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E X A M P L E J O B A D V E R T I S M E N T.



(Sent via email)

To Whom this may concern, This cover letter is in response to your Social Media Placement Role, advertised on indeed jobs. I have enclosed my CV for consideration and a link to my website where you are able to view a few pieces of my work to see the skills and knowledge I have so far of the fashion marketing industry. As a fashion student at Sheffield Hallam University, studying BA Honours Fashion Management and Communication, I would love to undertake a placement year at New Look. I have grown up surrounded by evolving technology and I am apart of the generation that brands are targeting now more than ever. Every single day when we log onto our social medias, marketing is everywhere. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, brands are finding the smartest and most effective ways to promote.

When working at River Island over the summer, I had the chance to run their store Instagram account. This gave me an insight into how to photograph, edit, and present online images to attract the consumer and be consistent with the brand identity. Furthermore as part of my degree, we have the opportunity to learn how to use adobe software such as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator, meaning I able to produce creative content such as logos, edited images and editorial pieces. I believe I am the perfect person for this job role as I am interested in how brands now target their consumers using technology and the likes of social media. I would love to be part of the team at New Look who put together the campaigns and ads for online use. I have attached a copy of my CV, but please let me know if you require anymore information. Regards, Rebecca Williams (Sheffield Hallam University)