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How to Whiten Your Skin at Home

Do you have a peeling tan, uneven tan or want to make your skin have even complexion? You then must be wondering on how to whiten your skin at home. Skin whitening is the voluntary application of materials, either natural or chemically made, on the skin in a bid to make it have an even complexion or lighten it. The procedure is aimed at reducing the amount of melanin in the skin. There are a number of things that can be done at home to whiten the skin. The procedure is cheap, effective and safe. This is because the materials used are natural. The following items can be used to whiten the skin at home: 

Almond Paste - the almonds are soaked into water and left to stay overnight. The following day, the skin of the almonds is peeled and then the almonds are mashed into a paste. The paste is then applied on the skin and left to dry. This can be done on the entire skin or just the portion that needs to be lightened. After it has dried, the skin is rinsed off. This procedure is repeated until results are observed.

Potato Paste - with this method, potatoes are peeled and mashed into a paste. The paste is then applied on the skin with special attention to the portions that need whitening. It is then left to dry after which it is rinsed off. The procedure is repeated twice a day until results are observed. It is important to expose the juice when mashing the potatoes into a paste since it is the one that has the whitening properties.

Baking Soda - how to whiten your skin at home should not be a problem as long as you have baking Soda within your reach. A cupful of baking Soda is poured into a bowl. The baking Soda is mixed with an appropriate amount of water to make a paste. The mixture is rubbed onto the part that requires whitening and scrubbed for about a minute. The paste is then washed off. This is repeated until good results appear. In addition to bleaching the skin, baking Soda paste helps to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Lemon Juice - the lemons are cut into halves and the juice is squeezed into a bowl. A cotton ball is then dipped into the lemon juice and dabbed on the skin for about five minutes. The skin is then washed after the five minutes. The other method is to make a mask using honey and the lemon juice. Using this method, half of a lemon is juiced and mixed with a tablespoonful of honey. The mixture is then applied on the skin and rinsed off after five minutes using warm water.

Precaution should be taken since lemon juice can be irritating when used on sensitive skin. 

White Vinegar - equal parts of water and white vinegar are mixed to make a solution. The solution is rubbed on to the skin and rinsed after about ten minutes. The procedure is repeated a number of times every day until results are achieved.


Mint Leaves - while using this method, mint Leaves are ground to obtain the residue. The residue is applied on the skin and left for about twenty minutes. It is then washed off. Mint leaves can be pulverized using a blender to produce a smooth skin lightener paste.

The above methods are the answer to the question on how to whiten your skin at home. When used appropriately, the above will give results in a cheap and safe way. On top of these methods, the appropriate foods need to be taken. It is also critical to minimize the exposure of the skin to the sun. If you want to get more information about how to whiten your skin at home naturally, easily, and forever, you need to check out Skin Whitening Forever EBook. Skin Whitening Forever is a complete guide to help you whiten skin naturally, without drugs, and without any side effects. >>>Click Here to Visit Skin Whitening Forever Official Site<<<


How to Whiten Your Skin at Home  

Best guides about How to Whiten Your Skin at Home

How to Whiten Your Skin at Home  

Best guides about How to Whiten Your Skin at Home