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Sarah Vivian Hetrick Assignment 7: Two Pages of Dialogue Including Three (or more) Characters A father, wife, and their son, Daniel, in darkened dining room. FATHER (Grasping his wife’s hand tightly while she sits beside him, and they both face their son)Daniel, what happened? Please tell us. DANIEL (Rubs his eyes and avoids direct eye contact with his parents) I don’t know, Dad…I just… All I can remember is when we were going into the bedroom. WIFE (Near tears) Who was she, Daniel? DANIEL (Still avoiding eye contact, but his voice is breaking) I don’t know, Mom. Just some girl… She…she came on to me. That’s all I can remember. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry! (Breaks down uncontrollably, collapsing his torso onto the table. His arms strikes out and knocks over an empty can of Coca-Cola that had he had been drinking earlier) FATHER (Slightly taken-aback by the sudden outburst) Daniel, I don’t understand how this could have happened. DANIEL (Through tears) I don’t either. WIFE (Tense and unable to look at her son) Do you know what this is going to do to you? Do you know what’s going to happen when the police find her in the morning? If you had sex with herDANIEL (Bursting out) I don’t remember if we had sex! I don’t remember anything past waking in the bedroom door. All I know is that we were together last night, and she was- (raggedly) she was dead. FATHER (Looking his son square in the eye) And that’s all you remember, Daniel? DANIEL (After a few moments, looking nervously from the table to his mother and father, wringing his hands) …Um…

Sarah Vivian Hetrick Assignment 7: Two Pages of Dialogue Including Three (or more) Characters WIFE (Knows what this hesitation means, and breaks into tears) Oh God! Daniel, no. FATHER Jesus Christ. Daniel, please tell me it isn’t true. DANIEL (Standing suddenly and turning away from his parents. The chair falls to the floor) I don’t know how it happened! Nothing is definite at this point; it’s still like a puzzle. There are lots of pieces missing. I remember going with her into the bedroom and… there was a mirror that was broken, and some screaming- I don’t know who was. It might have been her, but I don’t know- I was so loaded that I can’t remember which way was up. And then I woke up, and she was next to me. There was so much blood… WIFE (Hysterically and with tears) Daniel, stop it. Please! Just stop it. FATHER (Coldly and accusingly) This is bad. I can’t believe that this is happening. Do you know what this means for your future? Do you know how bad this is going to look for me? For our name? For the company? Goddamnit, Daniel, couldn’t you have just done the smart thing, for once?! I’m putting you through college on the company’s dime; hoping that you’ll gain enough gall to inherit it and run it correctly when I die. But you had to let me down. Once again, you’ve played the part of a fucking disappointment. You’re the thorn in my side. Time after time, Daniel. DANIEL (Turning to face his father) This isn’t my fault! FATHER (Angrily) It IS your fault! You chose to fuck around last night! You don’t remember anything, because you were so goddamn hammered that you could have done anything. It’s YOUR fault, Daniel. This is happening because of your actions. Take responsibility for once, you coward. Daniel (Leans against side wall and crouches down, sobbing into his hands) I’m not a coward. I’m so sorry. I’m not a coward… I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it…

Assignment 7- "Father"  
Assignment 7- "Father"  

A 2-page dialogue featuring 3 (or more) characters).