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History of Rebound Hammer

History •

SGM lab solutions an initiative of sigma test and research center which was established in 2009 by technocrat educationist who have over 30 years of experience in the area of education, administration, manufacturing and marketing.


SGM lab solutions came on floor with an objective to provide excellence in testing services, equipments, training, calibration, lab set up facility and aimed at providing its clients technology that is conducive to fast changing environment and backed by a group of professionals who have dedicated its formative years in quality control across various industries.


We offer a complete line of Rebound Hammers for the occasional user as well as the engineering professional. All hammers are spring activated and conform to ASTM C-805 as well as other European and Asian Standards. All are made to the most exacting machine tolerances to provide the end user with a consistent test every time.


A Schmidt Hammer or a rebound hammer is a device to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock, mainly surface hardness and penetration resistance. Hammer test is done as per IS: 13311 (part 2) -1992 or ASTM C805/C805 M or ACI 228.

New Developments In the Rebound Hammer • A Rebound hammer is a tool that can test the compressive strength of concrete. These tools are also referred to as rebound hammers due to the way the mechanism operates. A typical design consists of a handheld cylinder that contains a smaller, spring loaded rod. The strength of a concrete structure can be determined by striking it with the metal rod and then examining the rebound. • The rebound hammer has had several changes over the years. Some of the latest improvements have been to make the rebound hammer lighter; use some of the aerospace higher strength metals; install computer chips to calculate automatically the averages and standard deviations of the readings. Although the rebound hammer has gone through several changes and is an extremely useful nondestructive testing tool, the user must recognize that the rebound hammer measures only surface hardness of concrete. Engineers must determine how to use this information in their investigation of the concrete structure.

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History of rebound hammer