first Servilles Salon opened in 1984 into five luxury, world class hair salons that are recognised and respected around the world. Servilles was created with a vision to produce beautiful hair and to provide quality hairdressing training to the highest standard. Reflecting the values to continually innovate and to inspire creativity and technical excellence. Even from a young age, Paul has always recognised that hairdressing is about change and Servilles began to gain a reputation for anticipating - if not defining fashion trends. Today Servilles stylists are known for their expert cuts, colours and most importantly individual style, understanding each client’s needs, they bring bringing passion and skill to every cut. Servilles are considered the pioneers who changed the old concept of having your hair done into a total pampering experience, known for 38

their stunning salon design as they are their beautiful cuts, colours and styles. The stylish new concept salons, Servilles Newmarket and Takapuna continue to attract recognition for their innovative design, both in New Zealand and internationally. Servilles is the only New Zealand salon to receive a prestigious salon design award from Estetica World, the respected international magazine, and named as one of the top ten salons in the world for outstanding salon design. Servilles Newmarket is continually described as the blueprint for future New Zealand salons. “We made an uncompromising commitment to the architectural and interior design of the new salon” says Paul, who designed the salons with friend and New York architect David Howell. A departure from conventional salon design, they challenge the way clients think about the hairdressing experience. Servilles are consistently setting new standards of luxury, style and client service. Paul created New Zealand’s first salon colour lounge with a true colour bar. In the colour lounge, clients can relax in an area away from the busy salon environment. It replicates a real bar where the stylist orders the colour description from the bartender who prepares the clients colour cocktail. Large plasma screens show the latest international fashion collections or exciting behind the scenes footage from Servilles latest shows and collection shoots, while clients are offered a hotel-style directory of services, from food and beverages to a manicure, while waiting for their colour to process. “I love the idea of changing colours and ambience, and even different music according to the different dynamics within the salon. For example, when clients are having their hair cut it can be more upbeat

whereas in the wellbeing area the lighting is dimmed and the music is more conducive to relaxation and scalp massage” says Paul. Servilles as a business is now moving beyond salons, with the core focus now centred around education. In August last year Servilles opened a brand new, state of the art, hairdressing educational centre and head office, spread over three floors on Queen Street in Auckland’s CBD where Paul continues to present training seminars and hairdressing demonstrations for the students and stylists alike. He produces creative cutting collections and international shows, mentors salon owners, assisting international companies in building hairdressing academies and now, with the launch of the brand new Salon Business Programme, the list is endless. With an inspirational leader and award-winning brand behind them, it’s only fitting that the salon team continue to excel in their industry and 2011 is no exception. Servilles cleaned up yet again with their third consecutive New Zealand Hairdresser of the year title at the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy awards, also taking out Hairdresser of the Year runner-up and Salon of the Year for Servilles Albany. For the second year running, Servilles Academy of Hairdressing has been awarded Education Organisation of the Year at the annual Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards in Sydney and Paul Serville became the first New Zealander to be inducted into the Australasian Hairdressing Hall of Fame. With such success in just the space of a year, this is a true reflection of a brand which is passionate about beautiful hair, exceptional service and creating an inspirational salon environment.

AS WE HEAD INTO SUMMER, WE LOOK TO SERVILLES AND THEIR TRENDS FOR THE COMING SEASON: A popular trend is longer textured bobs and textured styles on or below the shoulders; Short still dominates this summer with styles getting shorter yet still staying feminine but with an edgy and modern twist; Hair styling has become a bit wild yet still sexy and voluptuous kind of like Bridgette Bardot in the 60s; Messy volumous side ponytails or plaits; Rich luscious, blended tones designed to enhance natural tones and beauty; Beachy blonde is going to be everywhere this summer, a real natural sun-kissed surfer look; Servilles still loves all the red colours that have been around for a while now, although Summers sees them taking reds to the extreme with bright coppers and rich lipstick reds. SERVILLES SALONS: Servilles has five salons across Auckland: Albany Takapuna Ponsonby Mission Bay Newmarket

15 Mercari Way 09 488 Lake Road 09 348 Ponsonby Road 09 63 Tamaki Drive 09 Shop E, 1 Short Street 09

414 4544 489 3936 378 9799 528 1985 522 2544

Servilles Academy, the largest hairdressing training academy in New Zealand Phone: 0800 SERVILLES |

EDITORS NOTE Check this out Ladies - Great Deal for on

the way to your Summer Parties! Get your hands on the Servilles Style Express Card The Style Express service takes 30 minutes to get you looking gorgeous and perfect for a date, important meeting or essential Summer party - Contact Servilles now to purchase your card for just $100 and receive 4 style express services plus one complimentary available for you to use whenever you need, just book in at any of the above salons or contact for further details. 39

Read The Soul Cook Book By Judith Tabron | Published by Random House | RRP $60

Located in an enviable position in the heart of the Auckland Viaduct, Soul Bar and Restaurant has been a food institution for over a decade. Soul has gained a loyal following over the years, with its staff, suppliers and customers; some of which have been with the restaurant since it opened. To celebrate the restaurant’s 10th Anniversary, owner Judith Taborn, who has owned or run many of the New Zealand’s best restaurants, opened up her soul to share the stories, secrets and many recipes that have earned this restaurant numerous accolades. The Soul Cook Book reveals an array of recipes that have featured on the restaurant’s menu over the last ten years, including some of my personal favourites; the cauliflower fritters, truffle macaroni cheese and the locals favourite, fish and chips. Perfectly intertwined with the recipes are a selection of interesting articles and images that provide an insight into some of the restaurant’s long standing staff, like head chef Gareth and operations manager, Geeling. Whilst this is a great cookbook, and one that is a must have for anyone who’s ever visited Soul and loved it, it is also a great coffee table book that offers a very personal insight into running one of the best restaurants in the country, in one of the best locations in the world.

Stoked – Cooking With Fire Al Brown – Food with a View! | Available at

‘There are many things to love about cooking and eating outdoors. To me, there is an overwhelming sense of freedom and an enjoyment of space experienced when not restricted by four walls. It can be as simple as cooking in your backyard or heading to a river’s edge, a campground or an isolated beach.’ – Al Brown. This fabulous book touches on Al’s life growing up in New Zealand. He shares his experiences of traditional outdoor cooking methods from New Zealand’s diverse cultures including a hangi, cooking tandoor and ‘pig in a pipe’ with a third generation Chinese New Zealander. His philosophy is all about the enjoyment of food – heading away from technology and embracing the older style methods, letting ourselves slow down, being more deliberate and continually pushing yourself to create and improve. With over 100 tempting recipes and great tips on a wide range of topics including: lighting a fire, getting the best results from cheaper cuts of meat, on using smokers and even how to build a wood fired oven, this book captures our imagination of how to be a true kiwi! Editor’s Note: ‘Stoked’ makes an ideal gift! I would happily give this to my husband or a friend as there are plenty of ‘manly’ activities along with superb recipes with accessible ingredients (as long as you know either a hunter or a great butcher). Reading about Al’s family life has also inspired me with ideas on how our family can enjoy the outdoors literally out the doors of our home – inspiring!

Wildpoppies - where over one million flowers have been lovingly arranged... SHOP ONLINE FOR THE PERFECT GIFT Use the code “ MEFREE “ for orders placed online for free delivery throughout NZ

0800 80 WILD (9453) or 09 357 6161 3 College Hill, Ponsonby, Auckland (opp the New World supermarket) Over 400 products to choose from



Recent Highlights (images clockwise from top): Prestigious Mere Pounamu in the name of Tinirau, realised: $51,600, Sept, 1930 Rudge Ulster Motorcycle, est $20,000 - $30,000 (Lot 57)on offer 19 Oct, Don Binney, Tui Over the Anawhata, realised $145,000, Aug, Gottfried Lindauer, Ihakara Tukumaru, realised $177,00, Aug, Superb Kotaite $25,000, Sept.

Leading auction house, Webb’s unveil their forthcoming sales Look out for the Webb’s Important Vintage and Collectors’ Motorcycles Sale held on 19th October To coincide with the Rugby World cup, the much anticipated Classic Motorcycles and Cars auction celebrates some of the finest machines in Australasia. Spanning over 100 years of motorcycling history, Webb’s once again offer an exceptional range of rare and important classics for the passionate investor. Webb’s is Australasia’s market leader in the sale of collectors’ and vintage motorcycles delivering international prices and expert service. VIEW THE CATALOGUE NOW ONLINE at Contact Neil Campbell 09 529 5607 or 021 875 966 THIS AUCTION AND VIEWING IS TO BE HELD AT SHED 5, TOP DECK, 90 WELLESLEY STREET, AUCKLAND DAILY VIEWING: FROM 8 - 19 OCTOBER 9AM - 3PM AUCTION: WEDNESDAY 19 OCT, 6:30PM RECENT WEBB’S HIGHLIGHTS Our dedicated team of specialists and support staff and our distinct approach to marketing have resulted in numerous record prices being achieved this year and a total in excess of $1.7million for our previous sale held in August. These successes confirm Webb’s leadership position in the New Zealand art market. A highlight was the sale of a very significant historical portrait painting of Chief Ihakara Tukumaru by Gottfried Lindauer achieving $177,000. While the Oceanic and African Art Auction held this September achieved sales reaching over $400,000 with collectors competing aggressively for the very best examples of Maori, Oceanic, African and North African material culture.

WEBB’S DECEMBER SUITE OF SALES A suite of sales to conclude the year sees Webb’s present important works of art, fine jewellery, antiques and modern design over 6 to 8 December. These concluding sales for the year are traditionally strongly supported by the market and present the final opportunity in 2011 to offer artworks, jewels and collectable design. Enquiries about current values and market dynamics are welcomed. ABOUT WEBBS’S Established in 1976, Webb’s is New Zealand’s premier auction company, located in Auckland. As market leaders in the sale of fine art, jewellery, watches, decorative arts, rare books and fine wines, Webb’s also holds regular specialist sales in areas such as modern and contemporary design, photography, Maori and Oceanic artefacts and important motorcycles. For more details on the upcoming sales visit Phone: (09) 524 6804 | Email

2011 Classic Motorcycles and Cars of the Day - 19 Oct Fine & Rare Wine - 31 Oct Bethunes at Webb’s Rare Books - 30 Nov Fine and Rare Wine - 5 Dec Important Works of Art - 6 Dec Fine Jewellery & Watches - 7 Dec Antiques & Modern Design - 8 Dec

2012 Fine and Rare Wine - 20 Feb A2 Art - 21 Feb Fine Jewellery & Watches - 22 Feb Antiques & Modern Design - 23 Feb Classic Motorcycles and Cars of the Day - 15 Mar Fine and Rare Wine - 26 Mar Important Works of Art - 27 Mar Oceanic & African Art - 28 Mar Antiques & Modern Design - 29 Mar Fine Jewellery & Watches - 2 May


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It’s easy! Log on to or Free Phone 0800 624 634 42


Ice, Ice Baby . . . 35 tonnes of Ice lands in Queenstown Newly opened in Queenstown is Australasia’s largest Ice Bar, the theme is unique to Queenstown with ice sculptures of jet boats, a gondola that you can sit in, a life size grizzly beer and amazingly a fireplace! The 200 kilo’s of ice used to sculpture the chandelier alone is an impressive sight and with named vodka Cocktails such as Happy Feet, the Chilled Kiwi and Grizzly Bear, it is no surprise that people are delighted by this Ice Bar experience.

If you are not likely to spend time in Antarctica in the next couple of years this is the next best option, an exposé of the most fantastic ice sculptures in Australasia. See and

Below Zero flew two of the world’s best Ice Carvers in from America to Queenstown specifically to build and carve the 35 tonnes of ice it took to create Below Zero, the walls are even made out of large slabs of ice and the lights change colour throughout the night. The bar is at a constant temperature of well below zero, and the smoothness of the ice does not for one minute show that they have been carved by using chainsaws and chisels. On arrival you are fitted with super warm jackets, custom-made by Snoclothes in Lyttelton, Christchurch plus gloves and boots so you can enjoy the experience while still being cozy and warm. When you enter the bar you are given your own glass made out of ice which is your own for the whole evening, they are super fun to drink from, and you need to hold onto them tightly as they have been known to slip from a gloved hand many a time! Below Zero is not your usual experience, we definitely recommend you head into the photo booth, maybe during your second cocktail to take home an entertaining memory of the night. 43

Fine Dine

Sails Restaurant, Auckland For 38 years of living in Auckland, it was unbelievable that I had never dined at Sails Restaurant in Westhaven Marina. I had probably driven past it about 10,000 times on the motorway, yet I had no clue that this Restaurant had one of the most stunning seafood menus on offer in New Zealand. We started with an amuse-bouche, compliments of the chef - a beetroot and goats cheese delight. We then decided to select a number of entrees and share them; scallops, Bluff oysters (so much tastier than any other oyster) and prawns. Then onto the biggest crayfish I have ever been served in a restaurant in New Zealand, replete with a beautiful dipping sauce - I’ll be hounding Bart the owner/host/operator of Sails for the recipe in the next few weeks! It was divine, and the Craggy Range Chardonnay was matched beautifully. My compadres had the Market fish, John Dory and the lamb. It was a taste sensation and we all shared our meals, I even gave up a generous bite of the crayfish with the divine sauce to everyone at the table - regrettably in retrospect! The wine list was extensive, our normally quick-ordering friend was frozen with the numerous options on the list, but our helpful waiters stepped in quickly to solve this dilemma. We loved this restaurant so much that after dinner we all sat round and had long blacks, machiatto and special coffees, however the experience did not stop there, we decided to try a spirit on the menu - Broken Shed Vodka from Wanaka it was, to wrap up the night, and that it did. Excellence in wine, food and spirits, all night! 44

Overall Rating 6/ 6

The food was first class and fresh. The dishes were stunning - pretty and excellently styled. The service was fabulous. Our host Bart was jovial, fun and intelligent, with 20 years experience running this exceptional restaurant. The servers joined into the spirit of things all night. Helpful and friendly, they handled us very well. In fact, the whole team at Sails went out of their way to ensure our evening was successful, with swift service and a smile. The atmosphere was captivating. The lighting was perfect, views were great, although I must admit looking at the food was a huge distraction from the sparkling lights on the water. In summer it must be amazing with the bi-fold windows opening out onto the water. It would be like the food on our table had just been caught that day on the harbour... so fresh! The décor was gorgeous, comfortable and classy, with a private dining room feel, it was actually a large area, but the décor makes every table feel intimate. Sails Restaurant, Phone 09 378 9890, 103-113 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Auckland

The Millhouse at Millbrook Resort

Overall Rating 5.5/ 6

My favourite one liner about Millbrook Resort is, “if you’re headed for divorce, go and spend a week at Millbrook”. The reason for this statement is that everything you can wish for is onsite at this peaceful haven; you don’t have to leave. An unhappy husband can play golf to his hearts content, the wife can relax at the day spa, and every meal can be special and different with four onsite restaurants to choose from. Stress is not a factor here.

Zealand viticulture” was absolutely correct, I couldn’t have said it better myself. We started with a Chard Farm Pinot Gris, which was perfect and light for a Monday night in early summer.

The night we booked in for dinner at The Millhouse once again proved this theory correct. The menu had a good variety and I was nicely surprised when I received a gorgeous amuse bouche compliments of the chef.

The service was good, and in fact I tipped for the first time in a while, as the gentleman was very helpful, although it would have been good to know his name! I like the mix of locals and in-house Guests when dining at Millbrook and you always get that look of jealousy when they realise that you are a local.

Knowing his passion for South Island meats, I ordered the Southland Spring Lamb, followed by the Game Trio for one of our party who was late. I had the Warm Grilled Calamari and Chorizo salad and our other guest went for a deconstructed Artichoke and Aubergine Tart. We also tried the Grill menu, where you choose from fish, chicken or meat, then select your sauce and accompaniments to match your personal tastes; a great format. The meals all had a fantastic balance of savoury and sweet; absolutely delicious. The quail in the Game Trio was the standout dish of the night and “the best quail I have ever tasted”. The statement on the Millhouse menu “innovation and passion bring to life a palette of the finest locally sourced ingredients matched with the best of Central Otago and New

The beverage options were extensive and not being overly into desserts we decided to have a Galliano Special Coffee competition, of course my choice of the Vanilla Galliano won, and it was great that they had all the options. A lovely complimentary biscuit and chocolate was served to each of us at the end.

The décor hugs you in warmth, history and stone, with the cosy interior decorated with the love of local craftsman of years gone by. The outdoor experience is ten out of ten. Millbrook has some of the best vistas that Central Otago has to offer and the perfect place to unwind in summer is next to The Millhouse pond. Thanks Millbrook Resort for keeping The Millhouse dining experience fabulous. A great reunion with one of my favourite summer lunchtime spots. The Millhouse Restaurant, Millbrook Resort Phone 03 441 7000, Malaghans Road, Arrowtown, Queenstown | 45


New in the Vineyards for this summer with Central Otago wine 2010 Red Deer Marlborough Sounds Sauvignon Blanc RRP $22 From a small, remote vineyard on the Marlborough Sounds. Clean and fresh on the nose with classic gooseberry, lime and guava aromas that verge on tropical fruit. It has a mouth-filling palate with oodles of freshness but with some softer, rounded edges. Again we see green fruit, lime skin and lime juice and a finish that reminded me of Schweppes Bitter Lemon. It promises more than it delivers, finishing a little short and lacking the concentration to be a very good wine. Nevertheless I enjoyed the weight of the wine along with the crispness. Great if you are looking for a simple, easy going style of Marlborough Sauvignon. 3.5/5 2010 Red Deer Marlborough Sounds Gewurztraminer RRP $26 This is a cool climate style of the grape with the difficult name and one that is satisfying, if standard. It has typical Gewurztraminer aromas, very aromatic with lychee, peach, rose petal and ginger. On the palate it expands with a textural fatness while still retaining its freshness. It’s medium dry and the alcohol is in balance (ie you can’t feel the heat), which can be a problem with Gewurztraminer, but not in this case. A pretty wine in a drink-now style that’s not intended for aging. 3.5/5 46

2011 Amisfield Sauvignon Blanc, Central Otago RRP $25 Hugely popular with locals in my hometown of Queenstown. Pale lemon green in colour owing to the fact that this is fresh from the tank, only having been picked in March. It has aromas of ripe pear, fruit salad and kiwi fruit. On drinking, its youthfulness is again highlighted with searing acidity that will need time to settle. There’s citrus, green apple and kiwi fruit flavours on the palate. The sweeter fruits that the nose hints at will emerge with a little more time. 3/5

2011 Amisfield Saignée Rosé, Central Otago RRP $30 Nothing makes me happier than seeing the new rosés on the shelves as now we say goodbye to winter and hello to sun. This example is bursting with bright aromas of red fruits, candy floss, fruit tea, violets and melon. It’s exuberant in the mouth, with cranberry, pink grapefruit and redcurrant and strikes a lovely balance of freshness and rounded softness. Needs a little time to settle but will be good summer drinking. 3.5/5

Sommelier - Paul Tudgay PAUL TUDGAY VISITS BURN COTTAGE Sometimes a bottle of wine needs to stimulate the mind as well as the taste buds. Burn Cottage Pinot Noir does just that. It’s produced by a vastly experienced team who are patient in the vineyard and who refuse to compromise. The wine is packaged in a sleek, black bottle with a label influenced by an 18th century fairy tale, unusual enough to make you take a second look and fascinating enough to inspire you to peek at what’s inside. Burn Cottage vineyard is nestled in a sheltered valley near Cromwell, Central Otago. The first release, the Burn Cottage Pinot Noir 2009, has already sold out, a problem, says General Manager Claire Mulholland, but a good problem. The vineyard was planted in 2002. Typically fruit is taken from new vines after 3 to 5 years. At Burn Cottage they waited 7 years until they were finally happy with the quality of the crop. Exacting standards abound in the vineyard and the winery with no filtration, no added tartaric acid and no fining. This wine is made in a very natural, ‘let it do its own thing’ way. The vineyard is owned by Chicago wine distributor Marquis Sauvage and is bio-dynamic. He was quick to employ the services of Ted Lemon, an American winemaker of stellar reputation, famous in the wine world as the man who took over management of a Burgundy producer at the age of 25, an incredibly rare achievement. Claire Mulholland is well known in Central Otago having paid her dues at Chard Farm and Gibbston Valley. She also took over at the prestigious Martinborough Vineyard before returning to Central. She

acts as associate winemaker at Burn Cottage, with Ted at the helm.The label is inspired by the fairy tale ‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’ by Goethe which was a major inspiration to the work of Rudolf Steiner, the creator of bio-dynamics. Burn Cottage Vineyard, 115 Burn Cottage Road, Lake Dunstan 9384, New Zealand • Phone: 03-445-3670

2009 Burn Cottage Pinot Noir, Central Otago RRP $60 The developing nose hints at black cherry, charred oak and cooked game but it also has lighter floral and red fruit notes. There’s cardamom, cola and balsamic aromas also. On the palate it is expansive and buoyant, leaning towards a silkiness that will develop with time. There are flavours of cherry, strawberries, game, cola and sweet spice. It’s pulls up a little short on the palate to be exceptional, but there is great promise here for the future. It’s very good drinking now but will age well over 5 years. 4/5 Sorry Morton Estate! In our previous edition of ME Magazine we reported the Morton Estate 2000 Blanc de Blanc Methode Traditionelle had won an incorrect award. The wine actually won a gold medal at the Speigelau International Wine Competition, not the San Francisco Wine Competition. The Cellar Aged range also won awards in the Speigelau competition.



What’s hot right now The Brunch’ every Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm at Terrace Downs in Canterbury has proved so popular; they have now extended it to two sittings: Sundays at 11.00am and 1.15pm. ‘The Brunch,’ both a culinary voyage and a getaway, is the latest initiative for the resort’s signature restaurant, Avoca Fine Dining. The Brunch Menu, by Executive Chef Stuart Morrison, features high country delicacies such as a traditional roast, colds, hots and sweets. Jazz Fusion is the musical element for ‘The Brunch’ with a live performance every Sunday. The cost is only $39 per person and for those with children aged 12 years and under, the resorts’ ‘Hawks Club’ facilitates a play group for your children - so ditch the kids and book early - the brunch sells out fast!

Bling your Superyacht... or Scooter! What’s hot this month? What could be hotter than a stylish piece of Italian engineering like this Vespa scooter? Not much unless it’s made out of wood! Check out this stunning example of veneer work from Aucklands Digital Veneer. They specialise in custom, environmentally responsible finishes for Aviation, Marine, Automotive, Architecture and outdoor living. Their lightweight finishes are dead ringers for looks including wood, carbon, metal and stone. Custom finishes for motorbikes or a scooter like this Vespa range between 18-24k.

The Red Hummingbird is Luke Dallow’s newest bar in the heart of Auckland city in Federal Street. A curious mix of a local pub meets cocktail lounge with a decor to keep you talking for hours. Showcasing a collection of vintage penthouse magazines, stuffed animals, a huge Tiki graffiti and nick-nacks from around the world creates a stunning and exciting place to catch up with friends. The menu is small but tasty, perfect to share and pick at with a wine from a list full of favourites. An easy place to loose track of time, the cocktails are excellent, Broken Basil, a mix of broken shed vodka, basil, passionfruit and apple juice combined with the decor took me to the tropics and a Red Hummingbird Cocktail while sitting in the giant birdcage just has to be done! 48

The highly anticipated new restaurant - FISH, opened on the 30th of August. A partnership between Hilton Auckland Hotel and the Nourish Group, FISH is headed by renowned New Zealand chef Simon Gault and his protégé of 16 years Shane Yardley. FISH features a large outdoor dining area and gas fire place, floor to ceiling windows and warm timber tones throughout. The fit out is also much warmer and more up to date than the previous White Restaurant. We tried the Clevedon oysters as an entrée and for the main, Yardley’s take on the classic “Surf & Turf”- Savanah eye fillet with crayfish, sous vide carrots, chorizo croquette and Yardley bordelaise. For dessert we were treated to a personal display by the sous chef preparing the Nitro chocolate mousse. This is world-class dining in a location that truly showcases the best of Waitemata, and for you smokers, there’s a handy balcony with fantastic views, close to the dining area, where you can slip quietly out with your glass of champers and enjoy the scenery!

The ‘curate’ launch event was run by ‘Suite Events’. Specialising in providing offsite, fun, interesting and different corporate events and functions. With experienced staff that specialise in personalised service standards, unparalleled in Auckland. At curate, owner of Suite Events, Mark Hawk designed a cocktail called ‘Spring with the Blomfield’s’.

45ml Broken Shed Vodka 15ml Bols Creme de Cacao 15ml freshly pressed lime juice 15ml Monin Triple Sec 15ml pineapple juice Shaken and strained into a rocks glass, garnished with a spring flower.

What a joyous pleasure to have indulged in the ‘Ladies Lunch a Lot’ menu at the Hiltons Queenstown’s Wakatipu Grill recently! The food was mouth-wateringly exquisite, with three courses on offer. Each dish a highly crafted combination of fresh seasonal ingredients presented as their own stylised masterpieces and offered with a glass of Church Road wine – the flavours worked wonderfully and as we took a sip of our wine we decided that life just doesn’t get any better! There is no doubt that we’ll be ‘lunching a lot’ more at the Hiltons’ Wakatipu Grill as this lunch offer is one of the best value deals in town – the setting is magical, the service impeccable and the food divine – our hot tip for summer!


Pick They’re all hand picked at Red Deer Wines A ‘lovely’ Sauvignon Blanc, unlike anything else in the area. A silver medal-winning Gewurztraminer, with ethereal texture and floral rose and spice characters. These are some of the unique flavours resulting from the hard labour and dedication of Red Deer Wine. With a focus on handmade wine, “Red Deer wines are totally hand worked and picked and are soon to go organic” according to Chicago businessman owner Stan Simpson.

Chardonnay, both winning bronze at the Marlborough Wine Show. The passion obviously flows from this boutique winery, flourishing beside a small herd of highland cattle and 300 Red Deer that give the winery its name. Red Deer Wine will be running a special at Taste of NZ for $20 per bottle including GST across all five varieties, bought in either 6 or 12 case lots. (plus delivery) Buck up your ideas and visit them at

Red Deer Wine is part of Waitaria Bay Estate and nestled in the remote Kenepuru Sound, one of the most isolated places in New Zealand. Sceptics thought their Marlborough Sounds location would be too wet or windy for good wine production, but its isolation protects it from wind blown diseases and the lack of early or late frosts eliminates the need for helicopters. It’s testament to their success that other operators have since opened, emulating Red Deers’ example. And the results? Truly hand tended wines including the 2010 Viognier and

Current finalist for Best Bar - its no wonder! The talented Suite Bar team have just won the nationwide Appletons Rum Cocktail competition, and have placed as finalists in several national cocktail events. All this in just the last three months! Bar Manger James Goggin and his team are sure to make something tantalizingly special for you using the Suite Bar spirit selection, which is inarguably the best in the country. The award winning wine list is perfect with great food from their local seasonal menu. Enjoy Suites own pie range and wash it down with a choice of 31 New Zealand craft beers! Join us to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere after work or party into the small hours. You can book Suite for your Christmas function, or Suite Events will bring the magic to your home or chosen location. Contact Nick, Open from 3pm to 5am Tuesday to Friday & 8pm - 5am Saturday



Visit our websites to view our new season lifestyle packages available ROMANTIC HIDEAWAY I REVITALISING RETREAT I FAMILY HEAVEN


Play some of Auckland’s best golf courses, including the highly acclaimed Gulf Harbour Country Club for NZ $149pp (includes green fees, transfers, souvenir gift pack, tour guide and playing partners (if required). Optional extras: club hire, electric cart hire & lunch pack.


Priced from NZ $1,800pp See

Phone: +64 9 473 1496 | Freephone: 0800 GO TO GOLF (0800 46 86 46) |

Fresh · Local · Seasonal Perched right on the shores of beautiful Lake Wakatipu, it's hard to get past the big views from the Wakatipu Grill at Hilton Queenstown. Chef Peter Thornley's new culinary space has become Queenstown's ultimate dining destination. The tone is set by impeccable service and the taste is provocative of New Zealand flavours with a focus on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Come along and taste the experience.

Wakatipu Grill is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 Days a week

Reservations recommended phone 03 450 9400, Hilton Queenstown, Kawarau Village, Peninsula Rd, Queenstown


Chauffeur Queenstown

Lin McKenzie How long have you been driving a Corporate Cab? Three years as of last month (August). Most enjoyable experience A sight-seeing tour with Sir Peter (The Mad Butcher) and Lady Janice Leitch. It was really quite incredible, strangers were approaching Sir Peter in the street with money for his Christchurch appeal. He was in some discomfort with surgery on his knee imminent but this didn’t diminish his enthusiasm in any way. What a man this is and what a day out that was! How does it feel to be operating the first luxury van in the fleet? Good fun! It gives access to work we were not doing before i.e. golf trips, dining parties or family tours for four or more people, as well as airport work where parties of four or more with their attendant luggage come forward. The concept has been well received by the hotels we service and is proving to be a success. 


Jim Vickers How long have you been driving a Corporate Cab? It will be eleven years at the end of 2011 What’s the most memorable day in your job? Transferring the Webb Ellis RWC trophy from Wgtn Airport to KPMG and returning later that night with the security guards back to the airport. Who is the most famous person you have chauffeured? I couldn’t possibly tell you that! What I will say is that it was an actress from the cult UK TV series “The Avengers”. Best place to visit in Wellington Mt Vic for the panoramic view of the city on a good day and Te Papa museum for historical / educational. What is one moment in your vocation that you would most like to forget? After receiving my brand new Caprice V8, after only a few days I remember having to pick up my front bumper off the road after being involved in an altercation.


Debbie Timmins How long have you been driving a Corporate Cab? After 11 years in Real Estate I was looking for a change but still needed a job with flexible hours and after careful consideration, joined Corporate Cabs in February this year. Most enjoyable experience No one moment comes to mind, but my overall learning curve was made so much more enjoyable with all the help and advice from the other drivers. Best place to visit in Auckland That’s easy! Auckland’s waterfront and harbour.  There’s always something happening. What is one moment in your vocation that you would most like to forget? When I first started I delivered a passenger to her destination after going the wrong way, not once but twice within a week!  She forgave me and has now become one of my regular customers! Most interesting fare you have taken Early in my driving career I went to Thames to pick up a passenger from the Hospital.  She was a delightful English lady who had had an accident and was finally allowed to fly home.  She chatted all the way back to Auckland, and then gave me a hug goodbye.



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