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Urban Spaces Rebecca Weller

Evaluation of trip to London — 

On the trip to London we got off the train at Liverpool Street Station, and walked to the Gherkin, then Leadenhall Market, then to St Pauls Cathedral and then across the River Thames to the Tate Gallery, taking photos of the buildings and surroundings along the way.


I found the Gherkin the most interesting to photograph. This is because the shape of the building is unusual and there are a lot of other buildings around this one, so it was interesting to take photographs of the windows of other buildings that reflected that shape of the Gherkin.


Unfortunately, the weather on this day wasn’t great. It was raining, and the sky was white, bleached out and lacking detail which made the sky in out pictures look very bleak.


When taking my photos I took them from different angles, rather than just one, to try and fit different features of the buildings and features of the surroundings in to each photograph, so you would get a different view every time you look a photograph.


I enjoyed this trip because it gave me the opportunity to experience a different environment for a work project, rather than taking pictures of the environment we live in and see everyday. The trip also gave me the opportunity to learn new camera skills, and use different settings on the camera. I am new to the course so I think this a good way to learn camera skills, because I was able to improve throughout the day.


If we could go back to London, I would try and fit more of the surroundings of the building I am taking a photograph of into the photo, to represent different environments.

Joey Bieber I chose Joey Bieber’s work because it is unusual. A few of the photographs I took on the photography trip to London are a little bit similar to the photograph shown on the left. I like this photograph because it stands out with different colors and strange shapes. Also because the photographer has though about how to get an unusual photograph, rather than one the is common.

David Hockney I have also chosen David Hockney. This is because he has produced some interesting joiner photographs, example to the left. I have also made a joiner photograph from the trip to London, using David Hockney’s work as an example to work off of. I like this photograph because you can see that he has taken single photos to make one photograph. He has done this well as you can see the scenery he is trying to create.

My joiner photographs These are the joiner photographs that I have produced using the photographs that I took on the trip to London. I decided to do two joiner photographs, one which shows bright colors, and one which portrays a dull scenery.

Trip to London: Edited photograph number 1:

Trip to London: Edited photograph number 2:

Trip to London: Edited photograph number 3:

Trip to London: Edited photograph number 4:

Trip to London: Edited photograph number 5:

Trip to London: Edited photograph number 6:

Urban Spaces Project  

A powerpoint presentiation of the photographs that I took and edited on a trip to London

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