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Objective: Create a social campaign, in which students learn the importance of sustainable energy.

Specific objectives: Establish contact among students from different classrooms through social networks and virtual resources. Use technology resources for teamwork with the point that we all understand the topic.

Justification: We decided not only to do this project to learn more about the topic, but also to try to change our future and especially the future of the coming generations. It's quite easy to do the change. For example: You could use the sun the dry your clothes, or you can buy some eco-friendly bulbs,

Stand Up and Change the future!

Aulas Hermanas 2012 Hermanamiento # 9 Tutores: Ariel Mart铆nez y Esteban Salazar. Integrantes Educational Center ABC y C.T.P. Mario Quir贸s Sasso.


Analysis of results


Use sunlight to dry the clothes and not the dryer.

Do not leave the charger plugged in all night. Charge it in the morning and unplug the phone when is charged.

Use special lights (LED) to work, to read, to study. They really improve the economy in your home.

The methodology used in this project was based on two sources: primary and secondary.

After analyzing the different we could identify that most people do not know how to sabe and use energy properly.

Primary Sources: Primary sources include surveys conducted to our peers. Secondary Sources: The ones that we use would by looking for more information such as the Internet. We salso gather information from the fabulous courses the Organizing Committee Aulas Hermanas Costa Rica 2012 provided.


Stand up and Change the future  
Stand up and Change the future  

This is a social campaing that motivates people to save energy and fosters the understanding of clean energies.