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Tattoos for Dummies

(This is a book about tattoos and their misconceptions, with pictures for your viewing pleasure!)

Sally is a secretary, But Sally has a tramp stamp.

People with tramp stamps are promiscuous.

Wouldn’t that mean Sally is promiscuous? Sally is faithful to her boyfriend Chris, not promiscuous.

Kelly is a photographer, But Kelly has a teardrop tattoo.

Only people in gangs have teardrop tattoos

Wouldn’t that mean that Kelly is in a gang? But Kelly is a photographer, not a gang member.

Megan is a chef, But Megan has a neck tattoo.

People with neck tattoos can’t get jobs.

Wouldn’t that mean that Megan should be jobless? But Megan has a job.

Tony is a stay at home dad, But Tony has a sleeve.

People with sleeves are supposed to be tough and scary.

Wouldn’t that mean that Tony wouldn’t have a family? But Tony is a stay at home dad, not tough and scary.

Craig works on planes, But Craig has a playboy bunny tattoo.

People with playboy bunny tattoos belong to the 12th Street Players gang.

But Craig’s platoon’s symbol was the playboy bunny; he was never in a gang.

Emily is a theater major, But Emily has a tattoo of a lion.

People in the Latin Kings Lion gang have tattoos of lions.

Wouldn’t that mean that Emily was a part of their gang? Emily just likes lions; she’s not in a gang.

Elizabeth is a teacher, But Elizabeth has the initials SCB tattooed on her wrist.

People in the gang Sin City Boys have the initials SCB.

Wouldn’t that mean that Elizabeth was in the Sin City Boys gang? But Elizabeth’s close friend Sabrina had those initials and she died, Elizabeth’s not in a gang.

Terry is a starving artist, But Terry has a spider web tattoo.

People with spider web tattoos are in gangs.

Wouldn’t that mean that Terry is in a gang? But Terry just likes spiders and Halloween; Terry has never been in a gang.

Rebekah Becker The Author

Kristen Adkinson The Artist

Tattoos for Dummies  
Tattoos for Dummies  

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