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Roncalli High school

Indianapolis, Indiana

February 11, 2010

Volume 9:5

“Let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart find favor before you...” Psalm 19:14 Va l e n t i n e ’ s D ay 2 0 1 0

Construction Update

Chapel Almost Complete

Main offices ready and chapel to be finished in weeks BY Kelly Kern & Mackenzie ringen

News Writers





Two Rebel writers differentiate between their two completely opposing ideas with regards to the U.S. holiday, Valentine’s Day


BY Caitlin Kennedy Feature Writer

personally like Valentine’s Day. I am not saying that it is my favorite day of the year, but I think it is cute to see couples going out to dinner and enjoying a romantic evening. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose to the girl you love, and I do not think of it as cliché or stereotypical. It is the perfect holiday to express your emotions and let people know how you feel about them. It is the day that every girl should get treated like a princess. I know they should be treated like that all the time, but today is a must. Although the prices of items for your valentine may rise during this time of the year, go the other route and create something extraordinary and meaningful. Guys and girls like the sentimental homemade gifts, they mean more and are keepsakes. It is easy to make cute little collages of pictures of you and your valentine together, make him a blanket or write a poem. You do not always have to spend money on your guy or girl. Money is not the only thing to show how you feel about someone. Also, just because you are single does not mean that you cannot go out and have fun with your other single friends. Have a good time, watch movies, go shopping, play video games, do something that gets your mind off of the fact that you do not have a guy or girl to spend Valentine’s Day with. Whether you are single or taken, this day is always fun to do things with either your valentine or your friends.


BY McKenzie Nickell Feature Writer

alentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of love and celebration for couples, but for others, it’s a day a misery. Valentine’s day has been targeted to be a big money maker because it gives stores an excuse to raise the prices of flowers, candy and cards. It’s always been difficult to make the plans you truly want to for your valentine because of all the restrictions of money or time. The holiday is difficult for those that are single and some may feel pushed aside. While being a single player in the game of love, couples are nothing that you want to see flaunted in your face. It just shows you that you don’t have anyone, and it makes you feel worse than you already did about the whole holiday. Since when should you need a holiday for your significant other to show he cares and act cute? Can he not do that without a holiday? That’s basically like giving him an out-of-jail free card for anytime he hasn’t shown you he cared. But don’t forget about the huge debate on what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day. Who knows what to get their guy without spending a ridiculous amount of money on him? Nobody! The door swings both ways people, remember that.

s the school year progresses, the construction confusion is coming to an end. Soon, the circle will be open for morning drop off and afternoon pickup, the new offices will be ready for use and the chapel will be filled with many channel one attendees. With a few minor cosmetic details left, the chapel is almost ready for use. The new chapel will accommodate 136 people and will feature 12 stained glass windows, two murals and a bell tower. The windows will contain saints and religious icons selected by RHS chaplain, Father Jim Wilmoth. “I chose the saints in the windows because I thought they resembled the Roncalli family well,” said Father Wilmoth. There will be two murals painted by Roncalli graduate Angie Walters (’92). One will be of St. Benedict and the other of Lady Fatima. The crucifix that will be displayed in the chapel is being made by Matt Davey (RHS ’80). There will be a sacristy located at the northern end which will hold the wine, Eucharist and other materials used during Mass. Before each channel one Mass, Father will ring the bell in the bell tower to signal the start of church. Outside of the chapel, underneath the bell tower, will be a statue of Mary surrounded by a beautiful landscape resembling the Pope Roncalli “Garden of Life” area.


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The Miracle A year after crash landing in the Hudson Bay, the captain of Flight 1549 remains a hero.

pg. 2 Features

Battle of the Bands With a sold out crowd and great music, Battle of the Bands proved to be a huge success.

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Olympic Preview

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Haiti Update

Haitian Tragedy

Roncalli responds to the earthquake disaster in Haiti

Pg. 4

BY Kristen West

News Writer


n Tuesday, January 12, missionaries from Haiti delivered a presentation to the RHS Foreign Language Department about the poverty in Haiti. That same evening Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter hit about 10 miles from Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The U.S. Geological Survey estimated about three million people were affected by the earthquake.

Haiti, severely damaged by four hurricanes in 2008, has been hit by a strong earthquake near its capital Port-au-Prince. Population 9 million; Port-au-Prince, 2 million Land Severe deforestation; more than half the population lives in rural areas, depends on subsistence farming Life expectancy 60.8 years, ranks 181st in world St.-Marc Poverty 78 percent of people live on less than $2 a day Remittances Primary source of foreign exchange, a quarter of GDP History Former French colony; world’s oldest black republic

Caribbean Sea

Lost & confused as to what you need to do for college? Find practical advice that will help.

Winter Spirit Week


HAITI Earthquake epicenter


Exciting dress-up days revived spirit throughout the halls of Roncalli.

50 km

Source: CIA World Factbook, AP, NASA Earth Observatory Graphic: Lee Hulteng, Judy Treible

sports on deck Boys Basketball @ Cathedral - Tonight 7:30 p.m. Girls Basketball Sectionals @ Beech Grove - 2/12 - 6 p.m.

College Help



Les Cayes


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Haiti suffers more disaster

» More Valentine’s Day Coverage can be found on pg. 5 weather High: 23 F Low: 10 F


50 miles © 2010 MCT

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» please see Haiti / PG.2 What Happened Today: February 11th The Beatles held their first concert in the United States back in 1964. The concert was held at the Washington Coliseum in Washington D.C.

ds al, ap to s. be at A an

Miracle on the Hudson

Just over a year later, the heroic actions of Captain Sullenberger still captivate many Americans BY cj allard Editor-in-chief


ow known simply as “Sully,” Captain Chesley Sullenberger III still plays down he and his crew’s actions on the day of January 18, 2009. It was supposed to be just another trip from La Guardia Airport in New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina, but minutes after the 3:25 p.m. takeoff, US Airways Flight 1549 experienced trouble. It was at 3, 200 feet where first officer Jeffery Skiles noticed a formation of birds heading in the direction of the Airbus A320. Moments later while continuing to climb, the plane lost power because the birds had flown into both engines Without hesitation, Captain Sullenberger was determined to get the plane and all 155 people on board back to La Guardia avoiding personal injury or structural damage. “Uh, this is, uh, Cactus [1549]. [We] hit birds. We lost thrust in both engines; we’re turning back towards La Guardia,” Sullenberger said to the air traffic controller in charge of the flight. Sullenberger’s voice was full of confidence and his tone was assertive, something difficult to manage while being in charge of what has just become a 100,000 pound glider plane. It did not take long for Captain Sullenberger to realize that the plane did not have the momentum or the altitude to make it back to La Guardia. When he became aware of this, he told the air traffic controller what would become a famous quote. “We’re gonna be in the Hudson.” The rest is history. Sully successfully landed his plane in the Hudson River and in a matter of minutes, everyone was safe on land. Captain Sullenberger’s heroics, a word he still does not like to be called, brings an inspirational light to such a dark time in aviation. On Christmas Day, 2009, a Nigerian man tried to set off explosives inside a Northwest airliner that was in route to Detroit. Luckily, the explosives misfired and lit his pants on fire. In another heroic scene, fellow passengers subdued the man until he could be taken into custody. Some people detest flying because of the uncertainty of safety measures and new baggage fees that are seemingly endless. While the airline industry continues to rub many people the wrong way with suspect safety regulations and hidden luggage costs, Captain Sullenberger’s mental strength and heroic efforts will continue to stay in the front of many travelers’ minds.



February 11, 2010




H a i t i : Th e T r a g e d y o f 2 0 1 0 Part 1 of 2

A Helping Hand RHS Foreign Language students hear from Haitian brothers on the day of the earthquake and step up efforts to support the struggling nation BY Kristen West News Writer


wo brothers from Haiti, Junior and Jethrow, took part in a RHS Foreign Languages department presentation as guest speakers the same day as the devastating earthquake. When news of the earthquake surfaced, students worried about Junior and Jethrow’s family. It was later confirmed that their family members were unharmed. “Working with our two missionaries and meeting the guys from Haiti made the situation more personal and touched the lives of everyone here at Roncalli. These people really brought it home to us,” said French teacher Ms. Denise Joseph. As if Haiti has not suffered enough, a week after the quake they were struck by a 6.1 temblor, the largest of over 40 aftershocks. Various countries and organizations are doing their best to help by raising money, collecting supplies and lending military to transport needed goods and to offer assistance. Two major problems the Haitians face are

proper housing and adequate water. Even before the quake, Rebels have been assisting the people of Haiti for over 14 years. Donating to Haiti started as a French service project, but after realizing the need of the Haitians, the French Department knew it could not give enough alone. They decided to open up the project to the whole Foreign Language Department. Haiti is in need of supplies more than ever before. Students responded to the need by donating over-the-counter medicine, school supplies, clothing and different miscellaneous items. However, contributing supplies is not the only way Rebel students have supported the people of Haiti. Two former Rebels, Morgan Purdy and Anders Kilmark, have gone above and beyond. Purdy recently embarked on a mission trip to Haiti with Frank Williams, one of the speakers from the presentation. Kilmark, an undergraduate at IU, aspiring to be a neurologist, started a service project at IU with hopes of practicing medicine in Haiti. One positive outcome from this tragedy has been awareness. People from all over the world now understand the challenges Haitians face. Despite the world’s benevolent effort, Haiti is still far from recovery. With this in mind, guided by the French Department, Roncalli students and staff will continue to commit helpful hands and resources to Haiti for years to come.

Fast Food

It’s convenient, but fast food is a budget killer and a health concern affecting millions BY Adair Dorsett News Writer


mericans spend $110 billion a year on fast food. Many people spend on average $5 a day, totaling to about $35 a week. Multiply 35 by 52, the number of months in a year, and see that the average person spends $1,820 a year! Swinging by the drive-thru or hitting up the nearest McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Steak ‘N’ Shake, or Wendy’s is fast and easy, right? Regardless of all of the 99 cent items or the $2.99 value meals or combos, people do not realize how much money they are spending and how quickly it adds up. Not to mention, it is unhealthy, fattening and soaked in grease. This would explain why fast food restaurants are trying to make their menus healthier by adding salads and other alternatives. Take McDonald’s for example: one spends $5 on a medium Big Mac meal, which includes a sandwich, french fries, and a soft drink. They may be hungry and it may be convenient, but when it comes down to it, that person is paying $5 to eat a meal that has over 1000 calories. It is not all about the calories though; eating at fast food restaurants poses a health threat that affects people who regularly eat out. The fat in a Big Mac meal totals to three fourths of one’s daily value of fat intake, which is a huge number, considering it is only one out of the three meals that most people eat in a day. McDonald’s has begun to incorporate healthier foods into their menu. Instead of eating a Big Mac meal, one could go with a Chipotle BBQ Grilled Snack Wrap and a Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait. This would be enough to make a meal, adding up to just a little over 400 calories. For someone craving dessert, and if it happens to be ice cream, it would be best to go with a reduced fat vanilla ice cream cone instead of an Oreo McFlurry. A McFlurry has more than three times the calories than an ice cream cone and is a lot more fattening. Lessening the trips to a fast food restaurant will save money and benefit health. Fast food contains high amounts of carbohydrates, fats, sugars and sodium. They have high calorie values and lack the proper nutrition that a meal should include. The lack of nutrition in these meals that are continuously eaten leads to weight gain and obesity, which could lead to heart disease, diabetes and liver damage. It is something to take into consideration next time one is craving their favorite food or does not feel up to making a meal on their own.

SUFFERING IN HAITI: A man prays at the burial of Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot. The funeral was held in front of a shattered cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, offering an opportunity for shared grief on Saturday, January 23, 2010. Photo by Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/MCT



BY adair dorsett

News Writer


rs. Jessica Siebert, a Park Tudor and Purdue alumna, is in her first year of teaching at Roncalli High School. She was born in West Lafayette but was raised on the north side of Indianapolis. Growing up, Mrs. Siebert always had the desire to be a teacher, but it was not until eighth grade that she decided to teach math. She attended Park Tudor for pre-school through high school and said that it was very similar to Roncalli in regards to both size and academics. “I continue to keep in contact with a lot of the people I went to school with as well as my former coaches and teachers. It was a great experience, and one that I cherish,” said Siebert. After high school, Mrs. Siebert furthered her academic career at Purdue University. She grew up a Boilermaker since both of her parents and grandmother are graduates. She was part of the Purdue Exponent, the student newspaper and worked as a photographer. She enjoyed her college experience and still loves cheering on both the basketball and football teams. Teaching math is not the only thing that Mrs. Siebert enjoys doing. She also has a passion for photography. “Hands down, I would choose to be a photographer if I could no longer [be a] teacher. I have already started photographing friends’ weddings and doing family portraits, which I have really enjoyed.” So far, Mrs. Siebert has embraced her year at RHS. “My favorite thing about Roncalli is the family-like atmosphere. I think the school spirit here at Roncalli is AWESOME!”



February 11, 2010




Diagnosis To Fear

Rebel sophomore battles Hodgkin’s Lymphoma max browning

News Writer


eptember 23, 2008, is a date that sophomore Katie Lynch will never forget. This was the day when doctors at Riley diagnosed Katie with cancer. Just a little cough that would not go away drove Katie to the doctor’s office where they ran some tests. After this, Katie’s life was normal until a typical gym class turned sour when she got a note for a doctor’s appointment. Greeting Katie in the office was her frantic mother. Later that day, the doctor diagnosed Katie with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After performing several tests, doctors realized a large tumor was lodged on the left side of her chest. This diagnosis immediately changed Katie’s life. Cancer is a fight people hope to never have to battle. Anyone diagnosed with cancer must face many new challenges as they seek treatment. Katie said some of her difficulties include the feelings of being different, losing her hair and isolation. “I guess it (the isolation) has changed my look on life because it has taught me to take full advantage of every situation.” Not only is Katie faced with the challenges of her illness, but her loved ones are also faced with their own set of obstacles. Her family worries about the long term effects of the illness, how powerful it can be and even just the disease itself. Cancer treatment has weakened Katie’s immune system. This means that she needs

Photo by STUDIO K

KATIE’S HOPE: Katie has undergone three treatments to fight cancer. She still hopes for doctors to one day find a cure.

to avoid contact with others, especially those who could be ill. Chemotherapy, radiation and a stem cell transplant are the three forms of treatment Katie has received. “For the stem cell transplant, I had six days

of chemotherapy, then rested for one day, then the next day they injected my own stem cells which had been collected about a month before. The rest of my stay in the hospital was just recovering from the transplant.” Keeping up with school work and maintaining friendships would seem almost impossible to someone in Katie’s situation. “My teachers come to my house during the week and we have class... I get asked a lot if it is weird to have the teachers come to my house. It’s not weird,” said Lynch. She keeps up with friends by just being with them, something many people think is impossible when someone has a serious illness. When all is said and done, a major disease such as cancer is something people cannot walk away from empty handed. Cancer gave Katie a new look on life. “This experience has brought me to appreciate the little things more and to try to be the best friend or family member that I can be to everyone, because all of my friends and family have been so extremely good to me,” said Lynch. In the beginning of February, Katie started five straight days of radiation. Doctors will decide in March if and when Katie will return to school, but they currently doubt her return. “I am doing very well! I feel great; actually I don’t feel sick at all! Right now I am still recovering, trying to gain my strength back.”

» Construction Continued from PG.1

MATH RULES: Mrs. Siebert not only loves math, but she is also interested in photography.

Father estimates that the chapel will be complete by mid-February. The present chapel will be transformed into an office for either the English, Math or Religion departments. Along with a new and improved chapel, Roncalli also has new offices. Located in the front of the office is Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Avery, Mrs. Heavrin and the office assistants. In order to improve the school’s security system, all of the doors will be locked at the beginning of the day. This means that visitors and students who arrive late to school will have to be let in by the main office. “[Mrs. Smith] is going to have a buzzer here, so when somebody comes to the door, she can see who it is, what they want and let them in. The doors will all be locked and the security of the school will be enhanced,” explained Father Wilmoth.

Random Rebel


Further in are the offices that belong to Mr. Kedra, Mr. Puntarelli and Mr. Weisenbach. Also, in the new addition are the new advancement and business offices along with a spacious conference room. The current main office will be expanded into a larger teachers’ lounge while the business and advancement offices will be repurposed into classrooms. The lobby has also been expanded and the girls rest room has been redone. After the construction, any money left over from the $900,000 fund will be donated towards the financial aid program for Roncalli students. With the new chapel and updated offices, Roncalli will be able to run more efficiently. Father Wilmoth has been overseeing this project and reports that he is “very pleased with the progress that has been made.”


natalie marshall Sister

Favorite Teacher

1. What is her favorite class?




2. Where is she going to college?



Harvard Law, just like Elle Woods

3. Who is her favorite teacher?

Mr. Litz

Mr. Litz

Mr. Traylor

Who knows!

Hanging out with me

Watch the Notebook

The Family Stone

The Family Stone

Free Willy I, III and IV

Plus 44


Any boy band

4. What is she doing on Valentine’s Day? 5. What is her favorite movie? 6. What is her favorite music group?

Random Rebel

Mr. litz

February 11, 2010

Night On The Town... Easily impress your date with this Valentine’s Day date guide by Stephanie reed

Feature Writer


alentine’s Day is a day full of love and passion. On this day, we celebrate with loved ones and people that we care about to show our appreciation for them. Valentine’s Day is the time to take your sweetheart out for dinner and a movie at a special place and show them how much you care. Sometimes it can be difficult to pick the perfect place. Your Valentine will remember every detail from that night so it needs to be perfect. Whether you are taking your wife of 30 years out, or the girl you have been crushing on, sometimes you still need help on the perfect night. Below is a list of “romantic” restaurants that will completely impress your date and a list of new movies for the weekend. Think carefully before you choose!

byMichelle Schultz

Feature Writer


Melting Pot Restaurant Location: Indianapolis The Melting Pot is a romantic restaurant with an assortment of fondue that is actually prepared by the guest. From cheese fondue to chocolate fondue deserts, this is a place your date is sure to love.

When In Rome- 1/29/10 A girl named Beth (Kristen Bell) is in Rome and looking for love. She foolishly takes a few coins from the “fountain of love” hoping that a little luck would rub off on her. To her surprise, the people who threw the coins are now in love with her. Watch to find out how the movie unfolds.

PF Chang’s Chinese Restaurant Location: Downtown Indianapolis PF Chang’s is the perfect place for Chinese food lovers. With many different choices of food, your date is sure to be satisfied with the menu. There is also a location at the Keystone Mall. Mama Carolla’s Old Italian Restaurant Location: Indianapolis Mama Carolla’s has an old Italian atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. This menu contains items from pasta to fish and everything in between at a reasonable price for everyone.

XXI Olympiad Easily impress your date with this Valentine’s Day date guide


Stone Creek Restaurant Location: Greenwood Stone Creek is a great place to get a nice meal without breaking the bank. The dim, quaint dining room is a romantic place to spend time with that special someone.






Dear John- 2/5/10 This movie is a romantic love story for all ages. John (Channing Tatum) meets the girl of his dreams while on leave from the army. When he has to go back, he promises her that he’ll marry her when he gets back. After 9/11 he feels like he has to reenlist longer. Every day that John is gone, Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) writes him a letter that starts with “Dear John” and ends with “goodbye.” Valentine’s Day- 2/12/10 The movie “Valentine’s Day” is about the stressful lives of couples. The break-ups and make-ups throughout the movie will keep you entertained if you like a comedy. The movie has 15 A-list actors so it is a must-see.


omorrow will officially start the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Qualifying rounds will begin on February 12 with ski jumping and conclude on February 28 when the men’s hockey teams battle it out for the gold medal. From past Winter Olympics, the U.S. team currently holds second place in overall medals. Our 216 medals (78 gold, 80 silver and 58 bronze) falls just below Norway’s 280 medals. Hoping to bring home the gold, America has put together top American athletes. Besides the difference in seasons, Winter and Summer Olympics also compete in different sports. During the Winter Olympics, bobsledding, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, ice hockey, ski jumping, snowboarding and speed skating are some of the events in which athletes compete. Men’s figure skating has three major American competitors: Johnny Wier, Evan Lysacek and Jeremy Abbott. Wier won the silver at the 2009 NHK Trophy, Lysacek is a Grand Prix Final Champion, and Abbott won the bronze medal at the Four Continents Championship. Bobsledder John Napier may represent his country in a different way after the Olympics, serving overseas in Afghanistan as part of the National Guard. He is able to compete thanks to the WCAP (World Class Athlete Program), a program for soldiers to reinforce a positive image for the military. To find out more information on any part of the Olympics before or after it starts, you can visit or

Or For A Night In

Enjoy these simple recipes by Andrea silcox

Feature Writer

Raspberry Tart:

Lemony Love Potion

Ingredients : 3 cups all-purpose flour 5 egg yolks 1 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp. sugar 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 2 egg whites, lightly beaten 1/3 cup ground walnuts 1 1/2 cups seedless raspberry jam

Ingredients: 12 ounce can pink lemonade concentrate 1 cup raspberry sherbet 12 ounce can of lemon/lime soda

Instructions : In a large bowl, mix the flour, egg yolks, butter, 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla extract, then knead until it forms a soft dough. Chill for 30 minutes. On a floured surface, roll the dough to 1/8 inch thick. Cut a heart for the bottom of the cookie sandwich, and a heart with a smaller heart cut in it for the top. Brush the tops with the egg whites. Mix the walnuts with the 2 tablespoons of sugar and sprinkle on the cookie tops. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Cool. Spread the bottom hearts with a layer of jam and put the tops on. Makes about 26.

Instructions : In a pitcher, mix the lemonade concentrate with the recommended amount of water. In a separate pitcher, combine the sherbet with 1 cup of the lemonade mixture. Add the soda, stir, and serve. Makes 3 cups.






February 11, 2010

Falling With Style

WINTER SPIRIT WEEK 2010 G r a n d pa rents D a y


twin D a y

Former Rebels make their mark in the music industry by conor roberts

News Editor

GRANDPARENTS DAY: Seniors Ellen McHugh, Katie Carson, Liz Farrington and Kelsey Fluke dress up as their grandparents on Monday during Spirit Week.

H er o D a y

Photo SubmiTted

BAND ON THE RISE: (left to right) Jordan Trees, Eric Gasper, Josh McGraw, Reyes Rojas, and Chris Moran form the band Falling With Style.

M HERO DAY: Juniors Jessica Barrett, Mitch Laugle and Kati Austin pose as their favorite heros on Tuesday of Spirit Week.

T win D a y

TWIN DAY: Abby Lewinski, Mr. North and Abby Swhear pose as triplets on Thursday of Spirit Week.

P ir a te D a y

PIRATE DAY: Madelyn Fry, Evan Swhear, Chelsea Schmoll, Shelbi Grow and Brittney Ables dress as pirates on Wednesday during Spirit Week.

LOOK ALIKE: Jordan Donica opted for President Obama to be his twin on Twin Day. Students at Roncalli demonstrated great enthusiasm during the week which culminated on Friday with a Red, White, and Blue day and a pep rally at the end of the school day. Despite the fact that the Roncalli vs Chatard basketball game was canceled that evening due to road conditions, students packed into the gym to show school spirit and support their classmates for the myriad of achievements accomplished during the winter months; however, the dance was not canceled on the next evening. On Saturday evening, students piled into the gym for the annual Winter Formal when Nick Heskett and Mary Kate Hosty were crowned Snow King and Queen. With Winter Spirit Week behind, students look forward to athletic tournament play, along with academic competitions and choral competitions. Photos by Andrea Silcox, Leah Bradley, and Sheila Elsener.

any Roncalli students dream of being in a band and making it big. Former Roncalli students Reyes Rojas, Eric Gasper and Chris Moran are on their way to fulfilling that dream. Rojas, Gasper, and Moran graduated from the class of 2009 and started their post-hardcore band, “Falling With Style.” The band formed as a spin-off band from the group that some might remember from last years battle of the bands, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” FWS has five members, with Rojas and Moran on guitar, Gasper on bass, Jordan Trees, a student from the class of 2010 at Perry High School on drums, and Josh McGraw on vocals. They play a post-hardcore genre of music with influences from bands like “A Day to Remember,” “Four Year Strong,” and “Blink-182.” “ We have similar guitar rifts to A Day to Remember and Four Year Strong, but I think we have a little bit of the stage presence of Blink,” said Rojas. Attending Roncalli has had its benefits for the band. “Going to Roncalli has helped us a lot. It has given us good people skills and helped us become better people,” said Rojas. “We also wouldn’t have ever met each other and formed the band if it wasn’t for Roncalli.” Being in a group with fellow Roncalli students has definitely given the band an edge that some other groups might not have. “Us going to the same school for four years has helped with our band chemistry a lot. We are all friends, so we’re able to goof off and be professional at the same time. That’s probably the best part about being in a band,” said Gasper. With multiple appearances at The Emerson Theater and other venues, and an EP set to be released in the middle of February, the band is already on its way to success. “ I think we’re very lucky to be where we are right now with the band. Most people take a few years to be where we are right now,” said Rojas when asked about the fortune of the band. “At the moment, we are just trying to have fun and play music”. People can hear their music and check up on upcoming events at Their EP will also soon be released on iTunes and Amazon.

Rebel Bands Battle It Out To all those who love to rock, Roncalli Battle of the Bands salutes you by Sheila Elsener & Leah Bradley

News Writers


tudents in the crowd clapped and cheered wildly for their favorite band as the sound level meter measured the loudest applause. Coming in first, causing a boisterous uproar, was Jimmy Breeze and the Elevensies. Band members Mitch Gallamore, Mitch Barnhill, Brendan Duell, and David Eckhart held hands as they anxiously awaited a reaction from their audience. Whether it was their amusing choreography or their catchy up-beat performance of, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”, Jimmy Breeze was able to take the winning point over the second place winners Subtonic. Ryan Van Abeele, Zach Ford and Adam Luebbehusen, really got the crowd going with rockin’ head bobs and jumping during their performance of “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” Also among the top three was Main Volume playing “First Date.” With singer Kenneth Quilliton, his younger brother, Mike on the drums and Frank Loftus, the band gave a stellar performance. Other bands including: The Advocates, Vagrant Vacation, Item 9, and the Situation added to the show. Special applause was given to Sam Madden and Derek Lucid after their unmatchable guitar action played over the shoulder and behind their backs, followed by Evan Tuohy playing his electric guitar like a cello. This year a new genre was added to the usual rock of Battle of the Bands: Rap. Seniors, Andrew Byrne and Adam Eckhert appeared on stage without drum or guitar, to rap their original, “Drop Some Mo’.” Adam’s dance moves and Andrew’s immersion off the stage, down the aisles, and into the crowd caused quite the hype amongst the audience. Throughout the battle, hosts Nicholas Heskett and Jon Schmidt entertained the audience with their British wit and lack of rock knowledge. They ended the show by notifying the attendees that all proceeds from the tickets will be given to the spring musical production of “The Wiz” in April.

February 11, 2010



The news we’ve come to love News sources in today’s society focus on the negative, rather




hand in hand with

Pope Roncalli

than the positive


n a world of negativity and pessimism, we find ourselves still true today, one of the other things we first learned was in a society where the news is centered on the faults and what qualifies as “news.” The Journalism Today book used failings of people instead of celebratory marks in society in beginning journalism reported, as a journalist, one is to as a whole, or people’s individual lives. decide what is important and what is not, about balancing When I was a child, I led a very sheltered life. My what the audience wants against what it needs. This is parents closely monitored the television I watched and where news editors fail today. It is much easier and the music I listened to. In addition, one thing that much more interesting to report on a natural disaster was not part of my childhood was watching the news such as an earthquake, rather than an event being or reading the newspaper. As I have grown older, I held to sponsor relief to benefit victims of that look back on this and question why the news, which earthquake. While the earthquake does have more of is an essential part of my daily life as a teenager, an effect on society as a whole, journalists also need was not part of my childhood. In fact, when my to focus on how to make right or overcome what took grandparents would stay with my sisters and place, and this is where journalists today fail in me while my parents were out of town, they regard to what they report to their audiences. would watch the news every night, and it As for the answer to this situation at hand, would scare me to death. I remember going it is not possible to stop reading or watching the to bed fearful of the mug shots that flashed news simply due to what is reported; however, up on the screen alerting the community of I now challenge myself to read an article in the a robber who had not been caught or a photo paper or online that has a positive, upbeat tone of a young girl who had been kidnapped in about it. While sometimes I have to search to find her sleep. When starting to think about this something, I am always amazed at how different BY ALIX RICHARDSON while reading the headlines at one I feel after reading articles about a positive News Writer day, the first thing that caught my attention was experience rather than a grim one. I think if our how negative the headlines were. Five out of the seven were community as a whole were to take after this approach as either about kidnapping, natural disasters, murders or an well, optimistic news would start to creep back onto the front event that impacted society in a negative way. page or a featured article on the website. If this were to As a student in beginning journalism, one of the first happen, imagine how much happier our world could be. things one learns is how the news is to be unbiased and indifferent when reporting the facts. While this is indeed

RHS copes with decreasing enrollment

The Rebel Review wants you, as a Roncalli student, to learn more about our school’s namesake. Each month, we will be including a paraphrased excerpt from the book “A Pope Laughs,” by Kurt Klinger



ohn was farsighted; for reading and writing he needed to wear glasses. He was

often forced by the pressure of his obligations

Roncalli develops new strategies to make ends meet

to lay aside letters he had begun and, of


When he needed them again a short time

course, to remove his glasses when de did.

hen Roncalli students walked into school on the in the economic downturn. Since it is an archdiocesan school, first day of classes, many noticed some of their RHS receives $1.4 million yearly from the archdiocese, former classmates missing. Kids found out that allowing each Catholic Roncalli family a reduced rate. For the person whose locker had been next to theirs families who apply, $760,000 is doled out based on need. since freshmen year would no longer be attending However, even with this assistance, Roncalli still needs Roncalli High School, their favorite teammate to raise money for students. would no longer be able to suit up with them, One of the solutions Mr. Weisenbach and Mr. and the clown, who made classes a little bit Puntarelli came up with to aid in this problem is more bearable, had quietly transferred. This the idea of Jeans Days. Jeans Days are pretty selfleft many wondering what the reason for the explanatory; on specific days, students who pay a drop in enrollment was. In the midst of the dollar are allowed the coveted opportunity to have a students’ confusion came a clear answer: the partially out-of-uniform day. Yes, a partially out-ofeconomy’s downturn created a significant uniform day, meaning that students can wear jeans, drop in enrollment. but the uniform shirt remains a requirement. The At the beginning of the 2009-2010 school first Jeans Day caused much debate amongst the year, 14 students transferred out of Roncalli. students. A few students participated; however, the A variety of reasons caused these teens to majority felt as if the look of a uniform shirt with switch schools, one of course being their jeans was tacky, not to mention uncomfortable. financial situation. To date, another 11 Administrators must have caught on because now, BY GABI KOENIG Jeans Days have been paired with extracurricular have switched. Twenty-five teens no longer at News Writer Roncalli may not seem like many in a sea of 1136 out-of-uniform days, allowing club T-shirts to be worn. students, but it does make a difference in school More people are participating, yet many more could budgeting. Attempting to increase enrollment, Mrs. Terese participate. According to Junior Ashley Finch, the reason Carson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, said is clear. “For me and a lot of people I know, jeans aren’t Roncalli has tried a number of strategies to increase interest that comfy. We should be allowed to wear sweats so more in Roncalli. Previous practices included sending out the people would participate and then even more money would Roncalli quarterly magazine, the Update, visits to diocesan be raised!” Students tend to agree with Finch, but what is grade schools that feed into RHS and notes to students in Mr. Weisenbach’s response? He says the thought of students these schools who make honor roll. Newly added this year wanting to wear sweats did not even cross his mind; however, include Roncalli students calling potential students about he also says he would be open to discussion with student Open House, the Placement Exam and parish info nights, council about the possibility of wearing sweatpants on Jeans where Mr. Weisenbach and Mrs. Carson talk to parish Days. Roncalli, here is your chance to make the change you members around the diocese about Roncalli. want; talk to your student council representatives about Thankfully, financial aid at Roncalli remains strong even raising this idea in the next meeting.

later, however, he frequently could not find them. The Pope Roncalli was not infallible in regard to this habitual weakness of people who wore glasses. His secretary, the Master of Ceremonies, and his bodyguard all learned to carry an extra pair of glasses so as to assist the Pope in an emergency. During the solemn opening of the Second Vatican Council in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pope once again could not find his glasses. When he came to the part which referred to the missing bishops, “noticeable here today by their absence, because they are imprisoned for their faithfulness to Christ,” the Pope began to search in his robes for his eyeglasses, obviously without success. But he did not lose himself as he had the glasses. After a short sigh he spoke: “If your eyesight fails, there’s nothing you can do about it. That is God’s will. But misplacing my glasses—that’s sloppiness on my part.

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February 11, 2010

RevIew I



College Preparation

Have questions, concerns or fears about college? Let Mrs. Hall in the Guidance Department quell them BY Matthew Neylon

News Writer

What is a good score to aim for on the ACT and SAT? Your score is considered “good” relative to the school of your top choice. The average ACT composite score is roughly a 21. The average SAT composite total score is about 1500 on all three parts of the test. Aim for your personal best, but always practice for the tests. Students should refer to the test preparations section of College and Career Connections (CCC) to help prepare for the tests. CCC also provides links to colleges and information on test score ranges for colleges and how many semesters of core classes are required. You can find preparation materials in the guidance office; online at CCC, and, or you can take the ZAPS test prep course which will be given at Roncalli in April and May. If you take the ACT or SAT more than once, do you send your highest score, or does the admissions office see both? Colleges view all SAT or ACT scores sent to them. Colleges want to see all of your scores, and then they generally take the best score or they superscore the results. Superscoring involves taking the best score from each section of all of the test results from different test dates submitted. How long does it take to get your test scores back? ACT and SAT test scores will take about four to six weeks to receive after testing. You will receive your scores in the mail and you can review them electronically on the test registration sites. When do you begin filling out college applications? The Roncalli Guidance staff recommends that seniors complete all applications by November 1 to be considered for some of the early scholarship deadlines. Be aware that each college has its own deadline date. The college application is only part of the process; be sure to discuss with your counselor the resume, letter/s of recommendation, and the transcript, as well as other viable college alternatives. How long does this process take? Universities and colleges vary in their application processes and requirements. Most private school applications include several essays while some other applications ask only for basic personal information, a high school transcript and test scores. Acceptance notifications can take a few days, two weeks, or anywhere from four to eight weeks. Some schools, such as Purdue University have specific dates by which they will notify students of the admissions decision.

COLLEGE EXPERT: Mrs. Mary Hall, the College Counselor, provides students with helpful information and resources for education beyond Roncalli.

College Slang (CCC)- A website resource with postsecondary educational and career-related information. ZAPS- Test prep seminars for the ACT and SAT. Dual-Credit- Credits obtained from both high school and college for the same program when learning outcomes for both institutions have been met. FAFSA- The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that should be filled out to determine eligibility for federal, state and institution financial aid. Composite score- The total combined scores of each section of a standardized test. A website forum to send high school transcripts to colleges of interest. Common Application- A college admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of 392 member colleges and universities in the United States.

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Junior Checklist

Keep your grades up Take advantage of AP, honors and dual-credit classes Get involved and assume a leadership role in an extracurricular activity Take the ACT and/or the SAT in the Spring Visit colleges and research colleges on the web and in CCC Attend local college fairs (April 11, 2010 @ UIndy 1-2:30 p.m.) Develop and continually update a resume Read the weekly Guidance Blast Meet with your counselor to discuss potential college choices in the Spring Attend the evening college planning presentations Make the most of your summer (volunteer, work, shadow a career interest, visit colleges, Camp College)

Senior Checklist

Maintain good grades and take advantage of AP courses as appropriate. Visit colleges and browse the web, especially CCC Apply early, work on admissions essays Request Letters of Recommendation in a timely manner Attend evening college planning (September) and financial aid meetings (October, November, December) Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Request transcripts from Read the weekly BLAST and Senior Newsletter with scholarship opportunities.

Planning for College

As the end of the senior year approaches, many Rebels are still undecided on their college choice. BY shelby ennis

News Writer


efore high school graduation, students prepare for college. There are many decisions to be made. Along with all the choices to be made about which college to attend, the thought of living in a dorm or staying at home crosses the applicant’s mind. Colleges alone are expensive, but then students have to worry about the cost of dorms and books. The estimated average cost of a private college for one year is $33,301. The amount for a public college is $16, 458. The most popular colleges for the graduating class of 2009 were, IUPUI, Ball State, Marian University and IU in Bloomington. Many seniors do not decide where they are going until the last minute. Senior Carolyn Combs has been accepted to Marian, Purdue, Xavier and Ball State. With all of these acceptance letters, Combs remains undecided. ‘’I don’t know where I’m going as of right now.... I want to look at [the college’s] scholarships they are

offering, ” said Combs. Choosing a college takes prep time because students want to make sure they are making the right choice. When picking a college, students should make sure the school is worth the money. offers advice to students making this important choice. Students should make sure they like the campus and the location. Instead of paying for a dorm, students may decide to save money by choosing a college close to home so they could live at home. After looking at academic stats, students should look at the size of the classes, talk to students already in attendance, and consider extracurricular events and athletic teams. Of course visiting the campus is a must. Students look at a variety of things when choosing a college. Many seniors of the graduating class of 2010 are still debating which school to attend next fall.

February 11, 2010



Super let down Early season struggles did not hamper the Colts as they went on to have a great season. Unfortunately, it ended in a loss.







BY sean mcnamara Sports Writer


ith all that occurred during the Indianapolis Colts’ off season, many fans were worried for what the upcoming season would bring. Their head coach of seven years, Tony Dungy, had decided to retire. Long time offensive coordinator, Tom Moore, and offensive line coach, Howard Mudd, were also contemplating whether they should hang their hats. Marvin Harrison, one of the best wide receivers of all time, departed from the team as well. Anthony Gonzalez was expected to fill this void; however, he sustained a season ending injury on the first play of the first game of the regular season. Yet, with all of this happening, they still managed to have one of the best seasons in NFL history. Throughout the regular season, the Colts only lost two games and set the record for most consecutive wins in the history of the NFL with 23 straight victories. Unsurprisingly, Peyton Manning had another stellar season winning his record setting fourth Most Valuable Player award. Young receivers, Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, stepped up in the absence of Gonzalez to each have great seasons. However, one record the Colts did not achieve was an undefeated season, which did not happen due to a very controversial move made by the Colts’ President, Bill Polian. With head coach, Jim Caldwell’s consent, Polian made the decision to pull the starters out of the game during the third quarter of Week 16 in the regular season against the New York Jets, ultimately spoiling their chances for perfection. Despite the last two losses in the regular season, the Colts came out strong against the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round of the playoffs winning 20-3. After this victory, the Colts faced the New York Jets, who only made it into the playoffs because the Colts let them win in the Week 16 showdown. It seemed as if karma had come back to haunt Polian and the Colts. Fortunately, they were able to shut down the Jets, beating them 30-17. Peyton Manning had one of his best playoff performances ever throwing for 377 yards and three touchdowns. With this marvelous performance along with a great defensive effort, the Colts were on their way to the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. The Super Bowl started off promising. The Colts kicked off to start the game and were able to hold the Saints to a three and out. The Colts’ ensuing possession led to three points after Matt Stover, the oldest player to participate in a Super Bowl, knocked a kick through the uprights. Again, on the Saints next offensive possession, the Colts defense proved the critics wrong by forcing a second straight punt. That Saints punt pinned the Colts on their own 4-yard line. While most people see that as a tough position for any team to be in, Peyton Manning saw that as a chance to tie the longest scoring drive in Super Bowl history. They did, capping it off by a Manning to Garcon 19-yard touchdown connection. Later on in the first half, the Colts defense again proved themselves to be worthy. Up 10-3, New Orleans had first down on the Colts’ 3-yard line. Indianapolis stepped up and eventually stopped Pierre Thomas on his fourth down run. The Colts went into half time up 10-6, but that is the last time they had control of the game. The Saints came out of halftime strong. A gutsy onside kick call worked as they caught the Colts off-guard. New Orleans scored on that possession to go up 13-10. And although the Colts would regain the lead later after a Joseph Addai touchdown scamper, Indianapolis’ defense never had the same intensity in the second half as they did at the beginning of the game. The Saints sealed the game on a Tracy Porter 74-yard interception return. That score put the Saints up 14, and they never looked back. It was the Saints first trip to the Super Bowl in their 43year history.

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The Winter Olympics start tomorrow in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In the last Winter Olympics, the United States finished second in total medal count only behind Germany. The NBA All-Star game will take place tomorrow. There will be no Pacers representing the East. New York Jets’ coach Rex Ryan was fined $50,000 for being pictured flipping the bird to a heckler. Ryan, known for his brashness, also said at the beginning of the playoffs that his team should be favored to win the Super Bowl. Kobe Bryant passed Jerry West to become the Los Angels Lakers’ all-time leading scorer in a loss against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Florida Gator football team signed four top 10 recruits. The incoming college players were ranked by ESPN. Experts say Florida’s incoming class is the best in history.


PHOTO BY KRISTEN WEST DEFENSIVE STAND: Senior guard Caitlin Hansen gets back on defense. The Lady Rebels are currently on a four-game winning streak leading into their sectional game tomorrow night.

PHOTO BY SARAH STREVELS BLOCKING OUT: Ryan Weber gets into position for a rebound. After starting the season 2-2, the Rebels are on a four-game winning streak going into tonight’s rival game against Cathedral.

PHOTO BY KATHERINE SHOVER WATER LOGGED: Junior Justin Smith concentrates on his backstroke technique. The boys swimming team has won two meets this year. Sectionals start February 18, at Franklin Community.

PHOTO BY ALEXIS WALTERS RAISING THE BAR: Sophomore Sophia Gillum is a top Rebel gymnast. The gymnastics team is undefeated on the season and is competing tonight at Lawrence Central.

PHOTO BY GRACE ALFREY FACIAL: Junior Josh Kieffer prepares to flip his opponent before a pin. The Rebel wrestlers won their second team regional title last week. The wrestling team had to deal with a grueling schedule that only gave them one home match the entire season. This is the second straight year the Rebels will fight for a team state championship.

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