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the sofab c You are invited to experience NICE! NICE is sold through individual distributors and is based in Mexico. This truly glamorous line has something for just about every taste and budget with items for men, women, and children.

Collective Bias and Social Fabric have partnered with NICE to bring you a unique and inspiring shopping experience of beautiful jewelry and awesome accessories. Among the pages are stories, written by Social Fabric bloggers, sharing their experience Valentine’s Day shopping with NICE...Enjoy! 4

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table of con bloggers and their stories Chacoy Aguayo


Gina Ruiz


Juanita Munoz


Caryn Bailey


Yolanda Machado


Lilian Hurn


Sonya May


Mel Lockcuff


Romina Tibytt




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“I chose the bangles for my mom. The glittery ones remind me of the tough times we have been through and the shiny ones are for the smooth sailing I hope we will have from here on. I wanted to get her something special to show her how much I appreciate everything that she does for my son and me..this is the perfect way to say Thank You!�


Chacoy Aguayo living in la la land blog "I love, love, love jewelry. Especially unique and classic pieces that make a statement all on their own. I found a lot of pieces that fit a lot of people in my life [with NICE]." "I love that NICE Jewelry has pieces that can be worn to formal events, the office or paired with jeans and a T-shirt. I also like that NICE keeps a lot of the Hispanic flair with some of their pieces from the Rosary necklaces and the intricate work in the filigree earrings, down to the turquoise beads." "It was so hard to choose a favorite item, as each piece was as beautiful as the next."

"I chose a pair of domed earrings with crystals, a pair of 10 mm pearl earrings and a set of squared bangles. The domed earrings are so cute but very substantial. They have just the right amount of glitz and glitter to them that I can wear them to a formal event or with jeans and a tee. I also chose a pair of 10mm white pearl stud earrings. Pearls are a staple for every woman, they are classy yet elegant. For my last choice, I chose a set of bangles. Bangles scream fun to me, and I love the sound they make:) I love that these aren’t round, they’re more square at the corners."


“I don’t think there’s a woman on earth who’s heart doesn’t beat just a little bit faster at the sight of those small, flat boxes. I reached for the square one and opened it in a roomful of women. ‘Oooooh’ was all I heard from four voices. I’d opened the box with the bracelet in it. It was beautiful. Heavy. I lifted it out of the satin-lined box, being ridiculously happy about the satin (I’m a sucker for packaging).”


Gina Ruiz dona lupe’s kitchen blog “Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers – it’s for family too.” “We’re big on traditions in this family and I like starting new ones with my eight year old granddaughter. This Valentine’s Day I gave her first grown up girl bracelet. I chose a simple silver bracelet with a little floating heat. It was simple, elegant, girly and very grown up without being overstated. “

“There were so many pieces that caught my eye. I loved the little crystal beaded bracelet and quite a few of the earrings really grabbed my attention. Ultimately, I chose a chunky bracelet with a matching necklace. The pieces I chose for myself were perfect for either the office or a cocktail party. I love versatile jewelry that I can switch up, depending on the event or outfit. I wondered if they’d look as good as they did on paper.” “I’m really, really impressed with the quality and attention to detail on the jewelry. The links are strong, the clasps open easily and close tightly without sticking, which is usually a big bone of contention for me with jewelry. It looks good, not brassy or fake and came very nicely packaged. The bracelet I got Jasmine looks delicate but I can tell it won’t break easily or fall off. My pieces are comfortable to wear and look really good on me.”


“My family and I had a blast together going through the catalog which was well laid out with tons of photos. The prices were really reasonable and the jewelry looked well made and good quality. It was hard to choose with such a large selection.�



311033 Hand-set crystals studs  for everyday sparkle $22

earri 311193 Delicate Ivory color glass pearl earring $15


311196 Delicate Ivory color glass pearl earring $14

ings 311198 Ivory color glass pearls and hand-set crystal accent these rhodium plated earrings $25



Juanita Munoz ahorrando dolares blog

“Catalog offers clear, good quality photos that help you see what jewelry would look like in real life. It is more than just a catalog, more like magazine.�


“Enjoyed the opportunity to give a present to myself. It is so easy to forget self when helping everyone else.”

“Choosing was easy because there were so many beautiful choices. “

“After an hour of browsing, I made a choice. I ordered earrings, a necklace and earrings for my daughter.”



311535 Beautiful gold plated chandelier earrings with turquoise color glass stones $41

311924 Rhodium plated diamond cut hoops with a mirror finish bezel $31


311551 Gold plated chandelier earrings with dangling jet black crystals $39 matching necklace on page 47

311644 Rhodium plated mirror finish earrings $16



Caryn Bailey
 rockin’ mama blog

"As we walked up and down Rodeo Drive, I admired the very expensive jewelry and thought about how long it had been since I received or purchased jewelry for myself. I love the feminine touch a pair of earrings, necklace and/ or a bracelet add to an outfit. And while it’s definitely a highly personalized gift, I enjoy jewelry shopping for my mom and a few close friends who’s taste and preferences I’ve come to learn."

"I viewed the [NICE] catalog online but would have preferred to look at a hard copy in retrospect because the company’s physical catalog is gorgeous."

"While I’m certain my mother would wear these pearl earrings, I wanted to get her something unique.. something she doesn’t already have."

"I actually enjoyed shopping from the catalog more than I thought I would and, as I mentioned above, would have enjoyed it more had I been able to view the catalog in person. The prices are very reasonable, particularly given the quality of the items."




311151 Rhodium Plated Butterfly earrings with ivory color glass pearl and clear crystal $23

311305 Rhodium Plated elegant earrings with sparkling crystals accented with a light Sapphire square crystal $39


311152 Ivory color glass pearls dangle from rhodium plated hearts with crystals $19

311565 Rhodium plated drop shape antique style earrings $27




bracelets 311316

Set of 7 beautiful rhodium plated bangles. $99


311186 Rhodium plated bracelet with ivory and gray color glass pearls $33



Yolanda Machado
 sassy mama in LA blog

"I LOVE Jewelry. It makes me feel feminine and I love being able to dress up even the simplest of outfits with just a little bling here and there."

"Eventually I found something I knew I could work into my style and wardrobe."

"I may not have known NICE to start–but now I am very impressed by them and cannot wait to see if they start expanding to the states some more." 


"Valentine’s is a time to show any special person in your life that you care about them. While I love the man and I adore our daughter–this year I wanted to show someone else how much I love them." "My abuelita (grandmother), who I call Ita, has been there for me every step of the way from the very moment I was born. She took care of my siblings and I when my mom had to work and, despite how crappy of a teenager I could be, she never once gave up or stopped loving me." “Those earrings are perfect. They are just like my Ita–fun, classy and elegant.”



311153 Rhodium Plated Necklace with ivory color glass pearls and clear crystals $71

necklaces 42

311531 Gold plated feather earrings $16

311532 Gold plated feather on gold plated necklace $38



Lilian Hurn super baratisimo gratis blog
 "My mom is someone very special in my life. I owe everything to her as she is the woman who gave me life, my education, patience and the courage to move forward." " Love the quality/photos in catalog, how models positioned with jewelry. Good variety of jewelry, hard to choose.” “Also found necklace and earrings for myself. I am allergic to several types of jewelry, but NICE jewelry passed the test”. "You will definitely find the perfect gift for any occasion."





25% off for anything ordered from this catalog

311552 Four gold plated chains with jet black crystals $99 matching earrings page 25



Sonia May sahm reviews blog “The NICE jewelry sure makes you feel good. That’s why I enjoy jewelry so much. Because no matter what you wear, jewelry always seems to make the outfit better. It adds that final touch. So if I’m unsure of what to wear for girl’s night out or what is appropriate for the company party or when volunteering at my daughter’s pre-school class, there’s always a piece of jewelry that’s appropriate for the night or day.”

“It’s very hard for me to find bracelets or bangles that fit me since I am so small. This is something that I would have liked to see more of in the catalog instead of ‘one size only’ type thing. This is true for most everywhere I shop for jewelry though.” “The prices were very fair and competitive. The quality of NICE jewelry is excellent. It is sturdy, heavy, true to size as shown in the catalog plus original and fun. It was very easy to find what I wanted.” “I love a piece of jewelry that you can wear on a night out on the town or while you are doing errands.”


“NICE jewelry is really my style. Who said diamonds were a girl’s best friend?”




Mel Lockcuff mama buzz blog

“I ordered these earrings that have a silver tone and are very dressy, accessorizing one of my many black outfits quite nicely. They’re shaped much like a teardrop and almost have the appearance of a locket. I love the hollow inside with the swirls; they give a sparkle.”


“The NICE watch came in a beautiful zippered leather box, strapped to a tiny pillow. The watch has your normal clock face with the time, but it has the date as well (a very important factor for Dan). The strap is rubber and easily fastens with a small buckle (it could be slightly larger for Dan’s wrist but still fits well). It looks so nice with any outfit Dan wears, either dressy or casual. It has a sporty look that really fits his personality. “



311433 Analog and Digital watch stainless steel back and bezel water resistant 100ft $183

3111381 Elegant silver color desk watch $66


accessories 3111421 Aviator sunglasses with brown lens and gold trim $144



Romina Tibytt mama xxi blog

"One of the things that initially I loved is that NICE is a Mexican brand. Sold in United States, NICE exports its products to more than 25 countries and, at the same time, offers business opportunities in some of the countries of Latin America." "The section of jewelry for women has styles and designs to suit all tastes. And the men’s section is also complete and attractive." “Collections for children are beautiful.”


“My order was as beautiful as expected. I want to order something more, even though Valentine’s Day is over. “



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