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Recover from Addiction of Drugs and Alcohol at Your Own Pace in Delhi Reborn Foundation is a Counseling and Rehabilitation centre working for the de-addiction and health care of drug addicts. The centre is maintained and supervised by some of the expert doctors and therapists who work tirelessly for bringing the patients back to the society. Patients suffering from personality damage and addiction can get help at the centre. Reborn Foundation is a simple de-addicton centre which is working with a mission of providing comfort, luxury and pinncle of compassion to the patients in Delhi. They welcome clients who are looking to bring their lives back on track and wants to get rid of all their life-altering addictions. Their individualized programs are conducive to healing and provides a well maintained structure to the patients for the sole purpose of their proper rehabilitation. A nonjudgemental and positive environment makes it easier for the patients to know about the problems they were causing to themselves and also to the people who cared about them; this sudden change helps them in realizing what kind of quality they were missing in their lives when they were busy with inhaling toxic materials. The highly qualified staff working at the centre coupled with leading treatment techniques for de-addiction provides a recovery experience to the patients that is not available anywhere else in the capital – an experience which helps them in building a solid foundation for their lives which will be substance-free.

Their Rehabilitation Centre In Shahdara is not only responsible for a drug-free atmosphere but also for providing counseling to the families of the patients so that they can further create a motivating environment for their loved ones. Reborn Foundation, and everyone working with them is working continuously for getting the patients back to their own feet and bringing a sense of self-respect which they lost on their journey of drug-addiction.

Widely considered as the top Nasha Mukti Kendra In Shahdara, Reborn Foundation has a variety of multilingual and multicultural staff members working for the betterment of the patients.

The caregivers at the centre are completely dedicated for the personal well-being of the addicts and alcohol abusers. By preventing drug use, providing family therapy, inculcating a sense of awareness about the ill effects of drugs and alcohol, they outreach to the patients which further helps them in rehabilitating them.

Behavioral problems, health issues, mental problems, lack of affection for the families, drug abuse can cause a lot of problems for the patients and for eliminating all of that, Reborn Foundation has been working for many years in the industry.

About The Company Reborn Foundation:-A rehabilitation and de-addiction centre situated in Delhi [Shahdara] which is responsible for providing a non-judgmental and positive environment to the patients for giving them a drug-free life. With the help of their dedicated team of doctors and therapists, they also provide family therapy and help the patients with their behavioral problems.

Company Details Address:

A-14, Maya Gali Opp, Atul Shiksha, Shiv Mandir Main Babarpur Road, Shahdara, Delhi - 110032 Phone:

+91-8376992403 / 8376992404


Recover from Addiction of Drugs and Alcohol at Your Own Pace in Delhi