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Shelby Long Argument Essay “Muckracking” Muckracking “Queen of the Muckrackers” may have been a degrading term when applied to journalists in the time of President Theodore Roosevelt, but in the modern world, some journalists take pride in this title. Muckracking today is a means of providing the world with the truth. Mitford was grateful to accept her title as “Queen of the Muckrackers” because she was exposing the truth to a world left in darkness. Many front-page stories today are candy-coated as if to shield people from the knowledge of what is really going on. The war in Iraq, for example, is perceived as a war that is quickly coming to an end and a war where violence is less prominent each and every day. Though, the truth about the war is exposed by only a few reporters and journalists who are willing to go to Afghanistan to prove that violence is around every corner. The only way ordinary citizens get to hear what is actually going on is because of “muckracker” journalists who supposedly go too far in their quest to expose reality to a blinded nation. Muckrackers today would be able to throw themselves into their work and find a scandal hidden in the devastating effects of the economy crashing and Wall Street having to get help bailing themselves out of this economic crisis. One business may be to blame for everything, but would anyone ever know the business was at fault if it weren’t for the muckracking journalists? These talented journalists unmask the misconduct of businesses, individuals, or groups of people to reveal the cold-hard truth about a situation. Along with the economic crisis, the environment influences muckrackers to investigate prominent “Go Green” individuals. Corbin Bleu, a major influential Disney star for going green and even voting and raising your voice, could potentially be exposed for leaving an enormous carbon footprint and throwing plastic, metal, and paper away rather than recycling. Bleu would be revealed as being a hypocrite for his “Go Green” commercials and statements and his “recycling doesn’t matter” mentality. Muckrackers are the only way peoples’ eyes would be opened to the misleading face Bleu puts on for the “Go Green” campaign.

All in all, the title “muckracker” should be regarded as praising to a journalist who goes into uncharted waters to expose the individuals and businesses who do anything they can to mislead you and point you in the direction they want you to go. Muckrackers unmask the lies in today’s society and should be praised for exposing the truth.


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