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BURWOOD/PEGASUS Policy Launch 2013

City Council Glenn Livingstone

Robyn Nuthall

Community Board Tim Baker Andrea Cummings Mary McCammon Marty Leith Alistair Knewstubb

A People Centered Recovery Agenda •Local Listening/Local Action •Beaches, Parks and Reserves •Graffiti •New Pools •Renewing New Brighton •Youth and Families •Housing •Democracy •City Wide Issues •Finances

Local Listening/Local Action • We believe our Community Board should •Listen to the locals •Resource local decisions •Persuade the City Council to restore community funding to previous levels

Beaches, Parks & Reserves • We have some of the best beaches in the world and extensive coastal reserves and parks. We want to – – Maintain sand dunes to protect our beaches from erosion – Support our Surf Clubs and Lifeguards – Restore our walkways, plantings, playgrounds and picnic areas – Improve disability access

Graffiti Graffiti continues to be an eyesore. We propose – • A graffiti hotline – one phone number for all locations • Prompt removal to discourage taggers • Special attention to protect memorials • Support for good mural artists in public places


QEII Replacement We want a pool where: * Children can learn to swim and

have fun * All ages can exercise

* Lifeguards can train * Everyone can afford to go twice a

week The Council has allocated $31M and the Earthquake Appeal Trust an extra $6M. We say – • Let’s agree on a site • Let’s agree on an affordable plan •


Renewing New Brighton We want to put the “NEW” back in New Brighton. There is no silver bullet. We can’t turn into an Eastgate or Merivale Mall and we don’t want to! Our recipe is – •

• • • •

More housing, smaller but high quality retail area Village-type housing clusters Landscaped, appropriate car parks Cooperation between business, the Council and the community. Involve Canterbury Development Corporation in direct support

Youth • A range of social activities for youth •

Access to health care and personal wellbeing services

Council owned business to extend programmes for training and employment

Families We support – •

Access to regular, affordable public transport and active transport

A variety of inclusive affordable community facilities and social activities

A safe community with access to all support services

The right to the living wage

Continuing support for the Advocacy Service

The Housing Crisis •Shortage of housing since February 2011 •Cost has increased steeply

•Rents unaffordable for many tenants •First homes beyond reach of first-home buyers •Loss of equity traps owners

The following map and tables are taken from the Tenants Protection Association ‘TPA (ChCh) rental survey 2013.

Housing – Rent Increases

Housing - Rents

Housing - Rents

Housing Policy 2 •

Accelerate repair of damaged CCC units

CCC targets over 3-5 years

Accelerate replacement of red-zoned CCC

Repair 300 damaged units

Rebuild/replace 300 units

especially TC3

Build 300 new units

Require developers to build affordable

Mix of one and two bedroom units

units •

Facilitate rebuilds on vacant sections,

homes – minimum of 10% in all subdivisions •

Partner with community agencies, Housing NZ and the building industry to relieve shortage of affordable housing

Support advisory and advocacy services for those with insurance and land problems

Democracy • Empower our Community Boards • Increase the number of service centres • Use “Share an idea” model for community consultation • Co-Creation of development across the city • Presumption that all agenda items are open • Webcast of council meetings

City-Wide Issues • • • • • • •

Heritage retention Prioritise performance precinct and library Wrest power back from CERA Review stadium investment and timeline Increase consultation of blueprint implementation Stronger environmental theme in transport plan Proactive strategies for crime prevention

Finance Together we will – • • • • • • •

Keep debt under control Delete or defer extravagant projects Be responsible with your money Improve consultation on marginal city projects Open and transparent finances Retain ownership of all joint anchor projects Keep our strategic assets


The People's Choice Burwood Pegasus Policy  

We all live in the ward. We have visited thousands of homes in recent months and listened on the doorstep to people's concerns. We have de...