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An Interview with The Te Awa Beats Cube Writing Clubs at Southbrook School 2022 Colour Your Day Introducing Miss Goodgame

Meet Miss Meridith

Writing at Southbrook Top Team 2022


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Teoteo’s Autumn Art and Learning




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Our Three Kete- Southbrook School’s Song Our Amazing Team of Reporters and Contributors


Say It-A Southbrook Quarterly Editing Team Oliver Read

Caitlin Schluter

Year 8

Year 8

Cameron Tobin

Kate Buchanan

Year 8

Year 8 3

Head Student Interviews This year we have new Headstudents. They are Nathaniel Glover, Caitlin Schluter, Kate Buchanan and Ollie Read. They are good natured and have great humour. As well as being full of humour they are a great team and will lead our school well. Here are some questions that the Headstudents have answered. What made you want to become a head

What has been the hardest thing for you


so far?

Nathaniel: “I don’t know. I just wanted to

Nathaniel: “Doing the rubbish outside,

be one I guess.”

because it’s stinky.”

Kate: “I wanted to make people feel good

Kate : “I feel like if I make a mistake people


will say that’s not very headstudent like.”






di erence in the school/community.”

Ollie: “I feel like if I do anything wrong

Ollie: “When I was younger there was this

people will say I don’t deserve to be Head

older boy that would look after me at


school. People used to beat me up and he

Caitlin: “I don’t know, probably the pressure

was always there. To me he was like a real

that other people put on you to do the

live Superhero and I wanted to be like

right thing. I get a lot of people saying ‘You


shouldn’t be doing that. You’re a Head

Caitlin: “I wanted to do something to help

Student…’ Not that I ever do anything

the community and to be a role model to


the younger children in the school”

Caitlin Schluter

Nathaniel Glover

Ollie Read

Kate Buchanan


If there was one thing you could change

How many siblings do you have in your

at Southbrook…What would it be?


Nathaniel: “ The bullying probably. More

Nathaniel: ‘Four, all female.”

swings would be good, ‘cause sometimes

Kate: “I am an only child but had a sister

people don’t share them.”

that sadly passed away.”

Kate: “To give the people that need

Ollie: “I don’t have any.”

support, support. If someone is struggling

Caitlin: “Two siblings. They are both

mentally, or with school work, I want to be

AMAZING! Both are younger.”

there to help them.”









Caitlin: “I would say that everyone should stop laughing at me, because Southbrook is better than this. Hahaha, shall I give the real answer now? Da da da… SWEARING. - big problem! Raspberry Pu er Bear is far more acceptable.” Favourite food?

Nathaniel: “I don’t really have a favourite food ‘cause I enjoy lots of foods…”

Kate: “Hot dogs and potato bake.” Ollie: “Pizza everyday of the week.” Caitlin: “Sushi - Crispy chicken.”

What are your top Character Strengths?

Nathaniel: “Probably realising how people feel and being a good friend as well.”

Kate: “ I think I have a good sense of humour and I am kind.”

Ollie: “I like to think I show a substantial amount

of empathy and kindness to


Caitlin: “Teamwork, Leadership and Love Of Learning.” Have you attended any other schools? What are they?

Nathaniel: “Yes but I can’t remember the names if that was what you were going to ask me.” Kate: “No, because I love this school and would never want to leave.” Ollie: “I have. I first went to Rangiora Borough school. Then I went to Auckland and there I attended South Papakura primary for three months, then I moved back to Rangiora Borough for a year before moving to Springston school for four years, and now I’m here. I have been everywhere.”

Caitlin: “No, apart from preschool.”


Do you have a favourite school club that

If you could choose to have dinner with

you attend? If so, What is it?

anyone in the world, past or present,...who would it be?






Nathaniel: “No clue. Probably myself.”

Kate: “I used to enjoy recorder club and

Kate: “The Wilson sisters who are great

love going to dodgeball.”

horse riders.”

Ollie: “I like band and school magazine.”

Ollie: “Jimmy Hendrix.”

Caitlin: “I quite like Dodgeball at the

Caitlin: “I don’t know, it sort of depends on

moment but my choice would change

what the dinner is.”

quite often.” Who is an inspiration to you at the








Nathaniel: “I don’t know.”

climbing trees.”

Kate: “My Nana and my Dad.”

Kate: “Horse riding, netball and playing the

Ollie: “Steve Jobs because his work e ort


inspires me.”

Ollie: “I love playing guitar and messing


around with my camera.”

“I quite like Ash Barty, she has

just won the Australian Open Tennis


comp (Women's).”






Describe a perfect day at school…and not at school…

Nathaniel: “ For school umm… That’s hard. I’m not sure… But for not at school, probably free time all the time without doing any chores.”

Kate: “My perfect day at school would include lots of P.E. and reading. Not at school would be going to Horse of the Year and eating hot dogs.”

Ollie: “ My perfect day at school is in the music room with my friends. Then my perfect day out of school is spent at three di erent concerts, played by Jimmy Hendrix, BB King and Nirvana.”

Caitlin: “At school: A sport game - morning tea - Kete challenge - Lunch - Maths, another game. Not at school : Waking up at 10am, watching a movie, playing some tennis for two hours, shopping at a Christchurch mall, dinner ( sushi ) with my family and then chilling at home to read a book.”


Spotlight on Charlotte Bruce Yr 6- Te Awa

Charlotte has been drawing for about 5 years. She has always enjoyed drawing, even as a young girl. Her favourite things to draw are animals and landscapes. Charlotte also enjoys painting. Because of her interest in animals, she would like to be a veterinarian when she is older. Charlotte taught herself how to draw. Although she has seen her dad draw at times, she has used some ‘how to draw materials’ to get her started but now enjoys working on her own drawings. She draws before school, when she has finished her chores and after school when she finds a moment. At school they have some chill book time and she often uses these moments, after lunch, to squeeze some drawing in. Drawing is one way in which Charlotte spends her leisure time when she is not dancing or visiting with friends in her community.

Mrs Brophy and Cameron Tobin


Life in Te Awa- Red Level A typical Monday On Monday at 8:55 a.m in Te Awa, we start the day

8.55 am

by greeting the teachers in the hui space. Then we

Roll and greetings in our Hui space

do the roll. Following this we announce the Kete Kid and the Kete Kid’s job is to hand out tokens and the Kete Kid gets to sit in a special chair. After that we look at the weekly slide. Proceeding onwards at around 9:10 a.m we get into spelling groups. After spelling we do writing at 10:20 a.m to 10:40 a.m when we have morning tea. After morning

9.10 am Spelling groups

10.20 am Writing

tea at 11:00 a.m we have maths.

10.40 am

In maths we have separate groups with our

Morning Tea

teachers Miss Parker, Mrs Owens and Miss Goodgame. Once we have finished Maths the teachers ring the triangle, the triangle is an instrument, and when the teachers ring it three times we go silent. We have a fun time outside from 11:40 a.m to 11:55 a.m. Sometimes we play a game as a whole team. Then we have some fruit. Once we have had some

11.00 am Mathematics 11.40 am Recharge/Fitness

11.55 am Inquiry

nutritious fruit we start on inquiry from 11:55 a.m to

12.45 pm

12:45 p.m. In inquiry we have 3 rotations with our


teachers; Miss Goodgame does some sport outside, Miss Parker does tech in the techroom,

1.50 pm

and Mrs Owens does some work sheets and


activities. Then we meet together in a hui and go to lunch. After lunch at 1:50 p.m we have a nice chillbook time from 2:00 p.m inside, then we meet in hui space and we head outside to have a 5 minute break or just a run around the court. Then we head inside for some reading time with

2 pm Hui- Brain Break

2.05 pm Reading

our teachers. We have a fun time learning.

3 pm

Following that at 2:45 p.m we tidy up the


classroom. After that we have some shout outs from the teachers. Finally it is time to go home at 3:00 p.m.

Jayden O

cer 8

Te Awa T-shirt Art

Ashton McQuarrie

The start of the process

The middle of the process

I'm going to tell you about what we're doing for inquiry. We’re doing something called T-shirt art. Mrs Owens printed us out some paper T-shirts. There were medium sized, di erent shaped boxes within the T-shirt outline. Inside the boxes were some questions for you to answer. After you’ve answered those, there is another sheet. This has the same layout of a T-shirt outline with medium sized boxes on the inside. However, this time we had to draw a picture that matched the answer in the box on the other sheet. When the two T-shirts were completed we stuck them together, back to back. It was a great exercise as it not only looks e ective, but if someone wants to learn more about the kids in Te Awa, they can still understand what we like without having to read. It basically gives people options.

The final masterpieces 9

Te Awa Beats. One of two Te Awa bands.

Arthur S- Drums Valentina - Piano Liam- Guitar Grayson - Guitar Bianca- Vocals

From left to right; Grayson Richards-Yr 6, Sophia Bruce-Yr 6, Arthur Shore-Yr 6, Bianca Gibson-Yr 6, Valentina Davey-Yr 6 Absent-Liam Barnes

Sophia- Vocals

Southbrook Ferraris. One of two Te Awa bands.

Jayden- Drums Spencer - Piano George - Guitar Conner- Vocals

From left to right; Ashton Hide-Yr 5, George Shoree-Yr 6, Jayden O cer-Yr 6, Connar Jarman-Yr 6, Absent-Spencer Murphy- Yr 6

Ashton- Vocals


I have been interviewing the Te Awa Beats. They are one of two Te Awa bands. We are focusing on those who have been learning an instrument. We will interview our vocalists at a later date.

What type of music do you like to play? Valentina Davey:

“I like to play songs with

lots of chords.” Grayson: “I like the number ones, where you have the fingers and you play one string at a time. (Tablature).” Arthur Shore: “I don't know.”

What type of music do you listen to? Valentina Davey: “Pop music.” Grayson: “Well I listen to heaps of songs, but probably my favorite is Smoke on the Water and Drum Solo.” Arthur Shore: “I don't know.”

Liam: “Rock.”

Liam: “Rock.”

What do you like about being in the school band? Valentina: “Being out of the classroom.” Grayson: “That I get to hear other people's music and I get to play music myself.” Arthur: “It's just a way to connect with other people.”


“I like it because everyone is playing together and not by themselves.”

Who is your musical inspiration? Valentina:

“Ummmm, (Thinking face and long pause), I do not have one.” Grayson: “My Dad is because he was like… When Clari came into class and asked if we wanted to play musical instruments…Dad said sure, as long as you work really hard.” Arthur: “Shawn mendes.”

Liam: “ACDC.”

What is your favorite thing about playing the instrument ?

Do you find any of the songs that you have been learning challenging?



“My teacher was Mrs Kerr but she retired, so now I am learning at school and I am yet to start.” Grayson: “Probably listening to the song.”

Arthur: “It's just really fun.” Liam: “You can play pretty much any song if you have the right amp.”

What is your favorite band? Valentina: “I don’t really know any bands…. I like Michael Jackson’s music, but he’s dead.” Grayson: “Not really, because there are not many bands around.” Arthur: “Shawn Mendes.”

“Yes…There were some parts of Speechless that were challenging.” Grayson: “Yes, some of them….one of them is Memories and the Superman thing.” Arthur: “No.”

Liam: “Seven Nation Army and a lot more.”

How long have you been playing the instrument? Valentina: “Four and a half years.” Grayson: “About a year.” Arthur: “Probably a year.” Liam: “Around 2 years.”


What songs have you been learning?

Have you ever played for an event?

Valentina: “In the school band… Memories,

Valentina: “I have played at the airport. We

but before that, it was Speechless.” Grayson: “Memories with the school band and Smoke on the Water with Clari and Seven Nation Army.” Arthur: “High Hopes.”

Liam: “Seven Nation Army and a lot more.” “ACDC.”

used to have these shows called recitals and after we played we got given a lollie.” Grayson: “Ummm, not really. We nearly did one, but it got postponed because of Covid.” Arthur: “No.”

Liam: “No.”

Do you find any of the songs that you have been learning challenging?

How old were you when you learned your first song?



“Yes…There were some parts of Speechless that were challenging.” Grayson: “Yes, some of them….one of them is Memories and the Superman thing.” Arthur: “No.”

Liam: “Seven Nation Army and a lot more.”

“I was about six, or around


Grayson: “I think I was seven, because when I was four I really wanted to learn musical instruments. But when I was seven I actually started to learn.” Arthur: “Nine.”


“Seven, Seven and a half.”

How old were you when you first wanted to play the instrument?

Would you like to play the instrument for your future job?

Valentina: “Maybe five and a half, actually

Valentina: “No, because I don’t want to be a

probably five years old.” Grayson: “Probably four years old.”

pianist. I want to be an archeologist.” Grayson: “Sure!”

Arthur: “Probably five.” Liam: “Like seven, seven and a half.”

Arthur: “Yes.” Liam: “Yes.”

Would you prefer to play a di erent instrument?

Do you prefer acoustic or electric?



“Ummmm, I think I would stick to the piano because I like how you get to play sitting down and you use your fingers. It doesn’t hurt the way that playing the guitar can.” Grayson: “No, because I really like acoustic and electric guitars. They are pretty fun.” Arthur: “No.” Liam: “No.”

Valentina: “A normal piano. I’m not a fan of Grayson: “Both, but If I had to choose, it would be the electric.” Arthur: “Acoustic.” Liam: “Eclectic.”

Interviews conducted by Casey Harper 12

Cube Writing About Beans.

Te Awa also had an opportunity to watch a short video and take into consideration its meaning, ideas and message. After watching the movie, each child needed to choose four scenes that they resonated with. Their goal was to draw each of these four scenes and write a few sentences to explain it in their own words. These pieces of writing were then made into cubes and hung around the classroom where they were showcased. Students were able to feel proud about the work that they accomplished and love to show it o .


Clubs at Southbrook School 2022 ● Dodgeball -Mr Blackmore

Jwoodlee3 - Own work

“I go and play Dodgeball to release some anger and have some fun with my friends. My favourite thing about Dodgeball is again, getting rid of energy and having fun with friends, even though my friends don’t even go to it anymore. Also to exercise. I like to play the medic version of Dodgeball, not that weird game with two medics. It's trash because you can never get the medics down. I sometimes like being the medic, it depends what mood I’m in. All the little kids when they see me are going screaming and running the other way after they look at me. I would rate myself an 8.5/10 for my skills.” - Jesse Alexander (Yr8)

● Netball -Mrs Goodgame “I play netball so I can keep up with my training for my netball competition. My favorite thing about it is playing with my friends and helping others to learn new skills. It is good so I can learn new skills too and I can bring the skills I have learnt and tell my team out of school some possible ideas. I usually play WD: Wing Defence and GK: Goal Keep, I really only play defense positions. I also like testing how good I can push myself on other people and beating them. It makes me feel like I’m not lazy and happy to play with other people. I would rate myself 1000/10 because I am so AMAZING at it. In the club, it’s mainly Te Awa and Aoraki there. I would recommend Netball to anyone who wanted to play it” - Mariona Church (Yr 8)

● Senior Drama club- Mrs Brophy “I like how I can kinda just be myself in Drama club and feel what I want to feel instead of being embarrassed. I also like it because it’s Mrs Brophy. At the moment I’m supposed to be making a play with Cameron and Bella, but recently, they haven’t been here because of Covid. The show is about murder mysteries. At the start I thought there would be a lot more people and it was a little weird because I thought I would be assigned to something. At the moment we don’t know about presenting the play. Out of 1/10 I would rate drama club a 9.5. It’s hard to laugh at myself when I’m doing drama, but we do have a lot of fun and I can laugh at the others. We also try to be serious in the middle of a scene. I would want the end product to be good, not messy and for people to like it. I think that it’s really fun with Cameron and Bella when they’re here and I like how Mrs Brophy leaves the room and lets us figure out what we’re going to do and then comes back in and talks about it. That’s all I really have to say.” - Novee Wotherspoon (Yr 8) All club interviews were conducted by Caitlin Schluter and Sadie Perry 14

Colour Your Day On Thursday 31 of March, we had Colour Your Day which stands for being kind to people and pulling them up instead of pushing them down. It is not a mufti day, but just adding something bright and colourful to our current uniform so it stands out. Colour Your Day is about stopping bullying, boosting others’ well-being and making them smile instead of frown. The inspiration came from our Student Council in a replacement for Pink Shirt Day and to make others confident and proud of themselves when they do something good. You needed to hand in a gold coin to the o

ce because they are fundraising

towards E Tū Tāngata. E Tū Tāngata’s purpose is to inform people how to stand together as a team, cheering people on whether they are your friend or not. This also tackles Tall Poppy Syndrome. Tall Poppy Syndrome is a problem because it causes division and it makes a person feel bad about themselves when really the only thing they’ve done is worked hard and done something good that others didn’t do. A few ways to stop it is: Congratulate your peers when they win instead of shaming them because you are jealous. If a person is striving, don’t do anything to pull them down when they are flying ( metaphorically speaking ) and compliment people instead of insulting them.


I think that you should say something kind and supportive to someone at least three times a day to encourage them, whether you know them or not. If one of your fellow students is struggling with something, be patient with them and slowly help them to get back up. Kindness costs nothing, but it can mean everything to the person on the receiving end of it. We need to work as one whole Southbrook team instead of being a whole bunch of divided groups that aren’t in sync with each other. Remember to be a little bit kinder than necessary, and that one day, you will be rewarded for it. Mostly everyone in the school participated in colouring our day and quite a lot of people took the challenge and wore tutus, makeup and hairspray. Kindness and sympathy comes with the understanding that we all struggle in di erent areas, and we are all di erent people with di erent minds, and just come to accept that it might just take time for other people to


realise that.

Caitlin Schluter


Introducing Miss Goodgame. Miss Goodgame is an awesome teacher. She's hilarious, a little bit quirky and is so fun to have around. Here is some more about her… Who





inspiration and why? “Mrs









such always

believed in all her students”. What subjects did you like the most in primary school? “I liked Maths”. What schools did you go to? “I went to Rangiora Borough for 2 years and the rest was at Southbrook School”.

How long have you been a teacher for?

Do you play an instrument?

“This is my second year in 2022”.

“No, no I don't”.

How long did you train to become a teacher? “For


How long have you been a Harry Potter fan?






University of Canterbury”. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? “Vanilla. NOT FRENCH vanilla!”

“Since 2005, when the LEGO first came out.” What would you do on a dream holiday and have it? “In New York when it is snowing on Christmas Eve.”

What is your favorite subject to teach? “Reading and Maths.”

What was your first job? “My first job was at the Soda Cafe.”

How old were you when you first wanted to be a teacher? “When I was around 18.”

Who is your favorite song writer/band? “Kings of Leon.” 17

He Pepeha Aoraki Ēnei

Aoraki has been working hard to complete their pepeha. They have been learning about the importance of whakapapa and tipuna as it allows people a chance to get to know who you are, the whēnua you identify with, and the sense of belonging you have to your people. As the students in Aoraki have been writing their Pepeha, many have taken on board a new understanding and respect for Te reo Māori.

Southbrook School Pool- An Aoraki perspective The pool at Southbrook School is really cold, especially when the sun’s not out. Aoraki normally goes out at about 9:30am in the morning and a lot of people enjoy going for a swim. The teachers normally tell us to get our tog bags and line up, while two people go and get the pool keys. Once they come back, they unlock the pool and the teachers tell us to go and get changed. Once we are all changed, we all just jump in. So many people start by saying ‘It's freezing’ … which it is. But my friends and I enjoy the cold water. We normally jump in and run to the slide before the line gets too big.

Janaya Taylor


Meet Miss Meredith - An awesome addition to Aoraki. Interview conducted and article written by Hinano Shibuya

Do you believe there should be any changes in Southbrook? “Making sure people are in the right place at the right time can be di cult. I would like to work on this. Otherwise it is fantastic!” Why did you want to become a teacher? I always loved working with children and feeling like I am helping someone. What is your character strength? I am flexible and friendly. Do you have a quote, motto or whakatauki that you especially like? Give life 100%.

As we know, this year we have a new sta member in Aoraki called, Miss Meredith! Here are some things you should know about her… What do you feel about teaching students at Southbrook School? “I love it. Everyone is so much fun and enthusiastic. They’re very cheeky.” What made you want to teach at Southbrook School? “I loved that it is a modern learning environment. I also love the amount of PE equipment that the school has!”

When you were a child what did you like and dislike? I was scared of the dark and I loved to dance. Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school? My economics teacher at high school. How many siblings do you have and what do they do now? 4 brothers and three are lawyers and one is still at school. What is your favourite food? Hot chips.


8 things you can do to help Climate Change as a student at Southbrook School Pick up the rubbish you notice- Don’t just

Recycle what you can

walk on by. When we are outside playing on the playground and we see rubbish on the ground it is always best to pick it up and dispose of it carefully. This way that rubbish which could have gone anywhere, is now safe and sound in a rubbish truck on the way to the tip.

Recycling is very important for the environment. Sometimes there is some confusion between plastics, you can recycle and can’t recycle so I wanted to clear this up for you. On your piece of rubbish there will be a little logo with a number in it looking like this:

Numbers (1,2,5) are okay to recycle. If these numbers aren’t there, The rubbish is not able to be recycled. Make sure your rubbish is clean and there is no lid on it.

Wrap free lunches

Look after our environment

Bringing a litter free lunch is a great way to help the environment. When we make our lunches without using plastic, we eliminate the chance of a piece of rubbish deciding to sneak out of our lunches and head its way out into the wild.

At Southbrook we are lucky to have lots of nature around us. We have the native area, vege garden and a general abundance of bushes and trees. Making sure we look after our natural environment is very important. When we do this we are helping our earth stay clean and happy.


Respect the equipment you have- We

Use clean transport options

want it to last I know that sometimes when we are in class it may seem enticing to make pen guns and karate chop pencils, but this is not good for the environment. Wrecking our personal property means that we have to replace it. Not only does this hurt the wallet but it also hurts the environment as we are adding unnecessary waste to the planet.

Using alternative forms of transport like scooters, cycles and skateboards is great for the climate. Using a car emits toxic fumes to the atmosphere which creates a layer, trapping the heat inside of earth. This cooks us like an oven.

Put it in the bin


Don’t litter. This one is pretty self explanatory: Don't chuck stu on the ground and be a decent human being.

At Southbrook School we are super lucky to have compost bins readily available so let's use them.

(Image credit: ParabolStudio / Shutterstock)


Medieval Times in Aoraki Our teachers are amazing. They design very cool Project Based Learning Ideas where we all get to immerse ourselves in a subject or topic. These projects are always a great opportunity to learn more and improve our inquiry skills. Often it starts with the teachers placing clues around the classroom to give us hints on what our topic will be. First we had a D-MD on the white board, which stood for Roman numerals. Then was followed by a picture of a plague doctor for the black plague, then a sword up on the wall and a crusader's flag which stood for the crusades and finally, a shield. This all led up to medieval times and when we got to school we were not allowed in the classroom. The teachers were acting as knights with swords, shields and armor. That day was very fun. The teachers planted our toolboxes into the other whanau and we had a big war over the toolboxes in our 3 di erent whanau. It ended up getting really full-on and it was really exciting and crazy! Many people had their toolboxes spilled out and lost a lot of their stationery. There was a big clean up afterwards because of the mess we made. Now we are learning about lords, serfs, peasants, the monarchy and how people back then lived. We also have di erent workshops with our teachers on; The black plague, The order of the people, Medieval games and Roman numerals. We did something like this last year about World War Two. Now we are working on our individual tasks that are; Making a stained glass window, Making a catapult, Designing a crest, making a medieval dance, Knights and some other activities related to the medieval topic. Oliver Read- Aoraki


Writing at Southbrook. This is a compilation from our budding authors


My Dangerous Journey- An example of using your senses in creative writing Hi, my name is Regina Phalange. I’m ten years old. I’m going to tell you the dangerous journey that I take to school. It takes me five hours. My journey started o with a half hour walk inside the Amazon rainforest. I was fearful because who knows what's in there. I wasn't as fearful because I had my best friends with me, Charlotte and Shaylee. If anything was to jump out I would just put them in front of me. Here comes one of the terrifying parts: we have to walk across a pit of snakes. While walking I can hear them hissing. It’s time to take the three hour wire balance climb. As my heart was racing I very carefully went onto the rusty wire. My hands were sweating like crazy. I’m so anxious thinking about turning back, but I keep on going. I can see nothing but trees but I know that underneath the trees is a river of electric eels. The wires are so unstable I am rocking back and forth, back and forth. It didn't help that my heavy backpack was pulling me down, but I continued to concentrate very hard. I keep on getting distracted by the birds chirping but the pine smell helps me relax. After two hours, I slipped! When I slip I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes! Charlotte helps me up. After one more hour I make it to school. I do not want to do that again, I think to myself. By Casey Adams-Harper- Te Awa

I ran across the bridge to look at the nest in the hedge. I saw a baby bird. By Jack, Year 3

I ran across the bridge to look at the nest in the hedge. I saw a monkey. By Harvey, Year 2

-Ngā Manu Nui

-Ngā Manu Nui

Title Bird War WW2 Once upon a time there was a crow. He was angry because something took his prey! He started chasing the ferret who had his prey. Five minutes later he caught the ferret. He got his prey and it started thundering and raining. His tree fell down and it almost landed on him. Mr Crow ́s baby birds fell out of Mr Crows nest. All of the baby birds got bombed by seagull bombers. Then 15 seagull bombers came then 20 fart bombers. He fought back but he smelt it and dealt it and got knocked out by farts. I, Mr Fantail, arrived and hopped on the rabbit gun. I shot them all down, more came in. I went to fight o … Mr Crow said, `` Retreat ̈ . Then I went in and I never saw him again. He thought I had died but I didńt. THE END Louis Brice - Te Awa 24

Wood work Every wednesday some of the Year 8 go to Technology at New Life. No need for a bus since it is just a few steps away. Our teacher is Mr. Lamb. He is amazing. He helps us so much and we could not ask for a better teacher. We first made keychains then we moved on and made boxes with puzzle joints . Some people put mirrors on the bottom so it looked like there was more stu inside than there actually was. Now we have been introduced to a thing that makes a sound like a mouth. We have been having so much fun here and we are able to lead our own learning and have a great time. Kate Buchanan

Riley- Aoraki


Top Team- An Aoraki perspective On Thursday 10th 2022 in Aoraki we enjoyed

Another challenge was a really fun game


event. We had di erent

where you had to build the biggest tower

challenges to do within our Hauora Rōpūs.

with giant wooden Jenga blocks! Although

There were little kids involved in each group

they were flatter than Jenga blocks. At the

and the big kids had to help them and

end you got to knock it over. In another one

include them in the tasks. A big puzzle was

there were some big pipes which you had to

our first activity where we had to find kiwis

connect together. We had to get a ball down



the pipes and make it roll in the bucket at

challenge, we had to walk in skis with many

the end of the pipe. However, you could not

footholes (the aim was for the first team to

make it fall out. At some stage we had an

get to the end). It was hard but really fun.

activity where you had to make a tower with

Another one was a pipe with holes in it and

wooden circle planks and cones. We had to

the team had to cover the holes with their

put the big cones on the round wooden


while another team

plank and there were little cones and a little

member poured water into the top of the

circle wood plank and do the same thing as

pipe. The aim was to get a little orange ping

before. Then we had to put a bucket of water

pong ball out the top. Only one team got it

on top and carry it to the end and make

out. All of the team got soaking wet!

sure it does not fall out. During Top Team









and after Top Team lots of people were sliding in the wet mud. The Top Team 2022 event was really fun this year.

By Addison Perry


Teoteo’s Autumn Art and Learning Flower art

Loose part portraits

Storytelling- The Three Little Pigs


Aoraki’s Artist’s Corner!

Amiri Campbell

Petra Lubbers

Hazel Jones

Art by Ngahere


Ngā Manu Nui’s Adventures with Art.

Bailey, Harry, Taylor and Jessica with their minibeasts.

George, Miah, Sharnii-Rose, Cassi and Edward with their minibeasts. Our Ratty Tatty Cats

Jack, Jessica, Kaelin, Ollie, Rico, Sharnii-Rose, Edward, Ebony-Rose, Harvey


Learning at Red Level in Aoraki The Masks The mask is one of the virus' most deadliest weapons. Listen, I know we have to wear it but I NEED TO BREATHE. I remember some of the kids would always say, ‘Miss could I go out and breathe?’ and the teachers would respond with, ‘No. You’ve had all day to breathe’. In fact it got so bad some kids started going purple… I may have exaggerated that part. The Rules Now there really aren't many rules to follow but there are some. For example, masks must be worn inside. So basically, we are forced to not breathe inside. Can you believe it? How is there Omicron in Rangiora now? It's way scarier to go to school. I mean at least we get to breathe when we are outside. The Breaks The breaks are now staggered because of the new rules. Every class now has mostly separate lunchtime and morning tea breaks and when we are having a break at the same time, we are not allowed to cross classrooms. The classroom breaks are still basically the same except maybe 20 minutes earlier or later. We have slot spaces and times to go out that people by now have mostly adjusted to. What We Get Away With Students can now get away with a few more things because of the newly added rules such as: talking with masks, because the teacher can’t see our mouths, they have trouble catching people talking on the mat. There is also eating under masks. Some students also purposely forget their masks and sometimes when the teachers are looking away they take their masks o

for a breath,

which is understandable seeing as we are wearing them all day. What We Can’t Get Away With We can’t get away with blaming other Learning Spaces for our problems now because we cannot cross spaces anymore. The Wider E ects of Being in Red level We have our a ects in the classroom, but what about out of the classroom? We have had a few other e ects of being in Red Level outside the classroom such as vaccinations. As we all know, people these days have to be double vaccinated to go somewhere for fun, sport or anything really and some of the students that are over 12 in Aoraki had to miss out on Swimming Sports and were not supposed to come to camp (pre-cancellation), because of the vaccination mandates. Red Level also a ected the Aoraki camp because there was a lot of talk as to whether we were going or not, but in the end, we had a vote, and eventually decided to postpone it until September. Luckily, we did not lose any of our teachers due to the vaccination mandates. A collaboration with

Ayush Nandan and Caitlin Schluter 30

Fun and Random Facts

The wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months.

Your nostrils work one at a time.

Some sea snakes can breathe through their skin.

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist.

Your nostrils work one at a time.

Riddles- Can you figure them out? (Answers will come out in the next edition)


2. What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?

I have lakes with no water, mountains with no stone and cities with no buildings. What am I?

3. What goes up and down but doesn’t move?

4. What can you keep after giving it to someone?


Where does today come before yesterday?


A Typical Day in the Life of Aoraki- TUESDAY First you put your bag away, following that, we go and

A typical day in the life on

play/finish o

Tuesday in Aoraki. (Red Level)

some work until the bell rings. When

the bell does ring, everyone comes in and sits on the mat to do the roll. Once the roll is finished we split

Get to school

into our whanau groups and go to a di erent

Hang your bag



Put your mask on

coaching/Spelling, Library and Maori. As soon as we

Go inside or play





have all done each rotation we go to morning tea.

outside until the bell

After morning tea we go into Ako #1 which is a


learning session.

After the bell you have

Following our first ako group we go to Recharge,

to go inside and sit

which is normally playing outside or in the hall.


Then we go to our second ako group. After Ako #2 we go to Lunch.

Then we do the roll

Then we split into

Following lunch, we do our final ako, Ako #3. Next we

whanau groups and

pack up for the end of the day and go sit down. Once

each whanau has a

everyone is sitting on the mat quietly, the teachers

di erent rotation.

give out 0-3 Dyno Leaps each (Dyno Leaps are little


certificates that the teachers give out to some stars,

coaching/spelling and

the same as the Shout Outs in Te Awa and Quest for Success in Ngahere.)

Finally after celebrating the

people who got Dyno Leaps, notices are given out

library) ●

rotation and then the

and important information is shared. When the AMAZING Aoraki teachers have told the students what is happening all students are free to head home.

Then we go to the next last one


After morning tea we come in and go to Ako

Now you should know what happens on a normal Tuesday in Aoraki.

1 ●


Ako 2


Ako 3

Pack up

Dyno leaps/notices


Emilia Stanger- Aoraki


Our Three KeteSouthbrook School’s Song

Mātauranga āhuatanga whanaungatanga whanaungatanga Mātauranga āhuatanga whanaungatanga whanaungatanga Birds need the trees Trees need the mountains We are Southbrook School Mātauranga āhuatanga whanaungatanga whanaungatanga Mātauranga āhuatanga whanaungatanga whanaungatanga It is a safe place We are team players Doing the right thing Mātauranga āhuatanga whanaungatanga whanaungatanga We have knowledge, character, relationships, relationships Risk takers setting our goals, adding to our kete at Southbrook School


Our Amazing Team of Reporters.

Hinano Shibuya Yr 7

Emila Stanger Yr 7

Janaya Taylor Yr 7

Ayush Nandan Yr 7

Ashton McQuarrie Yr 5

Addison Perry Yr 7

Sadie Perry Yr 8

Sophia Bruce Yr 7

Casey Adams-Harper Yr 7

Jayden O Yr 7