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Rebecca Louise Todd Fashion Maketing and Communication, level 4 Representation Techniques Graphic Design, MIED406 Mariano Maturana

INDEX In this magazine you will find: I. Four Illustrator documents of six artboards each i. Circle Work ii. Line Work iii. Number & Letter work iv. Other works II. One Indesign Article i. Faux Fur III. One Indesign Brochure i. New York

Graphic Design Year 1

Faux Fur

What do the designers

s think?

Here’s a Monday afternoon game for you: Flip through any Fall ’16 collection on the Vogue Runway app and count how many fur (real or faux) coats you land on. That number is bound to be pretty high. Fur was everywhere for Fall—from Gucci’s Pepto-pink fox chubby to Dries Van Noten’s faux leopard capes, the list goes on and on. At first, the trend seems like an equal-opportunity win: Those eager to invest in a rabbit jacket will find dozens of luxe options come August, while girls who prefer animal-friendly outerwear can take their pick from chic faux versions.

We don’t have to remind you that fur is this industry’s most divisive subject. Last July, Fendi’s first “haute fourrure” show was met with heated protests, and Giorgio Armani recently took a stand against animal cruelty by vowing not to use fur in any future collections. But what do we really know about fur? Or faux fur, for that matter? PETA has been endorsing faux fur for decades, but did you know that faux fur is often made of non-biodegradable, chemical-based synthetics like nylon and polyester? If your coat doesn’t eventually become vintage, it could end up sitting in a landfill. And while you’ve no doubt seen anti-fur videos on your Instagram feed this month, there are sustainable, ethical ways to do real fur, too. Consider Brother Vellies’s Aurora James, who sources springbok and rabbit fur from African farmers who (safely) breed the animals for the food industry, and uses kudu leather as a result of government-mandated population control of the species. That won’t change anything if you’re vegan, but if you’re willing to wear fur and leather as long as it has been responsibly made, it’s an option.

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This could be you!

How to apply?


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City Living

Oh, love´s gonna get you down



By: Rebecca Louise Todd

Illustrator work Year 1  

This is a collection of work done on illustrator after our first introduction to program. The work is made up of various designs that enable...

Illustrator work Year 1  

This is a collection of work done on illustrator after our first introduction to program. The work is made up of various designs that enable...