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In college, there’s one class that

According to an Association of American Colleges and Universities survey, 90% of hiring managers look for strong oral communication skills in their applicants. However, being afraid to take public speaking or to speak in front of people is not uncommon. What is Speech Anxiety? According to the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Communication website, speech anxiety or public speaking anxiety is the fear of speaking in front of a group of people and can range from being a little nervous to an incapacitating fear. The website also states that experiencing speech anxiety is completely normal and it typically decreases as a speech goes on and the speaker becomes more relaxed and confident.


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My name is Rockford Reck. I’m By: Grady Dillon

almost every student fears taking. It is known at most universities as public speaking. Public speaking is a required class at most colleges so that students can develop skills for their respective careers in the workforce.

Dr. Hopkins, director of the Speech Communication Center, has seen many examples of speech anxiety.

Why Do We Get Anxious? Dr. Pamela Hopkins says that the pressure from peers is what leads to speech anxiety. Hopkins is the director of the Speech Communication Center at East Carolina University. She also states that some of the anxiety comes from what most college students look at every day: social media. “Students today have grown up in a time with social media. I didn’t grow up with social media and we were pretty ignorant about other people’s opinions back then,” Hopkins said. “You never know when someone will whip out that phone and take a picture or record you.”

a 21-year-old public relations student at East Carolina University, and I’ve created this newsletter for incoming college students. Whether you be a new student at a new school, or currently enrolled in college, this newsletter is here to help better your everyday life. I understand moving to a new college can be difficult, and studying countless subjects is a dizzy. That’s why I’ve made this newsletter for people like you. Hopefully this will provide a few hints of advice to surviving college life, classes, etc. Students How 2 is here for you!

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How to prevent getting sick while in college

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Three steps to dressing in college

Hopkins also believes that speech anxiety comes from a lack of pubCont. p.2 lic speaking being taught to stu-

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Continued dents in middle school and high school. This makes it challenging for a student who has to get up in front of a group of people and speak. “If you haven’t practiced public speaking and developed any skills, of course you’re going to be nervous when asked to give a speech,” Hopkins said. Tyler Braden, a pastor at Open door Church, says that most college students aren’t confident in who they are, think about the worst-case scenario and focus on how they feel instead of what they are speaking about.

By: Rockford Reck

hen dressing for college, we primarily think of throwing something on in the spur of the moment for a last-minute class. We tend to picture the classic Hollywood stereotype of stressed out, bed-head, rushed college kids running to class with a coffee faithfully in their hand. While this may be true for many students across America, I’ve decided to help those seeking any information on how to possibly step-up their style for their college experience. Whether it be last minute dress-ups or daily preparations, I’ve got you covered.

Students How 2

Braden said breathing is important when going up to speak but also be confident in who you are and know why you are sharing what you are sharing.

Tips to Overcome Speech Anxiety In terms of how to overcome speech anxiety, Hopkins says that students must always prepare when getting ready to give a speech. According to Hopkins, this preparation includes knowing how long the speech needs to be, creating and practicing an outline and using the resources at their universities.

For the Next Speech “Have conviction about what you are sharing. Ask yourself, ‘Why do people need to hear this?’ and realize whose opinions really matter,” Braden said.

“If you don’t prepare ahead of time, you’re going to be scared,” Hopkins said.

“If you let the negative thoughts take over, then anxiety will build,” Braden said.


Braden has personally dealt with speech anxiety and said it was something he had to battle and fight through instead of running from it.

Remember that it’s normal to be nervous but not to let your nerves and fear take over when giving your speech. You will become more comfortable as you go through your speech and will be more confident for speeches in the future. If you try these things, you can overcome speech anxiety and give an awesome speech!

Three East Carolina University students, Chrissy Mclarty, Matthew Belcher, and Ben Pilkington, have decided to help me with advice on style guidelines. Step 1 – Hair: When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see when looking in the mirror is your hair. If you’re a guy like myself, then you most likely have short hair. For that, I personally recommend a quick wash with water, then dry with a towel and finish with pomade styling gel. For in-style haircuts for men that are quick

By: Rockford Reck

When asking 21-year-old Chrissy McLarty, her opinion, she said, “I just like having my hair down but not really done, or pulled together in a ponytail.” This seems to be the most fashionable and quick way to get going in the morning, as you don’t necessarily need to dress to the nines for class. However, we have to at least look presentable!

Step 2 - Outfit: Next comes the clothes. If you’re anything like me, you run everything last minute; even your outfit. Matthew Belcher, 21, a sales assistant at From Marfa, spoke to me about his opinions for college apparel. “I feel like college is mostly about being comfort-

able while you’re going to and from your classes on campus, or wearing whatever makes you feel good.” Simply put, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. After all, you’ll most likely be sitting in lecture classes for a majority of your day.

By: Rockford Reck

and easy, check this out: https:// low-maintenance-haircuts-formen/ For our female readers, I recommend something quick to combat the longer hair. Dry shampoo works best if you’re running late, and of course - a hat.

But what about your style? Many people have their very own goto outfit for college. According to Matthew, “depending on the weather, a button-down shirt and some shorts.”

Ben Pilkington, who works at University Book Exchange off campus, arranges the clothing racks.

When asking Chrissy, she said, “I go to the gym a lot after class, so I wear a lot of gym clothes around school so I don’t have to change. I also recommend wearing sneakers for all the walking!” In college, you walk more than you’d think. It’s probably best to invest in a nice pair of sneakers to keep your feet supported, but something classy to spice up your daily outfits.

but also keep in mind that first impressions are important when you think about what you’re wearing.” This holds true, as many of us might run into a future employer on campus, or perhaps a future love interest.

Step 3 – Owning it: The final step is owning your outfit, and feeling confident in your image. No matter what you wear or how you look, you’re never fully dressed without a smile and a positive mindset. Whether it be something simple or something complex, your outfit defines you.

So there you have it. Three simple steps to help change up your style, and possibly improve your outlook on clothing in college. What you wear is a freedom of expression unique to yourself. No one can take away your personality, and it will show off in your clothing more when you wear what you want to wear. Just remember, keep comfortable!

When speaking with a sales assistant at University Book Exchange, Ben Pilkington, 21, informed me, “You can’t go wrong with shorts and a T-shirt, or jeans and a T-shirt. Comfort is first priority,

With this being said, our outfits are our ways of expression. Our mindset will show off our style more than anything we wear.

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Congratulations, you’re off to

Adjusting to a new environment is more than just you consciously getting used to being in a new space, your body has to adapt too. You might be going to a new place that has a different climate than where you lived before. Things like climate, water supply, population and regional food can influence whether you become ill during your time at school. This is why it is increasingly easy to get sick in college. I can honestly tell you that in high school I really never got sick, but when I came to college, I can recall every single time I’ve ever gotten sick. So, how do you prevent yourself from getting sick while away at school? Step 1: Monitor Your Diet Appropriately manage your diet. Food plays a huge role in how we feel whether it be mentally or physically. The “college diet” is not a very nutritious one. A study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition and Human Health concluded that college students know what they eat isn’t the healthiest, but that taste and convenience takes precedence over eating healthy due to.


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By: Kim Lofton

college! A new place away from home. You have the chance to become a new person, make new friends and create some of the best memories of your life, but here’s the thing; you can only do that when you don’t feel like complete garbage.

“Inadequate nutrition affects students’ health and academic success. Students may have proficient knowledge regarding nutritional requirements; however, the transition to college life gives them more freedom to choose the type and the amount of food they eat. Most college campuses have dining facilities that provide a variety of food options, which can lead to establishing either good or bad eating behaviors.”

The East Carolina Student Health Center is the main Step 2: Make good choices health center on campus for students enrolled at ECU. From the moment you step on campus you’re overwhelmed “eating the rainbow” provides for with all the different dining more nutrients. What this means options. Do you get breakfast is basically to eat a variety of at Chick-Fil-A? Do you get Panfoods that are dense in nutrients. da Express during your class break? Even the dining hall is Food Options overwhelming. While it has many It’s common for people to assooptions varying from healthy to ciate eating healthy with being not so healthy, the tastier (not so expensive when in reality it is healthy) options usually outcost efficient. Just think about it weigh the healthy. You’ll probably for a minute; you get more bang walk right past the salad bar and for your buck. By eating healthy, get a few slices of pizza, maybe you’ll feel good and boost your some French fries, and grab a immune system, which would cone of soft serve to go for desprevent you from spending time sert. None of this is beneficial to and money in a clinic. People also your immune system and health don’t think they have very many in general. options when it comes to healthy food and I don’t blame them So what should you be eating when you can find a McDonald’s to help you stay out of the waiton every corner, but there are ing area in student health? You and I’ll gladly list the local Greenshould be incorporating fresh ville ones. fruit with vitamin C and dark, leafy greens. “Honestly for college First up is Fresh Vibes, a comstudents it’s about getting fresh pletely vegan establishment that fruits and veggies in them and offers everything from delicious staying away from processed smoothies to tasty sandwiches. It foods!” said Lydia Wiggs, nutrihas two locations – Charles Boutionist at Fresh Vibes in Greenlevard & Arlington Boulevard. It ville, NC. She also added in that offers College Day every Monday

Conclusion There are so many other options that are just a browser search away. I’m not saying dedicate your entire college career and potentially life to being a health junkie (even though that really wouldn’t be a bad thing). I am saying that if you take anything from this article it should be to dedicate yourself to making changes in your diet. Changes that will ensure a strong immune system to prevent sickness to have an amazing time in college!

By: Rockford Reck

through which students receive a discount, and also has other various promotional specials. Next up is Clean Eatz, a restaurant located on Red Banks Road that pushes the importance of an active lifestyle and serves wholesome foods and offers meal prep options. Lastly, we have ALDI, for your grocery needs at extremely low prices. They have some of the most affordable produce and groceries in general in Greenville. I definitely find myself in there more so than I do Food Lion or Harris Teeter.

East Carolina University’s Student Health Center is located on main campus, next to Flanagan building.

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Both the content for this newsletter and the design are created by students enrolled in COMM 3310 Copy Editing and Design in the School of Communication at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina during the Spring and Fall semesters under the direction of course instructor Barbara Bullington. We welcome suggestions for article ideas for future issues. For inquiries, please email

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Students How 2

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Students How 2, A Newsletter for You, the college student who wants to learn how to do everything be  

Fall 2019 - By: Rockford Reck - Includes how to dress in college, how to stay healthy in college, and how to overcome speech anxiety.

Students How 2, A Newsletter for You, the college student who wants to learn how to do everything be  

Fall 2019 - By: Rockford Reck - Includes how to dress in college, how to stay healthy in college, and how to overcome speech anxiety.

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