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Rebecca  Millican Flatware

1st sketch  model Length  t oo  small  in  f irst  sketch  model  -  made  l onger  in  2nd  model  (below).

2nd sketch  model

ed d n ou

1st sketch  model



2nd sketch  model

Pr of ile


These sketches  and  sketch  models  were  some  initial  ideas  i  had   and  modelled.  I  started  with  basic  shapes  with  alot  of  curves.

Development of  detail   on  t he  handle  of  t his   design.

1st sketch  model


I started  t o  do  some  sketch  models  t hat   were  different  from  t he  f irst  ones  w hich  had   lots  of  curves.  This  design  is  simple,  with   straght  l ines  and  shapes.  I  t hen  went  onto   develop  t his  design  further.

1. 2. 3. 1. More  dynamic  shape  however,  angle  on  t he  head  of  t he  f ork   needed  re-worked. 2.  Re-worked  t he  angle  of  t he  f ork  head,  however  needed  t o  point   more  upward. 3.  Third  developed  sketch  model  and  i  f ound  t hat  w here  t he  curve   is  in  t he  middle    t he  handle  needs  t o  be  t hicker. P lan  view  of  all  sketch  models  f or   this  design  are  all  very  similar   4.  The  last  model  i  developed  f or  t his  design  has  t he  r ight   angle  on  t he  f ork  head  and  t he  handle  s  better  t han  t he  other   as  it  was  t he  profile  t hat   needed  developed  t he  most.


This is  t he  f inal  f ork  design.  Although  t he  head  of   the  f ork  is  straight  you  get  t he  illusion  t hat  it  is   f lared  t herefore  i  will  slightly  taper  t he  head  of   the  f ork  w hen  I  make  t he  prototype  model.

On my  t hird  developed   model  i  changed  t he   shape  of  t he  blade  as   before  it  l ooked  t oo  sharp   for  a  dinner  knife.  This   shape  c orresponds  more   woth  t he  overall  knife  

I developed  knife  further  as  i  did  not  l ike  how   the  handle  tapered  down  into  t he  blade.

The f irst  sketch  model  of   the  knife  i  did  l ooked  l ike   this.  I  t ook  t he  profile   from  t he  f ork  t o  shape   the  knife  handle.

I created  a  r idge  so  t here  is  definition   between  t he  handle  and  t he  blade.



This is  t he  f inal  knife  sketch   model.  From  t he  f irst  knife   model  i  reworked  both  t he   handle  and  t he  blade.

Soup spoon? Long  in  length  t o   resemble  f ork  -   looks  wrong.

When i  modelled  t he  spoon  i  already   knew  t he  profile  shape  would  be  t he   same  as  t he  f ork  t herefore  i  worked   on  t he  hape  of  t he  spoon  bowl.

More angular   like  f ork  &   knife.

Final developed  spoon  model.  The  shape  of  t he   spoon  bowl  is  quite  angular  and  it  t ies  into   the  profile  shape  of  t he  other  pieces  aswell.


This this brief was to design a set of Flatware (knife, fork, & spoon) to meet a particular consumer profile that i was to research and crea...