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November 22, 2010

Students were recognized on Tuesday, November 16 for their meritorious efforts in the Academic Award Ceremony.

8. The long awaited Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part One hit movie theaters with a magical bang, bringing many Fairfax Students to the theaters for the midnight showing on Friday, November 19.

15. 24. & 25.

Rebel Roar staffers take a stance on FHS’s current stance about extra credit.

The midterm elections on Tuesday, November 2 induced major changes across the U.S.A. See how these elections effect students, and take a deeper look into some of the most controversial candidates.

16. & 17.

An increased amount of attention on bullying in both the news and in Fairfax High School deserves an in depth look about the taunting, tormenting, and harassing that occurs both inside and outside the doors of FHS.

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Editorial Policy

Congratulations to all the senior athletes who signed with college varsity sports teams this past week, committing to schools across the nation.

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Corrections and Clarifications for Rebel Roar October issue: Front Cover- photo by Christine Kelly. “Excuse Me? Something’s Missing”- The bronze lion was donated by the Class of 2010. “Fairfax Cheer Gets a W-I-N!”- Bottom photo by Emily Buzzard.


letter from the editors

e’ve all heard the phrase, “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” What would the world be like if no one took chances? What if no one took a risk and stepped out of their comfort zone. We take chances every day, whether it be sitting with someone new at lunch, talking to that guy you think is just too cute, or trying out for a sports team. Through these experiences we learn, adapt and grow as people. We have been trying out for various sports team since our freshmen year, and voicing our opinions in the journalism room. We have transformed quite a bit in the past four years. No matter the situation, knowing that you took a chance is more important than living with regrets. Last month, the Rebel Roar took a chance reporting on the topic of the controversial “I Love Boobies Bracelets.” This month, we challenge all of our readers to take a chance and work to help prevent bullying at FHS, in your community and on a larger scale as well. Bullying is a terrible thing. There is nothing worse than witnessing one kid make fun of another for something silly like glasses, braces, weight, or clothing. We’re all different and everyone’s uniqueness should be celebrated. If every one of us works to end bullying then there

wouldn’t be any more of it. We want to leave you with a question. If you witnessed a kid getting bullied, would you step up and say something? Would you take that chance in putting yourself out there to help the innocent person and call the bully’s actions into question? Live with no regrets and take chances.



ily Ro

y Em hoto b


News Briefs


As the Canned Food Drive has been going since November 3 and ends on November 23. As of November 18, Fairfax has collected approximately 2000 cans.

DECA received high marks at Districts. Seniors who did well this competition were Victoria Tran and Rachel Guy

The week of October 18, the main office of Fairfax received anonymous tips of gun violence possibly occurring on the following Monday, October 25. These tips were taken into serious consideration by the administrators and appropriate precautions were taken.

The improv show took place on November 17 in the Black box. Mr. Rubenstein’s main goals for this year “are to ensure that the club continues to grow, to field a strong theathresports team (the competition arm of Improv), to prepare the underclassmen to take over for the next year, and above all, have fun!” The next two shows are on March 3 and May 12. Tickets are two dollars at the door.

Upcoming Events 4.

Pre-College Stress



pplying to college can be really stressful for underestimate the impact of their SAT scores, but these rising seniors. Students who are applying scores provide admission officers with a standardized to multiple universities and colleges are prediction of how you will do at their institution and required to complete a number of tasks. Everything may also qualify you for merit-based financial aid. from teacher recommendations, SAT/ACT scores, Senior Mohammad Galey said, “College applications GPA, extracurricular activities, sports, and personal require a lot of time and dedication.” Senior Mohammad statements factor into the admission process. Aside Sohrabi believes, “You need to be unique and stand from these qualifications, students are forced to fill out from the crowd. Show individuality. That’s what out the common application and various supplements colleges are looking for.” depending on what type of major and program they are As for personal essays, they set students apart from applying to. the larger group and allow readers to get a feel of Colleges predetermine deadlines for early action, who you are without. Students should choose topics early decision, and regular decision. These dates that directly relate to them and provide insight into typically range from November to mid January. Most what kind of person you are aside from school, SATs, colleges will notify regular admission applicants by and extracurriculars. These statements usually range early April with either an acceptance or rejection letter. from 250-500 words (make sure you abide by these In order to get a head start on all of your applications, restrictions). Overall, the admission process of applying the summer and early fall are great times to start to college requires excessive organization and a strict planning out and writing your college essays, asking schedule. Hence, students shouldn’t procrastinate, as teachers for recommendations, and begin filling out all this will prove extremely detrimental to their chances of the miscellaneous paperwork. It’s a good idea to take getting accepted into their dream schools. the SAT during the spring of your junior year and then retake it again in the fall, as a senior. Many students Zafar Shaw ‘11 Entertainment Editor

FHS Welcomes New SRO


fter six years of service at Fairfax High School, Officer Sutherland was promoted to detective. Taking his place is Officer Cravalho, who has been a City of Fairfax Police officer since 2008. Officer Cravalho comes from a family of public safety officials. Her grandfather was a firefighter, and her uncle was a police sergeant. She realized that she wanted to follow in her uncles footsteps when she was 18, and decided to get a degree in criminal justice from NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College). After graduation, she went into the police academy, and began working night shifts in the city. After a few years of patrolling the streets of Fairfax, she mentions that she has seen things nobody can imagine. On

her first day of field training, she witnessed a woman that had set herself on fire. She said,“It was like being in a bad dream.” During the school day, Officer Cravalho spends the day making a visible presence, provides a sense of security. She talks to the students to let them know that police are there to help them. She patrols the building, checking to make sure doors are locked, and assisting security in any situation dealing with drugs or assault. FHS principal Mr. Goldfarb has already noticed her exemplary service in the school and says, “Officer Cravalho has quickly and successfully adjusted to the culture of our school, and I’m very excited for the enthusiasm and respect she shows to our students.”

Officer Cravalho catches a suspicious student. Photo by Aneela Wadan

Steven Kendall‘11 Staff Writer



Academic Recognition Ceremony


t the end of every season, all sport teams hold a banquet for all team members. FHS’ Student Service Department and PTSA Academic Boosters hold an Academic Recognition Ceremony which recognizes all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have demonstrated superior academic abilities in the classroom. The ceremony was open to all parents and was hold on Thursday, November 16, 2010 during R & R. Academic Letter recipients, Advanced Placement scholars, and National Merit Scholars were recognized. Between 500 and 600 students were recognized for acquiring a 3.8 or higher GPA the previous year. The National Merit Award was given to a senior based on their PSAT score. from last year AP scholars received their respective awards depending on the number of AP’s taken and the scores attained. At the ceremony, Fairfax was fortunate enough to welcome back a FHS graduate and an award winning author. L.M. Elliot has published two adult nonfiction books, four picture books and five young adult. Most of her works are history-oriented, a topic that many may find less exciting than fiction. Nonetheless, this award winning author contributed much the FHS community.

After speaking about her fun times at Fairfax and highlighting her favorite teachers, she informed the student body how she wanted to give back to the Fairfax community. Elliot encouraged every student to try their best and strive for more than just the “A.” For seniors, this was their last Academic Recognition Ceremony. Senior Nissa Chugtai said, “Being a senior, this ceremony was the last event where we would be recognized and awarded for doing well and it’s the last time we will be given “closure” in front of the whole school. Our next big ceremony will most likely be graduation, so this is like a wake-up call, making me even more hopeful for the future.” Ms. Jennifer Glaser, Director of Student Services and the coordinator of the ceremony, said, “It [the ceremony] is really important and helped recognize academic achievements that, otherwise, would go unappreciated. It encourages students to excel as well. I was excited to see the large number of students that we were able to recognize at the ceremony.”

Aneela Wadan ‘11 News Editor

AP Test Scores on the Rise


ccording to the Washington Post, many educators believe that if fewer students take AP tests, the average score will be raised. However, Fairfax County challenged that belief by being one of the first counties in the nation to open AP classes to all students. It is thought by many people in education that by widening the pool of students taking the test, there would be a wider range of academic abilities, meaning scores would decrease. “The idea that as you increase the number of test takers the scores will decrease is an incorrect perception, because you don’t take into account the support for, and talents of those students” says Mr. Goldfarb. However, as enrollment in AP classes continues, the scores also begin to rise. AP US History teacher Ms. Cavallini says, “I’m pleased that our scores reflect all of the hard work and commitment that is required of AP students.” According to the FCPS


website, in 2009, 646 Fairfax High School students took AP tests, and achieved a 68.4% passing rate. This compares to 2008, where 599 students took AP tests, with a 59.9% passing rate. This trend, however, has continued from 2007, where 547 students took AP tests, and attained a 56.4% passing rate. Mr. Goldfarb says, “The statistics show that we have successful formula in place. Our experiences will only increase students’ and teachers’ beliefs that more students can succeed at this level of rigor.” Before Mr. Goldfarb became a principal, he was an AP World History teacher at West Potomac High School, and later an AP coordinator for West Potomac. Mr. Goldfarb states one of the benefits of taking AP courses, “The support and developing of skills in analysis and writing are two skills that will serve people well, regardless of the college they attend or their chosen career.”

Emily Stone ‘12 Features Editor


P Scores this year may also be affected by the new scoring system that was introduced. College Board decided that there will no longer be points deducted for an incorrect answer on AP tests. The previous policy was a deduction of a quarter point for any incorrect answer on a multiple choice question with five choices, and a deduction of a third of a point for a incorrect answer on a question with four choices. This policy was created to dissuade random guessing, and possibly the belief held by some that the right answer is always “C”. Now AP students won’t have to think about whether they should guess on a question or leave it black, simplifying their test-taking strategies. In other words, guessing is the way to go this year. Remember: when in doubt, C it out.


Rallies Cheer for Political Peace


ased upon recent occurrences in DC, it would be easy to assume that America is spiraling down in a deep state of political turmoil. The close Presidential elections, excluding the 2008 election, and the drastic swings of party control every election has caused a tidal wave of uncertainty and disdain for our government and the direction it is heading. The conservatives go right and the nation cries “Change!” The liberals go left and the nation cries “No!” But a large group of Americans cry “Enough!” Their pleas to end the political tugof-war were amplified in two of the biggest rallies held on the Mall in recent years. On August 28, 2010, the anniversary Martin Luther King Junior’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Conservative Commentator Glenn Beck held a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to “restore America.” Two months later, on October 30, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert gathered a similar sized crowd to “restore sanity and fear.” The rallies were led by leaders that stand in sharp contrast to each other, and the crowds general political views couldn’t be more opposite. But the core reason why they gathered on the Washington Mall remained the same – to put

aside politics and reconnect with the fundamental values of democracy and America. Glenn Beck’s rally received much criticism for his date and location of the rally. Many argued that he was slandering Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s “I Have a Dream” anniversary by holding such a conservative gathering on the very spot King stood 47 years ago. “The ‘March on Washington’ changed America,” said Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), quoted in the Washington Post. “…Glenn Beck’s march will change nothing.” Despite the outcry, attendees traveled from all over America to attend the rally that drew a crowd of about 100,000, to hear a message that encouraged America “to turn back to God.” The event was declared as “nonpolitical,” despite the large turnout of tea party activists and guest speaker, fellow tea party icon, Sarah Palin. The event promoted Americans to return to its original roots of integrity and honesty. Maybe the most memorable part of the rally was the signs and slogans attendees were holding. They carried “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and wore shirts that said “RECESSION: When your neighbor loses his job. DEPRESSION: When you lose your job. RE-

COVERY: When Obama loses his job.” Two months later and a stone’s throw away from the Lincoln memorial, comedians Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert attracted a crowd similar in size for a rally “to restore sanity and fear.” In matching American flag printed sweaters, Stewart and Colbert preached a message of unity under the same laughs. People came from all across America, wielding satirical, mocking, or humorous signs to participate in the historic gathering. The signs held by the crowds read things like “God Hate Snuggies,” a mocking reference to recent extremist protesters who held signs that read “God Hates Fags.” Another read, “My wife thinks I’m walking the Appalachian Trail,” which slandered the South Carolina Governor who was having an affair and told his wife he was out hiking. The size and success of the two rallies highlighted a message that goes beyond political parties. Liberal, moderate, conservative, indifferent, it doesn’t matter. Americans are tired of party fights and confusing policies. All they want is a bit of unity and a lot more sanity.

Elliot Meyer ‘ 11 Staff Writer

Above: Sign held by rally-goer . Right: Crowd gathers at Rally to Restore Sanity. Photo by Elliot Meyer



and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1


a review

the movies, waiting in line all night just to see what 997 was a big year: Bill Clinton was inaugurated into his second term, McDonalds won part of the Harry would do next. To put it simply, he’s a part of us. The premiere of the first part of the seventh movie McLibel case, Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car accident, the first color photograph appeared on the marked the beginning of the end of an era. Harry cover on the New York Times, and a woman living off of Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 came out this past welfare benefits published a book about a boy that, over Thursday, November 18 at midnight. The first movie captured the first 500 pages of the seventh book, and the the next ten years, would change the world. According to NewsCore, the Harry Potter brand is last 260 pages will make up part two of the film, set to currently estimated at $15 billion. Over four million premiere in July 2011. The movie itself was incredibly well done. In the past, copies have been sold worldwide, and the last four books set records as the fastest-selling books in history. the Harry Potter movies have been criticized as boring or Translations exist in over 60 different languages, too drawn out. The seventh movie, although lengthy at including Latin and Ancient Greek. Universal Orlando two and a half hours, was anything but boring. Director recently opened “The Wizarding World of Harry David Yates perfectly captured the tension between Potter,” a theme park based entirely on the series. JK Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they search for a means Rowling has become the first person to become a US- to save a world tumbling down around them. Special dollar billionaire by writing books, and the richest effects, an essential part of any movie about magic, were seamlessly woven in to the scenes. Brief moments woman in the world. Where did this fame come from? How did a tale of of intense danger interspersed with comic relief and the life of an awkward orphan capture the attention of relative calm helped portray the upheaval going on the world? Children and adults alike are inexplicably in Harry’s world, and the danger of the adventure, an drawn to the story. “The story is really imaginative,” element sometimes overlooked in previous movies, was apparent throughout the film. said junior Jamie McCormick. Harry Potter has come a long way since 1997. JK English and avid teacher Eric Kinne was a selfproclaimed fantasy hater. It took his friends and family Rowling, an unknown mother from England, became years to convince him to pick up the first Harry Potter an international superstar. Professor McGonagall’s book, and from that point on, he was hooked. Of the prediction in the very first chapter of the very first book series, he said, “JK Rowling is a genius. She has created has proven to be true, “He’ll be famous - a legend - I a world that’s fantastical and far out there, but maintains wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry elements of reality. And I think what’s so appealing is Potter day in the future - there will be books written that we can get away from the crazy things in our world, about Harry - every child in our world will know his but at the same time relate to the characters, the story, name!” and the challenges [Harry] goes through. Even if we Jessie Mason ‘11 don’t have dragons or owls that carry our mail.” Business Manager Our generation grew up with Harry. We are the last group that had to actually wait for each book to come out. We watched as Harry saved the Sorcerer’s Stone, escaped the Chamber of Secrets, rescued the Prisoner of Azkaban, had his name pulled by the Goblet of Fire, became a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and discovered the Half-Blood Prince. We stood in line at the midnight releases of first © 2010 Warner Bros. Ent the books, and then Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R.


Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are trademakrs of © Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved.


Emily Over: Simple Fresh Look for School


chool is really back in the grind now and it’s getting harder and harder to get ready in the morning. I’m sure you sometimes feel like “I couldn’t really care less what I look like today…” well, I have come up with a very easy system to do in the morning that doesn’t take long at all and looks great! This month I gave junior Allie Kelly a simple fresh faced look and a curly hairdo with a flat iron that only takes 15 minutes max!

Five Minute Face: a skin tone eye shadow all over the lid.

Step Two: Apply a

white shimmery eye shadow to the inner tear duct and on your brow bone.

Curls in fifteen minutes:


top lash line with a black liquid liner and wing out slightly

Step Four: Apply mascara to bottom and top lashes.

bronzer to your cheeks and T zone. Also apply a soft pink blush for a glowing appearance.

Step Five: Flip the flat iron once more the back section first, Step Four: Go over as you’re pulling it then use the flat iron through the strand, the section of hair and run it once over again. Stop when you then repeat steps the section of hair get to the middle of four and five on rest of your hair. the hair and begin flipping the flat iron up while continuing to pull it down the strand of hair slowly. Step Three: Take

Step One: Apply a heat protectent all over your hair.

Step Five: Apply

Step Three: Line your

Step One: Apply

Step Two: Section

your hair into five medium size sections, and secure with either clips or hair ties

Step Six: Spray a medium hold hairspray all over your head to hold curls all day!

Emily Robinson ‘11 Co-Features Editor




Lumberjack Thursday Chops Down Traditional Styles


ecently FHS students may have noticed there has been a fashion fad going on, particularly on Thursdays. Students have been wearing plaid to show off their inner lumberjack, because of a new student made spirit day -Lumberjack Thursday. It was all started last year when seniors Sam Bechert and Shaun Haspenflug unintentionally wore the same plaid shirt. Since then they have planned to wear the shirts together on Thursdays. Unfortunately last year it didn’t really catch the attention of that many people but A group of students proudly show off their plaid. Photo by Emily Robinson. eryone and its fun”. this year it’s slowly but surely becoming a Now say an FHS student doesn’t have a plaid shirt? school wide phenomenon. ”At first it was just senior guys, then it spread to their guy friends and now even No problem. JC penny has shirts for as low as 17 dolgirls are participating and hopefully everyone will start lars. If someone really wants to embrace the lumberjack joining in on the fun,” said Bechert. It’s a pretty simple and is willing to spend a little bit more money Pac Sun concept and everyone is welcome to partake, just wear a have some pretty legitimate looking lumber jack shirts plaid shirt every Thursday. When asked why he thinks for 50 dollars. people would want to involve themselves in Lumber- Emily Robinson ‘11 jack Thursday Bechert stated, “I think people will want Co-Features Editor to join in because it’s something new and it involves ev-

16 Years in 240 Pages


t seems that Justin Bieber is so influential in the music industry that he now has an autobiography. First Step 2 Forever: My Story is about his journey to a thriving music career and what his life is like today. The book claims to be “100% official!” and there’s no doubt about that since the book was written in first person and mentions an awful lot about how many beautiful fans he sees during his tours. After reading the book, his story is an inspirational one that gives the average small town kid an inkling of hope that he or she may someday achieve becoming a famous musician that fans all over the world praise . . . if they have actual talent that is. It’s just like Usher said after ignoring Justin Bieber on their first encounter “Man, everybody wants to sing. How was I supposed to know he’s the real thing?” The book details everything of Justin Bieber’s career, starting from his first drum kit to where he is now. Throughout the book, Bieber comments on how he felt at every milestone and reminds us on every page just how great his fans are and how much he appreciates them. We get it. You would be a no one still living in Stratford, Ontario right now if it wasn’t for your fans blah, blah, blah. I admire a celebrity’s appreciation for their fans but, there is a limit you can cross. Repeat-


ing over and over again that you would be known where without you fans, borders on the edge of desperation and implies you have too many haters. That’s not exactly the impression an aspiring singer who is at the height of his career really wants to give off. I could go rambling on and on, but to conclude, Justin Bieber’s book is just an insight into his feelings while becoming a famous singer. If you aren’t Justin Bieber’s biggest fan, then I suggest spending the $22 you would save on something Photo courtesy of worthwhile.

Suha Khandker ‘13 Staff Writer


Eurydice: FX Players Opening Act


n the weekend of November 12, FX Players presented their fall play, Eurydice. Written by Sarah Ruhl, and adapted from a Greek myth, the play follows the story of Eurydice and her husband, Orpheus.  It is the tale of a husband’s desperate attempt to bring his wife back from the Underworld after her tragic death.   Featuring Junior Ally Pittman as Eurydice, Junior Harry Weger as Orpheus, and Senior Dylan Halpern as Eurydice’s father, the cast delivered an exceptional performance. Lead actors Ally Pittman and Harry Weger both delivered heart wrenching performances as the two lovers who had been torn apart. Aside from beautifully delivering the character of a father reunited with his daughter, Dylan Halpern also composed the music that was used at different intervals of the play.  It took every part of the gifted cast and crew to provide audiences with all the elements of a great play. The intricate set especially elicited awe from the audience in its inclusion of a pool and rain inside the elevator that led to the Underworld. Clayton Southerly deserves recognition for his incredible innovation in his design of the stage which set the ideal background for the play. The set plans began even before the school year started and the crew faced obstacles every step of the way. The day before the opening of the play, the pool at the foot of the stage sprung a leak and the crew had to act quickly to remake the pool in time. In the end, the set served as a large component in bringing the play to life.   World History teacher Ms. Erin Hrubik commented,” I really enjoyed seeing six of my students perform. I was really impressed with the atmosphere they created and the level of talent throughout the cast.” The play was well received by the students and teachers in attendance, as well as by those critics who selected the actors that may later be nominated for the Cappies Awards. Senior Sasha Cottle said, “It was really sad and different from the original myth, but in a good way in that it added to the story.”

Above: Ally Pittman and Dylan Halpern act out a scene from the play.

Daniela Torres ‘11 Staff Writer

Above: Harry Weger and Ally Pittman get into character on stage. Left: Ally Pittman, the lead female role, performs. Photos courtesy of Anne Norland.



The Buzz


fter taking the Fairfax County Youth Survey that was distributed to sophomores and seniors in their English classes, I am completely disgusted by society. Half of the questions actually took away my innocence. What the heck is BTM!? Does anyone know? I Googled it and yielded no results. Did you know that methamphetamines are also referred to as “crank”? Also, why is the number of potatoes I eat per week relevant to anything? Thanks Fairfax County for interrupting my English class with a 203 question test that I may have failed, if that’s even possible.

HOT “See Friendship” Facebook has become more than just a tool to communicate with friends and a great way to waste time- but the best way to creep on someone. The feature that used to be “Wall-to-Wall” has now evolved into “See Friendship” where you can see all communications between a set of people, including wall posts, pictures, and notes they are both tagged in. Stalking has just gotten that much easier. Booty Pops A flat donk was a societal epidemic that cursed males and females across the nation, until “As Seen on TV” saved the day yet again. This underwear is complete with padding to make your butt appear larger, so you can now “forget about doing endless squats- and cosmetic surgery, who can afford that?” It’s a grand slam yet again from infomercials; we can all now be one step closer to looking like Kim Kardashian. Charlie Sheen This “Two and a Half Men” star has made headlines recently, due to the fact that he is a complete mess. He threatened to kill his spouse, is an alcoholic, drove his car off a cliff, and got caught up with a prostitute who was locked in his hotel room. I admire his dedication to stay in the news and his knack for being a complete idiot. Keep up the good work Charlie! Pie My favorite part about Thanksgiving, and life in general, is God’s greatest gift to the world: pie. I would do back flips just to get a slice of this sweet sugary goodness, and I don’t even know how to do back flips.



Putting your dog on Facebook I don’t care who you are, making a Facebook for a dog is ridiculous. Making your dogs friends with your friends’ dogs is even more ridiculous. I’m sure PETA would be livid if they knew that people are making their dogs learn how to read, write, and use the internet. It isn’t funny, and I refuse to be in a Facebook relationship with a dog. Shake Weight After watching the Shake Weight commercial on TV, I am utterly disgusted with society. Why is it necessary to use a weight in a manner that could evoke thoughts of sexual behaviors? I don’t feel comfortable watching these commercials, especially when I am with my family. Having firm arm muscles isn’t worth the awkward weight shaking. Just do push-ups. Freed Weezy After relentlessly campaigning to get Lil’ Wayne freed from prison, I realize now that he is free, probably should go back to jail. He is seriously in need of a haircut, and he spells thanks “thanx”. Really Lil’ Wayne? Is that necessary? Just spell out the whole word, dummy.


Family Personally, I enjoy my family, but I have heard that some people (not me) don’t enjoy having to spend time with their extended family over the holidays. Stick in there kiddoes, and don’t take it personally when your grandma says that you “look heavy”.

Emily Buzzard ‘11 Editor-in-Chief


Uggs: Still Horrible


ince the dawn of time, women have spent ridiculot less appealing than a shoe made of nails.” Why anylous amounts of money on revolting articles of one would wear them is unclear to me. It’s ridiculous to clothing that are viewed not only think that some people “actually like as unappealing to men, but socially them.” “I actually think they’re pretty disgraceful. Among these articles of cool,” said Junior Morgan McCracken clothing are, poodle skirts, bellbottoms, “They’re really comfortable and all my and mom jeans; but there’s one current friends seem to like them as well.” It’s fashion fad that tops the worst of the sad to see such failure among those worst, Uggs. For what’s viewed as a at quite a young age, but I guess it’s must-have for any woman, is actually a just another trend that’s come and will big fat waste of money to any man. hopefully leave us eventually. Uggs, unfortunately, have been So why anyone would waste a few around for more than a decade bringhundred bucks on these is entirely being shame and despair to men worldyond me, but perhaps they bring some wide. Why any woman would spend comfort or style to those less fashionhundreds of dollars for a shoe that’s able than most. Maybe one day, people not only ugly, but will get that wear Uggs can assimiruined with just one scuff is be- Uggs, no matter how comfortable or “cute” they late into a normal society yond us. You could easily just seem, are pretty much guaranteed disapproving and get some real shoes. buy a nice tennis shoe or boot looks. Photos by Brandon Blankenship Until then, it’s a constant for about $150 less than an Ugg struggle between good and and have it last you about 4 times as long. It’s senseless. evil where one side has yet to prevail. “It’s in the name isn’t it? Uggs, ugly,” stated Junior Lauren Capitano. “They’re overpriced, overrated, and a Brandon Blankenship ‘12 Staff Writer

Ohio Oppresses Students’ Snow Days


hio students are in shock after recently discov“Last year was great,” added senior Ellie Jordan, ering that their snow days are going into hi“my friend got stuck at my house and got to sleep over bernation. Snowpocolypses, Snowmageadons, for two weeks! But this new plan is ridiculous. It’s takSnovechkins, call them what you like, last winter’s ing all the fun out of life!” storms were great. Wouldn’t Besides just sitting around it be just splendid if we could all day, some students actuhave them back? Well unfortually depend on snow days to nately for kids in Ohio, they’re earn extra money by shovelout of luck. ing neighbor’s driveways. “I Just recently in Darke Counmade bank shoveling snow ty, Ohio, Mississinawa Valley last year!” said senior Dylan Schools, with the help of the Lescure. Ohio Department of Education, Even FHS teachers don’t have declared that all lessons like the plan, as they like missed from snow days will be their days off too. “It would made up online. Essentially, be very difficult to teach in Students in Darke County are now required to students will be required to log make up class time at home on an online lession a cyber classroom,” Spanish onto a cyber classroom from during snow days. Photo by Sam Brott and Matt Reihing teacher Mrs. Spector said. their homes on snow days and Despite the diverse opinions will be counted absent if they don’t participate. I love and personalities we have here at FHS, I think we can my snow days and I couldn’t handle having to wake up all agree that online snow days would be sure brew up to see a foot of snow and then log onto a cyber classa storm. room. As senior Christine Kelly putsit, “It would be Sam Brott ‘11 horrible!” Sports Editor



What Are You Senior Tees Cause a Stir Thankful For? I


t’s Thanksgiving, the day everyone gets together to celebrate and give thanks while enjoying a delicious dinner. We all know what joy and excitement Thanksgiving brings, but what we want to know is what are you thankful for?

Sophomore Emma Tourtellotte said, “I’m thankful for the food I eat every day.”

Senior Eduardo Perez said, “I’m thankful for the military soldiers serving overseas.”

Mrs. Pendry said, “I’m thankful that a group of students started a “Girls Learn International Club” to help unfortunate girls around the world.”

Rachel Tran ‘13 & Natalia Colon ‘12 Copy Editor & Staff Writer


n the movie Grease, Rizo’s first line is “We’re seniors! And we’re gonna rule the school,” this sentiment is felt by seniors throughout the country, whether they’re the class of 1960 or 2011. Each year the 12th graders at Fairfax seem almost militant in their desire to show up and out do not only the underclassmen, but also the previous seniors in every area possible – especially school spirit. It is the last effort, the last chance, in a way, for the class to leave one last indelible mark on the school. This mentality causes normally insignificant issues to become magnified under the watchful eyes of the 700 seniors looking for the perfect senior year. One such instance has already manifested itself under the guise of the class of 2011’s senior t-shirts. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will remember seeing the class of 2010 walking around the halls with the black shirts with the phrase “are you a perfect 10?” written on the back, followed by a list of the names of the entire class. Traditionally, at the end of junior year, the rising senior class’s president submits his/ her design for the t-shirts to the class sponsor. This year, many seniors made sure to pay their senior dues early so that they could be some of the first to wear the promised class shirt. The design of the shirts was simple:

black shirts, a list of the entire class names the back, seniors written on the front, and “on a scale of 1-10, we’re an 11” There were three mistakes on the shirt, the first two minor misspellings and the second a major oversight. On the class list, both Khalid Abdulhamid and Kalid Ahmed’s names were misspelled, but the glaring mistake that had every senior annoyed was the forgotten apostrophe that turned a simple contraction meaning “we are” into the past tense of “to be”. Realizing the mistake, the class sponsors and a few parents tried to correct the error by creating the missing apostrophe with everything from white out to puffy paint. The results were not great. Senior Charley BaxterGagen went as far as to say “they sucked” while another senior commented that “the process of picking a design should have been more open to the other seniors. There should have been more design options.” Another senior, Amanda Kelly, saw all this and decided to supply the demand for a better t-shirt. These shirts have no grammatical mistakes and have the motto FINA11Y written a simple black t-shirt. At 10$ a shirt, some seniors may not be willing to pay for something that was originally free, on the other hand, everything is written in the correct tense.

The two senior shirts, on the left, the one seniors were issued, and on the right, Amanda Kelley’s shirt. Photos by Helena Contes

Helena Contes‘11 Staff Writer


Extra Credit Ban Doesn’t Make the Grade


xtra credit has always been the norm in classes officials, this “no extra credit” policy isn’t black and where students want to excel or receive white. It’s as if one form of “extra credit” is allowed satisfactory grades. Teachers offer extra credit and the other isn’t, it is very subjective to the given projects, study guides, and bonus questions to assist circumstance. students in getting their desired grade. This type of We agree that extra credit not only students who provides students bring in cans of with extra points but food and Kleenex also provides them boxes should not with additional be given extra practice which will credit, however; we ultimately help don’t see the harm them master the of getting above content. However, 100%. Furthermore, extra credit has students should also been given to be given the students who bring opportunity to have in Kleenex boxes, extra credit through perishable foods for the form of bonus the can food drive, questions or extra or attending schoolcredit assignments. sponsored events For example, if a without follow-up, student gets all the which is the primary questions on a quiz reason FHS banned correct and then extra credit this year. The real reason FHS gave up Extra Credit. answers the bonus question Comic by Jordan Rummel FHS school officials believe right he should be given above that this type of extra credit doesn’t assist the student 100%. Also, if a student gets all the answers on a quiz in mastering the content of the selected course. Instead, right except for one but gets the bonus question correct it deters them from focusing on the actual purpose of he should be granted the 100%. This type of extra credit the class. Moreover, administrators believe no student actually promotes mastery of the content and helps should be getting over a 100%. No formal policy has students out at the same time. been enforced through this “no extra credit” process, Essentially, extra credit isn’t meant to increase and teachers are providing alternatives for students to students’ grades by multiple percentages, it’s just improve their grades. implemented in some cases where students have Personally, we believe a compromise should be the opportunity to excel beyond the restrictions of a reached among students, teachers, and administrators. normal class. It enhances students’ grades by a couple This enforcement shouldn’t just be placed in the hands of points so they can assure themselves the highest of administers but instead be an evenhanded decision percentage possible. on behalf of the entire school. According to school

Letter to the Editors: No-Shave November Disappointment


ear Editors,

I couldn’t help but notice the widespread confusion in Fairfax High School regarding No-Shave November due to your failure to give the male faction sufficient time to prepare for one of Fairfax’s most notable events. Facial hair touting men all over the school were left alienated during their one time of the year to truly bond with the shavers. Not only did you fail to endorse the event, buy one of your own members was arrogant enough to shave during the righteous month and even post picture of his dastardly deed on Facebook. I don’t condone your act that brought such horror and shame to our noble establishment, but I would be willing to cut you some slack if you gave No-Shave-November the recognition it deserves, next year. With paramount grief, Daniel Vanderplas


fat ugly poor friendless weird cheap trashy fake stupid terrorist gay illegal ginger anorexic retarted loner fat ugly poor friendless weird cheap trashy fake terrorist gay illegal ginger anorexic retarted loner fat ugly poor lame friendless weird cheap BULLYING: A HIDDEN EPIDEMIC trashy fake cheap terrorist gay illegal ginger anorexic retarted loner fat ugly poor friendless weird cheap trashy fake stupid terrorist gay illegal ginger anorexic retarted loner fat ugly poor friendless weird cheap trashy fake

In Fairfax High School


hat is bullying? According to MerriamWebster, to bully someone means to treat abusively or to affect by means of force or coercion. At Fairfax, there aren’t necessarily oversized students walking around asking for lunch money and shoving freshmen into lockers. Then what is bullying? Bullying is simply people being mean to other people. Have you ever said anything you regretted or posted something insulting on “Formspring”? Bullying is a hidden epidemic, not only in Fairfax, but also across the nation. Yes, bullying does exist at Fairfax, but it shouldn’t be called bullying. The term bullying paints an image of a masculine teenage boy with ripped sleeves turning a nerd upside down to get lunch money. Personally, I have never seen this in our hallways, but one thing I have seen are cunning, spiteful posts on websites such as Formspring and Facebook. It’s easy to sit behind a computer knowing that what you post on the internet can be completely anonymous. What isn’t seen is how the person reading that Formspring post is reacting. Bullying in today’s high school world is simply being mean to another person, it doesn’t require any physical harm. Another commonality at Fairfax is the usage of harmful words in everyday conversations. There are plenty that come to mind; however, some of the most negative words that we use are “retarded” and “gay”. It is not ok. Can you imagine telling your friend how “retarded” your math homework was last night in the hallway, but little do you know that one of the special education students is right behind you? The thought is almost unbearable, yet not unimaginable. By using these harmful words in everyday language we are being ignorant. Challenge yourself today: count how many times you say or hear the words “gay” or “retarded” and change what you say. One word can make all the difference. We, as the students of Fairfax High School, have the power to create or change school climate. If we choose not to tolerate bullying, it will not happen. By changing your attitude or even being able to confront a bully you are taking one small step to stopping the bullying epidemic that has swept the country.

Kristina Hurd & Toni Rayder ‘11 Staff Writer & Art Director


Does Bullying Exist at Fairfax?

NO 18.3%

YES 81.6%

What is the most common form of bullying? Name Calling 22.4% Cyber bullying 41.6% Jokes taken the “wrong way” 35.9% Have you ever seen bullying and done nothing about it?

NO 29.0% YES 70.9%

Surveys conducted with 100 students during all lunches

Rebels Revealed

She never came up to me directly, she would go to her friends next to me and start talking about how disgusting lesbians are, and how they should all go burn in hell and die. She would walk by and roll her eyes at me and mutter things like “f*cking lesbo”. At one point I had a pin on my backpack that was a rainbow, and she told me that people were going to get the wrong impression of me. This girl sitting next to me was wearing rainbow earrings and she said, “I don’t think you should wear those, that’s what the lesbians wear.” One day she was especially mean, so the next Wednesday I skipped school. I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t so much that she said these hateful things. It was the fact that no one, not even the teacher, said anything about her relentless bullying. One day I went on Formspring, while I was minding my own business, I found a message so long it couldn’t even fit into one box. This message was split into three different text boxes and the post was anonymous. It said something along the lines of “you think you’re so pretty, you think you’re so funny, but you’re not, you think you’re awesome, but you’re not”. The fact that he or she posted this anonymously and did not have the guts to face me, shows that he or she is chicken. It was an attack on my character and no one should attack my character. If someone came up to me and said what they had typed I would have had a lot of respect for them, but because it is anonymous this post just made me dislike whoever did this. Formspring allows people to say whatever they want. If I would have known the reason or what I had done to the person to make them say these things, then maybe I could have listened or apologized. Instead, the person used Formspring as a way to attack me. These are true anonymous stories from FHS students.

Q & A

Ask Ms. Wilson: Counselor Peer Mediation Advisor

In your opinion, what is bullying? When someone is tormented, threatened, harassed, embarrassed, or otherwise targeted by another person or group of people. In other words, unwanted, negative actions. Does bullying exist at Fairfax? I think yes it does, but when I hear about bullying it is very specific. I’m not sure to what extent it is affecting our kids. What do you consider the most common form of bullying? I see what is known as “cyber bullying” whether it be through text messages, Facebook messages, or other means. What is Peer Mediation? Peer Mediation is a student organization that resolves conflicts between other students to get to the root of issues. What inspired you to become sponsor of Peer Mediation? I was a mediator in high school so becoming the sponsor of Peer Mediation was a full circle moment for me. Also, I believe in the mission that students should solve conflicts instead of other disciplinary actions. What should students do if they see or are being bullied? Talk to someone they trust whether it is a teacher, counselor, or a parent. School climate is determined by the students, so if the students choose not to tolerate bullying then it won’t happen.


Bullying: In the World


t gets better. It’s pretty safe to say this maxim is applicable to most percent of high school students. If you are among few who peak in the four transitional years between adulthood and middle school, congratulations. If however, you belong to the significantly larger population of high school students across the country, don’t give up hope. This is the message of the “It Gets Better” online video campaign, and instrument of hope with the specific intent of reaching the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender (LBGT) high school student population. It is headed by Dan Savage, openly gay author and media pundit, and his boyfriend Terry Miller, the stay at home dad of their son. Both had experienced a degree of bullying in high school that parents and school administrators would typically deem unacceptable. Because of the social stigma associated with being openly gay, organizations which youths could ordinarily turn to for aid (such as churches or schools) do not want to support or appear to support LBGT lifestyles, so they do not allow openly gay adults talk to teens or offer advice on how to cope. Savage and Miller realize that internet has become more and more accessible to everyone and that no one could stop them from send a message to LGBT teens via the web.


While high school is difficult for everyone, gay teens have an undeniably tougher time than the average middle school-er listening to the Cure and trying to “find himself”. According to Savage’s website, statistically LBGT kids are four times more likely to try to commit suicide than their straight peers and 90% of LGBT kids have been harassed due to their sexual orientation. Sadly, part of the inspiration for did in fact come from 15 year old Billy Lucas – an Indiana teen who hung himself due to bullying at school. Lucas was reportedly called “a fag” and told he “didn’t deserve to live”. Lucas’ was only one of a sudden outburst of LGBT deaths. Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers, jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate taped and posted him having sex with another man on the internet. “It Gets Better” videos will hopefully continue to inspire gay youths that high school may not be the best times of their lives, but that at least it’s bearable. However, videos by celebrities such as Tim Gunn, Nicki Minaj, and Kathy Griffin are not enough. Ultimately, if society wants to stop these terrible deaths from happening, the bigotry in schools must cease. The usage of words such as “fag” and using “gay” as an all purpose insult is unacceptable. Today seems like a good day to start the movement.

Helena Contes ‘11 Staff Writer


On November 9, 2010 the popular TV show, Glee, tackled the hot topic of bullying. It featured Kurt, the only gay character in his high school who is continuously bullied by a football player who is, surprisingly, gay. Kurt turns to a fellow gay character, Blaine, who tells him to confront his bully. This message is clear: before a victim lashes out or takes extreme measures it is important to reach out to someone who can help. Someone who is teasing another person may intend it as innocent fun; however, everyone has different backgrounds and opinions. So what a bully may think is harmless can be damaging based on past experiences or personal beliefs.

Ellen DeGeneres

Recently The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been featuring segments in an effort to unite viewers against bullying. Ellen is aiming to highlight the recent suicides caused by bullying. Various celebrities are sending messages, speaking out against bullying. Ellen herself discussed how it is everyone’s obligation to change the way society tolerates bullying. Among others, Brittany Snow and David Spade have important messages for kids who are being bullied. Brittany Snow “There’s a support system out there and there’s a lot of people out there who have been through what you’re going through and/ or people going through it right now.” David Spade “Kids can be cruel… [Bullying] can hit you hard, and I think its time to end it.”



True Life: I jump walls


arkour, also known as free running, is be defined as a “philosophy”, where athletes move with their environment and try to get to their destination as interestingly and efficiently as possible. It has become popular by the spread of amateur YouTube videos, as well as being featured in action movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and Casino Royale. Many practice the art of parkour in urban settings, by jumping off of buildings, and seemingly climbing walls. Without any training, though, the athlete’s parkour would probably look more like the flailing that was exhibited by Dwight and Michael on the first episode of Season 6 of The Office, as they yelled “Parkour! Parkour!” Urban Evolution, located in Alexandria, is the only parkour training facility in Virginia. Junior Elena Kysar is currently a beginner student in their parkour classes. “I started around the end of August when my friend dragged me with her to an introduction class. I didn't want to go because I thought it would be too manly and difficult and it didn't interest me before. But when I went, I found out that it was actually really exciting, that girls can do it too and it’s not that scary.” Elena began with re-learning the basics of running, jumping, and landing,


Elena Kysar leaps over obstacles at her parkour class. Photos courtesy of Elena Kysar

because everything else builds upon those basics. She has since progressed to more complicated moves like cat leaps and speed vaults. Learning parkour isn’t just about jumping over obstacles, though. “An average class at Urban Evolution starts off with a warm up of squats, lots of jumps, pullups, pushups, sprints, running, lunges, and burpees, because parkour requires a lot of strength”, Elena says. Then, the athletes, or Urbanites, as they’re called at Urban Evolution, get to work on whatever moves they want to try on, using the school’s jungle gym and other equipment designed to mirror a cityscape.

Elena says, “I would recommend that people try parkour because it is so much fun, and if you can get over the mental block or fear then it’s really exhilarating. You can see how strong you really are and that you can do things you probably didn’t think you could.” Weekly parkour basics classes are $140 a month and more details can be found at

Emily Stone ‘12 Co-Features Editor

71. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Things You Need to Know About a Rebel Thanksgiving

Parents and children endure long and crowded flights to see their families. Senior Jorge Colindres’ family, despite its great size, gets together every year for the holiday. “My entire extended family gets together- around sixty-five of us. We eat chicken instead of turkey because it’s easier to cook and it’s less expensive so we can buy more,” he said.

Many families brave the crowds to take advantage of the huge sales held by many department stores the day after Thanksgiving. Senior Sam Yi’s family, for example, is all about Black Friday. She explained excitedly, “My family and I have a Thanksgiving lunch instead of dinner, which includes a lot of deep fried foods, mixing traditional Thanksgiving food with Asian food. The whole gathering is over by four. We take a nap for a few hours, then gear up for intense Black Friday shopping at the outlet mall. We park around eight somewhere in the labyrinth of cars and shop until 3 am.” Students and their families surround each other with friends when the rest of their family is too far to make it for Thanksgiving. Senior Denisse Aquino, whose family lives in Bolivia, still celebrates Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones. “My mom invites all of her friends and their families. We eat dinner, and then all the kids gather around the TV to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” she said. Students celebrate Thanksgiving through the entire break to try to see as much of their family as they can. Sophomore Jennifer Nguyen, who has a big family, said, “My family has two Thanksgiving dinners- one dedicated to my mother’s side of the family and one to my father’s.” Teachers take the opportunity to be thankful for what they have and reminisce about past Thanksgiving reunions. Fairfax Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Kristin Webster, described her Thanksgiving, “My husband and I host our in-laws for Thanksgiving. But as a child, most of my family lived in New York, so that’s where all of us got together. As my grandmother prepared the holiday dinner, we went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My uncle knew where they blew up the balloons and we could get a peek at the balloons that would be in the parade before it got too crowded.” Cartoons by Emily Buzzard Students try to keep to the traditions that have been followed for many years. Senior Mycah McNett explained how she tries to bring forth traditions from her roots, “Every Thanksgiving I make lefsa. It is a Norwegian tortilla made from potatoes. We put spread butter on it and then sprinkle sugar on top of that. Then we just roll it up and eat it.” Families adapt to each other’s preferences to make sure everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving meal. Junior Cassie Kostiuk, whose entire immediate family is vegan and does not eat any animal products, said, “When people come over, we have to accommodate them by buying a precooked turkey.”

Daniela Torres ‘11 Staff writer


@ RebelRawr

The Official Twitter of the Rebel Roar Newspaper

@FairfaxHighSchool: Follow me. Xoxo, Rebel Rawr “


ma b shaqaclaus again dis year for toys r us. who wants to be my elf?” This is an official tweet from none other than the celebrity/athelete Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal, one of the most prolific big-name celebrities to make use of the website Twitter. com, must know a thing or two about becoming successful on this social networking site. He has over 3.3 million “followers”, or people who sign on to receive updates each time the “Shaqtus” decides to share his thoughts with the internet. This month, I, in my embarrassingly abundant amount of free-time, decided that I would put updating my dog’s Facebook profile on hold in order to join this strange world of “tweeting” and “@” signs in a quest to become the world’s most recognized Twitterer. Over the duration of November, I created a Twitter account (#Rebel Rawr, if you’re interested in checking it out) and became one of the top-10 followed mega-Twitter celebrities in the entire world. This is my guide, so one day, maybe, you’ll be able to “tweet” like me. To be a successful Twitter user, one must: 1. Have two of the following characteristics: Fame, Sex Appeal, or Talent - While researching the most prolific and famous Twitter users, I discovered an incredible trend-all of the users ranked in the top


ten of Twitter’s “follow” rankings, possess at least two of the characteristics of fame, sex appeal, and talent. For example, Lady Gaga, the number one followed user, has an enormous fanbase, is extremely sexy, and has an overflowing abundance of musical talent. Located a little farther down in the rankings, at number 9, is pop-star Katy Perry. Appropriately, she has only two of the three characteristics--fame, and sex appeal (her actual singing leaves much to be desired). There does seem to be one anomaly in this system, however; Justin Bieber, currently ranked 4th on the all-time followed list, while failing to satisfy two of the three needed criteria for Twitter success. Granted, he is famous, but for no real reason whatsoever. Some things I’ll just never understand. 2. “Follow” those who are already popular - If you want to be considered in the Twitter elite, then you have to immerse yourself in the Twitter elite. Upon “following” them, pick up on their Twitter mannerisms and styles. What time does Kanye West usually like to Tweet? How many smiley-faces did Paris Hilton include in her tweets over the last hour? These people, like it or not, have already risen to the top of the Twitter ladder, and if you want to as well than you need to be EXACTLY LIKE THEM. If you can’t beat em’, you might as well join them. (For the record,

Kanye prefers late evening tweets, and Paris has only used 7 smileys-give her a break though, it’s only been the first 10 minutes of the hour.) 3. Have an INSANE AMOUNT OF FREE TIME -Seriously, if you really want to keep up with the big boys, then you need to “tweet” at the pace of other Twitter superstars. This could mean 7,8, maybe 9 “tweets” an hour. To accomplish the sheer volume of “tweets” necessary, you might find it useful to sync up your phone, Xbox, and Playstation all with your Twitter account so you can “tweet” the maximum amount physically possible. An additional benefit to having so much free time is the ability to respond, or “retweet” to other people’s tweets with swiftness. Think of how impressed Justin Timberlake will be when you “tweet” “LOLLL!! Ur sooo funny!! Luv u @Justin Timberlake!!!!!” 1.7 milliseconds after he posts a witty comment. You’ll be famous in no time. As the month comes to a close, and the long Thanksgiving weekend rolls around, maybe you’ll take the time to create a Twitter account of your own. Who knows, maybe, if you follow my tips diligently, you could amount to 1/8th of the Twitter celebrity I’ve recently become. Follow me at #RebelRawr!

Jordan Rummel ‘11 Art Director


Preparing for the Black Friday Rush


ith the holiday season approaching, people are out looking for the hottest deals to satisfy all their gift giving needs; a simple solution to all their cries for help, Black Friday. Occurring every year, the morning after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has become known for stores lowering their prices by ridiculous amounts on electronics, toys, and clothes. Unfortunately, Black Friday isn’t all it’s been hyped up to be. In fact, every year a few people, whether they are employees or customers, are often trampled to death by the ferocious crowd or even attacked while leaving the store by other crazed customers. Lucky for you, there are ways to keep yourself and those around you safe. Tenisha Betourd, Operations Supervisor at the Fair Lakes Best Buy, is here to let you know that there are a few simple solutions to make this holiday season, a safe one: -First, and most importantly, “It WILL be cold! I haven’t been to a single Black Friday where it feels like its spring or summer time. A Snuggie would be nice for this occasion.”

-Although police will be present, make sure to keep an eye out on what’s happening around you. When the doors open, don’t run, and pay close attention to those who are. -If you are camping out, be sure to hide your valuables in case others get greedy. -When approaching or leaving the store, have someone escort you or stick with a partner. The police at Best Buy will happily escort you to your car if you’re nervous about facing the crowd. Overall, Black Friday is an event that many retailers spend months preparing for in order to keep their customers safe and make as much money as possible. Betourd, for instance, says to have been planning for Black Friday since July. “Although our Black Friday deals are currently confidential, I can tell you that there is a website that releases that info, but it’s up there for a short period of time. We always have awesome deals though.” So while many employees such as myself are working 10 to 12 hour shifts, go out there and enjoy once in a lifetime deals from many major retailers.

Brandon Blankenship ‘12

No Shave November: a Growing Fad

Staff Writer


h November, one of grow their facial, or in the ladies’ the first real months of case, leg hair, for the entire month of winter. Marked by chilly November. Senior Josh Munive says days, falling leaves, and the earth that No-Shave November “brings shifting on its axis a little further out the American nature in me. away from the sun. Students Growing my beard out makes me combat this cold month in many feel like a real man.” ways. Some choose to ignore On the other side of the spectrum, the elements, others decide to junior Courtney Kennedy said that dress warmer, but the most epic No-Shave November doesn’t make way some choose to battle the that big of a difference for the female frosty feelings that the month of gender during this month because November ushers in is to grow out a majority of girls don’t participate their hair. in it. However, Kennedy also says, Yes, growing hair is nature’s “No-Shave November does liberate natural way to insulate and some of the females because we protect us from the elements. don’t have to shave our legs as To shave or not to shave? During the much, but shaving in general is more All of the conquerors of frigid lands had immense hair, be it the month of November, that is the ques- hygienic.” Vikings, Sir Edmund Hillary, and tion. Graphic courtesy of Matt Reihing Facial fur, as well as long leg hair, even Ferdinand Magellan. All of has been accepted by members of these intrepid individuals wore their facial and body both sexes, mainly due to their insulation properties hair proudly and grew out their beards not just as a and the elimination of the pesky routine of shaving. fashion statement, but as a way to guard from the frigid Not to mention that a burly beard would go excellently conditions they would encounter. with a career in lumberjacking. So love it or hate it, it Male and female students at FHS have embraced the seems that No-Shave November is here to stay. phenomenon known as No-Shave November. During Matt Reihing ‘11 the beginning of November, participants pledge to Commentary Editor



Midterm Elections 2010: Fairfax Votes Midterm Elections: Conolley vs. Fimian ne of the most watched races of our area dursecond term for Connolly.


ing the midterm elections was the race for the House seat of Virginia’s 11th Congressional District between Democrat Gerry Connolly, who was running for reelection, and his challenger, Republican Keith Fimian. This was the second time that Fimian and Connolly ran against each other. In 2008, Connolly defeated Fimian with 54.7% of the popular vote. Election night, results were too close to call, but as of Friday, November 5th, it was determined that Connolly led by 968 votes, according to the Washington Post. Fimian conceded on Tuesday, November 9, securing a

According to Gerry Connolly’s website, one of his biggest priorities is investing in schools. Also, during his first term in Congress, he voted to make college more affordable. Connolly told the Washington Post on October 28th that the most urgent problem facing Northern Virginia at this point is the economy. He also said that with the economy in its current sate, he believes that taxes should not be raised. Connolly plans to reduce the federal deficit and continue to create high paying jobs.

Controversial Candidates:

Co-Features Editor

Emily Stone‘12

Meet the some of the most offbeat candidates that ran this November

Lisa Murkowski Alaskan Republican Party

Christine O’Donnell Linda McMahon

Jimmy McMillan

Delaware Republican

New York Rent is too Many of O’Donnell’s stances Damn High Party Connecticut Republican Murkowski’s perspectives and beliefs are strongly and views are moderately conservative, which is why McMillan was one of the McMahon’s main issues conservative; she is candidates in the running many people find them so were economic growth generally anti-abortion, controversial. She promotes for the Governor of New and job creation, fiscal she supports nonYork along with two other sexual abstinence before Federally funded stem-cell discipline, health care, candidates, Democrat marriage, and oil drilling. research, and she supports national security, and She is strongly anti-abortion, Andrew Cuomo and government reform. carefully monitored Republican candidate McMahon is controversial anti-human cloning, and and technologically anti-Health Care legislation. Carl Paladino. The main because before she was advanced oil drilling. She also advocated against issue McMillan focused running for a seat in the The controversial aspect on was the “rent” being the disconnection of a senate she was the Chief of her engagement in the too high. What makes him Executive Officer of World feeding tube for a young election is that she is a controversial is that he woman who was in a write-in candidate, running Wrestling Entertainment, isn’t afraid to say exactly persistent vegetative state, against Joe Miller, her other and she has also been what he thinks. McMillan has been accused of using recognized as one of Republican opponent, federal money for personal did not win the New the country’s top female and Scott McAdams, her York Governor race, but use, and has been accused executives, both for her Democratic opponent. of not paying her mortgage. was able to take a small business acumen and Murkowski is expected to percentage of the vote. O’Donnell lost to Chris do very well in this election. her support of a variety Coons, her democratic Gabrielle Severson ‘12 of community-based opponent. initiative. Emily Taylor ‘11


Staff Writers


Republicans Seize Control in Midterm Election


he electronic map turned red as Republicans dominated this year’s midterm election. The Republican Party gained 19 previously Democratic states the first week of November, giving them control of 239 House seats to the Democrats’ 196. The last time Republicans had this many seats was 1928, the same year Republican presidential candidate Herbert Hoover crushed Democratic candidate Al Smith in a landslide victory. So what’s important about this change in government? This power shift will not only affect the outcome of major policy decisions in the future, but these decisions will also filter down to affect our everyday lives. According to government teacher Ms. Jacki Ball, the most important issue affecting our school will be the reauthorization of the No Child

2010 Senate results as of November 17th.

Republican Democratic Undecided

Left Behind Act. Originally passed in 2001, this act requires basic skill assessments in different subject areas and in certain grades to be given to students in each state if schools wish to receive federal funding. The No Child Left Behind Act is just one of many that could be completely changed with the new Republican majority. At a meeting on Capitol Hill just last week, they debated just throwing out the drafts for this issue and starting new. Voters’ choice to replace Democratic congressmen with Republicans could also be taken as a personal strike at President Obama’s policies. Junior Erin Schulze said it could definitely be seen as opposition against him because “It was such a big difference from when he was elected because then Democrats had the majority and now it’s switched around and Republicans have the majority.” The issues our nation faces won’t go away unless we do something about them, but many people of our generation don’t follow the elections or vote. Senior Alex Neblett decided to take his opportunity to vote because “It’s civic duty. I wanted something done in the government.” Senior Charley Baxter-Gagen also excercised his right to vote by going out to the polls on November 2nd while the rest of his friends were sleeping in. Each one of the branches of our government is important in politics, there’s not just one part that has control. Therefore, having a predominantly Republican House balances out the mostly Democratic Senate. Junior Tiffany Balbuena thinks it will be hard to get anything done because “the President will have different ideas than the Republicans running the House, and will want different outcomes.” We’ll just have to wait and see.

Nikki Strickland ‘13 2010 House results as of November 17th. Only major districts shown.

Copy Editor



Coaches’ Corner -Winter Sports Preview-

Indoor Track

Boys Basketball

My personal goals as a coach are to improve the organization and team unity of the program, and to inspire my athletes to push beyond what they perceive to be their limits. What you think you can accomplish is usually only a small glimpse of what you can really do. You just have to believe in yourself and keep working (even through the inevitable challenges that have to be negotiated), until you succeed.

As a coach, I want to be prepared for every situation that happens on and off the floor. That means that no matter what happens I’ll be expecting it because I’ll have taken the time to think about it before hand. We don’t have a set win-loss record in mind, but our goal is to be playing our best basketball in February, because high school basketball is all about the tournament. We want to peak during the tournament, and try to win districts, so we can go far in the regional playoffs. But most importantly we want to make sure that we’re unselfish as a team.

By Coach Rowe


By Coach Kelly

By Coach Franklin

Win/loss ratio is so hard to project for our sport because it is such an individual sport. On any given day for any given match a wrestler who is picked to lose can win and the other way around. I am just hoping that our team will go out each match and fight for a victory. I want to make sure that the guys learn as much about the sport as they can, get them in shape to make sure they can go a full six minutes without feeling tired, and make sure they have some fun with this challenging sport.

Gymnastics By Coach Watson

We don’t really have a win-loss record in mind. We compete with several schools on four different events. Our goal is to have our girls finish in the top 3 of each apparatus as often as we can. 

Girls Basketball By Coach Konde

I believe with the talent that we have that if we focus on one game at a time, one quarter at a time, and then one possession at a time we have the potential to beat every team on our schedule as long as we stay healthy and play as a team. This year’s captains will be senior Jordan Sharpe and junior Liz MchNaughton. Jordan is a big difference maker on the team, who has been with me since she was a freshman. This season I would like to see us improve on last year’s record and win a game in the district tournament which will give us our 1st regional tournament berth.

Swim & Dive By Coach Harris

Coach Turner’s and my objectives for this year are to ensure that each swimmer gets something out of this season. As coaches, we want to ensure that every swimmer improves from the first meet to districts, and that they feel good about their accomplishments. We want every swimmer to make it to the next level, whether


that level is going to districts for the first time, going to district finals, or making it to the regional or state level. We will have some tough meets with Madison, Langley, and TJ, but we have confidence in our team to swim their hearts out and strive for their best times.

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Senior Signings W

hile most high school seniors are busy writing college essays, handing in transcript request forms, and visiting the campuses of their dreams, senior tennis player Jason Luu is already past all this; he has been recruited to play tennis for Cornell University. Luu received his acceptance letter a month ago and is currently counting down the days until his freshmen orientation. Luu began playing tennis at age six. His parents wanted him to play in order to get out and meet new people, however this way to make friends quickly turned into a burning passion for the sport. From the beginning, Luu always had the support from his parents, “My dad had a big influence on me. Tennis was a big hobby of [his], and he was actually a skilled tennis player himself,” Luu said. Learning from his dad, Luu has made tennis his main priority in life. He practices three hours a day, misses at least 25 days of school for practice and matches, and is only taking three courses his senior year to maximize his time for tennis. Fortunately for Luu, all his hard work and efforts in tennis paid off when over the summer he started receiving letters of interest from Harvard, Brown, William and Mary, and Cornell, all wanting him to play tennis for their school. “It was a very close decision between Harvard and Cornell, but in the end I liked Cornell a little bit better,” he explained. Getting accepted into an Ivy League school is a great accomplishment to begin with, but it is even more rewarding to be admitted for sports as well as academics. “A player has to meet certain criteria to be admitted into an Ivy League school as a student athlete. I would not have been admitted strictly on grades, so obviously

More Rebel Recruits Meg Murphy

Virginia Tech Swim and Dive

George Washington Soccer

Jordan Sharpe ‘11 Editor-in-Chief

Joseph Vanderplas

Meredith Mesaris

Sam Cormode

Photos by Sam Brott

Kelli Stockton

tennis was my main push into me getting in,” Luu said. In the past four years, Luu has been able to put together a very important tennis resume. His state ranking is number one. In the Mid Atlantic Region, which is made up of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and D.C., he is currently ranked third. Also, during his sophomore year, Luu won the state doubles championship for the FHS tennis team with current Northwestern sophomore, Sidarth Balaji. Luu will start college in the fall of 2011, and is looking forward to a successful career playing collegiate sports as well as getting an education from Cornell. Once he graduates from college, Luu will most likely continue to play tennis just as a hobby. “Pursuing a career as a professional tennis player is tough. You have to be the best of the best to make a living out of competing in that sport and I realize my potential and know that becoming a pro is unlikely,” said Luu. However, he will always find time to play the sport he knows best and will definitely “keep tennis as a hobby and use it Photo courtesy of Jason Luu to exercise and a way to have fun.”

University of Tennessee American University Basketball Baseball

Virginia Tech Soccer



Wildcat Attack

Rebel football sent home from District Playoffs by Centreville


n Friday, November 12, two rebuilding high school football programs played in their most important game in recent memory. For the Centreville Wildcats, it was their first appearance in a playoff game since 2007, having not won one since 2001. On the other side, the Fairfax Rebels were playing in their second playoff game in two years after a decadelong drought, but the significance went much deeper than that. Centreville’s head coach was none other than Chris Haddock, the same man who showed the Rebels the way back to top-level high school football, then packed up his winning ways and shipped them just 15 minutes down Braddock Road. A win that night for Fairfax would have been more than just a playoff victory. Fairfax students came out in force that night, nearly all of them decked in white from head to toe for a whiteout. Even those who showed up unprepared left later on with much more white than they had brought with them because of the clouds of baby powder wafting over the student section and pouring out of vuvuzelas like smoke. By the end of the game, though, these faithful students were nearly silenced,


worn down by a sputtering Rebels offense and a Wildcat attack that woke up in the second half, putting up 17 points in the third and fourth quarters to beat Fairfax 24-6. Senior running back Marcus Bailey plowed his way into the only points the Rebels would receive all night with a two yard touchdown run in the third quarter, bringing Fairfax to within one point. However, Coach Kevin Simonds’ first playoff team didn’t catch up to Centreville, as senior Kevin Playuk missed the extra point attempt. The student section never failed to see the bright side, though. “At least it smelled like baby,” junior Kevin Feehan joked. “We played better football as a group this year than most teams,” Simonds said afterwards. “I was most excited about seeing the guys come together as a team, and I was really proud of all the effort, and of the efforts of all those guys who will go on to play at the next level.” In this transition year for the program, the Rebels finished above .500 with a winning record of 6-5.

Walker Carlson ‘13 Sports Editor

Photo by Jessie Mason


Fairfax Cheers to Fifth


his year’s Fairfax Varsity Cheerleading team was ready to repeat history and take the state title for the second time in a row. As Liberty District Champions, FHS Cheerleading was expected to place high in the competition. With practice five days a week for three hours each, the cheer team persistently worked hard to perfect their routine. During the Northern Region Finals that were held on Saturday, November 6, the cheerleading team placed second in both rounds, with a one-point loss to Herndon High School in the second round. FHS’ cheerleaders did not lose hope and kept a positive outlook on the state competition. “All we have to do is believe,” said senior Andrew Pa. “If we believe and

fight for everything we believe in then nothing is going to stop us. We broke the state record [for points] at a district level, why not break that record on the main floor for the whole state to see?” The Virginia State Championships were held at VCU on November 13, where four teams from each region competed. Numerous family members and friends of the FHS cheer team came to support them, and were by far the loudest group in the crowd. The loud chants and cheers from the audience motivated the team to perform their best, and at the end of the first round, FHS was announced first place with a score of 266, half a point ahead of runner-up, Cosby High School. The second round of the competition took place shortly after, consisting of the top five teams determined in the first round. Fairfax went first, and unfortunately received a 15-point deduction from their performance. As a result, FHS placed fifth in the Viginia State Championship and Cosby received the first place title. Although the Rebel cheerleaders were disappointed, they did not have any regrets. “We left our print on that mat; they will remember us through how much passion we delivered,” said senior Tue Nguyen. As for the audience, they were extremely supportive of the cheerleaders and stayed optimistic.“We will definitely be back next year to win,” said junior Allie Velarde.

Rachel Tran ‘13 Copy Editor

All photos by Rachel Tram



English Department Kills Trees


ellow Fairfaxians, what you are about to read might be a bitter pill to swallow, but a heinous crime against tree-manity has been occurring in the dark shadowy forests of Fairfax. But before I appall you, let’s wind the clocks back two years. The roaring mid 2000s – a feel-good time of high test scores, delicious cafeteria munchies, and freedom to use excessive amounts of paper. Due to a budget surplus, the Brabrand administration exercised a laze-faire paper policy over the departments here at Fairfax. The freedom to use as much paper as the departments needed caused teachers to happily print thick, 30 page packets for students on a day to day basis. But the English department went overboard, printing Jane Eyre packets that exceeded 200 pages. The English Department used approximately 400 times the amount of paper in a day than what all the other departments use in a year combined. One AP English 11 class alone went through roughly 10,000+ sheets of paper a day. Over a course of an entire school year, this equated to 280,000 sheets of paper each year. Any junior or senior that is or has taken AP English 11 knows that by Christmas their heavy duty, three inch jumbo supreme binder they bought at Staples at the beginning of the year is now overstuffed and crumbling apart from the massive packets it has to hold. Sure, Charlotte Brontë, author of Jane Eyre, is ridiculously long-winded, but why must the student’s work packets mimic this writing style? They get the point. So if the department’s paper has been limited, then how can they continue to be causing mayhem for the students? My friends, the English department is notorious for reading between the lines, and though they may abide to the limited paper allotted by the school, they have been getting their paper elsewhere – from a cheaper source. This may not seem like such a problem; the English department isn’t weighing down the budget with massive quantities of paper. The only thing they are weighing down is our backpacks, but it is all in the name of education. But what goes on behind the closed lounge doors is nothing short of evil. Fairfax, the English department feeds us with the succulent fruits from the tree of knowledge every day, but after they bestow the fruits to their students, they cut the tree down for paper! Well, I say that we have had enough! Emily Dickenson would not stand for it, and neither should we! Fairfax, the time has come to go Green, to use less paper, and to free the trees.

I specialize in the destruction of forests. -Mrs. Lambert

Elliot Meyer ‘11 Staff Writer




very year people like to rant about what they’re thankful. Not to be a pessimist, but what about all the things we’re not thankful for? The only real way to make the world better is to reform it, and if we don’t point out what’s wrong we won’t know what to fix! Keeping this in mind, here is just a selection of things I’m ungrateful for:

Senior Superlatives

Senior Superlatives should have open nominations. To have predetermined nominations just doesn’t work. When did our school turn into an oligarchy, anyway?


I’m tired of eating meals where the only food I like is potatoes. Honestly, I don’t even like pie. I appreciate the concept and the pilgrims, but I can’t deal with a meal full of turkey.


Uggs and ugly sound the same for a reason. Whatever happened to plain old sneakers? Why don’t you go be different and stop matching every other girl in the school?

People That Cheat

I work hard. Maybe if you spent as much time studying as you do cheating you’d actually learn something. You want an A? Earn it.

Bad computers

If our school would just buy us iMacs, everything would be great and we wouldn’t have problems with anything! In fact, we’d even be able to get rid of the tech guy!

Braids For all you girls out there,

braids are almost as bad as Uggs. Believe me, you’d look so much better if you just put that hair in a pony tail or let it down.

Sam Brott ‘11 Sports Editor


Whats the Point?


’ve always been a math person. Math just makes sense; there’s always a way to get the right answer, and you can always find out if your answer is right. As a student in both AP Physics C and AP Calculus BC, I have tons of opportunities to be around math and its “applications.” The problem is, there really aren’t any real real-life applications. Sure, you can use physics to calculate the coefficient of friction between your shot out tires and the slick snow-covered road as you skid violently into the car in front of you at a stoplight, but I have a feeling you’ll be more concerned with how your mom is going to react when she sees the insurance bill. Calculus is useful if you want to figure out the volume of any solid in the entire universe, but why on earth

would you want to do that? You probably care more about the volume of coffee in your cup as you stay up until 2:30 in the morning calculating Riemann sums. Teachers who love the subjects may disagree, but let’s get real. Unless you’re taking “How to Balance Working a Full Time Job and Getting Your Masters in Philosophy at the Same Time,” the classes you’re in probably have no real value to you. English, sure. You obviously need to be able to write. Honestly, other than that, no one cares if you can name the order of US Presidents, or the atomic mass of every element. Well, it may be useful for Jeopardy.

Jessie Mason ‘11 Business Manager

Thanksgrieving: Thanksgiving by the Numbers


very year, on Thanksgiving in the United States, turkeys fear for their lives. Thanksgiving, an annual celebration of the pilgrims’ success in the New World, is commemorated in nearly every American home with the killing and devouring of a turkey. Delectable tradition? Or annual animal genocide? According to PETA, over 45 million turkeys are slaughtered each year to feed American families on Thanksgiving. Animal rights activists and modern-day hippies are up in arms regarding this apparent turkey day of death. But is this anger rightfully directed? Compared to the chicken, a fellow barnyard bird, the turkey gets the better end of the bargain. In the United States alone, 269 chickens are killed every second—that equates to 23 million a day, and an astonishing 8.39 billion chickens are per year. With a little over 300,000,000 people making up the American population, each American citizen could

potentially consume about 260 chickens each year. Now that’s clucked up. Another controversy surrounding Thanksgiving is the annual presidential pardoning of a single turkey. Each year, one turkey (the only “egg-ception”) is spared from Thanksgiving Day festivities and sent either to Frying Pan Park in Virginia or Disney World Resort in Florida where the lucky fowl will live out the rest of its days in luxury. Is it really ethical for this practice to continue? Should we continue to kill and eat turkeys as we always have, just to satisfy our Thanksgiving desires? Yes. Yes, I believe we should. We are the dominant species on this planet through our own hardwork. It’s called survival of the fittest for a reason. Until turkeys reach the level of success that we as humans have achieved in both the fields of science and ethics, I will continue to (sorry, I have to) “gobble”-them up.

Jordan Rummel ‘11 Art Director

269 45 25 chickens are killed each second. Now thats clucked up.

million turkeys are killed each year for Thanksgiving.

the speed in miles per hour at which turkeys can run.


turkey is pardoned each year by the president. The only “egg-ception“ 31.

w e r C



he Fairfax Crew team held its first Erg-A-Thon Fundraiser on Saturday November 6, which was sponsored by local companies in order to raise money for insurance and maintenance for boating equipment. The sponsors pledged to donate money per meter the crew team would “row” on an erg machine. Each team member had pledged to row a certain amount of meters and since there were a limited amount of erg machines, the rowers took turns using the machines. Although the event didn’t gain many supporters outside of crew parents, sophomore Maisie Newman said they managed to raise a lot of money and lessen their dues. Congratulations to the Crew team for making waves in their first major event of the year!

Suha Khandker ‘13 Staff Writer

All photos by Suha Khandker

November 2010  

Issue 3, November 2010

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