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re bec c a r e in h a r d t i n t e r i o r

d e s i g n


The most important challenge for an interior Creating meaninful memories for people through

designer is designing f o r p e o p l e . spatial experiences is what I strive for as a designer.

The next step for autism advocacy is to bridge the gap between the autistic community, families, and their peers in order to create a more comprehensive understanding of what autism is. The best way to learn about someone is to experience the way they live first hand. Overloaded: Experiencing the Autistic Mind is an interactive exhibit which aims to educate guests through informative and experiential exhibits.


thesis | overloaded | experiencing the autistic mind

In 2009, the Center for Disease Control concluded, that in





1 in every 110 births in the United States, a child will be diagnosed with autism. Of those,

1 in 70 boys will be labeled as autistic.

Level 1

hirshhorn museum & sculpture garden The Hirshhorn Museum is currently home to

Level 2

modern and contemporary art galleries. The museum takes pride in the connection the museum creates between the artists, the art, and the community. Their goal is to create personal and meaningful

experiences for the visitors.

Located in Washington, D.C Independence Avenue at Seventh Street Level 3




9 5





Open to below




Interactive Media Exhibit




Informational Exhibit


Conference Room


Lounge/Break Area




Experiential Exhibits






10 1


10 Elevator

process & ideation

space planning

Seeing Light Sensitivity Fragmented Vistion Peripheral Vistion Gestalt Perception

Thinking Visual Thinking Words/Text Pictures


Auditory Gestalt Conversing Prosopagnosia


fragemented vision


peripheral vision

seeing perception


gestalt perception visual thinking

words & text


light sensitivity


auditory gestalt


prosopagnosia ‘face blindness’

“On the whole, we as a society have far to go in the appreciating the challenge of living with

sensory issues that most people on the

autism spectrum face daily.�

- Temple Grandin, P.H.D,

armstrong soundscapes cloud acoustical ceiling

3 form varia ecoresin : eos 2

interactive media exhibit The exhibit gives the user a chance to learn about autism straight from the source. A projector mounted to the ceiling projects short video clips onto the floor for guests to watch, Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop

3 form chroma: violet

informational exhibit The Informational Exhibit provides guests with specific information that will help them to better understand the Experiential Exhibit. Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop

3 form chroma: tide

Intelligence Intellectual Disability


Social Interaction Not Interested in Others

A Variety of Friendships

Communication Nonverbal


Behavior Intense



Informational exhibit content The Informational Exhibit utilizes a combination of text and interactive elements for the guests. Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator



Motor Skills Uncoordinated


exterior of experiential exhibit Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit to Elevator, Escalator, & Stairs



Visual Processing

Auditory Processing

Cognitive Processing

experiential exhibit The exhibit is divided into three different sections based upon research concluding the most prominent issue for autistic individuals is sensory overload. Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator

visual processing The Visual Processing exhibit was conceptualized based on different ways autistic individuals may view text or images.


Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop

3 form chroma: vapor customized with text

traxon technologies mesh RGB


A $!K & AM M



! &$

^ LO&



A $ !K & AM M



&^ LO #@ !K &^$

@ $#

&$!K AM AM






# J KL



^ LO&

& LO

#@ ^$



&$!K AM AM



^$ LO&

& LO

#@ ^$

!@ #J K


IL &



&! @



# J KL

@ $#

! $#@




HI L& !

^ O& KL


IL &!


auditory processing As the guest walks through the space the amount of noise increases causing a similar feeling to what an autistic individual may experience daily


Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator



cognitive processing The Cognitive Processing Exhibit is representative of different stimuli that may cause sensory overload to an autistic individual. Programs Used: Revit, Photoshop

3 form parametre: mega partition

berman glass editions: etre







With the internet being such a prevalent tool in today’s younger generations, the notion of reading a physical book is becoming obsolete. The main goal is to create a space that excites students and encourages them to get lost in a book, not a computer screen.

The Phoenix School located in Syracuse, New York, is an after school program sponsored by the Hillside Family of Agencies. The program’s main objective is to give inner city students the opportunity and resources to reach graduation day and attend college.


6 level one 5


ground level 5





1 - Sign In/Lobby




3 - Administrative Offices

1 3 7

2 - Upper Gym


4 - Restrooms 5 - Work/Study Rooms 6 - Entrance/Exit to Exterior 7 - Library

Window Seat

Storage for Student’s Belongings & Books

Magazine Wall

Interactive Storage for Magazines

Bench Seating

Storage for Student’s Belongings & Books


Programs Used: Revit, Sketchup, Vray, Photoshop

bench seating design The custom furniture designed for the Phoenix School library was conceptualized using Revit and a 3-D printer. Programs Used: AutoCAD, Revit, 3-D Printing, Illustrator

bookcase design Programs Used: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator

magazine wall Programs Used: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator

S T U D E N T S 4 S U C C E S S

colab | students for success | phoenix rising Students for Success is a group of eight interior design students aiming to transform the Hillside Phoenix School into an environment that reflects the student’s aspirations, goals and personalities. Throughout the spring 2011 semester Students for Success formulated a cohesive design scheme generated from the original studio project completed in the fall of 2010. As a team, we carried out the project beyond schematic design, and into buildout with construction documents and furniture prototypes.

Visit Our Blog:


phoenix rising brochure Through collaboration this brochure was created to showcase the redesign of the Phoenix School to potential investors. The brochure was constructed with laser cutting technology and the application of adhesive polypropylene to mat board.

Programs Used: Illustrator, Laser Cutter


“my advocate is patient with me and

(student testimonial)


she doesn’t give up on me.”

- Deis John McCarthy, Phoenix School Student

Original Design & Rendering by Group Member: Markie Mello

group ideation

check in table for students

ipad technology mounted to the wall for student check in

redesigned entry options

centerpiece The students of S4S were asked to design a centerpiece for the Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship Dinner. Over thirty centerpieces were created using the laser cutting technology available in Syracuse’s woodshop.

The Interior Design Class of 2011 received an award from the Chancellor for an Academic Service Learning Course/Project/ Program.

one london wall | citigroup | break out space The Citigroup break out space was completed while studying abroad in London, England. The concept for the project was based on Citigroup’s corporate culture as a financial establishment and how that translates into specific criteria for a breakout space.

Citigroup’s international status and long company history is what gives them a trustworthy and loyal image. Since their company is so large and expansive a breakout area in which staff can relax in is ideal. A space where employees can escape from the hectic work environment, socialize, have alone time, or have a lunch break is the goal of this breakout area.

Programs Used: AutoCAD, Ilustrator

Programs Used: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop









The goal of the Americans for the Arts Office in San Francisco is to promote collaboration in a community setting. With offices already located on the east coast, the San Francisco Office will provide the local communities, partnerships, funders, and educators with a resource to enrich individual and national perspectives on the value of art and art education.

The Americans for the Arts is a non-profit organization that prides itself in being “America’s Voice for the Arts.� For over 45 years they have been committed to providing all Americans with the opportunity to participate in and appreciate all forms of art.

Reception & Waiting Area

Break Out Area

Mail Room

Finance Dept.

approx. 785 sq. ft

approx. 400 sq. ft

approx. 400 sq. ft

approx. 1000 sq. ft

Gallery Space

Team Room

Storage Area

Human Resources Dept.

approx. 550 sq. ft

approx. 150 sq. ft

approx. 200 sq. ft

approx. 700 sq. ft

Main Board Room

Lounge Area

Public Communications Dept.

Legal Dept.

approx. 375 sq. ft

approx. 285 sq. ft

approx. 700 sq. ft

approx 800 sq. ft

Private Meeting Area

Inspiration/Pinup Room

Marketing Dept.

IT Dept.

approx. 155 sq. ft

approx. 450 sq. ft

approx 1500 sq. ft

approx. 500 sq. ft

Executive Director Suite


Operations Dept.


approx. 415 sq. ft

approx. 250 sq. ft

approx. 700 sq. ft


Quiet Room

Shower & Changing Facilities

Development Dept.

approx. sq. ft

approx. 88 sq. ft

approx. 190 sq. ft

approx. 820 sq. ft

Programs Used: Sketchup, Photoshop, Prisma Color Markers


IEQ 8.1 IEQ 8.2

IEQ 4.2

MR 5 MR 6 IEQ 6.1 EA 1.2

Kimball Wish Chair MR 4 MR 5.1 MR 6.0 MR 7.0

Kimball Office System MR 4. MR 7.0 MR 4.2 IEQ 4.5 MR 5.1 MR 6.0

EA - Energy & Atmosphere MR - Materials & Resources IEQ - Indoor Environmental Quality

MR 2.1 MR 4 MR 4.2 MR 5.1 IEQ 4.1

IEQ 8.1 IEQ 8.2 IEQ 8.3

Kimball Delano Seating MR 4 MR 4.2 MR 5.1 MR 6.0 MR 7.0

USGBC LEED points EA 1.2 - Optimize Energy Performance - Lighting Controls MR 2.1 - Construction Waste Management MR 4 - Recycled Content MR 4.2 - Low Emitting Materials MR 5.1 - Regional Materials MR 6.0 - Rapidly Renewable Materials MR 7.0 - Certified Wood IEQ 4.1 - Low Emitting Materials - Adhesives & Sealants IEQ 4.2 - Low Emitting Materials - Paint IEQ 8.1 - Daylight & Views - Daylight 75% of Spaces IEQ 8.2 - Daylight & Views - Views for 90% of Spaces

MR 6

office furniture system Kimball Office - Cetra

Quick Rendering Technique: 15 Min.






London, England

Capri, Italy

Assisi, Italy

London, England

Florence, Italy

Canterbury, England

Leeds Castle, England

Nice, France

Paris, France

London, England

Paris, France

Paris, France

Canterbury, England

Nice, France

London, England

Nice, France

London, England

Chianti, Italy

Contact 534 Glen Ridge Drive South Bridgewater, NJ 08807 908.812.7612

Education BFA Interior Design - May 2011 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY College of Visual and Performing Arts CIDA Accredited Nationally Ranked 4th by DesignIntelligence 2011 Syracuse London Study Abroad Program Spring 2010 NKBA Kitchen Starter Course - 0.8 CEUS NKBA Bathroom Starter Course - 0.8 CEUS

Design Experience The Square Yard Showroom Summit, NJ - Summer 2010 Design Showroom - Sales Representative/Intern • Assisted Interior Designer with material selection in tile, carpet, and textile departments. • Projects include kitchen and bathroom renovations and new construction projects. Robinwood Kitchens Inc. Berkeley Heights, NJ - Summers 2009-2010 Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling - Assistant/Intern • Gained experience working with contract documents, 20-20 Kitchen Design Program, and 20-20 Virtual Showroom Rendering Program. • Selected solid surfacing, cabinetry, and estimated cost for a Dentist Office renovation. Lexis Interiors Warren, NJ - Summer 2009 Residential Interior Design - Intern • Projects included selecting materials and finishes for renovation of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry/mud room. • Assisted designer with developing a design for storage in the laundry/mud room using CAD.

Skills AutoCAD 2011 Revit Architecture 2011 Google Sketchup

V-Ray for Sketchup Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Adobe Acrobat Adobe Indesign CS5 Microsoft Office

20-20 Design 20-20 Virtual Showroom

Work Experience Soriano’s Family of Catering Bridgewater, NJ - Winters & Summers - 2008-2011 Catering Company - Server • Position required serving large parties of weddings, seasonal parties, showers and corporate gatherings. • Responsibilities included set up, food preparation, waitressing, and clean up. Bridgewater Recreation Bridgewater, NJ - Summers - 2003-2009 Summer Camp - Head Counselor • Worked as a counselor from 2003-2009 and was promoted to Head Counselor in 2009. • A large part of the position involved directing other staff members and communicating with parents and supervisors. Hallmark Bridgewater, NJ - 2005-2008 Retail Store - Sales Associate • Responsibilities at Hallmark included managing the cash register and creating merchandise displays.

Involvement Peer Advising Program College of Visual and Performing Arts - 2008-2010 • The goal of the Peer Advising position is to act as a mentor for new students. • Advisors are required to send their advisees a letter over the summer and arrive early at school to volunteer for pre-orientation activities. Students for Success Collaboration Laboratory Class - Spring 2011 College of Visual and Performing Arts • Worked with a group of eight design students to develop a cohesive design concept for a local after school program, Hillside Phoenix Center. • Library design was chosen and approved by the school’s program coordinator. • Developed and designed a brochure for financers looking to support the project. • Created mock up pieces of furniture designed for the library. Student Member Of: • ASID - NY Upstate/Canada East Chapter • NKBA - Northern New Jersey Chapter

Awards Chancellors Award for Public Engagement & Scholarship Academic Service Learning Course/Project/Program Syracuse University - March 2011 • Received by Interior Design Class of 2011 for work with the Hillside Phoenix School

Senior Portfolio  

4 years of work in 60 pages or less.

Senior Portfolio  

4 years of work in 60 pages or less.