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Rebecca Quiñones 915.203.2571 Skills & Relevant Courses • Int erio r Design Sp ace Pla nning • A r t H ist ory • Architecture History & Construction • AutoCAD & Revit • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • 2 Interior Design Study Tours (Chicago & New York Cit y ) • Fluent in English and Sp anish

Organizations & Recognition • A m eric an Societ y of Int erio r Design er s, Tex as Tech U niv er sit y C h ap er | 2013 - Pr esent • Ph i U p silo n Om icr on, Tex as Tech U niv er sit y Ch ap er | Sep . 2014 - M ay 2017 • President’s List: Fall 2013 • Dean’s List: Spring 2014, Fall 2015, Spring 2017, Fall 2017

References • Gina Madrid, Designer Rio Grande BPSI 915.54 4 .8 710 • Gisel Sm it h , St or e M anag er Pier 1 Im p ort s 915.58 5.134 3 • Don C ollie r , Pr of essor Tex as Tech U niv er sit y 8 06 .8 34 .3254 Education B ach elo r of Int erio r Design , M ay 2018 M inor in A r ch it ect ur e Tex as Tech U niv er sit y | C olle g e of H um an Sciences GPA: 3.6

Experience Int erio r A r ch it ect ur e Int ern B et enbough H om es | Oct . 2017 - Pr esent • Design and furnish model homes by following through with specific budgets and styles • Review floor plans and assist purchasing department by counting materials used per home Int erio r Design Int ern Rio Grande BPSI | May 2017 - Aug. 2017 • Organized materials library for Herman Miller Dealer • Assisted in creating AutoCAD and Z-Axis drawings for clients • Attended meetings & created project presentations for clients throughout project process Student Tutor Tex as Tech U niv er sit y | J an. 2017 - Oct . 2017 • CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association Certified Tutor at the TECHniques Center, a program of Student Disability Servic es • Assisted students with learning disabilities with their courses • Planned & recorded each tutoring session for counselors Sale s As sociat e Pier 1 Im p ort s | Dec. 2014 - J une 2017 • Provided enhanced customer service and product demonstration • Proficient in the arrangement of furniture statements & window dispays Apparel, Jewelry, Art, Merchandise, & Food Handling Walt Disney World | Feb. 2016 - June 2016 • Disney C olle g e Pr ogr am • Worked in 7 stores on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom park • Developed excellent customer service and engagement skills

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.� Vincent van Gogh


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Collaborative Studio


Private Therapy

Awaken Outpatient Center 5

Awaken Outpatient Center The Awaken Outpatient Center This project was done in collaboration with Kendra Stukey and Beatriz Roman. PROBLEM: A wellness center was needed in the Plano subdivision of Dallas, Texas to accomodate therapeutic help for people struggling with substance addiction and nutritional disorders. SOLUTION: This support facility was made up of three buildings: one which supported those struggling with addiction, one which supported those with nutritional problems, and a central clinic which tended to the medical needs of both sectors. Each building incorporated a recreational or hospitality aspect in order for the users to have another use for the facility besides just therapy and focusing on the negative parts of their lives. In each of the therapy focused buildings, there are small gyms, a demonstrational kitchen for the nutrion building, a game room for the addiction building, and other spaces for group activity. In the central clinical building, there is a restaurant on the first floor to welcome the users into the space with clean, healthy food. The second floor is made up of exam rooms, and the third floor houses the administration of the facility and an auditorium to accomodate guest speakers. CONCEPT STATEMENT: Our concept statement stemmed from the word “awaken”. A-wak-en (verb) / A-wak-en-ing (noun) Making someone aware of (something) for the first time The act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something Like the rising sun, we hope for our facility to energize our patients and employees, to promote a healthy and renewing environment. Through the use of organic lines and simple geometries, we will create spaces that are invigorating and exciting, and that encourage individual learning and growth. LOGO:

PROGRAMS USED: Revit, Photoshop DATE: Fall 2017



White Brick

Black Metal

Light Wood

Dark Wood




Decorative Tile





Floor Plans

Private Restaurant

Demonstration Kitchen



Collaboration Hub


Ex am



TECHniques Center



MAY 2 0 1 8

Tutoring Center


Texas Tech University


Dining Room

Junction Campus


Texas Tech: Junction PROBLEM: The Texas Tech University Center in Junction, Texas was in desperate need of a remodel. Our class went to Junction for a weekend to research and interview the program director of the campus. We toured each building, learning that the structures were constructed in 1953 and were in need of an update. SOLUTION: As a class, we developed a new site plan for the center which created better wayďŹ nding. The site plan was made up of nine buildings, including a Welcome Center/Museum, a Dining Hall, a Hotel, Graduate Housing, an Outdoor Patio, a Lab and Classroom Center (not all plans showed). CONCEPT STATEMENT: The concept for this project is a Modern Farmhouse. With its versatility of operations and growth through nature, the Texas Tech University Center at Junction should have an industrial but cultivating environment provided by a modern farmhouse. PROGRAMS USED: Revit, Photoshop DATE: Spring 2017

Site Plan



Light Wood


Dark Wood


Teal Fabric

Aztec Rug

Neutral Rug

In collaboration with the rest of the class, the site plan for the Junction Campus was reconfigured to accomodate for more cohesive movement throughout the center. The Welcome Center and Museum is at the entry of the campus, followed by the Hotel, the Graduate Housing, the Dining Hall, the Hotel, the Lab and Classroom, and finally the Outdoor Patio. MATERIALS: The materials used for this project remained as natural and as sustainable as possible. Since the project involved a univeristy, I wanted to be sure that the materials would be affordable and coincide with any budget given. In addition, the Junction Center at Texas Tech revolves around connecting with nature through Natural Resource Management. I wanted to lean toward a southwestern farmhouse design which incorporates the wood and concrete, along with the bright, natural hues found in the textiles.


Welcome, Office, & Museum

Graduate Housing


Dining Hall

Outdoor Patio


Small Private O ce

Welcome Center/Museum


Graduate Housing

Outdoor Center


Steelcase Competition


Work Cafe

Next: Turnstone Project


Next: A Coworking Space The Next: Turnstone Steelcase Competition PROBLEM: The Steelcase furniture manufacturing compnay held a competition for interior design college students to create a co-working space in Atlanta Georgia using an existing building. SOLUTION: CONCEPT STATEMENT: The concept of weaving components to create a exible but strong material encourages and promotes workers to connect in one space with many ideas to solve one sole problem. Just like a piece of fabric that is woven, each thread is important and plays a role in the design. The Turnstone company relies on young entrepreneurs to come together and weave something greater. The depiction of the weaving of ideas, people, and design will be shown through the ceilings, walls, logo, and furniture. Natural hues with some bright pops of color will be utilized in order to perceive the feeling of naturally woven objects as well as bright textiles which depict new and young ideas. There are several patterns and materials in which one could create something with textiles, and so this goes to show how there can be several solutions to one problem coming from a group of people. LOGO:

PROGRAMS USED: Revit, Photoshop DATE: Fall 2015




Light Wood

Dark Wood

Multi-Colored Rug


Teal Fabric

Pink Fabric

The bright hues in the textiles and natural wood materials were used to create an energetic working environment for all who used this co-working space. The change in flooring provides wayfinding throughout the space and divides the different type of spaces offered in the building. The ideation space is provided with a sticky note wall for coworkers to brainstorm together about anything pertaining to their business. Each layer of sticky notes adds new color to create an interesting feature on the wall once people start tearing the notes off, as seen in the rendering of the Ideation space. The In Between spaces and the Open Office keep the coworking space casual so that the users feel interconnected and have the ability to work in a lounge environment or to sit in a chair at a desk if their type of work requires more concentration.


First Floor

Second Floor


Reflected Ceiling Plans First Floor

Second Floor



In B et w een Sp ace

Open O ce

Creative Works


Sketches & Watercolor Paintings


60 Second Sketch

Sitting Man Shadow Studies

Crumpled Brown Paper Bag



Plant Study

Flower Negative Space Study



Watercolor Studies

National Ranching Heratige Center at Texas Tech




Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamp


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Interior Design Portfolio  

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