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Writing Across the Modes Collection ECI 509, Integrating Writing and Technology Student Name: Rachel Bentley Instructions: Throughout the course, students should insert their various pieces of writing into this template, until all of the required pieces of writing are complete. Students may embed any images onto the template that go with a given piece of writing. At the beginning of the course, students will create an Issuu account, upload this document into their account, then embed the Issuu document on their Weebly portfolio page. Throughout the course as new pieces of writing are added to the template (in Word), students will need to reload this Word doc into their Issuu account, then the updates will automatically be reflected on their Weebly page.

Part I. Expository Writing My Reflection About Expository Writing I found the mode of expository writing to be one of my favorites! Elliot Engel’s book was an entertaining read; I ended up reading a large section of it the first night I opened it. When first assigned the expository paper, I thought that it was challenging to write in a more informal tone, but I attempted to mirror Engel’s tone throughout my paper. I found myself enjoying the paper more and more as I moved away from the standard MLA format. During our group paper discussion, I realized that many of us interpreted the assignment differently. Many English teachers struggled to leave the MLA formatting and formalness behind. Each of us learned more about different authors and heightened the excitement for learning more about these authors on our trip! My Scribe Report Afternoon Session, June 15th: Day Books and Journals with Dr. Ron Honeycutt

We know entirely too well the groan that frequently follows the request to “take out your journal.” However, Dr. Ron Honeycutt came and saved the day by introducing the new journal makeover: the daybook.

He began with modeling daybook entry instruction by providing a prompt and time limit. We then composed an entry reflecting on our personal writing experiences, good or bad!

Things to Remember About Writing to Learn: -Writing is difficult and important -Writers need to write -Writing is improved through the habit of writing

-Writers need a safe place to think and play with language and thoughts

The daybook is essentially a “junk drawer” of ideas. These entries can range from quotes, pictures, song lyrics, to handouts, observations, and questions. Studies show that there is a correlation between a consistently used daybook and higher test scores. Other benefits include the opportunity to reflect, keeping ideas in one place, provides practice in observing and writing, and provides and artifact of one’s writing.

Dr. Honeycutt provided a variety of charts (uploaded on the Moodle site) allowing students to reflect and peer reflect on their daybooks. He ended his session with a practice reflection chart and a 3-2-1 chart exit ticket.

Our afternoon session ended with “Kempt Kevin” providing instruction on how to create a Prezi. Prezi is the new, sometimes dizzying, go-to program for presentations. We spent the rest of the class incorporating our “Where I’m From Poem” into a Prezi. One-Sentence Summary Entering the magical doors into the Great Hall of Hogwarts, Harry Potter World was full of memorable props and scenes from the films, concluding when I left the gift shop penceless. Summary Paragraph My trip to England was an educational experience.

I was able to travel to London several times.

One day, I traveled to St. Mary’s hospital.

I discovered a crowd that was waiting to see the Royal Baby.

I decided to wait, and 10 hours later I saw the baby! 1st Additional Expository Writing (see Moodle for description of additional expository writings) Today, Laura and I got so excited about the Royal Baby, we asked our instructor if we could spend the day in London. Understanding it was a historical moment, she agreed. We decided that we would just stop by the hospital and take a couple of pictures before we moved on to hear the 41 gun salute at the Tower of London and

the bells at Westminster. However, once we arrived, we realized that we were standing a couple of feet away from where she gave birth. The Lindo Wing was surrounded by paparazzi, but we were able to get pretty close. We decided to stay awhile.

While waiting outside, we made several friends. Constable Marchant was patrolling the perimeter, but came and chatted with us quite frequently. We met a couple from South Africa and their UK friend and a Holocaust survivor from Germany. We talked to them for several hours discussing all our cultural differences. The constable frequently joined in on our chats. Our South African friend and I were interviewed multiple times as we waited. You can see me being interview below :)

A commotion started and it was announced by the royal media correspondent that the Middletons would be arriving shortly. They came and stayed for about and hour before leaving. They didn't really look over our way, but here is a pic of them getting back in their taxi.

We decided that the best way to get in on the news was to befriend some of the news people and cameramen around us. After we forged a few friendships, we were constantly kept up to date on other arrivals. We waited around until 5 when it was said that Charles and Camilla would be arriving. They only stayed for about 30 minutes. As he was leaving, he stated that everyone might want to wait around for a bit! It was then we knew that Kate and Will would be leaving today. It was very difficult to contain my excitement because the rumor all day had been that they wouldn't be leaving until the next morning.

Finally, after several false alarms, William, Kate and the baby emerged from the hospital! They took the famous picture (I'm sure you've already seen) on the front steps and then went back in to grab the car seat.

Will exited the hospital again (as you can see below) and put the car seat in the car.

Kate then waved at everyone and entered the car. Will got in the driver seat and they left to live happily ever after. Laura and I were not prepared for what came next---people bombarded us for interviews. I'm pretty sure I did 6 more interviews before I left, including ones for France, Germany, and England. My famous news anchor friend came back for a follow up interview and told me that my previous one ran on the 12 o'clock news earlier that day. I felt pretty famous for a while.

We then rushed over to Buckingham Palace to get a picture of the announcement of the baby. Apparently, they only leave it out for 24 hours. We did not get there in time to take a close up, so we continued our stalker picture taking techniques and took some from a distance.

2nd Additional Expository Writing (see Moodle for description of additional expository writings)

Above is a compare/contrast ToonDoo. One of the differences that stood out to me while traveling around England was the difference in the higher vocabulary incorporated into their sexy accented language. Where America uses more of those low Anglo-Saxton words, the Brits use more of those beautiful French Latin words. With this observation came a greater observation: the people in England are ALWAYS reading! Whether they are waiting on a train, sitting in the subway, or eating lunch alone, these people (teens, adults, and the elderly) were reading. Now, over in America, if we are doing any of the following activities, we are immediately cruising through Twitter, Instagram, or celebrity gossip (I know I’m guilty!) I believe the connection to language is directly related to the amount of time they spend reading a book. It doesn’t take much to for me to find a reason to move to England, but this one definitely is at the top of my list!

Part II. Poetic Writing My Reflection About Poetics Writing I found the mode of poetic writing to be most difficult for me. Though I appreciate poetry and enjoy reading it, I quickly discovered that I will never be famous for my poetry. During Dr. Buckner’s poetry lesson, I had fun with creating poetry from a pre-established format. I found it easier to work with a skeleton poem and tailor it to be personal. However, it was while everyone else shared, that I felt as though I was not good at writing poetry. I was nervous to share my poems because everyone else’s seemed to incorporate stronger imagery. I enjoyed the different images and memories brought to my mind while creating the “Where I’m From” and the framework poem. I believe that poetry is beautiful and meaningful, even if I’m not the best at producing the imagery that would best capture my mental image. Where I’m From Poem I am from the land Between the mountains and the sea From vacations to Ocean Isle, Boone, and Atlanta Where I travel with family and friends.

I am from “No shopping on Sundays” Instead we’ll watch Nascar on TV From clubs, choirs, and youth group That kept my schedule full.

I am from block partiesEverybody bring a dish! From a friendly street Where our neighbor has our key.

I am from grits, fried chicken, and taters Served family style From homemade vanilla ice cream Slowly churnin’ on the back porch.

I am from summer nights Catching lightnin’ bugs in a jar From crisp, fall days Raking leaves and jumpin’ in piles.

I am from the South where “y’all” is used everyday And where “g’s” aren’t always necessary From manners and etiquette Or else you’d get the belt.

I am from home videos Documenting life’s most triumphant moments From Nana’s attic Where my not-so-hidden secrets rest.

I am from love, support, and kindness Knowing I can be who I want to be From a caring family Who helped shape where I’m from.

Poems Created in Class with Dr. Buckner “Papa” If I could visit the past, He would casually stroll toward me, One hand hidden in his pocket, flipping a shiny New quarter with the other. His tanned, leather hands would pick me up, Twirling me, greeting me after a long day Of working in the garden. His familiar voice would well up emotion Inside me like a brimming river after a spring rainfall.

“Rock God” Rebelliously long hair And a hole filled surfer shirt, In his band room He spends the twilight hours Composing the next epic lyric.

Bio Poem About Self Rachel Compassionate, Quiet, Sarcastic, and Creative Sister of David, Caroline, and Joseph Lover of delectable chocolate, spontaneous traveling, and inspiring music Who feels excited for a new school year, relaxed because it’s summer, and tired from traveling Who needs humor, new opportunities, and food Who gives love, friendship, and inspiration Who fears large spiders, failing, and getting lost Who would like to see the London Tower, the Royal Baby, and Buckingham Palace Resident of University of Surrey, Building 65, Room 4 Bentley

1st Additional Poetic Writing (see Moodle for description of additional poetic writings) Jay (James) Rich, Dapper, Unrealistic, and Loving Son of Henry Gatz, Beau of Daisy Fay, Friend of Nick Carraway Lover of a wealthy lifestyle, the idea of Daisy, and being mysterious Who feels excited for recreating the past, reuniting with Daisy, and marrying her Who needs acceptance, love, and a realistic point of view Who gives wild parties, glamorous gifts, and his car for test driving Who fears losing Daisy, employees gossiping about his affair, and having his business discovered Who would like to visit the past, reunite with Daisy, and continue being wealthy Resident of New York Gatsby (Gatz)

2nd Additional Poetic Writing (see Moodle for description of additional poetic writings) Beowulf Mighty, Courageous, Manly, and Strong Son of Edgetho, Nephew of Higlac Lover of free mead, a challenge, and easy women Who feels excited for his fight with Grendel, becoming king, and Who needs praise from the townspeople, love from women, and to achieve greatness Who gives fearless leadership, boastful speeches, and challenges to other warriors Who fears NOTHING! Who would like to slay all monsters, have his name live on, and keep his courageous reputation Resident of Geatland No last name needed!

Part III. Expressive Writing My 1-2 Page Reflection About Expressive Writing With the mode of expressive writing, I was able to “express” myself in several different forms. It was through this mode that I found it easy to connect writing and technology. I found a way to express many thoughts and ideas through pixlars. Because I feel that I struggle to express imagery through writing (at least as well as my classmates), I found it easier to show an idea through pictures with minimal words. One of my favorite projects I made was my TOMS through the UK pixlar. I was able to share this pixlar with TOMS and they sent me a free pair of sunglasses to show their appreciation. I was excited to see they appreciated the expressive pixlar as much as I did! All About Me (for some reason my spacing is messed up- so my “All About Me” is on the next page)

Myself (Adjectives that describe me.)

Shy, adventurous, organized, caring

My Strengths organized, caring

My Weaknesses having patience

Who or What Do I Love? Family, friends, animals, books, traveling

What Makes Me Sad? When others are upset with me, hurt feelings

What Makes Me Angry? Canceling plans, broken promises

What Do I Need? Support and love

What Do I Give? Friendship, support, love, guidance

What Do I Fear? Large spiders, failing, the deep blue sea

What Would I Like to See? All the continents, students being successful

Who Would I Like to See? Kate Middleton and baby

Design A Room The room’s walls are yellow, the color of the sun, pulling in the brightness. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts in from the adjoining kitchen. Mom and I sit in the den whispering, giggling, catching up, waiting for the others to arrive. We sit on the fluffy floral sofas while she drinks her coffee. I look around the room and take in the artwork—a covered bridge standing alone, a bright cross stich of flowers sewn carefully, and an artwork of painted bouquet of flowers that has been passed down through the family. I prop my feet up on the glossy oak cedar chest that holds family heirlooms, and ponder.

Impressions of England

Post Cards Home

Having traveled to the UK Our plan was clear Look for Royal Palaces You could visit this year Reaching the destination Our audio guides in ear Outside the palace walls Delightfully full of cheer

A Day in the Life Colorful posters and lived in desks, Refreshed, educational, welcoming Aroma of freshly sharpened pencils Like on the first day of school. Salty sweat of hard work Paper, pencil, rubric Crisp pages flipping through my hand A tree of knowledge Soft whispers fill the air New, fresh, excited 1st Additional Expressive Writing (see Moodle for description of additional expressive writings) Blog Post: Scotland, Day One We (Spencer, Laura, and me) did not make any plans for our first two "free" days. However, I was able to convince them to embark with me on a spontaneous trip by going to the local train station and asking them to book us on a trip to anywhere that was relatively cheap. He suggested that give Edinburgh, Scotland a try. Excited, we quickly booked our tickets and figured the rest of the planning would fall into place. Little did we know, some inconvenient event (called the British Open) was happening that exact weekend-therefore causing ALL of the hostels to be booked. We quickly realized the mistake we had made, decided we could sleep in a train station if need be, and agreed we wouldn't tell our parents until we returned :) Luckily for us, Jill (much more of a planner) decided to join us after she researched and discovered we could book a campsite. We decided we could buy tents at the store, pack our sheets, and head out the next morning. We boarded the train at 6 AM and arrived 5 hours later in Edinburgh...

We ended up having to change trains at King's Cross Station- home of Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter! Next door was a Harry Potter book shop.

When we first arrived, we took a "Hop On, Hop Off" bus tour around the town. It was nice to see the layout of everything and have a audio history of the places. Above are pictures of the countryside, Castle Rock, and one of the many crowded streets.

After the bus tour, Laura and I decided to visit the Holyrood Castle. This is where Queen Elizabeth stays during the summer when she is in Scotland. We took the audio tour here too. It was very informative and probably my favorite thing we did while in Scotland. This is a picture in front of the castle.

Unfortunately, our evening did not turn out as lovely as our day. We arrived at our campsite and decided to race to see who could put their tent together first. We did not realize how lucky we would be to get our tent together at all! Below you can see our first attempt. Luckily for us, and after many strange stares and laughter, some friendly Scottish men decided to come over and help. I'm pretty sure they had the tent up perfectly within 2 minutes. After talking with them for awhile, we finally decided to go to bed. Again, we did not realize that the sun doesn't actually set there until about 10:30 PM--not that we got to do much sleeping. The temperature dropped to 50 degrees and our sheets weren't cutting it. We put on every layer of clothes we had and prayed we would make it through the night. When the sun came up, we decided we had all the cold we could handle and we were going to take very long, warm showers. We looked at the time- it was 4:45 AM. Apparently, the sun does not like to stay down long. The other picture is Laura and I freezing in our tent.

2nd Additional Expressive Writing (see Moodle for description of additional expressive writings) To Baby Emma, With Love: Blankets of love Swaddling, caressing, holding Sweet aroma of powder Like a luscious lavender field. A salty tear of joy falls— New grandparents, uncles, and aunts. The soft skin of a newborn— A brush of a rose petal against your skin. Laughter, cooing, fills the room Joyous, precious, everlasting.

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Final portfolio of writing for ECI 509.

Collection template  

Final portfolio of writing for ECI 509.