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T h is M o nt h at Tra n sf i g u rat io n Lord, how good it is for us to be here!. . . Matthew 17:4

Christmas 2014

t h e m o n t h l y n e w s l e t t e r f o r Tr a n s f i g u r a t i o n C a t h o l i c C h u r c h a n d S c h o o l

from Father Baer:

What's New at Transfiguration This Christmas? Perhaps It's You! On a typical weekend, our four Masses at Transfiguration bring 1,400-1,600 people together. At our four Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, that number tops 3,000. Who is it that’s doubling the congregation? Family members from out of town, college students home from school, elderly folks who cannot get out so easily anymore, but who don’t want to miss Church on Christmas. And you? If you are a visitor to Transfiguration this Christmas, we offer you a heartfelt welcome. Thank you for joining us on this most Holy of Days, when Jesus Christ our Savior was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I pray that you will be touched by the Real Presence of the newborn King. If you haven’t been to Church for a while, you have a home here. Please visit us again. Transfiguration is a Parish that is excited to be Catholic, and eager to share our Catholic Faith with others. There is a great loneliness that fills our world, a restlessness for something that this world cannot satisfy. This is why Christ was born: He alone can satisfy our longing.

Workers install the new niche for our statue of Saint Joseph in the Sanctuary. Christ Jesus Ou r Lord, Sh ine in Us!

The old hymn “O Holy Night” says it well: “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, ’til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.” May your soul feel its worth this Christmas, as you experience the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for you, not only at Christmas, but always.

C h r is t J esus O u r L o rd , S h i n e th ro u g h U s !