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Natural Remedies for TMJ Disorder

Temporo-mandibular Joint syndrome is a disorder that affects the muscles that control chewing. It is caused by spasms and inflammation of the muscles of the temporal bone of the skull and the lower jaw. It is characterized by frequent headache, tender jaw muscles, facial pain, pain around the ear, toothache and neck pain. This condition is curable by simple natural measures which can easily be understood by any person. The major remedy is merely relaxation of the affected regions. This is because this condition is caused by tension of the muscles. Dietary measures will also be applied alongside the relaxation techniques. The natural remedies for TMJ disorder include avoiding bad habits that contribute to the development of the condition. The bad habits to be avoided include: making or receiving a phone call while the handset is held between the chin and the head, lying on the stomach or the back, biting hard food and hand nails, chewing a chewing gum for long periods, practicing good dietary measures. Lack of essential nutrients in the diet will also contribute to the disorder. It is important that we take food that contains the following nutrients. L- Tyrosine. It is an amino acid that helps to promote sleep thus makes the muscles to relax. It contributes to relaxation with the aim of controlling the condition. Gentian. It helps to reduce the inflammation of the jaw muscles. Vitamins B and C. They help to maintain the health of the connective tissue. Devils claw and marine lipids. These substances have anti-inflammatory effects. Marine lipid can be obtained from sea food like the fish oils. It is also advisable that, foods that will stress the joints as well as those that are sticky are avoided. Other natural remedies for TMJ disorder include: biofeedback training. This type of training will help to relax the muscles of the head and the face that results in TMJ disorder when they are stressed.Breathing and visualization practices. Slow breathing will help the person to achieve some state of relaxation of the mind and enables to focus on other things. Visualization also helps to relax because it creates self hypnosis as the patient controls his/her mind.

A trainer in craniosacral technique can be consulted. This trainer will guide the patient through cranial exercises which will help resolve the problem. Get a mouth guard. A mouth guard device can be obtained from the dentist; it will be fitted into the mouth by the patient. The mouth guard will assist to stop teeth grinding.Consumption of calcium and magnesium. These substances will relax the muscles and as long as there is pain, there use will ease the pain. Natural remedies for TMJ disorder are the cheapest and the easiest option. As compared to other remedies like medical surgery, it is far much affordable and easy to apply. The measures are straight forward and no training is required. Surgery as a remedy to this problem is not only costly, it involves lengthy procedures. Surgical oprations may be found only in few medical centres which results in other costs like travelling expenses. If you want to get more information about other natural remedies for TMJ disorder from the expert, click here.


Natural Remedies for TMJ Disorder  

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