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How to Determine the Gender of Your Baby before Conception

The questions that crop up in many conception debates today is how to determine the gender of your baby before conception. Is it possible? Is it unethical? For individuals who believe that it's unethical, there are some total natural methods that can be used. When you utilize these methods, you'll possibly raise your chances of getting a baby of your dreams. None of these natural methods are universally recognized but it's upon you as the parent-to be, to make a decision whether it's ethical or not. In order to get well acquainted with these methods, you need to understand that the key influence which determines the sex of your baby and even ways of controlling the entire process yourself, majorly focuses on the male sperm as well as the type of chromosomes that it carries. The X chromosome male sperm is responsible for conceiving a baby girl while the Y chromosome male sperm leads to the conception of a baby boy. Here are some methods: Begin by adjusting your daily diet before conceiving 

For the Y chromosome sperm (for a boy) to thrive in the right conditions and eventually link with the egg, it would need an alkaline environment. There are some foods that you can consume to develop these alkaline atmosphere for the Y-sperm. A sodium and potassium rich diet would be ideal if you want to conceive a baby boy.


The X chromosome sperm (for a girl) flourishes in an acidic environment and to create such condition for the X-sperm to thrive and eventually fertilize the egg, you need to adopt a diet that's rich in magnesium and calcium. The aforementioned steps must all be observed prior to conception.

Timing of intercourse 

If your baby's sex preference is a boy, then it's essential to schedule your intercourse to the time that you ovulate. A boy sperm often has a much shorter lifespan than that of the girl and has to link with the egg as fast as possible; when it's still fertile. If they die out, this would leave only the girl sperm to meet up the egg and fertilize it.

Girl sperm is not as fast as that of the boy and they typically have a much longer lifespan; they could stay alive for up to five days. Schedule your intercourse around three days before ovulation; since by the time you get to the fertile window period, the Y sperm will have died off.

Adopting the right positions during intercourse 

The positions you assume when making love would also have a significant influence on how to determine the gender of your baby before conception. Since the Y-sperm needs to fertilize the egg as fast as possible, due to their short lifespan, you should adopt positions that allow deeper penetration. This would enable the sperm to be left as close as possible to the cervix, making the journey of the boy sperm to the egg much shorter and the probability of conceiving a baby boy much higher.

The girl sperm are generally more resilient, slower and larger than that of the boy. It takes a girl sperm much longer time to link with the egg and so positions that allow shallow penetration influences the conception of a baby girl.

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How to Determine the Gender of Your Baby Before Conception  

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