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September 9, 2011

Show some personality


Teachers decorate classrooms with unique and personal belongings BY SHELBY ENNIS


Staff Writer

STEELERS: Mr. Crosley has a Pittsburg Steelers lamp in his room. Crosley’s room has many other Steelers decorations. LOOKY HERE: Mrs. Toner uses Mickey Mouse pointers. They each light up and play music as well as show students where to look.



IRISH PRIDE: Mrs. Schembra decorated her podium using the Irish flag to symbolize her pride for her Irish heritage. Also throughout her room is a collection of other Irish items such as shamrocks and Leprechauns.


ust as most students like to decorate their lockers with pictures and signs that express their personality, so do many teachers. Some teachers place pictures on their desk of their family and friends, but others go beyond just photos and decorate according to their favorite sports teams, unique and fun items and even items from their heritage. “It’s a unique way to show a sense of your personality and what you like outside of school,” said English teacher Mr. Ryan Costello. Mrs. Kathy Nalley-Schembra, health teacher, has made her classroom one of the most unique rooms by adding a personal touch of what she values. Although the room was remodeled this past summer, Schembra continues to keep her room unique by painting the walls white and red. Throughout her classroom students can view her love of the Fighting Irish and Ball State Cardinals by looking at all the fan items she has collected over the years. Being an alumni from BSU, most of Schembra’s items are Cardinal red and white. “I went there and so did my kids. I love and bleed Ball State. [It] was a great experience and that’s why I decorate with Ball State [University] things,” Schembra said. Not only do teachers have unique items that match their personality, they also have creative academic ideas that make their classroom stand out from others. Mr. Ryan Costello decorates his room to show off his personality outside of school, but he also has a creative way for students to

build their vocabulary. Inside Costello’s room is a ‘word cemetery’ which he created last year. The word cemetery contains words which are overused and too vague. “I got tired of seeing the same words over and over, and I found myself repeating to my students that I wish the word ‘very’ would die, and so I created a ‘word cemetery’ and since then I have just added more words to the list,” said Costello. Not only are there personal touches to classrooms, but some teachers show off what they collect. Math teacher Mrs. Angie Toner is known for the pointers she uses during class. “[Some pointers are] my hands, lights, sounds... mickey mouse hands, cactus, princess wands, alligator claws, several flip-flop swatters, and lots more!” said Toner. Another unique, fun item that has grown into a collection are rubber ducks which science teacher Mr. Ben North has accumulated over the past year. “...students bring in random rubber ducks that they buy, win or find. I now have nine ducks that are clearly visible on top of my dry erase board in the front of my classroom. I would say this does make my room unique simply because nobody else has a random assortment of ducks lined up in their room,” said North. From professional sports team posters to college alumni posters, RHS teachers enjoy expressing their personality by adding a personal touch to their classroom.


QUACK!: Above Mr. North’s room, students can find a collection of ducks. He has received most of these from his students.


CAUTION: Mr. Costello’s room features a word cemetery as a constant reminder of word choice for his students. The list of words is constantly growing. FRIDGE: Mrs. Schembra keeps this mini-fridge in her room. On it is the Ball State University logo, which can be found in other places in her room.


High school tips for freshmen Newspaper staff and upperclassmen offer advice to the underclassmen


E Staff Writer

veryone needs tips when they start something new and different. People need to know how to do their job or how to write a certain type of essay. You can’t go into something new and not know what is going on. The best way to start something new is with some tips. The freshmen are new to Roncalli, and they need some tips to get along with the high school madness. Now these tips are to help and not to criticize. Every class at one time needs some tips to be successful. If everyone did not get the tips of how to go along with high school, then no one would know what to do. No one wants students going up and down the hall not having any idea what is going on. Seniors had tips that let them get to the point they are at now, and so did every other class. In addition, ask teachers for their help, they have been here for years, they know how to get through this better than anyone. Ask classmates also, they are going through this too, so they are also great help. High school is easier when people help each other.



“Use your planner, it keeps your school life in check.” Junior Katie Schultz

“Go ALL out for spirit day.” Senior Chris Antolin

Top 10 Tips 1) Use your planner, it is your high

friend out there for you.

school life in a book.

6) Do your homework, it’s worth more

2) Don’t walk in a huge group, it causes

than you think.

a tie-up.

7) Make a positive name for yourself.

3) Be nice to everyone, treat your class-

8) Don’t stop in the middle of the hall,

mates like you would want to be treated.

it backs everyone up.

4) Be loud at EVERYTHING.

9) Be spirited.

5) Meet new people, there is a new

10) See high school as a second chance.


“Be involved with everything, you’ll regret it if you don’t.” Senior Nick Ader


“Walk and don’t talk in the hallway.” Senior Katie Kelly


“If you fall down the stairs, fall with style.” Junior Tyler Morgan

Student Council Update

Miracle Mile Parade

Homecoming News

Homecoming Floats

Freshmen in StuCo

Rebels marched down Madison Avenue for the annual parade. The Roncalli band played music behind the bus.

Homecoming week will be September 19-24. The dance is that Saturday night from 8:00-10:50 p.m.

Floats will be decorated on Thursday, September 22, from 3:00-6:30 p.m. Talk to your class officers to get involved.

Freshmen applications are due Tuesday, September 13, at 3:00 p.m. Elections will be held September 29-30.


friend out there for you. 6) Do your homework, it’s worth more than you think. 7) Make a positive name for yourself. 8) Don’t stop in the mi...