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Rebecca Smith Interior Design Portfolio


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About Me Hello! I’m Rebecca. I love the outdoors and anything dog-related. I am always striving to find the next book to get lost in or a piece of art to admire. My passion for design came from my grandfather, who was a cabinet designer and builder, and it flourished from there. I went to Anderson University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design in 2016. I have been working at Kimberly Bryant Design Group in Myrtle Beach, SC since August 2016. Working here has allowed me to improve my creative, technical, and collaborative skills immensely. I am hoping to advance these skills further in my career with a team that is enthusiastic and supportive. A collaborative is very important to me because I believe a great design is achieved with a great team behind it.

Design Philosophy “Good design is obvious. Great Design is transparent.” -Joe Sparano

I believe that every space has something to say. No matter how big or small, it makes you feel a certain way. My goal when designing is to have the space speak for itself in terms of balance, harmony, and rhythm. Lighting plays an important role in these components and truly sets the tone for the entire space. Taking advantage of natural light is significant but when night falls, using light to create a space that people are drawn to is even more important.

To me, space is non-existent without the people inside. It is a beautiful exchange when the design effortlessly blends with the people interacting with it. It is amazing how simplistic a design can be while still changing lives


REBECCA SMITH Contact information: 551 Hinson Dr. Apt 423 Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 850-556-0519

PROFILE Passionate about utilizing creative, technical, and developmental skills to enhance the community. E D U C AT I O N Anderson University, SC, Bachelor of Arts, Interior Design, May 2016 EXPERIENCE K I M B E R LY B R YA N T D E S I G N G R O U P, D E S I G N A S S I S TA N T, AUGUST 2016- PRESENT

Assisting the lead designer with drawings, selections, client meetings, preparation of presentations, handling documentation, and communication with clients. E N G I N E E R I N G M I N I S T R I E S I N T E R N AT I O N A L , I N T E R I O R D E S I G N I N T E R N M AY- A U G U S T 2 0 1 5

Helped with the design of a church located in Gonaives, Haiti in collaboration with a team of engineers and architects. S C A R B O R O D E S I G N S . I N T E R I O R D E S I G N I N T E R N , M AY- A U G U S T 2 0 1 4

Assisted with the design team helping them select furniture, fixtures, and equipment for their clients, checked stock and organized fabrics, completed purchase orders as needed, and worked on the job site. SKILLS Microsoft® Office

AutoCAD® 2016

Revit® 2016



InDesign REFERENCES Parks Stowe, Kimberly Bryant Design Group Amanda Oliver, The Color Coded Life Nicole Maltarp, JDavis

(704) 674-8935
 (615) 714-2635 (864) 414-8508



Career Projects


El Cerro Bar & Grill

Bar Perspective

El Cerro Mexican Bar & Grill was one of my first projects I was a part of at Kimberly Bryant Design Group. My role in this project was to complete construction documents, render 3D views, and follow up on installs. This project is located in Myrtle Beach near Broadway at the Beach. The space features the artwork of Dixie Miguez, a Cuban artist in Miami, where the inspiration of this restaurant formed. The building seeks to draw in locals as well as vacationers through the use of bright colors and unique architectural details. The interior consists of multiple levels of dining, each with their own exclusive view of the restaurant. The finishes are currently being installed throughout the restaurant and the expected opening is May 2018.



View Towards Bar from Back

Floor Plan

Lower Level Dining Perspective


A-Frame Booth Detail Drawing Glass Feature Detail Perspective

VIP and Stage Perspective


Stuart’s Burgers and Creamery

Exterior Perspective

Stuart’s Burgers & Creamery is a fast-food burger and ice cream restaurant going to be located in Greenville, NC. The uniqueness of this project is that the client gave us the shell of the building and the placement of kitchen equipment and told us to come up with something that felt nostalgic while also feeling modern. My role was to start and finish construction drawings, render the 3D views, and present this concept to our client. This particular location is the hub for all other locations to come. The clients came to KBDG wanting a space that felt nostalgic but was also very different than any other fast-food chain. The ultimate feeling in this space is something that is fun, energetic, and reminiscent. This restaurant can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Each corner of this space is unique and interesting. From the graphics on the curved soffits to the ice cream truck drive-thru on the exterior, there’s something very enjoyable about the elements implemented. The color in the space is complemented by the black and white graphic on the large window wall, the white floor, and the white tables. These white elements help keep the colors vibrant while also helping them to stand out and make an impact.



Dining Perspective


Oceans Escape

Exterior Perspective


Oceans Escape is a condominium complex that is going to be in Myrtle Beach, SC. This project was given to Kimberly Bryant Design Group to design the one and two bedroom options, as well as two design packages as options for the buyers. KBDG achieved this through the use of a neutral option and a colorful option. My role in this project was to create a floorplan suitable for both options, complete 3D renderings, and generate a presentation for the client. This was my first set of renderings for KBDG.

This neutral design adds a touch of natural color through the artwork in the space. The light blues are drawn from hues found in the ocean water. The furniture is neutral and light, creating a bright and fresh feel in the space.


Living Area Perspective

Floor Plan

Bedroom Perspective

This colorful design package is still very relaxing through the use of a soft blue on the walls. This allows for the furniture and accessories to be more vibrant without the space becoming too overwhelming. Mixed patterns with bold prints creates a fun environment that vacationers and locals can both enjoy. The large windows allow for ample light and to accentuate the colors even more.



Living Area Perspective

Floor Plan

Guest Bedroom Perspective



University Projects



Exterior Perspective


Thrive provides transitional housing for foster youths transitioning out of the foster care system. It houses studio, one, and two bedroom apartments for youths aging 18-23. The building also includes a courtyard, rooftop garden and lounge, a gym with fitness classes offered, private meeting rooms, and counseling center, classrooms, and offices for the staff. Each apartment is fully furnished including a kitchen fully equipped with energy-efficient appliances. The rooftop garden allows residents to grow their own produce year-round to help save money on groceries. The counseling center provides career services, educational services, and is the place where residents can talk to someone when they need help. Study rooms are also provided for students that need a private space to work. These spaces will incorporate neutral tones with accents of green and yellow. The neutral tones allow the residents to customize their spaces to make them feel as comfortable as possible while the greens and yellows give a fresh and vibrant look to the space.


First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Building Section


Lobby Perspective

Third Floor Plan Rooftop Floor Plan

Courtyard Perspective Studio Apartment Perspective

Rooftop Perspective

Reception Elevation



Lobby Perspective

Zee is a seafood restaurant and sushi bar located in Miami, FL. The building is positioned directly on a canal that welcomes both locals and tourists alike. It has an active environment that is also inviting and relaxing. The space incorporates the use of clean lines and neutral tones, with accents of blue throughout. There is an aquarium recessed into the floor, used as a form of way finding. Numerous seating options such as booths, bar seating, and tables are available to accommodate various group sizes.



Floor Plan

Walkthrough Perspective

Sushi Bar Perspective

Main Dining Perspective

Rebecca Smith Portfolio  
Rebecca Smith Portfolio