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We have over 20 years experience in the rehabilitation industry. As a result of our experience, we have decided to establish Recomedic. Recomedic manufactures and distributes parts and accessories for wheelchairs, hospital beds, rehabilitation equipment, and products for seniors (+50). We cooperate with a group of selected international suppliers to guarantee high quality products, short delivery times, and attractive prices. Through an individual approach to the projects of our customers, we also offer a wide range of services such as CNC machining (turning and milled parts), profiles and sheet metal processing, and production of both plastic and rubber parts. Our goal is to always meet the expectations of our customers through personal contact, attentive service, and compliance with the agreed terms.

The mission of Recomedic is the production and delivery of: • Parts and accessories for wheelchairs, hospital beds, and rehabilitation equipment, • Products for seniors, that are user friendly and help in overcoming the barriers of everyday life.



Recomedic Rehab is a manufacturer and supplier of parts and accessories for wheelchairs, hospital beds and other rehabilitation equipment. In addition to the standard range of tyres, wheels and many other components we also perform a wide range of services in steel and aluminium according to customer drawings or samples. We are producing wheelchair frames, frame parts, parts for rehabilitation beds, assemblies etc. also with complete surface treatment (chrome plating, burnishing, anodizing, powder coating accordning to RAL palette).

Recomedic Rehab offers services: laser cutting, bending, welding (frames, headrests, therapy tables components etc.) CNC machining (axles, forks, turned and milled parts) surface treatment: polishing, powder coating, chrome plating, anodizing etc.


plastic processing - injection and extrusion (PP, PA, PVC) polyurethane processing (armrests, side pads, head rests etc.)

rubber processing (NBR, CR, NR, EPDM) sewing (seat belts, body warmers, upholstery)


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WHEELS wheels for scooters rear wheels casters

ACCESSORIES shopping nets, backpacks ramps wheel covers push rim covers spoke protectors pumps bearings, QRA axles, sleeves hand grips tube covers toilet seats toilet buckets seat cushions therapy tables foot plates seat belts


MEDICAL EQUIPMENT clamps hand wheels handles for hospital beds bumper wheels infusion stands snaps

POLYURETHANE PARTS side pads head rests arm rests accessories, fixings

FORKS plastic forks aluminium forks



TYRES AND TUBES tubes for active wheelchairs tubes for scooters tyres for scooters tyres for standard wheelchairs

BRAKES drum brakes position locks


RECOMEDIC S.C. - Eugeniusz Mącznik, Damian Mącznik + Ul. Paderewskiego 3B + 59-400 Jawor Tel.: +48 76 8707070 + Fax: +48 76 8707020 + E-mail: NIP: PL 695-151-83-89 + REGON: 021652210

Recomedic Rehab presentation (english version)  
Recomedic Rehab presentation (english version)  

Presentation: Manufacturer of wheelchair parts, health care equipment. OEM solutions. Performance parts and accessories. Let's move it!