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MISSION: Manage in a sustainable way the final disposal of the Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment of our customers, through a logistics and reverse manufacture processes. Recovery and reinsert in a traceable way the maximum possible amount of the materials from the dismantling process, in the production chain. Therefore avoiding the disposal of these products in the environment, saving natural resources and contribute to the maintenance of our planet. Work in a Environmental Friendly, Social Responsible and Economically viable ways, aiming contribute to the sustainability of our community and society.

VISION: Became leader in the recycling and final disposal of Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment market, managing all the chain, offering services such as consulting, reverse logistics, reverse manufacturing, storage, processing and sensible final disposal. Be recognized for the quality and security offered to it’s customers.

VALUES: Ethic, Honesty, Respect, Quality and Responsibility

The Reciclo Ambiental is a company specialized in the management of old electric and electronic equipment that reached their end of life. Working with consulting and servicing for an environmental friendly disposal of these products with solutions such as reverse logistics, reverse manufacture, product responsibility, data security, recycling, sensible disposal of electric and electronic equipment, disposal certification, and tracking reports. The company also works generating content and information about the e-waste, recycling, sustainability, awareness talks and environmental education, consulting and advising for e-waste recycling and sensible disposal projects for the public and private sector and NGO.

We Support You Create and Install Your E-waste Project

Reciclo Ambiental is a company which was created focusing in the solution of the disposal of end-of-life electronics problem. Aware of the e-waste problem and the responsibility which the new legislation are putting on the producers, importers, retailers, and even the users, the Reciclo Ambiental offers a complete pack of solutions for the management of the social and environmental sensible disposal to the waste of electric and electronic equipment and to guarantee the compliance.

Assessment: Visitation of the company to check on the different types of waste, suiting needs, awareness improvement strategy, changes needed to reduce the impact on the environment caused by this waste, strategies and costs for its disposal. Suiting: Pointing the changes needed to reduce the impact of the waste, improving the storage and reducing risks. Adjustment of the employees to the new reality of the company. Awareness: Implementation of lectures and training to improve the awareness of the employees about the importance of a good management of the waste (Environmental Impact, Resources Saving, Health, etc), and the changes taking place in the company.

Logistics: Development of logistic strategy to collect the waste and forwarding to the recycling company. Storage: Consolidation previous to the decontamination, destruction, recycling of the customer waste to turn the disposal financial feasible. Data Destruction and Brand Security: Protecting our client’s brand and mitigating compliance risks is our primary focus. We understand that there is nothing more important than our client’s brand equity. Our client’s have selected Reciclo Ambiental to manage their e-waste program because they know we will work every day to protect their brand and eliminate their risks. These processes include dismantling, shredding, destruction or the most suitable methodology for our client. All of this can be accompanied by an photographic or video report.

SORTING: Due to the enormous material variety used in the electronic manufacture, all the material resulted from the dismantling and destruction process is sorted by their different types to be forwarded to recycling company. This process is done by an trained worker or an analytic system. Social and Environmental Responsible Disposal: After the material from the dismantling or destruction is sorted they are forwarded to a specialized certified recycling company to be reinserted in the productive chain as a raw material, therefore saving natural resources. All the potential hazardous material will be decontaminated before been forwarded to the recycling process. When the material is not recyclable it will be forward to a different environmental friendly treatment, such as energy recovery, incineration, certified landfill, etc. All the Reverse Logistics processes are done based in international directives and legally compliant.

Disposal Certification: To certify the customer the Reciclo Ambiental generate a Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction. To create a company internal control all the certificates can have the invoice number, serial numbers, patrimonial tag numbers, disposal statement number, etc. Tracking Report:

It is an exclusive Reciclo Ambiental product, which is a report with all the quantities and types of the received products and the resultant material generated by the dismantling and reverse manufacture process. This report has all the details of the recycling and disposal of the material, such as name of the recycling company, environmental certification, copy of the invoice, date of the sending, etc. Therefore bringing transparency and accountability to the disposal chain and generating a traceability system of the customers waste. Monitoring: Once the planning and the strategy were created, Reciclo Ambiental generates a periodic collection system and assistance to the contracting company to manage the project.

As an alternative to recycling the Reciclo Group developed a partnership with NGO SAMPA.ORG which is a Non Governmental Organization which has a partnership with the Osasco City Hall to create the C3RCO (Computer Recovering Center of Osasco), which act refurbishing computers to donate to Digital Inclusion Organization , such as libraries, Internet Centers and special projects.

Reciclo Metais is a environmental sensible solid waste disposal specialized company. ISO 14001 Certified by SGS and 100% Environmental licensed by the Sao Paulo State Environmental Agency (CETESB) and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (IBAMA) the company is fully equipped to receive and process all type of metallic and electronic waste. ISO 14001:2004 SGS Certificate:


Cetesb Registration: Operation Licence:

100 -100428-0 30009923

IBAMA Federal Tecnical Registration:


Inside of an 10,000sqft area, Reciclo Metais has a Compressed Air Line with pneumatic tools to the dismantling and Reverse Manufacture of end-of-life electric and electronic equipment, including computer monitors and TVs, Electric Cables shredder and separator, plastic shredder, metallic alloy spectroscopic analyzer and a logistic fleet suitable to our customer needs.

To offer the best and complete disposal solution the Reciclo Metais created partnerships with environmental certificated specialized companies to process some of the special waste such as batteries and light bulbs.

The Reciclo Metais also has developed an international network for treatment and knowledge transferring.



Some Customers:


Some Customers:


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SUSTAINABILITY Reciclo Metais and Reciclo Ambiental guarantee that all the maximum effort will be done to avoid the waste disposal in landfills, incinerators, always pursuing the best and most advanced available technologies for an environmental friendly treatment and recycling of all different material coming from the e-waste dismantling process, thereafter Reciclo Metais count on various international partnerships for knowledge and technology transferring. All the material generated by our dismantling line through the Reverse Manufacture process which is exported will fulfill with all the trading contracts and are compliant with all the Brazilian and international legislation for waste trade such as the Basel Convention. Reciclo do not use or contract in any of its processes informal, children or slave labor, guaranteeing the legal compliance with all the Brazilian Labor legislation, work relations, health and safety procedures and the internal and our customers Corporative Social Responsibility Policy.

Operation Description: Treatment Unity


01 Unity

Processing Capacity:

250 MT Monthly


Rua Serra das Divisoes, 426 Cidade Lider Sao Paulo / SP - Brazil Postal code: 03587-000

Certification ISO 14.001/2004

BR12/6964 (SGS)

Operation Licence CETESB (Sao Paulo State):


Technical Federal Registration IBAMA:

4984070 (Reciclo Metais)

Fire Department Safety Certificate:


Portfolio: Projects Prefeitura da Cidade de Pompéia/SP:

Faxina Eletrônica

Prefeitura da Cidade de Amabai/MS:

Mutirão Lixo Eletrônico

Prefeitura de Santos/SP:

Mutirão Lixo Eletrônico

Prefeitura de Mogi das Cruzes/SP:

Mutirão Lixo Eletrônico

Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro:

Natal da Eletroreciclagem

Casa e Construção (C&C):

Mutirão Lixo Eletrônico

SOS ITUPARARANGA Prefeitura de Ibiúna/SP:

Mutirão Lixo Eletrônico

Portfolio: Professional Activities

– Law 12305/2010 Compliance – Participation of the Task Group for the Electronic Industry Agreement in Brasilia – ABERE - Brazilian Association of Electro and Electronics Recycling Companies Marcus Oliveira: Sustainability Director

– CTI - Centro de Tenologia da Informacao (Science and Technology Ministry): Participate in development of Brazilian certification standard – Reverse Logistics Association

– Participated as the Brazilian Representative of E-Waste Academy – Managers Edition 2014 in El Salvador (StEP – United Nations University) Rua Serra das Divisões, 426 Jardim Bandeirantes CEP: 03587-000 São Paulo – SP Fone: +55 11 2254-0950

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Reciclo Metais presentation

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