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December 19, 2008

Indianapolis, Indiana


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“And remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.” - Acts 20:35

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BCS PREDICTIONS, pg 7 Photo by Hannah Cave

CHRISTMAS IN LIGHTS: Mr. Wetzel’s House is adorned with the most relevant and somewhat random Christmas decor, including a dinosaur wearing a Santa hat and the abominable snowman.

by Hannah Cave Staff Writer



O HO HO! It’s Christmas time again. This means roasting chestnuts on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at our noses. But more importantly, it’s time for “Christmas on the Corner” at Mr. Wetzel’s house in Broad Ripple. His house is decorated with the most elaborate Christmas decorations, some which are donated, others are bought, “but most are from my parents,”

Fourth annual “Christmas on the Corner” raises money for the Ronald McDonald House

The idea for the decorating extravaganza came quite by accident. “Well, one year, I and the three other guys I live with put up a huge display of Christmas decorations. We got such a huge response. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. So I thought, maybe I could use this for a good cause. I talked to Mr. Tully about my idea, and we decided to use the decorations as a display to try and get people to donate money to charity.” Donations went to the Lord’s Pantry last year, but for 2008 the donations will be making their way to Ronald McDonald House and the “Make a Wish Foundation.” “Last year, about $6,000 in donations was collected, and we also had help from corporate sponsorship. I expect to see the same turn out this year, or better,” said Wetzel. For all those who volunteered and participated in this year’s “Christmas on the Corner”, thanks for spreading your Christmas cheer!

FUN FACTS said Wetzel. “Christmas on the Corner” has turned into a seasonal tradition at Roncalli. It’s a chance for students to obtain service hours by promoting and encouraging passersby to donate to different charities, while enjoying cookies and hot cocoa, and offering them to donators as well. Also, volunteers are needed at the craft tables, where kids can write a letter to Santa.

-Over 100 RHS volunteers -800 cookies consumed -300 cups of cocoa consumed -15,000 strung




College Search

Top Colleges & Universities U.S. News reveals its FRIDAY - - 12/19 2009 national college LOW HIGH 41° 25° rankings



Partly Sunny






by Brad Bourne Staff Writer


he year 2009 is no different than any other. Finals start at the beginning of January, students start the second semester and most seniors are looking for or have found their aspired schools. In order to ease the process

of finding that dream school, U.S. News and World Report has composed a list of what they believe are the best colleges and universities in the United States. Separated into four different categories, the lists range from schools granting the most financial aid to schools with the best professors. The lists allow students to look at how their favorite schools compare to the most prestigious universities. Anyone can look at a list of colleges and express their opinion about it. However, U.S. News refrains from having a panel of judges rank their

favorites. In fact, it is a complex process that involves calculations and intense research. In addition, the list isn’t single-handedly composed of Ivy League and private institutions; they consider public and private schools. First of all, the rankings are categorized into four different groups: national universities (offer a doctorate degree-the highest degree obtainable), masters universities (highest degree offered is a masters degree), liberal » See Colleges, Page 2

2 December 19, 2008

Television Goes Digital


Who wants to continue watching TV next February? by Michelle Schultz

FAQ’s About 2-17-09

Staff Writer


new year is coming soon. People are getting ready for some changes. One of them is TV going digital. This happens on February 17, 2009. Although those who have cable service providers such as Comcast, AT&T, or Dish TV, are already covered for the switch to digital, many others will have to upgrade. Some options are buy a new TV that allows HD channels, buy a special converter box, or in special cases a new antenna to receive the digital signals. There is a $1.5 billion federal program that has been implemented to help out people that have to buy new equipment for their houses. This provides $40 coupons for converter boxes which can cost $60-$120. If someone plans on using a coupon, they must be careful. The coupons expire after 90 days. There are about 14 million households in the United States that still use analog TV signals. One such home is that of RHS freshmen, Brook Grannan. She is very excited that TV is going digital. They have not done anything at their house for preparation, but they might be getting something around Christmas.

Q: What is digital television? A: Digital television is advanced

Q: How much will a DTV cost? A: Depending on the many features

broadcasting technology. It offers television with better picture and sound quality. Digital television has different quality levels. Some of the most common are standard definition (SDTV), enhanced definition (EDTV), and high definition (HDTV).

and options available to consumers the prices of a DTV will vary. The larger the screen is the price is more expensive. The screen is measured diagonally across.

Q: Why are broadcast TV stations switching to all-digital? A: Congress

Q: How do I receive digital broadcasts if I subscribe to cable or satellite? A: If you have cable or satellite, you are most likely already covered for the switch. You may want to contact your provider to make sure.

mandated the conversion because all-digital broadcasting will free up frequencies for public safety communications (ex. police, fire, Q: How do and emergency ARE YOU READY?: Beginning in 2009, all TV’ will be switched I receive from analog to digital signals. rescue). Digital is digital broadcasts if I don’t a more efficient transmission technology subscribe to cable or satellite? that allows broadcast stations to offer A: It all depends on if you own a digital improved picture and sound quality. It or analog TV. If you receive free overalso offers more programming options. the-air television, you may view digital

programming through a TV with a builtin digital tuner or a digital-ready monitor with a separate digital tuner set-top box. Other equipment required to view overthe-air digital programming is a regular antenna. If you have an analog television, you will have to purchase a digital-toanalog set-top converter box to attach to your TV.

Q: What about my analog TV? Will it still work? A: You will be able to receive and view over-the-air digital programming only by purchasing a digital-to-analog set-top converter box. All U.S. households will be able to request up to two coupons between January 1, 2008, and March 31, 2009.

Q: If I buy a DTV, will my VCR, DVD player, camcorder, video games, or other equipment still work? A: VCRs, DVD players, camcorders, and video games will still work. Some equipment may not provide digital-quality picture and sound.

» Colleges

Continued from page 1 arts colleges (emphasize an undergraduate degree) and baccalaureate universities. Also taken into consideration for the rankings are retention rates, economic and racial diversity and class size and interaction. Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., was named the top national university in 2009 and, recently, the #1 university in the world. Harvard University has an acceptance rate of 9%. So how are average students supposed to receive an Ivy League education without the competition and expensive tuition? The answer lies in U.S. News’ list of the top public universities. This list is composed of schools that are considered institutes of higher learning but don’t come with the expensive price tag. On top of the list is The University of CaliforniaBerkeley; it is considered the most


racially and economically diverse university in the country. But how many people do you know who are willing to travel over 2,000 miles away for four years of education? Close by are two of the top public universities in the country-Indiana University and Purdue University. And, to settle any disputes these two rivals may have, Purdue was named the 26 th best public university, where as Indiana was named the 30 th best. Other than ranking the overall schools in order, there are over 20 other rankings and lists in U.S. News’ annual magazine special. They include schools with the most fraternities and sororities, highest acceptance rate (28 schools accepted 100% of applicants; including Oklahoma Panhandle State University), and colleges with the most students living on and off campus. Other rankings baffle the

Have you ordered your yearbook?

Story or by phone at 888-298-5063

mind. For example, Lee University in Cleveland, TN., has 100% participation of students who study abroad. Campus life, graduation rates, merit aid, most transfer students, whatever one might need to know about a school, chances are U.S. News has it. Although disagreements may be made with some of the lists and rankings, there is no argument that they give important information about that special university or college. For more information, these interpretations can be found at keyword: TOP COLLEGES. Or, pick up a copy of their magazine on newsstands and bookstores. Other college sites include “The Princeton Review” and “The College Board” which provide similar information to U.S. News. Distance and tuition are both taken into consideration to comprise the most spectacular list of colleges in the United States.

1. University of California Berkely 2. University of Virginia Charlotsville 3. University of California Los Angeles 4. University of Michigan Ann Arbor 5. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 6. College of William and Mary Williamsburg, VA. 7. Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta

Driving Academy “The Adult Course for Teens”

CHRISTMAS BREAK CLASS SCHEDULE December 20-January 2 Class Times: 1:00-3:30 pm


COST: $375

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Design Editor

December 19, 2008


Shure SE530 SoundIsolating Earphones Price - $449.95

The Shure SE530 sound-isolating earphones feature Triple Acoustic Micro Speakers to deliver clarity you can only get from top-of-the-line earphones. Enjoy precision highs and the richest lows for the ultimate listening experience. Dedicated tweeter enhances clarity and definition through the mid range and high frequencies, while the dual woofers provide balanced and rich, full-bodied bass response. Triple-definition speaker drivers. Road-tested by pro musicians, earphones are lightweight and stylish and provide full-range audio free from outside noise.

Dell XPS M1730 Laptop Computer Price - $2800

The Dell XPS features capabilities that are beyond any other laptop in today’s world. Being able to run faster than a car can drive, the XPS features an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 and a NVIDIA GeForce 8700MGT graphic processor. The downside however is that it runs on Vista.

Crosley® Digital iTunes® Jukebox and Dock

Price - $4995

An MP3 jukebox is the ultimate rec room piece! At nearly 4 feet tall, 50s-style Crosley jukeboxes are more than great conversation pieces. They are the envy of any audiophile and can hold your entire music collection, playing up to 20,000 MP3s. Order your Crosley Digital Jukebox today and rock around the clock in true style!

Teacher Feature

Student-Teacher Edition

Christmas Concert

by Alex Stock Staff Writer

Mrs. Jeanna Bauer Mrs. Bauer has finished up her stint as a student teacher for Mr. Walters in the English Department. She graduated from Marian College in 1979 majoring in English and minoring in ESL (English as a Second Language.) “My greatest hope is to one day be teaching high school literature or ESL,” said Mrs. Bauer. Leaving college to start her family, Mrs. Bauer did not receive her certificate of education so she returned to school in 2006 with her mind set. Upon returning to school, Mrs. Bauer had mini- competitions with her youngest child, for who would make the better grades. “I had her calling me to check each semester to see if her grades were better than mine. If she got a B and I got an A, she would be mad that mom was getting the better grades,” Mrs. Bauer said. She has enjoyed her time at Roncalli and will miss her three sophomore classes and her senior class tremendously.

Photo by Leigh Ann Hogland Christmas Cheer: The Roncalli Vocal Essence Ensemble sings “Santa Baby.” Congratulations to all of the band and choir members for performing an excellent concert filled with Christmas cheer!

Random Rebel by Kelly Kern Staff Writer

Mr. Brad Robinson Mr. Brad Robinson splits time in the Economics classroom with Mr. Keller and Mr. Wantz. Mr. Robinson attended Ohio State University (OSU) for two years, but then transferred and is currently attending the University of Indianapolis. Other than the time he has spent in college at OSU, he has always lived in Indiana. Mr. Robinson is majoring in Business Education and hopes to one day, after graduating, teach at the high school level. Mr. Robinson is a Franklin Central graduate and has a sister that graduated in ’06 named Sara. His hobbies are running track and cross country and playing intramural Frisbee at UIndy. He placed second in the Indianapolis Marathon at Fort Ben the week he started teaching at Roncalli.

Ms. Andrea Horban Ms. Andrea Horban is a student teacher in the Science department with Ms. Kramer. She is currently attending the University of Indianapolis. While at UIndy, she participated in track and field and in 2006 was the Division III shot put champion. She is currently majoring in life science education and hopes to one day teach Biology/ Zoology. Ms. Horban enjoys watching medical shows such as “House” and “CSI.” “I have a Doberman named Bruno, but my neighbors on my street call her the Lab Dog,” said Ms. Horban. She is a huge sports fan and was born and raised in Indiana. Her experience has been a great one at Roncalli, and she has enjoyed teaching here.


his month, the Random Rebel is from the class of 2009. Katie Kelley was the senior randomly selected for the part. Katie is involved in the astronomy club, French club and recycling club. She’s been a member of astronomy club for four years, French club for three years, and recycling club for one year. She’s involved in those clubs because she finds something intriguing in each. “I find astronomy fascinating and to think what is really out there is mind boggling.” Katie is in the French club because she loves the language. “It is beautiful and the second most spoken language in the world.” Her reason to be a Rebel Recycler? “I want to help save the environment and what better way to start than to recycle. Recycling doesn’t just cut back on energy costs, but keeps our planet beautiful!” During Katie’s free time, she enjoys volunteering her time at St. Francis Hospital, taking people to the Baxter YMCA for family night. She also enjoys

watching the “Style Network” and “Discovery Health,” along with playing “Sims 2”. “I am addicted to Sims 2 so during my free time I play.” As for future plans, Katie plans to move to Charleston, South Carolina after college and travel to all the continents and eventually settle down and have three daughters. She would like to attend Xavier University in Cincinnati and study Nursing. She also has considered being a pediatric doctor. Katie has two younger sisters, Monica, 16, and Erin, 15. Her favorite thing about Roncalli is “The personal attention from all the teachers and how you can know practically everybody.” She says the Katie Kelly best thing she has received from RHS is her friends. Katie’s favorite movie is “Hairspray.” Her favorite class is French and she loves the book “Anne of the Windy Poplars.”She enjoys watching her favorite TV show is “Mystery Diagnosis.”.





December 19, 2008

“No Rest for the Weary” for Winter Sports by Erin Gahimer Editor-in-Chief

Roncalli winter sports teams have untraditional Christmas break that doesn’t include many “breaks”


hristmas break. The longest vacation of the school year. A time to sleep in ‘til noon and spend long nights catching up on all the fall’s boxoffice hits, right? Not for Roncalli’s winter sports athletes. Just because school lets out, doesn’t mean the sports let up. For many sports teams, the timing of Christmas break comes during the peak of their seasons and snuggling down with hot cocoa and listening to Christmas tunes is hardly an option. Unlike most students’ holiday season that allows them to spend valuable time with their

families and partake in the traditional Christmas holiday celebrations, these athletes spend long hours on the hardwood, in the gym, or in the pool. The girls and boys swimming teams partake in their traditional twoa-day practices. These practices tally to a total of five hours each day. Because of the nature of the sport, swimming teams across the state use the holiday break as a time to train vigorously for their championship meets in February. “The practices get us ready for the rest of the year and hopefully make us get better times by sectionals,”

said senior Ben Glowinski. For the first time in Roncalli history, the RHS diving team will also take part in two-a-day practices. With new coach, Krissy Riley, last year’s IHSAA state runner-up diver, the divers will be taking a new approach to their season. Four-year diver Amy Broughton is excited for the extra holiday training. “I think it will help me get to my goal of placing in state this year,” she said. The RHS wrestling program also stays busy over the holidays with daily two and a half hour practices. Practicing every day except Sundays

and Christmas Day, the wrestling team works on a combination of technique and conditioning exercises during this time. “We practice long so we can cut more weight. The training is pretty much a continuation of regular practices. The goal is to keep our weight down during the holidays,” said senior wrestler Chris Egbert. Both the boys and girls basketball teams hit the hardwood a lot over the break both at practice and at holiday tournaments. Both teams practice in the mornings daily and focus on learning new plays, maintaining stamina,

and preparing for games. “I think Christmas training is essential to our success. It helps us all stay in shape and develop further in our skills,” said senior Hannah Kern. While the training intensity levels don’t rise immensely for the teams, their seasonal practices are still a key element of their season’s success. “One of our main focuses is to win the Shelbyville Shootout and prepare for the tough part of our game schedule for when we come back,” said senior Kevin Banich. In contrast to a majority of winter sports teams, the

RHS gymnastics team’s meet season does not begin until early January. Therefore, the holiday training season is a time for pure season preparation. The girls practice in the gym between two and a half to three hours Monday-Friday at the Gymnastics Company. “The ultimate goal of Christmas training is to be ready for our season. At the end of Christmas break, everyone has to have their routines down and ready to compete,”

The Holiday Break... Check out how RHS athletes will be spending the two-week break: Swimming & Diving Practice Schedule 2 practices/day Monday-Saturday 7-10 am & 2-4 pm (swim) 8-10am & 12-1:30 pm (dive) Meet Schedule Dec. 19th & 20th-Marion County Meet Dec. 29th & 30th-Wabash Invitational @ Terre Haute



Practice Schedule 1 practice/day Monday-Saturday 9-11:30 am

Practice Schedule Boys1 practice/day 9-11am

Meet Schedule Dec. 19th & 20th-Marion County Meet @ Perry Dec. 30th & 31st-@ Connsersville Meet

GirlsMonday/Saturday 9-11 am Game Schedule Dec. 19th- vs. Brebeuf Dec. 27th-30th-Shelby Shootout Tournament

*Practice on New Years Day

Gymnastics Practice Schedule 1 practice/day 11am-2pm Meet Schedule Meet season does not start until after break 1st Meet-Jan 13th vs. Decatur & Plainfiled @ Gymnastics Co.

*all information applies to Varsity teams

Holiday Movie Preview Hot Flicks over Break

With two full weeks of break, that leaves plenty of time for making trips to the cinema. Check out the season’s hottest flicks and adventures.

Opening Christmas Day: December 25th

Seven Pounds Will Smith stars as an IRS agent who embarks on a journey to change the lives of seven strangers. This journey helps him come out of his depression and find love in the human spirit. Opens December 19th.

Marley & Me Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star as newlyweds who decide to adopt a puppy as preparation for starting their family. They soon discover it’s not as easy as it seems when they meet their new labrador Marley.

Yes Man

Bedtime Stories In this adventure comedy, Skeeter Bronson’s (Adam Sandler) life is turned upside down when the bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew become reality. The stories become more outlandish and comical as the movie progresses.

Jim Carrey stars as a man who is radically transformed by his new philosophy on life: saying yes to everything and anything. This challenge leads to a year-long span of comedic events that only Carrey could pull off and make hysterical. Opens December 19th Valkyrie Tom Cruise stars in the true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and the daring plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Based on the true story, the movie depicts how the high-ranking German officials plot to seize power of the military command in order to end WWII. Opens December 26th

Revolutionary Road Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star in the new film which reunites the Titanic stars. A husband and wife in 1950s suburban Connecticut, dissatisfied with life, move to France and their relationship deteriorates into an endless cycle of squabbling, jealousy and recriminations. Opens December 26th.

Spirit It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the spirit to fight crime in Central City. It is adapted from the legendary comic strip. This film stars Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this movie is the peculiar story of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) who was born in his eighties and ages backwards. He becomes younger through time and encounters many challenges along the way as he lives out his life into the 21st century.


December 19, 2008


Big Man on Campus

Rebel Review staff writer interviews nationally known football player and RHS alum Pat Kuntz by Joe Fanelli Staff Writer


:30 a.m. on Friday morning and I am sitting behind my brother attending his philosophy class on a college day at the University of Notre Dame. The professor, who looks strikingly like the shovel guy from “Home Alone,”

awake, nothing of real excitement has happened yet, until in struts Pat Kuntz. Head shaved bald with sleep still resting in his eyes, Kuntz does his best to conceal his 6’3, 285 pound frame as he moves toward his seat. If you know Pat Kuntz

Indy Star photo used with permission STATE BOUND: Pat Kuntz celebrates after a touchdown his senior year in ‘04 against Wawasee.

is expounding on the idea of love and respect according to Pope John Paul II. Half an hour into class and I am struggling to stay

a 05’ Roncalli grad or have heard the stories of his days at Roncalli High School, his less than exciting entrance may have been a sur-

prise. His antics usually rival that of Ray Lewis and have earned him national attention as a starting defensive end for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. His shaved head, for example, was formerly a mullet, a mohawk, and a kind of hybrid mullet-mohawk. “I think you can ask a lot of people that really know me (why I do those things). Their answer would be, ‘that’s just P.K,’” said Kuntz. It would not surprise anyone to learn that Kuntz’s wild, sometimes borderline obnoxious spirit has carried over to Notre Dame. A popular Pat Kuntz story on campus happened about a year ago. Kuntz was walking down through Campus all by himself as a group of girls were approaching from the opposite direction. The girls were all talking until they got next to Kuntz and suddenly they became really quiet. They continued by, not saying anything, until all of the sudden

Photo provided NOTRE DAME: Pat Kuntz looks to the student section to “rock on” with his team after an early October win.

Kuntz stopped, turned towards the girls and yelled, causing the group of girls to scream and run away. On the football field, Kuntz is known for his intensity and work ethic. “My biggest motivation off the field is my mom. My mother has always been with me no matter what, and she is the toughest person I have ever met. On the

field, my motivation derives from within,” said Kuntz. Being in a spotlight like this though is not anything new for Kuntz. He received All-State Honors as a defensive lineman his junior and senior seasons while at Roncalli. In a position that receives so little recognition, Kuntz has made sure his under-appreciated role is known by

everybody and anybody. At a pep rally earlier this season, a Notre Dame senior team manager said this in reference to Kuntz; “If you don’t know about Pat, just ask him. He’d be more than willing to tell you all about himself. Pat played his last game at Notre Dame Stadium on November 22 against the Syracuse Orangemen. When asked about his feelings on playing his last game at Notre Dame, Pat said, “I didn’t put too much pressure on myself… but I was definitely more jacked than I have been all season.” Although the Fighting Irish suffered a heartbreaking defeat, no blame could be put on the effort of defensive man Pat Kuntz. In both senior seasons, Pat will always remember “the everlasting friendships that have been formed with teammates and coaches.” Pat Kuntz can be an example to all athletes and students. Heck, I may just go get a mullet.

Sam Weisenbach soars as Golden Eagle Former student council co-president stars as mascot and radio show host at Marquette by Michelle Johnson Staff Writer


any Rebels will ers for the college’s masprobably remem- cot auditions, Sam decided ber Student Council to take a chance at becomco-president, defensive ing the energetic Golden lineman, and son of Eagle. At his tryout, he principal Chuck Weisen- played the song “Sandbach who graduated last storm” by Darude and said year, Sam Weisenbach. he “did something similar Upon graduating from to what Jay Wetzel did at Roncalli, Sam made no halftime of the faculty-sehesitation to get involved with his new college, Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis., by becoming the college’s spirited mascot and by hosting a football-based radio show with a couple fellow broadcast majors. Beginning at Marquette this fall, Sam knew he wanted to get involved and meet new people there GOLDEN EAGLE: Sam Weisenbach (RHS ‘08) somehow, and is Marquette’s Golden Eagle mascot at soccer, when he came basketball, and volleyball games. across post-

nior basketball game… the load of schoolwork low freshman broadcast except maybe a little cra- that comes with college. majors, Michael Wottreng When Sam isn’t show- and Josh Concon, Sam is zier.” He performed his whole dance in the Eagle ing his spirit on the on air from 3-5 p.m. on suit, and with his crazy moves and energy, they couldn’t say no. Sam has performed at soccer, volleyball, and basketball games, but gets a break every once in a while because he shares his job with three other guys. Jumping around in a Golden Eagle suit may not sound very appealing to most, but Sam enjoys the fact that he MR. INCREDIBLE: Sam Weisenbach flexes for the camera at Disney World last sumgets paid $40 mer. per event and has the opportunity to courts, he studies as a Tuesdays, and streams watch the games from broadcast and electron- live at http://marquettefloor level at the Brad- ic communication major,, discussing ley Center in Milwaukee Sam gets hands-on expe- college and professionand Al McGuire Center. rience by co-hosting his al league football games. Being a mascot is also a own radio show, The Foot- “We all love football and way Sam escapes from ball Frenzy. Along with fel- felt like doing a show

together,” Sam said. Roncalli inspired him to major in broadcast when he called a softball game last year with former Rebel Review coeditor-in-chief, Beau Browning, through the Rebel Media Network. “After that, I knew I would love to do broadcast for a major,” Sam said. Although Sam is off to bigger and better things, preparing himself for a career in broadcasting, he misses his high school friends and Roncalli football. He also commented on how college classes are a relief to him because of the challenging academics he previously pursued at Roncalli. Sam is excited for his future, but will never forget his Alma Mater, Roncalli.

6 december 19, 2008


What is your best Christmas What are you hoping to get for Christmas? gift ever?

MySize princess Barbie when I was seven

Clair Petry

Eamon Roberts

A pool table

Cole Williamson

A new pair of tap shoes

Josh Ramsey

An El Camino

My two front teeth

Invitation to Hogwarts

Sam Patterson

Lizzy Peters

Let it Out Rebels! This is the newest feature of The Rebel Review. Send in your random comments to Room 206. We want to hear from you!

* Is FaceBook just the newest fad or will it be looked back on one of this century’s greatest creations?

Finding an upside to economic woes

Could the struggling economy be the key to putting the focus of Christmas back to Jesus’ birth? if the United States economy is struggling, you better believe Santa and the elves are having just as much trouble.) I think people truly are downsizing their “wish lists” this year as a precaution to the uncertain economic markets.

* Two things to say about the fall football season: 1) at least we lost in the 1st round to the eventual 4A State Champs, and 2) I’m glad our contract expired with Center Grove this season.

* Good job people involved with the fall play!


Why are red onions called red onions when they are purple?


To all the national football media: the Indianapolis Colts DO NOT play in the dome anymore.


The band and choir Christmas concerts were amazing!


“The new Microsoft Word makes my hair fall out...literally.”-C.J. Allard

by Erin Gahimer Editor-in-Chief


he headline of this Christmas season is the economy and its’ effect on the biggest shopping and gift-giving season of the year. The phrases, ‘Well…with this economy…’ or ‘I don’t know, with the economy the way it is…” are ringing their way through my ears in practically every passing conversation I overhear. With the national unemployment rate rising and people taking cuts in spending, economists and the general public both are wondering how they are going to financially endure this supposedly cheery season. From talking to people I know, it seems to me like youngsters might be getting fewer gifts from Santa and receiving some not-sostuffed stockings this year. (Hey,

tion to the real meaning of Christmas. How about that? Because of this national crisis, people might have more of a reason to focus on Jesus’ birth. If there are less material things for people to focus on, then their attention has to go somewhere, right? If there’s no “Guitar Hero World Tour” to rock out to, no Blu-Ray DVDs to watch, or no BlackBerry Storm to learn, then the most logical thing to consume one’s mind would probably be “The Reason for the Season” Himself. While the Christmas sales and prices may skyrocket and plummet, one constant remains-the Advent season and the Church’s preparation for Christ’s birth. Merry Christmas: The real reason for the season is While this theme is never changJesus’ birth ing from year to year, it seems While initially I thought this like 2008 might be the year to bewhole phenomenon was quite de- lieve in and act on it. So, as you’re pressing and disappointing, since sifting through fewer presents essentially, that means I’ll be get- on Christmas morning or feeling ting less dough and Best Buy gift badly because you couldn’t give cards this Christmas, I took a your loved ones more, just take different view on the matter and a minute and think about the thought about how less spending real reason for the season. Just a might actually turn people’s atten- thought.

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Boys Winter Sports highlight photos

Rebels hit the ice by Andrea Silcox

Hockey team will be busy during break

Staff Writer he South Stars hockey team is already halfway through their ‘08-’09 season. Seven Rebels play on the team of athletes from the Indianapolis area. The 38 members of A and B teams practice two days a week and each practice is about an hour and 45 minutes long. “I have a great time playing hockey and I think that it is fun to speed across the ice rink,” said senior Tommy Humes. Luke Winningham likes the fact that his teammates are from different schools not just one school. “I think that hockey if fun because it is a fast pace and physical game,” said Jon O ‘Brien. He has performed two hat tricks in the past two games. A hat trick is when one player gets three goals in one game. The reference is because fans usually throw their hats in the rink when it happens. Addison Dunne finds that they are all family on the team. To see some of our Rebel hockey players play you can go to Perry Park 451 E. Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis.

T Rebel Wrestlers: JV wrestler David Mappes prepares to pin his opponent during a match against New Pal.

Rebel events during Christmas break Wrestling

12/19 - 12/20County @ Perry Meridian 12/30 – 12/31@ Connersville8:30 am

Girls and Boys Swimming & Diving

Rebel Boys Basketball: The boys kicked off their 2008-09 season with a win against Whiteland. They play Brebeuf tonight at RHS in a double header with the girls.

12/19 County @ IUPUI 6 pm 12/20 County @ IUPUI 1 pm 12/26 @ Terre Haute North 3:30 pm 12/27 @ Terre Haute North 10:30 am

Boys Basketball

12/19 home vs Brebeuf (DH) 7:45 pm 12/27 home vs Heritage Christian (Shelby Shootout) 8 pm 12/30 consolation/championship @ Shelbyville 6/8 pm

Girls Basketball

12/19 home vs Brebeuf (DH) 6 pm 12/27 home vs Heritage Christian (Shelby Shootout) 6 pm 12/29 consolation/championship @ Shelbyville 6/8 pm 1/3 @ Greenwood 7:30 pm

Staff Writer

Girls winter sports will be featured in the next issue of the Rebel Review

After an outstanding 37 year career, Kathy Schembra was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame


ongratulations to Mrs. Kathy Nalley-Schembra who was recently inducted into the Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association Volleyball Hall of Fame. Prior to this past season, Coach Schembra was Roncalli’s only volleyball coach in the school’s history.

Schembra is the second winningest coach in Indiana volleyball history

C.J.’s Deliberations

by C.J. Allard Staff Writer

FedEx BCS National Championship Game Florida 28 Oklahoma 27

Did the BCS committee finally get the national championship game right? Finally, after so many years of teams feeling like they should have been playing for title, the absolute two best teams in college will square off for all the bragging rights. The Gators and Sooners are stacked with future NFL players, and both of their offenses are potent.

Tostitos Fiesta

Ohio State 10 Texas 34

Ohio State has been blown out its past two bowl games. Both games were for the national championship. Texas feels as if it was snubbed from the national championship game this season. Will it be a third straight slaughtering for Ohio State? I think so. Texas will come out with anger, and that is never good for Terrelle Pryor, the freshman QB for the Buckeyes.

Allstate Sugar

12/19 @Perry Park vs Cathedral Blue 9:15 pm 12/21 @ Perry Park vs Fort Wayne Northside TBA 1/2 @ Perry Park vs Brebeuf 9:15 pm 1/3 @ Perry Park vs Evansville Thunder 6:45 pm

Schembra inducted into The Hall by C.J. Allard


Utah 10 Alabama 56

Hockey Rebel Boys Swimming: Kevin Liegibel prepares to swim at Franklin Central. Rebel swimmers will be in the pool again tonight and tomorrow at County.

december 19, 2008

During her 37 year tenure as the Rebel’s volleyball coach, Mrs. Schembra was the Indianapolis Metro coach of the year seven times,

This will be the most lopsided game of the “bowl” season. An Alabama team who is downright awesome, only losing to an even better Florida squad. And Utah, well, they are over-rated, and did not play anyone half as good as the Crimson Tide.

FedEx Orange Virginia Tech 17 Cincinnati 21

Indiana South Coach of the year in 2005, ICGSA’s State 3A Coach of the year in ’06, and became Indiana’s second winningest coach in history by tallying up over 900 wins. Coach Schembra also coached her teams to three state championships; most recently coming in 2006. Coach Schembra said getting into the hall of fame was, “a neat way to end my career”

This will probably be the least watched BCS game of the season because the two teams have not gotten much press time. Do not fall into the trap of missing the game though, as Cincinnati and Virginia Tech are prone to games with good defensive struggles.

Rose Bowl Penn St. 17 USC 21

“Big Sam” wins $1 million in ESPN contest Bigsam1122 is a name all over ESPN’s website. He is better known as Samuel Charles and he recently won a million dollars in the “Streak for Cash” contest. In order to win the big bucks, you have to pick 25 games in a row. This could be who will score more points in a game or who will come out on top. His 25th pick was the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Dallas Cowboys on December 7, 2008.

Big Money: Sameul Louis-Charles accepting his $1 million prize.

USC was supposed to be a lock for the national championship at the beginning of the season. At mid season, Penn St. was supposed to sneak into the national championship race. Both teams lost to underdogs. Look for this game to be a defensive battle between both teams. Because it will be a crowd full of USC fans, I see the Trojans sneaking out of the game with a win.






decmeber 19, 2008

Why You Are The Way You Are

“Let Us Celebrate”

How a person’s family birth order may affect their personality. by Kristen West Staff Writer


ersonality has been defined as distinctive and individual qualities of a person. There is no genetic reason why birth orders produce particular characteristics in children, but a contributing factor is environment. Also, the atmosphere in which children are raised shapes and molds their personality, however no one is perfect, and that goes for parents too. After each child is born, the parents often change how they handle each child’s upbringing. The oldest child is immediately born into the lime light. They are the pride and joy of their parent’s life. When a new sibling arrives, the first born is no longer the parent’s biggest worry. They become the “babysitter” and begin helping out with the baby. This causes the older child to grow up fast and assume responsibility. Because of this quick transition, the oldest child is often organized, bossy and responsible. The oldest tend to be “natural leaders.” Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally known physiologist said in his book “Birth Order,” “They often come in two flavors: compliant nurtures/caregivers or aggressive movers and shakers. Both are in control, they just use different methods.”

According to Leman, the middle child can be the “problem child,” but at the same time a peacemaker. While trying to keep up with an older and younger sibling, the middle child can feel they don’t have a place in the family. A study at the University of Wisconsin showed parents spend less money and less time caring for the middle child, compared to their siblings. Experts say middle children are often less driven, flexible, social, strong negotiators and strive for others approval. The youngest child, commonly referred to as the baby of the family is “probably one of the world’s cheer leaders,” said Leman. Most are creative, outgoing and have a sense of humor. The youngest appears to be the most manipulative. During some point in their childhood, they realize they are the weakest because they are the smallest and can’t do what their older siblings can. To achieve certain goals they manipulate others. Studies show the youngest is usually self centered, gets bored easily and has a strong fear of rejection. Some say that only children are the “mega-movers of the world.” They are similar to the oldest but intensified some of the characteristics. The only

child can be tough to handle. They usually don’t accept criticism very well and hate to admit they are wrong. To their peers they seem very sensitive and have their feelings hurt easily. Most are often demanding, unforgiving and mature. If a child’s personality does not fit the description it could be because of a number of reasons. For example, if the siblings are different genders or if there’s a gap in years between siblings. Also divorce, adoption or a death in the family are possible factors. Some say a child’s birth order can affect their relationships and also play a role in what career they choose.


- Creative - Self-centered - Manipulative - Out-going

Freshman Abbey Swhear is the youngest child.


- Flexible - Feel out of place -Peacemaker - Rebel

Junior Evan Swhear is the middle child of the Swhear’s at Roncalli.


by Rachael Squillace Staff Writer

“Let us celebrate, celebrate this day. Let us shout for joy and give the Lord our praise. We all celebrate the birth of God’s own Son. Peace on earth today, goodwill to everyone, to everyone.”

- Megamovers of the world his is an excerpt from the song, - Sensitive “Let Us Celebrate,” one of the many - Don’t take upbeat and spiritual songs of the annual criticism Holy Name Christmas Concert. Holy well Name will be hosting its 47th Christmas


Sophomore Harrison Pogue is an only child.


Holy Name celebrates Christmas through music

- Natural leader - Organized - Know-it-all - Responsible

Senior Elliot Swhear is the oldest Swhear at Roncalli.

Merry Christmas from the Rebel Review Staff!

concert this Sunday directed by the same avid music director, Mr. Jerry Craney, who continues to devote his life and career to music and his parish. Although the songs of the Holy Name Christmas Concert are not the traditional or “mediocre,” as Mr. Craney often mentions, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” songs, multitudes of people flock to attend Holy Name’s grand tradition. Some people may recognize certain songs, such as “Do You Hear What I Hear,” “Silent Night,” and the “Hallelujah Chorus.” All of the songs remind the audience of the special gift God lovingly gave to everyone on Christmas. The songs praise God for his mighty acts and for the coming of his only son, Jesus Christ. People attending the concert will not only hear songs sung in English, but in Latin and German as well, reminding them that people around the world celebrate God’s precious gift to the world. The Holy Name choir consists of grade school and high school students, along with the adult parish members of the choir. All of the high school students currently attend Roncalli High School. Zoe Kidwell, a Holy Name graduate and a sophomore at Roncalli, said she enjoys participating in the Christmas concert because she loves praising Jesus by singing. The Holy Name Choir performs on Sunday, December 21st. The first show begins at 3:00 pm; usually seats are available due to the popularity of the evening show. People can purchase tickets for the concert at the front entrance of Holy Name Church. A show lasts typically between 45 minutes to an hour. The second concert begins at 6 pm, and this concert is usually sold out, unless one orders tickets in advance. The Holy Name Christmas Concert is an wonderful experience which exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas.

Sunday Dec. 21 Concert times: 3 pm & 6 pm Tickets available at the fron entrance of Holy Name Chuch

RebelReview - December 2008  

Fourth annual “Christmas on the Corner” raises money for the Ronald McDonald House U.S. News reveals its 2009 national college rankings 41°...

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