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Brick Performed by Ben Folds Five They call her name, its 7:30; I pace around the parking lot/ Then I walk down, to buy her flowers; And sell come gifts that I got/ Can’t you see? It’s not me you’re dying for/ Now she’s feeling more alone, than she ever has before. For the visual aesthetic, I knew that I wanted right away. The song, in its context, is very dreary. So I shot for something that said “washed out”. Actually “washed out” was my aesthetic. Not so much in the ultra-brightness department, but rather in the low saturation of the images. I wanted only slight color. So shot in well-light areas that brought out the colors of fall and winter, and did some editing on my computer, lowering the saturation to almost nothing and bringing out the light of the image to make it dreary. It’s comparable to the actual music video (which I did not watch until after the photos were totally edited and finished), which contains similar (perhaps more slightly abstract images) in the same style; even though I decided that the saturation in the images within the actual music video was almost non-existent.

Well, first, I chose this song. And then I decided that for the song, I wanted some images that both contained semiotic images and perhaps could have been still from the actual video of the song. So, I did. But when I took the photos, I wanted total daylight and some dimension in the shade; whether it was from a natural source like a tree, or whether it was natural backlight as the sun was going down. For the actual locations within the pictures, I wanted no sign of context when it came to the actual location of the building. I did not include street signs or other means of identification of the building such as plaques, street signs, or sidewalks. Some of the locations might be more noticeable, but I tried to make it so they could be mistaken for, say, a large house, or an alley, or even a doctor’s office. So in removing the signs of identification from the photos, I wanted to try and make them set in fairly good lighting, so I went during the late afternoon/ mid evening hours to catch the best high light from the sun. I did not use a flash, and only one of these pictures was taken with my cell phone, but with proper editing it is barely-to-not noticeable. The only human model in these photos are the shoes and legs in the final picture. Those belong to me. I set my camera on a timer and positioned at ground-level to catch the level of the steps and some of the background location. Honestly, I tried to plan this out with a lot of creative camera angles, but I’m pretty happy with the final product has turned out to be. But with all the effort it took to get the correct angle and lighting within the shot, I’m quite satisfied with the final project.

Sarah Vivian Hetrick TEL-T206 Midterm November 11, 2010

TEL-T206 Midterm  

5 Photos w/ Visual Aesthetic and explanation.