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About us 2003

Maloperro is a company researching and developing products inspired by board sports; surfboard, skateboard, snowboard and rock music This brand has been created in a graphic studio from an idea of a surfer who wanted to produce a label for a group of free riders in order to transmit the philosophy of pure surf to the new generations. The brand is shown on t-shirts, stickers, boards. The Maloperro group organizes beach parties and beer games arousing the curiosity of young surfers and their demand for new products giving life to the Maloperro project with their new t-shirts.


In 2004 a cooperation begins between the Maloperro group and Sitel, a leading company producing bags and accessories. The first collection of computer bags and mobile phone accessories is undertaken, all inspired by the three sports, creating a new life style in this sector. Thanks to the new partnership, Maloperro has grown not only in Europe but in America, Asia and Australia.


Maloperro chosen in 2009 as a new distributor Dibiottanta Spa from Milano Italy.


Today Maloperro works only with high technical quality for their products and studies creative graphics achieved by artists, designers and stylists inspired by Board Culture. Maloperro to those who are always searching in life

Was formedin early summer of 2004 in a graphic studio on Versilia Beach (tuscany) by 2 enthusiastic surfer... out of pure passion for the boarding way of life!

Target Age of target audience: from 14-40 years 60% Male 40% Female

Values: Open-mindeness and tollerance New ways of thinking and creativity Being unique, standing out of the crowd

Opinion leaders in their social field High activity people in sport, businnes and private Affinity to an independent lifestyle Emotionally brand oriented Makes a trendy statement that everyone will talk about Medium value end user with medium to high income levels Consumer pays attention to image, fashion and trendy lifestyle

Surfer and skater over the years have adopted a way of life that has it’s own language, etiquette, film and music, all of which poin toward a symbolic identity as a source of personal freedom. This way of life, which was once only found among Californian surfer, is now a recognizable part of a global lifestyle

I WANNA BE YOUR DOG 4,5 million pieces of Maloperro mobile accessories have been sold in 2005-2009 Global Distribution Available in over 25 countries and will be continued

Channel distributed: Departement stores Electronic stores Supermarket

Wind it up, turn it up, charge me up, it’s on the radio... Maloperrorama

Stationary chains Electronic stores Telephone shop Music and games stores Gift stores Airport - Duty-free shop

Maloperro Mono stores Singapore Malaysia Philippines

FAIR 2008 Best Show Award Cebit Hannover Germany March


maloperro products are constantly evolving

Lap Top bag


Net Book Bag


Photo Reflex Bag

Speacker Music

Universal Case


Dedicated Mobile

Car holder



iPod Case

All Maloperro products ar designed and selected by italian designer.

EVENTS The Maloperro group organizes beach parties and beer games arousing the curiosity of young surfers and their demand for new products giving life to the Maloperro project

Juegos 2008 - 2009 “Gioia Beach Club� Lido Di Camaiore Riviera della versilia



by Cartiere Paolo Pigna Spa

Channel distributed: School stores Supermarket Gift stores 200.000 Pieces sold in 2009

Wine Passion

MALOPERRO UMBRIA Indicazione Geografica Tipica Thus starts the intrepid adventure of Maloperro, in which local varieties of Umbrian grapes find harmony and softness in the large selection of French grapes: Tannat, Merlot, Sagrantino and Sangiovese, in equal percentage. The grapes are chilled and afterwards they fermented in barrique; they are then aged in wood barrels for five months and assembled in steel barrels for other four months. A deserved rest until August 2009 when they will take delight in filling their new look in the bottle. Bottled produced. 8000

Follow the dog on: Maloperro logo and the dog ar worldwide registered trademarks

Exclusive worldwide license: Dibiottanta S.p.A Muggiò - Milano - Italy

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