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THIS IS PRO BONO IN MARYLAND MVLS 2012 ANNUAL REPORT The phones light up just before 9AM. The very first call is from a young mother on the Eastern Shore who has left her abusive husband and desperately needs a divorce. Michelle, MVLS’ veteran Pro Bono Program Manager, gathers the important facts – they have been separated for over a year and despite working two jobs, she’s struggling to support her family. ..

This is Pro Bono. This is MVLS Notwithstanding budget cuts,

increased demands for service and an economy that didn’t improve, MVLS volunteers and donors made all of the difference in meeting the needs of Marylanders who were unable to afford legal representation last year. To be specific, 676 MVLS volunteers helped 3,741 Marylanders (whose total household size exceeded 9,700 people) in cases that made real the effects of unemployment, lack of healthcare and family discord in our clients’ lives. Our volunteers helped these families navigate the complexities of Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, contested custody cases, foreclosure and landlord-tenant proceedings to name just a few. The three clients profiled in this report are representative of the challenging cases our volunteers accept and their willingness to tackle difficult and time consuming cases – without compensation. As has been widely publicized, all legal services providers funded by Maryland Legal Services Corporation were cut 5% in 2012, and much deeper cuts are likely next year if the Maryland General Assembly eliminates court filing fee surcharges that support legal services. At the federal level, the Legal Services Corporation, which funds legal aid organizations nationwide, announced that budget cuts will result in legal aid staffing cuts of 8% in 2012. With fewer legal aid lawyers, the role of the private bar in bridging the projected gap in services will be even more important. To ensure that MVLS is well-positioned to respond to the expected increase in demand for legal services, but without additional revenue, the MVLS board and leadership team spent the past year evaluating our programs for impact, alignment with our mission and sustainability. As a result, MVLS support of certain non-core programs will end and these programs will be transitioned to other organizations. Our pro bono mission and core program, however, will continue and expand as it has for over 30 years. The MVLS board and staff are committed to meeting the growing need of low and moderate income Marylanders for legal services now and in the coming years, despite state and federal budget cuts. We are confident we will be able to do this because of our strong volunteer lawyer panel of over 3,000 lawyers and the financial support of many hundreds of donors. Sincerely,

Bonnie Sullivan Executive Director

Lawrence D. Coppel Board President

This is mvls The client is scared – convinced that because her husband can afford a lawyer, she’ll lose everything – her car, her home, and worst of all, her children. Michelle reassures her and tells her, “He’s not going to take advantage Michelle Swift of you.” Michelle knows she can deliver on her promise as she’s positive that a dedicated MVLS family law volunteer, with 30 years of experience, will take the case pro bono.

Number of cases closed by MVLS volunteers – 3,741 Number of volunteer attorneys who handled at least one pro bono case – 676

By 9:15AM, ten callers are waiting on hold to speak to one of four MVLS paralegals.

Jessica is fielding anxious callers from Baltimore City, including a young man looking for custody of his son and a recently homeless elderly woman who is uncertain who to turn to for help. Sally, MVLS Foreclosure Prevention Housing Counselor, works meticulously to triage the barrage of callers facing foreclosure. Tara, a senior paralegal, works quickly to answer calls from Western Maryland – people directed to us from Circuit Court pro se programs, domestic violence shelters, and most commonly, word of Jessica Rich mouth. For all the paralegals answering the phones, the goal is the same: help the caller stay calm, gather their information, and find them a lawyer—fast.


Total number of people impa cted by MVLS services - 9,751 At 10AM, the state’s largest pro bono legal services organization is humming like a beehive. While paralegals answer frantic calls, three

law student interns are scrambling to prepare case files for volunteer lawyers. Down the hall, Richard, MVLS Deputy Director, reviews client case files to make sure they meet guidelines, handles volunteer attorney requests, and plans training sessions for our volunteer panel of over 3,000 lawyers.

Average number of intake calls handled every week - 550

Tara Miles

Just before 12PM, the paralegals brace for the lunchtime rush when many of Maryland’s

“working poor” find time during their lunch break to call MVLS about filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, preventing foreclosure, or dealing with a tax issue.

At 1:00PM, there is silence. Just as quickly as

the phones started ringing four hours earlier, client intake stops for the day. Over a short four hours, our paralegals and interns answered 200 calls. Each caller was in crisis. Each story was compelling. Although many callers were referred to other human services providers, many others qualified for MVLS services. They experience relief, as well as peace of mind, knowing an MVLS volunteer has agreed to represent them, free of charge.

This is pro bono in Maryland. This is MVLS. 4

about mvls The mission of MVLS is to provide quality pro bono legal services to Maryland’s working poor. Founded in 1981, MVLS has 3,700 attorneys on its volunteer panel who have accepted over 73,000 pro bono cases for low-income Marylanders. Experienced volunteer attorneys are drawn from every sector of Maryland’s legal community and include partners in the largest law firms, solo practitioners, corporate counsel and government attorneys.

MVLS Special Programs Adult Protective Services and Guardianship Review Board Project (APGRB)

MVLS represents 300 Baltimore City indigent adults under public guardianship at review hearings as well as alleged disabled adults in emergency guardianship hearings.

Community Development Project (CDP)

The Community Development Project matches nonprofits that serve low-income communities with volunteer lawyers who help with transactional legal needs.

Debtor Assistance Project (DAP Clinic)

The Debtor Assistance Project provides pro se debtors a half-hour free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in Baltimore and Greenbelt.

Foreclosure Prevention Pro Bono Project

MVLS has a full-time housing counselor on staff to help distressed homeowners in Maryland facing foreclosure.

Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC)

The Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic provides pro bono legal assistance to low-income Marylanders with tax issues, including denial of the Earned Income Tax Credit, audits, innocent spouse relief, filing back taxes, and setting up payment plans.

Project HEAL (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Law)

Project HEAL is a medical-legal partnership between MVLS, The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and Kennedy Krieger Institute. Our lawyers are part of an interdisciplinary team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers and other health care providers.

Reduced-Fee Family Law Project (Judicare)

The Judicare Project is a reduced fee program that provides free legal services to clients who otherwise would be unable to afford representation in highly contested custody and family law cases.

Washington County Courthouse Clinic

Experienced family law attorneys provide free advice and other services in a clinic setting to low-income litigants at the Family Law Self-Help Clinic in the Circuit Court of Washington County.


“We were nervous because we didn’t know what was going to happen at first. But Mr. Lano was on top of everything. He reassured me and talked me through each step, explaining what could happen, both positive and negative. He was awesome. And the outcome was perfect.”

Family’s Foreclosure Avoided

Keira Patterson-Rice was going to lose her home. Her husband had been laid off and they weren’t able to keep up with their mortgage payments. The lender had already filed for foreclosure in circuit court, so the result seemed inevitable—until MVLS volunteer attorney James Lano accepted the case pro bono. After reviewing their file, he discovered that the lender denied her request for a loan modification under HAMP (President Obama’s loan modification program) based on inaccurate information. Contrary to the lender’s assertion, the second lienholder, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (MDHCD), had not refused to cooperate during the modification process. In fact, there was no record of the lender ever contacting the MDHCD in the first place. Attorney Lano’s intervention exposed the lender’s awkward position. After months of James Lano run-around, the lender not only granted Ms. Rice MVLS Volunteer , Howard County a full loan modification under HAMP, but it also gave her a principal reduction of approximately $80,000 spread out over three years–a bonus from the lender, no doubt to avoid further legal action.


Unfair Debt Collection Case Stopped Ms. Laura Phillips, 92 years old and recently widowed, remains independent and lives on her own. Because seniors often are targets for the unscrupulous, her children have instructed her not to answer the door to strangers, and if she doesn’t recognize the name on caller ID, not to answer the phone. So the arrival of a court summons in the mail one day, demanding payment of a $4,000 debt she believed she’d paid off two years ago, came as an unwelcome shock to Ms. Phillips. As often happens, being on the receiving end of a law suit leaves people confused and anxious. Even Ms. Phillips’ daughter, a retired business teacher, wasn’t sure what to do. Fortunately, she knew one of her former students, Alicia Wilson, worked as an associate at Gordon Feinblatt LLC, a respected Baltimore law firm. Ms. Wilson, an active MVLS volunteer, Alicia Wilson agreed to represent Ms. Phillips through MVLS. She MVLS Volunteer , promptly filed a notice of intention to defend the suit. After investigating the debt buyer’s claim, she noticed Baltimore City serious inconsistencies in the amount claimed and the records the debt buyer produced to support its demand. Added to the document mess, Ms. Phillips’ never deviated from her assertion that the debt was paid in full. Armed with the facts, Ms. Wilson called the debt buyer’s attorney to see if they could resolve the matter. Opposing counsel was not easily persuaded, but after several negotiation sessions over a six week period, Ms. Wilson prevailed and the debt buyer dismissed the claim with prejudice.


Laura P. Byrd, Ms. Phillips’ daughter said she was relieved by Ms. Wilson’s fast resolution of her mother’s case, noting “Alicia did a marvelous job for us, and I don’t know what we would have done without MVLS.” 9

“Our case was very tough but Ms. Mays is a fighter. She communicated well not only with us but with the other attorneys and judges. She knows her stuff and stands her ground and I love that about her.�

Grandmother Gains Custody Sandra Ferguson loves her grandchildren, Makayla and Aminah, her daughter’s children who she’s raised for most of their lives. Her mission in life was to protect them from their neglectful, unstable, and sometimes abusive parents. Legal custody had never been an issue with the parents, they just weren’t interested in the girls. But when they discovered a possible financial advantage in having legal custody, Ms. Ferguson found herself in the middle of an ugly and prolonged custody battle. Unable to continue to pay her first lawyer, she came to MVLS seeking help. MVLS intake paralegals knew the right lawyer to call in a custody case like hers and connected her with MVLS volunteer Susan Mays. Mays took over the case and accelerated the process. In less than a year, Ms. Ferguson was granted custody of her grandchildren and the parents no longer could challenge Ms. Ferguson.

Susan Mays MVLS Volunteer , Anne Arundel County


2012 MVLS AWARDS Volunteer of the Year YOLLETTE S. ATKINSON

Yollette’s commitment to pro bon o work sets a high bar for others . She is the definition of going ‘ab ove and beyond.’ Last year alone, Yollette accepted 16 pro bono cas es from MVLS. The variety of cases she’s willing to accept is rem arkable and includes family law, bankruptcy, foreclosure, nam e change, and tax controversy. Furthermore, she exponentially expanded her impact on pro bono legal services by mentorin g three other volunteer lawyers this year.


erg, a consumer debt and At Grossbart, Portney & Rosenb m effort. Robert Grossbart bankruptcy firm, pro bono is a tea rly accepts foreclosure and is a prolific volunteer who regula er volunteers at consumer bankruptcy cases, instructs oth rs individual volunteer bankruptcy trainings, and mento tney, also accepts pro bono lawyers. His partner, David Por eering regularly for the cases from MVLS as well as volunt U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Debtors Assistance Project at the has helped thousands Since its founding in 1989, the firm ting. of people regain their financial foo

MVLS Partnership Award FR ANK E. TURNEY

One of MVLS’ most dedicated vol unteers, Frank, a solo practitioner, has represented 54 bankruptcy clients since joining our panel in 1999. His unw avering commitment to the underserved was illustrated this year with the culmination of a three-year litigation battle on behalf of an MVLS client with disabilities. Frank achieved a remarkable outcome for our client in federal bankruptcy court by persuading the court to discharge over $300,000 in stu dent loan debt as part of her Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Frank’s precedent-setting achievement makes a unique con tribution to bankruptcy law that will help future bankruptcy petitioners with disabilities.

Ten-Year Volunteer Award


award acknowledges Ten-Year Volunteer Award. This our of nts ipie rec two ce oun e case every We are pleased to ann one MVLS pro bono or reduced-fe st lea at ed ept acc e hav o wh s those exceptional volunteer ipients are: 2 Ten-Year Volunteer Award rec 201 FY Our rs. yea e utiv sec con year for ten nty SUSAN MAYS, Anne Arundel Cou nty Cou ard JASON C. RIDGELL, How

2012 MVLS Volunteers Volunteer lawyers are the engine that runs MVLS. Without them, our clients would have to face the legal system alone. And so we say, “Thank you!� to all the volunteers whose names you see below. We also thank our dedicated volunteers who continued to work on pro bono and reduced fee cases from prior years. We are proud to report that in FY 2012, 676 volunteer lawyers donated 13,144 billable hours, valued at over $3.9 million, representing MVLS clients. Listed below are the names of MVLS volunteers who accepted a new case between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Volunteers are listed by the county of their primary office. If the volunteer accepted more than one case it is noted in parenthesis. ANNE ARUNDEL Mary Albrecht-Jordan (2) Nathan Baker (2) Randi K. Bocanegra (2) Elena Boisvert (4) Christopher P. Brown Holland Brownley (13) Lisa Buckner (2) Michael Canet (20) Zakia Y. Chandler (2) Jeremiah Jacob Chiappelli (2) Walter S.B. Childs (2) Cynthia Clark Linda T. Cox Pamela Dement-Carpenter (5) Alan Engel Jonathan Gladstone (3) John Gordon (2) Anthony Gorski (2) Edward D. Groh (2) Garland Hall Monica Hall Aisha Hilliard (2) Suzanne Houle Alan J. Hyatt Kim Y. Johnson M. Christine Joyce Bernard Kennedy (8) Michael W. Kennedy (7) Darshan P. Kharod (2) Joseph Laumann (7) Ron Marryott Susan Mays (2) Saul McCormick Timothy Mummert (6) Matthew Olson (4) Allen Paltell Stacey Rogan (2) David Ruben (5) James Sauer (4) Donna Schaeffer Amy Schrack Sheinin (2) Robert A. Siegel Brockston W. Posner Smuck Teresa Taylor (3) Cheri Wendt-Taczak (2) Diane E. Wessel Michael T. Wharton BALTIMORE CITY Jay Allan Abarbanel (2) Jeffrey Abarbanel Angela A. Alexander (2) David M Allen Jacqueline Allen Sonja L. Allen (2) Stanley Alpert Robert D. Anbinder (2) Antonio Aquia (13)

Emilie Aracil (2) Hillary Arnaoutakis Lesley Atkinson (13) Yollette Atkinson Susan D. Baker Bernice T. Banks Kevin Beard (2) Jennifer Berman Stanley H. Block (2) Douglas Borg Gary M. Brooks (3) C. Christopher Brown (3) George Brown Judith R. Brunton (5) Art Buist (2) Anthony I. Butler (6) David Cahn Shawn Carter (48) Brian Chappell (2) Maria Ellena Chavez-Ruark (2) Mary Claire Chesshire Caroline D. Ciraolo (4) Robert Clark Thomas Coale (2) David W. Cohen J. Allan Cohen Robert D. Cole Liset Collazo-Dingle (2) Natalie T. Collins (9) Sarah Conkwright Delores Cooke (2) MyEsha Craddock (4) Brian Crepeau Patrick G. Cullen (5) Dennis E. Cuomo H. Scott Curtis Christopher Dahl Kenneth Davies (28) Cendoria Y. Dean Christopher P. Dean (2) Gerardine Delambo (10) Rudolph DeMeo (6) Deborah Devan Philip F. Diamond Michelle Dickinson A. Donald C. Discepolo (3) Mario V. Dispenza (3) Adrienne N. Dixon (2) Mark Dopkin John H. Doud Sondra Douglas Ronald J. Drescher (2) Neil Dubovsky Sheila Durant (29) Carl E. Eastwick Jonathan Eisner (2) Lon Engel Martina Evans Jude Ezeala (12)

Matthew Fader John T. Faulkingham Dana Fidazzo Linda A. Fitzpatrick (2) Andrew Fontanella (9) John Fox Dale Garbutt (2) Matthew D. Garcia Gregory Garrett Morris L. Garten (2) Jerome Geraghty Francesca Gibbs Michele Gilman Sally Gold (2) Sandra Goldthorpe Bruce Goodman Eric Gordon (7) Kristy N. Grace (5) Anika Griffith-Zubar Ann Grillo (2) Seth Groman Robert Grossbart (26) Benjamin Grossman Jeston Hamer Roanne Handler Clifford Hardwick Constance Hare (10) Tatarsha D. Harris (5) Daniel Hatcher Donald Hecht Camille M. Henley Kristin Herber (2) L. Stephen Hess Sandra Holmes Jonathan Hoover Catherine K. Hopkin Robin M. Hough (2) Lydia Hu Peter C. Ismay (2) David Jackson Kendra Randall Jolivet Venroy July Daniel Katz Stephen P. Kauffman Mary T. Keating (2) Walter Kirkman Susan Kirwan Marc Kivitz (6) Susan Klein (5) Frederick L. Kobb Ari J. Kodeck (3) Jill A. Kolodner (7) Alan Kreshtool (3) Diana Krevor Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum Trace Krueger Julie E. Landau (2) Richard Lebovitz (6) Lauren Levy (2)

Alicia D. Lewis (2) Megan Lewis (2) Steven Link Jeaneen Logan Kathryn Elizabeth Loncarich (2) Scott S. London David Luby Jaime Walker Luse (2) Larry J. Macklin Christopher Madaio Paul Madden (4) Erinn Maguire Kimberly A. Manuelides (2) Hugh J. Marbury Darren Margolis (4) Kyriakos Marudas (6) William A. McComas (2) Patrick McCormally Kathleen McGinley (2) Mary Ann McGrail (3) Claire A.P. McLamore M. Natalie McSherry Michael Mehring (3) Jason Miles Stephen Miles J. Archer Miller Tom Minton Natasha Dartigue Moody (2) Ashley Moore (5) George R. Mowell John M.G. Murphy Martha Nathanson Terrence Nolan (2) Beatrice Nunez-Bellamy Ira Oring George Oswinkle Paolo Pasicolan Michael Perticone Jean Pope (2) David Portney (29) Gary S. Posner Reuven Poupko (33) Kelly Preteroti Christia Pritts Susannah Prucka (2) Constance Putzel E. Hutchinson Robbins (7) Ginger Robinson (5) Alexis B. Rohde George A. Rose Joy Sakamoto-Wengel (2) Rebecca Salsbury Michael A. Schollaert Jeremy Seep Charles Shafer Lila Shapiro-Cyr Patrick Sheridan Nishamarie Sherry (3)


2012 MVLS Volunteers Lori Simpson (4) Erika F. Daneman Slater (3) Edward C. Sledge Sharon Snyder (2) David Solan (2) David Sommer Yolanda Sonnier Bruce C. Spizler Mark Stanley Aryeh Stein Bobbie Steyer Matheau J.W. Stout (2) Victoria Sulerzyski (6) Steven Sullivan Brad Swallow (16) Bryon Szojchet (5) Rebecca Tabb Lewis J. Taylor James Temple (6) Debra Thomas (2) Elva E. Tillman (4) Paul J. Tortora Shauntese Curry Trye Erick Tyrone Nathan Vaccaro Thomas Valkenet (2) Max Van Orden (2) Doris Green Walker (5) Irving Walker (8) Roland Walker Diana M. Wang Deborah Warner Michael Wasicko Laurie M. Wasserman (2) Benjamin Whetzel Erica White (8) James Wiggins (2) Steven Wilder (2) Romaine N. Williams Alicia L. Wilson (2) Edward Zamarin (3) Joseph Zauner (2) Danielle Zoller Alan P. Zukerberg (2) BALTIMORE COUNTY Dana Adams Kathleen Adcock (2) Kelly Albright (2) Jennifer A. Anderson (2) Marc Appel Shakyamunire Arati (7) John A Austin (2) Stuart C. Axilbund Andrew Bailey Charles J. Balint (2) Tamal Banton C. Stephen Basinger Anne Therese Bechamps Susan Bell Aaron Besser Alan Billian Christina Billiet Alan Bloom Toni Boettcher John K. Burkhardt (10) Alexander H. Bushel (3) Karen Byers (2) Bradford G.Y. Carney


Lindsay Casey (2) J. Thomas Caskey Melissa Cassell (2) Sharon Conners Michael Connolly (30) Curtis B. Cooper J. Stephen Cowles (7) Michelle R. Daley (4) Justin Daniel Timothy W. Davis (7) Diana Denrich (3) Shaketta A. Denson (5) Thomas P. Dore Ellen M. Dunn Edwin G. Fee Larry Feldman (2) Nathaniel Fick Darren Fields (3) Tiffany S. Franc (6) Jeffrey Friedman Stanford G. Gann (2) Lauren M. Geisser Richard L. Gershberg Thomas G. Gill (12) Joseph K. Githuku (2) Louis Glick (6) T. Bruce Godfrey (2) Carl R. Gold David Goldman (3) Rob Goldman Douglas Gorius (4) Victoria Grace Robert B. Greenwalt (21) Richard Gunkel E. Philip Hanlon Laurie Hansen (11) John A. Hayden Howard Heneson (3) Charles J. Herring (10) Rebecca Heyman-Magaziner Chester H. Hobbs (2) James E. Hock Teri Holt-Charles (4) Kristine Howanski Richard B. Jacobs Gina Jalbert (4) Carl S. Jean-Baptiste (2) J. Calvin Jenkins Heidi Kenny (3) Jason A. Kerpelman William T. Kerr (2) Kon Kim Stephen Kleeman Talley Kovacs Jyoti Kumta Rachel E. Latourneau (3) Ann M. Lembo Sheldon Levitt (3) Jennifer S. Lubinski (2) Richard V. Lynas (4) Lisa Magil Christine A. Malanga (2) Thomas Mallon (2) Robert A. McFarland David L. McMurray Jo Ann Miller (2) Sandra Brown Minton Megan Morrissette Roger R. Munn (2) Jeffrey Nesson (6)

Tran Thuy Ngoc Nguyen (4) James J. Nolan David Nowak James C. Olson (2) David Ostrow (2) Lauren Pagano Richard Patterson F. Bradley Peyton (4) Robert Pierson (3) Gary Poretsky (12) Franklin L. Porter David Preller William Riddle Jonathan Rose (2) Adam Rosenblatt James Rosner (7) Stephen R. Rourke (10) Gerald Ruter (2) Douglas T. Sachse (3) Jane Santoni (4) Ralph Sapia (2) Steven J. Scheinin (6) Jeffrey Scholnick John Schropp (4) Mark Scurti (2) Pamela Simons (2) Aidan Smith (8) Anya Smith Michael Snyder Michael J. Sonnenfeld Michael J. Stelmack (2) John B. Stolarz (3) Larry Strauss Robert W. Taylor Robert J. Thompson (3) Shauntese Trye Frank Turney (7) Alan J. Van Luven (4) Marty Voelkel-Hanssen (9) Robert M. Wagner (5) Annamarie Walsh (2) Margaret Ward Randy Wase (4) Jason Weber John Wilkinson (5) Guana E. Williams Stephen S. Winegrad (2) Robert Winkler Kathleen Wobber (3) E. Jacob Wolf A. David Zerivitz (5) Wendy Zerwitz (4) CALVERT COUNTY Wendy L. Tornabene Velez (2) CARROLL COUNTY Zoa D. Barnes Stephen P. Bourexis Amber Dahlgreen Curtis Leslie Dickinson (12) LaRue G. Lennon (2) E. Suzan Miller Grant M. Murchison (14) Steven Silberman William Steinwedel

CECIL COUNTY Harry Davis Barnes (2) Michael Beste Kristy Boon (4) David Burroughs John Downs (4) William Riddle Robyn L. Thompson CHARLES COUNTY Moges Abebe (2) Barbara Bechberger (24) William M. Burgess Patrick J. Devine (3) Carroll Drake (4) William Fanning (4) David Gormley (2) John Hungerford (3) Kevin Peregoy Kenneth Prien Thomas R. Simpson (3) Richard Steinmetz Victor Varga (2) Kurt Wolfgang DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Paula Brooks David H. Dickieson Dione Duckett Susan T. Edlavitch Olekanma A. Ekekwe (11) Jennifer Jackman Kymberly Jackson Melanie Murray Mfume (10) Matthew Rudow FREDERICK COUNTY Earl Bartgis Kenneth S. Butcher Stephen K. Carper Gary Compton (6) Elizabeth Conklyn (2) Donald Dunbar (3) Mary Ann Ferguson Charles B. Frey Raymond Fullerton Joseph M. Gorvoy Michele A. Ferris Hansen (14) Lawrence Heffner (2) Noel Manalo Chris May Daniel Meehan Laura Melia (2) Sean O’Keefe (2) Lorraine Prete Amanda J. Ray (7) Joanie Raymond Keith Schiszik Kevin Shipe Tara Shoemaker (14) John Sica (2) Thomas G. Slater Ashley S. VanCleef (2) GARRETT COUNTY Miriam Sincell (3)

2012 MVLS Volunteers HARFORD COUNTY Cassandra Beverley L.M.D.D. Biggs (26) David Bocchino Anthony DiPaula Carolyn W. Evans (3) Matthew Hurff Robert Kahoe John James Kane (2) Melissa B. Linebaugh Anthony Mignini (2) H. Wayne Norman Frederick Raab Christopher Van Roden Gina Shaffer Troy Swanson Brian Young (2) HOWARD COUNTY Simisola Adejumo Mayabanza Bangudi (4) Victor D. Berger (6) Charles Broida (2) Linda Hudroge Carroll (2) Wayne K. Clark (10) Frederic Cook Alisa G. Cummins Michael Daney Christopher A. Davis (2) Patricia Douge (3) Karen S. Ellsworth Glen Frost Lisa Goldblatt (7) Michael K. Green (2) Jonathan Scott Greene (2) David Hall (2) Victoria Heyliger (2) Sandra M. Holt (2) Suzanne Hulthage (11) Adriane C. Jemmott (4) Malcolm Kane Gerald W. Kelly, Jr. (3) Ryan Kennedy (3) James D. Lano (2) Jeffrey Letzkus Renee Madden Thomas Meachum (2) Michael Milstein Thomas Mulinazzi (10) Alon Nager (3) Samuel S. Nalli Cecilia Paizs (2) Philip Petty Arlene K. Prud’homme Christopher R. Rahl (6) Gerald Richman (4) Jason C. Ridgell (4) Tara Ross Jerome Schaefer Jeffrey Schultz (2) Ryan Showalter Sheryl Snee A. Jean Steigleman (3) Lauren Beth Tabackman Walter D. Ty (2) William C. Wood Bonnie Wylie Aileen Xenakis Jessica E. Zadjura (2)

KENT COUNTY Kimberly Bennett (2) MONTGOMERY COUNTY Karen Alegi Abrielle Anderson Ayodeji Badaki (5) Jonathan M. Binstock (2) Olivia Cammack Denise S. Cann Christin Carothers Gerald F. Chapman Irene Chen Augustus Curtis (2) James W. Dawson Lawrence Derx Darrell Doss Parva Fattahi (2) Wilma Fields David George (11) Judy Halaby (2) Kenneth Haley (2) R. Sabra Jafarzadeh Denise James Sandra Kresch Robb A. Longman Kathryn McDonough Peter Mills Theo Ogune (3) Catherine Pugh Adam Ross Regina Scott (4) Gretchen Slater Mara Stein (9) Shawn Stringer (2) Stanley N. Tashoff Morris Topf LaVonne Torrence Diana Valle (3) Lauren Wallace (3) PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY April Ademiluyi (2) A. Mendie Archibong Solomon Bankole Donald Bell Jacqueline D. Byrd Christopher Daniels (34) Michelle Davy Angela Dawkins June Dillard (4) Domonique A. Flowers (2) John Harrison (8) Alphonso Hearns Martine Jean (7) Anu Kemet (4) Kristin Koger Nicole Lemon Linda McClellan Darlyn McLaughlin Nataly C. Mendocilla (5) Aaron Neal Chika Ojiaku Jumoke F. Oladapo Debra Oliver (8) Rosalyn W. Otieno (2) Marja Plater L. Jeannette Rice John Robotham (5)

Vadim Ronzhes David Sandler (6) John Saunders Sharnae Smith Arlene Smith-Scott Tina Marie Stanczewski Payman Tehrani Ryan Thomas (2) Klohver Tynes April M. Urban Raquel White (2) Diana K. Wyles (3) SOMERSET COUNTY Anna Mae Rounds ST. MARY’S COUNTY Sue Ann Armitage Samuel Baldwin (4) D. Anne Emery TALBOT COUNTY Jane Tolar WASHINGTON COUNTY Charles Bailey (3) Joseph Chukla (13) Catherine Drummond Brian A. Kane (3) Jason Morton (7) Michael Nehring David Bruce Poole Bernard W. Semler Charles F. Wagaman (2) WICOMICO COUNTY Christina M. Alfonsi (5) Robert Benson (4) Steven D. Cox Michael Crowson Angela DiPietro Jordan Gilmore (6) Nicole Green Stephen M. Hearne (2) Charles J. Jannace (4) Heather R. Konyar Victor H. Laws (2) Nathan K. Long Lenora Mihavetz Jessona Morrison James Respess (4) Don Richardson (2) Ann Shaw Franzella Starkey (5) George G. Strott (2) Barbara Trader Kathryn Westbrook WORCESTER COUNTY James W. Almand Sharon Donahue (3) J. Harrison Phillips James H. Porter OUT OF STATE Anne E. Higdon (2) Spencer Nichols (2) Dean Park Timothy C. Pilarski

Reginald Powell (2) Ducchi T. Quan COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Christopher A. Davis Christopher P. Dean L. Stephen Hess Venroy July Talley Kovacs William A. McComas Thomas Meachum Megan Morrissette Stephen R. Rourke Jerome Schaefer Lila Shapiro-Cyr Ryan Showalter Edward C. Sledge DEBTOR ASSISTANCE PROJECT Antonio Aquia John K. Burkhardt Shawn Carter Maria Ellena Chavez-Ruark J. Stephen Cowles Kenneth Davies Geraldine Delambo Rudolph DeMeo Leslie Dickinson Sheila Durant Jude Ezeala Karl-Henri Gauvin David George Thomas G. Gill Douglas Gorius Robert B. Greenwalt Robert Grossbart John Harrison Suzanne Hulthage Marc Kivitz Jill A. Kolodner Jeffrey Nesson Gary Poretsky David Portney John Schropp Brad Swallow Frank Turney Irving Walker FAMILY LAW REDUCED FEE AND JUDICARE Sonja L. Allen Shakyamunire Arati Yollette Atkinson John A. Austin Ayodeji Badaki Charles B. Bailey Nathan K. Baker Samuel C. Baldwin, Jr. Mayabanza Bangudi Solomon Oluseyi Bankole (20) Earl Bartgis, Jr. Barbara Bechberger Victor D. Berger L.M.D.D. Biggs Holland Catherine Brownley Judith R. Brunton Art Buist Anthony I. Butler


2012 MVLS Volunteers Lindsay Casey Jeremiah Jacob Chiappelli Joseph Chukla Natalie T. Collins Michael F. Connolly Steven D. Cox Michelle R. Daley Christopher Daniels Pamela Dement-Carpenter Diana Denrich Patrick J. Devine Sharon Donahue John H. Doud, III Patricia Romulus Douge Sondra Douglas Carroll Drake Olekanma A. Ekekwe William C. Fanning (12) Michele A. Ferris Hansen Andrew Fontanella Jordan Gilmore Lisa Goldblatt Eric Gordon Joseph M. Gorvoy Garland Hall Laurie Hansen Tatarsha D. Harris Charles J. Herring Anne E. Higdon Jonathan T. Hoover John Hungerford Charles J. Jannace, III Martine A. Jean Adriane C. Jemmott M. Christine Joyce Anu Kemet William T. Kerr Darshan P. Kharod Susan Kirwan Frederick L. Kobb Alan Kreshtool Joseph Laumann Melissa B. Linebaugh Jennifer S. Lubinski Nataly C. Mendocilla Ashley C. Moore Jason Morton Thomas Mulinazzi Timothy J. Mummert Roger R. Munn Grant M. Murchison Michael Nehring David Nowak Debra Oliver George Oswinkle Rosalyn W. Otieno F. Bradley Peyton Reuven Poupko David Preller, III Amanda J. Ray Joanie Raymond Gerald Richman Jason C. Ridgell Anna Mae Rounds Stephen R. Rourke James Sauer Steven J. Scheinin Regina N. Scott Bernard W. Semler, II Tara Shoemaker


Miriam Sincell Aidan F. Smith Tina Marie Stanczewski Franzella Starkey A. Jean Steigleman Mara Andrea Stein Bryon W. Szojchet Ryan Keith Thomas Robert J. Thompson Wendy L. Tornabene Velez Walter D. Ty Victor Varga Marty Voelkel-Hanssen Doris Green Walker Annamarie Walsh Kathryn Westbrook Erica S. White Raquel White John Wilkinson, Jr. Kathleen Wobber Diana K. Wyles A. David Zerivitz Wendy Zerwitz LOW INCOME TAXPAYERS CLINIC Jeffrey Abarbanel Kathleen Adcock Yollette Atkinson Ayodeji Badaki Susan D. Baker Jennifer Berman Aaron Besser Stanley H. Block Douglas Borg Alexander H. Bushel Michael Canet Caroline Ciraolo David W. Cohen Gary Compton Delores Cooke MyEsha Craddock Brian Crepeau James W. Dawson, Jr. Gerardine Delambo Shaketta A. Denson David H. Dickieson A. C. Discepolo Mario V. Dispenza Darrell Doss Dione Duckett Carl E. Eastwick Susan T. Edlavitch Karen S. Ellsworth Darren Fields Linda A. Fitzpatrick Domonique A. Flowers Glen Frost Jerome Geraghty Michael K. Green, Jr. Seth Groman Benjamin Grossman Judy Halaby David Hall John A. Hayden, III Charles J. Herring Victoria Heyliger Teri Holt-Charles Suzanne Houle Gina Jalbert

Martine Jean Stephen P. Kauffman Gerald W. Kelly, Jr. Nicole Lemon Jeffrey Letzkus Robb A. Longman Larry J. Macklin Noel Manalo Daniel Meehan Peter Mills Ashley Moore Timothy Mummert Tran Thuy Ngoc Nguyen Reuven Poupko Christia Pritts James Respess John Robotham Vadim Ronzhes Ann Shaw Mark Stanley Larry Strauss Teresa Taylor Robyn L. Thompson Paul J. Tortora Erick Tyrone Alan J. Van Luven Ashley S. VanCleef Robert M. Wagner Doris Green Walker Lauren Wallace Cheri Wendt-Taczak Guana E. Williams FORECLOSURE DEFENSE Michelle Adams April Ademiluyi Yollette Atkinson Ayodeji Badaki Kimberly Bennett David Bocchino Denise S. Cann Christin Carothers Cynthia Clark Wayne K. Clark Justin Daniel Timothy W. Davis Angela Dawkins Philip F. Diamond Sheila Durant Olekanma A. Ekekwe Parva Fattahi Myra Frazier Raymond Fullerton Lauren M. Geisser Joseph K. Githuku John Gordon David Gormley Robert Grossbart Judy Halaby E. Philip Hanlon Denise James Malcolm Kane Bernard Kennedy Michael W. Kennedy Heidi Kenny Sandra Kresch James D. Lano Ron Marryott Mary Ann McGrail Melanie Murray Mfume

Martha Nathanson Allen Paltell Dean Park Reuven Poupko John Robotham Jonathan Rose Stephen R. Rourke David Sandler Jane Santoni Amy Schrack Sheinin Michael J. Sonnenfeld William Steinwedel Payman Tehrani Doris Green Walker Kurt Wolfgang WASHINGTON COUNTY PRO PRO SE COURTHOUSE CLINIC Leonard Kelly TRAINING AND CLINIC INSTRUCTORS Jan Berlage Caroline D. Ciraolo Tiffany Franc Jason A. Frank Robert Grossbart Benjamin Grossman Gerald W. Kelly, Jr. Carolyn Malinowski Mark Scurti PRO SE BANKRUPTCY INSTRUCTORS Lawrence D. Coppel Susan Klein MENTORS Yollette Atkinson L.M.D.D. Biggs Caroline D. Ciraolo Michael Connolly Lawrence D. Coppel Alisa G. Cummins William C. Fanning, Jr. Edwin G. Fee, Jr. Rebecca Fleming Robert Grossbart Laurie Hansen Alan J. Hyatt Gerald W. Kelly Bernard T. Kennedy Frederick L. Kobb Julie E. Landau LaRue G. Lennon Carolyn Malinowski Melanie Murray Mfume Thomas Mulinazzi John Murphy Christopher R. Rahl Mark F. Scurti Steven Silverman Erika F. Daneman Slater Victoria Sulerzyski Robert J. Thompson Hope Tipton Victor Varga

2012 MVLS Donors INDIVIDUAL DONORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE $1,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous George and Christine Bachrach Edward J. Baines Rignal W. Baldwin Robert S. Brennen J. Thomas Caskey Alan C. Cason Caroline D. Ciraolo Robert D. Cole, Jr. Lawrence D. Coppel Maureen Costigan Thomas J. Cullen, Jr. James DeGraffenreidt and Mychelle Farmer Richard V. Falcon Cecil E. Flamer Jonathan M. Genn Thomas F. Grogan Charles S. Hirsch Domenic R. Iamele Paula M. Junghans Sharon Katula and Thomas J. Egan Lawrence J. Keen, III Christine A. Lay Kathleen McDermott M. Natalie McSherry Kathleen and Timothy Meredith William H. Murphy Susan Tucker Preston Kenneth Ravenell Neil J. Ruther Daniel V. Schmitt Paul W. Spence Kerry D. Staton Sanford Teplitzky Armand J. Volta, Jr. Richard L. and Manuele Wasserman SENIOR PARTNER $500 TO $999 Anonymous Charles T. Albert Burton Amernick Anthony P. Ashton Richard M. Barnes Trudy Bartel and Jon Laria Michael and Mary Baxter Danny Bell Russell J. Bennett Linda J. Botek Catherine M. Brennan James C. Brennan Patrick K. Cameron James D. Cardea Michael S. Clevenger Robert J. Cornish, III Ken Davies Honorable and Mrs. E. Stephen Derby M. Gregg Diamond James Reilly Dolan Ramona D. Elliott Janet and Steve Fedder Philip C. Federico

Marilyn Hope Fisher and Allen F. Loucks Herbert D. Frerichs, Jr. Gerard J. Gaeng Herbert S. Garten Sandra P. Gohn Sally B. Gold and Elliot Zulver Stuart Yael Gordon Lawrence S. Greenwald Christopher J. Hamaty Fred S. Hecker Ruthie Herman S. Craig Holden Peter Keith Ricardo C. Kimbers Anne and Henry Koether Mark C. Kopec Scott P. Kurlander Joseph H. Langhirt Lawrence G. Lerman Martin B. Lessans Kimberly L. Limbrick David M. Lynn Roseanne Matricciani and Robert Curran William E. McDaniels Donald P. McPherson, III Craig B. and Paula K. Merkle Kimberly A. Millender Ellen and Alan Mogol Thomas V. Monahan, Jr. Charles J. Morton, Jr. Sheela Murthy Richard L. Nilsson Honorable Theresa A. Nolan (Ret.) James C. Oliver Carolyn I. Polowy Deborah L. Potter Christopher Rahl and Elizabeth Wyatt Rahl David E. Rice J. Paul Rieger, Jr. Valerie and E. Hutchinson Robbins, Jr. John A. Roberts George Roche Jonathan Schochor Marie F. Cooke and Leonard H. Shapiro Ann M. Sheridan and James E. Dickerman Paul S. Sugar Peter A. Susser Steuart H. Thomsen Raymond G. Truitt J.W. Thompson Webb Honorable Darryl L. Webster Michael D. Wilmoth PARTNER $350 TO $499 Anonymous Honorable Karen H. Abrams Sally D. Adkins & William J. Bostian James K. Archibald Honorable Robert M. Bell Winnie and Neal Borden Lucy A. Cardwell

Tina L. Cheng, MD, MPH Jonathan E. Claiborne Harriet E. Cooperman James W. Dawson, Jr. Honorable Ann Marie Doory Jim Doub Jennifer Duane Thomas E. Dunigan Elizabeth M. Foley Honorable Kathleen O’Ferrall Friedman Andrew Jay Graham Robert N. Grossbart Martin S. Himeles, Jr. Elizabeth J. Huttar Arnold Janofsky James A. Johnson Mary T. Keating Thomas J. Kenney, Jr. Charles M. Kerr Robert N. Kilberg Stephan Klingelhofer Heather A. Klink Frederick L. Kobb Alan Hilliard Legum Ann and Thomas Lloyd Jerald B. Lurie David M. Lyon Jonathan Z. May Honorable and Mrs. Andrew H. Metz Robert R. Morrow Elizabeth K. Moser Lori Anne Nicolle Paul S. Novak Katherine M. Palumbo Robert E. Polack Paul M. Polansky Barry F. Rosen Ellen and Bruce Rothschild D. Lee and Catherine D. Rutland Lynn B. Sassin and the Honorable Nathan Braverman Jerome C. Schaefer Lee Sheller Ira S. Siegler Harry C. Storm Evan K. Thalenberg Stephen J. Toomey Wm. Roger Truitt Irving E. Walker Judith S. Waranch Marjorie Wax and Brian Hochheimer Christopher R. West Andrea D. Williams Jane A. Wilson John Anthony Wolf Jefferson V. Wright $100 TO $349 Anonymous (28) Richard Abraham David B. Abramoff Jonathan Acton, II Nolan M. Aiken Gary L. Alexander Fred Allentoff James W. Almand

John C. M. Angelos Melinda B. Antalek William and Kendall Anthony Retha Arens & William Burr The Armstrong Family Tanya Axenson Cynthia L. Spell and Andrew Baida Robert R. and Dorothy D. Bair Mary C. Baldwin Stanley W. Balis Nancy Barr Dianne K. Beauchamp Leonard Bebchick Anne-Therese Bechamps John W. Beckley Leslie Bender William T. Bennett Ronald Berger Courtney A. Blair Shellie Blakeney Wilbur Bolton Cynthia and Robert Bonsib Victoria Bor J. Darby Bowman Francie Brady Terence M. Brady Fern J. Brodney John S. Brzostowski Jean Roger Buchen Marianna I. Burt Elana R. Byrd Honorable and Mrs. J. Norris Byrnes Maureen T. Cannon Anthony M. Carey Paul V. Carlin Phillip T. Caroom Catherine Carroll Daniel R. Chemers Alisa B. Chernack Karen C. Chesser Anthony F. Christhilf Henry Christrup James A. Close Debora Clovis Alan L. Cohen Rebecca Cohn Vincent J. Colatriano Sean Coleman Kevin P. and Paula J. Connelly Heidi A. Connolly Robert A. Cook William S. Corey Marjorie A. Corwin Edward C. Covahey, Jr. Kenneth L. Crawford Diane J. Curran and Ferdinand Hoefner John A. Currier Jay A. Dackman David C. Daneker Michael D. Daneker Debra Daniel E. Charles Dann, Jr. and Helen Szablya Honorable Nancy Davis-Loomis G. David Dean


2012 MVLS Donors Anne Marie Debiase Jill Marie Dennis Brenda R. Deussing Michael J. Devine Denise M. Dewling Philip F. Diamond Shrikant V. Dighe Neil J. Dilloff Walter B. Doggett, III Mary A. Donohoe Thomas Donohue Roger A. Doumar Steve and Miriam Dubin Eric B. Easton Michael T. Edmonds John C. Eidleman Henry Eigles Alan R. Engel Lee R. Epstein Korin Ewing Honorable John Fader, II and Kathryn K. Fader George H. Falter, III Jessica D. Fegan Lois Blum Feinblatt Jessica and Joshua Feldmark Patrice Alexander Ficklin Michael E. Field Vicki B. Finkelstein Steven R. Freeman Honorable Constance H. Frogale Judith T. Galloway Dominick A. Garcia Nathan Gardner-Andrews Morris L. Garten Jerome G. and Carolyn J. Geraghty Mary Lou Gervie John J. Gessner Stewart H. Getz Carol A. Gilbert Barbara S. and Edward J. Gilliss Avrum S. Goldberg R. Marc Goldberg Stephen M. Goldberg Rob Goldman Louisa H. Goldstein Clifton J. Gordy Frank T. Gray James H. Green Alan M. Grochal Susan H. Hamburg Honorable Edward R. K. Hargadon Honorable Glenn T. Harrell, Jr. Joseph P. Hart Joy Y. Hatchette Thomas C. Hayden, Jr. Lisa H. R. Hayes James Hemelt Byron B. Hertslet Robert W. Hesselbacher, Jr. Ronald M. Hirschel Mel Hirshman Gary Honick James B. Hopewell Michael H. Hughes Gary and Deborah Ignatowski Jamie B. Insley Joel A. Jacobson Kathy and Mark Jascewsky


Harry Sterling Johnson Pamela McDade Johnson Stephen L. Johnson George F. Jones Wendy L. Kahn William Kahn Louis I. Kaplan Honorable Ronald Alan Karasic Joseph N. Karey Alex and Carla Katzenberg Shelley M. Kaye Robert A. Kengle James A. Kenney Cynthia Hitt Kent Robert R. Kern, Jr. Ingrid Kershner Howard S. Klein Morris Kletzkin Stanard T. Klinefelter Benjamin B. Klubes Joyce E. Knodell William P. Konstas Joseph C. Kovars Gerson B. Kramer Julie Ellen Landau Andrew Lapayowker and Sarah McCafferty Larry Caplan Stephane Latour Vivian Moore Lawyer Anne Kelly Laynor Judy Levinson James W. Lewis Jennifer L. Lewis Edward Lilly David J. Lipinski Charles W. Lockyer, Jr. Ford Loker Honorable James J. Lombardi Fred S. London Henry R. Lord Richard V. Lynas Thomas E. Lynch James S. Maffitt John T. Maguire Judy K. Maistrellis Lisa S. Mankofsky Paul G. Marcotte, Jr. Jeffrey A. Markowitz John Markus Jim and Kathy Mathias Honorable Albert J. Matricciani, Jr. Jolie H. Matthews Kevin McAnaney and Catherine McCabe Joseph P. McCurdy, Jr. Marie Helen McGlone John J. McHugh, Esq. George W. McManus, Jr. Susan and Arthur McTighe Stephen W. Michael John R. Mietus Howard B. Miller Joyce T. Mitchell Herbert B. and Miriam L. Mittenthal Joseph T. Moran, Jr. David R. Morgan Michael Mowles

Larry E. Munson Kevin M. Murphy Renarda L. Nash-Lecount Howard J. Needle William M. Nickerson Laurence C. Nolan Lisa O’Brien Jodi O’Day Margaret H. Oliver Eric G. and Diane J. Orlinsky Matthew D. Osnos Elizabeth and Richard Osterman April Oh Park Honorable Carolyn M. Pass (Ret.) Leo F. Partridge Robert H. Plotkin David J. Polashuk Albert B. Polovoy John A. Prendergast Hunter L. Prillaman Carroll S. Rankin, Jr. Libby C. Reamer Rappaport Marie H. Razulis Wayne C. and Linda E. Rebuck Dana A. Reed Charles A. Rees Terri L. Reicher Vernon A. Reid George K. Reynolds, III Patrick J. and Stasia S. Reynolds Melissa Rhea Vernon C. Ridgely, Jr. Robert N. Riley Sandra Humphries Riviears Lucy Robins Don Ronayne Lynne Blume Rosen Benjamin Rosenberg Kathryn M. Rowe Michael S. Rubenstein Mark W. Ryan Sheila K. Sachs Harold and Victoria Sakayan Laura and Bill Salganik David Scott Salkeld John Sandbower David Sandler Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Diana M. Savit Julie A. Schafer Bonnie G. Schneider Leanne M. Schrecengost Eugene H. Schreiber Sanford D. Schreiber Henry E. Schwartz Doris P. Scott Reginald M. Sealey Eugene A. Shapiro Donald and Jo Ann Sharpe Mark A. Shelnitz Alexander Short Lawrence A. Shulman Catherine M. Shultz Gary M. Sidell Carla Siegel Damon A. Silvers Lucy L. Slaich Bob and Jackie Smelkinson

Gina M. Smith Valerie J. Smith Marc G. Snyder Penny Somer-Greif Randall D. Sones Robert J. Spar Susan L. Spence Linda S. Spevack Nancy S. Spritz Sidney Stafford and Frances Sutton William Steinwedel Lawrence F. Stevenson Katharine R. Stierhoff Barbara J. Stob Robert Stockman Walter R. Stone Norman R. Stone, Jr. Eric N. Stravitz and John B. Mesirow Joel Suldan Bonnie A. Sullivan Diane Sullivan Vanita M. Taylor James L. Thompson Jerrold A. Thrope Elva E. Tillman Martha A. Toll Arthur W. Trump Conrad W. Varner Gary A. Wais Rangeley Wallace and James P. Denvir Olive & Tom Waxter, III David N. Webster Jane Webster Herbert R. Weiner Harold R. Weisbaum and Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum Jeffrey P. Weiss Leesa N. Weiss Pamela L. Weller Delma Wickham-Smith John Willis Lisa J. Wilson Scott R. Wilson Robert R. Winter Sander L. Wise Maxine Woo-Garcia Sung B. Yhim Carol W. Yoder Larry Yumkas and Miriam Fisher Natalie F. Zaidman Gina M. Zawitoski Carol A. Zuckerman UP TO $99 Anonymous (19) Jonathan Ackerman Renee Bronfein Ades Angela Alexander Shara Mervis Alpert Stanley J. Amernick Joseph F. Anastasio Robert D. Anbinder Marcia E. Anderson Allan Anderson, Jr. Neilson P. Andrews Mary M. Aquino Russel Arlotta

2012 MVLS Donors Elizabeth Arnold Margaret A. Attanasio Jessica R. Ayers Jonathan Azrael Deborah Bacharach Susan Austin Baetjer Michael Sandor Ballo Alexander E. Barnes Honorable Louis A. Becker, III Scott Bergmann Nancy Berman Stephanie A. Bomar Richard V. Boswell Eddie Pearl Bowden Gerald James Boyle Douglas M. Brattebo William R. Brieger Cheryl Brown-Whitfield Art Buist Henry S. Burden Alton K. Burton Honorable John C. Byrnes Daniel W. Cagan Norie Calvert Rose Carter Catherine A. Drummond Rhonda Pindell Charles Frederick P. Charleston Wan Chen John M. Clarkson, III Christa G. Conant Honorable Melissa K. Copeland Anne and Robert M. Coulbourn, III Louis B. Curran Gislin Dagnelie Garber Davidson Carole S. Demilio Richard B. Desser Mary Elizabeth Devlin Marianne Dise Eris I. Dixon John B. and Ruth P. Doak Bruce Donaldson George Doumas William B. Dulany Jacqueline Duobinis Angela M. Eaves Herman Efron Peter Engel Donald E. Exner Darren C. Fields Ocelious B. Foster Barbara M. Frey Edwin Fung Michael N. Gambrill Suzanne Gartner Fred Geldon Thomas C. Gentner Manny Geraldo Edward and Leslie Goldsmith Edwin R. Goodlander Michael and Sandra Gordon Mary A. Gormley Carmine J. Granese, Jr. Fay C. Graning Oscar S. Gray Nathan J. Greenbaum Madeleine Greene

Candace J. Groudine Beth Grupp Rosemarie Alcordo Halagna Calvin I. Hamburger Joyce L. Harper Pauline T. Heath Raymond A. Hein C. Daniel Held Honorable Robert H. Heller, Jr. Evelyn E. Hemmeter Howard M. Heneson Henry Holzman William D. Hugo Kim Johnson Sara Kapell William M. Katcef Laurence M. and Sandra L. Katz Susan J. Klein Carroll S. Klingelhofer, III Jeffrey A. Koeppel Catherine M. Koester Amanda Konradi Afrika A. Kwanna Nicole Lacoste Folks Lawrence S. Lanahan, Jr. James and Ann Lano Jennifer J. LaRoche Edmund and Laurie Law Herbert Lawrence Lesser Susan Leviton Jennifer L. Lewandowski Andrea LeWinter, Esq. Myles Lichtenberg Cynthia Lifson Barbara A. Lingg Tarrant H. Lomax Sally A. Lowe Elizabeth M. Lutz Deborah Mack Lloyd S. Mailman Cynthia G. Manney Philip Marcus Darren Margolis William and Susan Maseth Shirley Massey Aaron M. Max Leopold and Evelyn May E. Francine Stokes Robert E. Michelson Honorable William D. Missouri (Ret.) Searle Mitnick Colin and Courtney Moorhouse Sam Moxley Fay F. Nash Christopher and Mary Nemarich Camilla E. Day and Ralph M. Nitkin Terrence Nolan Matthew W. Oakey Kelly O’Brien Jane B. Pannier Michael S. Pearl Daniel Pearlman Thomas G. Peter Joseph K. Pokempner Larry Polen Daniel W. Pugh

Catherine Mary Rafferty Jeffrey Ramberg Honorable Martha F. Rasin (Ret.) Minday N. Rhoton James B. Riley Rachel Z. Ritvo Nathaniel L. Roberts Donald B. Robertson John G. Rolker Virginia M. Rosado Desilets Richard D. Rosenthal Antonio P. Salazar Robert M. Sandler Pauline Saunders Stuart A. Schadt Michael N. Schleupner, Jr. Daniel B. Schneider Michael D. Schrock Alvin Sellman Kathleen Fantom Shemer Susan Shepard Brian P. Siegel Thelma and Arthur Simms Steven M. Sindler Robert M. Skelton Lee M. Snyder David R. Solomon Nevett Steele, Jr. Melvin A. Steinberg Heidi W. Strassler Peter and Jeanne Sullivan Robert A. Suls Michelle L. Swift Richard S. Swingle Judith and Melvin Sykes Joseph Bernard Tetrault Debra A. Thomas Valeria Nolita Tomlin Irving N. Tranen Anthony J. Trotta William R. Varga Carolyn Cochran Vaughn Gerard and Kathleen Vetter Lawrence I. Wachtel Charlemayne N. Walker Michele Bresnick Walsh James H. Wannamaker, III Christine S. Wells Kathleen M. Werner Anne M. and Gary M. Wheeler James and Elizabeth Whittle William R. Levasseur Romaine N. Williams Melanie A. Wisniewski John S. Wood Eugene Zoglio SUSTAINERS CIRCLE Sustainers Circle members keep our programs growing and going by pledging a monthly gift. William Steinwedel Bonnie A. Sullivan Michelle L. Swift


$25,000 AND ABOVE Kennedy Krieger Institute The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. $10,000 TO $24,999 DLA Piper US LLP Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pediatrics LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust Saul Ewing LLP The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund $5,000 TO $9,999 Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP Gordon Feinblatt LLC Grant Capital Management Kramon & Graham, P.A. Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl Miles & Stockbridge P.C. Murphy P.A. Ober|Kaler, Attorneys at Law Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. Warnken, LLC $2,500 TO $4,999 Anderson, Coe & King, LLP Baldwin Kagan & Gormley, LLC Ballard Spahr LLP BB&T Certified CIO Gallagher Evelius & Jones, LLP Miller Financial Group, LLC Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP The Dealy Foundation, Inc. $1,000 TO $2,499 Ascend One Corporation Association of Corporate Counsel Baltimore Chapter Baltimore Bar Foundation, Inc. Bar Associations Insurance Trust Baxter, Baker, Sidle, Conn & Jones, P.A. Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. Dugan, Babij & Tolley, LLC Ellin & Tucker, Chartered Gore Brothers Reporting & Video Co. Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A. Hertzbach & Company, P.A. Hylton & Gonzales Iliff, Meredith, Wildberger & Brennan, PC Invotex Group Jack H. Olender & Associates, P.C. Jacobs & Dembert, P.A. Maryland Bar Foundation Maryland Defense Counsel, Inc.


2012 MVLS Donors McGuireWoods LLP Mudd, Harrison & Burch, LLP Nash Mediation, LLC Neuberger, Quinn, Gielen, Rubin & Gibber, P.A. Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. Pessin Katz Law, P.A. Proctor & McKee, P.A. Protiviti, Inc. RCM&D, Inc. Schulman, Treem, & Gilden, P.A. Shapiro, Lifschitz & Schram, P.C. T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Inc. The Cordish Family Foundation, Inc. The William L. & Victorine Q. Adams Foundation, Inc. Tydings & Rosenberg LLP Venable Foundation, Inc. W. R. Grace Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC Wright, Constable & Skeen, LLP Zuckerman Spaeder LLP UP TO $999 Accident Prevention & Investigation, Inc. Association of Maryland Pilots Constellation Energy Cornblatt, Bennett, Penhallegon & Roberson, P.A. Ferguson, Schetelich & Ballew, P.A. GEICO Philanthropic Foundation Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice GWBDG&E CPA Heartfelt Charity Cards Hewitt & Waicker LLC Howard L. Sollins & Barbara M. Resnick Family Fund Jacobs & Barney Marlow & Wyatt Maryland Psychiatric Partners LLC Maryland Public Interest Law Project MECU Michaels Title & Escrow, LLC Morton & Sophia Macht Foundation Nathans & Biddle LLP PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program Royston, Mueller, McLean & Reid, LLP Shawe & Rosenthal, LLP The Law Office of Laura Penn Shanley The Law Offices of E. David Hoskins, LLC


GRANTS Internal Revenue Service Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. Maryland Legal Services Corporation Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Maryland Department of Human Resources Washington County Circuit Court IN-KIND About Faces Day Spa & Salon American Visionary Arts Museum Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Basignani Winery Berthas – ‘Eat Berthas Mussels’ Boordy Vineyards Brick Bodies Caroline D. Ciraolo Carroll County Farm Museum CENTERSTAGE Chesapeake Wine Company Contemporary Museum Geppi’s Entertainment Museum Gordon Feinblatt LLC Gretta Blatner Harbor Magic Hotels Hope Tipton Hotel Monaco Baltimore Innovative Gourmet Johnny Dee’s Lounge Kerry D. Staton Let’s Dish Maryland Jockey Club Maryland Science Center Meadow Mill Athletic Club Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Michael S. Clevenger Newseum Honorable Pamela J. White Papermoon Diner Port Discovery Rich Riding Instruction Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards The Brewer’s Art The Capitol Grille Baltimore The Charles Theatre The Reginald F. Lewis Museum The Walters Art Museum Urban Pirates Woodhall Vineyard and Wine Cellars Wyndham Baltimore Peabody Court


Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have inadvertently omitted your name or listed it incorrectly, please accept our apologies and notify us of the error.

Types of MVLS Cases

Administration of Small Estates Adoption Adult Guardianship Advance Directives Bankruptcy (Chapter 7) Child Custody Consumer Disputes Criminal Record Expungement Debt Collection Deed Changes Denial of Long Term Care Divorce Foreclosure Defense Identity Theft Landlord/Tenant Conflicts Name Changes Nonprofit Transactional Matters Power of Attorney Professional License Revocation Public Benefits Denial School Suspension Tax Disputes Wills

2012 Financials Western Maryland – 21%

Southern Maryland & DC Region – 7%

FY 2012 Closed Case Highlights Cases by Region:

Western Maryland – 21%

Eastern Shore – 4% Southern Maryland & DC Region – 7%

Consumer & Bankruptcy – 18%

Education – 10% Tax & Income Maintenance – 6%

Cases by Type:

Consumer & Bankruptcy – 18%

Eastern ShoreCentral – 4% Maryland – 68%

Miscellaneous – 5% Education – 10% Tax & Income Maintenance – 6% Miscellaneous – 5% Family Law – 40%

Central Maryland – 68%

Housing & Foreclosure Prevention – 21%

Family Law – 40%

Housing & Foreclosure Prevention – 21%

FY 2012 Financial Highlights Income: $1,749,050

Expenses: $1,741,026

Contributions and Foundations: 28%

Management & General: 7% Fundraising: 7%

Benefit: 8% Contributions and Foundations: 28%

Management & General: 7% Fundraising: 7%

Benefit: 8%

Program: 86% Government Grants: 64%

Government r Numbers Matte Grants: 64%

2012 3,741 Total Closed Cases in FY ) ped hel rs nde ryla (9,751 Ma Lawyers and professionals 676 who helped MVLS clients s spent 13,144 Hours volunteer lawyer nts clie LS representing MV Total value of volunteer hours $3.9 (in millions) New volunteer lawyers who 286 joined our panel

Program: 86%

368 634 625

Pro se petitioners who received advice at the Debtor’s Assistance Project at the US Bankruptcy Court in Baltimore Children and families who received legal assistance through Project HEAL at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and the Kennedy Krieger Institute Pro Se Litigants who received legal assistance at the e Washington County Courthous ic Family Law Clin


2012 MVLS Directors, Staff & Interns Board of Directors


Lawrence D. Coppel, President

Bonnie A. Sullivan, Executive Director Richard Chambers, Deputy Director Stephanie Austin, Director of Annual Fund and Events Lawrence Burton, Intake Paralegal Javius Cain, Intake Paralegal Janet Fedder, Senior Attorney – DHR Contract Jamie Lee Fontaine, Executive Assistant Carolyn Malinowski, Managing Attorney – DHR Contract Tara Z. Miles, Intake Paralegal Jessica Rich, Intake Paralegal Sally Snowberger, Foreclosure Prevention Housing Counselor Rachel Stafford, Staff Attorney – Project HEAL at KKI Michelle Swift, Pro Bono Program Manager Hope Tipton, Director of Project HEAL at HLC Maureen van Stone, Director of Project HEAL at KKI Cheri Wendt-Taczak, LITC Program Attorney

Paul S. Sugar, Vice President Fred S. Hecker, Treasurer Mary T. Keating, Secretary Anthony P. Ashton Tanya Axenson Edward J. Baines Rignal W. Baldwin Alan C. Cason Caroline D. Ciraolo Michael S. Clevenger Robert J. Cornish, III Steven R. Freeman Frederick L. Kobb Jonathan Z. May M. Natalie McSherry Charles J. Morton, Jr. Susan T. Preston Christopher R. Rahl E. Hutchinson Robbins, Jr. Kerry D. Staton MVLS Advisory Board Linda J. Botek Robert S. Brennen Donald P. McPherson, III

MVLS Pro Bono Program Student Interns University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Blair Inniss Michael Levine Kimberly Murray Cristina Sproul University of Baltimore Dominique Brown Goucher College Joanna Parmer

Project HEAL Student Interns University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Peter Naugle University of Baltimore School of Law Hunter McIntyre Catherine Villareale

2012 Award Winners Volunteer Gary Compton

MSBA Tax Section’s 2012 Pro Bono Award

Volunteer Laurie Hansen

 altimore County Bar Association’s 2011 Pro Bono Attorney of the Year B Award

M. Natalie McSherry, MVLS Board

Maryland Legal Services Corporation’s Arthur W. Machen, Jr. Award

Volunteer J. Harrison Phillips, III

Pro Bono Resource Center’s 2012 Individual Pro Bono Service Award

Ober|Kaler’s Project HEAL Pro Bono Initiative and Victoria Sulerzyski, associate, project coordinator

American Health Lawyers Association 2011 Pro Bono Champions Award

Michelle Swift, MVLS Manager of Pro Bono Programs

Maryland Legal Services Corporation’s William L. Marbury Award

Volunteer Elva E. Tillman

 ro Bono Resource Center’s 2012 Government/Corporate Law Department P Pro Bono Service Award

Hope Tipton, Director, MVLS Project HEAL at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Bar Association of Baltimore City’s 2011 Young Lawyer Presidential Award and 2012 Women’s Bar Association Pro Bono Award


2012 MVLS Events Celebrate Pro Bono On October 19, 2011, MVLS honored its volunteers, friends and donors at our annual “Celebrate Pro Bono” reception at the University of Maryland School of Law’s Westminster Hall in Baltimore. Two hundred attendees enjoyed a catered buffet, networked with peers, listened to remarks from distinguished keynote speaker Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown and applauded our award winners: Volunteer of the Year, Mark Scurti, Law Firm of the Year, The Kennedy Law Firm, and MVLS Partnership Award winner, Stuart O. Simms.

Benefit On the evening of March 15, 2012, MVLS hosted a “March Madness” themed benefit at the Sports Legend Museum at Camden Yards. Over 250 MVLS fans watched the NCAA tournament basketball games on three big screens, enjoyed a sports fan menu of stadium fare, played arcade basketball games, met the Towson University and Johns Hopkins mascots, bid on exciting silent auction items and toured the museum. Former Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Art Donovan attended as the Honorary Sports Legend.


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Baltimore, Maryland Permit No. 5415

MARYLAND VOLUNTEER LAWYERS SERVICE One North Charles Street, Suite 222 Baltimore, MD 21201-3701 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Combined Charity Campaign – 2420 Maryland Charity Campaign – 1215 Combined Federal Campaign – 49447 United Way of Central Maryland – 2420

MVLS 2012 Annual Report  

MVLS 2012 Annual Report

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