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About the Spa Recharge Spa, a boutique spa in the heart of San Francisco, is committed to providing the highest quality day spa and cosmetic medical services in the safest and most tranquil environment possible. The spa offers the best of both worlds: a state-of-the-art medical spa inside an intimate, peaceful, and luxurious day spa. Our intimate space allows us to give each client the highest level of personal attention. Behind the scenes of this peaceful warmly decorated oasis, exceptional attention is paid to the health and safety of our clients, employees, and communities. Recharge Spa is respected in San Francisco as a registered medical spa with exceptional leadership in the areas of quality service, standards of sterilization, workplace safety, fair and equitable employment, local community support, and our environmental friendly practices. Health and Safety at the Spa

Our health and safety standards surpass those required by law. Our cleanliness and sterilization procedures are the same used in American hospital settings. These higher standards increase our costs, but they provide a significant reduction in health risk as compared with spas with less stringent standards. These standards include the use of medical-grade germicide on all surfaces and instruments, the use of a surgicalgrade autoclave to sterilize instruments, never reusing items that can not be autoclaved, use of medical nitrile gloves, regular spore testing to ensure that our autoclave is operating properly, and staff training in infection control. In addition, we run a ‘green’ spa, which is not only environmentally friendly, but eliminates exposure to toxic chemicals. For a complete listing of our health and safety practices visit our website:

For the Face:

For the Body:

Treat yourself to a relaxing experience while caring for the most visible part of your body—your face! Facials are the best way to keep your skin looking fresh and revived. We use top quality products in all of the facials, including BelleDerm and SkinMedica, which are only available in medical spas.

Why care for only your face? The rest of your body is covered in skin, too. Truly pamper yourself and make the rest of your skin just as radiant as your face with one of these services.

Hydrating Therapy 50 min (normal to dry skin types) Hydrating therapy replenishes natural skin tone and reduces fine lines from sun-damaged skin. Uses a seaweed and coral exfoliant which reveals live skin. Gentle extractions included. Includes neck, shoulder, and arm massage. Deep Cleansing Therapy 50 min (normal to oily skin types, and acne-prone skin) Extra steam to open up pores and gentle extractions of blackheads while deep cleaning leaves the face refreshed and supple. Our exfoliants also remove dead skin which can clog pores. Includes neck, shoulder, and arm massage. Firming & Relaxation 50 min (firm skin and to release tension) Therapy to firm up skin and to release tension and stress with special attention to pressure point release and Academie’s signature Masque rafraichissant aux fruits (refreshing fruit mask). Invigorating and relaxing, ideal for reducing visible signs of stress and aging. Includes deep pressure point relief, exfoliation of dead skin, toning, extraction of clogged pores, and neck, shoulder, and arm massage. MicroFacial 80 min This is our signature medical-grade microdermabrasion, your choice of crystal or crystal-free diamond followed by a soothing and cleansing facial. Service does not include extractions or additional exfoliation. (Add an antioxidant treatment.) Express Facial 30 min If you don’t have time to care for your face, let us take care of it for you. This is a perfect facial for before or after work or during a lunch break for people on the go. Service does not include extractions.

Back Facial 50 min Your back is the largest area on your body, yet it is the most neglected. Any of the facial treatments can be applied to your back, firming skin, releasing stress, decreasing acne, and hydrating dry skin. Brazilian Facial 50 min Your derriere deserves an occasional pampering. It does more than provide cushioning at your desk. It helps you walk miles and can succumb to weathering. Whether you want to do a deep cleansing and remove pimples, remove dead skin or treat it to a relaxing facial, let one of our skin specialists evaluate and suggest a personal regimen for it. Back & Brazilian Combo

90 min

Add an Antioxidant treatment Perfect addition to facials and microdermabrasion treatments to keep the effects lasting longer and fight off collagen-damaging free radicals. Contains vitamin A and E complex.

Massage Services Swedish 50 or 80 min A fundamental massage with long, gliding strokes; kneading of individual muscles; friction; hacking or tapping; vibration to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility, and induce relaxation. Deep Tissue 50 or 80 min Deep tissue massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia using more intense pressure. After a general effleurage warm-up, your therapist will release chronic muscle tension or knots at muscle groups. Recommended for athletic people. Express 30 min Need to treat yourself but cannot find the time? Unwind prior to a stressful event like a meeting or after a stressful event like taking your children to baseball practice. Also great for focusing on one body part. Thermal Stone 80 min Enjoy this deeply soothing, stress-melting therapeutic massage. The radiating heat and hardness of the stones enables your therapist to address problem areas with more detailed work or deeper pressure.

Hand & Foot Treatments These top-quality manicure and pedicure treatments will leave your hands and feet looking and feeling recharged for days. Take in the blissful tranquility as you recline in our lush leather armchairs while your senses are soothed and awakened. Other nail treatments only attend to your nails. At Recharge, we revive your hands, arms, feet, and legs. The Essential Hand Treatment 20 min Your hands bathe in warm lotion, water, and herbs; fingernails and cuticles are cleaned, shaped, and caressed; hands and forearms are massaged with warm, luxurious hand lotion. The Essential Foot Treatment 30 min Your feet soak in a blend of organic herbs and salts, toenails and cuticles are cleaned and shaped, feet and lower legs are scrubbed and massaged, heels are softened with our unique rough skin treatment. The Essential Full Hand & Foot 50 min Combine both the hand and foot treatment for almost a full hour of pampering. The Cream Hand & Foot Treatment 80 min An indulgent treatment, designed to replenish the natural oils and vitamins your hands and feet lose over time. A lavender shoulder wrap will warm your neck and shoulders. Your hands and feet are bathed in a warm bath of vitamin-rich milk, organic essential oils, and flowers. A refreshing peppermint scrub will exfoliate your hands, arms, legs, and feet. Your nails and cuticles will be cleaned and shaped. Followed by an extended warm lotion massage and topped off with a paraffin wax treatment. Active Foot Treatment 50 min This treatment is perfect for athletes, city walkers, and high heel wearers. It concentrates on soothing feet and decreasing calluses and rough spots from your feet. Your feet and legs are bathed in energizing oils, salts, and skin softeners designed to replenish and rejuvenate. Special techniques are used to diminish calluses. Your toenails and cuticles are cleaned and shaped. It’s topped off by a paraffin wax treatment to keep your feet moisturized.

Why don’t we provide artificial nail services: Over time, acrylic nails can crack or separate from your real nails. When this happens, moisture collects, providing warm, moist spaces for infectious organisms to grow. This, in turn, can infect your skin or nails or enable you to unwittingly pass on infections to your family, friends, or coworkers. Acrylic nails also destroy your nail beds over time, making nails thin, brittle, and dry. Artificial nails also pose a health risk to you, our staff, and our other clients with the dust and harsh fumes created during the application process.

10 Weeks to Healthy Fingers 10 / 20 min each This pack of Essential Hand Treatments moves you from a never-ending cycle of artificial nails to your very own set of stunning, natural nails! We begin by gently removing your artificial nails and thoroughly cleaning your nail beds. Over the next 10 weeks, we work with you to care for your natural nails, cleaning, shaping, and strengthening them as they grow out naturally. You will be amazed to find out how beautiful your real nails look.

Why we don’t use whirlpool spa chairs. Whirlpool spa foot baths have health risks that you should know about. Even when a best effort is made to disinfect a spa chair foot bath basin, a risk of infectious disease still exists. There are many documented cases of infections caused by treatments in a spa chair foot bath. We don't take these risks with your health. We provide all pedicure soaks in stainless steel bowls. After each use the bowl is scrubbed and soaked in germicide. This process prevents the spread infectious diseases. This method also enables us to use natural herbs and oils that would clog spa chair foot bath basins.

Hair Removal Services We offer a wide range of options to deal with unwanted hair on every part of your body. Whether you choose laser, waxing, threading, or the Epilar system, our licensed professionals will provide you with the most comfortable and highest quality service possible. elōs Laser Hair Removal The elōs laser uses bipolar radio frequency in conjunction with laser energy to deliver an effective and safe treatment for all skin types and hair colors. This laser’s efficacy is unrivaled. The laser targets individual hair follicles in the growth phase resulting in permanent hair reduction. Gently remove unsightly hair anywhere—including hair on cheeks, chins, arms, and even sensitive places like the bikini line, upper lip, and stomach. Dramatic results are seen in about 6 treatments over the course of 4 to 15 weeks. Mild anesthetic and sedative measures are available to clients. Epilar After a precision waxing, a hair removal treatment cream is applied to the area. The cream is painless and non-invasive. Most people will notice that it takes twice as long for hair to grow back after a treatment and notice a 20% reduction in the number of hairs that grow back. Waxing Waxing services are provided with the highest possible quality European waxes containing chocolate and special emollients to decrease sensitivity and reduce ingrown hairs. Both soft and hard waxes are available. Specialized creams and lotions are used to reduce hair re-growth and increase comfort during and after the treatments. Threading Originated in Asia and requiring exquisite skill, this hair removal technique is almost an art form. The treatment is perfect for fine hairs and the effects of threading usually last longer than regular waxing.

Gift Certificates Refresh Spa Services make an elegant and thoughtful gift. Gift certificates can be purchased for any service or amount, and will be personalized for any occasion.

Medical Spa Cosmetic Medical Services: Cosmetic medical services start with a complimentary consultation. In this consultation you will be given all the information you need to make an informed decision about your skin care. ReFirme Skin Tightening ReFirme treatment uses the elナ行 laser with bi-polar radio frequency and a infrared IR laser to gently tighten skin while visibly reducing wrinkles. This treatment is fast, safe, and effective for all skin types. Achieve a face lift without the risk or pain of surgery. Full results are usually seen after 4 sessions, but some people see noticeable improvements after the first treatment. FotoFacial RF Skin Rjuvenation elナ行 laser treatment is the most effective skin rejuvenation treatment available today. Using this treatment we can reduce the appearance of superficial leg veins, spider veins, rosacea, fade age spots, and treat blotchy skin due to sun damage. Usually requires 4 treatments for desired results, but immediate improvement can be seen 1 to 2 weeks after the first treatment. Matrix IR Wrinkle Reduction The Matrix IR wrinkle reduction procedure, featuring elナ行 fractional laser technology, enables you to achieve a more youthful appearance without downtime. The Matrix uses energies to promote collagen growth to soften targeted wrinkles. Most patients will see an improvement after 2 to 3 treatments. Triniti The 3 laser treatments described above in a single package.

Lipotherapy A non-surgical alternative to fat cell removal in small problem areas. Active ingredients are injected to locally destroy fat cells and emulsify the fat. Your body then physiologically processes the fat. A very small needle is used, and most patients report no or only minor discomfort. Results are seen after 8 treatments. Common treatment sites: upper and lower abdomen, thighs, upper arms, saddlebags, fat pads under the eyes or chin, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, post-liposuction residual fat deposits. Microdermabrasion Medical-grade microdermabrasion will lift off dead skin and blemishes. This treatment is only available in medical spas. Crystal exfoliation improves and smooths the texture of your face by removing damaged and discolored skin. The crystals also have antiseptic properties ideal for acne-prone skin. Microdermabrasion promotes collagen growth, stimulates reproduction by fibroblasts, stimulates new cell growth, and blood flow. This treatment is very effective for reducing the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, and acne. Chemical Peel Chemical peels improve skin texture and reduce blemishes, acne outbreaks and the appearance of fine lines. Very dramatic results are seen after only one session. Medical-strength chemical peels are only available in medical spas. Peels are customized for your skin type and desired results. BOTOXツョ Soften facial lines or wrinkles. Common treatment sites: frown or worry lines of the forehead, lines between the eyebrows, crow's feet, laugh lines, wrinkles caused by aging skin, contouring of the jaw line. Dermal Fillers Augment lip fullness or soften smile lines, skin folds, or wrinkles using purified hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite filler. The treatments are safe, and effects usually last from 6 to 16 months. Get a fresher, younger look almost immediately.

Day Packages Day Packages: Day package guests are encouraged to relax, sip tea, and enjoy the atmosphere between treatment sessions. Robes and slippers are provided. Recharge Head to Toe Includes Cleansing Therapy Facial and Essentials Hand & Foot Treatment Recharge Spa Day Includes 50-minute Full Body Massage, Cleansing Therapy Facial, Essentials Hand & Foot Treatment Couples Spa Day Includes the Recharge Day for 2 people Couples Full Essential Includes Essentials Hand & Foot Treatment for 2 people 

Party Packages: Celebrate and make it special! Special event coming up? Don’t just have a party—make it a spa party! We’ll work with you to provide food, drink, and music in our beautiful space. We have party plans for client entertaining, business meetings, wedding events, birthdays, graduations, family events, and more! Contact us for details. Gift Certificates: Our services make great gifts. Certificates are available in dollar amounts starting at $25. For more elegant and personalized touched, certificates are available for specific spa services.

Spa Policies  Appointments We accept appointments over the phone or through e-mail at It is best to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to attend to any needed paperwork and let us start pampering you before your service. Missed Appointment Fees We require your credit card information to hold an appointment. To avoid a missed appointment fee of 50%, please notify us at least 2 hours in advance to reschedule. Late Arrival Fees If you arrive late for an appointment, your treatment might be shortened accordingly. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we cannot guarantee your appointment. To avoid a late arrival fee of 50%, please notify us at least 2 hours in advance to reschedule. Gratuities Gratuity for the spa services is customarily 18% and is at your discretion. Spa Environment To foster a tranquil spa experience, we ask that cell phones not be used in the spa at any time. However, you are welcome to accept or place cell phone calls outside. Inside the spa, we also ask that you speak with your “indoor voice.” Children and Pets Children under the age 5 are not allowed in the spa, and children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Pets are not allowed in the spa.

1456 California Street San Francisco, CA (415) 409-3456

Our Community Recharge Spa is committed to being an active and supportive member of our community. If you know a charity that could use our support or might like to use our space, please have them contact us.

Caring for our Caregivers As a spa owned and operated by healthcare professionals, we know that the dedication of healthcare workers goes without praise far too often. As a special thank you to those that dedicate their work to caring for others, we offer a 10% discount to current healthcare workers on select services. Just present your current ID badge to the manager at the time of your service. This may not be used in conjunction with other discounts.

Tranquil Art To support our local arts community, the Recharge Spa Tranquil Art program provides an intimate exhibition space for local artists that have created art to nourish the soul. Artists may have shows at the spa for up to 1 month. For more information, contact

1456 California Street San Francisco, CA (415) 409-3456

Recharge Spa Menu of Day Spa Services  

Descriptions of the Day Spa Services offered at Recharge Medical & Day Spa

Recharge Spa Menu of Day Spa Services  

Descriptions of the Day Spa Services offered at Recharge Medical & Day Spa