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INTERVIEW INITIATION Presenting the Perfect Professional

INTERVIEW TOPICS  Purpose  Preparation-Before the Interview  The Interview: Questions?  Follow Up-After the Interview

Purpose DETERMINING YOUR FUTURE The Interview – An Assessment of You:  Gathers Information Beyond the Resume  Provides Face to Face Personal Interaction  Demonstrates Intrapersonal Communication Skills The Interviewer wants to know:  Do you have the skills and traits that are critical to success on the job?  How have you demonstrated those skills and traits in specific situations, events or experiences you have encountered? Determines Your Future

PREPARATION Self Assessment and Presentation

IDENTIFYING WHO YOU ARE Self Assessment Exercise  List Three Adjectives To Describe YOU  Provide three experiences, scenarios or

examples to support each adjective  Create a Self-Infomercial-Summary of YOU PROVIDES AMUNITION FOR YOUR INTERVIEW

Required Research Know the Company/Hospital/Organization Visit the Website Read the Mission Statement Look up the Interviewer-Know Who You Are Meeting Understand the Job Posting Review Scenarios the Position may Encounter Highlight Your Strengths Applicable to that Position Plan Your Route-Know Where You Are Going

Your physical presentation Wear Professional & Conservative Business Suit  Clean, Pressed, Unrevealing Clothing (Conservative Colors)  Polished Shoes

Minimize Accessories – Professional Jewelry Professional Grooming  Neat, Trimmed Hair and Nails  Do NOT use strong perfume/cologne  Conservative Makeup  Cover Tattoos

What to Bring  Pad folio with Tablet and Pen  Copies of Cover Letter & Resume  Reference Sheet (Recommend 3)  List of Pre-prepared Questions  No Big Purse/Bag  Turn Cell Phone OFF  Hide Keys/Phones/Money in a Pocket or Small Hand Bag

The interview Ensuring Successful Interaction

Make a Good Impression  Arrive a Few Minutes Early  Smile  Introduce Yourself/Reason for Visit with

Confidence  Offer a Strong Handshake  Use Good Eye Contact  Initiate Conversation/Reveal Personality  Demonstrate Interest and Enthusiasm

Questions to Expect Defining Questions-Answers Who Are YOU ?  Tell me about yourself.  Why are you interested in this position/organization?  Strengths/Weaknesses  Goals (Short-Term/Long-Term)  Employment Experiences/History Practice Your “Self-Infommercial”

Situational/Behavioral Questions Responses Demonstrate Skills and Strengths  See Handout for Examples

To Prepare, Identify Past:  Challenges/Successes  Conflicts/Resolutions  Projects Completed  Survived Failures  Multi-Task Examples

ILLEGAL QUESTIONS Questions Related to the Following are Not Legal

 Race

 Dependents

 Age

 Health

 Marital Status

 Disabilities

 Sexual Preferences

 Nationality  Religion

Questions You Should Ask Be Prepared to Ask Questions Create Opportunity to Align your background with Desired Candidate:  Tell me what you are looking for in this candidate?  What are your expectations for this position? Demonstrate Knowledge of the Organization  What do you like about working here? What are your favorite/worse aspects of your position?

More ?s You could Ask Present Industry Understanding/Professional Perspective  One challenge this industry faces is…What do YOU think the greatest challenge is? Seek Time Frame Information  When do you expect to fill this position?  When should I expect to hear back from you?

Concluding the interview What’s Next?

Exiting the Interview  Offer Additional Information/References  Express Gratitude  Gather Business Cards  Confirm Expected Follow up: When?

What?  Second Interview?  Hiring Response?

APPROPRIATE FOLLOWUP Evaluate Your Performance & Interview Experience  Jot Down Specifics for Future Reference  List Why You would or would not work there Send a Formal Thank You Note ASAP (email is fine)  Mention a Specific Detail About Your Interview  Stress and Emphasis Your Fit for the Position-Be Specific  Outline a Next Step-Be Sure to Follow Through


Helpful Resources My Office-Career Development Self assessment-help with major/career exploration Internship/job search assistance Resume, cover letter, thank you note writing assistance Interview training College Central-Online Career Service Network Upload your resume for employer review Create a portfolio to showcase your work Advice articles on career topics

Interview initiation presentation  
Interview initiation presentation