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TN Manager, Email:

Organisation Name

IVAX Pharmaceuticals


Kuerovรก, Karla

Organisational Position

Training and education





Exchange Type

Education Traineeship

TN Link o?tnid=100016222 Internship Description

Internship Title

English teaching in the biggest pharmaceuticals company

TN Fee

US $0

Internship Focus


Field of work

Business Administration,Economics,Marketing,S ubjects Education

Working Hours

8:0 TO 16:0 With a total of 40 hours per week Saturday work None


Salary in US $430

Payment Rate


Department in which the Intern will be working

Pharmaceutical division(production of medicament)

Job/Task Description 1

The main task of the intern will be the english conversation. The company wants a person, who will have an active access to the employees and will support them to communicate with him/her in english by being in a daily contact with them.

Job/Task Description 2

The intern will be doing the revision of the documents texts from the employees, written in english, and will also cooperate on their creation.

Job/Task Description 3

The intern will help the employees with the communication in business English.

Job/Task Description 4

The company wants the intern to bring the international atmosphere to the working environment by doing the country presentation, culture presentation etc.

Job/Task Description 5

The intern could take a part in running projects in the company especially in the area of presentation of the results of the projects.

Job/Task Description 6

The developement of the knowledges of the employees depending on the skills of intern. The organisation of the actions within the division of production and the PR area.

Details of the working details

1.Personal Workspace provided

2.Internet Access provided 3.Other Conditions:social benefits free lunch Measurable results expected from the intern

Increasing employees language skills. The intern will do an evaluation at the end of his/her job.

Key learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship

The intern will get to know the reality of working in a global company and the proccessing running within the production of the pharmaceuticals preparation.

Preparation required from the intern before arrival

The preparation of the common conversation topics - culture, politics, bussiness, industry, etc. The intern should also prepare the programm of teaching.

Additional information which a The intern will be not the only one, potential candidate may require for the who is international in the company. internship There are some other people. The environment in the division of production is very friendly and the people are open-minded. Organisational Preferences Internship Earliest Start Date

15.03.2009 (Preferred)

Internship Latest End Date

01.09.2010 (Preferred)

Minimum Duration

24 Weeks (Preferred)

Maximum Duration

76 Weeks (Preferred)


Masters (Preferred) Backgrounds

Business administration

Industrial Management (Preferred)

Cultural Education

Introductory Education (Preferred)

Other studies

Chemical Engineering (Preferred)

Subjects Education

Advanced Education (Required) Skills


Internet Users skills (Required) PC user skills (Preferred)


Microsoft Access (Preferred)

Personal skills and knowledge

Community Development (Preferred)

Professional Skills

Training/ Facilitating skills (Preferred) Organisational Management (Preferred) Language Teaching (Required) Project Management (Preferred) Presentation skills (Preferred) Languages


English (Required) Regions



Geographical Region


Sub Region Language Zone

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