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A SIGN THAT YOU WILL BE SERVED WITH THE UTMOST PROFESSIONALISM AT ALL TIMES. The Hotel Concierge Society Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand – HCSNZ is a non-profit, non-political association of tourism industry professionals. Our membership consists of the finest hotel Concierges throughout New Zealand. We are dedicated to promoting professionalism in tourism in New Zealand, and committed to providing the highest possible standards of service to our valued hotel guests. Associated to the Union International Hotel Concierge ‘Les Clefs d’Or’ our members are recognised by The Crossed Golden Key lapel pins, which are worn while on duty at the Concierge desk. Visit to learn more about The Hotel Concierge Society Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand - The Society of the Golden Keys. Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine





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Autumn 2011

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Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine


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Autumn 2011


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THE NORTH FACE STORE - OPEN 7 DAYS Cnr Shortland St & Jean Batten Place, Auckland. Ph : +64 9 368 7218 SEE THE VIDEO AT



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40 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown. Open 7 Days from 9am. Phone: +64 3 442 1355 Email: Available online at or FREEPHONE 0800 WOOLPRESS (0800 966 577) 6


Autumn 2011

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The Fusion between Ceramic, 18K Red Gold and Rubber.

Hublot TV on:

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Kia Ora “Welcome” to New Zealand From the moment you arrive, we offer you a 100% pure experience of the very best that New Zealand has to offer. Enjoy world-class wines, breathtaking scenery and sample the wonderful flavours of New Zealand cuisine. Relax in the warmth and friendliness of our Kiwi hospitality and don’t forget to come again! HON. JOHN KEY Prime Minister of New Zealand and Minister of Tourism

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FRANZ STAUFER President, Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand Executive Concierge, The Chatham Auckland

From the President

The History

Les Clefs d'Or Concierge Society of NZ

Welcome to the Sixth Edition of Recommend New Zealand Magazine, The Concierges Guide to the very best of New Zealand. First of all the Les Clefs d’Or Concierge Society of New Zealand expresses its condolences and sympathy to the people of Christchurch, New Zealand, after the devastating earthquake which has claimed many lives, injured scores of others and destroyed offices and homes “at times like this, we can only offer support and deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones during such a tragedy. In the spirit of friendship, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all of those affected in the Christchurch Earthquake." The Hotel Concierge Society Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand, is a non-profit, non-political professional association, with the country’s best hotel Concierges as members. As a national chapter of the prestigious Union Internationale des Concierges d‘Hotels Les Clefs d’Or, we have the responsibility of spreading the word in New Zealand of the ideals and ethics of our society, promoting professionalism in the hospitality and tourism industry through the concept of “service through friendship”. This means that we must set an example to the industry as a whole, displaying the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity, and above all friendship in our dealings with not only our guests, but within our hotels, and with our many and varied “suppliers”, who contribute to New Zealand’s outstanding success as a tourism and business destination. Recommend New Zealand Magazine is one way we, as an organisation, can contribute by helping promote those we recommend daily. We are proud to showcase the best suppliers, as recommended every day by New Zealand’s best Concierges. We hope you enjoy your time in beautiful New Zealand, and of course if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask your friendly Concierge! In service through friendship, Franz Staufer 12


Of Les Clefs d'Or

In 12th Century France, the “compte des cierges” (“keeper of the candles”) served in the grand palaces and castles as the gatekeeper or head of the staff, who held the keys for the house. He greeted a palace’s visiting nobility as they arrived, and catered to their every whim. In the grand hotels of Europe, the idea of a “Concierge” survived through the centuries as the palaces evolved into hotels and as the “tourism” industry developed. In 1929 the legendary Parisian Concierge Ferdinand Gillet called together his counterparts across Europe to discuss ways they could co-operate to serve their guests. The Les Clefs d’Or (“keys of gold”) society was founded on the principals of integrity, friendship and professionalism, and the members adopted the golden keys to symbolise the opening of doors for their guests. Today members are recognised by the Crossed Golden Key lapel pins, worn on their jackets, while on duty at the Concierge desk. Today, this organisation has spread to 40 nations and comprises more than 3500 members worldwide. The spirit of this network is embodied in the credo, “In Service through Friendship.”

Our Role Associated to the Union International Hotel Concierges ‘Les Clefs d’Or’, the Hotel Concierge Society Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand is a non-profit, nonpolitical, professional association consisting of the finest hotel Concierges throughout New Zealand. We provide our guests with the highest possible standard of service our country has to offer. We are dedicated to promoting professionalism in tourism in New Zealand, and committed to providing the highest possible standard of service to you, our valued guest. The Les Clefs d’Or Concierge at your hotel is the local expert in their region and has a vast array of contacts. Whether you have a simple request or a difficult problem, your Concierge will work tirelessly to assist in any way necessary – before, during and after your stay.

Autumn 2011

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Annabel Langbein Talks about her favourite things in New Zealand

What is your favourite place in New Zealand for a Holiday? Wainui beach summer holidays in Gisborne are such a blast – old mates, great waves, sun-kissed produce, delicious wines. Swimming, fishing, diving, barbies on the beach, picnics and adventures – free-spirited fun! If you had one week in life where you could do anything in the world what would it be? I would be hanging out with a bunch of great friends in a villa somewhere in Sicily – probably in summer and certainly overlooking the sea in a remote, beautiful place with the beach to ourselves. We’d slip into a daily rhythm of visiting the local butcher, baker and market, then heading to the beach to swim and lounge around with a good book, then having lunch in some fabulous little café, more swims and walks, then long, languid dinners cooked over the fire, sipping some yummy wines, watching the sun go down and talking about the day and reminiscing about life’s adventures. If you had to recommend to an International Visitor to do one thing while they were in New Zealand, what would it be? Walk one of the great walks – the Milford Track or the Routeburn or the Hollyford. We New Zealanders often take for granted the great outdoors we have at our fingertips, but it’s so magical. Oh, and eat fresh whitebait fritters with a glass of chilled sav blanc. What do you do during your downtime / hobbies? I like to garden, and I still love to cook and most days when I am not working I will potter in the kitchen making preserves or baking. I love water and swimming and fishing and snorkelling. And reading too. If I were to get you a Christmas present what would you like it to be? Something yummy that’s homemade, like a Christmas panforte or some chocolates or preserves. Or maybe some music. It’s always great to get new music – you can easily get stuck in your own zone of artists and being 14


Autumn 2011

introduced to new ones opens up your world. What is your favourite drink? I always love a glass of good French champagne, or a good cocktail in the summer. Serving nice wines with the food you are eating really does elevate the experience – like a bottle of Chateau Rieussec with individual hot lemon soufflés. Mmmnnnn! What is your favourite New Zealand Band? There are so many brilliant New Zealand artists it’s hard to choose. New Zealand music is really coming of age across a bunch of genres. Flight of the Conchords are so funny and clever, Holly Smith’s songs are brilliant, and then you have Six60 and Fat Freddy’s Drop and then back to those early songs from Crowded House... What is the most unusual thing someone has come up and said to you since you have become a New Zealand Legend? I don’t know about ‘legend’! But someone did come up to me recently and say: “Did anyone ever tell you you look like Annabel Langbein?” What other jobs have you done before? Food has been a thread right though my life but along the way I have done lots of things. I did possum trapping and live deer recovery in the Ureweras in my teens (and at 20 I bought my first house with the money I had earned). I have managed a vineyard, been a microwave consultant, had my own croissant business in Brazil, and been a caterer for film crews. Have you ever done a bungy jump? No! I have a major propensity to dislocate!

Above: Annabel Langbein’s Double-baked Souffles with Blue Cheese and Spinach (see recipe below).

What is the New Zealand Food that you miss the most when you are away from New Zealand? Vogel’s bread and Vegemite. What is your favourite café, bar or restaurant in the World? I love everything about Amisfield in Arrowtown, from the simple, honest, fresh food they serve – rustic dishes like melt-in-the-mouth pork belly and duck salad with figs and scrumptious risottos – to the shared plates concept,

Annabel Langbein’s Double-baked Souffles with Blue Cheese and Spinach Prep time: 15 mins | Cook time: 20 mins + 5-7 mins reheating Serves: 6-8 Ingredients: • 60g butter, plus extra to butter ramekins • ½ cup plain flour • 2 cups milk • pinch of ground nutmeg • salt and ground black pepper • 5 egg yolks

• 1 cup cooked spinach, all moisture squeezed out • 150g crumbled, firm blue cheese • ¼ cup fresh chervil or other fresh herbs, eg parsley or tarragon • 6 egg whites

To reheat: about ½ cup cream, a little fresh parmesan, shaved with a potato peeler. Pre-heat oven to 175°C. Butter 8 small ramekins and put in the fridge. Then butter again – this prevents mix from sticking. Melt butter in a large pot, add flour and stir over heat for a minute. Whisk in milk, nutmeg, salt and pepper, stirring constantly until sauce simmers and thickens. Remove from heat and beat in egg yolks, one

and the gorgeous environment both inside and out. The service is fabulous, as are the wines and the whole experience feels wonderfully nourishing and satisfying. A Web: | In Print: Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook. Available in all good book stores nationwide or you can buy it from her website at at a time. Beat in spinach, cheese and half the herbs, reserving rest of herbs for garnish. Whip egg whites until stiff in a clean dry bowl. Add ¼ of egg whites to sauce and fold in until thoroughly mixed. Add remainder of egg whites and fold together as lightly as possible. Fill ramekins to top. Smooth tops and run your thumb around edge of dishes so soufflés rise evenly. Set ramekins in a deep roasting dish lined with a clean tea towel, so the dishes don’t crack. Pour boiling water around them to come half-way up the sides of the dishes. Place immediately into hot oven. Bake until soufflés are puffed, browned and just set in the centre, 15-20 minutes. Serve at once. For use later: take out of water bath and leave to cool – the soufflés will shrink back into the ramekins, pulling away slightly from sides. Unmould them into an ovenproof dish and keep covered in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. To reheat, drizzle cream over soufflés. Heat oven to 220°C. Bake soufflés until browned and slightly puffed, 5-7 minutes. Sprinkle with chervil, top with a few shavings of fresh parmesan and serve immediately. Variation: For Smoked Salmon Soufflés replace spinach and blue cheese with 120g finely chopped smoked salmon and 1 cup tasty cheese.

Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine



Queenstown's Newest Lady on the Lake Cruise Lake Wakatipu on this 5 star darling

In February 2011 the Mahoney family embarked on a mammoth journey to land their Superyacht ‘Pacific Jemm’ on Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown. This newest lady of the lake may not have history on her side, but has a story of her own now to tell after completing an epic journey from Bluff to her dock in Queenstown. After sailing down the East Coast from Picton to Bluff she was trucked more than 170km to Kingston on Lake Wakatipu and the hauling was a major challenge. The yacht is 24 metres long, 6 meters wide and 5.5 metres high and weighs 60 tonnes. The height factor made it difficult. Once on the truck the load reached 7.1 metres and that meant overhead wires had to be lifted and in some cases electricity turned off on the journey.

are nearby. Nestled on the shores of the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu – Queenstown, this is New Zealand’s premier four season lake and alpine resort and Pacific Jemm is the only luxury yacht available for charter here in an environment that is also know for it’s regular visits from the rich and famous. You can enjoy intimate meals in both indoor and outdoor dining areas while being waited on by professional staff. Meals can be formal or alfresco casual on the aft deck and around the bar and barbecue up on the flybridge.

Earlier, the excavation work at Kingston to build a slipway for the boat to enter the Lake, sparked a police operation after the contractor unearthed bones. While the discovery fuelled speculation of a break-through in an old murder case, they turned out to be from a sheep. This is Queenstown’s latest visitor activity – the 24 metre-long boat made its maiden charter voyage on Lake Wakatipu on the 9th of February, ferrying 35 Chinese wedding party guests to Walter Peak. On board, VIP passengers enjoy absolute 5 star luxury including four bedroom cabins, each with its own ensuite, a spa bath, fully-fitted kitchen and Sky TV. From $1500 + gst an hour to rent Pacific Jemm “she is attracting a lot of interest from the resort’s bustling visitor market", says owner Mike Mahoney. Lake Wakatipu is renowned for its scenic beauty being surrounded by mountains. The Remarkables mountain range lies along its southeastern edge. It is a popular venue for adventure tourism with skifields, paragliding, bungy jumping and tramping tracks within easy reach. Several vineyards 16


Autumn 2011

Pacific Jemm is a modern, high performance yacht that cocoons her guests in comfort and class. State of the art navigation systems and satellite communication tools are just a few of the amenities that make the Pacific Jemm a world-class charter experience. A 24 metre Falcon 80S thoroughbred, her Italian heritage is reflected in classical lines and sumptuous craftsmanship. Luxurious air-conditioned accommodation, superb cuisine and renowned Kiwi hospitality. Take day excursions as a group on beautiful Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. Dine on the deck or indoors with full catered service from the chefs and

Pacific Jemm – She's a Lady.

service staff. Celebrate with your significant other while visiting some of the most picturesque bays in the South Pacific. Enjoy an evening with friends over cocktails. You and your guests will have access to a full bar and professional wait staff. Celebrate that special day with your family and friends all aboard the Pacific Jemm. Pacific Jemm has accommodations for all occasions. Below is a list of some of the occasions Pacific Jemm supports and is quick to work with you on your event planning needs: • Parties • Nature Cruises • Intimate Dinners • Honeymoon Cruises • Cocktail Functions • Product Launches • Networking Occasions • Weddings • Overnight Excursions

Charter Bookings Rates: From NZD$1500 + gst per hour Physical Address: Steamer Wharf Offices, Level 1 88 Beach St Queenstown. Phone:

021 707 564


Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine



Cream of the Crop Fresh seasonal plates served up at our best wineries

An essential part of every New Zealand holiday should be spending time amongst the vines of our fabulous wineries where many menus reflect the food of their regions and you often find chefs ducking out to their lovingly planted herb and vegetable gardens to select decorations and enhance flavours, serving their diners the freshest possible degustation experience.

Above Left: Visit Pegasus Bay Winery in Waipara Valley for the Pegasus Bay Platter for Two at $75 suitable with any Pegasus Bay wine. Above Right: The Amisfield Bistro in Queenstown, Oritz anchovies, chilli & lemon plate at $22 which they match with their Amisfield Sauvignon Blanc.

cheese, chorizo Iberico, calabrese salami & Black Forest ham, Mt Cook salmon, Retro Organics camembert & sweet smoked paprika & cumin almonds, wild pork & herbes de Provence terrine, caramelised red onion marmalade with pinot noir, roasted red capsicum, feta & mint yoghurt dip, served with a selection of toasted ciabatta ($25 for 1 person or $42.50 for two)

Recently I visited a winery and when I requested their whitebait I was told that the chef at that very moment was sitting on a river bank on the West Coast waiting for the whitebait to run so she could bring it back to the winery for forthcoming lunches. Here are a few of our favourite platters from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island: After a morning of activities or shopping, we recommend you kick off your shoes and relax with a welcoming bottle of wine, a delicious vineyard platter and enjoy the atmosphere of these fabulous wineries.


At Plume Restaurant in Matakana, North of Auckland Central we recommend the Plume Gourmet Platter at $55, a veritable feast for two, Plume’s antipasto selection of fresh breads and dips, crispy rabbit with mandarin pancake, beef carpaccio, gyoza (pork or tofu), beetroot marinated salmon, roasted olives, scallop twister, manchego and honey, roasted zucchini. At Mt Difficulty Restaurant In Bannockburn, Central Otago, The Mt Difficulty Platter Antipasti of - sundried tomatoes, mixed olives, garlic & cornichons, grated parmesan cheese, home-made gingerbread with blue 18


Autumn 2011

This new product is skilfully crafted by Dave Miller, chef extraordinaire of Karuna Fine Cuisine. This jus is the ultimate gourmet sauce which is ideal for Beef, Lamb or Venison. The ultimate jus on the retail market that is straight from the restaurant to your dining table. There are no added preservatives or thickening agents to this product and it is gluten free. After many hours of production you simply heat and pour to enhance your dining experience and impress your friends. Visit for stockists

Plume, the Vineyard Restaurant

Pegasus Bay Christchurch (Waipara)


Rated one of New Zealand’s Top 5 Wine Producers, Pegasus Bay is Canterbury’s top winery. Chef Oliver Jackson’s menu showcases excellent South Island produce, including ingredients from the kitchen garden, and he prepares them with flair and imagination for guests from all over the world. The large garden is a picture-perfect spot for lunch, with a lawn that rolls down to meet a lake. Indoors, the restaurant is welcoming and you can lounge on red-leather couches around an open fire. The exclusively Pegasus Bay wine list has a significant selection of vintages to match the food. Awarded New Zealand’s best winery restaurant for the last 3 years by Cuisine Magazine!

Superbly situated in the grape-growing region of Matakana, Plume the vineyard restaurant will delight your palate with its seasonally inspired dishes celebrating local produce. For the wine lover, Plume’s cellar door offers an opportunity to sample some of the finest wines in the region alongside those from the owners own vineyard, the Runner Duck Estate. With two types of tastings available – a casual sitting where no bookings are necessary and a tutored tasting for groups of 10 or more, Plume’s cellar door experience will engage and broaden the palate of any wine lover. Just an hours drive north of Auckland City, Plume really is a 'must visit' destination. Editor’s Note: Try the Tasting Platters with a fabulous carafe of rosé! For more information on Plume and its cellar door, opening hours, reservations or to order wine online visit and or Phone 09 422 7915. 49a Sharp Road Matakana.

Pegasus Bay Cellar Door open 7 days, 10am – 5pm, Pegasus Bay Restaurant open 7 days (reservations suggested) 12noon to 4pm, Stockgrove Rd, Waipara, RD 2 Amberley 7482, North Canterbury – 35 minutes drive north of Christchurch, Phone 03 314 6869. Website:

Amisfield Winery Queenstown

Mt Difficulty Wines Bannockburn

Amisfield Winery & Bistro is an establishment that has to be seen to be believed. An incredible stone structure set against spectacular scenery. The Bistro focuses on relaxed dining and sharing food and offers a daily changing menu of organic and locally sourced produce served in a simple style to match Amisfield’s wines, which highlights Amisfield’s “Grown Not Made” sustainable approach.

Experience the Essence of Central Otago. Sample award winning wines and enjoy contemporary, fresh, seasonal cuisine:

Their Chef has cleverly created a menu – which can be enjoyed either in their architecturally award winning winery or stunning courtyard setting – known as the ‘Trust the Chef’ menu. Editor’s Note: On arrival into Queenstown, I don’t even check into my Hotel – it is straight to relax at Amisfield for a Pinot! Amisfield Tasting Room & Wine Shop open 7 days, 10am-6pm, Amisfield Bistro open Tues–Sun 11.30am-8pm (last bookings 6pm), 10 Lake Hayes Road, RD 1, Queenstown, Phone 03 442 0556. Website:

• Wine tasting - a full range of Mt Difficulty and Roaring Meg wines with retail sales and national/international wine delivery options; • The Mt Difficulty Restaurant - open for casual lunches 7 days, with recommended wine suggestions to accompany your meal; • Central Otago’s best views for those souvenir photographs; • Award winning wines with a knowledgeable and experienced team to help with your selections. Editor's Note: The most vibrant contemporary meals I've ever seen – definitely the best lunch in Bannockburn. Mt Difficulty Cellar Door & Restaurant open 7 days: wine tastings 10.30am-4.30pm; lunch 12noon-3pm (reservations essential). 73 Felton Road, Bannockburn – 5 mins from Cromwell. Bookings 03 445 3445 ext 1, email Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine



Scuba Success

Above: Russ and Wendy Helms with their son outside Cathedral Cove Dive & Snorkel in Hahei, Coromandel.

The Essential Underwater Experience

I had never considered diving, I thought it was an activity that required years of skill and training until a friend of mine recommended Cathedral Cove Dive and Snorkel. Just a short 2.5 hour drive from Auckland, located in Hahei, I had been told this was the perfect spot to try Scuba Diving. With Te Whanganui-a Hei (The Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve) right on Hahei’s doorstep, you can be underwater within 1 hour of arriving at Cathedral Cove Dive & Snorkel – and that’s with never having done any scuba diving before in your life!

quite close. It was definitely not the “scary” encounter I had expected. It was so peaceful I felt like I was experiencing a whole new world! Luckily Wendy had advised me to hire an underwater camera from the store, so I managed to take some incredible shots and a short video. I was amazed at the way the creatures of the sea accepted our presence and wondered how a busy street full of people would react if a giant fish appeared and walked around looking at things. I doubt there would be the same calm acceptance!

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely hosts Russ and Wendy (who have been in business in Hahei, Coromandel Peninsula, for 20 years).

On my drive down to Hahei from Auckland I was thinking that this would be the one and only time in my life that I would ever go diving as I am not a daredevil but it was such an incredible experience and surprisingly easy that I can’t wait to go again and meet plenty more of the underwater sea life in Hahei. Or maybe I will try Dive! Tutukaka next time, who go to the famous Poor Knights Island, which offers some of the best sub-tropical diving in the world!

Russ and Wendy have a successful niche business which has been built on taking anxious (initially) beginner divers out for their first experience underwater. The afternoon started off with a brief PADI overview (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) which after completion you receive a wall certificate to take home with you. All the gear - Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Wetsuit were supplied and set up for me, all I had to do was leap into my wetsuit, jump in the boat and await my wonderful adventure. On the ride to the sea Wendy said “we can guarantee fish, but it’s the unexpected that’s the bonus – dolphins, stingrays, moray eels and kingfish”. I was definitely not looking forward to encountering a stingray! I anxiously got out of the boat and into the water. The first 5 minutes were rather intense and adrenaline packed as this was my first time diving, but Wendy and Russ were professionals at calming my nerves! Once I settled down into a good breathing pattern, I was then taken on a guided cruise around the underwater sights. After about 20 minutes I experienced the thrill of weightlessness, it was similar to taking a spacewalk 12 meters underwater! I looked around and I was swimming amongst massive crayfish, overweight snapper, curious blue cod and a stingray, who calmly came up



Autumn 2011

Cathedral Cove Dive & Snorkel Web:


48 Hahei Beach Road, Hahei, RD1 Whitianga, New Zealand


07 866 3955

Departs Daily: 9:30am and 1:30pm, allow 3 hours. Summer - October - 31st April. Reduced hours in winter time - 1st May to 30th September

Dive! Tutukaka Freephone 0800 288 882 | Web:

Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine



Rafting the Shotover River with KC – Kaptain Carnage Not as scary as it sounds!

It was with great trepidation that I hopped on the bus to embark on my Rafting trip in Queenstown. One of my biggest fears has always been getting dumped from a raft upside down in a rapid never to be seen by family and friends again. Danny (who provided the entertainment on our bus on the way into Skippers Canyon) didn’t help either – swinging stories not only about what was going to happen to us that morning on the raft but informing us also of the potential number of times the bus could roll if our driver made a mistake and we went down any of the 300ft cliffs that are on the road during our journey into Skippers Canyon. Luckily I had taken a friend to hold my hand so that helped alleviate some of my fears. However by the time we arrived at our River Rafting departure point I realised I had closed my eyes about 10 times and we weren’t even on the raft yet! Danny had told many jokes and kept us entertained the entire journey into the river on the second most dangerous road in New Zealand so I was slightly thankful but wished I had taken the other option which I would recommend: for an extra $100pp you can fly in by Helicopter in your rafting gear. Next time that will definitely be my choice! The safety briefing that ensued was intense. This I was very grateful for and it was then that I realised that this operation was very professional. Safety was number one. Rafting has come a long way in the last ten years with every little potential problem being discussed and training provided before you even get on the water. Seven of us were teamed up together with our fantastic raft guide Gareth Wilson (also known as KC – Kaptain Carnage) who would steer us to safety on every rapid. He has been a raft guide all over the world for over 15 years. He was an absolute character and one of the best Guides I have ever come across in the world. The drills he put us through, the commentary he provided and the skill he used throughout the trip were absolutely exceptional! Myself and one other woman on the trip were petrified from the outset and he did everything to 22


Autumn 2011

make us feel like this was going to be the best thing we had ever done in our lives. The rapids were refreshing, fun and not out of control with KC at the rear guiding the raft to safety every time. When we were all given the option of jumping off the raft and floating for a short time downstream through a grade one rapid, the other scared woman and I were the first to jump off, and what a feeling. It was tremendous. I felt in control the entire time. The rafting almost seemed to be less important than the people I met, the scenery and the gold mining history. The experience as a whole was liberating and another one that I can tick off the bucket list. However... I won’t be completely ticking it off as now that I have rafted one river I am hooked. There are over 30 rafting operations in New Zealand so I have about 29 to go. I’m off to Rotorua now to try the Kaituna with River Rats Raft and Kayak! Editors Tip: Try rafting the Shotover River in mid-winter as the display of snow and icicles is exceptional. Also the Platter for $26 at Cavells Café at the end of the rafting trip is highly recommended!

The Facts |

Autumn 2011 RECOMMEND NZ Magazine



Urupukapuka Island A jewel in the winterless north – By Emma Scarpella


Anyone wanting to explore the pristine natural environment of the Bay of Islands will find a trip to Urupukapuka Island ticks all the boxes. Whether you would like to explore the island by kayak or by foot, or just relax in the beachside restaurant and bar, Urupukapuka has plenty to offer. Archeological walks, snorkelling and enjoying quiet deserted beaches are all available to you.

Accommodation options vary. Explore NZ can collect you from luxury lodges Eagles Nest and Kauri Cliffs on the gorgeous Lady Gay or aboard Lion New Zealand. Urupukapuka’s Otehei Bay offers rustic ‘early settlers’ overnight cabins ideal for groups of up to 72 people, favoured by large corporations for team building events. Weddings and other functions are well catered for.

Urupukapuka has played host to ‘Live at the Islands’ concerts featuring top New Zealand artists Don McGlashan and The Topp Twins. These concerts support Project Kiwi Care, an Explore NZ initiative formed to provide financial support to local conservation projects including Project Island Song. Project Island song is a major ecological restoration programme. Planting trees and releasing rare and endangered birds are helping the Bay of Islands return to their former natural glory, for future generations to enjoy. Visitors can learn more at the Project Island Song Centre on the island.

Getting to your destination is an absolute pleasure, with a range of sailing experiences on offer. Spend the day on Lion New Zealand, the ultimate sailing experience onboard New Zealand’s famous 80ft maxi yacht.


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The Ultimate Bay of Islands Experiences!

Built for the late Sir Peter Blake, 'Lion New Zealand' was his entry in the 1985/86 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race and won the prestigious Sydney to Hobart in 1984. This magnificent yacht offers a once in a lifetime experience. Also available for charter is Lady Gay. Built as a gentleman's luxury launch in 1935, she came out of restoration in January 2003. She is now in magnificent condition, as you would expect a launch of that era to be. Her large enclosed cockpit enables a good all round view, in the comfort only obtainable on a 47 foot, heavy displacement classic. Used as a coastal patrol vessel during WWII, she is one of New Zealand's priceless maritime antiquities. Take a dolphin discovery tour, and Explore NZ are so confident you will see them they give free tickets if your group are unlucky not to spot them on the day. As your captain lingers to watch the dolphins, they will impart interesting and informative information about dolphin habits and characteristics. Your hosts are friendly, helpful and genuinely love the job they do. Take a trip with Explore NZ and experience the magic of the Bay of Islands, the crown jewels of the winterless north.

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Exceptional Kauri Cliffs By Victoria Wilson - Golfer

One of the top 50 golf clubs in the world, Kauri Cliffs is a must do for any golfer visiting New Zealand. Guests are given a warm kiwi welcome, and do not have to lift a finger. Carts are loaded with clubs, and complimentary water and tees provided. Balls are beautifully arranged on the practice fairway ready to hit. Ocean views dotted with islands provide the backdrop to all 18 holes. The surroundings are a real slice of New Zealand countryside with cattle grazing on farmland and some fine stands of native bush. The peace and tranquillity is only disturbed by the sound of club hitting ball. With well groomed tees and fairways, and slick and true greens, the average golfer can happily play this challenging course without feeling intimidated. I for one am an average golfer and managed to finish the course with the same golf ball I started with. Some greens hug the edge of the cliff and require accuracy to land the ball, which only adds to the thrill of playing this renowned course. There are three choices of tee placement available for men ranging from 5560 metres to 6539 metres and two choices for women: 4476 metres and 5261 metres. If you need to console yourself with retail therapy, visit the pro shop where a comprehensive range of golfing attire awaits. Kauri Cliffs is more than just a golf course, it is the perfect fix for even the most jaded golfer.

We stayed locally to Kauri Cliffs and could have happily extended our stay for a week with superb host Richard at the Stone Store Lodge in Kerikeri. Purpose-built with unique features, all designed for the utmost care of Richard’s guests. There is a bath in the bush which makes for a luxurious treat and the suites are very spacious with large comfortable beds showcasing top of the range linens. It is so peaceful, you feel like there is no one for miles around. If you are not staying at the world renowned Kauri Cliffs Lodge, the next best thing is the Stone Store Lodge in Kerikeri with Richard, a very relaxed environment which makes you feel instantly comfortable, and where a cooked delicious breakfast of your choice is all part of the service. We recommend that you make a special trip to Kerikeri just to stay here and play this magnificent golf course!

The Facts Kauri Cliffs Golf Shop Phone 09 407 0060 Lodge Phone 09 407 0010 Matauri Bay Road, Matauri Bay, Northland Stone Store Lodge 201 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands Phone 09 407 6693



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Kauri Cliffs Golf Course Bay of Islands

Kauri Cliffs was designed and built by David Harman of Golf Course Consultants, Orlando, Florida. The par 72 championship golf course measures 7,119 yards/ 6,510 metres and offers five sets of tees to challenge every skill level. Fifteen holes view the Pacific Ocean, six of which are played alongside cliffs which plunge to the sea. The beautiful inland holes wind through marsh, forest and farmland. Kauri Cliffs hosted the 2008 Kiwi Challenge won by Hunter Mahan. The golf complex includes a world-class practice range, putting and chipping greens, a well stocked golf shop, and ladies’ and mens’ locker rooms. Ladies’ and mens’ rental clubs and shoes are available.

TRANSPORT OPTIONS By Airplane Air New Zealand operates scheduled flights daily from Auckland to Kerikeri (Bay of Islands) Airport. Charter flights can also be organized. Kauri Cliffs will meet your flight - upon request.

Kauri Cliffs Golf Course currently ranked #78 best golf course in the world by Golf Magazine

By Helicopter Several helicopter companies operate flights from Auckland to Kauri Cliffs. Travel direct to Kauri Cliffs is approximately 1 hour.


By Car Approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes from Auckland or 292 kms: Kauri Cliffs can arrange for either a car rental or car and driver.

International Green Fees: 18 holes NZ Residents: 18 holes

Bookings: Telephone: +64 9 407 0060 | Website:

Low Season 01/05/10-30/09/10 NZ$270* NZ$180*

High Season 01/10/10-30/04/11 NZ$360* NZ$225*

Optional Additions: Electric Cart (per person) NZ$32* | Golf Trundler NZ$10* Rental Clubs NZ$70* | Caddies Single NZ$60* | Caddies Double NZ$125* | Forecaddie NZ$25*

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course Hawke’s Bay

Designed by legendary golf architect Tom Doak, the Cape Kidnappers par 71 golf course measures 7,119 yards (6,510 meters) and will challenge golfers of all skill levels. Completed in 2004, this spectacular New Zealand golf course has been hailed as one of the great modern marvels in golf. Cape Kidnappers hosted the 2009 Kiwi Challenge won by Anthony Kim. The Clubhouse features a golf shop, locker rooms, and grill room allowing golfers to dine with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Ladies’ and men’s rental clubs and shoes are available.

TRANSPORT OPTIONS By Airplane Air New Zealand operates at least 8 scheduled flights daily from Auckland (55 mins) or Wellington (50 mins) to Napier (Hawke’s Bay) Airport. Charter flights can also be organized. Flight met upon request. By Helicopter Helicopters operate nationwide, and can be arranged. Travel direct to Cape Kidnappers from Auckland is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, Wellington flight time is 1 hour 20 minutes and from Taupo the flight time is 30-35 minutes. By Car From Auckland (allow 6 hours) From Wellington (allow 4 hours). Bookings: Telephone: +64 6 873 1018 | Website:

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course currently ranked # 36 best golf course in the world by Golf Magazine GREEN FEES International Green Fees: 18 holes NZ Residents: 18 holes

Low Season 01/05/10-30/09/10 NZ$270* NZ$180*

High Season 01/10/10-30/04/11 NZ$360* NZ$225*

Optional Additions: Electric Cart (per person) NZ$32* | Golf Trundler NZ$10* | Rental Clubs NZ$70* | Caddies Single NZ$60* | Caddies Double NZ$125* | Forecaddie NZ$25*

* All prices exclude 15% GST

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4 Fantastic Activities Under the Mountain Autumn at the Hermitage

Nestled beneath New Zealand’s highest mountain, The Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is spectacular in all seasons. When autumn rolls around it really comes into its own. Crisp clear days and nights provide the traveller with exceptional opportunities to view the wonders of the night sky and to make the most of the outdoors before winter sets in.

expanse of sky has to be seen to be believed - this region is internationally recognised for its dark night sky free of light pollution. Big Sky Stargazing, based at the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, takes you on a journey through our neighbourhood in the universe. You begin with an orientation in the Theatre Planetarium with a special live digital sky presentation highlighting unique features currently seen in our southern sky.

The Hermitage Hotel is the perfect ‘base camp’ to discover Aoraki Mount Cook. Views from the Hermitage take in the glorious Aoraki Mount Cook, and offer sharp relief against the changing trees. You can set out for a walk to kea point overlooking the Tasman Glacier or join Ultimate Hikes on a guided walk of the Hooker Valley. Until the Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake begins to freeze, you can take a guided tour on a mac boat and view the spectacular icebergs that have broken off the Terminal Face in January and February this year. Or ride in a 4WD or all terrain vehicle to see the mighty glacier with its giant moraine walls as it sweeps down the Tasman Valley. But perhaps the best advantage to be taken in the settled Autumn weather is viewing the southern night skies. Mount Cook is far from the city lights and therefore has some of the darkest skies in New Zealand. The sheer



Autumn 2011

You then drive a short distance with the guide to an outdoor stargazing site for spectacular views of that southern sky. With the aid of purpose built telescopes, binoculars, and the naked eye, you will see and learn about the Milky Way, the Southern Cross, Magellanic Clouds, galaxies, nebulae, brilliant globular and open clusters, binary stars, planets, moons… to infinity and beyond! And after such an exhilarating evening, what better way to finish off the day than a relaxing drink in the Snowline lounge, use your new found

The perfect ‘base camp’ to discover Aoraki Mount Cook.

knowledge of the night sky to find stars through the floor to ceiling window, or cosy up in the leather armchairs pulled close to the toasty fire. Yes Autumn at The Hermitage in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is not to be missed. The perfect getaway before the wintry months settle in.

Activity Options at The Hermitage Big Sky Stargazing Receive an introduction to the spectacular southern night sky with astronomy guides. Using the naked eye, high powered binoculars and state-of-the-art telescopes, you will tour the Milky Way and beyond. Explore our universe including the Southern Cross, star clusters, planets, moons and distant galaxies. Adult $49pp Child $24.50pp Departs every clear evening. The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre A tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary, humanitarian, ambassador and one of the world's greatest explorers. The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre's 126-seat customdesigned theatre is the world's only theatre with 2D, 3D and world-class definiti® Digital Dome Planetarium. Explorer Pass (includes 3D Theatre, Planetarium) $26pp Adult $13pp Child - Open daily from 8am to 9pm (seasonal hours may vary). Glacier Explorers The only tour of its kind in New Zealand, and one of three in the world! By using a boat, get close to towering ice cliffs and huge floating icebergs. The boats provide a safe way to unseen and inaccessible areas. Adult $133pp Child $67pp - Departs at: 8.30am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 3.30pm & 5pm - 3Hrs total per trip - (1-¼hrs on lake). Tasman Valley 4WD & Argo Tours A unique 4WD & Argo adventure, close-up views of the Tasman Glacier and its gigantic moraine walls. It stops at several vantage points overlooking the Tasman Glacier and Terminal Lake providing spectacular photographic opportunities. Adult $75pp Child $37.50pp Trips depart at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm * All prices are subject to seasonal changes daily year round.

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Exciting New Shopping Experience Offers you even more reason to check in early!

Almost nothing beats the anticipation of arriving at the airport knowing there’s a new adventure or well-earned break waiting just ahead of you. Auckland International Airport understands this better than most, and is making the feeling go further, through its exciting new retail environment – a world-class shopping destination that allows your holiday to start from the moment you check in. Whether you are after gifts for friends and family, a pre-flight beverage or an indulgent treat for yourself, you will find exactly what you need within the airport’s 21 new-look shops and cafes. Arrive early, set your clock to ‘holiday time’ and enjoy relaxed shopping from big-name brands such as Icebreaker, Adidas, Moët and Versace. If your trip involves plenty of seaside R&R then be sure to check out the extensive range of fashion eyewear at Sunglass Hut, or pick out a new swimsuit from the racks of top-end surf labels at Beachculture. International visitors can also take home lasting memories with one of the top-quality New Zealand souvenirs on offer at specialist stores such as Artport and Kiwi Discovery. Those with a taste for the finer things will be in their element at Walker and Hall, where they will find an exquisite collection of pearl, gold, silver jewellery, as well as pieces from the chic Pandora line and New Zealand’s own Queen of Cool, Karen Walker. Meanwhile, both DFS Galleria and JR Duty Free continue their reputations for carrying the finest in fragrances, cosmetics, liquor and luxury watches from TAGHauer, Cartier, Rado and Ebel. In even more exciting news for travellers, Auckland Airport is also proud to



now offer three more world-renowned brands - Apple, Swatch Swiss watches and MAC Cosmetics. Apple is without a doubt one of the most popular and recognisable brands in the world and, for the first time in New Zealand, travellers now have the opportunity to buy Apple MacBooks and iPads at a tax-free price. Stop in at JR/Duty Free and have a play with an interactive display that allows you to experience these amazing gadgets firsthand. Located in the heart of the Auckland Airport departures precinct is the Iconic Swiss watch brand, Swatch. The Swatch kiosk is stocked with a huge variety of their cult wristwatches as well as their jewellery line, Bijoux. Lastly, M.A.C Cosmetics is a true pioneer of the make-up industry - its trend-setting colour collections, faultless formulations and keen understanding of pop culture makes them a favourite amongst their industry pairs and the cosmetics-loving public alike. The M.A.C counter will offer lucky travellers the opportunity to purchase products from its collection of over 800 makeup and accessory items. Is your interest piqued yet? With your shopping fingers now twitching it might be a good time to remind you of perhaps the biggest advantage of buying before flying - tax and duty free prices. With items at up to 15% off the normal retail cost, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge in luxury shopping at a price that won’t wipe out your wallet. So, whether you’re travels are winding up or just beginning; go for the earlier shuttle and make time for something special at Auckland Airport.

Autumn 2011



At Auckland International Airport.

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Lax Out in Leigh Even if the sun isn’t shining the people are!

Leigh is a gorgeous coastal location, where plenty of action happens from it’s fantastic wharf where numerous fishing charters depart everyday. If you are lucky you can catch a reasonably sized snapper that has swum into the iridescent harbour following the many boats that arrive everyday. When you arrive you can think there is nothing happening but looks can be deceiving! The options are endless and here are some of our favourite things. The fantastic Matakana Farmers Market buzzes every Saturday, located in the Matakana Village, the tastes and smells are incredible and a top tip for there is that even if the Markets aren’t open there are always friendly locals at the Loveshack Coffee House located within the markets, open 7 days from 7am to 2pm, the coffee is fantastic the croque monsieur toasted sandwich is unbeatable, their furniture all collected from Op Shops and the locals have always got a tale to tell or a friendly “gidday mate” to say. Along with the fabulous shopping at the Matakana Village which gives you the opportunity to purchase high street brands such as Mont Blanc, or amazing pieces of blown glass in the art gallery there, we also suggest a look at Morris and James pottery, the colours of their pottery are exceptional and are world renowned. We recommend you visit Plume, the vineyard restaurant, in Matakana. Their Vineyard Tasting Platter - even with two people eating it we could not finish it, this was an exceptional feast for two! Plume also have a number of 5 star private function rooms which are absolutely gorgeous. 32


Autumn 2011

If you are into exercise, Matakana features one of the hippest designed gym spaces in New Zealand, the Circuit Room, here their team is welcoming and encouraging, and the feel of the place is just fabulous. We recommend you burn off some calories before indulging in some of New Zealand’s best winery experiences that are available in the area. Back to Leigh, where the best swimming beach is Mathesons Bay, this is a great beach with a diving platform not far from the waters edge, excellent scuba diving and fishing, plus the beach drops off very quickly into the sea so you don’t have to swim very far to be in the deep. Renown for it’s pizzas and great live concerts, a popular haunt in Leigh for locals and visitors alike is the Leigh Sawmill Cafe, featuring a Micro Brewery producing hand crafted, premium beers, we recommend their efficient but friendly service which is always with a smile. You can take the kids snorkelling at the Goat Island Marine Reserve only 5 minutes from Leigh or spend a romantic afternoon taking a fully guided bicycle tour visiting vineyards with Matakana Bicycle Hire. For a great kiwi day out, night or two away, whatever your itinerary allows, this is a special place where even if the sun isn’t shinning the people are!

The Facts

If you don’t have transport from Auckland visit this area with: or

Hot Property in Leigh Amazing cliff top position perched above this idyllic harbour, facing north with fabulous views of the boats and bush on the other side of the bay. The property 2272 m2 has 2 modern buildings, one with the main living kitchen/lounge, one bedroom, a study, bathroom and the other one with 2 bedrooms. You will love sitting on the deck in total privacy with these magical views. The section has been beautifully landscaped and includes an orchard. The ideal setting for someone looking for a fabulous spot to holiday, live or build their main home later. Contact the owners: Phone 09 422 7573 or 021 0215 7787 3 Harbour View Rd, Leigh, Rodney District, Auckland


Recommendations from our Concierges Les Clefs d'Or Concierges talk about their favourite things in New Zealand

Ralph Luehrs

Concierge, SkyCity Hotel in Auckland What is your favourite New Zealand weekend escape destination? Papamoa beach, the beautiful white sand beach reminds me of my hometown, Norderney (an Island off the North Sea Coast of Germany) especially when I walk across the dunes to the beach and go for a swim in summer. Who are your favourite New Zealand bands? Crowded House, they have very catchy songs that I can relate to. If you had to recommend to an international visitor to do one thing while they were in New Zealand what would it be? Visit Te Puia in Rotorua to experience the Maori culture, the spirituality. The place and the people are fantastic. What do you do during your down time/hobbies? I like to play chess and read any books of Kathy Reichs & Jeffrey Deaver. What is your favourite New Zealand Café? If my wife and I have a weekend off together then we would head to the Strawberry Alarm Clock in Parnell, the French toast and eggs benedict are a must to try. What is the best thing about being a Concierge? Fulfilling the different requests I get from our guests, every day can be very different. I am always looking forward to new challenges and being able to create memorable positive experiences while they stay in Auckland or in New Zealand.



Autumn 2011

David Krempa’szky

Chief Concierge, Heritage Hotel Auckland What is your favourite New Zealand weekend escape destination? Waiheke Island or the Coromandel due to the peace, quiet, tranquillity and the stunning landscape aspects. If I am in an adventurous mood I would have to say Queenstown. It’s an exciting place and so full of the best of New Zealand’s scenery. Who are your favourite Kiwi bands/musicians? Dave Dobbyn and Blindspott. If you had to recommend to an international visitor to do one thing while they were in New Zealand what would it be? If they were heading to the South Island I strongly recommend visiting Milford Sound or in the North Island I highly suggest heading up to the Bay of Islands for it’s history, beautiful scenery, and amazing wildlife & dolphins. What do you do during your down time/hobbies? I love watching football and motorsport and I rarely turn down a good game of cards or pool. If I could combine all of that into one day then that would be my absolute ideal way to spend a day off. What is the best thing about being a Concierge? The satisfaction that comes with the role of “service” making someone’s holiday really special by either providing information, sorting out a tricky issue (or a minor one for that matter!) or going that extra mile for them. You get a sense of achievement! No two days are ever the same and this is probably why most Concierges actually look forward to getting up and going to work everyday.

Photos from top left to right: Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu; Statue at Te Puia, Rotorua; Dolphins in the Bay of Islands; Flora and Fauna at Milford Sound; People in costume for the Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament.

Jason Eade

Concierge, Intercontinental Hotel Wellington What is your favourite New Zealand weekend escape destination? Queenstown is my favourite, with all its world class Golf Courses and ease of getting around. The vibe in Queenstown is like no other and everybody seems to be there to have a good time. Who are your favourite New Zealand bands? Shihad is right up there, managed to see them in Noosa early January, up close and personal in a relatively small venue, it was awesome. If you had to recommend to an international visitor to do one thing while they were in New Zealand what would it be? Go to the Wellington 7’s. What do you do during your down time/hobbies? I play Golf, travel New Zealand with my partner and work away on improving our home. What is your favourite New Zealand Café? Paddle Crab Cafe, Farewell Spit near Motueka purely for it’s scenery. What is the best thing about being a Concierge? Being a small part of our visitors’ holidays while in New Zealand. Offering advice and alternative choices on destinations they may not be aware of. I get a real sense of achievement knowing I have given first hand knowledge and experience to guests, encouraging them to explore our wonderful country with helpful insights to make their journey one to remember, and hopefully going home and encouraging others to make New Zealand a “must do” on their bucket list.

Bryan Wilkinson

Chief Concierge, Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa What is your favourite New Zealand weekend escape destination? Arrowtown – Artworks, fine wines, boutique shops. Smell the roses; there really is Gold. Who are your favourite New Zealand bands? The Queenstown Ukulele Orchestra! If you had to recommend to an international visitor to do one thing while they were in New Zealand what would it be? A journey 100% pure New Zealand. The Unesco World heritage site of Fiordland National Park. Contains the best modern representation of the ancient flora and fauna of Gondwanaland. Including Beech and Podocarps, some of which are over 800 years old. The Kea, the only alpine parrot in the world, lives in the park, as does the rare and endangered Takahe, a large flightless bird. Choose your Carriage – Chopper, Convertible or Cruise. What is your favourite New Zealand Café? Vesta Café, this beautiful cottage built 147 years ago. The secret is to go outside to the glasshouse on a rainy day. As the waves lash the beach, relax and watch the steamship TSS Earnslaw with boilers fully stoked, broad side on steaming into Queenstown Bay. Recline in the comfort of your armchair, as rain drops cascade like a thousand waterfalls on the glass above you as you sip your favourite tipple. What is the best thing about being a Concierge? Welcoming a returning guest home and their children call me Uncle – that’s Priceless.

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Cover Photography Main image: Superyacht Pacific Jemm on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, Photoshoot by Miles Holden ( NZWINEPRO in Auckland. Scallop dish from Kauri Cliffs. Louisa Patterson, Over The Top Helicopters, Queenstown.

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100% New Zealand M ADE & DESIGNED

Global Culture, natural touch. Global Culture brings you lovingly stitched garments from our homeland, New Zealand. Our nature-inspired Merino wear and garments with indigenous designs are 100% New Zealand made and designed. See the whole range online at: AUCKLAND


164 Quay St Ph: +64 9 309 4430

Cnr Beach & Camp St Ph: +64 3 442 6278


Queenstown Mall Ph: +64 3442 9590

Ground Floor, Claredon Tower, 78 Worester St Ph: +64 3 962 6528 Christchurch International Airport 1st floor Retail Gallery Airside Ph: +64 3 358 6988

Queenstown Airport Terminal Building Ph: +64 3 442 2001

DUNEDIN 78 George St Ph: +64 3 474 0660

1st Floor Retail Domestic Terminal Ph: +64 3 358 6988


Factory Shop Cnr Battersea & Orbell St Sydenham Christchurch Ph: + 64 3 366 9012


23- 25 West End Ph: +64 3 319 6663

58 Bridge St Ph: +64 3 548 4364

Anahera (Mäori for angel) – Women’s sleeveless Merino hooded top and long sleeve Merino t-shirt

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Recommended Shopping North of Auckland MATAKANA VILLAGE Discover one-of-a-kind treats in the galleries, fashion boutiques, gift stores, restaurants and bars. Fusing Style and culture with retail in a beautiful, architecturally designed environment, Matakana Village provides a shopping experience like no other. From the opulence of the cinemas to the stunning shops and fashion boutiques Matakana Village is a central hub to a variety of Vineyards, beaches, restaurants, cafes and regional parks, it has everything you need to enjoy your day or weekend away. Spend time exploring the Village and surrounding area, the historic Matakana House and Dairy Factory, walk along the river to find the quaint Brookview Teahouse and The Potting Shed gardens, or indulge in the stylish Blush Beauty Lounge or Noir Blonde Hair Salon. Visitors can experience the various epicurean delights in the elegant riverside restaurant. For casual dining, tapas and local Matakana wines, try the Vintry. Saturday mornings host the famous Matakana Farmers Market, but those weekday visitors can get their fix at Nosh, Fresh Food Market. Discover and Explore Matakana Village for yourself. Located beside the Matakana River, Open 7 Days throughout the year, 45 minutes from Auckland. For further information go to

Warkworth (on the way to Matakana)

Distances in kilometres

DIRECTIONS: Take state highway 1 (the Northern Motorway over the Auckland

169 658 452Harbour 456 Bridge) 114 206 280north 233to Warkworth. 526 369 Turn 422right 324 127 502setAuckland and drive at the second of traffic lights at Warkworth. Follow the signs to Matakana Village, 12km from Warkworth. This

673 549 467road98 298 349and287 827 393 Gisborne also 412 leads to Omaha Goat 393 Island597 Marine216 Reserve. 296 531 327 328 106 106 153 106 401 242 295 451 Hamilton 155 980 776 779 439 530 604 560 852 692 747 Kaitaia 592 333 251 118 346 311 143 224 177 410 Napier 538 354 159 528 348 398 295 311 233 New Plymouth



SHOPPING NATIONWIDE rEcOMMENDED bOuTIquEs PARTRIDGE JEWELLERS | Auckland | Wellington | Queenstown Specialising in diamonds, precious gems, pearls, gold, and platinum, Partridge Jewellers design and manufacture most of their own jewellery, but also import a selection of pieces from leading international jewellery brands along with a comprehensive range of luxury timepieces including: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard Perregaux, IWC, Omega, Tudor and Tag Heuer, across our four stores.

AUCKLAND 112 Queen Street. Phone: 09 309 8925 Or NEWMARKET 237 Broadway. Phone: 09 524 6645

IN STYLE WELLINGTON 306 Lambton Quay. Phone: 04 473 9129

QUEENSTOWN Corner Rees and Beach Streets. Phone: 03 441 8845

SHOPPING NATIONWIDE rEcOMMENDED bOuTIquEs UNTOUCHED WORLD™ | Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch | Queenstown Untouched World™ is a New Zealand lifestyle brand renowned for high quality men’s and women’s designer fashion and activewear made from natural and sustainably sourced materials. Signature fabrics include their world renowned Mountainsilk™ fine organic merino and Ecopossum™ knitwear, a luxurious blend of merino, brushtail possum and silk. Each Untouched World™ concept store is a must visit.

“the first fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability...” AUCKLAND 20 High Street, Downtown Auckland Phone: 09 303 1382 WELLINGTON 69 Willis St, Wellington. Phone: 04 473 2596 CHRISTCHURCH 155 Roydvale Ave, Russley (5 mins from Christchurch Airport). Phone: 03 357 9399 Store & Café QUEENSTOWN No. 1 The Mall. Phone: 03 442 4992




Crafting since 1870

Auckland (09) 309 8925 Newmarket (09) 524 6645 Wellington (04) 473 9129 Queenstown (03) 441 8845 RECOMMENDED BOUTIQUES


SHOPPING NATIONWIDE rEcOMMENDED bOuTIquEs JANE DANIELS | Auckland | Christchurch It is a combination of the most exclusive European fabrics, elegant, well-cut silhouettes and exquisite detail inspired by world travel that makes Jane Daniels designs so timeless and unique. Jane has her palette of colours dyed to her own specification and uses New Zealand merino wool. She is especially proud of the fact that the entire collection is made locally.


AUCKLAND 2 Birdwood Cres, Parnell. Phone: 09 3585756 CHRISTCHURCH 149 Victoria St. Phone: 03 3798598


GLOBAL CULTURE | Auckland | Nelson | Christchurch | Queenstown | Dunedin Home of Global Culture for over 35 years, Christchurch is Global Cultures base. Global Culture – its all about New Zealand – Clothing that is worn out all over the World. Cotton and Merino T shirts, singlets, Jackets and Hoodies. Check out their funky range of New Zealand made accessories and gifts. It’s New Zealand Culture by New Zealand artists to take home and share as a memory.


AUCKLAND 164 Quay Street. Phone: 09 309 4430 NELSON 58 Bridge Street. Phone: 03 548 4364



Christchurch Factory Shop Cnr Battersea & Orbell Street, Sydenham. Phone: 03 366 9012

CHRISTCHURCH Ground Floor, Claredon Tower, 78 Worcester Street. Phone: 03 962 6528

QUEENSTOWN Cnr Beach & Camp Street. Phone: 03 442 6278 OR Queenstown Mall. Phone: 03 442 9590 OR Queenstown Airport, Terminal Building. Phone: 03 442 2001

Christchurch International Airport 1st floor Retail, Gallery Airside. Phone: 03 358 6988

DUNEDIN 78 George Street. Phone: 03 474 0660

KAIKOURA 23- 25 West End. Phone: 03 319 6663

TATTOO TEE Men’s Front Back Tattoo NZ made Tee in black/steel. 100% cotton. RRP $65

OR 1st Floor Retail, Domestic Terminal. Phone: 03 358 6988


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Rockport Ben Sherman has redefined has evolved thefrom lifestyle its British footwear category heritage inand fashion, pioneered music, thefilm useand of athletic youth technologies culture, to beinone casual, of thedress world’s andleading outdoor shoes fashionforbrands. more than The Ben 35 years. Sherman Rockport brand has continues developed tointo passionately a lifestyle brand combine encompassing advanced technology womenswear, andjeanswear, innovationfootwear, with high-quality suits and materials formalwear, andkidswear modern and design. accessories.

The North Face delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear. The North Face is the first choice of some of the world’s most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners, and explorers.

Ben Rockport Sherman has redefined has evolved thefrom lifestyle its British footwear heritage categoryinand fashion, pioneered music, thefilm useand of athletic youth culture, technologies to be inone casual, of thedress world’s andleading outdoor fashion shoes for brands. more than The Ben 35 years. Sherman Rockport brand has developed continues to into passionately a lifestyle brand combine encompassing advanced womenswear, technology andjeanswear, innovationfootwear, with high-quality suits and formalwear, materials andkidswear modernand design. accessories.

The North of perform footwear. T of some of climbers, m snowboard explorers.

Shop 3, 2, Deloitte Centre. Jean Cnr Fort Batten St &Place, Jean Batten off Shortland Place, Auckland. St. Phone: Phone: 09 374 09 309 19474604

Shop 4, Deloitte Centre. Corner Shortland St and Jean Batten Place. Phone: 09 368 7218

Shop 2, 3, Deloitte Centre. Cnr JeanFort Batten St &Place, Jean Batten off Place, Shortland Auckland. St. Phone: Phone: 09 374 09 309 1947 4604

Shop 4, Del Jean Batten




The Ben Sherman Boutique in Auckland Spend The $200 Rockport and receive Boutique a complimentary in Auckland T-Shirt* Spendto$250 the value and receive of $65 $70 on presentation off* your purchase on presentation of this voucher. of this voucher.


The Ben Sherman Boutique in Auckland Spend The$200 Rockport and receive Boutique a complimentary in Auckland T-Shirt* Spendto$250 the value and receive of $65 $70 on presentation off* your purchase on presentation of this voucher. of this voucher.

*conditions *conditions apply apply

*conditions apply


VERTO JACkET Made from seven denier fabric (the lightest fabric ever used in The North Face® Summit Series®), this hooded jacket packs down to the size of an energy bar and stuffs into its own chest pocket (weighing the equivalent of two carabiners). When packed down, external stretch loop permits loop-through a carabiner for carrying. RRP $245

The North Face Boutique in Auckland Spend $200 and receive a complimentary T-Shirt* to the value of $60 on presentation of this voucher. *conditions *conditions apply apply





VERTO Made fro lightest f Face® S jacket pa energy b pocket (w carabine stretch lo carabine RRP $24

The North Face Boutique in Auckland Spend $200 and receive a complimentary T-Shirt* to the value of $60 on presentation of this voucher. *conditions apply





For your Foreign Exchange requirements see The Change Group locations on this map marked with a

Global Culture Boutiques offer a complimentary Mickey to Tiki greeting card with every purchase of NZ made product. Cards are NZ designed (by Dick Frizzell) and made. Present this voucher at point of purchase. *conditions apply


BOUTIQUE SHOPPING KEY 1 Partridge Jewellers 2 Untouched World 3 Global Culture 4 The North Face 5 Ben Sherman 6 Lacoste 7 Rockport





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To Devonport & Waiheke Island


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Shop 1, Deloitte Centre. 80 Queen St. Auckland. Phone: 09 354 4831





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In 1927, René LACOSTE garnered the name ‘the crocodile’ due to his tenacity to never let go of his prey on the tennis court. A friend developed an embroidered Crocodile for LACOSTE’s blazer which he then wore on the courts. Since then LACOSTE has grown to be one of the world’s leading fashion brands.

Global Culture Boutiques offer a complimentary Mickey to Tiki greeting card with every purchase of NZ made product. Cards are NZ designed (by Dick Frizzell) and made. Present this voucher at point of purchase. *conditions apply


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42-80 Mahuhu Cres




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The Woolpress in Arrowtown (15 mins from Queenstown) offers a complimentary Scarf with your Merinomink™ knitwear purchase H er tfo rd on presentation of this voucher. St


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38 Buckingham St, Arrowtown, Central Otago Phone: 03 442 1355 |

WALLACE & GIBBS Shop 4, 50 Buckingham St, Arrowtown. Phone: 03 442 1355 | E:

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Kent St

Malaghans Rd


*conditions apply

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Shop 5, 50 Buckingham St, Arrowtown, Central Otago. Phone: 03 442 1355 | E:

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BOUTIQUE SHOPPING KEY 1 IKON 2 Te Huia 3 Wallace & Gibbs 4 Woolpress




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40 Buckingham St, Arrowtown, Central Otago. Phone: 03 442 1355 |

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BOUTIQUE SHOPPING KEY 1 Partridge Jewellers 2 Untouched World 3 Global Culture

adidas All Blacks Training Jersey Available at Woolpress



Shop 5, 50 Buckingham Street, ARROWTOWN. Ph: (03) 442 1355 E:

40 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown. Ph: (03) 442 1355 E:



Twenty minutes drive from Queenstown is beautiful and historic Arrowtown. Discover a unique mix of history, activities and leisure. Update your wardrobe at Arrowtown’s top stores - Ikon, Wallace & Gibbs, WoolPress and Te Huia. Friendly staff, beautiful stores, top brands, and gorgeous clothing that is impossible to resist! Check out Ikon for edgy international looks and admire New Zealand’s top designer brands at Wallace & Gibbs. Discover Arrowtown’s beautiful new store Te Huia, where absolutely everything has been made in New Zealand and don’t forget WoolPress where you’ll find essentials for every season.

New Zealand Design

38 Buckingham Street, ARROWTOWN. Ph: (03) 442 1355 E: 46


Shop 4, 50 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown. Ph: (03) 442 1355 E:

112 Queen Street, Auckland Tel (09) 309 8925

237 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland Tel (09) 524 6645

306 Lambton Quay, Wellington Tel (04) 473 9129

Cnr Rees and Beach Streets, Queenstown Tel (03) 441 8845


New ZealaNd experieNces NATIONWIDE Scenic Train Journeys Page 50


AuCkLAND & QuEENSTOWN Car Rentals Page 57 and 76



Airport Transfers Page 50

Wine & Sightseeing Tours Page 57



Sightseeing Coach Tours Pages 51 and 76

Waitomo Caves Page 58



Waiheke Vineyard Tours Page 53

Jetboating Page 58



On the Water Page 54 and 55

Food, Wine & Art Sightseeing Page 59



On the Water Page 54 and 55

Eco & Sightseeing Tours Page 59



On the Water Page 54

Sightseeing Tours Page 60



On the Water Page 55

Scenic Helicopter Flights Pages 62, 64, 65, 67 and 68



On the Water Page 55

Rafting, Sledging & Kayaking Page 62



Helicopter Experiences Page 56

Thermal, M達ori Arts & Crafts Page 63


To book any of these experiences live online go to



Jetboating Page 64

Hot Air Ballooning Page 72



National Museum Page 65

Attractions Page 73



Sightseeing & On the Water Page 67

Scenic Flights Page 74



Sightseeing & On the Water Page 68

Private Hot Pools Page 75



Heritage & Culture Page 69

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Sightseeing – Glaciers Page 69

Scenic Helicopter Flights Page 75



Scenic Flights & Glaciers Page 70

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Observatory & Café Page 70

Jetboating Page 77

ChRISTChuRCh Whale Watching & Cruises Page 71

hANmER SPRINgS Bungy, Raft, Quad Bike, Jetboat Page 71



scenic Train Journeys

super shuttle

See New Zealand at its best.

Super Shuttle provides transfers to and from all major New Zealand airports. If you demand unbeatable value and service, here are just a few of the reasons why you should start or end your journey with Super Shuttle.

Travelling around New Zealand by train means seeing it all! From snowcapped mountains and rugged coastlines to ancient forests and clean green farmland – experience some of the world’s most unique and beautiful landscapes unseen by road. From the Overlander to the world famous TranzAlpine, your train is comfortable and relaxing, with informative commentary. The windows are panoramic so you can really enjoy the view, there are open-air viewing areas – get fantastic photos. Trains offer a wide selection of food along with quality New Zealand beer and wine. This is quite possibly the friendliest railway in the world offering service with a smile…

TImETAbLE OVERLANDER – Auckland to Wellington Auckland depart: 7.25am National Park arrive: 12.50pm National Park depart: 1.20pm Wellington arrive: 7.25pm OVERLANDER – Wellington to Auckland Wellington depart: 7.25am Ohakune arrive: 12.25pm Ohakune depart: 1.00pm National Park depart: 1.45pm Auckland arrive: 7.20pm TRANZCOASTAL – Christchurch to Kaikoura and Picton Christchurch depart: 7.00am Kaikoura depart: 9.54am Blenheim depart: 11.46am Picton arrive: 12.13pm TRANZCOASTAL – Picton To Kaikoura and Christchurch Picton depart: 1.00pm Blenheim depart: 1.33pm Kaikoura depart: 3.28pm Christchurch arrive: 6.21pm TRANZALPINE – Christchurch to Greymouth Christchurch depart: 8.15am Arthur’s Pass depart: 10.42am Greymouth arrive: 12.45pm TRANZALPINE – Greymouth to Christchurch Greymouth depart: 1.45pm Arthur’s Pass depart: 3.57pm Christchurch arrive: 6.05pm Timetable is subject to seasonal changes, so please check departure times.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 TRAINS (0800 827 467)



Super Shuttle drivers will pick you up or drop you off at your doorstep, whether it’s home, a hotel or the office. They’ll even help you with your luggage. Super Shuttle operates to and from New Zealand’s 10 largest airports servicing every flight – every day. Super Shuttle have fixed prices not meters, so even if the traffic is heavy, you won’t have to worry about your fare going up. Sharing the ride keeps fares rockbottom or if you or your party would rather travel alone, enquire about Super Shuttle’s exclusive ride rates.

AIRPORT INfORmATION Whilst booking in advance is recommended, Super Shuttle is available 24/7 and can be found on the shuttle rank outside the main terminal exit doors at the following airports: North Island Airports Auckland - all Terminals, Hamilton, Rotorua, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Wellington. South Island Airports Nelson, Christchurch all Terminals, Queenstown, Dunedin. City Centre




(Fixed fares – CBD to Airport)



(Max 11 pax)

Auckland Hamilton Rotorua Napier Hastings Palmerston North Wellington Nelson Christchurch Dunedin Queenstown

$25.00 $21.00 $17.00 $15.00 $36.00 $13.00 $15.00 $15.00 $17.00 $25.00 $15.00

$7.00 $7.00 $5.00 $3.00 $4.00 $3.00 $6.00 $3.00 $4.00 $10.00 $4.00

$85.00 $55.00 $60.00 $35.00 $55.00 $34.00 $50.00 $42.00 $55.00 $95.00 $55.00

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 SHUTTLE (0800 748 8853)

Gray line sightseeing Enjoy sightseeing aboard premium air-conditioned coaches, with informative commentary by experienced drivers. Taped commentary in Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish is available on most tours. half Day Tour of Auckland

full Day Tours from Queenstown

Auckland Highlights (CODE 01, 02) An informative commentary by the driver is included during this 3-hour tour of New Zealand’s largest city by air-conditioned coach. Highlights include the Auckland Museum ($5 donation requested), Mission Bay, Tamaki Drive, Mt Eden, CBD, Auckland Harbour Bridge and the city’s waterfront. 9.15am to 12.15pm, or 2.00pm to 5.00pm $72pp

6 Milford Sound Day Tour (CODE 41) Travel from Queenstown for morning tea (own arrangements) in Te Anau, enjoy the sight of towering snow-capped mountains, magnificent rainforests and spectacular waterfalls, then descend into Milford Sound for your 1 hour 45 min cruise. Return by coach. Boxed lunch is included. Optional return flight available at extra cost, weather permitting – see your driver. – GLASS ROOF COACH OPERATES ON MOST DEPARTURES Departs Queenstown 7.20am, arrives Queenstown 7.45pm. $235pp


full Day Tours from Auckland 2 Waitomo / Rotorua One Day Deluxe (CODE 7R) Visit these famous destinations. Attractions include Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Agrodome Farm Tour, Traditional Maori Concert, Maori Arts & Crafts displays and the World Famous Geothermal Activity at Te Puia, refreshments, tea/coffee, light lunch and an evening snack also included. “The most comprehensive day tour out of Auckland!” Departs Auckland at 7.30am, returns to Auckland at 8.15pm $315pp 3 Bay of Islands One Day (CODE 11CL) including Cape Brett Cruise Travel by coach to the Bay of Islands. Visit the Waitangi Treaty grounds with a local guide, followed by the spectacular Hole-in-the-Rock cruise Light lunch is included. Departs Auckland at 7.30am, returns to Auckland at 8.00pm $259pp







half Day Tour from Christchurch 4 Christchurch Morning Highlights with the Antarctic Centre (CODE 21A) Christchurch is known as the Garden City. Join Gray Line as we visit Cathedral Square, the Avon River, a walk through Mona Vale, complimentary tea/coffee at the Sign of the Takahe, Sumner Beach, Lyttleton Harbour and Tunnel. Tour finishes at the world renowned Antarctic Centre (return transfer to city centre included). Departs Christchurch 9.30am and finish at your leisure $105pp

full Day Tours from Christchurch 5 Christchurch to Queenstown via Mount Cook (CODE 27) Highlights include Lake Tekapo and the opportunity to experience a scenic flight (own expense) then arrival at Mount Cook Village for your choice of lunch at a cafe (own arrangements), or explore the walks in and around the village then arrive late afternoon in Queenstown. Departs Christchurch 8.00am, arrives Queenstown 6.40pm $245pp

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 NZ TOUR (0800 698 687) 6am-11pm |



aUcKlaNd & NOrTH OF aUcKlaNd

Breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, idyllic holiday islands, and outstanding food & wine!

Auckland City is well known as ‘The City of Sails’ for it’s many boating enthusiasts. In the Viaduct Harbour you will find numerous cafes and restaurants, where you can dine in style along the waterfront before or after experiencing sailing on an America’s Cup Yacht. The Viaduct Harbour is one of New Zealand’s many vibrant locations and encapsulates the atmosphere of Auckland.

Cape Reinga with it’s historic lighthouse marks the extreme northwestern point of New Zealand. Out to sea lies the Columbia Bank maelstrom where the Tasman and the Pacific meet - sometimes producing waves more than 10 metres high. Visit the famous 90 Mile Beach, and dig your toes into the sand while taking a peaceful walk on sparkling white silica sand beaches. For the more adventurous try your hand at surfing the giant sand dunes of Te Paki.

A must-see while you are in Auckland are the spectacular West Coast beaches. There are many great ways for you to discover this rugged coastline including by luxury coach with Bush and Beach or by helicopter on Helilink’s Coast to Coast Scenic Flight. This coastline is world famous especially with surfers and well protected for its native rainforests. You will be astounded at the beauty and unique qualities of this area.

The Bay of Islands are located 60 kilometres north-west of Whangarei, a sea pierced by 144 islands. Wherever you are in the Bay of Islands, it’s impossible not to immerse yourself in the blue-green world of islands and beaches. Swimming with dolphins is a specialty of Dolphin Discoveries departing from Paihia and Russell, plus sightseeing cruises to the world famous Cape Brett and the ‘Hole in the Rock’. We recommend you base yourself in Paihia or Russell, where most boat trips depart and return from, or take a Day Trip by coach from Auckland by choosing from the options within this magazine.

Auckland is also home to some of New Zealand’s oldest vineyards which are well known for their chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon varieties. NZWINEPRO and Great Taste Tours have all of the most popular vineyard areas in Auckland covered, with their range of options. Choose from four distinct areas – Waiheke Island, west Auckland, northwest Auckland and north Auckland (around Matakana). Auckland is also a great centre to base yourself from for day trips. With the Bay of Islands, Rotorua and Waitomo all being easily accessible from Auckland, either self-drive, fly or take a premium coach with Grayline or a small group tour with Milestone Tours to experience these destinations.



Matakana Coast stretches along a stunning coastline from Puhoi to Pakiri. The region has a startling array of fresh produce. At the Matakana Farmers Markets in the wonderful Matakana Village every Saturday from 8am until 1pm you can try Mussel Fritters or a local brew from Matakana Coffee Roasters! In Matakana we highly recommend Plume the vineyard restaurant, for the wine lover Plume also gives an insight into life within a working vineyard with its Cellar Door showcasing two local vineyards, Runner Duck Estate and Heron’s Flight.

AuCkLAND AuTumN EVENTS 5 April 2011

Usher brings his slick R’n’B beats to Auckland

09 April 2011

Cheesemaker for a Day – make your own Feta and Halloumi

10 April 2011

Cheesemaker for a day - make your own brie

22 - 24 April 2011 Waiheke Island International Jazz Festival 2011 23 - 24 April 2011 GrassRoots - The New Zealand Blues & Roots All Music Festival 28 April 2011

Michael Franti & Spearhead: The Sound of Sunshine Tour

30 April 2011

Mr Bob Dylan – celebrated poet, artist, singer, writer, and actor

30 April 2011

Oscar Winning Musician Tim Robbins Performs his Debut Album

07 & 08 May 2011 Katy Perry brings The California Dreams Tour to Auckland 12 - 15 May 2011

Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show

03 - 26 June 2011 Auckland Festival of Photography 2011

Fullers waiheke Vineyard Tours hIghLY RECOmmENDED Wine on Waiheke blends world class wine with Waiheke’s beautiful surroundings; enjoy premium wine tastings and an insight into local wine production. Taste of Waiheke showcases delicious locally produced food and wine; enjoy wine tastings, a light vineyard lunch, and olive tasting at a local olive estate. Fullers can also tailor Waiheke wine packages to your needs; incorporating vessel charters, bus travel, venues, team activities and winery visits. Adult: from $115pp Prices are subject to seasonal changes.

book with your Concierge or Phone 09 367 9111



explore NZ – Bay of islands The Bay of Islands is situated only an hours’ flight north of Auckland. Made up of 144 islands, this picturesque region has one of the best climates in New Zealand and is a world class playground for numerous outdoor activities. Known as the ‘birthplace’ of the nation, the Bay of Islands is rich in culture and history, and is an essential part of any New Zealand itinerary. 1 Dolphin Discoveries – Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Experience the world famous ‘Hole in the Rock’ and see dolphins, whales, birds and other wildlife. Cruise among the 144 islands which the Bay of Islands is famous for and enjoy the stunning scenery and informative commentary about marine mammals, geography and history. Visit Explore NZ’s Otehei Bay Resort on Urupukapuka Island, the largest and most fascinating island in the Bay of Islands. Adults $89pp

Dolphin Discoveries – Swim with the Dolphins Cruise Live a lifelong dream! Swim alongside dolphins in their world and see these beautiful marine mammals up close. Join us for the ultimate dolphin eco-adventure. With the warmest water in New Zealand and the friendliest dolphin species (Bottlenose), the Bay of Islands is the best place to swim with dolphins (conditions permitting). Adults $89pp (additional $30 swim price payable on board) 2

Scenic Bay of Islands 12 hours, departs 6:30am. Fly from Auckland to the Bay of Islands and choose between the Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Cruise or the Swim with the Dolphins Cruise, have time to explore Paihia before your return flight. Adults $595pp. The Best of the Bay 3 days 2 nights, departs Auckland 7:30am. Enjoy a scenic drive north before visiting Waitangi and Russell, Cape Reinga, then choose between Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Cruise, Swim with the Dolphins Cruise or the ultimate day sail ‘Lion New Zealand’. Adults from $740pp (twin share) 1




3 Sail NZ – Lion New Zealand: The Ultimate Day Sail in the Bay Spend the day onboard the late Sir Peter Blake’s world famous 80ft maxi yacht! Stop at Otehei Bay for a fresh BBQ and activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, island walks or just enjoy the beach at this amazing place before sailing back to shore in the afternoon. Adults: $110pp

Dune Rider – Cape Reinga via 90 Mile Beach Make your way to Cape Reinga while travelling to the Gum digger’s park and drive along the famous Ninety Mile beach! Climb giant sand dunes and boogie board down. Enjoy magnificent sweeping views where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. Visit the ‘world famous’ Mangonui Fish shop. Adults $139pp 4

bay Of Islands Ex-Auckland Packages Ultimate Day in the Bay 12 hours, departs 6:30am. Fly from Auckland to Cape Reinga, visit the lighthouse, Tapotupotu Bay and giant sand dunes, before returning to Kerikeri. Transfer to Paihia and join the, Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Cruise before flying back to Auckland. Adults $1020pp.



book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 EXPLORE (0800 397 567) |

explore NZ – auckland Auckland ‘City of Sails’, your gateway to New Zealand is a blend of islands, glistening harbours and a modern city consistently ranked amongst the best lifestyle cities in the world. The Maori name for Auckland is Tamaki Makau Rau, or “maiden with 100 lovers”. No trip to Auckland is complete without a cruise or sail on Auckland’s beautiful Waitemata Harbour! 1 SAIL NZ – America’s Cup Sailing Experience Sail a real America’s Cup yacht in Auckland. A winning start to your vacation in New Zealand. Help sail the yachts or just enjoy what Auckland Harbour has to offer you. No experience necessary! Adults $155pp. Charters available from $3,000 for up to 30 people per yacht 2

SAIL NZ – America’s Cup Match Race

playing around the boat. Recently voted “Best Day on the Water” by Metro Magazine in their annual list of the best things in Auckland. Dolphins viewed on over 90% of trips and whales viewed on 75% of trips. Adults $155pp

bay Of Islands Ex-Auckland Packages 5



Match race on former America’s Cup yachts on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. You will experience the thrill of the pre-start, and then help plan your strategy to be first over the finishing line. Adults $199pp. Charters available from $7,300 for up to 50 people (2 yachts) Match Racing Charters are available for up to 1000 People. 3 Pride of Auckland – Sailing and Dining Cruises Enjoy the ‘City of Sails’ for what it is known for, choose from a range of cruises and experiences, such as a Coffee, Lunch or Dinner Cruise. Adults from $75pp The yachts are also available for private charter so you and your guests can enjoy the Waitemata Harbour and inner Hauraki Gulf at your own pace. Charter Rates from $750 1



5 Ultimate Day in the Bay 12 hours, departs 6:30am. Fly from Auckland to Cape Reinga, visit the lighthouse, Tapotupotu Bay and giant sand dunes, before returning to Kerikeri. Transfer to Paihia and join the, Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Cruise before flying back to Auckland. Adults $1020pp. 6 Scenic Bay of Islands 12 hours, departs 6:30am. Fly from Auckland to the Bay of Islands and choose between the Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Cruise or the Swim with the Dolphins Cruise, enjoy time to explore Paihia before your return flight. Adults $595pp.

4 4

Auckland’s Whale & Dolphin Safari The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is considered one of the most diverse marine parks in the world. You will be spellbound by the spectacle of a feeding frenzy involving sea birds, whales and dolphins or see small pods of dolphins

7 The Best of the Bay 3 days 2 nights, departs Auckland 7:30am. Enjoy a scenic drive north before visiting Waitangi and Russell, Cape Reinga, then choose between Discover the Bay ‘Hole in the Rock’ Cruise, Swim with the Dolphins Cruise or the ultimate day sail on ‘Lion New Zealand’. Adults: from $740pp (twin share) Rates Valid to 30 September 2011, Children and Family Rates available.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 EXPLORE (0800 397 567) |



Helilink Helilink is Auckland’s only Downtown Helicopter company, located at Mechanics Bay, 5 mins drive from the CBD. A professional team devoted to providing diverse and memorable helicopter experiences utilising Twin and Single Engine Aircraft. Discover and see what New Zealand has to offer from the Air by booking your Helilink Helicopter Experience TODAY! Volcanoes & Beaches Scenic Flight. You will fly 1,000 feet above the Harbour Bridge, buzz over the Viaduct Harbour, and zoom around the Sky Tower before viewing the Volcanic Crater of Rangitoto Island. City & Sails Scenic Flight. An extensive scenic flight highlighting Auckland – ‘City of Sails’ the Hauraki Gulf including Waiheke Island, the Harbour Bridge, Sky Tower and the Viaduct Harbour. Auckland’s ultimate City Scenic Flight. Coast to Coast Scenic Flight. Discover the contrasts of Auckland’s East and West Coasts. This experience highlights the rugged West Coast beaches of Auckland including world famous Piha and Karekare beaches, the Muriwai Gannet Colony plus the islands of the Hauraki Gulf. Mudbrick or Cable Bay Vineyard & Restaurant Heli-Dining. Includes helicopter transfer, scenic flight en route, sumptuous 3-course meal for lunch or dinner, then taxi transfer to meet your Ferry Harbour Cruise back to Auckland City. (Helicopter return option also available – extra charge will apply). Stonyridge Vineyard & Restaurant Heli-Lunch. Includes: Helicopter transfer, scenic flight en route around Auckland’s CBD, be greeted with a glass of bubbles, a sumptuous 3 course meal, then taxi transfer to meet your Ferry Harbour Cruise which will return you to central Auckland. Helicopter return option is also available. Te Whau Vineyard & Restaurant Heli-Dining. Includes helicopter transfer, scenic flight en route, sumptuous 3-course meal for lunch or dinner, then taxi transfer to meet your Ferry Harbour Cruise back to Auckland City. (Helicopter return option also available – extra charge will apply).



hIghLY RECOmmENDED Volcanoes & Beaches Scenic Flight Flight time 12 minutes. $440 – 2 people. City & Sails Scenic Flight Flight time 18 minutes. $660 – 2 people. Coast to Coast Scenic Flight Flight time 36 minutes. $1300 – 2 people. Mudbrick or Cable Bay Vineyard & Restaurant Heli-Dining Package (Lunch or Dinner) $1650 – 2 people. Stonyridge Vineyard & Restaurant Heli-Lunch Package $1520 – 2 people. Te Whau Vineyard & Restaurant Heli-Dining Package. (Lunch or Dinner) $1520 – 2 people. Bay of Islands One Day Tour Experience Fly up the East Coast over beautiful sandy beaches, continue north, out to view the famous ‘Hole in the Rock’. Arrive at Omata Estate for lunch then fly over the Waipoua Forest, landing at the Matakohe Museum before returning to the Downtown Auckland heliport. approx. 6-7 hours. $6995 – 2 people. (incl 6hrs waiting time, price is for helicopter transfers only) Waitomo Heli Caving Experience For those people who are short on time and would like to experience an amazing scenic Helicopter flight along with the Waitomo Caves. This is the quickest way to get from Auckland to Waitomo and back again in one day. Your knowledgeable pilot will provide a commentary of the sights which makes your helicopter transfer an unforgettable adventure! approx. 6-7 hours. $6270 – 2 people. (incl 6hrs waiting time, price is for helicopter transfers only) Prices will be valid until 31 September 2011. Packages subject to quotes.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 HELILINK (435 454) |

crown rentals


5 Of our top 100 reasons why your next New Zealand car rental experience could be your most rewarding!

Auckland Wine Tours – Recommended by Wine Destinations Magazine 2009/2010/2011.

1. No hidden charges 2. The longer the rental, the cheaper the rate! 3. Unlimited kilometres 4. Free insurance


5. Free hotel pick-up & drop-off Econo-rent Ideal for city travel or long distance journeys

Compact Smart and stylish Compact Class

8 Seater Toyota Previa (or similar) 12 Seater also Available

Premium AWD Toyota Prado / Ssangyong Rexton (or similar)

Wine industry professionals offering personal wine making tours and scenic adventures for discerning enthusiasts. Be guided beyond the cellar door with morning or afternoon options, stunning coastal scenery/ regional parks and delicious New Zealand cuisine. Complimentary pick up and drop off from/to your central Auckland accommodation.

















hIghLY RECOmmENDED AUCKLAND AIRPORT • AUCKLAND CITY • TAKAPUNA • QUEENSTOWN *Rates include Government Goods and Services Tax (GST), insurance, unlimited kilometres, AA Roadside Assistance and AA Maps. Rates vary depending on duration of rental.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: NZ 0800 554 321 AUS 1800 859 761 |

Clevedon Sunday Farmers Market 9am-12pm. See and taste a range of wines, cheeses & local food products in this delightful rural setting. Enjoy a tasting of outstanding Bordeax style reds from Puriri Hills Estate. Enjoy stunning scenic farmland and coastal scenery. $119 Muriwai/Waimauku Scenic Morning Tour 9am-12pm. Start by visiting Muriwai, a beautiful department of conservation surf beach settlement. See the black sand, West Coast and Tasman Sea. Then head to Waimauku to taste wine at two of the best vineyards in the region $119pp Vineyards, Honey & Black Sand Beaches 12.30pm-5.30pm. Private winery tour at historic Kumeu River Wines; Nobilo Wines; one-course, open-menu lunch at Beesonline Honey Factory Café; indigenous flora honey tasting; visit to Muriwai Beach & Gannet colony; Matua Wines or West Brook Wines. $165pp Matakana Vineyards Coastal Getaway 12.30pm-5.30pm. Visit historic Puhoi Village & cheese factory. Enjoy a tasting at picturesque Brick Bay. Tasting and a one-course open-menu lunch at Herons Flight Vineyard. Visit Morris & James Ceramic studio. See an 850 year old Kauri tree. Honey tasting at the New Zealand Honey Centre. $185pp Piha/Waitakere Ranges Adventure 12.30pm-5pm. Enjoy a tasting and then an open menu one course lunch at Soljans Estate Winery. Visit wine producers in the Henderson Valley. Drive up through the magnificent Waitakere Ranges Rain Forest and down to Piha, a West Coast beach settlement and a jewel in Auckland’s crown $175pp Maungakiekie/Villa Maria Estate Winemakers Picnic 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. Visit Parnell, Cornwall Park, One Tree Hill, winery tour & tasting at Villa Maria Estate plus antipasto picnic platter. Optional domestic or international airport drop off. $125pp Waiheke Island Wine Escape Departs 9am. Ferry to Waiheke Island. Visit Stonyridge Vineyard and Goldwater Estate. Then on to Mudbrick or Cable Bay Vineyards for lunch and wine tasting. Includes sightseeing. $265pp. 4 person minimum. Subject to numbers and availability

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 WINETOUR (0800 9463 8687) |



caveworld Footwhistle Glowworm Cave

auckland adventure Jet

The newest developed Cave in Waitomo – Waitomo’s first 5 Star Eco-Glowworm Experience.

The ultimate adventure thrill in Auckland!

The Cave was named in 1942 when the first explorers who entered thought one of the many stunning limestone formations looked like the top of a steam train whistle and the bottom of an elephants foot, hence “Footwhistle”. This Cave Tour is unique and we showcase New Zealand’s oldest plants, and in the cave you will see the remains of New Zealand’s Largest bird the ‘Moa’. Caveworld holds exclusive rights to operate in the Footwhistle glowworm cave. The tour includes: a short Eco-Bush Walk in lush green bush with streams and waterfalls, an easy descent down a well designed staircase into the Footwhistle Glowworm Cave, fantastic limestone formations with stalactites and stalagmites, the caverns where you can have your photo taken on the bridge with the glow of the candles on the Cathedral Ceiling, Glowworm displays throughout the entire tour and the best viewing of the fishing lines that are created by the Glowworms. Along with a magnesium display that lights up the entire cavern (the original lighting effect that was used in Waitomo cave tours from 1889). This is Waitomo’s only candle lit cave and we keep our tours small with a maximum of 13 people, for your personal enjoyment. Your guides are a team of the most experienced guides in Waitomo – ‘we have the best’ and they look forward to giving you a memorable Glowworm experience with New Zealand geological history and Maori Culture combined.

A supercharged jet boat adventure with adrenalin pumping action. Travel under the Harbour bridge, spin down the harbour and catch a glimpse of the iconic pink Chelsea Sugar refinery at Birkenhead, Shoal Bay and all the magic of Auckland city. With 23 seats in grandstand seating everyone gets a view! The twin 300 horse power supercharged engines will thrill you with heart pumping action, quick turns, sweeping fish tails and power break stops.

What to wear and bring: • • • • •

A sense of fun A hat, sun screen and sunglasses in the summer months A water/wind proof jacket are recommended Practical footwear In the winter months a woollen jersey or fleece

Gift Vouchers, Group and Corporate Packages available

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Footwhistle Glowworm Cave Departs every half hour from 8:30am. Duration 1¼ hours. Adult $45pp Child $22.50pp Blackwater Rafting with Black Magic the longest Blackwater Rafting stream way. Departs 10am, 12pm and 3pm, Allow 3 hours, You need: Swimsuit and Towel (approx 1.5 hours underground) Adult $124pp Child $110pp Night Abseil Departs at dusk daily. Duration 2 hours. Adult $175pp Child $144pp.

35-40 minute super charged Jet Boat Adventure Adult $98pp, Child $58pp, Family $254* Check in: 10 minutes prior. Departing: On the hour from 9am from Auckland Ferry Terminal Pier 3D

All prices are subject to seasonal changes.

* Conditions apply. Prices are subject to seasonal changes

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 CAVEWORLD (0800 228 396) |




book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 AKL JET (0800 255 538) |

great Taste Tours

Bush and Beach

Food, wine & art sightseeing tours to the Matakana Coast and Kumeu Wine Country.

Auckland’s premier small group eco-tour company.

Great Taste Tours is an excellent way to experience the food, wine and arts of this region. With informed and entertaining guides it’s an exhilarating “assault on the senses” day out!

Daily tours to Auckland’s lush rainforest, wild black sand beaches, untamed Great Barrier Island and Coromandel Peninsula give a unique experience of spectacular natural worlds. Experienced eco-guides provide an interactive, unforgettable wilderness experience.

MATAKANA COAST & WINE COUNTRY The Matakana full day tour includes a veritable feast of art, cheese, wine, honey, local cuisine and chocolates. A visit to renowned Morris & James Pottery and the quite remarkable Brick Bay Sculpture Trail are highlights. KUMEU WINE COUNTRY Wine making developed early in the west of Auckland and scattered across the softly-undulating countryside are numerous quality-oriented wineries. These contrast with the spectacular coastal scenery of the area.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Coast & Rainforest Walk Minimum 2 passengers 10am-5pm daily includes picnic lunch $220pp or Wilderness Experience Tour 12.30-5.30pm daily $135pp –Enjoy Auckland’s coastal rainforest on full or half day tours. Walk the easy bush tracks beneath giant tree ferns, feel the black sand beneath your feet as you stroll on awe-inspiring beaches and visit 1,000 year old kauri trees.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Great Tastes Of Matakana Full Day Tour 9.30am-4.30pm Savour New Zealand food, wine and art at its best. Tour includes: cheese tasting, honey centre, boutique chocolate factory, 3 award winning wineries, wine tasting, Morris & James pottery, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee or juice. $295pp A Taste Of Kumeu Wine Country Half Day Tour 9.45am-1.15pm A half day of tasting to whet your appetite. Tour includes: 3 awardwinning wineries, wine tastings, cheese platter, Muriwai Beach (with gannet colony August – April). $179pp. Kumeu Wine & Nature Tour Full Day Tour 9.45am-4.30pm New Zealand’s jewels – amazing scenery and great wine. Tour includes: 4 award winning wineries, wine tastings, awe-inspiring black sand Muriwai beach (with gannet colony August – April), 2 course lunch with glass of wine at a vineyard, Bees Online Honey Centre with honey tasting and morning tea, coffee or juice. $295pp Great Taste Tours is owned and operated by the internationally renowned Bush and Beach. All tours are for a minimum of 2 passengers. Prices are valid until 30/09/2011

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 423 224 or 09 837 4130 |

Auckland’s Untamed Island Tour Minimum 2 passengers 7.15am5.45pm daily eco-tour including 2 dazzling scenic flights, breakfast and lunch $675pp – Find paradise as it used to be on a one day tour to Great Barrier Island with its spectacular natural world of lush wetlands and rare and endangered flora and fauna. A 30 minute scenic flight takes you back in time. Walk to natural thermal springs, feed giant eels, swim at a pristine white sand beach and climb to the top of Windy Canyon with its sheer rata-coated cliffs and breathtaking views. Coromandel Day Tour minimum 2 passengers 7am-7pm daily $330pp – Experience Coromandel Peninsula with its mountainous forest-covered backbone, sheltered bays and stunning coastlines. Take a trip on a mountain railway, visit Hot Water Beach with its hot springs in the sand and walk to Cathedral Cove where the Pacific Ocean washes through a natural arch onto a white sand beach. Auckland City Revealed 9am-12pm daily $72pp – A fresh new look at where Aucklanders live and play. Best of Both Worlds Tour 9am-5.30pm daily $199pp –Experience the best sights of Auckland city in the morning combined with an afternoon Wilderness Experience. Don’t miss Auckland’s hidden gems. Take a scheduled tour or personalise your own day. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 423 224 or PH: 09 837 4130 |



Milestone Tours With Milestone Tours, you’ll experience small-group tours that let you escape the usual tourist trail, get out of the bus, and experience the best Auckland has to offer. Discover the city and surrounding region with guides who make every tour an interactive, unique experience. In-depth destination discovery

Auckland Adventure

If you’re a traveller who doesn’t just want to see their holiday go by from behind a tour bus window, but wants to know about your destination, meet the locals and immerse yourself in its culture and history, then Milestone Tours are for you. These unique tours reflect the flavour of each region, mixing the ‘must see’ with the unexpected treasure.

Take a journey through pristine rainforest, to untamed beaches and perfectly terraced vines, all shaped by Auckland’s volcanic beginnings. In just a day you will take in the rainforests of the Waitakere Ranges - gateway to the west’s wild, surf-pounded black-sand beaches - before enjoying more ‘civilised’ wine country, and finishing the day in the North Shore’s historical quarter of Devonport. $189pp, child under 12 $150.

Learn from the locals Milestone guides don’t just give a commentary. With their local knowledge and enthusiasm every tour becomes an interactive experience. As walking encyclopaedias of ‘Kiwiana’ Milestone guides like nothing more than answering your questions - try them! They are also fun, friendly and absolutely dedicated to your enjoyment.

Small means perfectly formed By keeping group sizes small - 10 travellers maximum - Milestone tours can be highly personal, more flexible, and you’re likely to meet like-minded travellers. If you have more time, Milestone Tours can design a bespoke tour for your group, or take you on an overnight Rotorua & Waitomo Voyager or Bay Of Islands Explorer tour.

Auckland Discovery Tour Milestone Tours has hand-picked the very best of Auckland: discover the city’s stunning beaches, historic buildings, leafy inner city parks, iconic volcanoes, scenic drives, pretty colonial suburbs and much more. A must for anyone wanting a taste of Auckland in just four hours, this tour weaves together culture, history, architecture, geography and essential ‘kiwiness’ to showcase this modern, vibrant city. $69pp, child under 12 $55.

matakana Escape Just an hour north of Auckland - though seeming like a world away - is the Matakana coast. Discover unique cottage industries in bohemian Puhoi before exploring the pristine marine environment of Goat Island in a glassbottomed boat. Finish the day in artistic Matakana by sampling locally made food and wine and browsing local arts and crafts. $189pp, child under 12 $150.



hIghLY RECOmmENDED Auckland Discovery Tour Experience Auckland with knowledgeable, local guides. Leave the tour at Auckland Museum in time to enjoy the 2.30pm Maori cultural performance! Central Auckland pick-up 10.30am and return 2.30pm. $69pp, child under 12 $55 book with your Concierge or Freephone 0800 699 788, or (09) 479 2540 |

ceNTral & lOwer NOrTH islaNd

Rotorua is the birthplace of New Zealand tourism, nearby Lake Taupo is approx. the size of Singapore!

ROTORuA – When explaining the appeal of this region, people like to talk of five spirits. You can feel the spirit of the earth, as it rumbles beneath your feet and escapes, hissing, through fumaroles and geysers. You can witness the spirit of Maori culture at Te Puia, with authentic performance experiences. Soaking in a natural hot spring can rejuvenate your spirit. Or free your spirit with outdoor adventures. Taking one of HELiPRO’s Scenic Helicopter flights is a great way to get a different view of the region. HELiPRO also offer Helicopter Flights and landings on New Zealand’s only active marine volcano. This is perhaps the most accessible on earth White Island, attracting scientists and volcanologists worldwide, as well as thousands of visitors. The best people to talk to for on the water activities are River Rats Raft and Kayak. They have something for everyone, from a gentle grade 2 scenic raft trip suitable for participants as young as 5, through to full on grade 5 action featuring the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall. TAuPO – Nestled on the edge of Lake Taupo, Taupo Township offers splendid scenery, plenty to do, and superb accommodation options. Taupo features The Huka Falls which are the largest falls on the Waikato River, they are the most visited natural attraction in New Zealand! This is where the Waikato River, normally up to 100 metres wide, abruptly narrows to just 15 metres as it crosses a hard volcanic ledge. This causes a huge volume of water to collide together, forming a spectacular visual feast of powerful falls and rapids. Around 220,000 litres per second of water pours over the cliff face, and then rushes under a pedestrian bridge (great photo opportunity here!) The water then bursts out of its rapids, over the 11 metre falls,

and back into the Waikato River. Huka Falls is located in Wairakei Park. This is only a short 5 minute drive north of Lake Taupo. Or you can choose the 30 minute riverside walk as a way to get to the several viewing platforms that are available. We recommend a Hukafalls Jet Boat ride - approximately 30 minutes, during which time you travel to the base of the Huka Falls and past the Aratiatia Dam. Here you will see one of the great natural wonders of the world in action! WELLINgTON – New Zealand’s capital city, trendy, vibrant and exciting. An entertainment hub of New Zealand, this is the arts and culture capital. A special blend of heritage buildings, museums, galleries, fine food, live theatre and music – make this city a great place to visit in any season. Dominating the spectacular waterfront is Te Papa Tongrewa – the interactive, innovative museum that’s one of New Zealand’s key cultural attractions. The best way for sightseeing in this region is by experiencing the thrill of a helicopter flight!

TAuPO AuTumN EVENTS 15 April-17 April

Taupo Home and Garden Show

21 April 2011

Emerging NZ Grape Varietals Wine Tasting


The Pink Floyd Experience Pulse Tour

22 June

Hot Red Hawke’s Bay Wine Expo

29 July-14 August NZ International Film Festival




river rats raft, sledge & Kayak

Unforgettable scenic flights.

New Zealand’s White Water Rafting, Kayak and Adventure specialists.

Located at Te Puia, Agrodome Park and Skyline Skyrides, HELiPRO offers the most comprehensive and exclusive range of Scenic Helicopter excursions available in the Rotorua and Bay of Plenty area. The exciting and innovative options feature the world renowned local volcanoes, thermal activity and stunning Lakes district. HELiPRO’s exclusive landing concession for Mount Tarawera allows access to Rotorua’s most remarkable landmark; coupled with the well known White Island landing tours, the options are amazing. All flights are designed for maximum value, comfort and enjoyment. Other combination tours include Wilderness Fishing, Rafting, Lake Cruises, 4 Wheel Driving, Heli-Wine, Heli-Golf, Jet Boating and HeliHiking. Scenic helicopter tour options include: Rotorua City flights, Crater Lake Views, Mount Tarawera Volcanic Landing (exclusive to HELiPRO), Destination Tarawera – fly/drive option, Volcanic Adventure, Te Ara o Te Wa – Mt Tarawera Te Puia Heritage Tour (exclusive to HELiPRO), Ultimate Heli-Jet Volcanic Adventure, White Island – Active Volcanic Landing, White Island – Mt Tarawera Volcanic Landing.

River Rats Raft & Kayak have been offering quality adventures for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on a safety-first culture and our attention to detail. There’s something for everyone – from a gentle grade 2 scenic raft trip suitable for participants as young as five, through to full-on grade 5 action. Featuring the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall. Kayaking is available as freedom hire or a guided tour. Paddle the local lakes to a secluded beach or enjoy a hot water swim only accessible by boat. Freedom hire from $20pp We have a range of Rafting and Kayaking options, package specials and more exhilarating activities in and around Rotorua to choose from.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED White Water Trips – Prices effective to October 31st 2011

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Crater Lake Views Fly over stunning lakes, national parks and Rotorua’s renowned thermal activity, 15 minutes. $195pp. Mount Tarawera Volcanic Landing Land on a Sacred Mountain, viewing craters, domes and lakes, 40 minutes. $340pp. Volcanic Adventure Prominent Volcanic Landmarks from crater Lakes to Tarawera Falls, 1 hour. $475pp. White Island Active Volcanic Landing 3 hours. $775pp. Flights are subject to weather and volcanic activity. Minimum passengers apply. Prices effective as of 1 April 2011. Prices are subject to seasonal changes.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 HELIPRO (0800 435 477) or 07 357 2512 |



Kaituna Raft Grade 5 $95pp | Rangitaiki Raft Grade 3-4 $125pp Wairoa Grade 5 $125pp | Tongariro Grade 3 $115pp Rangitaiki Grade 2 Adults $125pp Child $85pp Kaituna Sledging Grade 3 $115pp Guided Kayak Trip – Join us for a guided Kayak trip to the spectacular Manupirua Springs Hot Pools on Lake Rotoiti. Situated right on the lake edge there are a range of hot pools of varying temperatures, all fed by a natural hot spring. Paddling time is around 1 hour each way. Allow 4 hours $95pp Complimentary transport available from central Rotorua, or meet at our base at 391 State Highway 33, Mourea, Rotorua. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 333 900 or 07 345 6543 |

Te puia The New Zealand Mãori Arts and Crafts Institute. Come to Te Puia and share our heritage, a living legacy of people, culture and place. For over 45 years, we have welcomed visitors, to hear our stories, to enjoy our unique culture and to experience first hand the wonders of Mãori arts and crafts. Our guides are linked to generations of hosts who have led visitors through this valley. Share with the Mãori people the warmth and generosity of spirit known as ‘Manaakitanga’, a value that expresses hospitality beyond expectation. Our stories sit within the hearts and minds of our people – and will be shared by those who guide you through the Institute. The spirit of our land can be seen, felt and heard within the unique geothermal environment of the Whakarewarewa Valley. Harness the energy offered by the geothermal waters, used historically for bathing, cooking and therapeutic use by local Mãori to create a one of a kind lifestyle. Silica terraces, bubbling mud pools and unique vegetation sets an awe inspiring backdrop to the world famous Pohutu Geyser. The Carving School nurtures specially chosen individuals to begin a lifetime of learning the treasured art that preserves our tribal history and genealogy. Our school of weaving ensures the ancient craft survives for our children’s children. Features of Te Puia: Guided tours, National Carving and Weaving Schools, live kiwi birds, Mãori village, Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, mudpools, cooking pools, Pohutu Geyser, 3 cultural performances per day, evening cultural show with indigenous Mãori food. Admission Hours: Summer: 8am – 6pm (last tour commences at 5pm). Winter: 8am – 5pm (last tour commences at 4pm).

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Te Puia Daytime Experience Guided Tour Available on the hour every hour. Children $21.50pp | Adults $43pp | Family Pass $116 Daytime Experience Combo Includes a Cultural Performance – 10.15am, 12.15pm, 3.15pm daily. Children $26.80pp | Adults $53.70pp | Family Pass $144.90 Te Põ: Indigenous Evening Experience A feast of cultural storytelling, entertainment and Mãori kai (indigenous food) – 6.15pm start time. Children $53pp | Adults $106pp | Family Pass $286.20 Te Põ: Indigenous Evening Experience Combo Includes a Te Puia Daytime Experience – 4.30pm start time. Children $69pp | Adults $138pp | Family Pass $372.60pp Exclusive Guided Tour $75pp. Subject to availability. Prices valid until 30 September 2011.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 837 842




Hukafalls Jet

HELiPRO offer a range of Scenic Flights that feature powerful volcanoes, thermal reserves & tranquil wilderness areas.

Jet boat to the base of New Zealand’s MOST visited natural attraction - the spectacular Huka Falls! Hukafalls Jet is the only jet boat company permitted to take you there! A mustdo attraction whether you’re staying in Taupo, Rotorua or just passing through on your way somewhere else.

Experience breathtaking views of Lake Taupo and its two most inspirational scenic icons, the Huka Falls and the Maori Rock Carvings. Further south, fly over the spectacular World Heritage Tongariro National Park with its stunning emerald lakes and thermal activity of Ketatahi Hot Springs. Or fly north to land on the sacred mountain, Mount Tarawera, try to comprehend the earth’s forces which created this awe inspiring volcanic icon, site of the largest eruption in New Zealand’s living memory. Other scenic helicopter combination options include: launch cruises, jet boating, wilderness fishing, delicious picnics in remote places, heli-wine tours, heli-golf tours.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Huka Falls / Rock Carvings & Beyond: Huka Falls/Rock Carvings Experience offers breathtaking views of Taupo and its two most inspirational scenic icons, the Huka Falls and Maori Rock Carvings. 15 minutes. $195pp. Mt Tarawera Fault Line Direct: Fly north along the volcanic fault line and Waikato River. Enjoy aerial views of our renowned thermal reserves Waimangu and Wai-O-Tapu before climbing to land on the rugged and exposed peak of Mount Tarawera. Experience the thrill of walking on the craters edge and view the massive rift formed in this powerful and explosive eruption. Approx 60 minutes (inc. landing) $630pp. World Heritage Safari: Here we combine some of the North Islands most stunning volcanic alpine scenery with a remote landing in the Kaimanawa wilderness area. Up close and stunning views of our world heritage volcanoes; Mounts Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe. Photograph Ruapehu’s steaming Crater Lake, stunning lava flows, inspiring glacial valleys and dramatic volcanic formations. 75 minutes. $770pp. U-Fly: So you think you’ve got what it takes to fly a helicopter!!! HELiPRO gives you the chance to have a ‘hands on’ attempt at flying a helicopter. Experience the thrill of taking the controls of your helicopter and trying to master the skills of hovering and flying (with a qualified instructor beside you of course). This once in a lifetime experience is by appointment only and is available 7 days a week. Approx. 40 minutes - including your informative pre-flight pilot’s briefing. $295pp (One person only required for this flight and subject to weight restriction). Flights are subject to weather and volcanic activity. Minimum passengers apply. Prices effective as of April 1 2011. Prices are subject to seasonal changes.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 HELIPRO – 0800 435 477 or 07 377 8805 |



Hukafalls Jet in Taupo, offers a unique combination of excitement and natural beauty. A 30-minute thrilling jet boat ride in the hands of a down-to-earth, funny professional jet boat driver who can make a jet boat do things you would never believe possible. The half hour of thrills, fun and excitement takes you along a beautiful river environment, lined with native bush, sheer rock cliff face and natural hot springs. Combine 360° spins and passing nature by incredibly close at disorientating speeds for an amazing must-do visitor experience, before even reaching the awe inspiring majesty that is the Huka Falls. From the unique vantage point on the jet boat you have the best water level view of Huka Falls – New Zealand’s most visited natural attraction. Located in Taupo, right in the heart of the North Island’s Adventure Playground, and situated 45mins from Rotorua, Hukafalls Jet is the one of the leading jet boat rides in New Zealand.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Hukafalls Jet Experience: 30 minutes of awesome jet boating on the Waikato River and view the majestic Huka Falls from the base of the falls. Adult $105 Child $59 (trips depart every 1/2hr or on demand) complimentary pick up & drop off service from Taupo. Exclusive Trips: Talk to Hukafalls Jet about the options for an exclusive trip. The boats seat up to 14 passengers, if you’re looking for privacy or something unique - whether it be for 2-14 people and can arrange surprises along the way, or tailor the trip to meet your needs. What to bring: Still cameras welcome on board – at your own risk. Video cameras not permitted, bags are not permitted on the boat – these are stored securely at the front desk. In winter: A woolly hat, sunglasses, warm jacket/clothing, gloves. In summer: sunglasses, sunscreen. Rates valid to the 30th of September 2011.

Please note: Children must be at least 1 metre tall in order to ride the Hukafalls Jet. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 485 2538 or 07 374 8572 |

Te papa


Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

HELiPRO offer a range of scenic flights that feature Wellington city and beyond.

New Zealand’s innovative and interactive national museum is set in a breathtaking location on Wellington’s waterfront. Explore the great treasures and stories of this country – its unique natural environment, fascinating history, taonga Maori (cultural treasures) and dynamic art heritage. Using a combination of the latest technology and classic storytelling, Te Papa educates, entertains, and inspires. Experience an exquisitely carved marae, walk through living native bush, and be shaken in the Earthquake House. Venture into OurSpace, a multimedia adventure with adrenalin-pumping motion simulator rides. Free general admission. Open every day 10am–6pm, and 10am–9pm on Thursdays.

Fly over our capital’s landmarks, the Beehive, the Cake Tin and Te Papa Museum. On a fine day enjoy views as far as the South Island. This flight is all that is ‘Absolutely Positively Wellington’. Access remote regions including; Martinborough, the stunning Marlborough Sounds, the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park and the rugged Kaikoura Coast. Swim with dolphins or make footprints on beautiful remote golden beaches. HELiPRO offers weekend escapes and heli-lunch destinations to Wharekauhau Country Estate, Furneaux Lodge, Parehua Country Estate, Portage Lodge, Bay of Many Coves Resort, Raetihi Lodge, Vintners Retreat, Bulwer Lodge, Lake Rotoroa Lodge, Timara Lodge and Kahurangi Luxury Retreat. Scenic helicopter tour options include: City Panorama, Capital Harbour Tour, Wild South Coaster, Fault Line Adventure, Marlborough Sounds Safari, Wharekauhau Country Estate – incl 3 course lunch, Furneaux Lodge – incl 3 course lunch.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED DAILY TOURS Introducing Te Papa 60 minutes. Discover highlights from across the Museum, including the colossal squid and Maori culture and taonga (treasures). 10.15am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm in summer (1 November – 31 March). 10.15am and 2pm in winter (1 April – 31 October). This tour also runs 7pm every Thursday night. Adult $12pp, Child $6pp. Taste of Treasures 60 minutes. Explore Te Papa’s taonga (Maori cultural treasures), both traditional and contemporary, and enjoy traditionally inspired light refreshments. 11am daily in summer (1 November – 31 March). Adult $24pp, Child $12pp. Private group tours Enjoy a tour tailored to your specific interests or needs. Below are just two examples. Te Papa Highlights 90 minutes. This tour of Te Papa covers the natural environment, Maori culture and treasures, art, and history. It includes the colossal squid and ends with an exhilarating ride in OurSpace. $168 up to 7 people. Maori Experience and Kapu Ti 90 minutes. Discover taonga (Maori cultural treasures) and hear their stories. The tour ends with kapu ti – traditionally inspired food and a hot drink. $280 up to 7 people. book with your Concierge or Phone: 04 381 7000

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Wild South Coaster Track along the wild south coast, viewing seals, Karori Rock Lighthouse and the Cook Strait, ending on an aerial overview of the Capital City, 25 minutes. $240pp. Marlborough Sounds Safari Explore complex waterways, dolphins, marine farms and sea life. Flying over Ship’s Cove where Captain Cook anchored, then landing for a stroll along the beach and coffee at the remote Furneaux Lodge, 1.25 hrs. $650pp. Flights are subject to weather. Minimum passengers apply. Prices effective as of April 1 2011. Prices are subject to seasonal changes.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 HELiPRO – 0800 435 477 or 04 472 1550 |



sOUTH islaNd

Great scenery from the top of the South Island - Farewell Spit, to Stewart Is. with it’s friendly locals!

mARLbOROugh (NELSON & bLENhEIm) – Nelson’s Saturday market defies description, prowl the lanes between the hundreds of stalls for Nelson’s best; fresh vegies, breads, fruit, cheeses, woodwork, gourmet foods, designer wear and crafts. Treat yourself at the food stalls where we recommend tracking down the smoked salmon dip, it is amazing! From 9am to 1pm every Saturday, this is one of the best markets in New Zealand. Experience what we consider to be one of the very best activity offered from central Nelson, the Abel Tasman Kayaking Combo with HELiPRO, a full day of adventurous exploration that is a once in a lifetime experience! Or take a fabulous wine tour with Marlborough Travel.


DuNEDIN in the Otago region, is New Zealand’s oldest city. Dunedin is well-known for its Victorian and Edwardian architecture and its close proximity to amazing wildlife. Dunedin highlights include Larnach Castle, Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Peninsula – the wildlife capital of New Zealand, the perfect eco tourism travel destination where you can visit the Royal Albatross.

mARLbOROugh & bLENhEIm AuTumN EVENTS 22 April - 24 April Classic Fighters, Aviation Events

kAIkOuRA – is a whale watching mecca and home to the multiple award winning Whale Watch Kaikoura!


ThE WEST COAST – features the Fox and Franz Josef Glacier’s. Of all the glaciers in the Southern Alps, only the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers have crept as far as the rainforests. The wildest side of New Zealand, the West Coast has the power to touch your soul. The West Coast is a place of brooding mountains, icy glaciers and surreal coastal formations. West Coast main centres include Westport, Greymouth, Hokitika, Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier and Haast.


ChRISTChuRCh – Christchurch City is alive with colour, atmosphere and world-class attractions. Christchurch is known internationally as the “Garden City” because of its spectacular gardens. Christchurch highlights include the International Antarctic Centre, Up Up and Away Ballooning at sunrise or land on the Southern Alps with HELiPRO.



9-10 April

12-17 April 2011

Women’s Lifestyle Expo

Festival of Colour

TE ANAu AuTumN EVENTS 2 April 2011

Mavora Explorer Series Mountain Bike Ride

30 April 2011

Routeburn Classic

5 April 2011

Dunedin Fashion Week 2011

8-10 April 2011

Rally of Otago (NZRC Round 1)

21 April 2011

ANZ Championship - Southern Steel vs NSW Swifts

11 May 2011

The Pink Floyd Experience Pulse 2011 Tour

Milford Sound

awe-inspiring landscape

HeliprO Christchurch Experience the best of New Zealand’s raw and unspoilt landscape with HELiPRO. HELiPRO's helicopter experiences deliver the memory of a lifetime. From Christchurch, The Garden City, enjoy breathtaking aerial views as you fly over the rims of Christchurch's two famous dormant volcanic craters, Lyttleton and Akaroa Harbours. Explore the Kaikoura coastline or the majestic Southern Alps where you will land at high altitude. Or head west for turquoise blue alpine rivers and the rugged glaciers of our remote West Coast - simply stunning! Other scenic helicopter tour options include: Seasonal heli-skiing, heli-wine, heli-golf, jet boats, wilderness fishing, whale watching and delicious picnics.

Extended leisurely Nature Cruises of spectacular Milford Sound Specialist nature guides on board Wildlife viewing opportunities include dolphins, seals and penguins Luxury glass-roof coach connections from Queenstown and Te Anau Scenic flights between Queenstown and Milford Sound Overnight Cruises

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Twin Craters Volcanic Explorer: Duration approximately 1 hour, including landing. Passing over Christchurch, we climb to reveal the volcanic rims of Lyttleton and Akaroa Harbours. Continue on to a remote beach landing, far out on Banks Peninsula before enjoying spectacular views of the Canterbury Plains and distant Southern Alps. $490pp. Chest Peak Alpine Landing: Duration approximately 1.5 hours. Fly west over the Canterbury Plains through the Waimakariri Gorge – a steep-sided river canyon – before climbing to land on the summit of Chest Peak. Here you’ll take in simply breathtaking 360-degree views of the alps and plains. Optional picnic lunch in the heart of the Waimakariri Gorge or on the top of Chest Peak is available on request $55pp. Flight cost: $670pp U-Fly: So you think you’ve got what it takes to fly a helicopter!!! HELiPRO gives you the chance to have a ‘hands on’ attempt at flying a helicopter. Experience the thrill of taking the controls of your helicopter and trying to master the skills of hovering and flying (with a qualified instructor beside you of course). This once in a lifetime experience is by appointment only and is available 7 days a week. Approx. 40 minutes including your informative pre-flight pilot’s briefing. $295pp (One person only required for this flight also subject to weight restriction). Flights are subject to weather. Minimum passengers apply. Prices effective as of April 1 2011. Prices are subject to seasonal changes. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 HELIPRO – 0800 435 477 or 03 359 0470 |

Freephone 0800 65 65 03




Marlborough Travel

Discover Nelson and more remote areas, HELiPRO inspiring Unforgettable Experiences! Abel Tasman Kayaking Combo

High quality experiences with the best local wine & food. Scheduled or private tours.

Abel Tasman – Kahurangi National Park Combo Enjoy spectacular views of two of New Zealand’s most beautiful National Parks, the world renowned Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National Park. In addition to these stunning National Parks this tour takes in aerial views of the Nelson district, Mt Arthur, Harwoods Hole and the Takaka Valley before tracking back along the beautiful coast line of the Abel Tasman. This flight is without a doubt one of our most popular. Abel Tasman Kayaking Combo Full Day Departing Nelson by helicopter experience some of this areas renowned landmarks by air! Including the magnificent Kahurangi National Park and legendary Harwoods Hole, the deepest vertical shaft or cave in New Zealand. From here flying over the Takaka Hill reveals the magnificent coast line of the Abel Tasman National Park where you will join your guides at Abel Tasman Kayaks to experience their legendary “Tonga Island seal and guided walking Tour”.

Greenshell™ Mussel Cruise A unique wine and food cruise experience through the tranquil Marlborough Sounds, taking in the natural beauty of this stunning area. Learn the history of the region and the people while cruising amongst the wildlife of the Marlborough Sounds. Visit a Greenshell™ Mussel Farm, taste freshly steamed mussels, matched to a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Departs Havelock Marina for a 3-hour cruise at 1.30pm | Adult $112pp Child (5-15yrs) $35pp Under 5yrs free

marlborough Travel Cruises

Heli-Greenshell™ Mussel Cruise Depart for a 30min scenic flight over the Marlborough wine region and out over the stunning Marlborough Sounds. Land to meet the launch for the Greenshell™ Mussel Cruise. On completion you will be transported by road back to your accommodation. This tour meets the scheduled Mussel Cruise with other people onboard. Up to 2 people $2550 | Up to 4 people $3050 Private Heli-Gourmet Cruise Experience The ultimate day package. Includes a scenic flight over the Marlborough wine region and out over the Marlborough Sounds. Land in the Marlborough Sounds to meet a luxury charter launch for a private wine and food cruise with your own chef. Enjoy a 3 course wine and food-match lunch. Afterwards, you will be transported by road back to your accommodation. Up to 2 people $5830 | Up to 4 people $6250

Marlborough Travel Wine Tours

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Abel Tasman – Kahurangi National Park Combo Approx 45mins $415pp Abel Tasman Kayaking Combo Full Day This tour includes a packed lunch, return shuttle to Nelson upon completion of your Kayaking Tour. $705pp Enquire about any of our other scenic flight experiences: Nelson City Scenic approx 10mins $98pp Richmond Forest Park Landing approx 50mins $380pp Abel Tasman National Park approx 30mins $380pp The Mt Olympus Eregion Landing approx 90min $735pp Marlborough Sounds Eco Tour approx 90min $735pp

Taste Marlborough Tour A fabulous full day tour of the Marlborough wine region specialising in stunning wine and food experiences, behind the scenes tours, winemaker hosted tastings and special reserve grade wines. 9.45am collection from accommodation in Blenheim or Picton | 4.30pm drop off | Tour Duration 6 hours | Adult $230pp Private Wine Tours or Luxury Wine Touring by BMW Itineraries available. Can include most wineries and all other attractions. Additional costs apply for lunch and beverages.

Flights are subject to weather. Minimum passengers apply. Prices effective as of April 1 2011. Prices are subject to seasonal changes.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 HELIPRO – 0800 435 477 or 03 547 1177 |



book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 990 800 or 03 577 9997 |

shantytown – Greymouth

Fox Glacier Guiding

While the South Islands West Coast is well known for its magnificent scenery and glaciers no visit to the area is complete without experiencing Shantytown.

Voted Overall Winner 2009 West Coast Tourism Awards.

The discovery of gold in 1864 led to a population “explosion” - from around 300 to almost 30,000 residents. Isolation, rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions produced stories of fortitude and ingenuity. Over 30 historic buildings tell these stories through a fascinating mix of experience and displays. Native rainforest provides a peaceful setting where you will witness and understand some of the trials of the pioneers as they struggled to make a life and strike it lucky at the goldfields Whatever the weather, it’s as good as gold! Take a rare steam train ride, watch the mighty sluice gun blast gold bearing soil from a cliff, follow the water races to pan for your own gold (and trade it in the village) experience the sights and sounds of a working sawmill, explore little Chinatown, and get an old-time photo, there’s so much to see and do. King Dick’s Cafe and Golden Nugget Saloon provide refreshments so you won’t go thirsty. Reuben Waite’s General Store stocks unique gifts and souvenirs. Shantytown is a ‘must do’ activity while visiting the West Coast. Just 10 minutes from Greymouth. Open EVERY day 8:30am to 5:30pm (except Christmas Day).

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Entry price includes a steam train ride Admissions: (from April 1 2011) Adult $30pp Child (age 5-17yrs) $15pp Children 4 years and under FREE Senior (Age 60+) $23pp Family Pass (2 adults and up to 4 children) $71 Gold Panning: $5.00 all panners guaranteed to strike. The steam train departs at least every hour during the day, with final departure at 4.00pm. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 742 689

Take a breathtaking guided trip on the West Coast’s longest glacier amidst fascinating ice formations, with New Zealand’s most experienced glacier guiding company. To assure your safety, guides are trained through the internationally recognised NZ Mountain Guides Association. Choose from a range of unique trip options...

fox Trot: half Day Walk A popular walk and a great introduction to the frozen world of Fox Glacier, accessed via a ‘secret’ rainforest track.

Nimble fox: All Day Walk Your guide will cut fresh ice steps, to help you navigate your way through dramatic terrain, which is moving up to 2 metres a day. Always something new to discover.

fox Trail: Terminal face Walk A leisurely and informative walk to visit the final resting place of the mighty river of ice, after it has travelled 13 kms from the base of the Southern Alps.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Flying Fox: Helihike Combine 2 helicopter flights with the opportunity to explore a remote part of the glacier with your knowledgeable guide. Spectacular ice caves brilliantly blue in colour are often seen. 8.50am and 11.50am (all year) plus 2.50pm (Summer months). $399pp. Fox It Up: Ice Climbing Adventure Day long course introducing the exhilarating sport of ice climbing on the spectacular walls of the Fox Glacier. Your professional guide will tailor your day to challenge novices and experts alike. 8.00am. $245pp. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 111 600



Air Safaris Air Safaris operate 'The Grand Traverse' which is recognised as the premier Aoraki Mount Cook flight-seeing experience; this magnificent flight encompasses 10 major glaciers including Tasman, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, two World Heritage National Parks and 200 km of breathtaking scenery. The aircraft have wings-above to ensure unobstructed viewing below and everyone is guaranteed a window seat. Your pilot will provide an informative and enjoyable commentary in addition to all passengers receiving the Air Safaris multilingual flight-guide. Milford Sound Excursion Flights operate on demand to spectacular Milford Sound from Lake Tekapo and Franz Josef. Scenic flights follow the Southern Alps to Milford Sound via the Mount Aspiring National Park taking in alpine valleys, Wanaka Basin, Mount Sefton and often return via the rugged West Coast of the South Island – a tour of the Mount Cook and Westland National Parks can also be included. The flight stops in Milford for 30 minutes providing the opportunity for a boat cruise on Milford Sound (own cost) if time and weather permit – please note you would need to allow ½ day for this trip.

earth & sky Mt John Observatory, lake Tekapo Explore the wonders of the Southern Sky. This is the world’s most beautiful observatory. Observatory Day Tour Drive or hike 300m to the summit of Mt John for amazing views of the vast Mackenzie Basin, Southern Alps and turquoise blue Lake Tekapo. Possibly the best place on the planet for a coffee (according to Lonely Planet); enjoy a high country lunch at the Astro Cafe. Day tours of the Research Observatory are available from the Astro Cafe; learn about the most up-to-date and hi-tech astronomy research being carried out in the Mackenzie Country. Includes a complimentary coffee at the Astro Cafe. 30-40 mins | Adult $35pp, Child $20pp Lake Tekapo Scenic Day Tour Will take you around the region over a 2hr period to all the famous scenic spots such as the Church of the Good Shepherd, Mackenzie Dog Statue, then on to the Tekapo Power Station – the beginning of the New Zealand Hydro Scheme, up to the summit of Mt John for a tour of the astronomy research facility or you may opt for the panoramic summit walking track (another great photo opportunity). Depending on the departure time we’ll provide you with morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea before returning to the township. Morning & Afternoon Tea with Tour – Adult $70pp, Child $50pp | Astro Cafe - Lunch with Tour $85pp, Child $65pp Family Tour To Mt John Observatory (Available during Holidays). Earlier departure time to suit the young and lasts 1hr. A great educational experience for children, visit NZ’s largest telescope, our Astronomy guides provide an informative program and stargaze as skies permit using powerful telescopes – an opportunity not available anywhere else in NZ. Adult $65pp, Child $30pp

hIghLY RECOmmENDED The Grand Traverse The Grand Traverse is approximately 50 minutes flight time. Lake Tekapo – Lake Tekapo: Adult $295pp, Child $195pp. Franz Josef – Franz Josef: Adult $295pp, Child $195pp (ages 3-13). Milford Sound Excursions (Min 4 people). Lake Tekapo or Franz Josef to Milford Sound, including Aoraki Mt Cook and Glaciers. Adult $695pp, Child $495pp. Lake Tekapo or Franz Josef to Milford Sound direct: Adult $595pp, Child $395pp. Charter Flights Christchurch – Mt Cook – Wanaka – Queenstown – Milford Sound. Attractive options for groups looking for something different. Charter arranged on request. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 806 880



Sunset Or Dusk Tour We get you up the mountain either prior to sunset of just after (depending on the time of year). Watch the colours of the mountains, valleys and lake change from day-dusk-night, then simply wait for the starry night sky to take hold, then our guides will give you a tour of the night sky using laser pens to help direct and orientate you, using telescopes to view those most distant objects. You can even have a try at Astro-photography; allow 2½hrs. Adult $85pp, Child $50pp Mt John Stargazing Night Tours Join us for our famous two hour dark sky stargazing tour. We provide transport, equipment and guidance. All you need to bring are keen eyes, warm clothes and a desire to see, learn and experience! Navigating our way around the Southern Sky using telescopes, binoculars, and the naked eye. Learn about neighbouring stars and galaxies. 2hrs | Adult $85pp, Child $50pp.

book with your Concierge or Phone: 03 680 6960

whale watch Kaikoura

Thrillseekers adventures

The Ultimate Marine Experience... only 2.5 hours from Christchurch CBD.

Located on the main road into Hanmer Springs over-looking the river and ferry bridge, ThrillSeekers Adventures has something for everybody!

Off the Kaikoura coastline is a marine environment so rich in nutrients that it attracts some of the most magnificent creatures with which we share our planet. Among them are Giant Sperm Whales that can grow up to 20 metres and weigh over 50 tons. These whales can be seen all year round, making Kaikoura one of the most popular whale watching locations in the world. This unique marine experience also provides an opportunity to sight high-spirited Dusky Dolphins, the rare and endangered Hectors Dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals and a wide variety of sea birds including the Royal Albatross. Whale Watch Kaikoura – an unforgettable journey, in purpose built vessels that provide great viewing and photographic opportunities.

Thrillseekers Jet – Jetboat the entire length of Hanmer’s spectacular Waiau Gorge. Take in the magnificent scenery, then hold on while you experience the famous Hamilton jet spin. Narrow gorges, braided shallows, white water rapids. Over 30 kilometres of exciting jetboating and spectacular scenery. Thrillseekers Rafting – Fun for the whole family. Marvel at the twist rock, water holes, pink marble rock, fault line features and the crystal clear river, so clear you can see the trout swimming by. Leap out of the raft and go for a float! Thrillseekers Bungy – The 135 year old Waiau Ferry Bridge is the site of the Thrillseekers Bungy Jump. At 35 metres high it allows you plenty of time to experience the range of emotions from sheer terror to pure elation in the seconds it takes you to plummet towards the river. Quad Bike Safari – Put yourself in control of a four-wheel quad bike. Challenge the terrain, with river crossings, mud, dust, dirt and excitement.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Departures: 7.15am, 10am, 12.45pm. Additional tour is at 3.30pm from November to March. 3.5 hours including check-in and transfer by bus. Adult $145pp, Child $60pp. Dress: Please dress warmly and wear flat shoes, for the outside decks you may need light waterproof clothing depending on the sea conditions. Please Note: Whale Watch Kaikoura sell a range of natural active motion-sickness tablets and offer Aqua Straps. Food & Beverages: Hot food, coffee and cold drinks are available before or after your tour at Flukes Café adjacent to Whale Watch Kaikoura. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 655 121

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Thrillseekers Jetboating 11:00am | 1:00pm | 3:00pm

Adult $115pp Child $60pp

Thrillseekers Rafting 10:00am | 2:00pm

Adult $149pp Child $79pp

Thrillseekers Bungy 9:45am | 11.30am | 12:00pm 12:30pm | 4:00pm | 4:30pm Quad Bike Safari 10:00am | 1:00pm | 3:00pm


Adult $129pp Child $99

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 661 538 or 03 315 7046 |



Up Up and away For the Ultimate Ballooning Experience... Fly with one of the world’s most experienced ballooning companies. There is no other place in the world where it is possible to fly from the centre of a city, in view of the sun rising out of the ocean, toward snowcapped mountains. The Christchurch/Canterbury geography and climate are ideal for ballooning. They provide a unique situation where passengers can experience Canterbury’s landscape, as only a few have seen it, from a gently floating hot air balloon.

get ready for: • 4-5 hours from start to finish • Optional Hands-on help in preparing the balloon • Approximately 1 hour long flight • Spectacular views and photo opportunities • A celebratory glass of chilled champagne (or fruit juice) after landing in a farmer’s field • An in-flight photo of the flight is available for purchase as a keepsake. Watch as the parks, rivers and buildings fade into the distance, making way for the patchwork farmland of the Canterbury Plains, in view of the Southern Alps to the west and the endless blue of the ocean to the east. We take off everyday of the year... weather permitting. Early morning is best as it is the calmest time of day. What a way to start the day! Sunrise starting (meeting) times: courtesy transfers are provided from hotels, for visitors staying in central Christchurch: September: 5:10am October: 4:40am November: 4:40am December: 4.40am January: 4:40am For a truly “out of this world” experience... it’s Balloon Adventures Up Up and Away!

recOMMeNd exclUsiVe OFFer Quote Recommend when booking an exclusive charter to receive a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to enjoy after landing.



hIghLY RECOmmENDED The Ultimate Balloon Experience Duration 4 to 5 Hours including complimentary accommodation transfers from central Christchurch. Adult $340pp, Child $300pp. Exclusive Charter your own Ultimate Balloon Experience Private Charter for the most romantic adventure in the world or for people who relish their privacy, this is the ultimate proposal opportunity or gift for that man who has absolutely everything. $7000 for up to 24 people. Heli – Ballooning Combo Upon touch down of your Hot Air Balloon, board a HELiPRO Helicopter for a scenic flight over the Southern Alps (can include a snow landing). Please check prices with your Concierge. Prices are subject to change.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 03 381 4600

international antarctic centre Located in a unique working Antarctic campus, the International Antarctic Centre offers a fun, exciting and interactive experience of Antarctica! Christchurch is only 3825 kilometres from Antarctica – making the city the world’s aerial gateway to the ice – however it is within The International Antarctic Centre that those less able or less inclined to brave the icy continent itself may explore the mysterious fascination that surrounds Antarctica, experiencing something of its indescribable qualities for themselves. Conveniently situated across from Christchurch International Airport, the International Antarctic Centre is Christchurch’s leading visitor attraction and has twice been judged New Zealand’s best attraction. Your all day pass includes the following highlights: FREE shuttle from Cathedral Square on our official transport the Penguin Express. Departs every hour on the hour from 9am. The Snow & Ice Experience A chilling –5˚C, the Snow & Ice Experience is great fun for all ages. Slide down an icy slope, shelter in an ice cave, brave the wind chill machine at –18˚C, or get ‘exchillarated’ in the Antarctic Storm that blows every 30 minutes. Warm jackets and overshoes are provided. The Snow & Ice Experience is a must for all visitors especially those who have never seen snow before. The New Zealand Penguin Encounter The New Zealand Penguin Encounter is home to 26 Little Blue penguins. Penguins held here have been rescued and cared for, some since they were chicks. Due to physical disabilities that have left them defenceless, many of them would not have survived back in the wild. Feeding times & ranger commentary: 10.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm daily The Hagglund Ride Experience the thrill of a ride in an authentic Antarctic all-terrain vehicle! The Hagglund ride showcases the demanding capabilities of this amazing Antarctic workhorse. The outdoor adventure course is designed to put the Hagglund through its paces in a fun, but very safe environment. Due to the high impact of this ride some restrictions do apply. 4D Theatre- ‘Icy Voyage’ Take a journey to Antarctica without leaving your seat! Our brand new 4D theatre will transport you to the Great White South with the thrills and spills of any Antarctic sea voyage. Avoid the sea-spray, brave the wind, shelter from the snow but hold on tight to your seat……it could be a rough passage!

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Open every day of the year, including Christmas Day. Summer: 1 October – 31 March 9am – 7pm Winter: 1 April – 30 September 9am – 5.30pm All day pass with unlimited entry and rides Adult $65pp, Child (5-15 years) $36pp, Child (under 5 years) Free, Family (2 adults & up to 4 children) $165, Seniors & Students $55pp | Penguin Backstage Pass (Optional Extra) Adult $25pp Child (5-15 years) $20pp Estimated visit duration Between 3 and 4 hours. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0508 PENGUIN (0508 736 4846) or 03 353 7798 |




Here you experience the luxury lifestyle of the rich and famous, a must-do for anyone’s bucket list!

Queenstown has a reputation as one of New Zealand’s wine and cuisine centres. Neighbouring, Lake Hayes, which is like a mirror most days of the year, features Amisfield Bistro for a glorious wine tasting or dining experience. Queenstown lies close one of the best small wine producing regions in the world, Bannockburn, next to Cromwell, Pinot Noir produced in this area fetches premium prices, one of their best vineyards is Mt. Difficulty Wines, an exceptional experience. One of New Zealand’s most well known tourism attractions is Shotover Jet which is the only company permitted to operate in the Shotover River Canyons, a spectacular environment of shear rock walls and narrow canyons. This is a thrilling experience! One of the most scenic places in the region (and a great place to pick up a Possum souvenir) is the frontier township of Glenorchy, which is at the head of Lake Wakatipu. Head into the pristine Dart River Valley and the spectacular Mount Aspiring National Park with Dart River Jet Safaris. An exciting journey into a unique World Heritage area of spectacular wilderness scenery, high mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes and beautiful river valleys shrouded with ancient beech forest. Visit Milford Sound with Air Milford, Over the Top Helicopters, Gray Line, or rent a car with Crown Rentals. Highly recommended is Queenstown Rafting then soak off the day at Onsen Hot Pools (pictured above).



12-17 April

Southern Lakes Festival of Colour

16-22 April

Millbrook Masters Golf Tournament


air Milford Experience New Zealand flightseeing at its best with a Milford Sound flightseeing tour. Or choose from its fun, friendly and exclusive flightseeing tours of Doubtful Sound, Queenstown and Mt Cook.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Fly/Cruise/Fly to Milford Sound - Allow 4 hours Adult $449pp Child $270pp Or Summer Price: Adult $419pp* Child $255pp* *For the 8am summer departure only. Includes: Pick up and drop off from accommodation, Milford Sound Flights return, Milford Sound Boat Cruise, morning/afternoon tea, Pilot escort through native forest. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 462 252 or 03 442 2351 |

Onsen Hot pools Queenstown’s only private indoor / outdoor hot pools, high on the cliffs overlooking the Shotover River canyon. The Onsen Hot Pools experience is all about unwinding and soaking-up Queenstown’s spectacular scenery. Complete privacy, total cleanliness, beautiful surroundings, total relaxation.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED 1 person $46pp, 2 people $40pp, 3 people $35pp, 4 people $32pp, Child $10pp or free before 3 pm. (1 free child per paying adult). Open 7 days a week 11am-10pm, bookings are in blocks of 1hr, up to 4 adults per pool. Free shuttle from central Queenstown. Bookings essential. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0508 UNWIND (0508 869 463) or 03 442 5707 |

Queenstown rafting Locally owned and operated, we are New Zealand’s largest rafting operator. We offer half day trips on the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers and multi day trips on the Landsborough River. Packages available including helicopter flights, jet boating, bungy jumping and canyon swings.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Rafting on the Shotover River $185pp Grade 3-5 Rafting on the Kawarau River $185pp Grade 2-3 Both trips include: Transfer from Queenstown downtown to rafting base, full wetsuit rafting clothing and safety equipment, extensive safety briefing, hot showers and sauna, return travel to Queenstown downtown. No experience necessary. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 RAFTING (0800 723 8464) or 03 442 9792 |

Over the Top: Extraordinary Excursions OVER THE TOP specialise in the extraordinary. With the latest helicopters available, New Zealand’s golf courses, super yachts and lodges are combined with glaciers, alpine lakes, fiords and high country stations. Excursions are created that indulge guests in an unforgettable experience, relaxed and interpretive. OVER THE TOP distills the essence of New Zealand’s most dramatic scenery whilst immersing you in the natural history of the area. Your itinerary is limited only by your imagination.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Milford Ultimate in the Eurocopter EC130 B4 A relaxed and unhurried expedition of Fiordland including Fiords, Glaciers and beach landings with a remote luncheon. Allow 4.5 hours. $8475 up to six persons. Picnic on a Peak Helicopter to a mountain top, enjoy a gourmet luncheon and wind down with our gramophone music. Allow 2-4 hours. $695 per person Introduction to Fly Fishing Spirited fish and “tight lines”. Half or Full day. From $1125 per person Fly New Zealand Tour Our FlyNZ itineraries include a selection of fine lodges, remote hideaways and first class activities. Your helicopter and concierge service remain at your disposal to provide the ultimate combination. Allow seven to ten days. From NZ $12,000 to $15,000 per day for two couples. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 123 FLY (0800 123 359) |



Gray line sightseeing

crown rentals

3 of the most amazing sightseeing holiday options, departing Queenstown everyday!

5 Of our top 100 reasons why your next New Zealand car rental experience could be your most rewarding!

Queenstown to Christchurch via Mt Cook Travel north from Queenstown via the Lindis Pass and the McKenzie Country. Stop for lunch at Mount Cook Village (own arrangements) located at the foot of New Zealand’s highest peak Aorangi (Mount Cook). Flight seeing is highly recommended (own cost). Continue to Christchurch via Lake Tekapo and the Canterbury Plains. Departs Queenstown 7.45am, arrives Christchurch 7.35pm. $195pp Milford Sound Day Tour Travel from Queenstown for morning tea (own arrangements) in Te Anau, enjoy the sight of towering snowcapped mountains, magnificent rainforests and spectacular waterfalls, then descend into Milford Sound for your 1 hour 45 min cruise. Return by coach. Picnic lunch is included. Optional return flight available at extra cost, weather permitting – see your driver - GLASS ROOF COACH OPERATES ON MOST TOURS Departs Queenstown 7.30am, arrives Queenstown 8.00pm. $235pp Milford Sound Day Tour Including Scenic Flight Travel from Queenstown for morning tea (own arrangements) in Te Anau, view towering snow-capped mountains, rainforests and spectacular waterfalls, then into Milford Sound for your 1 hour 45 min cruise. After your cruise enjoy this once in a lifetime scenic flight back to Queenstown. Boxed lunch included. Departs Queenstown 7.30am, arrives Queenstown 4.45 pm (approx) $615pp

1. No hidden charges 2. The longer the rental, the cheaper the rate! 3. Unlimited kilometres 4. Free insurance 5. Free hotel pick-up & drop-off Econo-rent Ideal for city travel or long distance journeys

Intermediate Toyota Camry (or similar)

AWD 7 Seater Ssangyong Stavic AWD (or similar)

Premium AWD Toyota Prado / Ssangyong Rexton (or similar)

















hIghLY RECOmmENDED AUCKLAND AIRPORT • AUCKLAND CITY • TAKAPUNA • QUEENSTOWN *Rates include Government Goods and Services Tax (GST), insurance, unlimited kilometres, AA Roadside Assistance and AA Maps. Rates vary depending on duration of rental.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 NZ TOUR (0800 698 687) 6am-11pm |



book with your Concierge or Freephone: NZ 0800 554 321 AUS 1800 859 761 |

dart river Jet safaris

shotover Jet

New Zealand’s Most Sensational Journey

The World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride

Queenstown’s Dart River Jet Safaris experiences are unique combinations of breathtaking ‘World Heritage’ scenery, exhilarating wilderness jet boating, Maori heritage and inspiring adventure – truly authentic discoveries of everything that makes New Zealand an exceptional destination. Join us, the only operator on the Dart River, for a diverse adventure from Queenstown to the frontier township of Glenorchy at the head of mighty Lake Wakatipu and into the pristine Dart River Valley and spectacular Mt Aspiring National Park. Explore little known areas inaccessible by other means and discover a unique and dramatic environment rich in both natural and cultural heritage and legend. If there is one Queenstown experience that delivers the diversity and essence of ‘New Zealand’ – it’s an adventure with Dart River Jet Safaris. Explore this awe-inspiring ‘World Heritage’ area with the ‘Safari’ option that suits you best and experience ‘New Zealand’s Most Sensational Journey.’

World famous as the ultimate jet boat experience, Shotover Jet has thrilled over 3 million people since 1970, and now it’s your turn! Take a unique breathtaking ride through dramatic and narrow Canyons, and hold on tight for Queenstown’s ONLY exhilarating FULL 360 degree spins. ‘Can you handle the canyons?’ with award winning Shotover Jet, ‘The World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride’ and the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover River Canyons. Combining the classic New Zealand invention of the jet boat with the kiwi culture of adventure, Shotover Jet has become part of the fabric of what is quintessentially ‘New Zealand’. Its unique mix of scenery and adventure is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, and is for many people the highlight of their Queenstown and New Zealand holiday.

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Departures: Up to every 15 minutes | Adults $119 Children $69

hIghLY RECOmmENDED Wilderness Safari: (Jet Boat Action / Guided Ancient Forest Walk / Back-Country 4WD) Queenstown return, 6 hours or Glenorchy return, 3 hours. Adult $219 / Child $119 / Family $557 (save $119) – Rates valid to 30 Sept 2011 Funyak Safari: (Jet Boat Action/Wilderness Buffet Lunch/Unique Funyak Adventure) Queenstown return, 9 hours or Glenorchy return, 7 hours. Adult $289 / Child $189 / Family $767 (save $189) – Rates valid to 30 Sept 2011. book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 DART JET (0800 327 853) or 03 442 9992 |

We provide: Life jackets | Full length spray jackets | Secure lockers for valuables | Complimentary shuttle transfers from the ‘The Station’ | A specialised photography service & onboard ‘Jet Cam’ video cameras will capture your experience with the photos and video available for no obligation viewing immediately after your trip. You need to bring: Eyewear recommended year round | Warm clothes, jacket, hat and gloves are strongly recommended in winter months. On site facilities: Parking, café, retail, toilets, and plenty of outdoors area to watch the jet boats or enjoying the scenery.

book with your Concierge or Freephone: 0800 SHOTOVER (0800 746 868) or 03 442 8570 |



Distances in kilometres 169 658 452 456 114 206 280 233 526 369 422 324 127 502 Auckland 673 549 467 98 412 298 349 287 393 597 216 827 393 Gisborne 296 531 327 328 106 106 153 106 401 242 295 451 Hamilton 155 980 776 779 439 530 604 560 852 692 747 Kaitaia 592 333 251 118 346 311 143 224 177 410 Napier 538 354 159 528 348 398 295 311 233 New Plymouth 697 145 741 295 452 415 278 330 PalmerstonNorth 403 460 304 222 158 85 82 Rotorua 449 380 222 251 204 166 Taupo T 375 547 390 308 114 Tauranga Tauranga 285 583 433 380 Thames 625 450 368 Wairoa 623 193 Wanganui 818 Wellington Whangarei Franz Josef

Milford Sound Mt.Cook

Te Anau Wanaka



Thames Wairoa Blenheim Christchurch 320 Dunedin 361 626 Franz Josef 543 407 518 Greymouth 188 615 254 330 Haast 308 180 423 526 720 Invercargill 375 742 605 195 554 874 Milford Sound 280 493 834 636 386 747 1056 Mt.Cook 576 444 359 523 668 328 322 642 Nelson 736 1104 269 602 295 485 797 438 116 Picton 113 671 1119 903 715 359 573 710 349 29 Queenstown 828 914 270 298 188 187 565 348 298 478 799 Te Anau 185 998 984 448 121 158 357 713 507 285 649 969 Wanaka 230 71 760 647 211 351 242 148 456 275 275 362 789 Westport 560 861 599 324 209 630 919 847 412 105 293 657 359 264 Distances in kilometres


Mr. Jacky Shih

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Ms. Bunny Spyve

Mr. Jason Eade

Mr. Nathan Wise

GUSTAVO CONCHA Zone Director Oceania, Union Internationale Des Concierges D’hotels Les Clefs d’Or, Chief Concierge, Hilton Hotel, Auckland

Oceania Message from the Oceania Zone Director

Dear friends, welcome to our beautiful New Zealand and to the sixth edition of Recommend New Zealand Magazine, showcasing what makes New Zealand such a fantastic destination. On Tuesday 22 February 2011 New Zealand’s Garden City Christchurch experienced an earthquake at a Richter Scale Magnitude of 6.3. With many deaths occurring and major devastation to this wonderful city, on behalf of our organisation the Les Clefs d’Or Concierge Society of New Zealand I would like to express our condolences to the city and encourage anyone who visits New Zealand and feel the effect that this event has had on our nation to donate to the fund our Prime Minister John Key has launched “The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal”. On a brighter note we as a country are looking forward to the Rugby World Cup which runs from 9 September to 23 October 2011. Where New Zealand will be welcoming 20 countries competing for the coveted William Webb Ellis Cup. As an organisation, we are also pooling our resources and initiatives towards 2013, when our Land of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa, will host the 60th International UICH Les Clefs d’Or Congress in beautiful Queenstown. It will be a great opportunity to showcase this sophisticated holiday resort during the five day conference. I trust you will enjoy your holiday in New Zealand, and of course feel free to call upon your Concierge if there is anything you need. Have a wonderful time in Aotearoa. In service through friendship, Gustavo Concha Donations to the Prime Minister John Key’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal can be made via: The global fundraiser is for the recovery effort in the city and greater Canterbury region. Donations can also be made via internet banking, or at any branch of New Zealand's retail banks, by depositing into account number 03-0251-0039807-00. 80


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The Chatham Hotel Auckland Phone 09 303 0309 Mr. Franz Staufer, Executive Concierge Mr. Nick Steele, Concierge CityLife Hotel Auckland Phone 09 979 7299 Mr. Jacky Shih Chief Concierge Heritage Hotel Auckland Phone 09 302 1277 Mr. David Krempa’szky, Chief Concierge Hilton Hotel Auckland Phone 09 978 2000 Mr. Gustavo Concha, Chief Concierge Mr. Pati Start, Concierge Jet Park Hotel Auckland Phone 09 275 4100 Ms. Bunny Spyve, Chief Concierge The Langham Hotel Auckland Phone 09 379 5132 Ms. Roberta Bezerra, Chief Concierge SKYCITY Hotel Auckland Phone 09 363 6000 Mr. Shaun Ryan, Chief Concierge Mr. Gerard Sarmiento, Concierge Mr. Ralph Luehrs, Concierge Mr. Sam Hallett, Concierge Stamford Plaza Hotel Auckland Phone 09 309 8888 Mr. Daniel Marsh, Chief Concierge The Quadrant Hotel Auckland Phone 09 984 6000 Mr. Logan Fleet, Chief Concierge

The Westin Auckland Phone 09 909 9000 Mr. Roberto Mendez, Chief Concierge Rydges Hotel Wellington Phone 04 499 8686 Mr. Phil Shearer, Concierge Intercontinental Hotel Wellington Phone 04 472 2722 Mr. David Cochrane, Chief Concierge Mr. Jason Eade, Concierge Bolton Hotel Wellington Phone 04 472 9966 Mr. Ingmar Becker, Chief Concierge Crowne Plaza Hotel Christchurch Phone 03 365 7799 Mrs. Fiona Lawson, Concierge Rydges Hotel Christchurch Phone 03 379 4700 Mr. Mic Lesinski, Chief Concierge The Chateau on the Park Christchurch Phone 03 348 8999 Mrs. Chris Stirling, Chief Concierge The George Hotel Christchurch Phone 03 379 4560 Mr. Tim Ogle, Concierge Crowne Plaza Queenstown Phone 03 441 0095 Mr. Nathan Wise, Leisure Concierge Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa Phone 03 450 0045 Mr. Bryan Wilkinson, Chief Concierge Active Member Mr. Graham Miskell

New Zealand by rail. Simply stunning.

Discover some of New Zealand’s most stunning scenery, only accessible by rail. Step aboard any of the Tranz Scenic journeys and you’ll enjoy full 360-degree views of the most pristine and untouched areas in the country. BOOK NOW at or call 0800 TRAINS (872 467).

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