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Letter from the Publisher: Simone O Higginbotham

Wow! Rebirh Magazine arrived and has grown in many directions. The collection of contributors and content will expand the globe. Rebirth Magazine is in the stage of puberty and will grow by leaps and bounds and touch many lives in many different ways. I can honestly say that my motivation behind the conception of this publication was not monetary, but the opportunity to inspire, educate and encourage individuals to walk in confidence and power I hope that the eyes of Rebirth Magazine readers will remain on the path of its mission statement to Revive, Refresh and Renew people from all walks of life. And if we do not, please call us on it.

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My Brush With Breast Cancer

snagged on the seatbelt or something and all of a sudden she was standing there, the wig laying in the snow at her feet. The people that were passing by us I was adopted by a woman named Aris began to laugh loudly, one lady pointed Patricia Gardere. She died just months and made some crude remark about the before my 15th birthday from breast canbit of hair my mother had left. I was movcer. She was diagnosed right before my ing in their direction without even realiz11th birthday, September 18th, and by the ing it when I felt her hand on my shoulholidays she had already had a mastectoder. She bent down, picked up her wig, my and her first bout of chemo. Throughand waved at her tormentors with it! out my life, I have met people from all Then she walks of life, but I have never grabbed my met anyone as courageous, as had and strong, as amazing as she. For squeezed it as me, she WAS courage! There are tightly as she two instances that happened could without within weeks of each other that hurting me. forever solidified her place in my Something in courage hall of fame. The first my heart just KNEW she needed my was when she was getting dressed for a strength right then. I glanced at her and party at the house. Family members were winked, then said: "Are you ready for your milling around, making merry, eating and close up Mr. Demill?" She grinned down at laughing and just having a good time. I me, squared her shoulders, lifted her head looked around and noticed that she was to the heavens, and we marched into not with us, so I went looking for her. I that restaurant like we owned the joint! found her in her bedroom, standing in front of her floor to ceiling mirrors, naked I learned how to "do it afraid" from her! I and weeping. I was embarrassed to have learned to fight until the bitter end from barged in on her like that and was turning her! to go. My eyes traveled up to hers with a look of horror on my face, then I found When I was very young, she instilled a myself even more horrified because she love of words in me, and from a young had seen the look on my face. I didn't age, around 5 or so, I began writing poetknow what to do, how to act. Standing ry. I also went around the house making before me was a woman whose body no up crazy songs. Once, she told me that longer resembled a human form to me. maybe I should just make up the words She was broken and scarred and barely and use someone else's melody. Just berecognizable. She stood there and dried fore she died, she apologized for saying her eyes and gave me a little smile. She that. She said, "Tae Tae, sing YOUR song! never spoke, and neither did I. I stood post Don't let anyone take your song away at the door so that no one else could from you, your voice!!" come in while she dressed, placing her My brush with breast cancer took me prosthetic breast in her bra, making sure very low. Losing my mother was the hardthat it was even with the real deal. Then she put her wig on to cover the small tufts est thing I have ever had to endure. But it also taught me how to sing. After all of the of hair that still remained. She turned to me, walked over and held out her hand. I hurt, it gave me the beginnings of a beautiful song! I heard you, Mommy! I'm singing squeezed it as tightly as I could without hurting her and reached for the door. She OUR song!! glanced down at me and winked, then Shante' Gardere aka The Poetess said: "I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demill!!" Guess that's where I get my theatrics from..... The second was a few weeks later on a family outing for dinner. My stepfather had decided to take us to Lake Tahoe for the evening and we were in high spirits. We reached our destination laughing and telling jokes while we piled out of the car. My mother's wig got

You She and I Shante Gardere

I was taken aback the very first time you raised your voice to me. It took me by surprise when you spoke from such a venomous If I could catch a glimpse of the place. girl that I was before... Where is all of this coming from? Grab her; Hold fast to her. You have never handled me this Tap into her strength and belief way! in self. What did I do to make you so Roll words of encouragement angry? across my tongue, But just as quickly as your ire As she once did. manifested itself, Walk with a sway in my hips that It dissipated. keeps time with an internal viAnd YOU were there bration With regret in your eyes and That makes every step feel like begging forgiveness... dancing! And I forgave A stride that captures glances Because I too can lose my cool From men and women alike; at times Not because she is so sexy! And say things that I really don't Or pretty, mean. Or well put together. So who am I to judge... But because The first time you hit me you She is so damn SHE!! broke my nose. If I could just call her... By this time we were living toOr maybe, gether. Bump into her one day while Two years is a good amount of running errands... time to think you know someYou said that she was all that one. you had been looking for. I loved you so much! She was the strong woman you I couldn't believe you had hit needed on your team! me! She was the type of woman to I packed a bag of things that I help you build an empire! could not bear to part with She was smart and assertive. And prepared to leave. You liked that she spoke her I stopped in my tracks. mind. I had no money of my own... She was tough! I called my mom - she had a And she was never afraid to house full. make a decision and stand by it. I called my cousin - no answer. You loved the fact that she was I called my best friend. steady and sure She was surprised to hear from and unapologetically so. me. You said that if you were ever I realized I hadn't talked to her in given the chance a while... You would treat her like the Thank God! She said she was on queen that she is. her way! You said these things; And I waited... Then set about doing just what And waited... you said. And waited. And so she willingly and eagerly All the while, you were watching went with you... me

Smirking. Finally, you said to me, "Did you forget? I am the only one who gives a damn about you!" I dropped my head. In that moment I felt totally defeated. Yes, I did forget, But only briefly. I never called any of them for help again... The day I left you something amazing happened! It was so amazing that it made me stand up to you! It made me wake up! It made me make a choice! That day I caught a glimpse of SHE... I purposed in my heart RIGHT THEN AND THERE to chase her down and reacquaint myself. I vowed to grab her; Hold fast to her. Tap into her strength and belief in self. Roll words of encouragement across my tongue, As she once did. Walk with a sway in my hips that keeps time with an internal vibration That makes every step feel like dancing! A stride that captures glances From men and women alike; Not because I am so sexy! Or pretty, Or well put together. But because She and I are one in the same! I am so damn SHE!! Shante' Gardere aka The Poetess Domestic Violence Contact Information: National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 https://

From seasonal to impromptu going out on the town outfits, we are faced with making decisions on the most fashion friendly outfit for the day and age. Winter coats, formal gowns, or just a good pair of every day denim jeans definitely come with a price tag and when your adulting and prioritizing most of these items will be rather far down the list. I will outline 5 ways to embrace the up to date fashion trends on a budget. Shop the Sale Racks. Every store from high end boutiques to the lower end big-box stores have sale or clearance sections which help us save a ton of money. Take advantage of those deals even if the garment out of season it will definitely be of use the next time that season rolls around. I particularly use this tip when it comes to high ticket items such as winter coats, bags and boots. You can save up to 75 percent off the original price and have a nice selection of trendy and high quality items to begin the season with. Mix and match. Mix your lower end or discount store pieces with some high end or designer pieces. Don’t feel that your entire outfit has to be designer or expensive. You can definitely wear a Target blouse or tee with some designer jeans and pumps or vice versa. So always shop around and make good

purchases. Buy Classics. Purchase classic pieces that go along with any trend and not seem dated such as a form fitting black dress, a blazer with a traditional cut, a good pair of denim jeans, a neutral pair of stilettos or heels that you can walk in, and a quality handbag that matches your personality. These items make up a fully functional closet in any season. Don’t sleep on inspired collections. Designer inspired collections are emerging in online boutiques, department, and discount clothing stores. From accessories to blouses and jackets designer fashion trends are inspiring quality low cost brands. Add a few to your wardrobe and embrace current trends. Shop Responsibly. Shopping responsibly includes staying within your budget. If you can't afford it then don’t purchase it. There are a few different ways to remain within your budget. Visit local outlet malls, thrift stores or consignment shops to

maximize your money when shopping for trendy pieces. Dressing for success can come with a hefty price tag but it doesn't have to. Recycling gar -ments and bargain shopping can keep you fashion forward and trendy on a budget.

nic Highway in Scotlandville. It’s good for business, it seems. “My personal take way is reminiscent of years past, when the clients overall wellbeing was important not just providing the latest The Hair Goddess Martha “Tasha” Griffin and husband Johnny style. Griffin exemplifies the importance of human and communiSpears have brought Boujie Couture to the Scotlandville community care. All of this right there in Scotlandville. Now imagine that. ty in North Baton Rouge. Jokingly Tasha says,’ she technically works for Mr. Spears.” Although Griffin/Spears have another Salon location in Zachary, Louisiana along with several other businesses Boujie Couture-Scotlandville is held close to there hearts. When Griffin pours over a head of hair, one of her goals is to provide her client a setting for relaxation and a sense of belonging. “With a small business you must be willing to embrace the clients’ needs beyond the service you are providing”, stated Griffin. It would seem that this couple who have been married a little over a year have created not only a partnership between them, but with those who enter the doors of Boujie Couture. When asked, Why Scotlandville? Griffin reveled that this is where it all began for her. She is a product of Scotlandville and wanted to bring something positive that would assist in stimulating the economy of the long forgotten North Baton Rouge area. She stated, “Scotlandville use to be the mecca for shopping and all things North Baton Rouge in years past. Why not be a part of the reinvention.”

Those who see Griffin, known as the “The Hair Goddess,” in Baton Rouge tend toward the multidimensional. Whether it’s a color, natural hair style or sew in the “Hair Goddess” has you covered? Griffin works out of the Scotlandville salon, Boujie Couture, where she creates her signature wigs and host prayer service on Monday mornings all for the love of her craft and community. I watched as Griffin created a Sew In that reflected a traditional layered style. Using the suggestions of the client and the client’s mother she was able to create the look and style the client sought. “In most cases, the hair style process is a collaboration that merges customer recommendations and stylist tastes” stated, Griffin. “Clients obsession with mobile devices has also been hugely influential, allowing us to capture the minute a detail in haircare and styling changes and we are able to broadcast our work to the whole world,” Griffin said. Simple and complex styles have found a natural home on social media, with Griffin and her clients posting often on Instagram and fostering a diverse global community that extends far beyond Sce-

We began October 24, 2017; We all have a passion for

with this world? From this idea, Opinionated Benchwarm-

sports, and great insight on what is going on in the sports

ers was created, and this is only the beginning.

world. We thought that it would be a great idea to begin sharing our insight and passion with others. We are

The overwhelming support has kept us motivated. It has

providing sports insight (breaking news, Fantasy football

been amazing to see how much our insight is valued by

advice, power rankings, exciting matchups, etc.) that

others. We are driven to continue producing content,

allows the casual and die -hard fan to keep up with the

because we have fans who are now looking for that

sports seasons (NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, etc. This is cur-

content on a regular basis. Our drive for success also

rently being provided via social media and will soon also

keeps us motivated. We are three young black men with

feature a podcast. Our demographics are broad. We do degrees, who see no limit to our success. We do not benot have an exclusive audience. Males and females ag-

lieve the Jordan quote that "The ceiling is the roof." With

es 18 - 65. Our product is currently offered on social me-

our impeccable work ethic, we believe that we can ac-

dia (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). It is offered daily

complish all of our goals. We understand that the only

at no cost. We can be contacted via email

place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

at and via our social media platforms (@O_Benchwarmers). When we give fantasy football advice, we typical tell our audience to "always trust their gut" when making start/sit decisions. We started out as three friends who went to the same high school who all shared one major thing in common, a passion for sports. We found ourselves in countless sports debates on a daily basis within our group message, and we realized that 70%+ of our conversations centered around sports. Then, one day it finally clicked. Why should we just keep this sports knowledge to ourselves? Why not share our passion and knowledge


My name is Tina Perry and I was born and reared in NYC. I hold a Masters Degree in Business. Growing up in NYC I was exposed to many types of fashion and worked in many areas of the fashion industry . Many years later I was introduced to a Plus-Size Modeling Agency based out of North Carolina. With my business background I became one of the leading Executives of the agency. Since then I have managed and trained models while enjoying my photography business. I am speaking at various events, especially those that empower women who have endured domestic violence

Monica Marie is from Little Rock, Arkansas. She has been modeling for 2 years. Ever since she was a preteen she wanted to model. As a young lady Monica was always larger than the other girls and was always told that she was to big to be a model.. She never dreamed that she would be where she is today a Plus Size Model. I am very thankful for the previous plus size models that have opened doors for other plus size --

Desiree LItaker I'm from Pulaski,Tennessee and is new to modeling industry. She has a passion for modeling from getting her picture taken, meeting new people, and traveling to different places.. She is currently working with The Bridge Plus Size Club --

Chinquetta Morris, is a native of Nashville Tennessee and an aspiring model. She has dreamed of modeling since she was a little girl. Chinquetta walked in her first Fashion Show this summer and plans to continue her passion for modeling.. She also sings and has a interest in acting. She started working with The Bridge Plus Size Club for more exposure. She is a a domestic violence/sexual abuse survivor Chinquetta is interested speaking in to create awareness among young women about domestic violence.

Taurian Harris a native of New Jersey now residing in Nashville, Tennessee. He. has been interested in modeling for several years. Taurian has completed a few semesters of Fashion School, and has worked with The Bridge Plus Size Club, in Fashion Shows and Photoshoots. He would like to do more magazine and Fashion Photoshoots in the future.

Tina Lewis George is a Mentor with Her Voice a NonProfit Organization in Houston TX where she resides. Her passion is to help those who have been in Domestic Violence relationships to overcome and utilize their voices, while empowering them to know that they are Beautiful Marvelous and Worthy of all that they are designed to be. After leaving an abusive relationship, she began working on her book “Total Deliverance, A Domestic Violence Story”, which is in the process of being published. Her desire is to be transparent in telling her story to reach the “one” who is suffering in silence.


Have you noticed a substantial number of people are losing hair? We live in a fast paced world where people tend to be more stressed, have medical conditions, are on medications, have hormonal imbalances, and have mineral and/or vitamin deficiencies. Moreover, women are wearing improper methods of weaving techniques neglecting the health of their hair. So what am I saying? HAIR IS NOT JUST HAIR! The condition of your hair can be influenced by what is going on internally and externally. Internal Standpoint When a person has hair loss caused by internal influence, it can cause moderate to severe hair loss or even change the hair’s texture. Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle and each hair follicle has its own life cycle (each strand grows independently). This is the reason why hair falls out in some areas and not other areas.

hair incorrectly can cause hair loss. Braids and weaves that are too tight can cause Traction Alopecia and if worsen can turn into Folliculitis (damage to the hair follicle). Glued weaves are the worst method of weaving which can cause Cicatricial Alopecia (scarring alopecia). Central Centrifugual Cicatrical Alopecia (CCCA) is the most common cause of Alopecia in African American women. CCCA causes disfigurement to the hair follicles and leads to permanent hair loss.

External Standpoint

Help For Hair Loss

From over-processing of chemicals to combing your

If you are experiencing Hair Loss, seek a Trichologist. A Certified Trichologist is a person that specializes in all forms of hair loss and scalp disorders. They will evaluate a client’s hair from a holistic perspective, taking into account the mental, physical and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of the disorder. For medical conditions, consult with your primary healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional and a Certified Trichologist together can help combat hair loss internally and externally. From more information on the causes of Alopecia or to schedule a Private Consultation and Hair and Scalp Analysis contact Anointed Hands Trichology Center for Hair Loss, L.L.C. at (225)622-4357. Article Written By Ynohtna Tureaud, Certified Trichologist

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