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118 | APRIL'2013

Dedicated to the Imaging Supplies Industry of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and CIS

read in this issue: • What Do You Really Know About Cartridge Chips? • Indian Toners & Developers Ltd.: 20 Year of Excellence in Toner Manufacturing


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Issue 118, April 2013

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04.. ....... What do You Really Know About Cartridge Chips? 16.. ....... Remanufacturing the Konica Minolta 1600W/1650EN

ISSN 1313-8499

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24.. ....... Black Point Group Featured in an IT Magazine 24.. ....... New Remanufactured Cartridges for Use in HP, Samsung and Konica Printers news & events

26.. ....... 247inktoner Now Offers Customers Free Toner Cartridge Recycling Program 28.. ....... Cartridge World Provides Eco-Friendly Ink and Toner Products 30.. ....... Katun® Color Toners Produce 25 Billion Pages 30.. ....... KMP Products Receive the Consumer Quality Award of Turkey 32.. ....... UniNet Releases Absolute Color® Toner and Components For Use in Samsung CLP-415, CLX-4195 32.. ....... UniNet Releases X Generation® Black Toner and Components For Use in Dell B1160 32.. ....... UniNet Releases Absolute Color® Toner and Components For Use in Samsung CLP-365, CLX-3305 32.. ....... UniNet Launches Absolute Color® Toner and Components For Use in Xerox Phaser 6121 MFP 32.. ....... UniNet Launches Absolute Black® Toner and Components For Use in Ricoh Aficio SP 300 34.. ....... Static Control Team Up with ETIRA to Host Seminar in Poland 36.. ....... High Density Universal Brother® Toner from Static Control Saves on Per-Cartridge Costs 36.. ....... Static Control Releases MICR Toner for use in HP® LaserJet® Enterprise® M4555 MFP and HP® LaserJet® Enterprise® 600 M601/M602/M603 Cartridges 38.. ....... Static Control Releases New OPC Drums for Brother® HL-2240, HL-5250 and HL-5350 Printer Drum Units 38.. ....... ETIRA Fights Patent-Infringing Newbuilts from South East Asia 39.. ....... DCI / Jet Tec Launch Compatible Epson T16XL Cartridges

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40.. ....... Epson Increases Output to Respond to Global Growing Demand for Printers 40.. ....... Epson Opens Office in Saudi Arabia 42.. ....... Lexmark's Optimistic and Positive about Its Future 42.. ....... Fuji Xerox Company Opens Branch Office in Myanmar 44.. ....... Merlion Picks up Pantum Rights in Kazakhstan 44.. ....... Oki Data and Toshiba Plan to Team Up 46.. ....... OKI Data Americas Secures Three-Year Contract With New York State 47.. ....... Xerox Rolled Out a New Reward Program for Customers Buying Genuine Supplies 48.. ....... Pantum's First Global Sales Meet Held Successfully in Zhuhai company profiles

50.. ....... Indian Toners & Developers Ltd.: 20 Year of Excellence in Toner Manufacturing facts & opinions

54.. ....... Selling Cartridges Online May Be a Challenging Enterprise

118 | APRIL'2013

Dedicated to the Imaging Supplies Industry of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and CIS

read in this issue: • What Do You Really Know About Cartridge Chips? • Indian Toners & Developers Ltd.: 20 Year of Excellence in Toner Manufacturing


English version is also available at English version is also available at Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

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From the beginning, I would like to reiterate our plan to hold our next significant event in September 2013. The R3 expo is a venue, which will gather printer cartridge remanufacturing companies for a 2-day exhibition in the heart of Europe, Prague, Czech Republic. So, we are inviting all companies active in cartridge remanufacturing, in supplying raw material and parts for remanufacturing businesses, in providing services for printers and copiers, to participate and attend this expo. More details are available at Looking at the events and news, that we witnessed during the previous month, I would point out Brother's acquisition of Kodak's printing unit, for one. Kodak, which had to file for bankruptcy even after selling plenty of its patents (for over $500 million), is now selling whatever can be sold. Unfortunately, Kodak's glory from a couple of decades ago seems to be fading away extremely quickly and will eventually vanish for good. Epson's decision to boost production in the Philippines is another interesting piece of news. This news may be an indication about the increasing demand for printers in the world. Epson's move is more than justifiable: the company is readying itself for more demand in the years to come through capitalizing on the current low-cost workforce. Read these and other news in the current issue of RechargEast!

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specialist's guide


VP Technical Services


Uninet Imaging is a global distributor of toner, OPC drums, wiper blades, and other supplies for the cartridge remanufacturing industry.

By Mike Josiah and the technical staff at Uninet Imaging


hat exactly is a cartridge chip? What does a cartridge chip actually do? What can a chip NOT do?

The answer to those questions can be both simple and complicated. Because they are now such a large part of our industry, we thought it a good time to cover the origins of cartridge chips and their development through the years. We will also look at the different technologies used, differences in some of the latest chips and possibly most importantly what they can and cannot do.

Mike Josiah

We have searched the world to find the finest in toner and components for the remanufacturing of laser cartridges. We have never committed ourselves to purchasing from any exclusive manufacturer, so that we can choose the best solutions for our customers. In some cases this has meant a higher cost, but we believe that quality is paramount in this industry. We test each system to ASTM standards and stand 100% behind the toners, components and systems we offer. Uninet Imaging offers some of the most comprehensive technical support and complete product line in the industry. Contact Uninet Imaging:

Through the years cartridge chips have evolved quite a bit, (sometimes faster that the technology used in the cartridges they are attached to). If you haven’t yet, take a close look at the initial picture in this article, there are over 20 years of chips in there.

East Coast: Tel.: 800.221.3516 Fax: 888.791.9188 West Coast: Tel.: 800.304.0140 Fax: 888.869.8467 Int’l Sales: Tel.: 631.218.8376

Before we get started, let’s cover a little chip history. Before chips there were a decent amount of cartridges that used electrical fuses of one shape or another. They were cheap and easily replaced. See Figures A & B. When cartridge chips first appeared, they were very simple and easily resettable. In fact they could be reset with a simple box that would re-write the code. First seen in the spring of 1992 the TEC 1305 engine was one of the first to use chips. The chips used in the TEC 1305 and also the Xerox N24 engine which came out soon after were fairly simple devices. (See Figure 1).

Fax: 631.218.3285





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specialist's guide HP at first also used very simple off the shelf chips for the Color LJ 4500. They just plug into a socket. In Figure 2 you can see the progression of HP chips through the years in the aftermarket chips. There is the old 4500 IC, first RF chip, one of the first SMT (surface mount technology) boards and finally the MICROPROCESSOR versions used today. Lexmark has been one of the most challenging OEM’s for our industry. The Optra T (4069) wasn’t too bad to overcome, but with the release of the T520 series, our world changed. One of the first aftermarket solutions was to have a wired large board that actually used the used OEM chip in a “Piggyback” style. It was wired to a small pass-through board that fit into the OEM slot. Then came the first stand alone boards. They started out with somewhat large components that over time were miniaturized as our industry evolved. Then finally the new smaller boards with extremely complex encryption codes which is what we have now. See Figure 3.



With few exceptions all the HP and Lexmark chips have been the contact types which have plated pads on the boards that touch contacts in the machines when installed. (HP4100, 4600 and 9000 excluded). Another chip style is the RF (Radio Frequency) type. These chips broadcast a small signal through an antenna to communicate to the printer. The antenna can be a hard wire coil or even a thin label with a flexible circuit printed on it. They can and do look very different from one manufacturer to another. (See Figure 4). There have also been some odd shaped chips and cases too. Figure 5 shows a few of them. The board that looks like a credit card is inserted into the machine when a new cartridge is installed to reset the counter in the printer. The latest development for both the OEM and aftermarket is in dedicated Microprocessor chips. They are designed specifically for one purpose. The programming is actually built in and is more hardware than software.

MANUFACTURING DEDICATED MICROPROCESSOR CHIPS The manufacturing process for microprocessor chips is actually pretty interesting. It all starts with sand or silicon in the form of Silicon Dioxide. The silicon dioxide is purified and melted and a crystal is grown to eventually be what we call an Ingot. They typically weigh about 100 Kg and are shaped like a solid cylinder. The Ingots are sliced and each slice is polished until they have a flawless mirror smooth surface. At this point the slices are coated with photo resist, exposed, etched and then doped. Doping is where other chemicals are added to specific places to change the way the silicon conducts electricity. See Figures C-G. 6

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Static Control Applauds

RechargEast Magazine In a dramatic step to support the genuine remanufacturing market, RechargEast Magazine has decided to remove new build/clone manufacturers and suppliers from their pages. Static Control is pleased RechargEast has joined the fight against new build/clones and stand with them to bring awareness to this issue that impacts the entire aftermarket industry. We hope you will stand with us in support of RechargEast Magazine and their decision to support ONLY the genuine remanufacturing industry.


Static Control will ONLY sell to genuine cartridge remanufacturers. We will not sell to manufacturers of new build/clone ink and laser cartridges. We stand with you!

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specialist's guide C






Now depending on what is being manufactured other layers or copper leads are added. The wafer shown measures 6” in diameter. See Figure 6. The wafers are tested and then sliced so that the wafer produces thousands of chips. For the HP P4015 there are approximately 15,000 chips with encryption per wafer. They are now packaged so the chip can be hardwired and for the purposes of our industry, installed on to a small circuit board. See Figures 7 & 8 for some close up views of the chips in the wafer. 05


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That’s a very simplified explanation. For anyone interested, Intel has a great informative page on their website. Here is a link for it: http:// dow n lo ad. i ntel . c om / p re s s ro om / k it s / c h ip m a k i ng / M a k i ng _ of _ a _ Chip.pdf.

ARE ALL DEDICATED MICROPROCESSOR CHIPS EQUAL? So since all microprocessor chips are made basically the same way, are they all equal? Not so much. They may all be manufactured the

same way, but the design can be very different. There are two basic types in the field right now. Some are designed not to have an encryption module. The encryption module is what calculates the response to the question the printer is asking. Less expensive chips do not have this module. They emulate existing chips in that they can answer all the current questions, but if there were to be a firmware update that posed new questions, or even the same question but asked differently, they cannot respond correctly and the printer will show an error. 06




AFICIO SP 300 • • • •

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specialist's guide 07

The reason for the two types is cost. The encryption module takes up real estate on the chip die. The larger the die, the less chips per wafer and the higher the cost per chip. Figures 9 & 10 show the layout of both style chips. Figure 10 shows the encryption module (#4). If the chip has this encryption module, then it can emulate the OEM 100%. Firmware updates will not matter because this module actually calculates the correct answer. It doesn’t just send a programmed answer like the less expensive chips do. While not in use (yet) newer machines and chips from HP have the ability to run a second verifying command. Only chips with the encryption module will be able to send the correct response. If you’re not sure which style chips your vendor is selling, ask them.

WHAT IS A CARTRIDGE CHIP? Now that we’ve covered a short history, we still have the questions: What exactly is a cartridge chip? What does a chip actually do?


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SAMSUNG ® CLP-365 • CLX-3305

• Absolute COLOR® Toner • Smartchips • And More! © 2013 UniNet Imaging Inc. All trademark names and artworks are property of their respective owners. Brand names mentioned are intended to show compatibility only.

specialist's guide Let’s start with what they are; A cartridge chip is a device that communicates with a machine through either direct contact or RF (Radio Frequency). • • • • •

They typically are mounted on a small circuit board. They have memory to store information Sometimes have a processor to provide the correct responses Have a power control circuit to feed the processor when needed. Provide power protection from voltage spikes etc.

The chip usually: • Contains cartridge specific information (So the machine knows the correct cartridge has been installed) • Lists the cartridge yield • Lists the Region (Worldwide, some printer manufacturers use a different chip code for different geographical regions) • Provides authentication to allow communication – Must answer machine challenges correctly – Use the correct encryption – Answer within a specific time frame • Holds data as needed to allow the machine to manage the toner use – The machine determines the toner level and writes this information to the chip – The chip will send this information back to the machine as requested. • Stores ongoing machine information as the cartridge is used – The machine counts the pages printed and stores this info on the chip – The machine counts the pixels printed (Page coverage) and also stores this on the chip – The chip will send this information back to the machine as requested It should be noted here that early versions of machines did not have very accurate page coverage calculating systems. They have improved immensely, but still are not perfect.

WHAT DOES A CARTRIDGE CHIP ACTUALLY DO? The chip will store and when requested by the machine, send the machine info on the cartridge part #, Yield, and region. As the cartridge is used, the printer will send the chip information on the pages printed, page coverage and estimated toner remaining. This information is stored on the chip and will be sent back to the printer as requested. The machine is the master. It first sends the data to the chip and then reads the chip data back as needed on all the above items. The chip is the slave. The chip must be capable of correctly responding to the machine in a certain time frame using the correct encryption; – The correct cartridge info (Part #) – Correct region – Cartridge new or used – If used the page count and page coverage – Toner remaining in the cartridge

So now we know what a chip is. Now we come to the next question: 10


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07 20

ISO 19752


















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specialist's guide The chip information MUST match the yield for the toner load. – Chips are not able to compensate for large changes – Mismatched info will result in errors.

– Some machines also have mechanical, electrical or optical methods of determining the toner level. Again, this info is stored on the chip, but is not determined by the chip.

the chip!). The air movement from compressed air or generated by a vacuum can cause a static charge to build up. Even statically grounded vacuum systems can cause issues if the environmental conditions are right.


For a chip to determine the toner level, pages printed etc it would need to be incredibly complex and would take up much more space than would be economically feasible. Why duplicate expensive circuitry over and over when you can do it once in the machine itself?

A visible strong shock like you get when walking across a rug in the winter and touching something metal is ESD, but not the typical type you would ever see on a production line. Most times ESD is not visible and you would never notice any damage took place. Following the above guidelines can help minimize any damage that might happen.

• A chip does NOT control the yield. They are preprogrammed with the start yield, but the machine determines the page count, page coverage, toner low and toner out. The machine does write this info to the chip so when requested the chip will report it back, but the initial determination comes from the printer. Once toner low or out is written to the chip, it’s irreversible. This is why if you have a bad electrical contact to a mag roller and get a toner low error; even after you fix the contact issue the cartridge chip will still report a toner low condition. Once these errors have been written to the chip, the only way to clear it is to replace the chip. • Chips do not shut a machine down at a certain page count – Chips do not have this ability. Machines will use the information stored on the chip to determine if or when it should stop printing, but that information initially came from the machine. It was not calculated by the chip • Chips also do not control toner level information – This is also something that chips do not have the ability to do. – The machine determines the toner level by counting the number of pixels. The machine uses a formula to calculate the amount of toner used per pixel and stores that data on the chip


• Chips cannot give an error message. – The machine contains all the circuitry needed to generate error codes. If the machine cannot see or read a chip that will generate an error code, but it always comes from the machine, not the chip.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE CHIPS IN PRODUCTION? While most MICROPROCESSOR type chips are more resistant to static electricity damage (ESD) than other types, it can still happen and normal IC type chips can still easily be damaged by it. Here are a few precautions you can take on the production line to minimize any issues. While ESD can happen any time, it is more problematic when the humidity is very low. (Think walking across a rug in your socks in the winter time and touching a metal door knob). • Do not remove chips from their packaging until ready to use • Make sure handlers are grounded • Do not dump chips into bins or onto tables/benches • Do not use compressed air or a vacuum to clean the cartridge after testing. Just wipe them down with a clean cloth if needed. (Don’t wipe

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

Like it or not, cartridge chips are now an integral part of our industry. We don’t see them going away anytime soon. In fact, following recent trends they are probably going to get more complicated. Cartridge chips continue to get smaller so it’s our opinion that while they may become more complex in their code, the functions they can perform will stay basically the same. While for the most part cartridge chips as far as our industry is concerned are considered more of a nuisance, they actually can also be helpful. By storing the data that they do, we have a pretty good record of what the customer is doing built into the cartridge. When a customer calls to say the cartridge only printed “X” number of pages before it ran dry, you have a way of determining the actual page count and for many machines now also the percentage of coverage on the page. This can either validate what the customer thinks is happening or be used to educate them. Like the printers they work with, chips seem to be following the “Smaller, better, faster ” Axiom. They will continue to evolve, but so will our industry. The one constant I can say will never change is it will never be boring! RCE

New Premium Solution

HEAD OFFICE Baiksan OPC Co. Ltd.


282 Yongmong-ri Duksan-myun Jinchun-gun Chungchongbuk-do Republic of Korea Tel. : +82-43-536-7511 Fax : +82-43-536-7675

Kelsterbacherstr.20 D-65479 Raunheim Germany Tel:+49(0)6142-1760-0 Fax:+49(0)6142-1760-199 E-mail:

specialist's guide

REMANUFACTURING THE KONICA MINOLTA 1600W/1650EN Published with the permission of AQC Group UK Ltd. - The Toner Manufacturing Company.


A4 Colour Laser Printer Up to 20ppm Mono, 5ppm Colour First page out in less than 1 1 sees (Mono) Up to 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution 16MB Memory USB 2.0 Print on paper weights up to 209gsm 200 sheet multi manual tray 100 sheet face-down output tray


A4 Colour Laser Printer Up to 20ppm Mono, 5ppm Colour First page out in 13 sees (Mono) 600 dpi x 600 dpi x 4 PhotoART 9600 256MB Memory 400MHz Processor USB 2.0 & network 200 sheet multi manual tray 100 sheet face-down output tray Optional 500 sheet lower paper feeder PCL 5c/e, PCL 6 (XL 2.1), HPGL/2, PostScript 3

CARTRIDGE TYPES • Magicolor 1600W/1650EN High Capacity Black Toner (2,500 pages*) A0V301H • Magicolor 1600W/1650EIM High Capacity Cyan Toner (2,500 pages*) A0V30HH • Magicolor 1600W/1650EN High Capacity Magenta Toner (2,500 pages*) A0V30CH • Magicolor 1600W/1650EIM High Capacitiy Yellow Toner (2,500 pages*) A0V306H 16

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

specialist's guide • Magicolor 1600W/1650EIM Standard Capacity Cyan Toner (1,500 pages*) A0V30GH • Magicolor 1600W/1650EN Standard Capacity Magenta Toner (1,500 pages*) A0V30AH • Magicolor 1600W/1650EIM Standard Capacity Yellow Toner (1,500 pages*) A0V305H • Magicolor 1600W/1650EIM Imaging Unit (40,000 pages*) A0VU0Y1 Magicolor 1600W/1650EN Fuser Unit A12J021f.


THE 4 PASS CAROUSEL PRINT SVSTEM (SEE FIG. 1) In 4-pass, the print image travels through four successive passes (one per colour). 4-pass reduces the cost of the printer since there is only one OPC drum for all the toner cartridges, whereas with 1-pass, there has to be one OPC drum per toner, but of course printing times for colour are at least four times as long. That’s why for 4-pass colour laser printers manufacturers show two distinct printing times - one for monochrome and one for colour.


Phillips Screwdriver x 2 Small Flat blade Screwdriver x 1 Vacuum Compressed air system (Optional)


STEP ONE The first task is to remove the DVR, to do this we will need to remove some small plastic pins. The first pin we will remove is located on the non chip side of the cartridge. We will use a small blade screw driver or similar device to push in towards the cartridges which releases a small lock on the side of the plastic pin this allows us to lift out the pin.

STEP TWO Two gears can now be removed


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step 01

step 01

step 02

step 02

CUSTOMER CUSTOMERSUPPORT SUPPORT ENGINEER ENGINEER Static Static Control Control Components Components (Europe) (Europe) Ltd isLtda is multi-national a multi-national national national company company and aand global a global market market leaderleader in the in the manufacture manufacture andand distribution distribution of aofwide a wide range range of products of products for the for the and laser and laser ange ange e electronics e electronics cartridge cartridge recycling recycling industries. industries. Established Established in 1994 in 1994 4 and 4 and is one is of one theoffastest the fastest t developing t developing companies companies in the in the region. region. WeWe areare looking looking for for an experienced an experienced Customer Customer Support Support Engineer Engineer for the for German the German ving ving evalua evalua ationation speaking speaking market market to assist to assist in technical in technical problem problem solving solving and and product product evaluation evaluation workwork in the in the Technical Technical Services Services Department, Department, contributing contributing ng tongthe to effective the effective and and p pro-active p pro-active customer customer support support andand sales sales programmes programmes designed designed company’s company’s ned ned to achieve to achieve the com thempany’s com mpany’s business business goals. goals. Responsibilities Responsibilities willwill include: include: •

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•Provide Provide an immediate an immediate and and effective effective response response to customer to customer requests requests for assistance for assistance withwith technical technical problems, problems, information information or technical or technical advice. advice. Liaise Liaise with with customers customers (either (either directly directly or through or through SalesSales teamteam members) members) and and be accountable be accountable for resolving for resolving queries queries as as quickly quickly and and efficiently efficiently as possible as possible and to and thetocustomer’s the customer’s satisfaction. satisfaction. •Solve Solve technical technical problems problems associated associated with with returned returned goodsgoods •Carry Carry out product out product testing, testing, problem/fault problem/fault identifi identifi cationcation andand newnew product product evaluation evaluation workwork •Keep Keep up-to-date up-to-date with with all developments all developments in theincartridge the cartridge remanufacturing remanufacturing industry industry •Work Work withwith salessales colleagues colleagues to create to create and develop and develop opportunities opportunities for new/increased for new/increased business business with customers with customers •Assist, Assist, when when required, required, with with any other any other taskstasks or projects or projects withinwithin the the Technical Technical Services Services Department. Department.

To be To be considered considered for for this this rolerole you you will will havehave Strongly-developed Strongly-developed logic,logic, analysis analysis and diagnostic and diagnostic skills, skills, experience experience in aincustomer a customer serving serving role,role, including including direct direct contact contact with with customers customers by telephone by telephone and face and face to face to face andand be competent be competent in building in building and and maintaining maintaining customer customer relationships. relationships. Previous Previous experience experience of working of working within within the the laserlaser cartridge cartridge manufacturing manufacturing industry industry is preferable, is preferable, but not butessential, not essential, as fullas full training training willwill be be given. given. YouYou will will possess possess good good written written and and oral oral communication communication skills skills in German in German and and English, English, be be clear, clear, assertive assertive andand havehave some some ability ability to master to master the functionality the functionality of technical of technical products. products. PLEASE PLEASE NOTE NOTE THISTHIS IS NOT IS NOT AN AN IT ROLE IT ROLE - STRICTLY - STRICTLY NO AGENCIES NO AGENCIES So So if you if you areare looking looking for for a new a new challenge challenge andand are are keenkeen to learn, to learn, please please send send your your CV to to

Quality...We Quality...We create create it. it. WeWe control control it. it. © Static © Static Control Control Components, Components, Inc. AllInc. rights All reserved rights reserved worldwide. worldwide. The stylised The stylised S, StaticS,Control Static Control and Odyssey and Odyssey are registered are registered trademarks trademarks of Static Control of StaticComponents, Control Components, Inc. Inc. All other Allbrand other or brand product or product names are names trademarks are trademarks or registered or registered trademarks trademarks of their respective of their respective companies. companies.

specialist's guide

STEP THREE On the other side of the DVR - we use the same technique to remove the internal pin & gear, gently push in against the cartridge and pull the gear from the DVR sleeve. step 03

step 03

step 04

step 04

step 04

step 04

step 05

step 05

step 05

step 06

step 06

step 06

STEP FOUR On the other side of the DVR - we use the same technique to remove the internal pin & gear, gently push in against the cartridge and pull the gear from the DVR sleeve.

step 04

STEP FIVE Remove to clean the doctor-blade, during testing we found some OEM Toner contamination on the surface of the blade, we used Iso-propanol Alcohol and a Q-tip to gently clean the contaminated area.

STEP SIX Remove the Toner Hopper Seal Plate & Gasket Assembly from the cartridge, taking care not to break the small join from the Foam Gasket and End Felts. Once removed this allows cleaning access into the toner hopper, during our testing we used a small vacuum pipe to clean the majority of the remaining toner. We then used compressed air to remove the final remaining toner from the Adder Roller. We did not remove the Adder Roller and care must be taken during cleaning not to damage 20

| RechargEast Magazine â&#x20AC;˘ April'13 â&#x20AC;˘

specialist's guide the surface of the roller. In many cases the adder roller is coated with a charging agent required to help in the development of the toner.

step 07

STEP SEVEN Remove the Toner Hopper Fill Plug we managed to pull the plug using our fingers, but otherwise you can use a larger flat blade screwdriver to gently prise out the plug - care must be taken as the screwdriver can ‘dent’ the plug which results in toner leaking from the cartridge after refilling.

STEP EIGHT CHIPS - The chip must be replaced. As a point to remember, the Starter Cartridges ship with a ‘Dummy’ chip. It would be likely the printer has a preset amount of pages it will count to and then the starter cartridges are no longer accepted.

step 08

step 08

step 08

step 08

Replacing the Starters with Standard or Hi Capacity resets the printer to allow continued printing. The image to the right shows the starter cartridge chip in Green, and the OEM standard in Blue.

STEP NINE Once all the components have been cleaned and replaced back into the cartridge, refill with AQC Group UK compatible replacement toner.

step 09

step 09 22

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

Please visit our Forum and follow the link for more remanufacturing guides: RCE

cee news Black Point | Poland

Black Point Group Featured in an IT Magazine The latest issue of IT Reseller, Poland, was fully dedicated to the market of printing. The magazine featured an extensive interview with Lukasz Dziubek, Brand Director at the Black Point Group. The interview was about the quality of remanufactured printing supplies, the recent company consolidation, and Black Point's plans for the nearest future. In the interview, Lukasz Dziubek summarizes the most important events of the past months that have shaped the face of the local printing industry. One of them was undoubtedly the alliance built by Black Point with Scot Group. It helped to work out a comprehensive deal allowing Black Point to create a competitive edge in the market of imaging supplies.

"After 25 years of existence in this industry, Black Point continues to set trends and have an idea for further development. The difficult economic situation in the market has not stopped us from implementing ambitious plans," said Black Point's brand director. "The new group has a well-built offer, which includes a number of product lines: Black Point - premium products and a range of cost-effective printing solutions and Visus, customized designed products. The alliance

with Scot's production capacities joined with Black Point's advanced logistics and distribution can be only beneficial for the two parties. Now we're even closer to our customers and our partners. These advantages allow Black Point to generate more sales in the local and abroad markets", added Lukasz Dziubek. In the coming months, Black Point plans to work on the development of its offer, including extending the range of cartridges for laser printing devices.

Black Point | Poland

New Remanufactured Cartridges for Use in HP, Samsung and Konica Printers Black Point, a leading Polish cartridge remanufacturer, has expanded its offer to include three new sets of color and monochrome cartridges under its wellknown Super Plus brand. The company announced new remanufactured cartridges LCBPH260BK, LCBPH261C, LCBP262Y and LCBPH263M for use in HP Color LaserJet CP 4025/4525, sets LCBPSCL4072BK/C/M/Y for Samsung CLP-320 and CLP325, and LCBPM1600BK/C/M/Y designed for Konica-Minolta Magicolor 1600/1650. All new the products guarantee the highest print quality and performance, which was confirmed in accordance with the international standard ISO 19798:2007. Business users can take advantage of a unique program, which gives the opportunity to try the color toners from Black Point at no additional cost and risk. Another novelty is the Super Pros lineup of products, which include the most profitable lines of monochrome toners offered by Black Point. The Polish manufacturer offers remanufactured cartridges for use in HP LaserJet 4250, HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 / M600 and Samsung ML3310/3710.


| RechargEast Magazine â&#x20AC;˘ April'13 â&#x20AC;˘

The performance of the new products is by up to 30% greater than that of similar OEM products. Combined with an attractive price, these products present savings going up to 50%. Depending on the model, the new cartridges allow to print up to 3000 pages more than similar OEM products. In addition, the manufacturer also announced that it would offer more novelties. During the first half of this year, the company is going to offer users eight new color sets, all with high quality parameters, for use in printers from HP, OKI and Samsung.

From the organizers of Re-Europe and RechargRussia Expos in Russia and Central Europe:

What is R3 Expo? • 8 years experience in organizing industry events in Prague and Moscow • Over 500 exhibitors between 2003–2011 • Over 12,000 unique visitors between 2003–2011

We invite you to develop new business in Central and Eastern Europe: • Meet a highly qualified and specialized public from the aftermarket of printing supplies from Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine • Engage in business negotiations with new customers • Generate new business opportunities

This industry event is for you if your company is active in: • genuine cartridge remanufacturing • distribution of parts for cartridge remanufacturing • distribution of remanufactured cartridges • printer and copier servicing • retailing and reselling of remanufactured printing supplies

September 10-11 • 2013 Congress Hall, Top Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic Contact us for more details: Mirena Polihronova E-mail: Tel.: +359 52 637 102 | Fax: +359 882 654 602 Web:


events 247inktoner | USA

247inktoner Now Offers Customers Free Toner Cartridge Recycling Program 247inktoner, the online printer ink and toner supplier, announced today the launch of their free toner cartridge recycling program to help clients unload spent cartridges without having to be concerned about the environment. The program is part of the company’s continuing efforts to better serve their clients while also helping to reduce the number of toner cartridges that pileup in area landfills. Anybody with at least eight cartridges can contact the company and receive a prepaid shipping label to be used for recycling spent toner cartridges. So, not only is the 247inktoner recycling program convenient, it’s also a completely cost free way to be more green. “We’re very excited to offer this service to our clients, and to do our part to keep these old cartridges out of the landfills and into recycling centers where they can be transformed into useful products rather than adding to the pollution problem,” said 247inktoner owner, Calvin Yu. 247inktoner carries a full line of genuine OEM and premium compatible laser toner cartridges, ink sticks and ink cartridges for all major brands of printing devices, including Xerox toner cartridges. The company’s compatible products help save customers up to 80% off the equivalent original manufacturer (OEM) products, while offering premium print quality and page yield. And now, 247inktoner clients can feel good about disposing of their highquality spent cartridges in a cost-free, environmentally friendly way. 247inktoner is an online company but that doesn’t mean that they can’t provide their clients the same level of service as larger box stores, many 26

of whom also offer a way to recycle spent cartridges. The company has created a new area of their website specially designed to assist clients in submitting a request to recycle old toner cartridges. Once a request is submitted, 247inktoner clients then receive a free shipping label to be used when they send their spent cartridges back to the company to be recycled. After a toner cartridge has run dry, it will more often than not end up in a landfill where it will stay and become part of the environment until its plastic components to breakdown; which can take up to tens of hundreds of years. The 247inktoner program makes it easy, convenient, and totally cost free to recycle toner cartridges and to help the environment at the same time. “We feel very good about providing our clients with a convenient and totally cost free process to recycle their toner cartridges, and we hope that they also feel good about having a much better option for disposing of these used items,” said Calvin in commenting on the new area of their company website devoted to the recycling program. The other benefit of the 247 inktoner recycling program is that their website

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

operates 24/7 so no matter what time of the day or night, weekends or holidays, anyone can order ink and toner cartridges from the 247 inktoner website and at the same time recycle their old cartridges without ever leaving their home. So, while 247inktoner clients save money on new ink, the company also makes it easy for them to make sure that these nonbiodegradable products don’t become a permanent part of the landscape. About 247inktoner: 247inktoner is an online supplier of genuine OEM and premium compatible laser toner cartridges, ink sticks and ink cartridges for all of the leading brands of printing devices. Their compatible products are available for order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can cost up to 80% less than the original manufacturers’ products, while offering the same premium print quality and page yields. The company’s mission is to offer customers right ink and toner at the best possible prices. 247inktoner products are stored inside a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse and shipped the same day an order is placed online. All 247 inktoner ink and toner cartridges are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full, oneyear warranty. | +1-702-924-2889.

Vacuums Atrix

of OEM and compatible imaging supplies for all brand office printing equipment.

Toner Filler

KANTE ZK s.r.o. is a wholesale supplier

• toner and toner cartridges for copiers and printers • inkjet cartridges and ribbon for facsimile machines • color ribbon for dot matrix printers and typing machines • spare parts for office printing equipment • spare parts for remanufacturing and recycling of laser and inkjet cartridges • equipment for cartridge remanufacturing and recharging

Worktable KANTE with vacuums

The company offers:

KANTE ZK s.r.o, Kout na Šumav 320, 345 02 Kout na Šumav , Czech Republic, Tel.: +420 379 775 318, Fax: +420 379 730 887, E-mail:,


events Cartridge World | USA

Cartridge World Provides Eco-Friendly Ink and Toner Products The amount of money spent on printer cartridges and the amount of time and space they use in landfills to decompose is shocking. Commemorating April 22, Earth Day, Cartridge World is reminding businesses, schools and customers that printer cartridges don’t have to damage the environment or break the bank. “People don’t realize the impact that printer cartridges have on the environment,” said Tom McLaughlin, Marketing Director of Cartridge World. “In North America alone, more than 350 million cartridges are discarded in landfills per year. Cartridge World offers an alternative that is earth-friendly and costeffective. We recycle more than 4.5 million printer cartridges annually. Plus, each Cartridge World customer saves up to 30 percent off the cost of the equivalent OEM cartridge at a big box store.” The following statistics shed light on the impact of printer cartridges on the environment: • Alone, HP ships more than 52 million printers per year. Most consumers buy three to four ink cartridges three times per year for their printer at home, which produces 600 million empty cartridges. • Almost eight printer cartridges are thrown away per second in the United States. • It takes about a gallon of oil to make a new laser cartridge. • Every laser cartridge that Cartridge World remanufactures saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being deposited in landfills. • Seventy percent of used printer cartridges throughout the world are currently discarded.

• A laser cartridge thrown into landfill can take up to 450 years to decompose. Some components made of industrial grade plastics will take over 1,000 years to decompose. To help reduce our carbon footprint, Cartridge World offers recycling programs for local organizations, schools, businesses and consumers. Parents, teachers and office managers are encouraged to request a “recycle” box for their school or office to collect empty cartridges. Parents can further participate in a printer cartridge recycling and fundraising program in which they can raise money for their local participating school by dropping off empty cartridges at the school. In exchange for the empty cartridges, Cartridge World will pay the school based on the quantity collected.

Customers may recycle their empty ink and toner cartridges at any Cartridge World store. Some Cartridge World stores also accept small electronics recycling, such as cell phones. In addition, Cartridge World’s 100-percent guaranteed printer cartridges save consumers and businesses up to 30 percent on their printing costs. Cartridge World sells more than 3,000 different cartridges for home and office printers, copier and fax machines. Customers can take advantage of a variety of local store promotions, such as a “Buy Nine Get One Free” discount card. With more than 1,400 stores across the globe, Cartridge World is the world’s largest specialty retailer of ink and toner printer cartridges.


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

Inkjet: HP 122BKXL/CXL, 178 series, 920XL series, Epson 1281 series. Mono Toner: HP Q8543X, HP CE285A, Xerox 3100, Samsung SCX-D4200A. Colour Toner: HP CE310A-CE313A, CE320A-CE323A, Brother TN315 series.


events Katun | USA

KMP | Germany

Katun® Color Toners Produce 25 Billion Pages Company Thanks Customers, Employees and Suppliers for Helping Attain Milestone Katun Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of OEM-compatible supplies for office imaging equipment, today announced the achievement of a significant milestone: 25 billion color pages have been produced using Katun® and Media Sciences® brand color toners. The announcement kicked off of a customer appreciation campaign which was launched with a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. In the ad, Katun President and CEO Todd Mavis thanked customers, suppliers and employees for their pivotal contributions in helping the company reach this important achievement. Katun anticipates reaching two other milestones in 2013, including $3 billion in customer savings and one trillion pages produced (combining color and monochrome output). According to Mavis, “we estimate that the office imaging equipment our dealers and distributors sell and service worldwide have produced more than 25 billion color pages using Katun® and Media Sciences® toners. This is a significant achievement, and we want to publicly acknowledge the people responsible for helping us reach this important milestone.”

About Katun Headquartered in Minneapolis, Katun Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies, photoreceptors, fuser rollers, parts and other products and services for the office equipment industry. With 34 years of industry expertise, the privately held Katun serves more than 14,000 customers in 138 countries. For more information, visit Katun online at


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

KMP distributor Metin Ekmekci accepting the award in Istanbul on 15 March 2013

KMP Products Receive the Consumer Quality Award of Turkey MT Print Teknoloji, KMP distributor in Turkey, represented by Mr Metin Ekmekci, have lately received the Turkish consumer quality award „Katilim sertifikasi ve Plaket“. This award particularly honours the economic relations between Turkish and foreign companies. KMP products may be marked accordingly now in Turkey which is an important factor of choice for the Turkish consumer. The prize was awarded in Istanbul on 15 March 2013 as part of the “World Quality Summit” on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Turkish organization for consumer interests “Uluslararas Tüketici ve“. „Uluslararas Tüketici ve“ represents the consumers‘ interests in Turkey and is composed of independent experts in consumer protection and international trade. The organization is publicly funded. Products which have been awarded from this organization enjoy a high reputation in Turkey.

About KMP The KMP group develops, manufactures and distributes compatible printer supplies with a high standard of product quality. Besides excellent in-house developments, the ecological orientation through a high proportion of recycled material is typical for the KMP assortment. Subsidiaries in Europe and Africa as well as distributors in many other European countries guarantee that KMP is always close to its customers.

NEW OPC DRUMS HP P3015 HP P2055 HP CP3525 HL 4040 LEXMARK E260, T650 DR3200

NEW CYBEN CHIPS OKI SERIES(3300, 5600,5800,9600..) HP COLOR (HP CP3535, HP CP2025…) HP MONO (HP P4515, P2055,P3515..) LEXMARK CHIPS SAMSUNG CHIPS




New Premium Solution HEAD OFFICE Baiksan OPC Co. Ltd. 282 Yongmong-ri Duksan-myun Jinchun-gun Chungchongbuk-do Republic of Korea Tel. : +82-43-536-7511 Fax : +82-43-536-7675

GERMAN OFFICE BAIKSAN OPC GmbH Kelsterbacherstr.20 D-65479 Raunheim Germany Tel:+49(0)6142-1760-0 Fax:+49(0)6142-1760-199 E-mail:

U.S.A OFFICE BAIKSAN OPC Inc. 12701 Van Nuys Blvd Suite Q Pacoima, CA 91331 USA Tel:+1-818-897-6653 Fax:+1-818-897-6693


events UniNet Imaging | USA

UniNet Imaging | USA

UniNet Releases Absolute Color® Toner and Components For Use in Samsung CLP-415, CLX-4195

UniNet Releases X Generation® Black Toner and Components For Use in Dell B1160

UniNet proudly releases Absolute Color® toner and components qualified for use in the Samsung CLP-415, CLX-4195 color printer series.

UniNet proudly releases X Generation® Black toner and components qualified for use in Dell B1160 monochrome printer.

The new Samsung CLP 415NW color laser printer is based on a new print engine design rated at 19 ppm, and designed for a small workgroup office environment. It features connection options that include Wi-Fi for easy and direct access to smart phones, laptops and tablets.

The Dell B1160w printer is a bare bones monochrome printer with a base price of USD$89. Rated at 21 ppm, this printer is a good value. Toner cartridges are rated at 1,500 pages, and feature the all-in-one cartridge design.

This new design looks very similar to the older HP CP1215/2025 series printers. The four-color cartridges are held by a slide out drawer, just as the HPs are. The cartridges are also very similar to current HP models, using the familiar all-in-one design. The cartridges are rated at 2.5K for black, and 1.8K for the colors. UniNet offers a complete remanufacturing solution for these cartridges. For further information, please contact UniNet at + 1 (424) 675-3300 or visit UniNet Imaging | USA

UniNet Releases Absolute Color® Toner and Components For Use in Samsung CLP-365, CLX-3305 UniNet proudly releases Absolute Color® toner and components qualified for use in the Samsung CLP-365, CLX-3305 color printer series. The Samsung CLP-365w color laser is similar in design to the older model CLP-325 printer. Features include wireless printing, 2400 x 600 dpi, and 19 ppm for black and 4 ppm for color printing. This printer is designed for a small workgroup office environment. This printer includes separate toner cartridges, and a single drum unit. The toner cartridges are rated at 1, 500 pages for the black and 1,000 pages for the colors. UniNet offers a complete remanufacturing solution for these cartridges. For further information, please contact UniNet at + 1 (424) 675-3300 or visit

+ 1 (424) 675-3300 |

UniNet Imaging | USA

UniNet Launches Absolute Color® Toner and Components For Use in Xerox Phaser 6121 MFP UniNet proudly launches Absolute Color® toner and components qualified for use in the Xerox Phaser 6121 MFP. The Xerox Phaser 6121 MFP is a small footprint color laser multifunction printer. Rated at 20 ppm for black and 5 ppm for color, this printer offers a host of features for a small price and small workgroup office environment. Standard features include printing, copying and scanning with optional faxing and network connectivity. Toners are separate cartridges all using a common drum unit. + 1 (424) 675-3300 |

UniNet Imaging | USA

UniNet Launches Absolute Black® Toner and Components For Use in Ricoh Aficio SP 300 UniNet proudly launches Absolute Black® toner and components qualified for use in the Ricoh Aficio SP 300 monochrome printer. The Ricoh Aficio SP 300 printer is a single function monochrome laser printer. Rated at 26 ppm (A4), this printer features 600 x 600 dpi print resolution, and includes duplexing as a standard feature. Toner cartridges are rated at 1,500 pages. + 1 (424) 675-3300 |


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •



Thank you for allowing me a few minutes to speak with you about the very serious threat facing all genuine laser and ink jet cartridge remanufacturers worldwide.

in plastic injection molding equipment, additional personnel and time devoted to system testing, we now have fully functional gear solutions that eliminate the risk of infringing Canon’s patents.

In July 2010, and again in January of this year, Canon® took legal action against manufacturers, remanufacturers and resellers of aftermarket cartridges that use OPC drum drive gears they believe infringe two of their patents. At issue is the twist feature that is being used on 23 different OPC drums in Canon and HP® laser printer cartridges.

Our gear designs have no twist and no slant and this is critical to eliminating the potential to infringe Canon’s gear patents. In order to show you how serious Canon is about protecting their patents, let me simply quote directly from their latest press releases: “Throughout the development, sales and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property of other companies and individuals and expects others to similarly respect Canon’s intellectual property rights. Canon remains committed to pursuing legal enforcement against those who do not respect Canon’s intellectual property.” Ed swartz

Industry analysts estimate that 60 to 70 percent of all remanufactured laser printer cartridges sold today use gears with a twist design. This means there are millions of remanufactured cartridges sold each month using a gear that Canon believes infringe their patents. I instructed my engineers and legal team to develop a different, fully FoundEr & CEo Static Control takes all patents functional gear design that would statiC Control extremely seriously and, like eliminate any risk of infringing Canon, we respect the intellectual property of Canon’s gear patents. We were successful in this other companies and individuals. We are therefore redesign and filed for our own patents in July of moving to our patented gear solutions as soon as 2007. We received our first gear patent in October possible and I strongly urge you do the same. 2010 and a second gear patent in December 2011. After an investment of thousands of legal and engineering hours and many millions of dollars

Thank you very much for your time.

Static Control will ONLY sell to genuine cartridge remanufacturers. We will not sell to new build compatible ink and laser cartridge manufacturers.


events Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd | UK

Static Control Team Up with ETIRA to Host Seminar in Poland On March 8th, Static Control presented a seminar in Lodz, Poland, with 80 attendees from within the country’s cartridge remanufacturing industry - showing strong support for Static Control’s informationintensive session. The programme was driven by feedback from remanufacturers in Poland. Technicians gave three full technical demonstrations covering some of the most popular HP®, Lexmark® and Samsung® cartridges. The event also provided the attending remanufacturers with a comprehensive market overview. High on the agenda was the subject of new build/clone cartridges currently flooding the aftermarket, a matter of critical importance of which all industry players will need to be mindful if they are to survive. Intellectual property, the increasing OEM legal activity across the industry, new chip technology, and the use of virgin versus non-virgin empty cartridges were also among the topics discussed, including a presentation by the Secretary General of ETIRA, Vincent Van Dijk. Van Dijk said, “Static Control’s seminar in Lodz was a great event. As almost the entire Polish cartridge remanufacturing industry was there, it was an excellent


platform to highlight the dangers of trading clones. We saw major interest in the ETIRA Guide to Clones, and even signed up some new members! ETIRA thanks organisers Static Control for a very useful session, and for translating the Guide into Polish.” “As part of Static Control’s full commitment and support to the genuine remanufacturing industry, this was an opportunity for our Polish customers to get to know who we are as a team,” added Simon Grimes, Static Control’s Global Sales Manager for Eastern Europe. “In particular, by discussing the challenging issue of clones together in person, we can better address the steps we need to take to protect our industry in the fight we’re facing. “Seeing a bright future in genuine cartridge recycling, Static Control

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

will continue to support the industry through its investment in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of products needed by genuine cartridge remanufacturers worldwide. Bringing these solutions to market, respecting the intellectual property of others and meeting the technological challenges the OEMs present will remain our number one priority,” Grimes said. Static Control is delighted with another successful event and pledges to continue to offer training, education and support to genuine remanufacturers wherever it is needed in the form of seminars, trade shows and webinars. Static Control is the Key Sponsor of this year’s Focus on Europe to be held in Vienna June 20th-21st.


events Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd | UK

High Density Universal Brother® Toner from Static Control Saves on Per-Cartridge Costs Universal high density Brother® toner is now available from Static Control, offered in four different weights and qualified for use in multiple toner cartridges, listed in the table below. This new toner delivers solid print performance and avoids print defects such as extreme toner starvation, doctor blade build-up and backgrounding that are commonly seen in other aftermarket offerings. By ordering Static Control’s high density universal toner in bulk, remanufacturers are able to lower their per-cartridge toner costs, save inventory space, reduce their bottled toner purchases and reduce waste going into landfills.

Printer Models

OEM Cartridge SKU

Brother® HL-2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, 2070, 2075 MFC-7220, 7225n, 7420, 7820 DCP-7010, 7020, 7025 IntelliFax® 2820, 2910, 2920 Xerox® DocuPrint® 203A, 204A

TN-350, 2000, 2025, 2050, 25J

HL-2140, 2142, 2150, 2170 MFC-7320, 7340, 7345dn, 7440d, 7840w DCP-7030, 7040, 7045

TN-360, 2120, 2125, 2150, 2175, 26J

HL-5240, 5250, 5270, 5280dw MFC-8460n, 8470dn, 8660dn, 8670dn, 8860dn, 8870dw DCP-8060, 8065dn

TN-580, 3185, 37J

HL-5340d, 5350dn, 5370w, 5380dn MFC-8370dn, 8480dn, 8680, 8690, 8880dn, 8890dn DCP-8070dn, 8080dn, 8085dn

TN-650, 3280, 3290, 48J

The product codes are TRBUNIVHD-100B (100g), TRBUNIVHD-200B (200g), TRBUNIVHD-1KG (1KG) and TRBUNIVHD-1KG (10KG). Speak to your Static Control Sales Representative for further information.

Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd | UK

Static Control Releases MICR Toner for use in HP® LaserJet® Enterprise® M4555 MFP and HP® LaserJet® Enterprise® 600 M601/M602/M603 Cartridges Static Control has released toner for use in MICR cartridges for the HP® LaserJet® Enterprise® M4555 MFP, HP® LaserJet® Enterprise® 600 M601/ M602/M603, and associated Troy® Group printers. This toner is available in standard and high yield fill weights as well as 10 KG bags, and is fully qualified to be used in “dump and fill” applications as well as cartridge remanufacturing. For a complete list of product codes and qualified printers, please refer to the table below. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is used to make cheques readable by financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System and the Canadian Payments Association when used with appropriate supporting equipment and software. 36

Printer Model


Page Yield Static Control Product Codes

HP® LaserJet® Enterprise M4555 MFP







HP® LaserJet® Enterprise 600 M601, M602, M603




HP® LaserJet® Enterprise 600 M602, M603




Troy® Group* MICR 601, MICR 602, MICR 603







*Note: Cartridges that are used in Troy Group printers must have a MICR magnetic tab installed in order to be recognised by the printer (Static Control Product Code: HP4515MICRTAB).

Static Control offers the SecureRITE™ MICR toner guarantee which fully covers remanufacturers following Static Control’s remanufacturing recommendations for MICR cartridges. Customers can contact a Static Control sales representative for complete details.

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •


Quality you can trust

Come and

join the winning team



events Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd | UK

Static Control Releases New OPC Drums for Brother® HL-2240, HL-5250 and HL-5350 Printer Drum Units Static Control has released new OPC drums for Brother® HL-2240, HL-5250 and HL-5350 printer family drum units that, together with Static Control’s products for the toner cartridges, provides trouble-free, highperformance solutions.

The OPC drum (product code DRB5350-2) works in the DR-620, DR-3200, DR-3215, DR-520, DR-3100, DR-3115, DR-3300, DR-31J and DR-41J drum units for 20 different HL-5350 and HL-5250 family printer models sold worldwide.

The new OPC drum for the HL-2240 family of printers (product code DRB2240) works in DR-420, DR-2200, DR-2250, DR-2255, DR-2225, DR-22J drum units for eight printers sold in various markets worldwide.

In addition to OPC drums, Static Control offers toner, shipping protectors, hopper caps and flag gears to replace lost or damaged flag gears for all the related Brother® printer toner cartridges. Static Control also offers end plates for cartridges used in the HL-2240 family of printers.


ETIRA Fights Patent-Infringing Newbuilts from South East Asia Resellers and distributors in Europe should watch out: Trading newbuilts that infringe patents will cost you dearly! ETIRA (European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) works hard against the flood of cheap newbuilt patent-infringing non-OEM cartridges from SE Asia. In February and March 2012, HP, Samsung and other OEM’s launched serious legal action against resellers, distributors etc. across Europe who stocked newbuilt nonWe have published OEM cartridges a multitude of that infringe OEM information about patents. 54 | МаРт'2 013

Индус трия

расход ных

матер иалов

для офисн ой и домаш ней

печат и в России и стран ах СНГ

Russia and CIS markets of imaging supplies in RechargRussia Magazine. This market data is Офисные пр признаны интеры available for уязвимым атак хакерОи для translation from в Russian into English. Order now at читайте в

этом номере:

• Восстан тонерного к овление артриджа Samsung ML– 1860 • Все о вы сококлассны х восстан струйных ка овленных ртриджах – SERICA, Ита лия

Онлайн верси я на сайт е: charg


And in July 2012, p ol ic e ra ide d a warehouse in Ger many where workers fitted OEM labels on thousands of non OEM-cartridges.

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

ETIRA warns to make sure that you only sell cartridges that have been remanufactured in

accordance with the law, or newbuilts that respect legitimate patents. Hard to tell which is which? Not anymore. ETIRA just developed the ideal tool for you. “Guide to Clones” identifies the different types of cartridges present in the European marketplace today, and warns you for the pitfalls. The Guide is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German and can be downloaded from here:



Jet Tec | UK

DCI / Jet Tec Launch Compatible Epson T16XL Cartridges Continuing with the success of DCI’s 30th year, Jet Tec are pleased to announce the launch of the compatible Epson T16XL inkjet cartridge range.

Due to Expansion of Sales Network, Hunterhouse Ltd, an International Sales & Marketing Company representing a number of Multi National Clients in the Ink/ toner Consumables Market, are looking for Representatives to Manage and further develop business in:

o Expansion Sales Network, Hunterhouse Ltd, an I As a wholly British of manufacGermany, Northern Spain, Southern Italy, Ukraine (Kiev turer, DCI / Jet Tec are the ting Company representing a number area), Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.of Multi Nationa first manufacturer to bring a UK made compatible T16XL Portfolio includes: Union for Technology International, Innotex Consumables Market, Client are looking Representatives to cartridge range to market. Precision Lim- ited, Print-Rite Europe Ltd and Prime Success Following demand from conCompany Limited op business in: sumers, this new release from DCI / Jet Tec will result in a sales boost for any reseller stocking the Jet Tec range of T16XL cartridges and, due to a short supply chain, Jet Tec resellers will be the first to have these new compatible products.


many, Northern Spain, Southern Italy, Ukra t, Turkey and South Africa. Working from home, this role is of a self employed nature and carries a fixed consultancy fee with an uncapped bonus scheme, plus a generous expense package. You will be required to develop the sale of compatible and remanufactured Inkjet and toner products at a national level to wholesale and distribution companies.

Portfolio includes: Union Technology International, In A successful sales background within the Ink & Toner consumables As with all cartridges manumarket place. Excellent written and oral communication skills, factured by DCI / Jet Tec youLtd and rint-Rite Europe Prime Success Company Limite together with a good level of computer literacy and experience of are guaranteed the highest quality products which produce bright, vivid prints each and every time. The new compatible Epson T16XL cartridges offer the consumer even greater savings by providing up to 15% more prints than the equivalent OEM cartridge.

To succeed at this level you will need to demonstrate:

Microsoft Office. Fluent in written & Oral English.

International Sales Represen The personality and charisma combined with strong negotiation skills that will enable you to establish and develop successful long term business relationships A hunger for success and a passion for quality and service delivery.

you are the type of person who matches this brief and you ng from home, this roleIfrelish is ofchal-alenge self employed nature the of contributing to a successful International and car business, submit your CV and covering letter by email to Jenni h an uncapped bonus scheme, plus a generous expense pac Hurst, Hunterhouse Ltd. Quoting Ref: ISP0313. The new Jet Tec compatible Epson T16XL cartridge range ill be required the Hunterhouse Ltd. sale of compatible and rema is now in stock andto avail-develop Professional Marketing & Sales, Email: able to order. A full range of Business to & Technology Centre, Radway Fax: 0044 (0) 1270 886132 products at a national level wholesale and distribution com promotional POS is available Green, Crewe, CW2 5PR United Kingdom to support this new product launch.

Marketing & Sales

Hunterhouse Ltd.

cceed at this level you will need to demonstrate:

RechargEast Magazine • April'13 • | 39

essful sales background within the Ink & Toner consumable

oem news EPSON

Epson Increases Output to Respond to Global Growing Demand for Printers Epson plans to raise the capacity of its plant in Batangas, Philippines, in order to meet growing demand for its flagship ink-jet printers, a company official told local reporters at the beginning of April 2013. “I believe EPPI (Epson Precision Philippines, Inc., a manufacturing unit of Seiko Epson) will have a 10-20% capacity increase. At this moment, annual production capacity of our plant in Batangas is 4.25 million for printers,” Toshimitsu Tanaka, country manager at Epson Philippines Corp. — Seiko Epson’s other local arm — said on the sidelines of the 20th anniversary celebration of Epson’s Micro Piezo technology at New World Makati Hotel yesterday.

“Today, its superior reliability, energy efficiency and high ink compatibility gives Epson unique advantages and growth opportunities in the fields of business document printing, industrial printing, and our ability to create special products like our… ink tank system printers for emerging markets.” The Japan-based company unveiled three new printer models that use the Micro Piezo technology: the L355, L550, and M-Series printers.

EPPI currently operates a factory in Lipa City, Batangas which employs over 10,000 workers, Mr. Tanaka said. Over 90% of Epson’s locally produced L-series models are exported to Japan and Europe, Mr. Tanaka said. “Market response is good for our products. Printer demand in particular is still growing worldwide. Ink Tank will drive business growth for us,” Mr. Tanaka explained, referring to the system used by Epson’s ink-jet printers. Epson produced its first Micro Piezo ink-jet printer, the Epson Stylus 800, in 1993. “Epson has waited 20 years for our Micro Piezo technology to mature,” Koichi Edo, Seiko Epson managing director for Southeast Asia, said in a statement yesterday.


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

Epson currently sells five color models in the country: the L110, L210, L300, L350, L800 printers. Epson, a brand established in 1975 by watchmaker Seiko Group, was brought to the Philippines in 1996 when Seiko Epson set up a representative office in the country, which eventually became Epson Philippines Corp. in 1998, according to the local subsidiary’s Web site. Source:


Epson Opens Office in Saudi Arabia Printing solutions vendor Epson has opened its first Saudi Arabian office as the company looks to expand its operations and channel reach in the Saudi Kingdom. The new office is located in Riyadh, the capital city. Hiromi Taba, president of Epson Europe, said: "The Saudi Arabian market is vital to Epson’s ambitious expansion goals in the Middle East, and being the biggest market in the region it was imperative that we have a strong presence in the Kingdom.” Taba added: “Saudi Arabia’s technology sector in particular has been witnessing steady growth in recent years and with the opening of our office in the country we aim to take our commitment to deliver top quality technology solutions that specifically address customer requirements, to a whole new level."

Epson hopes to add more Saudi Arabia-based channel partners into its partner program. Epson’s new office in Riyadh, which will be equipped with the latest products from all categories to facilitate demonstrations and training, will also provide sales and marketing support to customers and the channel. Taba continued: "Our new office in Riyadh enables Epson to get closer to our customers and offer them an excellent standard of pre and post-sales services, which are critical aspects of today’s dynamic market environment. Our plan for the Saudi market revolves around a balanced focus on both the corporate and consumer segment.” Source:

oem news LEXMARK

Lexmark's Optimistic and Positive about Its Future going to be a long-term profitable model and decided to pull the plug and exit the remaining inkjet business. Lexmark is completely out of inkjet now, but it is making many investments in software businesses in order to become a solutions provider." "Inkjet is still a viable technology, which Lexmark still has. But Lexmark also has and it is heavily investing in laser technology, which is a very viable and competitive color technology even against inkjet."

In a recent interview to The Lane Report, Paul Rooke, Lexmark's CEO, explained what his company is doing to reinvent itself. When asked what made his company exit the inkjet business, Lexmark's head confirmed that it was certainly a tough decision. "Lexmark is a company in transition; we’re undergoing a transformation from a hardwarecentric to a solutions-centric company. Lexmark, over the last two or three years, has been divesting certain pieces of its business while investing in others. Lexmark actually started exiting its consumer inkjet business in late 2007", he answered.

To the question of Lexmark's future, Rooke mentioned that Lexmark is about being a broader solutions provider. "In addition to hardware, we’re adding software and services so Lexmark can offer a broader array of products to create solutions for customers. Management services and software are two areas of acqui-

"The Lexmark brand was known because its inkjet printers were in many retail outlets for years. We moved inkjet technology upstream to become more of a business inkjet – a higher performance and value product. Lexmark’s inkjet printers were targeted to small and medium businesses through retail channels like Office Depot and OfficeMax, but Lexmark couldn’t generate enough business to sustain inkjet development. We decided it wasn’t 42

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

sition interest. Lexmark has acquired six software companies over the last couple of years. These companies are rapidly adding to Lexmark’s capabilities by bringing deeper industry expertise. Beyond the software, managed print services have grown rapidly. In fact, for 11 years straight, Lexmark has been a leader in that category." "In managed print services, Lexmark manages the total fleet – copiers, printers, multi-function devices, whatever. During the early days of Lexmark, we focused on competing by going deeper as opposed to wider against broad-based competitors like HewlettPackard. A very important focus for Lexmark is to be more knowledgeable and a thought leader, whether it be in retail, manufacturing, banking or insurance.', added the CEO of the company. Source: The Lane Report


Fuji Xerox Company Opens Branch Office in Myanmar Japan-based Fuji Xerox Company, a renowned manufacturer of office-related machines, including printers and copiers, opened its branch office in Myanmar with a plan to expand its operation to other parts of the country, according to the report from the company. The company said that Fuji Xerox Company’s items are being distributed through local businessmen and the company will provide materials sales requirements and techniques to the local distributors after opening of branch office in Myanmar.

Fuji Xerox opened its branch office with the name of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd Myanmar Branch at the Sakura Tower in Yangon last week. The company is manufacturing the office use software including printers, copiers and screeners. Source:

oem news PANTUM

Merlion Picks up Pantum Rights in Kazakhstan


Oki Data and Toshiba Plan to Team Up Oki Data and Toshiba Tec have announced the first range of multifunction products (MFPs) that incorporates technologies from both vendors. The new A4 and A3 color MFPs are designed specifically for business printing and will be available globally, with the companies targeting sales of 30 000 units worldwide over the coming year.

Distributor Merlion has been named as an official distributor for Pantum printers in Kazakhstan. Merlion, which claims to be Russia’s largest IT distributor, expanded into Kazakhstan in 2011 and has quickly established itself as a significant in-country channel supplier carrying an expanding portfolio of products. Merlion will carry the full range of Pantum laser printers in Kazakhstan. Victoria Tarantino, Merlion’s director of business development in Central Asia and the Caucasus, said: “We are expanding our product portfolio, obtain new distribution rights and launching new financial and marketing services. Becoming official distributor for Pantum in Kazakhstan gives us a great responsibility to promote the products of this vendor in Kazakhstan." Christophe Bechade, General Manager for CIS, Central and Eastern Europe at Pantum, added: "Our collaboration with Merlion will enable us to supply a full range of innovative models of printers and multifunction printers with unique capabilities that offer a lower total cost of ownership and fast performance and better value in terms of both the equipment and supplies. We hope that end users and Merlion partners fully enjoy the benefits of the Pantum brand. " Pantum is a relatively new brand in the printing segment and is part of Seine Printing Technologies. Pantum continues to expand its channel reach across EMEA since its launch last year. In mid-2012 Pantum appointed Bureaucrat as a distribution partner in Russia. Source:


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

“A key part of the agreement was the use of the Digital LED print engine. For years, these have powered Oki devices, playing a central role in their key selling points: speed and reliability," says Paul Francois, Oki product manager at Comworth. The new MFPs are equipped with Toshiba Tec's Open Platform controller technology, which enables systems integrators to develop additional solutions to enhance workflow integration. While single-function printers continue to fulfill specific roles within business, Francois says the drive towards more efficient and lower-cost printing is supporting demand for the wider use of MFPs across all sizes of business. The company expects demand for A4 color MFPs in the global market to expand by approximately 10 percent year-on-year. “Customers want print control, document management and easy integration of these devices into their environment. These new high performance Oki color MFPs are designed to meet these specifications and are ideal for the mid to large workgroup segment,” he adds. “Additionally, providers of Managed Print Services will find the new devices an ideal platform for winning new clients. The reliability and longevity associated with the digital LED print engine, combined with Toshiba Tec’s Open Platform technology, makes this range an ideal platform for the provision of costeffective ‘pay per print’ services.” Source:

oem news OKI DATA

OKI Data Americas Secures Three-Year Contract With New York State OKI Data Americas announces the procurement of a three-year contract with New York State for the installation of a selection of color and monochrome printers and multifunction devices. New York State selected OKI Data as the Primary Contractor, being the bidder providing the “best value” under the terms of the solicitation. The contract includes the award of ten different Office Equipment Product categories for workgroup printers and multifunction devices, ranging from low- to high-end, and including both color and monochrome products.

Under the contract, New York State Executive Agencies must purchase printers and related devices from the Primary Contractor, OKI Data, and may purchase printers and related devices from the secondary contractor in special circumstances. Authorized users, other than New York State Agencies, may also purchase from the Primary Contractor. Purchases of OKI Data printers and related devices will be made through OKI Data’s authorized network of resellers and dealers. “OKI Data Americas is honored to have been selected as Primar y Contractor by New York State, and looks forward to servicing their agencies and other authorized contract users through the offering of our customized products and solutions,” said Curt Loxley, Regional Vice President of the Commercial/Publics Sector Sales East Coast for OKI Data Americas. “OKI Data is committed to bringing cost-effective and comprehensive printing solutions to our customers, and we look forward to working with New York State to meet their range of business printing needs.”

Eco Service Sp. z.o.o. ul. Atramentowa 5 • Bielany Wroclawskie • 55-040 Kobierzyce • Poland Tel.: +48 71 338 68 47 • Fax: +48 71 338 68 96


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

Source: Oki Data Americas

oem news XEROX

Xerox Rolled Out a New Reward Program for Customers Buying Genuine Supplies Xerox announced a new loyalty program that lets customers redeem points for gift cards, downloadable music, movies, books, travel, Xerox equipment and more. Genuine Xerox Rewards is the first of its kind for the printing industry. Within the loyalty program customers are encouraged to buy only genuine supplies. Every purchase brings in points, which are redeemable for the above items. The program rewards customers using authentic Xerox solid ink and

toner products for their desktop single and multifunction printers. Customers immediately earn 1,000 points for enrolling in the program, one point for every dollar spent on Xerox supplies and an additional 100 points for each eligible device registered. Recognizing the different supply needs and purchasing requirements of customers, Genuine Xerox Rewards offers the following: • Points can be accumulated no matter how supplies are purchased, including

from Xerox partners, resellers, retail stores or eCommerce websites. • Incentives can be redeemed with even small point balances. • Rewards can be directed as gifts to family and friends or as charitable donations. • Extra points can be garnered when customers participate in other activities on the rewards website. Points do not expire as long as users remain active in the program. Source:

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oem news PANTUM

Pantum's First Global Sales Meet Held Successfully in Zhuhai During April 10–12, Pantum International successfully organized its first global sales meet in Zhuhai, China. Sales directors and representatives across regions like Asia-Pacific, EU, MEA, North America and Latin America attended the three-day sales meet.

Jackson Wang, CEO of Pantum International summed up with a future expectation

The event also saw participation from all functional departments along with the sales teams at this interactive three-day meet. The first day focused largely on functional departments which included marketing, financial, operation, human resource etc. followed by sales update on the second day. Sales directors from various geographies shared detailed updates on Q1 targets and achievements and Q2 plan with key strategies. The event


culminated successfully on the third day with team discussions and presentation. During the three-day meet, all attendees were actively involved in group discussions which resulted in team bonding and effective communication between regions. The CEO of Pantum international, Jackson Wang commented: “I think the team has been working hard and made great progress in the past one year. Everyone contributed and played a vital role. Based on the three-day informative discussion and past one year’s achievements, we are confident and believe that we are on the correct path in building a global brand. "

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oem news

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company profiles



India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of compatible toners is celebrating its 20th year of excellence in toner manufacturing. I.T.D.L. haswith thean most widespread to 650 tons per annum in Mr. 2002 andJain, aI.T.D.L. ndia’s largest manufacturer and is an entrepreneurial venture, founded by its Chairman & Managing Director, Sushil technocrat innovative vision. Quality consciousness, dedication to technological progress and determination for satisfaction of its customers, shareholders and network of distributors and MORE to 1200 tons per annum in 2004. And exporter of compatible toners employees underline the values set forth by its with founder. These core values form the mantra of I.T.D.L.’s success. than 1500 resellers and re-fillers, the commissioning of its new is celebrating its 20th year of which is constantly growing, present facility in the state of Uttarakhand in excellence in toner manufacturing. The company was incorporated in 1990, as a Public Limited Company with more than 18000 shareholders. The production commenced in November at its facilityventure, in Rampur in North the State of Uttar Pradesh. manufacturing unit was setnook up in collaboration in every and cornerwith of athe India in 2008, theThe production I.T.D.L. is an1992, entrepreneurial Swiss Company with an installed production capacity of 330 metric tons per annum. The collaboration was for 5 years. I.T.D.L. then country. The Head Office of I.T.D.L. capacity was doubled to over 2400 founded by its Chairman & Managing doubled the production capacity to 650 tons per annum in 2002 and to 1200 tons per annum in 2004. And with the commissioning of based in New2400 Delhi, andtons the per sales metric tons annum. Director, Mr. Sushil Jain, of a technocrat its new facility in the state Uttarakhand in North India in per 2008, the production capacity wasisdoubled to over metric team of the company comprises with an innovative vision. annum. of around 150 people stationed in Employing a highly automated and Employing a highly automated and integrated Swiss/German plant, I.T.D.L. has a capacity to produce 2400mt of toners per annum, various parts of India to look after integrated Swiss/German plant, Quality consciousness, dedication I.T.D.L., Rampur (1200mt), I.T.D.L. Imagetec, Sitargunj (1200mt), with a total of 4 lines of productions. Apart from this I.T.D.L. also has the sales of the company's products. I.T.D.L. has a capacity to produce to technological progress and / Swiss origin. The regional offices of the company 2400mt of toners per annum, I.T.D.L., determination for satisfaction of are located in the 4 metropolitan Rampur (1200mt), I.T.D.L. Imagetec, its customers, shareholders and cities of India: Delhi, Mumbai, Sitargunj (1200mt), with a total of 4 employees underline the values set Chennai and Kolkata. I.T.D.L. has lines of productions. Apart from this forth by its founder. These core values a strong workforce of employees in I.T.D.L. also has a pilot plant, which form the mantra of I.T.D.L.’s success. team of the company comprises of around 150 people stationed in various parts of India to look after the sales of the company's excess of 300. is recognized by the comprising Pre Mixer, Compounding, The company was incorporated in I.T.D.L. has a strong work force of employees inbroadly excess ofof300. I.T.D.L. exports Toners to more Milling and Classification machinery 1990, as a Public Limited Company I.T.D.L. exports Toners to more than 35 countries across the globe. The Government of India has been awarding I.T.D.L. for its "Excellence than 35 countries across the globe. of German / Swiss origin. with more than 18000 shareholders. in Export Performance" consecutively since the past several years. I.T.D.L. USA was incorporated in the year 2004 as a wholly owned The Government of India has been The production commenced in subsidiary of I.T.D.L. India. The company also has sole distributors in U.A.E and Singapore. awarding I.T.D.L. for its "Excellence Being the First Company of its kind, November 1992, at its facility in Every department of I.T.D.L. consists of a teamI.T.D.L. of highlythus experienced and dedicated professionals in order to maintain consecutively a privileged in Export Performance" came onto the Indian Rampur in the State of Uttar Pradesh. since the past several years. I.T.D.L. business scene as a pioneer in this The manufacturing unit was set up in USA was incorporated in the year highly technical field and since then collaboration with a Swiss Company Research & Development 2004 as a wholly owned subsidiary has established itself firmly as the with an installed production capacity of I.T.D.L. India. The company also largest toner manufacturer and toner of 330 metric tons per annum. The Research and Development has been the corner stone of I.T.D.L.’s success. Great emphasis is given to the experience and expertise of distributors in U.A.E and supplier in the domestic market collaboration was for 5 years. I.T.D.L. all the dedicated professionals in every department in order to maintain our privilege standing has with sole our valued customers. Singapore. with the single largest market share. then doubled the production capacity


| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

assistance from Japan and USA and feedback from customers help us to continuously expand and improve our product range to meet

company profiles Every department of I.T.D.L. consists of a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals in order to maintain a privileged relationship with the large and ever growing family of valued and satisfied customers.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Research and Development has been the corner stone of I.T.D.L.’s success. Great emphasis is given to the experience and expertise of all the dedicated professionals in every department in order to maintain our privilege standing with our valued customers. I.T.D.L. has up-to-date R&D lab well equipped with the requisite scientific analytical instruments like Multisizer III, Tribo Tester, Fluxmeter, Densitometer, Melt Flow Indexer, DSC, TGA and apparatuses for measuring powder flow, fusing quality, DC resistivity, etc. plus a host of precision electronic balances. Above all, the R&D efforts are backed by a full fledged Pilot Plant comprising broadly of Pre Mixer, Compounding, Milling and Classification machinery of German and Swiss origin. Further, supported by technical assistance from Japan and USA and feedback from our customers help us to continuously expand and improve our product range to meet the ever-emerging needs of the market. In a nutshell, I.T.D.L. researches, develops, formulates and manufactures world-class toners for the analogue / digital photocopiers, laser printers and multifunction reprographic machines. It is a feather in our cap that the Government of India recognizes our in-house R&D facility.

QUALITY CONTROL I.T.D.L. is an ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified company. Providing consistently high quality products and services that meet expectations of our domestic & worldwide customers is an in-built tradition at I.T.D.L. I.T.D.L. Toners are manufactured and examined under strict quality control standards. At each critical stage of production every batch is subjected to intensive testing before being released by the company’s Quality Assurance Dept. Various important key parameters of toners such as particle size & size distribution, tribochange, relative dielectric constant, specific DC resistivity, flowability, melt flow index, magnetic properties, etc. are evaluated and tightly controlled. The quality control of the products also include long term tests concerning copy quality, compatibility, influence on the function and maintenance of the copier and printer.

All the trademarks used in the reference are property of their holders and are used for the description of toner compatibility only.

RechargEast Magazine • April'13 • | 51

company profiles

I.T.D.L. also follows the STMC (Standardized Test Methods Committee) method of testing. We, at RechargEast, met Akshat Jain, President of the company, and ask several questions about the company's offering, strategy, vision. The interview is presented below:

Mr. Jain, your company is a well-known name in the industry. How did you get to this level of recognition? ANSWER: We have recently celebrated our 20th birthday, 20 years of excellence in toner manufacturing. The company was started in 1992. Over the years, we have tried to stick to the key principal of the company, to continuously strive to provide excellent quality products to our customers. We have never taken the short cut or compromised on toner quality, which is the reason why are still going strong with 52

continuous growth even after 20 years.

It would be interesting to know what your products you carry. ANSWER: We are India’s largest manufacturers and exporters of compatible toners. We cover the entire range of toners made by the conventional (pulverized/mechanical) process. We have toners for use in the latest laser printers, new age digital machines, MFP’s as well as the older analogue copiers. Apart from this, we also have a wide range of chemical color toners, for both laser printers and copiers.

Based on demand what would the most popular products in your lines in, say, NA and European markets? ANSWER: The European market is pre-dominantly a laser toner mar-

| RechargEast Magazine • April'13 •

ket, as the older analogue copiers and digital machines are not present anymore. We have an enviable range of laser toner products both for monochrome and color laser printers. HP, Samsung & Brother laser printers are the dominant OEM brands in that order.

How do you find the Asian market of imaging supplies? Are there any benefits and risks? ANSWER: The Asian market of imaging supply is in a growing stage, and, therefore, the demand growth rate should be in double digits in the coming 5 years. Because of the economic slow-down in the West, the suppliers are focusing more on Asian markets and they have started a price war. Some companies resort to nonstandard practices and market substandard products and thus spoil the name of the remanufacturing industry.

company profiles As we are an Eastern European publication, we would like to have your opinion on the Eastern European market of printing supplies be in terms of perspectives and growth. ANSWER: The East European markets are emerging markets, with huge potential. Speaking specifically about my product, the volumes of imports are huge, and constantly growing. We have a very small share of the total market volume, and hope to increase this in years to come.

What is the long-term goal of your company? How are you planning to expand your presence in new markets? ANSWER: The goal has always been the same since our inception in

1992, to consistently provide excellent quality products to our customers. Our products are already available in more than 30 countries. We have plans to increase our presence in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, for which we are planning to have a local representative present in those markets.

Could you give our readers more insight in the nitty-gritty of your business model? How do you control quality of your product, for instance? ANSWER: Our business model is based on marketing our products through channel of dealers and subdealers in every nook & corner of India. We have a strong sales team of around 100 to support the dealers in secondary sale.

Quality of product depends on the processing equipment, raw materials and process control parameters which we use. All are of highest standards.

How has the recent economic crisis influenced the aftermarket of imaging supplies in your country? What was its influence on your company? ANSWER: Recent economic crisis has definitely slowed down the growth of imaging suppliers; but because of our strong hold of the market and the infrastructure we have, we have been able to maintain a modest growth rate over the last financial year. 

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hat's the best way to sell printer and printing supplies with minimal expenses? The answer is

clear - online. If you are successful in selling online, you don't have to invest in physical stores, pay rent, hire employees for these locations, have enough inventory at hand. At the same time, launching into online sales is not always an easy adventure. There are some important aspects to take into account. In this article


| RechargEast Magazine â&#x20AC;˘ April'13 â&#x20AC;˘



we would like to discuss the direction a

is an online processor that looks into both your customer's credit card

cartridge remanufacturing business may

account and your Internet merchant account. The gateway verifies

take in their willingness to generate more

information, transfers requests and authorizes credit cards in real time.

sales in the Internet.

CyberSource and VeriSign are well known providers of gateway account services.

Given the size and financial capabilities of






If you want to reduce your costs even further, go with PayPal (this service

remanufacturers, it would make sense

is not yet available in all East Europe countries). PayPal is an account-

to enter the e-commerce segment at the

based system, which lets anyone with an e-mail address securely send

lowest possible cost. Doing everything

and receive online payments using a credit card or bank account. PayPal

in house would be a direction to take

is free, but the company charges 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for every

to minimize the costs. But don't jump

transaction under $3,000.

on it right away! Time put into thinking your initiative through will be your best

We already mentioned hosting. You need to make sure that your hosting


is reliable and customer friendly. You can host your site on your local server or with a provider. There are a lot of hosting companies out

First of all, take your entire e-commerce

there: from international (1&1 Internet, Go Daddy, etc.) to local ones.

adventure as a serious project, which

In the end it is up to you to decide which hosting type you would need.

will be developed in phases. Identify

Local hosting (those from your country) are more convenient than the

2011Adverts:Layout 1



Page 2

these phases (planning & timeline, resource allocation, hiring (if needed), implementation, integration, testing). Once you are done with the planning and you know who in your team can take on this project, go through some research to understand what you will need in the

Need empties? Got empties?

very beginning in terms of solutions for your site's e-commerce component. Your research may show that you can have a site live and running for $$150200/month - this will include domain, hosting and license for a shopping cart software. Your next step should be to obtain an Internet merchant account from your bank. This will allow you to accept credit card payments online. Your bank may turn

Love the environment. Love ITP!

ITP make buying and selling empties simple. Always buying, Always selling, Always here!

you down. If it happens, go to a different bank and promise them you'll move all your accounts to them if they agree. This tactic is usually very successful. You may also want to search for "credit card processing companies" online to find a number of companies offering accounts to businesses willing to sell online. An important note: we recommend to

Europe’s Largest Dealer of Empty Cartridges UK and International Tel: +44 (0)118 943 8001 Fax: +44 (0)118 943 9001 Email: Web Site:

Germany Tel: +49 (0)6182 958880 Fax: +49 (0)6182 9588877 Email: Web Site:

have a payment gateway account, which RechargEast Magazine • April'13 • | 55


opinions 118 | APRIL'2013

Dedicated to the Imaging Supplies Industry of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and CIS

international ones in your online plan expands as far as the borders of the country. And it is mainly because of the customer service - it's easier to get in touch with local providers in case of outages. The advantage of working with international hosting companies is that they can offer multiple web or e-commerce solutions, which your site will need. Web-hosting companies generally offer a combination of sitebuilding tools; product catalog tools; shopping-cart technology; payment, shipping and marketing strategies; tracking and reporting capabilities; domain registration; and hosting. Don't forget about eBay (if your countries is in its list of allowed locations).

eBay offers a storefront

solution called ProStores. ProStores offers a full-featured, customizable web





ProStores sites are accessed through a URL unique to the seller and have no eBay branding. ProStores sellers are responsible for driving their own traffic, and items on ProStores sites sell only at fixed prices. What are the costs? The cost of a ProStore ranges

read in this issue: When you become a seller on eBay, Whatbe Do charged You Reallyan Know you•will insertion fee About Cartridge Chips? (up to $5). Once your item is sold, • Indian & Developers you will Toners be charge a final value fee Ltd.: 20 Year of Excellence (up to 5%). If you open anineBay Store, Toner Manufacturing it may cost you between $$15 - 500

broadband to handle heavy traffic.

your site for spelling SELLING– Check CARTRIDGES mistakes, broken links, non-loading ONLINEimages. MAY BE A CHALLENGING – Make sure ENTERPRISE all product images

quickly. Users are extremely English version is also available load at per month. Such a store will English versionallow is also available at Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine impatient! Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine you to create customized categories, – Go through the buy flow several add your own logo or choose one times to ensure there are no gaps or of eBay's images, and list item breaks on the way to the purchase descriptions and selling policies. completion.


– Add cross-selling and up-selling opportunities on your site to increase the order value. For instance, "users who bought this item also bought ...", or "Best Sellers".

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– Test the search function on the site. Your site's search function should accommodate common misspellings by returning similarly spelled items or your site's most popular search terms.

– Test your site for heavy traffic. Will too many visit impact the load speed of your site? Have enough

And most of all, believe in your online success and work up to it!

from about $7 per month with a 1.5 percent transaction fee to about $250 per month with a 0.5 percent transaction fee. During the planning stage, why not

Research eBay to learn what the market value is for your items and what eBay sellers of similar items are doing on the site.


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