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Everything You Need to Know 200HR, +300HR, Complete 500HR Yoga Teacher Training Bali

C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N Liz Carey, Co-Director & Founder Awakened Life School of Yoga US Office: [917] 208-9976

Welcom e! We are so happy that you have found your way to Awakened Life School of Yoga and Personal Development! When you choose the loving and experienced teachers of Awakened Life to guide you through your training, you are signing up for a life-transforming experience that will leave you strong, uplifted, and ready to live your life to its highest potential. Your immersion in yoga and personal development will be exciting and challenging on many levels — physical, spiritual and emotional. Our expertly trained faculty will be there to guide and support you during every step of your journey. We look forward to spending this unique time together!

Your Experience This training will ask you to grow in many ways, and now is the perfect time to begin preparing yourself for the journey. Here are some suggestions that will make your experience richer and more fulfilling: · Expand and deepen your yoga practice. This might mean increas-ing the number of classes you take, exploring new asanas, or trying new types of yoga styles including restorative or yin. · Consider additional physical fitness preparation to help increase your strength and endurance such as cardio training, resistance training, walking and hiking. Remember to be gentle and mindful — don’t over do it! · Consider making diet alterations such as reducing alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks, and increas ing fruits, vegetables and lean or vegetarian proteins.

• Explore meditation, sitting quietly for a few minutes each morning and evening and feeling the breath enter and leave your body. This could mean 3 minutes or 30 minutes — do what you can to create a consistent meditation practice as part of your preparation. • Take advantage of the pre-training program offered via email as part of your tuition package. This includes: • A pre-training “yoga plan” that includes asana and meditation. • Carefully selected readings and video clips that help you build a strong foundation of knowledge before your on-site training begins. • Fun, simple, powerful exercises that will help you increase awareness about yourself and others. • Journaling assignments. • Unlimited encouragement and support!

Example Reading List

These books will provide you with a firm foundation of knowledge for your training. Read them closely, take notes, and come with any questions. Before purchasing any books, please confirm your exact reading list based off your program selection.

Yoga Practice, Philosophy & Assisting • Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar • When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron • The Yamas & Niyamas, Deborah Adele • Teaching Yoga, Essential Foundations & Techniques, Mark Stephens • Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times, Judith Lasater • The Yoga Sutras (the version you like best)

Meditation • Turning your Mind into an Ally, Sakyong Mipham

Anatomy & Physiology • The Body in Motion: It’s Evolution and Design, Theodore Dimon Jr. Ed. D

Optional Reading Selections

• The Heart of Yoga — Developing a personal practice, T.K.V. Desikachar • Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley • Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley (DVD) • The Art of Adjusting, Brian Cooper (compact edition)

Tra veling to Bali

You will fly directly into Denpasar (DPS) Airport (also known as Ngurah Rai Airport) in Bali. Several airlines fly into Denpasar, so this is easy to do. Using an online discount travel website or a travel agent can also be helpful.

Hotel Transportation If you are arriving within a few days of the start of training, we will arrange your pickup and transportation to the resort. We’ll provide you with your pickup details a few weeks before your training begins. Transfers are $55 USD each way.

What to Bring We encourage all our participants to take this opportunity to keep it simple and pack as lightly as you can. With that said, you will want to bring a few items to make your trip comfortable. Here are some suggestions:

• Your yoga mat • Yoga clothes and casual clothes for exploring • Swim gear, sunscreen, sun hat • Light rain jacket in case of showers • Flashlight • Walkable footwear • Environmentally friendly toiletries • Prescription and over-the-counter medications • Notebook, journal, pens, highlighter • Water bottle and tea thermos • Battery-operated alarm clock • Bug spray *Laundry services are provided by the hotel and in town

Money & Visas Upon arrival in Denpasar, Indonesia, you will receive a visa-uponarrival in Immigration, which is good for 30 days from your arrival. The entry Visa tax is 460,000.00 IDR (about $35 USD). You will then clear customs. If you need a Visa for a longer stay, please see Indonesian Visa requirements online. A departure tax of 200,000 IDR (about $15 USD) per person traveling is assessed at the airport.

Exchange Rates The Balinese currency is the Indonesian rupiah (IDR). Exchange rates are always fluctuating. You can check exchange rates online for the most current rate at We recommend not using the airport facilities to exchange money. It is best to exchange your money once you are in town, either at an ATM (there are a few in town) or at the Post Office. These will provide you with the best rates. Please alert your bank that you will be traveling abroad to avoid fraud protection action on your credit cards. If you bring US dollars, be sure they are in good condition. Traveler’s checks can be exchanged; however it is usually at a lower rate. Check for the most up to date exchange rates.

Oth er Ser vices Once you arrive at the Resort, your training is mostly all-inclusive. All your meals will be covered except for dinners. We arranged this less structured approach to meals to allow you to enjoy most of your evenings as “your time, your way”. You can explore the town, use the time for quiet reflection, or just relax and be. Dinners at the Resort and in town average around $7.00 USD. You also receive a 15% discount of all food and drink at the resort. During the training we will have festive dinners to celebrate completing part or all of your training. These celebratory dinners are included in your tuition package. You may want to consider bringing extra money for things such as exploring Bali, getting bodywork treatments at the the Resort spa, and getting private training sessions with your YTT staff. You may want to consider bringing extra money for things such as exploring Bali, getting bodywork and treatments at the Resort spa, and getting private training sessions with your YTT staff. Healing and Coaching sessions from Awakened Life School of Yoga staff. Private yoga, healing and coaching sessions with your teachers cost $110 per 60-minute session. Please budget a gratuity at the end of your stay of about $50 to $150 USD, depending on your personal experience and budget.

Staying Connected Being in Bali for is the perfect setting to take a technology “detox”... and we also understand that connecting with family and friends is very important. Your cell phone service provider can help you understand how your phone will work in Indonesia. Some phones require an additional SIM card to allow your current phone to operate. You can also purchase a cheap cell phone upon arrival for approximately $40 USD. Wi-Fi is available in the Resort restaurant and bar. It is also available in cafes in the town. Internet can be unpredictable at times. During most of the training, we will observe noble silence upon waking and until the morning asana practice is completed. We ask that you avoid using technology during this time, and that if you must use it, that you do it discreetly so as not to disturb others.

Securing your space To secure your spot in your selected 200hr, 300hr, or 500hr YTT program register online at Once we receive your registration, we will contact you to help guide you on your journey!

Please let us know if you ha ve any qu estions!

Everything you need to know bali  
Everything you need to know bali