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Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


APPLICATION FORM FOR CONSIGNMENT SALES Criteria for acceptance as a consignee at Reclaimed Rose is as follows: aesthetics and design, technical competence, originality, presentation, retail potential, suitability to our space limitations, and whether the items are in direct competition with members or other consignees. See last page - Please include a short biography or an artist statement, and a retail price list. If you have your craft in another store or online please list that also.

CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT As of August 1, 2016; Updated January 4, 2017 Standards of Quality Current work must maintain the standards agreed upon when starting the contract. If you are producing new work for the store, where products made with materials or techniques differ from those previously agreed upon, you must get approval before adding new inventory to the sales floor. We have a policy that consignees may not sell, or display for sale, the same style, or type of work as another consigner or owner of Reclaimed Rose.

Fees & Contract Length It is at the discretion of Reclaimed Rose to determine the consignment or rental fee of each consignee based on spacial requirements, type of goods sold and length of contract. The current consignment rate is 30% of the retail price on goods sold. This is valid

through 2016. Included in the 30% consignee fee is all credit card fees incurred from the sale of merchandise throughout the month, display costs, Reclaimed Rose marketing, collection of state sales tax, bagging and wrapping of merchandise upon sale, and a presence on the Reclaimed Rose’s web site and social media posts. If the consignee and consigner agree that a flat space rental rate would be more appropriate, the rate is based upon the size of space allocated to each individual artisan. This fee is due between the 1st and 5th of the month, and must be paid in order to display and sell work. This fee will cover display costs, Reclaimed Rose marketing, collection of state sales tax, bagging and wrapping of merchandise upon sale, holding back stock and a presence on the Reclaimed Rose’s web site and social media posts. Sales which are paid for via credit card will have 2.75% deducted from the sale price due to Square processing fees. Consignee retail fees not paid by the fifth of the month will result in a $5 late fee per day until the fee is paid. The minimum length of contract shall be for 1 month. Both

Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


Reclaimed Rose and the consignee have the right to terminate this agreement at any time. If the contract is terminated before the end of the month the consignee will not be issued a refund of a proportion of the monthly fee. Upon Jun. 1, 2017 this percentage, and monthly fees and contract length may be subject to change.

Reclaimed Rose Responsibilities to Consignee 
 Settlement for work sold at the Reclaimed Rose will be issued monthly, between the 1st and 5th of the month, in order to settle for goods sold in the previous month. If in a space rental agreement, consignees have to option of using a portion of their settlement balance towards the next months rental fee. Settlement will be issued in the form of payment through Venmo, Paypal or a written check. If consignees do not pick up the written check by the 5th of the month, checks will be mailed to the consignees home address. If a customer makes a purchase with a check the consignee will not be given the settled amount until the check is processed with the bank. If the check is not completely processed by the time the settlement date occurs, the consignee will receive that settlement the following month. The current return policy at Reclaimed Rose is Final Sale Only. Returns of defective merchandise to the consignee will be dealt with on an individual basis. Items that are proven to be defective or do not meet Reclaimed Rose Standard of Quality will be removed from our inventory and will be returned to the consignee. Reclaimed Rose does maintain renter’s insurance for inventory within the store. Reclaimed Rose is not responsible for the loss of inventory due to breakage, fire or other unforeseeable circumstances not covered under the insurance policy. Though the store takes careful measures to prevent theft, there is no coverage for shoplifting. Reclaimed Rose reserves the right to remove any item that has not sold within 3 months of its arrival. We ask that arrangements be made to collect these items within 14 days of notice. Any custom orders requested by customers who initially view a consigners product at the store should be carried out through the store and be considered a sale obtained through Reclaimed Rose. Any customer placing a custom order through Reclaimed Rose will be required to put half down deposit when placing the order, with the remaining balance due at the time of pickup. If the custom item being requested is not a re-salable item (personalizations of name or a specific person depicted, etc) the customer will required to pay in full at the time of ordering.

Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


The current policy of the store is that all items are final sale. This includes all handmade, resale, and consignee merchandise. Current monthly sales summaries can be made available upon request.

Merchandising Reclaimed Rose retains the right to determine how consignee’s products will be displayed, including quantities and selection. The store strives to maintain strong displays based on factors such as space, seasonal market and sales history. Displays are restocked and rotated frequently. Consignees are encouraged to bring display paraphernalia that shows their merchandise in the best way possible, so long as space is available. Otherwise, merchandise will be worked in to displays currently set up throughout the store. If storage allows, we will consider holding duplicate items submitted to the store as back stock until needed. Keep in mind, our storage area is limited. Consignees are encouraged to include a piece of hanger hardware with every hangable piece of art (i.e. framed or wooden pieces). If the item is not able to be hung it could limit displaying options. Stock must be rotated every three months in order to coincide with holiday and seasonal changes. If an item is pulled from stock by Reclaimed Rose due to change of season the consignee is expected to pick up this stock within 10 days of notice.

Marketing and Promotion Reclaimed Rose retains the right to display and market consigned products through its retail marketing opportunities. This includes our web presence, promotional events, advertising and in-store displays. Reclaimed Rose will advertise for the business as a whole, but will not advertise for individual consignees at the exclusion of other consignees. It is still the responsibility of the consignees to maintain their individual marketing and advertising to improve their customer base and inform current customers that their inventory is on sale at the store. You are encouraged to share Reclaimed Rose blog posts, Facebook posts and other information. Reclaimed Rose provides written and verbal information about its craftspeople and their work as provided by the craftsperson. Please submit 2-4 photos of your work to be used for marketing purposes. If you already have online photos available, you do not have to submit additional photos. You are also encouraged to bring business cards and/or promotional stickers for your merchandise.

Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


Consignee’s Responsibilities to Reclaimed Rose Delivery of Product For insurance reasons all products brought into Reclaimed Rose are required to have an accompanying inventory sheet with a description of each item, quantity, and retail price. Without a list of inventory at the store, the employees at Reclaimed Rose are not able to cross check any pricing or inventory levels. The responsibility is upon the Consignee to maintain their own inventory record of the product(s) and price(s) they have submitted. A copy should be retained for your records. Unless the Consignee provides their own invoices with each delivery, Reclaimed Rose is not responsible for inventory discrepancies. Consignees are required to tag and price their own merchandise. Uniform tags are not required. At the time of acceptance as a Reclaimed Rose consignee, you will be assigned a consignee ID number. This number must be listed on all of your tags. If you choose to number each of your items individually, you can do so after your consignee ID number. An item number is not required by Reclaimed Rose. If you choose to use item ID numbers, they must also be listed on your inventory sheet. You may still include your business card or professional name somewhere on the item, in addition to the tag. For example, if your consignee ID number is 03 you would do the following: 
 Consignee number 03, item number 21, price $5.00= on tag write 03-21 $5.00 One thing I ask, if you have identical multiples of the same item, please do not give them all the different numbers. Give them all the same number. Any work offered on a custom bases needs to have at least one sample at the store and be accompanied by a list of options and corresponding prices. It is the policy of Reclaimed Rose to collect a minimum of half down deposit for all pieces. If your policy differs from this, it must be stated on the price list for the corresponding custom piece. The Consignee owns their work until it has sold. By selling at Reclaimed Rose you are not giving away any rights to art pieces to be reproduced. Consignment product delivered to the Reclaimed Rose must be properly packaged for storage as back stock or be priced and ready to put out on display. If possible, please deliver product to the store during normal business hours. Monthly communication with Reclaimed Rose is expected. If after three weeks and at least 5 attempts to communicate with a consignee fails, inventory shall be considered abandoned and become the property of Reclaimed Rose.

Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


When a Consignee chooses to remove inventory from Reclaimed Rose, at least 3 business days’ notice must be given.

Pricing It is the consignee’s responsibility to ensure that the prices provided are retail prices. Reclaimed Rose will only be responsible for paying consignment amounts on the prices listed on their tags. The Consignee must maintain consistency in their retail pricing. The selling price on product at Reclaimed Rose and local Craft Fairs or Markets should be the same. If a Consignee wishes to make changes to their retail prices, they must state the changes in writing and a list of items affected must be provided. It is the consignee’s responsibility to come to the shop and re-tag their merchandise to reflect price changes. All consignees are encouraged to base retail prices in accordance with the price point of other products in the store and on the market in the area. It is ultimately the consignees duty to come up with a price based on cost and amount of work put in to a piece; however, creating an unreasonably higher markup than the competition could result in lower sales, so please keep that in mind when pricing.

! Craft Fairs/Markets 
 The consignee must notify the Reclaimed Rose of any product they wish to remove from the store 3 days prior to any Fair. This allows staff the time to remove merchandise and re-merchandise the space. Consignees are encouraged to maintain a full display of work in the Reclaimed Rose during Fair dates. When displays are emptied it diminishes the integrity of Reclaimed Rose and ultimately sales and return customers are lost. Consignees who return any removed product to the store after a Craft Fair or Market must ensure that it is returned with retail pricing. Once inventory is removed the Consignee cannot be guaranteed the same space in the store. This document shall be considered a legal and binding contract. This contract is subject to change at any time. If such changes occur the consignee will be presented with an addendum and asked to sign for approval.

Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


By applying as a consignee you accept these terms. Please phone Jessaca Brickley at 330-716-2593 or email if you have any questions.


consignee(s) ____________________________

consigner _____________________________

Jessaca Brickley DBA Reclaimed Rose

! Date:

! Name:

! Home Address:

! Phone Numbers:

! Email:

! Website (or Facebook/Etsy):

! Other selling locations:

! !


date __________________

Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408


Biography (information such as where you are from, how you got started, what techniques you use): Checklist:


! Make sure each piece has a price tag containing price, consignee ID number, item number (if you choose to use one).


! Children’s products are safety compliant and/or labeled (i.e. 
 “not suitable for children under 3”). Fabric item’s must have a tag listing internal stuffing materials.


! Electrical products must be safe to use.


! “Handmade” products must be handcrafted a minimum of 50% by the artist.


! Make sure each piece intended to hang has a hanger attached.


! Name, Address, Business Info and signature (final page of contract) must be

someone else working the register for me, because they don’t know by sight whose items are whose. So, if you are using completed a numbering system on your merchandise and your consignee ID number is 03 you would do the following: !

! ! ! !

! 03, Inventory List 21, must be $5.00! supplied each every time new merchandise Consignee 7. number item number price =! andon tag write 03-21! $5.00! is put in the shop

One thing I ask, if you have multiples of the same item, please do not give them all the different numbers. Give them all the same tracking then just list the quantity on the inventory sheet. ! Facebook, Instagram, 8. !number Createand a social media page for your items - that includes

Twitter, Tumbler, a website, or whatever you feel is best to reach your audience. The more you can get your name and product out there, the more likely you are to sell successfully theI word outReclaimed that you Rose sell inneeded the shop One last thing I want to touch on is at theReclaimed overall lookRose. of theGet shop. feel like to take a few months to find its identity - what now.sells and what doesn’t - what impresses people when they walk in the door. I finally feel like we have You may still include your business card or professional name somewhere on the item, in addition to the tag. !

found our “niche” and I really want to cater our items to these specific styles. In addition to keeping a mindful eye on the style of the 9. items! you Monthly submit tofee the(if shop, please also applicable) watch your stagnant items. If something has been in the shop for 4-6 weeks and has not sold, consider a markdown or a “sale” on your items. If you don’t want to take the hit to your profit, please switch your merchandise out with something fresh. You can bring it back at another time. We don’t want people coming in and seeing the same merchandise every time. Re-think the use of your materials or subtle things you can do to adjust to market demands. I try to give everyone positive an negative feedback on customer response to their items. Please consider this information constructively. I am going to name the type of styles we are going to be focusing on and some styles that we are going to avoid: !


! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


! Focus On: ! ! ! ! ! Unique Vintage Finds with a Twist ! ! ! Shabby Chic/Farmhouse Chic styles! ! ! Gypsy/Bohemian/Hippie inspired pieces!! ! Soft and delicate childlike items! ! ! ! Whimsical/botanical/nature inspired! ! ! Pieces with vintage mixed media, post cards, old pics!

! ! ! ! ! !

! Avoid: ! Primitive styles! Dark, muted colors! Anything too modern/clean lines/graphic! “Cutesy”, very age specific, merchandise! Overly Country style !

Things that I find aren’t selling: ! Wreaths, Americana decor (they sell May-July, but not during the rest of the year), decorated mason jars, traditional floral arrangements!


Things that customers ask for or like: !

Consigner agreement  
Consigner agreement